Canberra Ingress Scores 10 January 2014

By 20 January 2014 1


After a hectic weekend of strike and counter strike (and as importantly the introduction of regional scores) the local Ingress standings are as follows in Cell PA03-ROMEO-11 (aka Canberra).

The Resistance have opened up a hefty lead over the Enlightened with 13,000 Mind Control Units (if you’re not playing you’re a mind being fought for) to the Enlightened’s 9,900.

The top five agents per team were:


    1) Darkmyre
    2) Axrayn
    4) Varthrax
    5) Coolman


    1) AjaxMaximus
    2) kptnk
    3) qu4sim0d0
    4) Softserve
    5) Pheonix

Happy hunting all.

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One Response to
Canberra Ingress Scores 10 January 2014
Mordd 3:10 am
21 Jan 14

Woot, my android phone arrives in <12hrs, so I'll be seeing what I can do to increase that scoring gap :) Viva la resistance! Nowhere is safe enlightened, all your base are belong to us – somebody set up us the bomb! Jarvis must die, resist the shapers, humanities very survival is at stake! o/

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