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PechaKucha Canberra at Knightsbridge Penthouse

By 16 September 2013

[ 9 October 2013 at 6:00 pm; ]

PechaKucha Canberra are back next month with another selection of people trying to say as much as they can in a very short time.

Spread the word, the next Pecha Kucha Canberra event is scheduled for Wednesday 9/10/13 6:00pm at Knightsbridge Penthouse. Don’t miss it!

Mindscapes Festival coming in October

By 12 September 2013

[ 3 October 2013 to 17 October 2013. ]

October the 6th to the 14th is mental health week, and Mindscapes Festival has a stack of events during and surrounding that week for you get sink your mind-teeth into.

Have a look at the flier above (larger version here) or head over to the Facebook page to get started with the mind-teeth sinking.

Chinese Full Moon at Arc Cinema

By 12 September 2013

[ 19 September 2013 at 5:30 pm; ]

Swords, conversations, performance, and music.

Sounds pretty magical, and all for the price of nothing.

Get amongst it.

Chinese Full Moon
Thursday 19 September 2013, 5:30-6:30pm
Arc cinema, Canberra, ACT
Free entry
Part conversation, part performance, this poignant sojourn traces specific events in the migration history of the Chinese in Australia. Nicholas’s narrative references the time-honoured Moon or Mid-Autumn Festival and unapologetically [...]

BAD!SLAM!NO!BISCUIT! returns to its usual programming

By 12 September 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

[ 18 September 2013 at 7:30 pm; ]


BAD!SLAM!NO!BISCUIT! is BAD!SLAM!NO!BISCUIT! is a poetry slam at the Phoenix Bar Canberra.

It has been called Canberra’s best night of free entertainment.

Poets will POET into a MICROPHONE which will then poet into your ears through TECHNOLOGY.

This month we feature Candy Royalle.

Candy Royalle is a performance artist and poet who fuses cinematic storytelling, poetry [...]

DIY wotz on guide for the weekend of the 13th of September 2013

By 12 September 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

[ 12 September 2013 to 16 September 2013. ]

Hey weekend warriors!

What challenges await you this weekend?

Here are some conquests we’ve heard of that you can undertake.

Add your own suggestions of weekend quests in the comments below.

“Me and My Mates Vs The Zombie Apocalypse”. Final hours of Crowdfunding

By 12 September 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

Me and my Mates Vs the Zombie Apocalypse Crowd Funding Video **Strong Language Warning** from Daniel Sanguineti on Vimeo.
As a member of the crew, I wanted to let you all know that the crowd-funding campaign for local zombie feature film, Me and My Mates Vs. the Zombie Apocalypse is now inside its final two days. [...]

Zine Fyre at Gorman House

By 11 September 2013

[ 21 September 2013 at 10:00 am; ]

Hey Zine lovers!

Some more sweet Zine action is happening at Gorman House as a part of the Bloom Festival.

Check it out.

step into spring by purchasing some new ZINE wares!

as part of the gorman house arts centre ‘bloom’ festival – the CZE collective are holding a ZINE FYRE.

check out the hotbed of ACT / surrounding [...]

The Princess Bride at Palace Electric Cinema

By 11 September 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

[ 14 September 2013 at 1:30 pm; 15 September 2013 at 1:30 pm; ]

If you’ve ever seen the Princess Bride, I don’t need to sell you on going to see it at the movies. So instead watch this terrible trailer for it and get excited.

If you have not seen the Princess Bride, don’t watch the trailer. It reveals way too much, has terrible music, and it might turn [...]

The Fridge at The Street Theatre

By 10 September 2013

[ 11 October 2013 to 13 October 2013. ]

Duck Bunny Theatre are hitting the Street Theatre with their new satyrical work The Fridge next month.

In a re-imagining of John Steinbeck’s The Pearl, Duck Bunny Theatre’s new satirical play The Fridge, mocks the powerful, and exposes the foolish in a comedic fable about the clash of want versus need premiering at The Street Theatre [...]

From a Black Sky at the Street Theatre

By 10 September 2013

[ 20 September 2013 to 22 September 2013. ]

An Opera set during the 2003 bush fires is kicking off its season on the 20th of September at the Street Theatre.

In January 2003 when the fires raged and the seemingly impossible happened in Canberra, our city and the people in it changed. From a Black Sky is a gripping chamber opera set in the [...]

Inked Canberrans feature in portrait documentary series

By 8 September 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

A couple of years ago I used riotACT to recruit some Canberrans for a photography documentary/portrait project. Here is the result, finally online. See if you can spot anyone you know.

A really beautiful girl with a real sad story. Her words appear below. Tattooed Canberrans reveal the stories behind their ink:

I got my [...]

The Incas coming to the National Gallery

By 6 September 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

[ 6 December 2013 to 21 April 2014. ]

Andrew Barr has announced that the last Gallery blockbuster for 2013 will be: Gold and the Incas: Lost worlds of Peru.:

This new exhibition – which I launched this morning – is a one-off exclusive to Canberra. It will open in December and run over the first three months of next year.

It will provide another compelling [...]


By 6 September 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

[ 13 September 2013 to 16 September 2013. ]

The Canberra Short Film Festival is about to turn 18, and will celebrate the coming of age milestone with a three-day event featuring a line up of the best short films from Canberra, Australia and around the world.

The festival received over 300 entries – a new record – and the best 49 films will be screened at [...]

TJ James album launch at Belconnen Arts Centre

By 5 September 2013

[ 28 September 2013 at 1:00 pm; ]

TJ James is launching his new album “All the Pieces Fit” at Belconnen Arts Centre on the 28th this month.


You may remember him as the guy who used to busk outside McDonalds in Woden, playing at the Hellenic Club or one [...]

DIY wotz on guide for the weekend of the 6th of September 2013

By 5 September 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

[ 5 September 2013 to 9 September 2013. ]

Hey sex party, you sure have just pasted your posters over a bunch of gig posters for gigs that are still yet to come… so that’s kinda wrong.

Poor poster board etiquette. TSK TSK.

Anyways, it’s almost the weekend!

How did that happen?


Time happened, and speaking of time and happenings, it’s time to check what is happening this [...]

The Front Gig Guide 11th to 25th of September

By 4 September 2013

[ 11 September 2013 to 25 September 2013. ] Those fine fellows at the Front have let us know what’s coming up with their gig guide.

11th September 2013: Wattleseed Pavlova (Comedy)
“Whether it be collecting Pez, gardening or relationship advice, we’ve got it covered with the ‘best’ of Australian radio.”
This show is an 8 episode digest of the “best” of Australian radio.
EPISODES 4 [...]

Canberra film industry panel at National Film and Sound Archive

By 4 September 2013

[ 12 September 2013 at 5:30 pm; ]

Canberra’s film-making scene is as talented and rich as any of its arts scenes, which is to say heaps talented and rich.


Those interested in what’s going on or wanting to get involved could do worse than to check out this panel coming up at the NFSA.

Canberra, 100 years old, has an interesting film history, and [...]

Cook Oval this morning

By 4 September 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

Ben_Dover’s adventures continue.

Welcome, a free screening by the Refugee Action Committee

By 3 September 2013

[ 25 September 2013 at 6:00 pm; ]

The Canberra Refugee Action Committee is hosting a free screening of Welcome, the award winning film by French director Philippe Lioret. The film follows the story of Bilal, a 17 year old Kurdish boy from Iraq, as he tries to make his way across Europe to England.

Wednesday 25 September at Manning Clarke Centre Lecture Theatre [...]

Sass and Tease Collective bring the 80′s back

By 2 September 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

[ 6 September 2013 at 6:30 pm; ] Ladies and Gentlemen the Sass & Tease Collective are putting on a new show this Friday night at the Abbey, and that is exactly when and where and you should be.

Also, it’s an excellent excuse to get dressed up. Always a good thing.

There will be door prizes, best-dressed prizes, katanas, merriment, dancing, dinosaurs, music, girls, [...]

Skywhale at UC

By 1 September 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

The Centenary team have sent in some pictures from Skywhale’s outing at the University of Canberra yesterday.
Hi John
We thought you might like to see these Skywhale photos from this morning at the UC Open Day. Skywhale’s number 1 fan, Adam, travelled from Sydney to see her. He also went to Dark Mofo in Hobart to [...]

Celebrate spring by looking at some flower paintings

By 30 August 2013

Canberra Botanical is an exhibition of painting of a range of botanical specimens.
So like, lots of flowers.
It’s taking place at CSIRO Discovery and is open throughout the latter half of September.
What started as an exhibition of the works of local artists has now expanded to include entries from the ACT, Victoria, NSW, Western Australia, [...]

In Canberra Tonight Election Special at Old Parliament House

By 29 August 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

[ 3 September 2013 at 7:30 pm; ]

Don’t worry guys, In Canberra Tonight will fix everything:

STOP THE PRESS. Because it’s all gone too far. The election is annoying and awful.

But it doesn’t have to be.

Variety show, ‘In Canberra Tonight’, is taking over
Old Parliament House from 7.30pm on Tuesday 3 September,
to try to have the election conversations we all really want to [...]

DIY wotz on guide from the weekend of the 30 August 2013

By 29 August 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

[ 30 August 2013 to 2 September 2013. ]

Gosh it’s almost the weekend!

Gee willikers!

Why does nobody say gee willikers anymore?

Ponder this, as you leave your suggestions for what to do this weekend in the comments below.

Unearthed Review: Redbot Destroyer. Two and a half stars.

By 28 August 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

After foolishly Rick Rolling Johnboy I’ve been thrown back into the Unearthed Review pits as penance.
Time to work my way out again.
The fates made our RNG pick the forth band on our list and that just happens to be Redbot Destroyer. Redbot Destroyer have a rad name and apparently sound like “Rage against the smashing [...]

Support the Canberra Artists! RAW is coming to Canberra / Wed 4th Sept @ academy nightclub

By 27 August 2013

[ 4 September 2013 at 7:30 pm; ] RAW events are multi-faceted artistic showcases. Each event features a film screening, musical performance, fashion show, art gallery, performance art and a featured hairstylist and makeup artist. These artists are all local, hand-picked talent who have been chosen to feature at RAW.

The Canberra Pursuit: A Call To arms Cycles (and sneak peak into the SPIN program)

By 27 August 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

[ 18 October 2013 at 6:00 pm; ]

This exciting news just in:

Centenary commissioned artist Jon Rose has recently taken up residence in Canberra, and is laying down the challenge to anyone who thinks they can build a musical bike, that they’ve got just under 2 months to do so if you’d like to take part in the Canberra Pursuit performance in this [...]

Southeast Asian Film Festival coming to Arc cinema

By 27 August 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

[ 5 September 2013 to 19 September 2013. ]

Regional Intersections 2013 is Australia’s only film festival dedicated to new cinema from the Southeast Asian region, and it runs from Thursday the 5th to Thursday the 19th of September.

Cinephiles take note!

The Films:

Dir: U-WEI Bin Haji Saari, Malaysia/UK/Aust., 2011, 116 mins, 35mm, (unclassified [...]

Bijou a Cabaret of Secrets and Madness at the Street

By 27 August 2013

[ 29 August 2013 to 8 September 2013. ]

The Street Theatre are putting on a show, as the Street Theatre often does.

Bijou a Cabaret of Secrets and Madness will feature music, political anthems, nursery rhymes, dance, and also romance.

Sounds pretty wonderful really.

In a Parisian café bar in 1932 we meet Bijou. She is one of the night people, captured in Brassai’s revealing photographs [...]

Last chance to see StellrScope at Questacon

By 27 August 2013

Questacon has a lovely gallery full of some really interesting pictures of wheat… that sounds much less exciting than it actually is.
It’s called StellrScope and it is rather pretty.
I quite enjoyed it when I went to have a look. The exhibition also has the advantage of being at Questacon, which is a rad place to [...]

PHOTOWALK at the NGA Sculpture Gardens

By 22 August 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

[ 25 August 2013 at 1:00 pm; ]

We just got this email from Hilary about the next PHOTOWALK event.

Quite a a few of you Rioters have skills with a camera so you should probably check this out if you’re free.

Hi guys!!

The 6th PHOTOWALK Canberra is on THIS Sunday the 25th August starting 1pm at NGA Sculpture Gardens.
Meet near the shiny cones [...]

Is the Hindenboob a poor ripoff?

By 22 August 2013

There’s a lot of similarity between the Tittycarp and the Star Whale.

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