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The New Sheriff is going to clean up this town

By 10 December 2008

Our Brave Leader is really settling into his new role as Mayor of Canberra heading up the Department of Territory and Municipal services.
Firstly he’s getting tough on event organisers leaving their signs around town:

The Crimes (Bill Posting) Amendment Bill 2008 will require event organisers to take reasonable steps to ensure their event is not [...]

Padlock worries

By 9 December 2008

I’ve just noticed an official-looking black padlock which has mysteriously appeared on the tap at the front of my house to which is affixed a garden hose.
What does it mean?
Have I been dobbed in by my neighbours for excessive water usage after switching it on twice in the last six weeks?
It isn’t actually stopping [...]

Birds in the Diamonds, in the sky.

By 9 December 2008

[First filed: December 09, 2008 @ 10:16]

If you can pick your way through the construction site that is the parliamentary triangle you might see an interesting addition to one of Canberra’s better known pieces of public art.
“Diamonds” replaced the much loved suspended globe at the National Gallery after lightning eliminated that earlier work. It’s never [...]

Xmas at Gorman House Markets: We have what you need!

By 9 December 2008

Xmas at Gorman House Markets.
We have what you need!
A christmas shopping experience that rewards you with a entertaining day out, Fun for the kids, Delicous food, Tasty drinks and most inportantly stalls brimming with unique and creative christmas presents for everyone you love.
Come have a day with us.
Every Saturday 10am until 4pm.
Ainslie Ave Braddon
Contact Cathy
02 [...]

Canberra Stadium Security goes High Definition

By 9 December 2008

A Canadian company called Avigilon have put out a media release touting their success in winning the contract to provide our very own Canberra Stadium with a “High Definition (HD) surveillance system to monitor patrons, ensuring improved public safety and overall venue security”
Apparently 11 face recognising cameras will now be scanning the crowd identifying trouble [...]

Canberra Christmas lights 2008 – mapped.

By 9 December 2008

I have been creating a google map with the Christmas light locations within the ACT region. Ive taken lists from a couple of web sites and added the in.
Have a look: Hope it helps people find the best places in town.
Please help out by added any missing locations and voting for the good [...]

The philosophical conundrum of abandoned beer

By 8 December 2008

I came across this sight in Ainslie this afternoon and it raised so many questions. (For the hard of seeing it’s a sealed, full, bottle of VB)
Why would anyone leave a full beer behind?
Have they done something nasty to it and re-sealed it? (A bogan trap of sorts, if you will)
Are they planning to come [...]

Urban and Small Space Vegetable Gardens – help from the Environment Centre

By 8 December 2008

The Canberra Environment and Sustainability Resource Centre has developed “edible garden starter kits” designed specifically to suit Canberra’s climate and urban spaces. 
Growing some of your own food reduces “food miles” and the environmental impacts of conventional agriculture.  It also provides you with delicious fresh food that is generally more nutritious than what is available from the supermarket.
If you [...]

Chic Henry spins in ever decreasing circles at ever increasing pace

By 8 December 2008

According to the ABC, Chic Henry has had a gutful, and is using the same breath to tell everyone that Summernats is here to stay, but might move to Sydney if the price is right.
He also continues to cry poor, stating that he only has four days a year to make his salary.
There there, Chic. [...]

City Beautified? Well they can’t say we didn’t warn them…

By 7 December 2008

[First filed: December 05, 2008 @ 23:18]

Laurel Waits came across this scene in civic this week.
RiotACT readers had already speculated on the ways these things could be brought down.
More scary is that if it wasn’t dragged down by drunks it fell down on it’s own.
Good luck to anyone they land on.

Big, scary hornets – worse than the eurowasp?

By 7 December 2008

I’ve been noticing an increase in big scary, native (I think) hornets around the place.
We first noticed them walking up the big hill in Lyons some weeks back, but now they’re in the garden. Haven’t been able to get a snap yet, but they are very big – at least 5cm long and with a [...]

Truth in advertising?

By 7 December 2008

One of the stranger (or perhaps more depressingly predictable) things about Canberra is our rules on advertising signage. You can’t put up a billboard. But if you can write it with flowers and pay off the Government you can still advertise on prime real estate down Northbourne Avenue. Assuming, that is, your outfit is adjudged [...]

Festivals funding!

By 7 December 2008

Our Brave Leader has announced the events that are getting a share of the $220,000 going this year for festivals.
“Canberrans will benefit from a series of exciting festivals and events staged throughout 2009 that cater for a variety of interests and activities,” Mr Stanhope said.

2009 ACT Festival Fund Recipients (in alphabetical order)



Amount Approved

ACT Writers Centre

To [...]

Where Art and Alcohol Collide

By 6 December 2008

I followed my own advice and went along to have a look at the 2008 ANU Art Graduate Exhibition. At midday on Saturday, there was every indication that the grand opening the previous night had been quite a big affair – lots of bottles and glasses through the School of Art and almost nobody [...]

Sometimes you just really need a nap… right now…

By 6 December 2008

Taken at Shell Tuggeranong, early Sat morning around 0530. Possibly the result of a hard night at PJs.
With Parliament and the Pacific School games in Canberra this week, accommodation has been at a premium.
Finding anywhere to get your head down for some sleep has been a mission.
This guy succeeded…

The stage is set for Christmas in the City

By 6 December 2008

The Chief Minister is proudly touting a night of chrimbo cheer in Civic Square (the bit off London Circuit in front of the theatre).
In particular Canberra’s official Christmas tree is lighting up, having had the star put on top personally by the ActewAGL supremo, Michael Costello earlier in the week.
“”Christmas in the City promises to [...]

The National Portrait Gallery – reviewing a salute to influence

By 6 December 2008

It’s not every week a new national institution opens.
Shoe-horned in front of the High Court we now have a National Portrait Gallery. It’s a beautiful example of the new school Australian modernist architecture and, as a building I’ll confess to falling in love with it.
On the other hand we have a National Gallery of Art, [...]

Guide Dogs’ marketing strategy … what do you think?

By 6 December 2008

I just took a selling call from the Guide Dogs – naturally want to support them, so though RSPCA is my first animal welfare option to help out financially, I thought ‘OK, I’ll spend 5 or 10 dollars’. The caller said they had calendars for $12.95, so I thought, OK, bit more than I [...]

twenty 600 reasons to hate magazines

By 6 December 2008

For the most part, I couldn’t care less about magazines, much less ones in Canberra, and the rubbish attempts at them here are usually a joke, but for some reason the last year has seen rise to few magazines.
I read Frankie and Yen, and at least have an understanding of what looks good, [...]

Images of Queanbo – The Big Poo

By 6 December 2008

There is gold in Queanbeyan. Many people only see the edges as they return from the coast, or the main street as they visit Spotlight or the Central Cafe. However! There are things in Queanbeyan worthy of a major tourist town.  And foremost among them, I give you: The Big Poo.

But they didn’t stop at [...]

A look at the Steve Irwin ride

By 5 December 2008

By popular request poptop has sent in these pictures of the remarkable Steve Irwin Ride as seen outside the Tuggeranong Hyperdome Woolworths in May 2007.
Slideshow below. I particularly like the “In memory” placque.

Seasonal spirit 2008

By 5 December 2008

CityNews have compiled a list of Caroling opportunities around town this December.
Anyone want to share past experiences of these events? Or suggest ones they’ve missed?

ACT Policing and cutting your hair in the park

By 5 December 2008

The all-seeing eye has come across an amusing blog post by a visiting techie, KeZ who tried to cut his own hair and ended up having an interview with the constabulary:
“”Is there any reason you are out here cutting your hair?” the officer, having noticed the scissors, with the trimmer and mirror still placed before [...]

From sea to summit in a single day

By 4 December 2008

This Saturday, Nathan Edwardson (pictured above), and a group of equally determined Canberra cyclists, will ride from Tathra to Mt Kosciuszko in a single day. The ride is one of the toughest events out there, with a 4am start, 230km of hard climbing in often  poor conditions and a total vertical distance of over 5km! Of course, that’s just [...]

Summernats feeling the pressure of Global Economic Crisis?

By 4 December 2008

The ABC have a story that the Summernats are feeling the pressure of a slowing economy.  The part of the story the caught my specific interest was at the end,
“I don’t want to end up in a situation where I’m really, really squeezed and I have to consider either, worse scenario, moving the event to [...]

Good Luck Haddles!

By 3 December 2008

RiotACT Troublemaker Hadley is off to the 2008 Australian Poetry Slam as one of 18 finalists from across the entirety of the country fronting up at the Sydney Opera House tomorrow.
As he’s no stranger to performing next to cellists in bunny suits we wish Hadley the best of luck and hope that his mighty poetry [...]

Canberra on Wikipedia?

By 3 December 2008

Although I do not hold an opinion that Wikipedia is the be-all and end-all, tonight I did a search on Canberra on their site.
After reading the Canberra story, I was wondering has anything happend here in the last 6 years or so? The last entry from Wikki on Canberra’s history is the bushfires in [...]

Appointment with ACT speech therapy

By 3 December 2008

Hi all,
I have been to an appointment with a speech therapy, and have been stoned walled.
[ED - This is a followup to an earlier story]
They refuse to diagnose Dylan and say he has a delay in expressive language, which doesnt help me much. They told me in the beginning to start signing to [...]

Mark Parton – hey 2ca, we need that afternoon bloke in the mornings!

By 2 December 2008

This afternoon I heard Mark Parton on 2ca, and couldn’t believe it.  What a breath of fresh air on that tired sounding AM station!
I used to listen to him on 106 until he left and I switched to Art Sound.
But driving past the Albert Hall in a taxi today (where I still remember Sherbet performing [...]

Welcome two Canberrans back from a round-Australia cycling fundraiser!

By 2 December 2008

If you happen to be somewhere near Lennox Gardens at 3pm on Tuesday, take a flag or just your hand and wave Pete Maguire and John Dow in from their epic round Australia bicycle ride. Pete has raised some huge sum of money for the Cerebral Palsy Association in the process of riding 15,000 [...]

Get yore summer water saver packs while they’re hot!

By 1 December 2008

Actew has announced an exciting summer water saver pack, available for free if this stuff excites you.
The pack includes such goodies as:

a 4-minute shower timer,
stickers for the kids,
an outside tap hanger to help you to be a waterwise gardener,
helpful tips for saving water inside and outside your home, and

Try to [...]

Would you like a whole free keg of tasty Zierholz beer?

By 1 December 2008

[First filed: October 09, 2008 @ 18:11
Second filing: October 13, 2008 @ 16:02]

RiotACT is pleased to announce the latest of its give-aways for premium members.
At the end of November three lucky premium members will have their name drawn out of a hat by Christoph Zierholz. They will each win a whole 10 litre mini keg [...]

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