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A special kind of mother heads to the sin bin

By 18 March, 2008

ABC News is reporting that a 33-year-old mother of two has been sent to prison for two years for neglecting her children.
For those that won’t read the article – here’s the summary: Woman gets addicted to heroin and speed. Heroin and speed quickly become priorities over her children. She robs some 86yo woman in Phillip [...]

Local Navy man receives bravery award.

By 18 March, 2008

ABC Canberra has the story of a local man who has received the Star of Courage for his efforts in rescuing a mate from the Sea King helicopter crash in Indonesia in 2005.
Well done that man.

More Police on local streets.

By 18 March, 2008

The highly coloured ABC Canberra site is reporting that with a new roster being introduced there will be more ACT Police out on the streets at peak times, trying to keep the bad people at bay.
Will it actually make much of a difference to the crime rate in Canberra, or is this just more [...]

Bribery over Tralee?

By 18 March, 2008

The SMH, a newspaper that isnt even appropriate for wraping around bait, is reporting the following;
“In a speech to Parliament yesterday, Senator Heffernan also implied he had been offered a bribe over the controversial Tralee development outside Queanbeyan, near Canberra, which has since been given the green light by the NSW Government. He said [...]

No Benjamin Bunnies this Easter.

By 18 March, 2008

The ABC Rural News is lamenting the fact that Goulburn Rabbit Farmer, Julie Arbalis cannot provide any dressed Rabbits for the Canberra Market this Easter, after fleas spread Myxomotosis through her 300+ herd of Rabbits (for those syntax/grammar snobs, yes it is correct – piss off and die), leaving her with just twenty.
Fortunately, beuing organic [...]

Canberra…A Social Atlas

By 17 March, 2008

Today the Australian Bureau of Statistics release their Social Atlas series, which contains lots of juicy demographic type information about the capital cities, as collected at the last Census in 2006. It contains lots of interesting information on our fair city, from population, eduction and housing, to income and the like.
You can see a copy [...]

Vale Professor Peter Cullen

By 14 March, 2008

I’m surprised this story hasn’t made it onto RA yet.
Professor Peter Cullen, a great environmentalist, died this morning after collapsing at his Gunning property last Friday. His work in protecting Australia’s in-land river systems and his great many other environmental works compare only to his capacity to communicate these issues to everyday [...]

Part 2: Owners Corporation Nightmare

By 13 March, 2008

Thanks to everyone who helped me with direction a few weeks ago regarding my Owners Corporation (of which I am 1/8 th). I realised that the lack of decision regarding 2 years of blocked storm water etc. was more of a ploy by some owners to never approve any work rather than any issue that [...]

Canberra Hospital: Even the Nurses say its crap

By 12 March, 2008

Over the Long Weekend, I had the fortune of attending The Canberra Hospital due to a family member being involved in a head-on collision with a lunatic driver (wrong lane, speeding, child in the passenger seat), who arrived at TCH by ambulance.
We were told to wait and once they had arrived and been assessed, we [...]

Wanted: Signwriter. Good spelling and attention to detail not necessary.

By 12 March, 2008

As seen on Streeton Drive on Sunday afternoon:

A Real Canberra Tragedy – Vale the Tradies Schnitty

By 11 March, 2008

Sunday evening I tootled off to the Tradies Club in Dickson for some good old fashined comfort food in the shape of a Chicken Scnnitzel with pepper sauce. Now the Dickson Tradies Schnitty needs no introduction to Riotacters – as we all know it is a wonderous thing (magnificently unhealthy to be sure, you [...]

Create Your Own E-Book

By 9 March, 2008

Create and Promote Your Own E-Book with Marcus Amann
10 – 5pm Saturday 29 March
The workshop will cover: The business of e-books: Why write an e-book?, What sells well and what doesn’t, Setting yourself up for success;  How to Make your e-book: Pros and cons of using an e-book publisher, Editing & design, Royalties, Publishing [...]

Tension around Woden Plaza

By 7 March, 2008

A friend emailed me this morning about a fight she witnessed in Woden in Furzer Street. A public servant (he had a pass) and a socially-challenged looking guy with a young son exchanged some words and than punches were throw. The public servant type threw his hot coffee over the socially-challenged looking guy, which apparently [...]

Blogging Workshop

By 7 March, 2008

Blogging with Gillian Polack
10am – 5pm on Saturday 8 March (this weekend)
Writing weblogs can help you get started with non-fiction; it can add to your writerly renown (or notoriety); it can even earn you money.  We will start with the basics of blogging, from choosing the blog interface that’s right for you, to selecting the [...]

Medical care in the ACT

By 7 March, 2008

I would like to share my experience with the medical care facilities in the ACT in the hope that some change in focus begins to occur. My three year old son was referred for a hearing test and paediatrician consult for a speech delay last week. Upon calling the ACT health number for a hearing [...]

A functioning ACT Government work unit

By 6 March, 2008

Yesterday my garbage bin was stolen.
 Yes, a completely full bin was taken from the kerb, holus bolus – gone.
Today I called the lost wheelie bin service on 6260 1547 – here’s a summary of the conversation:
Me: Hi, I would like to report my bin has been stolen
Operator: No problems, give me your address and we’ll [...]

Pialligo Harvest Celebration, this long weekend

By 6 March, 2008

This Canberra Day long weekend, there’ll be a harvest celebration at Pialligo. After frost wiped out most of the apple crop last season, the  community is putting on an event to celebrate the return of the apples.
Over the weekend,  most of the various businesses and farms will be running events, orchard tours, food, tastings at the [...]

Gallagher and Health Dept not responsible again.

By 6 March, 2008

ABC online is reporting that part time Minister not responsible for health, Ms Gallagher has defended the treatment of a Canberra man who says he did not get chemotherapy for leukemia on time at the Canberra Hospital.
According to Katie it is all okay because a review found the delay occurred because the right medical supplies [...]

New early warning system for ACT hospitals

By 6 March, 2008

ACT Health has introduced a new early warning system that aims to detect if a patient’s condition is getting worse.
IBN news reports that the new program is being rolled out to the inpatient areas of Canberra Hospital and Calvary after a four-month trial last year.
It uses a new patient observation chart and early [...]

Organ Donor Awareness

By 5 March, 2008

It was Organ Donor Awareness Week recently – the Daily Telegraph has a story on a local baby, Cordelia, who suffers from the rare condition Biliary Atresia . Without a liver transplant soon the outlook is not good…….

Family dog killed then snatched

By 5 March, 2008

Intruders broke into a Canberra backyard, killed the family dog and dragged its body away, police believe.
The 10-year-old german shepherd called Max disappeared from the Vogelsang Place, Flynn, property some time between 4.30am and 8.30am (AEDT) last Sunday.
His horrified owners found a trail of blood leading from their backyard to the side of their house.
“A [...]

Clean up Australia Day a success in Canberra

By 4 March, 2008

The ABC is reporting that more than 18,000 volunteers have taken part in Clean Up Australia day across the ACT which is a turnout of more than 50 per cent from last year.
Kudos to all those involved.

Broadband Help

By 4 March, 2008

I’ve just moved into a place in Belconnen with no home phone or broadband set up. Telstra want to me $30 a month for the home phone and $90 a month for ADSL 2+ with a 25 Gig limit. Any ideas on anything cheaper? I’m really new to all this!

Croquet club celebrates 80 years

By 4 March, 2008

The quaint little croquet club next to the Hyatt is celebrating 80 years of existence as noted here.
It began as a recreation for guests at Hostel No 1 – which later became Hotel Canberra and now the Hyatt Hotel. Surpirisingly it was for women only, right up until 1976.
Cute little sites like this, reminiscent of [...]

town planning -v- road planning

By 4 March, 2008

Walking along Gunghalin Drive today checking out the new subdivision that they seem to be in a real hurry to get going.  hundreds of workers and as many big big trucks as I’ve ever seen in one place.  You cyclists will want to hold you breath riding by as the black stuff coming out of [...]

Money for junk

By 3 March, 2008

Does anyone know of any companies that pay for old household items.
I have an old computer, chairs and TV to get rid of.
I know that Ezyscrap collect it for free but $ would be good.

Govt House open day today

By 2 March, 2008

Really brief as I’m running late to get out there but Government House is having it’s open day today from 10a-4p. The minimal entry cost goes to The Smith Family and there will be several musical and artistic events on display, ex-Oz Idol Hayley Jensen being one (meh) and the National Capital Orchestra being another [...]

City Centre – Car and Pedestrian Congestion

By 1 March, 2008

Does anyone enjoy navigating through Civic lately? It’s kind of exciting at times, but for all the wrong reasons. Not enough places for pedestrians to cross safely, zebra-crossings at intersections causing the cars to grid-lock. The drivers get cranky and yell at each other and are distracted so they don’t see the [...]

Jacqui Burke slams smoking around damaged pubic hair.

By 29 February, 2008

 In a move that finally brings some much needed clarity to the ongoing debate on the effect of cigarette smoking on pubic hair, Jacqui Burke MLA  today took the bold move of issuing a statement putlining her position on the matter.
“I wholeheartedly support a position where smoking does not occur on the grounds at [...]

Lights over Canberra

By 27 February, 2008

While driving home on Barry drive last night we saw some greenish lights (almost like stars) falling from the sky – anyone else see them or know what they are about??
[ED: green lights falling from the sky? Meteors high a high copper content? Any astronomers out there?]

Haunted by the ghost of threads past

By 26 February, 2008

Back in March ’07 Riot reader Lilli resurrected an old Canberra ghost story thread that had been pottering along slowly since originally posted by Thumper in November ’05 by making an enquiry about a supposed haunted house in Michelago.
Again this RiotACT thread, as ever populated by amateur investigative journalists, seemed to potter along until this [...]

Local Vet Urgently Needs Your Support

By 23 February, 2008

Dr Jan Spate is a local vet at Hall. The Vet Board is threatening to close her down because her premises apparently don’t come up to their “standards”. The fact she is a superb vet and offers a wonderful service that anyone can afford seems to be lost on them!! I wouldn’t take my pets [...]


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