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Education Systems Limited

By 18 July 2014
Education Systems Limited

In John Dewey’s book Democracy and Education he writes, ‘it is illiberal and immoral to train children to work not freely and intelligently but for the sake of the work earned’. I agree with him, and think so too would most Canberrans. To see a teacher teaching well, full of compassion and creativity, is surely [...]

The Fairytale Channel – Smith’s Alternative (Review)

By 18 July 2014
The Fairytale Channel - Smith's Alternative (Review)

Local writer/director Kirsty Budding pulls us into our televisions (or at least our DVDs of Disney movies) for The Fairytale Channel, a children’s show in the style of Shrek and Fractured Fairy Tales that skewers fairy-tale logic and encourages us to be what we really want to be.  Even if it’s something boring like an [...]

Julian Hobba, “Bartleby” (Interview)

By 16 July 2014
Julian Hobba,

Julian Hobba is best known for “Delicacy”, his play about a real-life case of mutually-agreed cannibalism. Now his imagination has been fired by Herman Melville’s short story “Bartleby”, a before-its-time fable of workplace alienation. With the show opening at The Street Theatre two weeks from now Julian was kind enough to share some of his [...]

Cabaret – Canberra Philharmonic (Review)

By 14 July 2014
Cabaret - Canberra Philharmonic (Review)

Boy meets girl.  Boy gets girl.  Nazis.  Boy loses girl.  Canberra Philharmonic’s production of Cabaret delivers fantastic singing and ensemble numbers but struggles (slightly) with the relationships that drive the story.
In the early 1930s American would-be writer Clifford Bradshaw (Mat Chardon O’Dea) travels to Berlin to find inspiration.  Rather than actually trying to write something [...]

What’s on this weekend? 12th and 13th July 2014

By 11 July 2014
What's on this weekend?  12th and 13th July 2014

As we face a cold weekend of sub -zero nights, what’s on in the Capital to keep you warm?
This week, we asked our entertainment editors their hot tips for the weekend (they’re a picky bunch so hopefully they will provide some good leads).
Theatre Reviewer John Lombard is attending Cabaret on Saturday night – a performance [...]

Legally Blonde – Free Rain Theatre (Review)

By 7 July 2014
Legally Blonde - Free Rain Theatre (Review)

Anne Somes and Chris Neal (with Derek Walker as director) deliver a fresh, fun show with Legally Blonde.  Elle Woods is a dumped by her boyfriend and that begins her epic campaign to win him back by following him to Harvard Law School.  Hey, we’ve all done stupider things for love.
Mikayla Williams is nothing short [...]

Win a double pass to see Dave Hughes

By 1 July 2014
Win a double pass to see Dave Hughes

Are you a fan of Dave Hughes?
Fancy a free double pass to see him on Friday night?
Just tell us about your favourite Hughesy moment. Whether it be a joke, a situation, a moment on TV, or a comeback to a heckler – share it in the comments, give us all a good laugh and you’ll [...]

“Mr McGee and the Biting Flea” – Patch Theatre (Review)

By 30 June 2014

Patch Theatre’s production of Mr McGee enraptured a theatre packed to the rafters with eight-year-olds and brought at least one grown-up (your reviewer) back to childhood.  Although from the grins I saw after the show I suspect the parents and guardians in the audience enjoyed the show just as much as I did.
“Mr McGee and [...]

Fairytales by the campfire in ‘The Magic Hour’

By 25 June 2014
Fairytales by the campfire in 'The Magic Hour'

If you’re after a night of fairytales with a twist, The Magic Hour is for you. Ursula Yovich (Australia, Jindabyne, The Secret River, Redfern, The Gods of Wheat Street) plays a whole cast of characters, updated and dropped into bleak Australian life in this performance described as Little Red Riding Hood meets Trainspotting.
Prepare for [...]

“The Home Front” – The Street Theatre (Review)

By 23 June 2014

For a while, he seemed to be getting better.  He went through a lot in the war, he needed time to heal…  She knew it would be hard.  But now there are too many bruises – so many that she can’t hide them or laugh them off as clumsy accidents.  Her mother-in-law is brutally cold: [...]

“Henry V” – Bell Shakespeare (Review)

By 16 June 2014

“In little room confining mighty men” – Bell Shakespeare’s new production of Henry V (helmed by Damien Ryan as director) presents us with a classroom of energetic students performing the play to each other and challenges us to engage our imaginations to make the play come to life.  As the Chorus (presented here as the [...]

The Laughing Samoans hit The Street

By 10 June 2014
The Laughing Samoans hit The Street

[ 13 June 2014; 8:00 pm; ]

Fresh Off Da Blane is the latest from the Laughing Samoans comedy duo Eteuati Ete and Tofiga Fepuleai. If you enjoyed the Flight of the Concords, this New Zealand duo are sure to push your buttons.

Favourite characters such as Aunty Tala and Uncle Sam will appear once again in this show for the whole [...]

“Party” by Tom Basden

By 4 June 2014

Some people get into politics because they want to change the world.  And some people are just in it for the cake.  Seriously, where’s the cake?  What kind of party is this without any cake?
Tom Basden’s “Party” (directed by Daniel McCusker) delighted an audience at Smith’s last night with a genuinely funny script performed with [...]

Warren Miller’s Ski & Snowboard Film – One night only!

By 29 May 2014
Warren Miller's Ski & Snowboard Film - One night only!

[ 30 May 2014; 7:30 pm; ]

This Friday, celebrate winter with Warren Miller’s Ticket to Ride. The newest chapter in the legendary film series, Ticket to Ride will take you on an action packed journey with the world’s best skiers and snowboarders. Witness athletes at their career best, and discover the paths that put them at the top of the steepest [...]

The Factory coming to Canberra

By 24 May 2014
The Factory coming to Canberra

[ 24 June 2014 to 25 June 2014. ]

The contagious spirit of Polynesia is taking over Canberra this winter and nowhere is it more joyful than Canberra Theatre Centre where New Zealand’s First Pacific Musical, The Factory, is travelling across the ditch to warm the hearts of locals.

With some of New Zealand’s very best established and emerging musical theatre talent, this fresh [...]

An unusual theatre experience with White Rabbit, Red Rabbit

By 22 May 2014
An unusual theatre experience with White Rabbit, Red Rabbit

[ 28 May 2014 to 1 June 2014. ]
The Street Theatre will be featuring the out of the ordinary production ‘White Rabbit, Red Rabbit’ between the 28th of May and 1st of June.

‘An unnerving comedy of human freedom that defies national boundaries, censorship… and description.

Iranian writer Nassim Soleimanpour’s audacious theatrical experiment will come as a shock — not least to the performer [...]

Mr McGee and the Biting Flea comes to Canberra this June

By 21 May 2014
Mr McGee and the Biting Flea comes to Canberra this June

[ 27 June 2014 to 28 June 2014. ]

Patch Theatre Company, South Australia’s longest running theatre company for children, weaves together six of Pamela Allen’s beloved stories in Mr McGee and the Biting Flea, performed from 27-28 June at Canberra Theatre Centre as part of a national tour.

This wonderful production, perfect for 4-8 year olds and families, has been enchanting children around Australia [...]

Canberra Repertory ‘Showtune’

By 21 May 2014
Canberra Repertory 'Showtune'

[ 20 June 2014 to 5 July 2014. ]

The second production for REP’s 2014-15 season is Showtune, celebrating the words and music of Jerry Herman. Opening on 20 June, the production continues until 5 July 2014 at Theatre 3, 3 Repertory Lane Acton. Directed by Jordan Kelly and with Musical Direction by Leisa Keen, no lyric is left unsung in this outstanding retrospective [...]

It’s Me Mandela – Charity Event

By 19 May 2014
It's Me Mandela - Charity Event

[ 5 July 2014; 8:00 pm; ]

Comedy savant Dayne Rathbone and his international rugby star brother Clyde perform their brand new, absurdly funny comedy play “It’s Me Mandela” at The Playhouse Theatre in July.

Since starting his comedy career in Canberra in 2010, hilariously-awkward South African emigrant Dayne has gone on to national and international success.

In 2012 he supported Anthony Jeselnik (USA) [...]

ANU Interhall Musical: Spamalot 2014

By 13 May 2014
ANU Interhall Musical: Spamalot 2014

[ 16 May 2014 to 18 May 2014. 21 May 2014 to 24 May 2014. ]

From the 16th to the 24th of May, a cast of extremely talented students at the ANU will be performing the musical Spamalot at the ANU Arts Centre. Brought to life by the student society ANU Interhall Musical Productions, who have previously performed CATS (2013) and Chicago (2011), Spamalot has been an exciting opportunity for [...]

ANU Medical Revue ‘Caecal Weapon 2: The Rise of Salmonella’

By 26 April 2014
ANU Medical Revue 'Caecal Weapon 2: The Rise of Salmonella'

[ 7 May 2014 to 10 May 2014. ]

The 2014 ANU Medical Revue ‘Caecal Weapon 2: The Rise of Salmonella’ is hitting the stage 7-10 May at the ANU Arts Centre.

Following last year’s ‘Para-Medical Activitiy’, which achieved four Canberra Area Theatre (CAT) nominations and the 2012 show winning the CAT Award for Best Original Work, expectations are high.

The ANU Medical Revue is an [...]

Looking for a Monday laugh?

By 17 February 2014

With the Canberra Comedy Festival coming up, get in early tonight at Smiths’ Alternative for ‘Schnityz and Giggles’.
Canberras’ only regular improvised comedy show, inspired by ‘Whose Line is it Anyway’ (no Wayne Brady unfortunately but we are working on it). Come see some of your cities best improvisors perform for the honour of winning the ‘Golden Schnitz’. [...]

A moment on hitler parody

By 11 February 2014
A moment on hitler parody

With Giulia Jones and Jeremy Hanson appointing themselves the last arbiters of taste for performances they haven’t seen and calling for drastic sanction against people only remotely involved I thought in my capacity as a private citizen I’d like to throw my own 2c in via the great Charlie Chaplin.

Host of The Project, Charlie Pickering, at Canberra Comedy Festival

By 10 February 2014
Host of The Project, Charlie Pickering, at Canberra Comedy Festival

Before Rove Live, Talking About Your Generation, and The Project made him a household name, Charlie Pickering was at the top of his game as a stand-up comedian. Witty, inventive, and edgy, Pickering toured the world, selling out shows from Melbourne to Edinburgh. Now he’s hitting the stage again to say the stuff he can’t [...]

Warts and All by Bruce Hoogendoorn

By 7 February 2014

[ 7 February 2014; 1:00 pm; ] Ever wanted to prune your family Tree? this Play’s for you!

DIY wotz on guide for the weekend of 24 January 2014

By 23 January 2014
DIY wotz on guide for the weekend of 24 January 2014

[ 24 January 2014 to 27 January 2014. ]

A long weekend coming up just when you thought you’d got your 2014 groove on.

But what’s worth seeing and doing around Canberra this weekend?

Just leave your thoughts in the comments!

Vday Canberra “A Memory, A Monologue, A Rant and A Prayer” 2014

By 21 January 2014

V-Day Canberra 2014
Presents A Benefit Reading of
Writings To Stop Violence Against Women and Girls
Members from all facets of the Canberra Community
Join Us as we RISE, RELEASE, and DANCE to Demand Justice for Women and Girl Survivors of Violence
For More [...]

Seussical the Musical

By 20 January 2014
Seussical the Musical

[ 20 January 2014 to 25 January 2014. ]

Ickle Pickle Productions presents: ‘Seussical the Musical’, playing at Belconnen Theatre until 25th January.
Bookings 6275 2700 or

Seussical is suitable for all ages, and is the perfect school holiday family entertainment!

Seussical is a fantastical, magical, musical extravaganza, featuring all of your favourite Dr. Seuss characters, including Horton the Elephant, The Cat in the Hat, Gertrude McFuzz, lazy Mayzie, and a [...]

You don’t want to miss the West Bank Festival

By 16 January 2014
You don't want to miss the West Bank Festival

[ 14 February 2014 to 16 February 2014. ]

The invite has hit facebook for the first ever West Bank Festival! (as in the West Bank of Sullivans Creek):

Early Bird Tickets on sale now until Friday 7th Feb (prices below).

The Canberra Musicians Club is thrilled, and slightly terrified, to announce our most ambitious endeavour to date, the inaugural West Bank Festival. A three day [...]

DIY wotz on guide for the weekend of 17 January 2014

By 16 January 2014
DIY wotz on guide for the weekend of 17 January 2014

[ 17 January 2014 to 19 January 2014. ]

Still not quite in the rhythm? Neither are we.

And yet it appears the weekend is here any old how.

What’s worth seeing and doing around Canberra this weekend?

Just leave your thoughts in the comments.

Simon Singh on The Simpsons and Their Mathematical Secrets

By 15 January 2014

[ 17 January 2014; 4:00 pm; ] Questacon have word on a pretty exciting talk this Friday:

Simon Singh, best-selling author of ‘Fermat’s Last Theorem’ and ‘The Code Book’, will discuss his latest book ‘The Simpsons and Their Mathematical Secrets’. He will explain how a team of mathematically gifted writers have covered everything from calculus to geometry, from pi to game theory, and [...]

This month at The Phoenix

By 11 January 2014

[ 1 January 2014 to 31 January 2014. ] This just in to keep us all grooving!

Saturday 11th 8:30pm
Holy Eucharist Line Label Launch
Matthew Elias
Tim Pearce

Monday 13th 8pm
2XX LocalnLive Presents Bootleg Sessions
Time and Weight
Johnny Roadkill
Bacon Cakes
Dylan Hekimian

Tuesday 14th 7:30pm
Andrew and Shannon’s Pub Trivia

Wednesday 15th 8pm

Thursday 16th 9pm
Yoko Oh No
The Union Pacific

Saturday 18th 9:30pm
All In A Year
No Assumption
Suburban Haze
Office Jerk

Monday 20th 8pm
The Bootleg Sessions
The [...]

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