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Controlling the toddlers?

By 29 July 2008

Every so often, me and my wife head into the Canberra Centre to have a wander around, maybe have a coffee and basically kill time.  Unfortunately, of late I have noticed a disturbing practice.  I have seen un-controlled toddlers running under the feet of shoppers, which caused significant congestion as they try to avoid walking on [...]

National Day of Action for Marriage Equality

By 28 July 2008

[ 2 August 2008 at 1:30 pm; ] Marriage equality

In the coming week or so there will be demonstrations around Australia for equal marriage rights for gays and lesbians and for their right to adopt.

[ED - In the interests of local topicallity let it be noted that the Canberra demonstration will be at 1.30 pm on Saturday 2 August in Garema Place]

Many people [...]

North Ainslie birthday

By 27 July 2008

North Ainslie Primary School turns 50 years old 19 September.
We are currently gathering contact details, photos and other memorabilia for our celebrations.  We would love to hear from you!
The North Ainslie Primary web site has further details if you are interested to find out more:

Roller Derby in Canberra!

By 27 July 2008

[ 28 July 2008 at 7:30 pm; ] [First filed: July 25, 2008 @ 08:36]

Roller Derby mayhem to hit Canberra!

Event: Canberra Roller Derby Information Night and screening of Roller Derby Dolls documentary
Where: The Front Gallery, Lyneham Shops Canberra
When: Monday 28 July
Time: 7.30

For more information email:

Roller skaters, referees, organisers, supporters and sponsors ready to raise some hell on wheels in Canberra.

Canberra Roller [...]

July Notices

By 26 July 2008

We’re reviving the notices section on RiotACT.
Notices will be consolidated through the month and bumped back onto the front page every Saturday. Just use the contact form, or email Things for sale, events, notifications, warnings, personals, knock yourselves out.
And so here they are:
31 July
Adam says:
My name is Adam Verwey and I’m running [...]

History Lesson – James Ainslie and Robert Campbell

By 26 July 2008

When the Duke of Wellington’s army faced off against Napoleon at the Battle of Waterloo, one of the casualties was a Scott, James Ainslie. He was hit in the head with a sabre and severely wounded, but managed to survive.
Ten years later it was 1825 and James Ainslie was on the outskirts of Canberra. His [...]

Southern Cross Club positioning to acquire Wests

By 25 July 2008

As there were 72,000 members of the Canberra Southern Cross Club (CSCC) at last financial report, and every member affected by the proposal will have received their letter and ballot, for most people this isn’t really news, just numbers.
But, for those of you who aren’t in the 1 in 5, this might be.
Wests went into [...]

Canberra College genius on YouTube

By 25 July 2008

Well it’s Friday, so here’s the latest Canberra clip onto YouTube which I thought might tickle your fancies.
Three Canberra College students attempt to remove their remaining brains in a playground. Enjoy.

Local Chapters of Interstate Football Clubs

By 25 July 2008

Given that a lot of Canberrans are from somewhere else, I was wondering if clubs exist here for supporters of various interstate football clubs?
I read a while back something about a Carlton Blues Canberra club, so I was wondering if such groups exist for other clubs?
Anyone got the details on any?

A tale of abuse in Canberra

By 25 July 2008

In the recent discussion on abuse at Daramalan Mick1965 made a lengthy post about his own experience.
I thought it deserved a wider readership than being buried in the comments, so here it is.
(Warning, not for the faint hearted)
In Primary School (St Thomas Moore’s the St John Vianney’s) I was considered by many to be a [...]

Street names for Forde

By 25 July 2008

Earlier this month the new street names for the upcoming suburb of Forde were determined
Fret not that again I have been overlooked, because you need to be dead to qualify. The winners are:

Ruth and Professor Heinz Wolfgang Arndt,
Doris Anita Turner,
John Stanislaus Grannall,
Barbara Mary Ilene Huddy,
Leslie John Dwyer,
Loma Butterworth Rudduck née Amos,
Bernard Marcus,
John Joseph Anthony Kelly,
Dame [...]

Reasons why the ACT is better than NSW – Beer in Aldi

By 25 July 2008

In our ongoing list of things a year in NSW has taught me are better here I present: beer in Aldi.
~$40 gets you a 24 can slab of 500ml cans of German made Thuringer. And they have domestically brewed beers as well (of course from brands you’ve never heard of before, this is Aldi).
Many a [...]

Drama at Aussie Junk today?

By 23 July 2008

Around lunchtime today (Wed) I noticed two Police vehicles exiting Aussie Junk (the rubbish recycling equivalent to Revolve located at Mitchell) and several people (presumably Aussie Junk workers) congregating on the footpath outside.
Next a TV film crew arrived (ABC I think, their vehicle had “Z” plates) and appeared to interview these people. Anyone know [...]

Hospitals still not up to scratch?

By 21 July 2008

The Shadow Health Minister Jacqui Burke, has proudly announced the outcome of her Freedom of Information (FOI) digging into the health statistics.
only 53% of presentations were being treated in the time required according to triage categories.
The problem is most acute for category 3 and category 4 patients who should be seen within 30 [...]

West Civic, city of holes.

By 21 July 2008

If the traditional Canberra retailers are doing it tough now just wait until all the space being built on the Western edge of the city comes online.
The huge hole on the corner of Marcus Clarke and Alinga Streets is really something else for Canberra.

What ever happened to Ginninderra Falls????

By 21 July 2008

Ginninderra Falls?
I remember 20 years ago walking down to the falls and hiring canoes to paddle about in the cool, deep waters.
The park featured picnic with tables and barbecues, a nature walk trail and walk down to the river, lookouts, and an animal park. Canoes, kayaks, mountain bikes were available for hire. Abseiling, and canyoning [...]

History Lesson – King O’Malley

By 19 July 2008

Are people aware that Canberra was once a place where alcohol was prohibited?
Canberra was a dry community for the eighteen years from 1910 to 1928. This was all due to the influence of King O’Malley who passed this legislation through the Melbourne parliament as soon as the ACT was established. Imagine working all day on [...]

Reasons why the ACT is better than NSW – Jon Stanhope

By 18 July 2008

In the first of a weekly series I shall explore the things about the ACT which a year in NSW has taught me are better here.
And the first one of them is Jon Stanhope.
No… wait… bear with me here. If you don’t actually have to live with the consequences of his Government Jon Stanhope [...]

High Pressure Donation Tactics Undertaken by the Red Cross in Civic

By 17 July 2008

In walking back through Civic from  a meeting yesterday I was intercepted by a very friendly red cross worker wanting a chat.  He had the t-shirt and badge and I noticed several other similarly dressed people talking, or at least trying to talk, to other good citizens.
I stopped as I regularly give blood and am [...]

Molonglo housing stoush heating up

By 17 July 2008

Yesterday the ABC noted that, despite promises of the ACT Government and the National Capital Authority (NCA) working in harmony from here to the hereafter, the two were at loggerheads over housing in the Molonglo Valley.
The particular problem appears to be “Central Molonglo” which runs behind Higgins and Hawker.
East Molonglo (across from the likes [...]

Rural Fire Fighters Wanted

By 17 July 2008


The ACT Rural Fire Service is holding three information sessions over the next few weeks for people interested in becoming a volunteer firefighter in the ACT.
For more information about the ACT Rural Fire Service click here

For more information about the information sessions click here

Luck runs out

By 16 July 2008

Megan Doherty at the Canberra Times brings the sad news that Lucky the Koala has passed away.
She was in a lot of pain and struggling to live without support, leading authorities to believe that the most humane option was to put her down.
While many thought Lucky would never make it, after the burns she suffered [...]

Am I the only one depressed or is it just the winter blues.

By 16 July 2008

Am I the only one depressed. I’m at the point of packing up and leaving.
Canberra is a great place as long as you can escape on the weekend however the increasing cost of fuel is putting a stop to that.
The Krudd government seems hell bent on upsetting the masses. Water, environment and now [...]

Who’s going to be on the cover of the Yellow and White Pages?

By 16 July 2008

Canberra Arts Marketing informs that we have until 21 July to nominate subjects for the cover of the 2009/10 yellow and white pages.
Apparently the theme is “Arts in the Community”.
Recommended subject/s must have a significant involvement in the arts and your local community in one or many ways such as – driving tourism to the [...]

Pssst, Wanna be a glassworks volunteer?

By 15 July 2008

Arts Around Canberra informs us that the Canberra glassworks is looking for volunteers.
There will be a volunteer open day Saturday 26 July and Canberra Glassworks is encouraging people to turn up and learn more. All training is provided and all we are asking is a couple of hours a week, fortnight or month.

All go for Belco Arts

By 15 July 2008

The Chief Minister has announced that the contract for the Belconnen Arts Centre has been awarded and they expect construction to begin in the next month.
“Project Co-ordination will build the landmark Centre, which will strengthen Canberra’s reputation as a vibrant arts community and support the cultural needs of Belconnen and Canberra’s northern communities… The inspiring [...]

Uni of Canberra wants you for its 40th celebrations.

By 15 July 2008

The Uni of Canberra is trying to get in contact with all of its ex staff and students in time for the 40th anniversary celebrations later on this year.
If you are an alumni, or if you know any alumni, you can register online at
If you currently have or have had any involvement [...]

IGA Trumps Woolies in Battle for Karabar

By 14 July 2008

So said the checkout chick I spoke to at the former Karabar Supabarn this morning.  Amongst the largely deserted shelves, heavy set, heavily be-jewelled ethnic types could be seen shaking hands, pointing fingers and directing workers.  Signs were being removed, cabinets located, stock moved out.
A great outcome I say

“Hold it in” at Murrumbateman

By 14 July 2008

I am writing about a public safety issue.
On Friday July 11, my husband, my child and I were on a trip from visiting Tumut and returning to Canberra.   On the way home at about 6:30pm, my husband purchased fuel and snacks (value of about $80) from the Caltex located on the Barton Highway at Murrumbateman. [...]

Charity Ball for Camp Quality

By 14 July 2008

[ 16 August 2008 at 7:00 pm; ]

A reader send this one in. It seems the ladies of Canberra are getting another chance to dress up to the nines and cram their men into monkey-suits.

But it’s all for a good cause, helping Camp Quality. Details here.

$98 gets you a three course meal at the Burns Club with beer, wine, and a warm [...]

For a laugh..

By 13 July 2008

I know it’s old, but…

Westfield Belconnen’s massive expansion

By 11 July 2008

I’ve just been looking through the 62 page development application for Westfield Belconnen, and can’t believe it hasn’t attracted more attention in the mainstream media.
For those unaware of the background, Westfield agreed to construct a new look ACTION bus interchange on it’s land in return for approval to redevelop unused land and parking areas around [...]

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