Canberra massage parlours?

By 30 October 2006 32

This time of year brings (for me at least) the end of uni, the end of much stress and almost the end of days spent hunched over a laptop.

So to celebrate I thought I would treat my perpetually stiff back to a professional massage. Except I don’t know anything about massage parlours in our fine city.

So what have people found to be the best massage parlour in town? (And where and how much and contact details if you happen to know all that would be great too)

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32 Responses to
Canberra massage parlours?
Pandy 9:42 pm
30 Oct 06

The massage guy in MacArthur is great. He does the Capitals.

vg 9:53 pm
30 Oct 06

Are you north or south side? Are you after massage therapy, or a ‘parlour’ in the old sense?

Kerces 10:39 pm
30 Oct 06

A massage. For my stiff aching back. And I’m northside but I’ll go wherever it’s good.

vg 10:57 pm
30 Oct 06

Enhance Chiropractic at Ngunnawal also have a massage service

Chris S 8:27 am
31 Oct 06

Try Holistic Therapies of Canberra, ( at 119 Eggleston Cres in Chifley.

Fiona 8:28 am
31 Oct 06

I hear the guy at ANU is good, not that I’ve been there, but I should!

RandomGit 8:57 am
31 Oct 06

I second ENHANCE at Ngunnuawal…. yeah, the Platypus center.

But ask for Celeste, make sure you get her cause all the others just do acupressure with their elbows which has no lasting relax value at all.

Growling Ferret 9:08 am
31 Oct 06

I’ve got a mate who swears by the Mi Mi Club ;)

Jey 9:08 am
31 Oct 06

Isn’t that what boyfriends are for?

Don’t go to the one in Garema Place civic, they made me feel worse?

vg 9:09 am
31 Oct 06

You mean Celina?

If you want to give your backa lasting treat, try and book in with Pete, the proprietor of Enhance, for a 30 min chiro treatment. They aren’t all about the previous hocus pocus of chiro with useless back x-rays etc etc. Their treatments are a combination of chiro/osteo/physio.

And chiro is cheaper than massage

barking toad 9:27 am
31 Oct 06

the choice of massage place should be determined by the provision of a happy ending

Thumper 9:28 am
31 Oct 06


Due to a serious lower back injury many years ago I can’t have a massage….

Thumper 9:29 am
31 Oct 06

And I can no longer play golf as well…

Growling Ferret 9:44 am
31 Oct 06

You couldn’t play golf before the injury Thumper!

Thumper 9:48 am
31 Oct 06

hehehe, well, yeah, that’s true!

Special G 9:59 am
31 Oct 06

Go to the place opposite the Gungahlin Community Health centre (Same building as Woolworths – opposite end from the carpark) and ask for Emily. Or try the Chinese massage in Belco Mall

che 10:08 am
31 Oct 06

Natural Remedy/Therapy at Macquarie shops are good, $60 for an hour session (standard cost most places), and open at hours to accomodate you ie upto 8PM and on weekends
and a variety of massage types, reiki, sports, relaxation etc

Jazz 10:56 am
31 Oct 06

theres a mob over at florey shops as well which i have heard good things about fro ma friend who goes there. Body Kneads i think they are called.

bonfire 11:49 am
31 Oct 06

i had a massage at a ‘curehaus’ on the rhine in germany. i dont think the woman liked me as i could hardly move without pain for days afterwards.

therapeutic my arse.

RandomGit 11:56 am
31 Oct 06

CELINA, yes, Celina is the one. Thank you vg.

RandomGit 11:58 am
31 Oct 06

I also went to a phony back x-ray chiro recently. I left there with my ass more sore metaphorically than my back was literally.

…. did that make sense?

bonfire 12:07 pm
31 Oct 06

uh oh – was it a place on the squirt list ?

boomacat 12:19 pm
31 Oct 06

The massage centre at the ANU is AWESOME. Either the guy or the girl there, they do a fantastic sports massage, and I think they give a discount for students.

RandomGit 12:41 pm
31 Oct 06

bonfire, it should be, but money can’t be gay.

seepi 1:16 pm
31 Oct 06

There is remedial massage at HAckett Shops – 60.00 for an hour or 40.00 for half an hour. It is strong, not relaxing, but you feel good afterwards.

FC 2:39 pm
31 Oct 06

I second the guy at Macarther.
ACT Massage Solutions I think it is called.
He is really good.

Jey 7:31 pm
31 Oct 06

let us know how you go Kerces.

chrisindys 12:47 am
01 Nov 06

Hi Kerces

As a co-owner of Chrisindy’s, Canberra’s only adult massage studio or “parlour” we’d love to have you pay us a visit in beautiful bohemian Fyshwick.

However, something tells me that perhaps you are after something more mundane!

I suggest you check out the Yellow Pages or Google massage therapists.

Good luck!

terubo 7:42 am
01 Nov 06

Go for it, Kerces!

Thumper 8:16 am
01 Nov 06


Go girl!

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