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Worse than ‘ice’ hits the streets?

By 23 October 2008

Anyone heard of the latest drug doing the rounds in Canberra that apparently is worse than ‘ice’ and makes people more aggressive than those using ice?
Scary stuff.

Impact Comics are having a Halloween Cosplay Costume Contest

By 23 October 2008

[ 31 October 2008 at 7:00 pm; ]

Canberra’s beloved Impact Comics have announced they’re running a Halloween Cosplay Costume Contest.

So what the heck is Cosplay the older and duller amongst you ask?

Wikipedia defines it thusly:

Cosplay (???? kosupure?), short for “costume play”, is a type of performance art whose participants outfit themselves, with often-elaborate costumes and accessories, as a specific character. Characters are [...]

Canberra Irish Club Halloween Festival

By 23 October 2008

[ 25 October 2008; ] Entry is Fee!

Come dressed up in your favourite Haloween Costume (Optional).

It will be a family fun day full of activities, music and dancing!

Hope to see you there!

6 Parkinson Street, Weston, ACT 2611

[Schedule of events below]

09:30   Breakfast (Bacon & Egg Roll + Orange Juice only $3).  Restaurant Deck

10:55   Opening Speech by Mark Mannion, CIC Secretary.  Function [...]

Halloween pumpkins?

By 23 October 2008

Quick question.
An American friend of mine is holding a halloween party and I want to get some of those orange pumpkins to carve for the party.
Anybody seen any in the shops?

Why is Civic such a dreary place?

By 23 October 2008

Walking around the city in mid-afternoon a couple of weeks ago, I started wondering why exactly Civic is so lifeless at ground level in so many places.  Especially west of Northbourne, whole block frontages are blank walls, fire door exits, or frosted glass.  The footpaths are a shabby collection of pavers and cracked concrete joined [...]

Canberra Marist College on Lateline!

By 22 October 2008

[First filed: October 20, 2008 @ 23:05]
Not good news for them.
Video to follow

Video now available, transcript to follow.

Now here’s a question for whichever local politicians are not transfixed by fear of pederasts…
Will they allow a school with a history of proven child sexual abuse, and no known body responsible for its continuing behaviour, to continue [...]

Woden Valley Community Festival

By 21 October 2008

[ 25 October 2008 at 12:00 am; ]

Wondering what to do with the kids this weekend?

Check out the free Woden Valley Community Festival on Saturday 25 October, from 10am til 4pm at Eddison Park. A great day out for the whole family.

Attractions include:

* jumping castle, slide, merry go round, fairy floss…
* Special appearance by Kenny Koala and the AFP Ceremonial Horses…
* Workshops [...]

Water Week Family Fun Day?

By 21 October 2008

[ 25 October 2008 at 10:00 am; ] Water conservation is a serious business, it’s an important business, but is it a fun business?

For example on my list of “fun things” I find such items as: Water pistols, wet t-shirts, water slides, dancing under the sprinkler, turning the hose on a friend, and sitting in a wading pool on Australia day listening to [...]

The cold light of morning – Or, where the Liberals went wrong

By 20 October 2008

[First filed: October 20, 2008 @ 08:42]
Both major parties are trying to tell you that Satruday’s election was a ringing endorsement of them. They are both extremely fortunate that there isn’t another election next Saturday if they want to keep up this line. The latest figures from the ABC show a -9.3% swing against Labor [...]

Blues guitars going cheap?

By 20 October 2008

The Canberra Blues Society has a shout out for anyone who might have seen a large number of guitars stolen from the house of Steve Russell:
– Candy Apple red ’62 Fender Telecaster Custom re-issue. Made in Japan. In fabric soft case Monterey brand, black with purple trimming. The scratch plate has been replaced with a [...]

Raffle etiquette?

By 20 October 2008

After voting at the local primary school in Tuggeranong on Saturday, I left the hall to join my partner outside. 
As I walked out of the hall, a woman asked me if I wanted to buy some tickets in a raffle with the money going to the school.
I was about to answer yes when [...]

Flying foxes to be banned in ACT playgrounds?

By 18 October 2008

Recently the kids and I have been enjoying the brand new flying fox at John Knight Memorial Park on the shores of Lake Ginninderra.
Today the ‘fox’ was wrapped around one end with a very large chain and padlock.
Another person at the park said he was told it had been chained up for ‘liability’ [...]

SpringOut – Canberra’s Queer Pride Festival

By 17 October 2008

[ 31 October 2008 12:00 am to 6 December 2008 12:00 am. ] The SpringOut festival, now in its ninth year, celebrates the diversity of local lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex communities.  Highlights of this year’s festival include Fair Day at Westlund House, queer film screenings, dance parties and even a cemetery walk!  

Attend one of the many events and enjoy a fun filled, empowering and fabulous [...]

On hoaxes and The Academy

By 16 October 2008

The first of these images is a hoax against The Academy that’s circulating via email.
The second of these is The Academy’s counter-hoax.
I am, however, assured by a source close to management that over 25s really will be getting in free this weekend.
So there you go!

Rental market becoming kinder?

By 16 October 2008

The ABC has a story on Australian Property Monitors data showing the Canberra rental market is finally softening.
The latest report from Australian Property Monitors (APM) shows median rents fell by 2 per cent in the ACT in the September quarter.
On a year-to-year basis they rose by a moderate 3 per cent.
But Canberra’s median weekly [...]

Are you going to Tharwa Fair?

By 15 October 2008

[ 2 November 2008 at 10:00 am; ]

Some big anniversaries down Tharwa way, and a shiny new bridge to get there for the Fair.

Another bad case for the Scouts

By 15 October 2008

The ABC has a bad story for the local Scouting movement with a 21 year old Banks man fronting the court “facing a number of charges including five counts of sexual intercourse with a person under the age of 16 and two of possessing child pornography”
Apparently he met the girls through a scouts group.

Canberra – the perfect location for a zombie movie?

By 15 October 2008

Monkeybizness is suggesting that Canberra would make an excellent location for making a Zombie flick.
“If I ever make a post-apocalyptic zombie flick – and I intend to – It will definitely be set in Canberra. I’m going to get public servants to play zombies, they’re perfect for the role. They’ll lurch around Canberra doing horrifying [...]

One laptop per child and you

By 15 October 2008

[ 27 October 2008 at 3:00 pm; ] Dear Canberra,

Computer Assistance Support & Education (CASE) is a non-profit organisation that was formed to assist Australian community organisations in making better use of information technology.

We accomplish this through education, advocacy and technical support relevant to the specific needs of the community services sector.

CASE has been operating for ten years and supports over [...]

Something for the Cotter freaks

By 15 October 2008

ACTEW are running a competition for who has the most bucolic memories of hanging out at the Cotter:
Entries are encouraged from across the community. To enter, draw, paint or write in 100 words a response to one of the following:
• What object would you place in a time capsule in the new Cotter Dam and explain [...]

Cook Community Blue Sky Kite Festival

By 15 October 2008

I’ve lived in Cook for almost 3 years now and I’d say the biggest thing to happen to the local community in recent years has been the closing of the local school. Something I noted more because my 2yo was enrolled there at the time it got shut down & I was faced with prospect of having to [...]

WTF is going on in Canberra these days?

By 14 October 2008

I have just read this article and it is apparent that there is really something wrong with Canberra these days.   How can a Lady who takes a standover man to another Lady’s residence to cause trouble not get charged?
A 24-year-old Canberra man has been found guilty of threatening a woman with a drill at her Canberra [...]

Overheard at the GetUp Climate Torch Relay finale, Sunday 12 October

By 13 October 2008

The GetUp Climate Torch Relay reached its finale yesterday with a great event on the lawns in front of Parliament House.
While Messrs Rudd and Turnbull were otherwise occupied with the melting global financial system (as opposed to melting polar ice caps), Greens leader, Senator Bob Brown was on hand and spoke passionately, vehemently and inspirationally.
Can’t [...]

Having your say on how we can become more sustainable in the ACT

By 13 October 2008

Its time to have your say on how we can become a more sustainable region and better protect our environment.
The Office of the Commissioner for Sustainability and the Environment is an independent voice for sustainability and environmental issues. They want to hear your views so they can ensure their Office gives priority to the issues that are important to [...]

Doing the Rights thing

By 13 October 2008

[ 10 December 2008 to 16 December 2008. ] To celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Amnesty ACT/Southern NSW is holding a visual arts competition called ‘Do the Rights Thing’.

We are asking entrants to take one of the thirty articles from the declaration and draw, paint, sculpt, design, whatever their own interpretation of that right.

The competition is open to [...]

Would you take a bus if it were ‘free’?

By 13 October 2008

What if every ACT holder of a driver’s licence was required to pay a small public transport fee in order to renew their licence?
What if every person who paid this tax was then given a bus pass that was integrated into their licence card that allowed them to ride for free?
Would that get [...]

The Who’s ‘Tommy’ – a rock musical

By 13 October 2008

[ 28 October 2008 7:30 pm to 1 November 2008 7:30 pm. ] Where: Lake Tuggeranong College theatre, Cowlishaw St, Tuggeranong

When:  Tuesday 28 October to Saturday 1 November, 7.30pm

How much: $20 for adults, $15 for students

Lake Tuggeranong College and the Lakeside Players present The Who’s ‘Tommy’, a rock musical by Pete Townshend and Des McAnuff.

Tommy is psychosomatically deaf dumb and blind. As a small child, he accidentally witnessed the [...]

Live in Canberra Targets New Zealand Through Maori Rugby League Team

By 12 October 2008

Just when you thought Stanhopeless could not be any more stupid, out comes this gem as a media release. Without casting too many dispersions on our friends across the ditch, does the ACT govt really believe this will attract the cream of NZ to come and live in our fair city?
Live in Canberra targets New [...]

Floriade claims victory

By 12 October 2008

The ABC reports that Floriade organisers are thrilled with their own work this year.
“The blooms have just been fantastic again, they’ve probably lasted a little bit longer we’ve had some new soil put in this year and also a little bit of cooler weather which is great for the garden beds.
“Also the theme brings the [...]

John and Marianne on 2XX – Talking the RiotACT episode 8

By 11 October 2008

For those who missed it live, the downloadable version of 2XX’s RiotACT segment featuring moi and Marianne Mettes is now available.
To catch it live tune in at 5pm on Friday afternoons on 2XX, 98.3FM.

Performance times for the fountain

By 10 October 2008

[First filed: October 03, 2008 @ 15:56]

And now for something important.
The NCA has announced the performance times for the Captain Cook Memorial Jet.
“From Tuesday 7 October the jet will operate from 2pm until 4pm daily, with special extended hours for key event such as Australia Day and Canberra Day.
The new operating hours were selected in [...]

A tale of trash

By 9 October 2008

Just wanted to share my outrage and bewilderment.
Sitting here in north Canberra at my computer, I noticed a truck pull up outside the neighbour’s house.
Two men in the cabin apparently just having a rest from their busy day.
One lit up a cigarette and the other opened a tin of tuna and promptly [...]

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