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Ask RiotACT: Makeup artist for darker skin tones?

Ask RiotACT

Hi Canberra!
Every time I have my makeup done for a formal event by Napoleon/Chanel/Bobbi Brown, they seem to not know what colour my skin is! My face either ends up looking too dark, or very light and ashy.
So this time I’m thinking of booking an appointment with a private makeup artist. Any recommendations of people [...]

Ask RiotACT: Reasonable Hairdresser with Great Colourist

Ask RiotACT

I am new to Canberra and I am looking for a new hairdresser.
I live at Turner but I am happy to drive anywhere for a decent and reasonably priced hairdresser.
I have red hair so I need to get my hair coloured every four weeks to maintain the shade, and so I do not want to [...]

Ask RiotACT: Orthodontist and Jaw Surgery Recommendation?

By 22 January 2016 HEADLINE ARTICLE
Ask RiotACT

I have a terrible experience with my previous orthodontist ten years ago.
Finally, courage comes to me and I am ready for treatments of my jaw misalignment again. Can anyone share your experience or recommend a orthodontist + jaw surgeon to me? Also, which private health insurer would you recommend for such treatment?
Many thanks and nice day!

Feathering eyebrows – recommendations please?

By 6 October 2015 HEADLINE ARTICLE
Ask RiotACT

Has anyone had their eyebrows tattooed – i.e. feathering eyebrows?
I am looking for professional, hygienic, licensed operators in ACT. Any suggestions/experiences are greatly appreciated!

We tried a vampire facial. This is what happened.

dr matthew

If you keep up with the Kardashians, you may have heard of a vampire facial. Made famous by Kim in 2013 on an episode of Kourtney and Kim Take Miami, the facial is a non-surgical alternative to a traditional face lift.
While there are a few cosmetic clinics in Canberra that offer the facial, I knew that the [...]

How much did you pay for your last haircut?

cosmo hair and beauty

Call me a metrosexual or whatever you like, but I love getting my hair cut. Unfortunately it doesn’t make me any better looking. I still walk out with my worry (and laughing) lines, and my nose is just as big and my muscles are just as small. But I do walk out happy. I’m happy [...]

A guide to getting ready on the cheap


I recently wrote an article on what it costs me to get ready for a special event such as a wedding. The comments I received back from readers were overwhelming (some positive, others not so much!)
Although I still stand by my choices, I will agree that I could have spent my money in other ways and [...]

FASHFEST 2015 hits the Convention Centre


FASHFEST is back and bigger than ever, kicking off for its third year last night.
Unlike previous years where the four-night event was held at the Canberra International Airport, this year guests are being treated to an extravagant experience at the National Convention Centre. The foyer and catwalk space are decked out with gossamer curtains, multiple [...]

Free Mother’s Day festival in the City this Sunday!

By 9 May 2015

If a day of free beauty pampering, gourmet food tasting, live music, dance and cycling events plus entertainment for the kids sounds good, then we have a great event for you!
This Mother’s Day, Bunda Street is hosting a free event for the community!
Event: Mother’s Day on the shareway
Where: Bunda Street, from Genge Street  to Akuna [...]

Are weddings too expensive for guests?

By 3 May 2015

The cost of attending someone else’s wedding quickly adds up. By the time you buy a gift, choose a dress, get your makeup done and travel to the wedding venue, it can be a pretty pricey day – and you’re not even the one getting married! Sophia Carlini has more.
Like most women, I love weddings. So when my [...]

Doing hen’s nights right at QT Canberra

QT Canberra pick up

When I think of hen’s nights, I imagine fashioning wedding dresses out of toilet paper, eating cookies in the shape of male genitalia and drinking a lot of champagne (if only to make the first two activities seem slightly more appealing).
My previous hen’s night adventures had left me unprepared for last weekend, when I was invited [...]

Best hair salons in Canberra?

woman at hairdresser

Are you looking for a good Canberra hairdresser but don’t know where to start? Here are my recommendations for what to look for when selecting a new salon and stylist:

Do the staff at the salon all have the same hairstyle? This is not a good sign (unless that’s the exact look you’re going for!).
Does the person cutting your [...]

Canberra’s Chloe Granger off to Miss Teen Galaxy national finals

By 27 February 2015 HEADLINE ARTICLE
chloe granger

Aspiring Canberra model Chloe Granger will travel to the Gold Coast at the end of next month to represent New South Wales at the national Miss Teen Galaxy Australia finals. The 18-year-old has her sights set on winning the pageant and competing in the Miss Teen Galaxy international finals to be held in the United [...]

TG’s Hair Studios a cut above

By 11 November 2014 FEATURED ARTICLE
TG's Hair studios

In a career spanning 30 years, owner of TG’s Hair Studios, Tammy Garratt, has logged over 60,000 hours of hairdressing, trained 34 apprentices and opened three salons under the TG’s Hair Studios umbrella.
With salons in Fyshwick, Civic and Jerrabomberra, she says a focus on staff development and ongoing training is what sets TG’s apart from [...]

Canberra makeup academy

By 29 October 2014 HEADLINE ARTICLE

I am considering going to Canberra makeup academy but I have not found many reviews on it. Does anyone have any experience with CMA or know anyone who does ?

Grooming, Deportment and Etiquette courses – Victoria’s Models

By 19 September 2014 HEADLINE ARTICLE

[ 18 September 2014 at 11:00 am; ] Victoria’s Model is Canberra’s longest established modelling agency.

Victoria’s Models offers courses for all ages to improve life skills, self confidence and presentation, as well as training for the modelling industry. The experience and professionalism of our trainers ensures you will receive the best possible advice and gain the knowledge necessary to succeed in modelling, or [...]

Invisalign recommendations

By 17 March 2014

Hi all,
I did have braces in high school however as I didnt wear my retainer properly my teeth, in particular the bottom row have moved significantly. I was just wondering if anyone could give me recommendations of any dentists who provide the Invisalign service as I’d really prefer not to be a metal month again [...]

Hats, Heels and Handbags (Wanted!)

By 13 January 2014

Verve Promotions will again present the Canberra Show Fashion Parade from the 21st to 23rd February. 
The fashion parade entitled Hats, Heels and Handbags will showcase a variety of fashion wares and promoters are searching for Canberra’s biggest, oldest, most expensive and weirdest handbags, heels and hats. 
If you own something of the sort please [...]

Hairdresser Recommendations in Weston Creek?

By 16 December 2013

Hi Rioters!
Having just relocated over to Weston Creek from the other side of town, I’m hoping that the hive mind may have a few recommendations for hairdressers in the area.
Basically, looking for reasonable prices and good service.

Cell Block 69 – Christmas with Corey !

By 5 December 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

[ 20 December 2013 at 8:00 pm; ]

Have you finished your Xmas present shopping ? Have you even started ? It’s the year two thousand and nineteen eighty thirteen and Cell Block 69 have the perfect gift for you. The gift that just keeps gifting. And that gift is Rock n Roll (and to a lesser extent, synth pop).

Corey is returning to [...]

Cartilage piercing – piercer recommendations?

By 30 November 2013

Its been a few years since I’ve had any piercings done, but I’ m tempted to get another cartilage one (a daith, specifically).
Last time I had mine done it was at Justin’s studio / with Justin at Redpath, but since then I believe he’s shut down, and Freestyle no longer does piercings.
I know Redpath is [...]

Festive workman builds Christmas Tree

By 29 November 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

Well, I assume workmen. But there’s only one in the picture.
TAMS have started on the Civic Christmas tree!
“The spectacular 21 metre high Christmas tree is a great Canberra tradition and will again be the centrepiece of Civic Square in the lead up to Christmas,” said Darran Quade, Acting Senior Manager of Property Projects and Services, [...]

On the human brochure

By 29 October 2013

We were not impressed by ACT Tourism’s great shout out to the vacuous which went by the name of the Human Brochure. (Although we will concede that identifying top social media influencers and sucking up to them is absolutely best practice and probably explains the influx of invites in my email at the moment).
The Canberra [...]

Hairdresser working from home in Carwoola?

By 23 October 2013

About a year ago somebody who had cut my hair a few times at a salon in Queanbeyan, told me she was setting up her own small studio – in her home out at Carwoola. She duly sent me her card some months later, but by that time I’d been suckered in to one of [...]

Pedicure recommendations in Canberra?

By 17 October 2013

Hello rioters,
My feet are in a rather dreadful state, I will not overshare the details except to note that the problems are aesthetic rather than infectious.
Can anyone recommend a place for a pedicure with nice staff who are not going to recoil at my dry skin and chipped nails and make me [...]

Teen-Friendly Beautician?

By 14 October 2013

Hello Hive Mind,
I need the services of a friendly beautician for Ms Downer, preferably on the northside.
With any natural beauty now gently eroding into magnificent ruin, I rarely call upon members of this profession.  
Any recommendations?

Mens Barber and Musical Instrument Repair in Canberra?

By 23 September 2013

I have two queries which I was hoping RiotAct could help me out with.
Firstly, thanks to Geelongs last quarter capitulation, I am now required to get a mullet. No, not the fish, the haircut (yes, stupid bet to make, I know). My hair is already shoulder length so just needs to bet cut into the [...]

Looking for a good Beauty Therapist in Canberra?

By 9 September 2013

Hi Rioters,
Looking for a good beauty therapist for waxing, facials etc.  The last girl I had left her work and my new one (which will remain unnamed) ripped the skin off of my arm :(.  Would love to here all of your experiences and advice.
I live south side so anywhere there would be preferable.

Best place for Acrylic In-Fills?

By 21 August 2013

Trying to find a place in Canberra, preferably on the North side, to get my in-fills done.
So far the one place I tried didn’t sterilise their equipment and did a horrid job.

Canberra Girls make up tutorial


Canberra girls, you just got served!

I’d be lying if I said I really got any of what was going on for most of it, until the hastag part.
I got that.

I guess at Club X the work just comes naturally


In a way the continued existence of Club X in the heart of Civic is as comforting as other anachronisms, like the Canberra Times.
But on the way from the bank this afternoon I couldn’t help notice their hiring based on nothing but gender and looks.
How sweet of them…

Oh no, Tasmania has started on the Skywhale

By 25 June 2013

Canberra’s noblest ambassador has recently made a visit to the Dark Mofo festival in Hobart and, as always, haters have ended up hating.
City alderman Annette Waddle says it is suggestive and offensive to women.
Alderman Waddle told a council meeting on Monday she was not amused by the display.
“There were 16 great breasts hanging down from [...]

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