Car tyre repair

By 13 April 2014 3

Fellow Rioters,
Any suggestions on a cheap, reliable Southside (preferably Weston, Phillip) car tyre repairer? I have a flat 165/70R13 (off a Ford Festiva).
If I can get the tyre fixed at a reasonable price well and good; if not, I’ll buy a new tyre.
Thanks in advance.

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3 Responses to
Car tyre repair
damien haas 12:47 pm
14 Apr 14

If it is a puncture in the sidewall, no one will repair it. it isn’t safe.

If it is a leaky valve, almost any tyre place should, if its a puncture to the tread, the same applies.

Is the wheel on or off the car?

thatsnotme 3:18 pm
14 Apr 14

Just take it to any tyre place. It’s easier if the wheel is off, you can just drop it off then.

Repairs should cost you $20-$30 – easily cheaper than springing for a new tyre.

JustThinking 7:53 pm
15 Apr 14

Probably late for you, but for others…
Ring all the tyre shops and tell them the last price you were quoted.
They are all set-up to beat competitiors prices… you can save hundreds on tyres/wheels/repairs

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