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I need to tell you about No Need To Be Told

By 9 April, 2013

[ 13 April, 2013; ]

That’s Darren Hanlon, he’s pretty good. He’s also playing at No Need To Be Told amongst a bunch of other people who are quite good.

The Centenary of Canberra and local funny singing man Rafe Morris are putting together an afternoon/evening of celebratory things to celebrate Youth Week. Youth Week is this week, and this event [...]

Hey, I was on Radio National

By 8 April, 2013

Now Hear This is a fantastic event conceived and run by Melanie Tait where a bunch of people get up and tell a story based on a theme.
During their ‘My First Time’ show last year I jumped up and told a story about the first time I caught a fish. The ABC describes it like [...]

Festival of Improvised Entertainment

By 4 April, 2013

[ 5 April, 2013 to 7 April, 2013. ] Because Canberra needs even more festivals!


Impro ACT presents a short festival of improvised theatre from 5-7 April 2013 in the Galaxy Nightclub at Casino Canberra.

Over three great nights Impro ACT will showcase the freshest and most fantastic Canberra-devised one-act and completely improvised shows.

Each one-act show features the cream of the ACT’s [...]

A Legacy of Good Design at Craft ACT

By 4 April, 2013

Joy Burch will be present to help open theCentenary of Canberra –A Legacy of Good Design Exhibition at Craft ACT tonight.
This is a Centenary of Canberra/ACT Business Industry Development project, managed by Craft ACT that called on craft practitioners and designers of the Canberra region to design unique, high quality items that recognised and [...]

DIY wotz on guide for the weekend of 5 April 2013

By 4 April, 2013

[ 5 April, 2013 to 7 April, 2013. ]

The festival season has finally come to a close.

So is anything still on?

Leave us your suggestions in the comments.

Toulouse-Latrec makes the Gallery’s top 10

By 3 April, 2013

The National Gallery is sharing the numbers for the recently concluded Toulouse-Lautrec exhibition:
The National Gallery of Australia today announced that the Toulouse-Lautrec: Paris & the Moulin Rouge exhibition attracted 170 201visitors from all over Australia to Canberra, making it one of the Gallery’s Top 10 visited exhibitions ever.
The exhibition closed on Tuesday 2 April 2013, [...]

Lip Magazine launching issue 23 at Lonsdale St Traders

By 3 April, 2013

[ 13 April, 2013; 6:30 pm; ] Lip Magazine has made it through 23 issues. While 23 isn’t a number most people consider ‘special’ it’s still a number that is exactly 23 higher than the amount of magazines most of us have ever made. So well done to Lip.

Issue 23 is launching on the 13th at Lonsdale St Traders and you’re all [...]

Jorian takes the reins for Smith’s Alternative (Bookshop)

By 3 April, 2013

Smith’s Alternative Bookstore is closing it’s doors for the next three weeks or so in order to complete its metamorphosis into Smith’s Alternative. No Bookshop. Except it still will be a a bookshop.
Jorian Gardner and Domenic Mico, the minds behind the gone-but-not-forgotten Multicultural Fringe Festival have taken the reins of Smith’s Alternative They are [...]

George Stubbs paintings for the Gallery?

By 2 April, 2013

The National Gallery has announced they’re buying two 18th Century George Stubbs paintings:
A portrait of the Kongouro (Kangaroo) from New Holland and a companion painting, A portrait of a large Dog from New Holland (Dingo) were painted by Stubbs in 1772 in response to a commission by naturalist Sir Joseph Banks. The small works have [...]

Folkie 2013 wrap up

By 2 April, 2013

I love Folkie. I’ve haven’t missed a Folkie for 13 years. I get excited when it’s coming and depressed when it’s over. The combination of music, circus, friends, tents, kransky, and pyjamas pluck at a banjo that resides deep in my chest.
However, with the National coming in at the rear of the craziest festival and [...]

April at The Phoenix

By 1 April, 2013

[ 1 April, 2013 to 30 April, 2013. ] This just in:

Monday 1st 8pm
CMC Presents The Bootleg Sessions
Reptile Park
The Burley Griffin
Magic Rob Universe
Briony Wills

Tuesday 2nd 7:30pm
Andrew and Shannon’s Pub Trivia

Thursday 4th 9pm
Ten Volt Shock (Germany)

Saturday 6th 9:30pm
Pat Capocci
The Fuelers

Monday 8th 8pm
2XX Local n Live Present The Bootleg Sessions
Party Gravy
Moon Landing
Kid of Harith

Tuesday 9th 7:30pm
Tye and Damien’s “The Moving Image” Trivia

Thursday 11th 9pm
Machina Genova
Mark My [...]

Faces of Canberra

By 1 April, 2013

[ 9 May, 2013; 6:00 pm; ]

Facebook brings word of an intriguing book and exhibition:

I successfully applied for funding for my project as part of the Canberra Centenary program and this has made it possible for me to bring all the portraits together in an exhibition during 2013 at M16 Artspace in Canberra.

The opening night is Thursday 9th May at [...]

What’s next for You Are Here in 2014?

By 28 March, 2013

The third You Are Here festival has come to a close. Fletcher Jones has once again become a torso and clothes-hanger filled wasteland, the Ellis Collective aren’t singing to you during your lunchbreak, and Canberra’s arts scene caught up on some sleep. It was a wonderful and exhausting ride, and already people are talking about [...]

DIY wotz on guide for Easter 2013

By 28 March, 2013

[ 28 March, 2013 to 31 March, 2013. ]

The long break is upon us.

Surely there are things to see and do around town for those who have not fled to the coast?

Just leave your suggestions in the comments.

Thoughts from BADSLAM

By 28 March, 2013

Local poet and video blogger Charlie J Quinn has put up some thoughts on BAD!SLAM!NO!BISCUIT! that are rather kind.
BAD!SLAM!NO!BISCUIT! is a poetry slam, it occurs on the 3rd Wednesday of every month at the Phoenix Bar, and it exists because of the rather warm community that has formed around it. Charlie has managed to put [...]

ELK tells the pokies where to go

By 27 March, 2013

Local street art legend ELK has been given a free kick by the makers of poker machines Aristocrat entertainment.
And he’s duly dispatched them through the posts.
Hope he didn’t need the $9,500.
(you can click through the image for a zoomable version)

Andrew Sayers leaving the National Museum

By 27 March, 2013

After taking the Portrait Gallery from a twinkle in Jeanette Howard’s eye to a key National Institution there were high hopes Andrew Sayers could turn around the National Museum of Australia.
Sadly he’s announced his resignation effective 1 July 2013:
“I have worked at cultural institutions in Canberra since 1985 and retain a great affection for the [...]

MartyO sets up for Canberra exhibition

By 27 March, 2013

Rioter and taker of pretty pictures Martin Ollman (otherwise known as MartyO) has an exhibition at New Acton at the moment. You should go check it out. Also he just stuck up this nifty video or the work that’s gone into the exhibition.

Vive la France at the Albert Hall

By 26 March, 2013

[ 6 April, 2013; ]

A day long French themed festival followed by an evening of dance? Not a bad way to spend a 6th of April I’d say.

The event, which will be officially opened by the Creative Director of the Centenary of Canberra, Robyn Archer, celebrates the 70th anniversary of the Alliance Francaise de Canberra and the 90th anniversary [...]

Canberra at Street Level. A review

By 25 March, 2013

Canberra at Street Level is an exhibition of BMA Magazine’s 21 year history at the Gorman House Canberra Contemporary Art Space.
I was lured along by the promise of free grog, which there was in such abundance that I can make no complaint.
For anyone who was going out in Canberra in the 90′s it’s a fun [...]

No Lights No Lycra: You Are Here Special. A Papercuts review

By 24 March, 2013

On Friday night at around 10.00pm, some bemused policemen interrogated the security guard outside Fletcher Jones, the headquarters of the You Are Here festival. Inside the barren clothes store, in darkness, a mass of pulsating bodies danced riotously to thundering music. The police seemed sure that something unsavoury was going on.
Five minutes later, they [...]

Canberra Roast. A Papercuts review

By 22 March, 2013

To quote SBS Chief Political Correspondent Karen Middleton: “Canberra is a bit like your little sister, you’ll defend her ‘til you bleed, but occasionally give her a wallop of your own, and you’re allowed, because you’re family”. I feel this expression captures the overall sentiment of the Canberra Roast at Smith’s Alternative Bookshop on Thursday [...]

Any Bronies amongst our readers?

By 22 March, 2013

[ 23 March, 2013; 10:00 am; 10:00 am; ]

Ryan K Lindsay, the author of a My Little Pony will be appearing at impact comics this Saturday for a launch party.

Canberra father and school teacher Ryan K Lindsay leads a secret double life.
He writes comic books!
Better yet, he’s written an official My Little Pony comic book! Even better than that, the comic is about [...]

Gascoigne’s art collection donated to ANU

By 22 March, 2013

The personal collection of the late Canberran artist Rosalie Gascoigne AM, and her husband Ben Gascoigne AO, has been donated to the ANU by the couple’s children.
Vice-Chancellor Professor Ian Young officially accepted the donation to the ANU art collection at a reception at the Drill Hall Gallery last week.
The 12-piece collection includes some of the [...]

New sculpture at ANU lets you explore the stars

By 22 March, 2013

Renowned artist, and candidate for the best name ever, Wolfgang Buttress has put the finishing touched on the ANU Science Precinct with a new sculpture called UNA. I see what he did there.
The magic of the sculpture is revealed once you look inside, peering through the hole of a single ‘star’. The highly polished [...]

How is your You Are Here?

By 21 March, 2013

You Are Here continues to be one of the most exciting and exhausting events in the Canberran calendar. I hope you’ve been taking advantage of it Rioters.
Last night I saw a pair of time travelling scientists attempt to sell an audience insurance, I saw a pub full of rowdy drunks kept entranced by an even [...]

NFSA meets Folkie

By 21 March, 2013

[ 23 March, 2013; 3:00 pm; 3:00 pm; ]

If you’re attending Folkie this year you may like to attend to some screenings from the National Film and Sound Archive.

A special film-screening with live musical accompaniment, the 13th awarding of the National Folk Recording Award, more versions, hopefully, of Canberra’s Calling to You, and a retrospective by the iconic Canberra songsmith, Fred Smith, [...]

DIY wotz on guide for the weekend of 22 March 2013

By 21 March, 2013

[ 22 March, 2013 to 24 March, 2013. ]

So what’s on this weekend? EVERYTHING. That’s what.

Where are you going this weekend?

Check out Wild Things at the ANU School of Art

By 20 March, 2013

[ 21 March, 2013; 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm. ]

My heart lept for a moment, but then crashed back ot the Earth when I realised they were not talking about the 1998 plot-twist obsessed thriller where Denise Richards took her top off and everyone turned out to be the bad guy at some point.

Still this sounds rad none the less.

This Thursday, in Fringe [...]

$5000 up for grabs in ACT Poetry competition

By 20 March, 2013

I know quite a few poets. They are a poor and miserable people. This might make them feel better.
Get to it poets, fight for your meals and our amusement!
Canberra’s aspiring poets are encouraged to nominate for the 2013 ACT Poetry Prize, with $5000 in prizes up for grabs.
ACT Arts Minister Joy Burch said the awards [...]

Canberra Comedy Festival kicks off with a bang

By 19 March, 2013

[ 19 March, 2013 to 23 March, 2013. ] I was lucky enough to be a guest of the Canberra Comedy Festival for their gala showcase tonight.

While Andrew Barr was speaking (and making a pretty well delivered joke about having to play the straight man) his staff emailed out a media release sharing his thoughts:

This evening I officially opened the inaugural Canberra Comedy Festival, [...]

Art, Not Apart. A Papercuts review

By 19 March, 2013

The scent of freshly made crepes floated upon the light breeze, mingling with the music and conversation as the Art, Not Apart festival took a hold on New Acton this past Saturday. A fresh-eyed crowd filled the precinct, eager to absorb the jumble of art and artists that were breathing life into this local festival.
One [...]


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