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Snowy Hydro SouthCare’s Base Open Day

By 21 February, 2008

Snowy Hydro SouthCare’s Base Open Day will be held this Sunday, 24th February from 10am to 3pm.  Base Open Day is a FREE event with activities and fun for the whole family.  Come and see the Snowy Hydro SouthCare helicopter, enjoy live music, sample local food and learn more about this important life saving service.  [...]

JCI comes back through Canberra

By 20 February, 2008

The what you say? Well if you did you obviously are not a Catholic as the JCI is the Journey of the Cross and Icon, part of the Catholic Churches’ World Youth Day.
The Prime Minister held a welcome for the Micks on Monday at Parliament House and the big wooden thing that people get [...]

Tuggeranong a hive of drugs and violent crime, apparently

By 19 February, 2008

Three media releases, all to do with Tuggeranong and the favourite pasttime of its residents, unbridled criminal behaviour.
1) A 27yo Gordon-based male was caught trafficking ecstasy in at an unnamed nightclub.
2) An alleged assault on a student in class at Calwell High:
…the victim was sitting in class with about 30 other students when three other [...]

Katy’s Mental Health

By 19 February, 2008

ABC news reports that the ACT Govt is to spend $775 000 per year on a new youth mental health program for people aged between 14 and 18.
The 3 month program will be available for only 5 people at a time and will be run out of a unused Hostel in Watson.
In terms of the [...]

Men’s Shed in Belconnen?

By 15 February, 2008

Issues with men’s health, isolation, loneliness and depression are becoming significant health issues in Australia. Men’s Sheds are emerging as a community-driven way of providing significant and practical support for these and other men’s issues.
There are already Men’s Sheds in Canberra – the Majura Men’s Shed (Dickson) and the Lanyon Homestead Shed (Greenway). However, [...]


By 14 February, 2008

Bad Brother John Kostka Chute may not be the only one to face up to court in Canberra this year…… Following on from stories relating to Marist College Canberra, and the abuse (both sexual, physically and mental) felt by many boys at the hands of many Marist Brothers and some of their lay teachers….we bring [...]

Super D Mountain Bike Race – Tara Llanes Fundraiser

By 12 February, 2008

This Sunday CORC will be running it’s first Super D event, as a fundraiser for injured mountain bike rider Tara Llanes, who suffered spinal injuries after crashing in a race last year. Tara is a US racer who has strong links with the Canberra mountain bike community, and all money raised from this event goes [...]

No improvement in literacy and numeracy over 40 years

By 10 February, 2008

Research by the ANU has shown no improvement in Australian literacy and numeracy standards since the 1960s.
The researchers say “”I feel Australian society has come a long way in that time we’re a lot richer our education attainment is a lot higher. I think we should have expected a lot more out of our [...]

Tourist treasure hunt

By 10 February, 2008

I think that the national capital authority pplz (the ones that are left) should set up a treasure map style course for tourists between the major attractions in Canberra. Each tourist could have a map which gets stamped at each attraction and once complete drop it off, at the inaccessible, tourist centre on northbourne avenue [...]

National Multicultural Festival 2008

By 9 February, 2008

The multicultural festival kicked off last night with the launch & fringe festival in Civic. Today the festival continues with my favourite event: the food & dance spectacular in Garema place. From 11am delicious foods and drinks from all around the world will be on offer, and while you imbibe you can watch dancing displays [...]

Eating Disorders – Dispelling The Myths Public Forum [Free Plug]

By 7 February, 2008

Eating Disorder Forum
Dispelling the Myths
  Has your life been touched by an eating disorder?
Do you have a loved one struggling with an eating disorder?
Join us for a discussion forum and hear from local eating disorder survivors and mental health professional Cate Clark. Hosted by Mrs Jacqui Burke MLAShadow Minister for Health When:
Thursday 21st February 2008
 6:00pm – 7:30pmLight refreshments Where:ACT [...]

SEE-Change Eco Picnic

By 6 February, 2008

As a way of celebrating the achievements that community groups have made in taking action on environmental and social issues, like climate change, SEE-Change is holding an “Eco Picnic by the Lake”.
The picnic will kick off on Sunday the 10th of February at 4pm, in Weston Park (Pescott Lane, Yarralumla, ACT). There will be information [...]

Grants for mums re-entering the workforce

By 6 February, 2008

ABC Online have this article this morning on a new initiative to help out mums returning to the workforce after caring for children. The scheme launched by minister for women (is there a minister for men?) will give up to $1000 to 200 women per year to help out with the cost associated with returning [...]

Canberra & Region Wedding Venues

By 5 February, 2008

Some time ago i came up with a loose theory that weddings are more for women than men. Its something girls dream of from childhood while young boys are more interested in playing sport or the playstation.
The last couple of weeks have done nothing to disprove my theory as i have (including my sister) 4 [...]

Want to play with Rally Cars?

By 3 February, 2008

Calling all people that like dirty fast V8′s
I manage a Local Rally Car Team and am looking for enthusiastic volunteers to assist in the maintenance of the vehicle while at this years events in the Monaro area (If you can use a spanner we can train you). Accomodation (caravan and camping sites, mostly) and [...]

School leaving age to increase

By 31 January, 2008

Having long finished 12 years of schooling it never occured to me that the ACT is one of two remaining state/territories that has a lower school leaving age than everyone else.
I was appraised of the discrepancy by this story on ABC online which outlines Andrew Barr’s proposal to increase the school leaving age [...]

Canberra’s homeless

By 31 January, 2008

I caught a small snippet of Tony Delroy’s Nightlife program on ABC radio the other night (I think it was Tuesday night). Each night after his quiz he has an issue of the day where he asks punters to call in and ramble on about whatever that night’s issue is. On Tuesday night the discussion [...]

knock ya lights out

By 30 January, 2008

Has anyone else been having trouble with street lighting recently? I reckon ours in Dickson have been out for a good week now, and in the last week, I’ve seen problems on State Circle, and in Aranda too. Makes for a spooky landscape. I just gave Canberra Connect a call, and they’re looking into it, but [...]

Gallagher, Burke bicker over health hotline

By 30 January, 2008

From what I can gather from this ABC article, Katy Gallagher and Jacqui Burke don’t quite see eye to eye.
Apparently Ms Burke was to set up a health hotline and then report back to Ms Gallagher with complaints she had recieved.
This sounds like a good idea to me.
However, it would appear that Ms Gallagher has [...]

Rally for Same Sex Civil Unions – Sat 2nd Feb, 1pm

By 30 January, 2008

(from a press release)
Join us on February 2nd, 1pm, outside the ACT Legislative Assembly to rally for same sex civil unions. This is a peaceful protest to stand up for the original version of the Civil Unions Bill that allows for official ceremonies. We support the ACT Legislative Assembly’s efforts in discarding archaic prejudiced norms [...]

Piano/keyboard teacher wanted

By 29 January, 2008

Hi all,
I’m looking for someone in the Kambah area who would be interested in giving casual weekly/fortnightly  piano lessons to my (almost) 9 yr old daughter. You wouldn’t necessarily have to be an accredited teacher, maybe it would suit a uni student who would be looking for some extra cash and available one evening – [...]

Any harmony singers out there?

By 27 January, 2008

Hi there
I sing in a choir and used to sing for several years in an acappella trio I started back in 1994 with people I met at a gospel singing workshop with Tony Backhouse. This group is now defunct, but my love of singing harmonies with like-minded people isn’t!
I’m interested in taking songs and re-rendering [...]


By 26 January, 2008

Learn to make the floor talk – Irish dancing for cool people!
Traditional Irish solo dancing (sean nos) is loose, rhythmic and great acoustic dancing for one – requires good coordination and a passion for Irish music. Classes for adults commence on Monday 4th February at 7.15- 7.45pm in the Girl Guide Hall, Clianthus Street [...]

Beasley coming to ANU

By 24 January, 2008

Crikey reports that Bomber Kim Beazley will be announced as “a senior academic” for ANU in coming days.
As to whether that means he’ll be leaving Perth behind or just running up the frequent flyer points is yet to be revealed.

Illegal Dumping

By 24 January, 2008

We all are victims of illegal dumping, whether you have hired a skip yourself and found it full by the time you got home from work, or just the bags of rubbish blowing throughout the bush. Some of us even see the illegal dumping in our waterways and the sea itself.
Today however an illegal [...]

Air Force Aerobatics for Aust Day

By 24 January, 2008

Royal Australian Air Force aircraft will conduct an aerobatic display and a flypast over Canberra as part of Australia Day 2008 celebrations.
Six Roulette PC-9/A aircraft from RAAF Base East Sale and three F/A-18 Hornet aircraft from Number 77 Squadron at RAAF Base Williamtown near Newcastle will be participating.
Details below.

Friday 25 January – 7.30 pm
A six [...]

Lunch at Gundaroo

By 24 January, 2008

Last weekend, my partner and I decided to take a trip out to Gundaroo since we had heard good things but had never been. While we visited this pretty little town, we decided we could probably “Grab some lunch at the pub”. For those who don’t know (and me at the time), the Royal Hotel [...]

Welcome Reception and Dinner for Sri Lankan National Cricket Team

By 24 January, 2008

Lanka Lions and few other Sri Lankan community organisations in Canberra are organising a welcome Reception and Dinner for Sri Lankan national team. We would like to invite CC&SCA member clubs to join us for this event and welcome Sri Lankan cricketers to Canberra.
Sorry for the short notice, but deadline for tickets is this afternoon [...]

Gigolo spreads the man love and more

By 20 January, 2008

The ABC reports local male prostitute, Hector Scott of Kingston (hello Google), has appeared in court on charges of knowingly infecting someone with a STD. Allegedly, even though he knew (or should have known) that he had a STD he continued his “service”, and he was also operating without being registered.
According to this CT story [...]

Telstra’s Broadband Disgrace

By 18 January, 2008

In an era where fast broadband Internet is becoming widely accessible across not only OECD nations but also the developing world, the dismal state of Telstra’s ADSL broadband service right here in Canberra has become infuriatingly apparent through my experience with them in the past few weeks.
Having finished construction of our new home in [...]

Self promotion

By 17 January, 2008

Yesterday Riot had a story go up where the poster asked a seemingly reasonable and innocuous question about a particular service and if anyone had any good experiences with a particular service provider. Not long after that the same logon posted a glowing review for the self same service provider.
Been alert types a good half [...]

ACT secures $2.5 million for hospitals

By 15 January, 2008

The Canberra Times is reporting that the ACT has secured $2.5 million in funding from the federal government to boost hospitals, and moreso elective surgery.
Treasurers and health ministers met yesterday in Brisbane to carve up $150million, which is the first instalment in the Federal Government’s $600million push to slash elective surgery waiting lists.
I did hear [...]


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