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How big does a sign have to be to get fixed around here?

By 9 September 2008

Huge signs were erected about 5 years ago at the entrances to Bruce delineating the Bruce Precinct – listing the ACT Innovation Centre, UC, CIT, Radford College etc.
For the past 2 years one of those signs, on College Street near CISAC, has stood there with the right-hand one-third of its sign missing (torn off), bits [...]

Street name revoked in Franklin

By 8 September 2008

I recently noticed that Minnie Bruce Street in Franklin has had its name revoked! Going through this street in Franklin on the bus yesterday I noticed yellow sign blades had been erected saying “Formerly Minnie Bruce Street” on all the sign posts, with signs for the new street name – Morris West Street – fixed [...]

“Awesome” driving by a Silver VN Commodore @ Chisholm…

By 8 September 2008

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Last Friday on my way home from work I took my normal route back to Chisholm. After the roundabout turnoff on the Monaro I got stuck behind a silver VN Commodore sitting in the right hand lane doing 70km/h up the hill in an 80km/h zone with no one in the left hand [...]

Second hand Sunday in pictures

By 8 September 2008

[First filed: September 07, 2008 @ 11:15]

The Riot 501st were deployed to the streets of Belconnen to see what gems could be unearthed from Second Hand Sunday.
They returned bearing some rather spiffy decanters and pictures of the variable quality goods to be had on the side of Canberra roads today.
The next one is 16 November.
Slideshow [...]

The Capital Territory… more like Zimbabwe

By 8 September 2008

After the post about the blood letting at WinTV I realized just how crap, the media that we have in Canberra really is! This really shows that The RiotAct is the only independent news in town.
Just look at the whole picture.

WinTV (our only hope) now under the ALP thumb, Zimbabwe style.
Canberra Times run [...]

Spring is in the air

By 8 September 2008

I don’t know about the rest you little Rioters, but yesterday had a definite feel of spring.
I love spring, and canberra is one of the best places in the world to experience this season.
Feel free to add superlatives about spring in the capital.

Canberra radio station comes out of closet

By 5 September 2008

Its sooooo nice to see Canberra’s gay radio station – 2CA – finally coming out of the closet. Reminds me of my own coming out as an awkward pimply-faced lad of 14 – I’ll never forget the look on mum’s face when I brought my boyfriend home for the first time!!!
It started a few months [...]

Zed earmarks schools for re-opening

By 5 September 2008

The ABC has word on the Liberals early musings on what schools they’ll re-open.
Melrose and Lyons are beyond salvation, but Zed has high hopes he can save Flynn, Cook, Hall and Tharwa.
Is there a quota in a promise to save Cook?

Five more years for the SouthCare helicopter

By 4 September 2008

Simon Corbell has announced that he’s done the paperwork to keep the SouthCare helicopter service flying over Canberra for another five years:
The extension of the Snow Hydro SouthCare contract for another five years is great news for the community,” Mr Corbell said.
“The rescue helicopter service has really made its mark as a vital service [...]

Carlos Perez, spanish guitarist plays live @ Gorman House Markets.

By 3 September 2008

[ 6 September 2008 at 10:00 am; ] Gorman House Markets:

Hear Carlos Perez spanish guitarist play live Saturday September 6th 2008. 10am to 4pm. 

The eclectic meeting place of the arts and urban culture. Set in the heritage listed Gorman House Arts Centre the markets have been a local icon for over 22 years.

Characterised by fabulous stalls, live entertainment, activities and fabulous international cuisine.

The atmosphere [...]

The messiest house in Canberra?

By 3 September 2008

Over on YouTube one “amfbelco” has posted a Canberra tagged video of a house that almost defies belief.
Here’s the accompanying text:
“What you’re about to see may shock you, you might think you have a messy house, but I can assure you; you are seriously mistaken.
This house is just around the corner, it’s clean on the [...]

Flower guy weather man

By 2 September 2008

This may have been covered before, but what are the views out there on the ABC’s flower-guy weather man?
My 2c? – He should have his own comedic gardening show.
He reminds me of Edwin Maher, former ABC Melbourne weather guy. He was famous for having a different pointer each day. people used to send them in [...]

Exploring underground bunkers near Canberra

By 2 September 2008

In the past, RA has had a fair bit on Urbexing. (Going down tunnels and exploring not so normal areas for fun.) 
I myself love doing this and there is always the chance that you will find something that has been lost, hidden away or forgotten.  I have heard stories for years about people finding old bunkers [...]

ACT Light Rail Meeting – Thursday 4 September

By 2 September 2008

ACT Light Rail will be holding a public meeting from 6.30 PM on Thursday 4 September at the Belconnen Community Centre, Swanson Court, Belconnen.
This meeting will discuss the recent announcement by the Chief Minister of a business case for Light rail in the ACT.
This is the first concrete step by the Stanhope Government in preparing [...]

Katy announces what the closed schools will be used for.

By 1 September 2008

I nearly missed this one. With the headline “Community input determines future uses” I’ll admit it didn’t leap out at me.
But as it’s the announcement by Katy Gallagher of all the community groups that will get to take up residence in the closed schools, it’s rather important. The whole program is worth $29.9 million, so [...]

Asado! (Argentine BBQ) – only $35, book by 19 September – charity fundraiser

By 1 September 2008

[ 4 October 2008 at 12:00 pm; ]  Asado! (Argentine BBQ) – only $35, book by 19 SeptemberIn Canberra, in association with “Tango in the Spring” and Argentine Month Host:Argentine tango dancers in CanberraType:Party - BarbecueNetwork:GlobalDate:Saturday, October 4, 2008Time:12:00pm – 2:00pmLocation:St Johns Church HallStreet:Constitution Avenue, ReidCity/Town:Canberra, Australia View  

Description Asado! (Argentine BBQ) – only $35, book by 19 SeptemberBook and pay online at

Local Argentine charity Puente Austral [...]

Vinnies Ball 2008 – Only 1 Week Left to Book Tickets!

By 31 August 2008

The Annual Vinnies Charity Ball – A Night of Magic  is coming up on the 13th of September and tickets are only on sale for one more week!!
Join Master of Ceremonies, WIN News presenter Jessica Good, be amazed by the magic of Majura the Magician, and dance the night away with Canberra’s premier cover band, [...]

A gripe about the Chronicle

By 31 August 2008

I have to vent my spleen about an issue that is driving me up the wall.
WHEN will someone do something about the stupid free newspaper being thrown around our suburbs?
It is covered in plastic and thrown on my lawn. I did not ask for it. Therefore it is litter.
By the looks of many other lawns, [...]

Cyclists of the Night

By 31 August 2008

As a Canberra driver and cyclist, I’d like to briefly remind other cyclists to wear bright clothing if they’re going to be cycling on the road.
On Saturday evening, I was about to drive into Belconnen Way (what the street exactly was I can’t remember for the life of me). It was about 6:30PM at this [...]

Developers win again in Watson

By 29 August 2008

The Chronicle brings news that the battle to retain Australian Heritage Village as a community asset has been lost.
The government has agreed to rezone this large block as a residential area, bringing a substantial windfall to the owner, developer Bob Winnell. Bob says the business was never viable, and says he is not in [...]

Where can I get someone to fix my achey neck for good?

By 29 August 2008

I was attending an unnamed chiropractor earlier this year twice weekly – $40/session/5 minute alignment - but have found that since ceasing what I interpreted as quite costly care that my neck pain has gotten much worse. I find I am cracking my neck several times a day in an attempt to ease the stiffness and pain.
Has anyone had [...]

Retrofitting 101…Making your home more sustainable.

By 29 August 2008

[ 3 September 2008 at 7:30 pm; ] Inner North SEE-Change presents a talk by Matthew Driver.

Matthew lives in Lyneham and over the past year has taken steps to retrofit his home to make it more sustainable, reducing carbon emissions by 80%.

He will talk about the products that work, the jobs you can do yourself and the pitfalls to watch out [...]

The “Humanities and Science Campus Square” comes to the lake shore.

By 29 August 2008

The NCA have really put their thinking caps on this time.
They’ve announced that work has commenced on the thrillingly titled: “Humanities and Science Campus Square” which will extend between the National Library and Questacon.
“The $7 million project will reduce the amount of vehicular traffic through the campus to create a better and safer experience for [...]

Canberrans graduating to harder drugs?

By 29 August 2008

The ABC has been having a poke into the 2007 data on drug use released today by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare. (Report here)
It seems that less of us are drinking and smoking on a regular basis, but…
“The report shows 13.8 per cent of Canberrans have taken illicit drugs in the last 12 [...]

More money for the gifted?

By 29 August 2008

Some people think that gifted students will probably be able to look after themselves in life and it’s more important to make sure that the slower students can read English rather than fret about the brightest being able to read C++.
Andrew Barr obviously tends to another view, announcing an extra $1 million for programs to [...]

Tharwa Bridge re-opens

By 28 August 2008

Tharwa Drive might be bidding for the title of most murderous road in the ACT. But at least it goes somewhere now with the bridge to Tharwa re-opening.
The de facto mayor of Tharwa, and CAP candidate for the upcoming election, Val Jeffery, has signaled his pleasure at this development.
But that hasn’t stopped him having a [...]

Should we leave the big poo to Robertson?

By 27 August 2008

Those who have trekked the Illawarra Highway will almost certainly be aware that Robertson is home to mists, and a big poo.
The poo bears a sign claiming it is a potato.
But it’s fooling no-one.
They’re rather proud of their poo in Robertson.

Here in Canberra the Civic pool was some years ago enclosed in a [...]

Special Education Election Forum

By 27 August 2008

[ 18 September 2008 at 6:30 pm; ] The ACT Council of P&C Associations, Advocacy for Inclusion & Autism, Asperger (ACT) are holding a ‘Special Education Election Evening’ At 6.30 pm, Thursday 18 September.

The evening will be held at Dickson College, Phillip Avenue, Dickson

Candidates standing for the major parties at the forthcoming ACT election will [...]

National Body Image and Eating Disorders Awareness Week – first time events in Canberra

By 27 August 2008

First Eating Disorders Foundation of the ACTLaunches During National Body Image AndEating Disorders Awareness Week National Body Image and Eating Disorders Awareness Week is held annually during the first week of September. The Eating Disorders Foundation of the ACT (EDFACT) is proud to announce that we are launching ourselves as an official organisation. In celebration we [...]

What has the Community Inclusion Board been doing?

By 27 August 2008

Nothing is as touchy feely as “inclusion”.
The Chief Minister has announced that his much heralded “inclusion board” has in turn announced it’s achievements. (Thanks to poptop for pointing out that the actual report is also online)
The highlights, highlights mind you, are:
“The Board has established a pilot household debt relief and counselling program, examined the causes [...]

Laserderm confusion?

By 27 August 2008

I have a call out to anyone who has had problems with the formerly known Laserderm International within the Melbourne Building Northbourne, now Laserderm Skin Fitness Centre at Garema Court. (this is a post regarding my feelings and my view only)… just in case they want to sue
 Back in 2006, I was talked into purchasing 6 prepaid IPL [...]

Play with Lanka Lions Cricket Club in 2008/09

By 26 August 2008

Hi all,
Lanka Lions Cricket Club would like to invite you to join us this season in the Canberra City and Suburban competition. We have a 1st grade and a 3rd grade team in the competition.
We welcome players of all backgrounds and abilities, and we promote events throughout the season, such as Sri Lankan curry nights, [...]

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