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How to Train Your Dragon 2

By 24 June 2014
How to Train Your Dragon 2

In 2010, How to Train Your Dragon successfully established a relationship with hyperactive introverts around the world, connecting through its protagonist, Hiccup.
How to Train Your Dragon 2 arrives four years later eager to reconnect with their previous audience – who in their early/mid teens now respond to their more physical form rather than the inevitable [...]

Pedal powered cinema!!

By 24 June 2014
Pedal powered cinema!!

[ 16 July 2014; 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm. ]

The Canberra Environment Centre is holding a pedal powered screening of Canberra director Simon Cunich’s ‘Growing Change’, which documents his investigation into the food crisis of 2012 and subsequent travels to Venezuela to study the country’s rising food revolution.

We’re going to get cosy at the co-op with chai and muffins, and then talk about the [...]

Jimmy Pike and The Second Hand Salmon

By 23 June 2014
Jimmy Pike and The Second Hand Salmon

I got to Transit just in time to see Jimmy Pike, Aussie hip-hop artist, pacing between the bar and the stage, occasionally stopping to put his hood up, then back down, then up again.
The anticipation was starting to rise as it got closer to Jimmy’s set time, and I was keenly interested to see where [...]

“The Home Front” – The Street Theatre (Review)

By 23 June 2014

For a while, he seemed to be getting better.  He went through a lot in the war, he needed time to heal…  She knew it would be hard.  But now there are too many bruises – so many that she can’t hide them or laugh them off as clumsy accidents.  Her mother-in-law is brutally cold: [...]

Kids on the Screen

By 22 June 2014
Kids on the Screen

There’s a TV show premiering this Sunday night that I’m not looking forward to. In fact, I will do everything in my power to avoid it. It’s The Voice Kids.
Yes, I get that some of these pipsqueaks are probably somewhat talented, but I’m still not interested. Who among us are? I can’t imagine. Hopefully my [...]

The Truffle Festival

By 20 June 2014
The Truffle Festival

Get ready for a feast of truffles, entertainment and celebrity chefs. This year’s Truffle Festival kicks off tomorrow, 21 June.
Over 60 participating venues will be celebrating the local Black Truffle harvest with events ranging from gourmet degustation dinners, casual dishes at cafes and patisseries, wine and beer tastings, cooking classes and truffle hunts.
Festival [...]

What’s on this weekend? 21st and 22nd June 2014

By 20 June 2014
What's on this weekend?  21st and 22nd June 2014

Suddenly another weekend is upon us – rejoice! Here are a few things we’re aware of going on around town this weekend. Anything you’d like to add?
Baby & Kids Market
Saturday 21st June 9am-12noon
Exhibition Park, Mitchell
Why buy kids stuff new when you can get pre loved goods at bargain prices?
Skate in the City
Until 20th [...]

Light hearted Friday – Unicorns in Canberra

By 20 June 2014
Light hearted Friday - Unicorns in Canberra

Our friend ‘Sheep Groper’ sent in this photo with the attached comment:
So unicorns do exist… and may be rampaging through Civic. They seemed to have cleared the front of 64 Northbourne of smokers when I wandered past.
Looking forward to some unicorn sightings around town!

Beer and Beethoven

By 19 June 2014
Beer and Beethoven

During 1972 and 1978, I worked at the School of Music, and for the most part directly to the founding Director, Ernest Llewellyn CBE. He told me that the School was founded on the Julliard model, that is, to turn out degree qualified musicians of high quality who were also world quality platform musicians and [...]

Where’s the Ladies? Uninspiring Yum Cha at the Dumpling Inn

By 18 June 2014
Where's the Ladies? Uninspiring Yum Cha at the Dumpling Inn

We usually have our reviews written within 24 hours of our dining experience. It’s now day 4 since our Dumpling Inn experience and none of us are fighting to get to the laptop.
On Saturday we checked out Yum Cha at the Dumpling Inn, Jamison. We thought we would wade into the debate on where to [...]

The Rover – Australian road movie that runs out of gas

By 17 June 2014
The Rover - Australian road movie that runs out of gas

Fresh off its midnight screening in Cannes, The Rover, is a psychological crime drama that leads us into a world of random encounters while engulfing us in the minds of the star actors.
This futuristic western is set ten years after the global economy has collapsed. The rich mineral resources of Australia now attract outsiders, and [...]

Nominations for ACT Book of the Year Award

By 17 June 2014

Canberra writers are encouraged to nominate their works for the 2014 ACT Book of the Year Award, Minister for the Arts Joy Burch said today.
The $10,000 prize is open to ACT writers who have had a contemporary work of fiction, non-fiction or poetry published in the 2013 calendar year.
“The ACT is home to many excellent [...]

PHOTOWALK Canberra is on Sunday 22nd

By 17 June 2014
PHOTOWALK Canberra is on Sunday 22nd

[ 22 June 2014; 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm. ]

Hi guys,

Have decided to try the National Arboretum again (3rd time lucky!). As you may remember the first time there were fee issues (all resolved) and the second time it poured rain!

So this time I hope we are lucky. The grounds are open until 5.30pm so I am suggesting 3-5pm to get the last [...]

Dessert Fit For A King

By 16 June 2014
Dessert Fit For A King

Canberra’s newest casual eatery, Dessert Castle, opens its doors to the public today.
The owners have spent the better part of a year creating a themed venue that lives up to its regal namesake, with stone walls, chandeliers, creeping ivy and an archway leading into the seating area.
The menu is extensive; with co-founder Chuan Wong explaining [...]

“Henry V” – Bell Shakespeare (Review)

By 16 June 2014

“In little room confining mighty men” – Bell Shakespeare’s new production of Henry V (helmed by Damien Ryan as director) presents us with a classroom of energetic students performing the play to each other and challenges us to engage our imaginations to make the play come to life.  As the Chorus (presented here as the [...]

Canberra Roller Derby League Home Season

By 13 June 2014
Canberra Roller Derby League Home Season

[ 28 June 2014; 3:00 pm; ] Come one, come all, as Canberra Roller Derby heralds the beginning of the 2014 home season.

In a big new play, the CRDL is kicking off their epic 2014 season with a massive double header. Starting at 3pm, the Brindabelters take on the Surly Griffins then at 6:15, the Black ‘n’ Bluebelles and the Red Bellied [...]

What’s on this weekend? 14th and 15th June 2014

By 13 June 2014
What's on this weekend? 14th and 15th June 2014

Rejoice – the weekend is nearly upon us once again (the short week has helped to speed this along). Here are a couple of our picks for the weekend. Add your thoughts below.
Sunday 15th June
Kids in the Shed
Old Bus Depot Markets
“Find your inner child or just enjoy this family day out for children, [...]

National Portrait Gallery Dance Off – Round 3!

By 12 June 2014
National Portrait Gallery Dance Off - Round 3!

News is in! The National Portrait Gallery were triumphant over New Zealand’s Otago Museum and are now into the third round of the international Museum Dance-off. The NPG, who are the only Australian entrant, took Trans-Tasman glory last week thanks to your support, and finished the day with 65% of total votes. Today, the NPG [...]

Cheap eats series 1 – The Coffee Grounds ANU

By 11 June 2014
Cheap eats series 1 - The Coffee Grounds ANU

A mate asked me to meet him at the ANU as he wanted me to try out the campus café, The Coffee Grounds. I must admit that I did not have high expectations of a café on a university campus as I had envisioned being surrounded by students and eating boring food in a daggy [...]

COZMO (Capital of Australia Mandolinata) Annual Winter Concert 2014

By 11 June 2014
COZMO (Capital of Australia Mandolinata) Annual Winter Concert 2014

[ 15 June 2014; 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm. ]

The COZMO Ensemble and COZYMO Learning Group warmly invite family, friends and members of the public to come along to our hugely enjoyable Annual Winter Concert.

Come and enjoy a beautiful program of music played by COZMO and our Learning Group COZYMO!

COZMO will present a range of delightful music from the Baroque period to [...]

Twitter Cabinet – Fingers at the ready 7pm tonight

By 10 June 2014

Katy Gallagher will join the other ACT Government ministers at 7pm tonight for the seventh annual ACT Virtual Community Cabinet.
Otherwise known as ‘Twitter Cabinet’, the ministers will gather in the cabinet room to answer real time questions from members of the community about what issues are important to them.
Use #actvcc to join or follow [...]

The Laughing Samoans hit The Street

By 10 June 2014
The Laughing Samoans hit The Street

[ 13 June 2014; 8:00 pm; ]

Fresh Off Da Blane is the latest from the Laughing Samoans comedy duo Eteuati Ete and Tofiga Fepuleai. If you enjoyed the Flight of the Concords, this New Zealand duo are sure to push your buttons.

Favourite characters such as Aunty Tala and Uncle Sam will appear once again in this show for the whole [...]

The Magnificent Maleficent

By 8 June 2014
The Magnificent Maleficent

The fashion of films adapting famous fairy tales is still going strong, albeit with very few really worthy productions of note. Fortunately, there are always exceptions, and Maleficent is one of them.
Based on the classic Sleeping Beauty, Maleficent starts with the line, “Tell you an old story and see how well you know it”. The film [...]

What’s on this weekend? 7th, 8th & 9th June 2014

By 6 June 2014
What's on this weekend?  7th, 8th & 9th June 2014

An extra day to enjoy the delights of Canberra this weekend, so here are a few things going on about town that we’re aware of. Event to note ‘Çreate a Lego Queen’- brilliant!
If you have anything to add, please include it in the comments.
Friday 6th June 7pm – Stargazing at Mt Stromlo Observatory
Friday 6th June [...]

Gungahlin Community Council Business Breakfast

By 5 June 2014

[ 22 July 2014; 7:00 am to 8:45 am. ] The Gungahlin Community Council will be hosting a business breakfast on July 22nd from 7am -8.45am at the Kamberra Winery on Northborne Avenue.

The theme for this breakfast is ‘Enhancing Business Opportunities in Gungahlin’ with guest speakers Mr. Jeremy Hanson M.L.A and Chris Faulks from Canberra Business Council. This is the second breakfast to be hosted [...]

Short Films think Short Seasons

By 5 June 2014
Short Films think Short Seasons

I was greeted at the National Film and Sound Archive by the alluring colours, illuminating the face of the building. Light chatter echoed around the marvellous entrance as the typical artsy crowd shuffled in.
Short Seasons film festival produced by ScreenACT, showcased the work of our talented local filmmakers.
Short Seasons powered off with a cleverly crafted [...]

Cheap eats series 1 – PappaRich

By 4 June 2014
Cheap eats series 1 - PappaRich

For today’s cheap eats I thought I’d go and check out the newly opened PappaRich in the Canberra centre.
Now if you haven’t been to a PappaRich before (there are a few in Melbourne and other states) then you wouldn’t know about their bizarre ordering system. You are firstly seated at a table (one I felt [...]

“Party” by Tom Basden

By 4 June 2014

Some people get into politics because they want to change the world.  And some people are just in it for the cake.  Seriously, where’s the cake?  What kind of party is this without any cake?
Tom Basden’s “Party” (directed by Daniel McCusker) delighted an audience at Smith’s last night with a genuinely funny script performed with [...]

A Place to call home? Migrant hostel memories

By 4 June 2014
A Place to call home?  Migrant hostel memories

[ 30 May 2014 to 30 September 2014. ]

The National Archives are currently displaying a series of photos capturing the life of migrants to Australia post WWII. Whether for a long or short stay, many people spent their early days on Australian shores in hostels across a number of locations in the Country.

The exhibition contains vivid photographs of Australia’s migrant hostels with [...]

Canberra musician Dylan Hekimian

By 4 June 2014
Canberra musician Dylan Hekimian

Something a lot of Australian music buffs appreciate is the inclusion of that distinct sound of an Aussie accent partnered with seriously noteworthy musical talent. Dylan Hekimain has found a way to highlight both of these in his three track EP ‘The Ocean EP’.
Dylan’s, ‘The Ocean EP’ embodies Australian music with bold percussion, dramatic [...]

Where’s the Ladies? Seeking culinary pleasure at The Cupping Room

By 3 June 2014
Where's the Ladies?  Seeking culinary pleasure at The Cupping Room

When ‘The Cupping Room’ was suggested as a brunch venue for our latest review, there was a suitable amount of tittering among the group.  We thought we were pretty clever (sometimes we are…), but as we read through the menu we realised it had been said before and ‘no, it is not in reference to [...]

Amnesty International Quiz

By 31 May 2014

[ 13 June 2014; 7:30 pm to 10:00 pm. ] Amnesty International continues to ask the tough questions and – for the 24th year running – it will be seeking answers from Canberrans at its quiz night on Friday, 13 June at the Hellenic Club.

One of Canberra’s oldest quiz nights, the Amnesty International quiz night has raised more than $250,000 over the past 24 years [...]

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