Canberra kangaroo cull makes the NY Times

By 15 March 2008 15

Somehow the New York Times manages to take a time out on the Elliot Spitzer saga and finds room to run a story about the Belconnen kangaroo cull. Reporter Tim Johnson goes to a bit of effort to implicate federal environment minister Peter Garrett in the issue.

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15 Responses to
Canberra kangaroo cull makes the NY Times
AussieGal83 5:17 pm
15 Mar 08

Pfft, I love how the articles starts of with “Sydney, Australia”. F*kin stupid yanks.

Hasdrubahl 5:42 pm
15 Mar 08

If he filed from Sydney, then that’s fair enough.

Vaguely on topic: I bought a pair of shoes today.

Turns out they were made of….

kangaroo leather. Oops.

ant 5:51 pm
15 Mar 08


CanberraResident 7:00 pm
15 Mar 08

Does anyone know if the local Aboriginal people were consulted regarding the kangaroo cull? After all, kangaroos are sacred to the indigenous community …

See ABC news:

PS Couldn’t find the CODE button to insert a hyperlink as per the posting instructions above- sorry.

GuruJ 11:16 am
16 Mar 08

One fact in the article that I haven’t seen anywhere in the Australian media anywhere is this:

“Last year, state governments issued permits to cull 3.7 million kangaroos…”

Admittedly, they go on to say that only about 2/3 of these are actually shot, but that’s still 2+ million kangaroos killed each year. And we’re getting upset about just 400???

Mr Evil 12:37 pm
16 Mar 08

Aren’t Kangroos native to Austria?

Deadmandrinking 1:13 pm
16 Mar 08

Guru, that’s true. I do agree with culling at some levels, but I think 400 of the same mob of kangaroos being culled simply because they’re on the wrong slab of land is excessive and not necessary.

sepi 3:55 pm
16 Mar 08

Yes Kangaroos are native to Australia, but so what?

We object when african nations kill their endangered species.

I’m not fussed about the kangaroo cull, but the arguments need to be well made (eg – too many kangaroos, no other solutions). Not just ‘it’s our country back off.’

Vic Bitterman 6:51 pm
16 Mar 08

Whoosh….. over sepi’s head…. as usual….

el ......Turbo V8 Re 7:02 pm
16 Mar 08

I’m fairly certain that kangaroos aren’t in any way an endangered species, sepi.

Feel free to continually disregard the ‘they’re bloody well starving to death due to overpopulation’ argument, too.

Absent Diane 7:31 pm
16 Mar 08

can we do a people cull while we are at it? we could start with all the types of people i don’t like. which would mean there would only be me left. Me and the kangaroos, we could be so happy together. We could be soooo cute!!

sepi 8:05 pm
16 Mar 08

Did I say they were endangered?

I was saying that relying on nationalistic arguments like ‘it’s our country we know what to do with our animals’ is stupid. This is what is bringing in international protesters.

I don’t care about the cull either way.

el ......Turbo V8 Re 8:27 pm
16 Mar 08

Implied, sepi. Either that or a massive shifting of goalposts.

el ……Turbo V8 Recumbent Bicycle said :

We object when african nations kill their endangered species.

Thumper 8:19 am
17 Mar 08

So, when is the cull supposed to happen?

If indeed, it does happen now…

Mr Evil 1:07 pm
17 Mar 08


Pay attention, Sepi: I was having a go at some Americans lack of knowledge of the world outside of the US or A! :)

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