Carpet Laying Recommendations

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Can anyone recommend any businesses/tradies who can supply and install new carpet in a three bedroom plus study house? Most of the recommendation threads appear to be on tiling/floorboards.



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Carpet Laying Recommendations
gottahunch 4:53 pm
19 Feb 14

Mates rates floor coverings did our carpets. Very friendly and professional.

gottahunch 4:55 pm
19 Feb 14

Mates rates flooring did our carpets. Very friendly and professional. Customer service++

gottahunch 6:50 pm
19 Feb 14

…so good that I recommended them twice.

sorry guys, technical issue…or maybe user incompetence issue.

Genie 1:53 pm
24 Feb 14

Carpet One at Mitchell are great.

Deref 3:58 pm
24 Feb 14

Lemon’s in Fyshwick did a great job and a great deal for us.

Mummy 10:31 pm
19 May 14

Hi. We’ve had carpets laid in two houses now. In the first house we used Endeavour Carpets and I would recommend them highly. For the second house we went with Walker’s Carpets out of Belconnen and it was terrible. We laid the carpets right after the fires at Mitchell and found out later that the warehouse where they store the carpets was two doors down. No mention of this and still don’t know if the carpets are 100%. Not only this but the carpet layer they hired was terrible. He took a seriously long time and I even had to kick him out of our empty house at 2 am as he was sleeping there. We had to get someone back to fix the carpets 4 times as the job was done poorly and they kept sending the same guy. We finally got the job tidied up but now a couple of years later and the carpets are bubbling up at the edges of the room.
We only went with Walker’s as they had bamboo flooring and Endeavour didn’t stock them at the time. Next time I’ll stick with Endeavour regardless. You don’t know how good something is until you truly see how bad someone else could be. After two renos now my motto is if they did a good job for you before then stick with them and don’t try someone new just to mix things up.

VYBerlinaV8_is_back 8:46 am
20 May 14

Deref said :

Lemon’s in Fyshwick did a great job and a great deal for us.

I’ve used Lemon’s for several renovation jobs over past few years, mainly in investment properties but once in my own home, and I found them really good. Well priced, well organised, and they take direction well. A number of builders I know use them as well.

johnwood 9:37 am
15 Jul 14

Hello RiotAct minds,
Has any one used B.M.S Floor Coverings 0401256721 or All Hard Floor & Carpet Installations 0404158489?
Care to share any feedback?

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