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Comedy and Beer at the Durham

By 6 November 2013

[ 14 November 2013; ] Comedy from 9. All beers at $5 a schooner
Thursday November 14

Faceless by Jeff Thompson. A serialisation, Part 1

By 5 November 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

Paul sat at the kitchen table and sipped black tea.
The house was quiet. The fridge hummed, as if hungover from a long night keeping food cold. The morning light angled in through the greasy window pane, cutting the table, and Paul, in half. A magpie gargled its song.
The Saturday paper was spread out. The front [...]

UC Aiming for the most prestigious poetry prize in the world

By 5 November 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

This just in from the University of Canberra:
The world’s best poets are expected to enter a new poetry competition from the University of Canberra.
With a first prize of $15,000 and a total prize pool of $25,000, the University of Canberra Vice-Chancellor’s Poetry Prize is one of the most generous competitions of its kind in [...]

You’ve got $7 billion. So how will you fund the arts?

By 4 November 2013

By Jason Potts, RMIT University
Last year the Australian Bureau of Statistics did the maths – government spends about A$7 billion annually in Australia on arts and culture. The exact dollar figure varies depending on what we count, but it includes heritage, broadcasting and botanical gardens, along with all the usual suspects: performing arts, literature, film, [...]


By 1 November 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

Hey it’s Friday, it’s the afternoon.
You’re looking to wind down, get ready for the weekend. I understand.
However I need you to know you are doing the wrong thing. This weekend is so full of crazy awesome you need to hit the ground running. You need to be pumped.
Quick, listen to THIS:

That’s volume one of the [...]

Depths of the Divine. Exhibition by Abyss .607 at Tuggeranong Hyperdome

By 1 November 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

[ 1 November 2013 to 30 November 2013. 1 November 2013 to 30 November 2013. ]

For the lovers of the bizarre and beautiful work of Abyss .607:

Exhibition by Abyss .607.

Depths Of The Divine will showcase a new body of work drawing major influence from mythology and ancient art.

Also many new collage and paintings.

Displaying at Tuggeranong Hyperdome, Shop front down from commonwealth bank
Opens 1st November till the end of the month. [...]

Colours of Our Country @ BCS Gallery

By 31 October 2013

[ 4 November 2013 to 15 November 2013. ]

The gallery out at Belconnen Community Centre always has something going on, and from the 4th that thing they have going on will be this:

gallery@bcs ‘Piece of Mind’ series presents
Colours of Our Country

An exhibition of landscape paintings by Keith Carfrae
November 4th – 15th

Official opening Wednesday November 6th 6pm

Belconnen Community Centre, Swanson Court, Belconnen
Open 9am-4:30pm Monday-Friday

My [...]

Heavy security around the staircase

By 30 October 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

On the Staircase is a pretty gorgeous piece of public art that was sadly vandalised by some people who we assume are not very nice.
Upon hearing that it has been restored and provided with extra security I ran down there today to snap a photo only to find it completely inaccessible. It appears that the [...]

Trouble at the Tuggeranong Arts Centre

By 29 October 2013

The Liberals’s Brendan Smyth and Nicole Lawder are asking what’s going on the the Lower Louvre (aks the Tuggeranong Arts Centre):
Tuggeranong Community Arts is facing a crisis as the Association which runs the centre prepares for an emergency meeting requested by members, where the Board of Management could face the sack, Shadow Minister for Arts [...]

Aberrant Lodge at Corroboree Park Hall

By 28 October 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

[ 9 November 2013 at 6:00 pm; ]

Alrighty, so here’s a thing… C. Edge (the C stands for Cultural, Cutting, Critical, Centenary, Capital, and Canberra apparently) are a group of… well I don’t know what they’re a group of… but they’re dedicated to marking the Centenary of Canberra in a different way, and I’m fairly sure I met one of them on [...]

Insurgence @ Museum of Australian Democracy

By 23 October 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

The Museum of Australian Democracy at Old Parliament House is currently hosting an exhibition exploring arts as a platform for revolutionary politics.
The exhibition features the work of Vernon Ah Kee, Gordon Hookey, Jennifer Herd, Laurie Nilsen, Megan Cope, Tony Albert and Richard Bell—artists from the proppaNOW collective, along with former proppaNOW member Andrea Fisher.
proppaNOW is [...]

Unbelievers showing at ANU and not many other places

By 23 October 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

[ 5 November 2013 at 6:00 pm; ]

ACT science lovers and fans of Richard Dawkins and Lawrence Krauss are in for a treat, the ANU is hosting a screening of The Unbelievers, the rock and roll styled documentary on the atheist duo’s adventures.

The screening will also feature an introduction and post-show questions and answer session with co-star Lawrence Krauss, and Directors Gus [...]

RAW:natural born artists at Academy Club

By 22 October 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

[ 13 November 2013 at 7:30 pm; ]

Academy Club are hosting an artistic showcase that stretches it’s net across just about every medium you care to name. It’s a fun idea and not done often enough in Canberra.

If you’re interested in checking out some films/burlesque/makeup/cartooning/art then head to Academy from 7.30 on the 13th of November.

While you’re at it check out the [...]

Photographers now eligible for $1000 centenary art prize

By 22 October 2013

Local photogromancers can get their work displayed in a pop-up gallery in Lonsdale Street and be possibly win $1000 prize alongside other visual artists as a part of the Master Builders Australia Centenary of Canberra Young Artist Award & Exhibition.
The Centenary of Canberra and Masters Builders Australia invite the city’s young photographers to enter a [...]

2013 African Film Festival @ Tuggeranong Art Centre

By 17 October 2013

[ 23 October 2013 to 28 October 2013. ]

The African Diplomatic Women’s Group along with the Tuggeranong Arts centre have put together a showcase of films from across six African nations.

In an inspiring cinema journey, the festival will offer productions from Tunisia to South Africa, including films produced in Botswana, Kenya, Nigeria and Zimbabwe.

The Botswanan film Four Thirty has been selected to open [...]

DIY wotz on guide for the weekend of the 17th of October 2013

By 17 October 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

[ 17 October 2013 to 21 October 2013. ]

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you….


And what a weekend we have in store for you! Comedy, politics, bikes, music, ping pong, tweed…


Add your suggestions in the comments below, then get planning!

Kids, Creatures, & 100 Harlequins at Glebe Park

By 16 October 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

[ 25 October 2013 to 26 October 2013. 25 October 2013 to 26 October 2013. ]

A massive pile of family entertainment is coming your way ladies and gentlemen. A collection of the finest performers from Canberra and interstate, headed by event mastermind Elena Kirschbaum, will turn Glebe Park into a storybook wonderland next Saturday and Friday.

Just have a look at how ridiculously fun this stuff sounds.

The packed program for Kids, [...]

Lenin’s Love Child – Ten Days That Shook the World at the Polish Club

By 16 October 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

[ 31 October 2013 at 8:00 pm; ]

So this is a little bit interesting, the Polish club are playing the the classic 1928 Sergei Eisenstein war film Ten Days That Shook the World accompanied by a live band.

That sounds awesome, check out their Facebook Page for more info.

This Sergei Eisenstein masterpiece has been given a contemporary live sound track by Canberra’s local [...]

Canberra Poetry Slam at the Front

By 14 October 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

Canberra’s Poets never stop fighting each other!
They can’t. They’re like sharks, but except instead of swimming, it’s fighting. And instead of water, it’s each other… Instead of fins they have waistcoats?
I’m losing control of that I’m saying.
Speaking of saying things, Tasnim Hossein, Aaron Kirby, Will Small, Zoe Erskine, Zohab Zee Khan, Omar Musa, and Ellie [...]

Win a double pass to the Canberra Latin Dance Festival

By 14 October 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

[ 18 October 2013 to 20 October 2013. ]

Hey Rioters!

It’s Monday and to start your week off right we’d like to hook you up with some tickets to Canberra’s Latin dancing event of the year, Canberra Latin Dance Festival.

The event will be held at the ANU’s Sports and Recreational Centre, and will run from the evening of Friday the 18th though to the [...]

Critics take the stage in public forum at the Bogon Theatre

By 10 October 2013

[ 18 October 2013 at 12:00 pm; ] The Childers Group are assembling a collection of critics, reviewers, and spokespeople to participate in a public forum.

The panellists will be: Robyn Archer AO (Creative Director, Centenary of Canberra), Kerry-Anne Cousins (visual arts critic), Anni Doyle Wawrzynczak (contemporary arts critic), Roslyn Dundas (CEO, Ausdance National), Joseph Falsone (Director, Gorman House Arts Centre Inc.), Marion Halligan [...]

Shaw Vineyard Estate Blind Tasting Show at the Street Theatre

By 10 October 2013

[ 18 October 2013 at 6:00 pm; ]

This sounds fascinating.

Forget dinner and a show, wine and a show sounds much more my speed.

Canberra District winery, Shaw Vineyard Estate will be supporting and actively participating in the annual Good Food Month program – a month long food and wine program by Fairfax which, for the first time in 2013, expands beyond Sydney to [...]

Haunted Canberra. 10min Documentary being filmed in Canberra

By 9 October 2013

Hello Everyone,
My name is Ellen Lee and I am a fourth year student at the University of Canberra studying Film Production and International Relations.
As a part of our final unit we are to create a short 10 minute long film. Haunted Canberra is a documentary that is taking a closer look at the ghost stories [...]

Halloween at the Basement

By 8 October 2013

[ 2 November 2013 at 8:00 pm; 2 November 2013 at 8:00 pm; ]

The Basement are not lacking in Halloween events it seems.

This particular Halloween event is kicking off on the 2nd of November, so if you’re not Halloween’d out by then check out some local talent.

Little Mac and The Monster Men, Reign of Terror, Bladder Spasms, Black Mountain, and Before Ciada

OK… Get ready for a huge lineup [...]

Frank Madrid disappointed Canberra doesn’t give him more money. Leaving.

By 5 October 2013

The Canberra Times has a lengthy story on local “arts personality” Frank Madrid spitting the dummy and moving out of town because we have insufficiently showered him in money to do his own thing.
Personally I would dearly love to see more of the arts sector in Canberra being based on putting on events that customers [...]

Ninety 9 book launch at Smith’s

By 4 October 2013

[ 22 October 2013 at 6:00 pm; ]

Smith’s Alternative is hosting a launch for Vanessa Berry’s new book/zine “Ninety Nine”.

It seems like a wonderful piece of nostalgia.

CanberraZine Emporium is super excited to present the Canberra launch of Ninety 9, the latest book from prolific and much loved Sydney zinester Vanessa Berry (I Am A Camera + countless others). Ninety 9 is “a [...]

DIY wotz on guide for the weekend of the 3rd of Oct 2013

By 3 October 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

[ 3 October 2013 to 7 October 2013. ]


Start your weekend warmup stretches now!

Remember not to push it too hard, it’s just a warm up. Also no bouncing during a stretch, that’s a bad time to bounce.

Wait until the weekend to bounce.

Here’s a pile of entertainment we’ve found for you, but there’s always more to do that what we can find!

Please add your [...]

Night Falling. New Paul Summerfield exhibition at the Front

By 2 October 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

[ 31 October 2013 to 19 November 2013. ]

Paul Summerfield is approximately 82 times more talented than any single person has any right to be, and everyone should hate him for it.*

That being said, his work will be on display at the Front Gallery and Cafe from the 30th of October so you should probably go see it because it’s always spectacular.


New [...]

Katy kicks off Spin!

By 2 October 2013

So you thought the Centenary was over? It’s revving up again to take us out of the year!
The Spin festival has a huge lineup of rotationally based events to keep you happy and excited.
Chief Minister Gallagher launched it today:
Chief Minister, Katy Gallagher, today launched SPIN: Canberra’s Weekends on Wheels, the Centenary of Canberra program showcasing [...]

Gallery claims a whole Canberra worth of visitors

By 2 October 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

The National Gallery have announced the results of this year’s blockbusters:
The National Gallery of Australia today announced that the Turner from the Tate: The Making of Master exhibition attracted 153, 627 visitors from all over Australia to Canberra, bringing the total number of visitors to the Gallery’s two major exhibitions this year to 323,828.
The exhibition [...]

Head Full of Flames burns brightly

By 30 September 2013

The richness of the early 80s Canberra punk scene is vividly evoked by the Head Full of Flames book, but tokenistically dealt with in CMAG’s exhibition.

That Place of Infested Roads, Andrew Galan’s new book launching at The Phoenix

By 30 September 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

[ 23 October 2013 at 7:30 pm; ]

Andrew Galan has shared with us the very exciting news about his upcoming book launch:

On Wednesday 23 October, 7:30pm, Australian Capital Territory writer Andrew Galan launches his first poetry book, That place of infested roads, at Canberra’s Phoenix Pub. Published by leading UK alternative poetry publisher Knives Forks and Spoons Press, the book combines works [...]

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