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DIY Wotz-on guide – Christmas 2009

By 26 December 2009

[ 25 December 2009 to 27 December 2009. ] Come Chrissy a large number of Canberrans flee interstate to see rellies or hang out down the coast and almost everything closes down.

But besides eating and drinking ourselves silly what are the events and activities on this weekend?

And the best way to let everyone know? Put it in the COMMENTS of course!

Total Fire Ban Today

By 24 December 2009

[ 24 December 2009; ]

In the words of the ESA website: The Chief Officer of the ACT Rural Fire Service, Mr Andrew Stark, has declared a Total Fire Ban for the whole of the ACT from 00:00 Thursday 24 December 2009 to 23:59 Thursday 24 December 2009.
The official PDF can be found here

Cell Block 69 to ROCK Canberry this Wed 23rd Dec – ANU Bar

By 24 December 2009

After a blazing performance at Sydney’s Oxford Art Factory on Sunday night, Cell Block 69 are keen to inform the good Rock and pop fans of Canberry of just exactly where the party is at. Tonight the 23rd Dec 1989 at the ANU Bar / Stadium !
This news comes reportedly from a friend who knows [...]

still waiting for 7TWO digital channel

By 21 December 2009

it looks like we will have to wait for next year till we see the new 7TWO digital channel via Prime, so those of you who are fans of Heroes  and quiet a few other shows might have missed the boat, or maybe.
Looks like some good shows being broadcast on the new stations eg GO! [...]

Tuggers Cinema: Reopening 26 Dec

By 17 December 2009

WIN News tonight featured a quick story on the Tuggeranong Hyperdome Cinema. Following Hoyts’ exit earlier this year, “Limelight Cinemas” will fill the void, reopening on 26 December after some renovations (and going by the pictures on WIN News, looks very swish too)
Their website can be found here

DIY Wotz-on guide weekend 18-20 Dec 09

By 16 December 2009

For those of us staying in Canberra this last weekend before Christmas, the schools are finished and most of us are still at work until Thursday next week so there must be something to do between now and then besides attending another work Christmas function or farewell or even (shock horror) a work breakfast (is [...]

Made in Canberra 2010 – Seeking Submissions

By 15 December 2009

Call for Proposals
From July – December 2010 The Street Theatre will present two curated seasons of work created by independent artists.  Proposals are for the presentation of projects that can be single or multi-artform but must be primarily live performance-based works. 
The Street Theatre are encouraging all artists and ensembles to act now and grab this [...]

The 2009 Santa Claus Bar Crawl

By 14 December 2009 FEATURED ARTICLE

[First filed: Dec 12, 2009 @ 10:50]

In some ways the Santa Crawl Bar Crawl is like every other day of my life.
Drink, laugh, be foolish, chatter to pretty women who are scantily clad. It’s all no doubt leading to a sad and lonely grave but it feels like a good idea at the time.
So while [...]

Geminids 2009 – Meteor Shower

By 14 December 2009

[ 13 December 2009 at 1:00 am; 14 December 2009 at 1:00 am; ] [First filed: Nov 23, 2009 @ 23:10]

For those of you who have ever seen the Geminids, you will know the time is coming to watch another worthwhile meteor shower.

The shower should be visible on the 13/14th of December, from 1:00am(Canberra time), with the radiant peaking around 2:12am. To see the shower, look North at the horizon [...]

The first flight of The North Belconnen Knife Fighting Pits

By 13 December 2009

A collaboration of two of Canberra’s promising young writers the first volume of The North Belconnen Knife Fighting Pits has arrived.
It’s a free download from David Finnigan’s website and is described thusly:
North Belconnen has an active and strong freeform martial arts, cage fighting and knife fighting scene. Throughout the 80s and 90s, a lot of [...]

DIY Wotz-on guide weekend 11-13 Dec ’09

By 12 December 2009

[ 11 December 2009 to 13 December 2009. ] [First filed: Dec 10, 2009 @ 9:36]

Well the weekend has started early for this slightly hungover admin today and it’s roadtrips ahoy as holidays commence. But for those staying in Canberra what are the top activities, events, etc on this weekend?

And the best way to let everyone know? Why by posting a COMMENT of course! [...]

Canberra unites on short-term alcohol crackdown

By 11 December 2009

[ 11 December 2009 to 13 December 2009. ] This weekend is Operation Unite, the trans-Tasman police crackdown on alcohol related incidents.

The news carriers are flooding the airwaves, papers, tv and net with quotes from police chiefs. Indeed the SMH even has Canberra’s Mick Phelan saying his bit.

But is this really going to achieve anything?

Call me cynical but I can’t see this doing anything [...]

New Year fireworks?

By 11 December 2009

Anyone know if there will be a firework display of any sort on New Years Eve?
Or any entertainment organised that is family friendly.
I’m presuming there will be stuff on in Civic, but I don’t particularly want my child exposed to vomiting teenagers.

Cell Block 69 Say Goodbye to the 80′s

By 10 December 2009

[ 23 December 2009 at 7:00 pm; ]


As the decade draws to an end Cell Block 69 return on their Last Ever world tour to wish the 1980′s a final goodbye.


The CMC Presents: Stu Larsen @ MacGregor Hall

By 9 December 2009

Brisbane singer songwriter Stu Larsen comes to town for a single show at MacGregor Hall, Acton, supported by brilliant local singer songwriters Cathy Petocz and Julia (Johnson) and the Deep Sea Sirens. Friday 11th Dec, kicks off at 8pm, costs $10/8, it’s licensed and it’s brought to you by the Canberra Musicians Club (click link [...]

Clothes Swap at Walk Against Warming this Saturday

By 9 December 2009

[ 12 December 2009 at 11:00 am; ] ACT otherWISE and Green Threads join forces again to bring you another GIANT clothes swap event at this years Canberra Walk Against Warming, this Saturday December 12th on the lawns of New Parliament House.  The purpose of the swap is to raise awareness of the impacts that our wardrobe choices can have on the environment, [...]

Walk Against Warming 12 December at Parliament House

By 9 December 2009

[ 12 December 2009 at 11:30 am; ] Walk Against Warming will coincide with the International Day of  Climate Change and will also be the mid-point of the Climate Talks in  Denmark.

This is a symbolic day to come out and show you are willing to do something  about climate change.

‘Last year more than 3,000 Canberrans came to walk and show their concern  about [...]

The Canberra City Band FREE Christmas Concert 2009

By 8 December 2009

[ 12 December 2009 at 4:00 pm; ] The Canberra City Band FREE Christmas Concert 2009
Where: Glebe Park – The New Performance Stage at Glebe Park
When: 4-6pm Saturday 12 December 2009

The Canberra City Band proudly announces our annual Christmas Concert for 2009, held at the new Performance Stage located at Glebe Park in the City (near the Royal Theatre).  A fun evening for [...]

Free creative Workshop and Info session for Theatre, Film and TV lovers

By 5 December 2009

[ 13 December 2009; ] Canberra residents thinking of exploring a more creative field have the opportunity to attend an upcoming free workshop taught by the Director of one of Australia’s leading independent performing arts colleges.

“There hasn’t been a better time to be creative”, says Lesley Watson, Founder and Director of Sydney’s Actors College of Theatre and Television (ACTT). “This [...]

Sunday Arvo – The Ellis Collective @ The Front

By 4 December 2009

[ 6 December 2009 at 6:00 pm; ]

In conjunction with the Canberra Musicians Club, The Ellis Collective have a wonderfully rare and spontaneous evening gig at The Front, this Sunday 6 December starting at 6pm.

The Bureau of Meteorology promises a summer evening perfect for acoustic tunes and cider drinking as the summery dusk slowly settles PLUS there are whispers of sausage sizzles [...]

Our Wellness Foundation celebrity singing bee & Christmas fund raiser

By 3 December 2009

[ 12 December 2009 at 12:00 am; ] For those who are not all christmas partied out and can fit another great event into your calendar, or have a keen interest in watching local celebrities battle it out in charity karaoke this could be the event of the year.

The Our Wellness foundation is a Canberra based charity formed in 2008 that [...]

DIY Wotz-on guide 4-6 Dec ’09

By 3 December 2009

[ 4 December 2009 to 6 December 2009. ] The weekend can’t come soon enough for some but plans as to what to do with it may still not yet be finalised.

So dear readers, let us, your fellow Riotphiles, know what is on in and around the ACT this weekend by posting it in the COMMENTS.

You know you love that sense of community [...]

national museum

By 3 December 2009

the national museum is advertising [although not on NMA's recruitment page - Ed] for a new director [the previous director, Craddock Morton, announced his retirement in Sept - Ed] ..   oh i hope he /she is not a fan of multi interactive screens and noise noise noise ..
why cant we just see some of the thousands [...]

Waterford to launch their self-titled EP

By 2 December 2009 FEATURED ARTICLE

[ 5 December 2009 at 8:00 pm; ]

One of my favourite acts to come out of Canberra this year are launching their first EP this Saturday night at The Front in Lyneham.

They had this to say about it:

They say being in a band is a good way to spend your twenties. The members of Waterford wouldn’t know, as they took up indie [...]

Roasty Toasty from Canberra based webcomic artist

By 1 December 2009

A friend sent me a link to this webcomic site – Roasty Toasty and I laughed myself silly. Then found out that David the artist is Canberra based so I thought I’d share the hillarity with everyone else.
My favorite is the brains behind the operation. Or maybe Clouds and Sharks

Canberra Airport – A Pictorial History

By 1 December 2009

Over at the Plane Talking blog, Ben Sandilands brings word of the Snow clan’s foray into the bibliographic arts. Ginette Snow (wife of Canberra Airport owner Terry Snow) has released a book entitled “Canberra Airport – A Pictorial History”, which looks like it might be interesting for local history and aeroplane buffs alike.

Apparently all [...]

Clankenstein – Gypsy Honkytonk

By 1 December 2009

This week’s Exile on Childers Street:
Free concert with free BBQ supplied by Baulderstone Honribrook
Thursday, Dec 3, 5pm-7pm @ Latin American Park
(bounded by Marcus Clarke, Rudd & Childers Streets)
Clankenstein’s music is zippy Balkan honkytonk featuring the mighty cimbalom – the bastard offspring of xylophone and piano. Romanian instrumentals in the style of the Gypsy ghetto, with [...]

Blues in the City, Friday 4 December

By 1 December 2009

[ 4 December 2009 6:00 pm to 5 December 2009 12:25 am. ] Overheard Productions presents Blues in the City this Friday night (4 December) at the Civic Holy Grail.

6pm-7.45pm: Jess Chockman (Vic), Restless Priority
8:00pm: Craig and Simone Dawson
9:00pm: Jonno Zilber
10:15pm: DJ and the Karsimakatz

Bistro open til about 8.30pm.

### FREE PARKING if you spend at least $10 on food or drinks. ###
Note: parking in the [...]

DIY Wotz-on Guide – weekend of 27-29 Nov ’09

By 29 November 2009

[ 27 November 2009 to 29 November 2009. ] [First filed: Nov 26, 2009 @ 7:10}

With the weekend a day away those of us that plan are planning their weekend activities.

Which means it's also time for you, our loyal and enthusiastic readership, to stretch those typing fingers and get tapping in the COMMENTS to let us and all your fellow readers know what are [...]

Queer Country Town Spectacle – Possibly The Work Of Rival Quilters!!!!!

By 27 November 2009

Only One Day To Go!!!
Apparently Q.U.I.L.T (Queers United In Little Towns) has caused a bit of a stir amongst the residents of sleepy Braidwood!
The owners of a Braidwood retail outlet at which we now regularly shop, told us that what appears to have started as satirical take on the actual Quilt Event, has attracted considerably more attention than anticipated!  They have no idea who the [...]

“Hot to Trot”: New short contemporary dance pieces

By 26 November 2009

[ 28 November 2009 at 7:00 pm; 29 November 2009 at 7:00 pm; ]

Hot to Trot is a favourite with Canberra dance audiences, playing to sell out crowds. You’ll see just under an hour of  short dance works created by dancers from Canberra’s own Quantum Leap ensemble. Its not a hip hop show or a ballet concert. Each piece will be very different – some cerebral, some fun. [...]


By 26 November 2009

[ 27 November 2009 at 6:00 pm; ]
Friday 27 November 2010
City Holy Grail

The Grail in the city is again open for live music so get along and support the acts and make sure that Canberra has another venue for it’s numerous, talented musicians.

6pm-7.45pm: Development bands and performers: Details of acts tba.

8:00pm: Act 1.

9:00pm: Act 2:
10:15pm: Headliners.
The Feldons

Price: $10 [...]

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