Canberra keeps growing.

By 1 July 2008 35

The Canberra Times is reporting that, even though four people a day are leaving the ACT, a baby boom and an influx of immigrants boosted the capital’s population by almost 4500 last year. The population now stands at 340,800.

The biggest increase to Canberra’s population came from births. A record 4750 babies were born in the territory last year about 90 a week.

Interstate migration accounted for 8per cent of the population increase, with 350 people becoming ACT residents in 2007. Overseas migration was responsible for 44 per cent of the growth.

Last year 960 more people came to live in Canberra from overseas than left Canberra to live overseas the highest result in 20 years

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35 Responses to
Canberra keeps growing.
VYBerlinaV8_the_one_ 10:00 am
03 Jul 08

Why not?! Then we might actually get that second lane one the GDE! Or a couple more buses for Action. One or the other.

Because with massive cities come massive city problems. Canberra has issues for sure, but not on the scale of larger cities.

Thumper 10:08 am
03 Jul 08

Like Iemmaville…

Holden Caulfield 1:31 pm
03 Jul 08

I’ve lived in London, Melbourne, country SA/Vic, and I’d still pick Canberra out of all those options. I know our city won’t meet everyone’s approval, and nor should it really, but I love living here all the same.

I do find the Canberra bashing rather tiresome though. However, that still doesn’t outweigh the overwhelming benefits of living in Canberra.

I’ve always said Canberra is to Australia, what Queanbeyan is to Canberra. Many Canberrans love their city and want to keep it their secret while taking any opportunity to dump on our NSW neighbour. Just as people who live in Queanbeyan seem to enjoy it and want to keep their city to themselves.

V8-Prius 2:53 pm
03 Jul 08

Deadmandrinking said :

Yeah, V8, you really have to be careful of them Sudanese.

They, the former immigration ministers swears;

- Hang around in ‘gangs’ (groups of up to more than TEN youths at a time!)

- Drink in public places like parks.

- Get into fights in nightclubs.

I’ll give you a moment to contain your shock and horror. We’ve never seen this in Canberra…we don’t want it to start happening now!

You just decribed… me. Creepy.

FredJ 4:00 pm
03 Jul 08

I’ve been everywhere man!

Seriously though. If we want to get started on that. I’ve lived in Nottingham, NE England, Bristol, Bavaria, Frankfurt, South Wales, Melbourne, Brisbane and Canberra (in that order) and this is the place I like best! BUT only because I’m now in my forties – don’t think I could have lived here 10 years ago. The best beer was in Bavaria – by a mile. Speaking of which – does anyone know if Zierholz have opened up their bar/restaurant at the brewery yet?

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