Carp Cam with an Australian first

By 29 August 2011 1

Andy the Carp Cam enthusiast has sent in his latest efforts with what he considers to be an Australian first:

After watching another of the hexicopter vids, I figured that I may as well send the last of the carp cam videos. It’s only a few minutes and shows what blind and somewhat misguided devotion to throwing a home made underwater video camera can achieve. The fish we caught was one of the most oddly scaled mirror carp we’ve yet encountered. Normally they have some sort of symmetry with large scales. This one was hardly scaled at all and looked rather ugly. (Compared to a normal carp which wouldn’t be considered a beautiful fish to start with.) With over 300 recorded caught between myself and my regular fishing companion in the last twelve months, we’ve seen less than six mirrors, so to catch one takig the bait, in water barely knee deep and less than three metres from the bank was quite a surprise. I haven’t had any evidence yet that anyone else is doing this in Australia, so I’m calling it an Australian First.


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One Response to
Carp Cam with an Australian first
Mozzie 10:29 pm
31 Aug 11

Sometimes I’ll be fishing and carp will be feeding right in by the bank. Sometimes I drop my bait in close to the sure, but I have never even had a bite up so close.

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