Canberra Pursuit videos

By 10 December, 2013 1

Canberra Pursuit was one of the more interesting artistic endeavours I have had the pleasure of being a part of this year. It was strange, chaotic, silly, and beautiful like good art should be.

Read up if you missed it.

Jon Rose just sent us these three videos he has put together about the event.

The second one is the actual ride if you’re keen to see what the event actually looked like.


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One Response to Canberra Pursuit videos
poetix7:02 pm, 10 Dec 13

I love the contrast and simultaneous half-echoes set up between the old hangar and its imagined history (how many people know anything about that place?) and the modified bikes, each making an individual noise, but part of this massed acoustic and visual performance. There’s something about construction and storage and modification there, and also about contrasting embodiments of work and leisure, that is quite moving, but which evades any simple equation.

Thank you so much for posting this. I am almost ashamed I was at a cover band that night…

And Spotto the yellow bike!


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