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New Canberra Scene – Shuffling!

By 6 August 2008

I’ve discovered this gem of a video of one of a series of ‘happenings’ in Garema Place.
It seems there is a new dance style, ‘The Shuffle’. You do it to industrial style techno, and you wear out your sneakers pretty quickly.
And before anyone starts having a go at these guys, their (although sometimes unintelligible) comments [...]

Wanniassa Medical Centre closure – we are being steamrolled

By 5 August 2008

My husband, children and myself have been seeing a doctor at the WMC for the past 10 years on the repeated advice that the best family health care is found by building a solid relationship with one trusted GP. If all Australia GPs were polled today (including those contracted to factories such as the Phillip [...]

What have the Canberra Raiders been up to over the years?

By 5 August 2008

With all the Todd talk going on i was wondering what other events have occurred in the Raiders history. 
Can anyone enlighten me as to what they have been up to off the field? I ask this because there always seems to be sportspeople in the paper or on the news for non-sport occurrences. 
I just [...]

Foiled again by ‘Revenue Raising Speed Cameras’

By 4 August 2008

Just about every day I drive along the Monaro Highway, usually adhering to the speed limit like the good little citizen that I am, only to be passed by H&Bs (hoons and bogans) blasting past me in their H&Bmobiles, driving at the speed of sound.
What really irks me is that they slow carefully past the ‘Revenue Raising [...]

How About Donating Blood As Well As Organs?!

By 4 August 2008

I’ve just finished reading the topic “Organ donor forms now to go with licence renewals”, and it got me thinking about why so many people don’t donate blood?  I’ve always been a keen blood donor, but since I have been overseas for about 5 years, I can’t donate for about 12 months.
The Red Cross have [...]

Wanniassa medical centre closure – UPDATED Now with added protest

By 4 August 2008

[ 5 August 2008 at 9:00 am; ] [First filed: August 03, 2008 @ 09:23]

A lot of people are angry about the closure of the Wanniassa medical centre.

When does business start to think about a community before profit?

[ED - Canberra Times story is here]

UPDATED: Apparently Annette Ellis (the Commonwealth Member for Canberra in case you’d forgotten) is organising a protest rally and petitions [...]

Paying Rego

By 4 August 2008

I could be wrong about this, but is there anywhere in the City (and I dont mean Braddon/Dickson) where you can pay your car rego?
There is a Canberra Connect in the Civic Library, but you can’t pay rego there. They make you go to Dickson.
I find this completely ludicrous that there is no where in [...]

ACT Light Rail – Public Meeting – Thursday, August 7th 2008

By 4 August 2008

[ 7 August 2008 at 6:30 pm; ] The next public meeting of ACT Light Rail will be held this Thursday 7th August 2008 (18:30-19:30). This meeting will be held at the Belconnen Community Centre, Swanson Court, Belconnen (view map).

Items and Topics that we will be discussing at this meeting include:

the recent announcement by the ACT Government that they now consider Light [...]

Skodas in the capital.

By 4 August 2008

I am very keen to know how many Skoda drivers there are out there now in Canberra.
Skoda returned to the Australian market after an absence of twenty-five years in October 2007, and since it was purchased by VW in 2001, it has grown as a marque in leaps and bounds. It is even outselling all [...]

National Day of Action for marriage equality

By 3 August 2008

I went to the National Day of Action for marriage equality.  It was small – about 60 people – but lively.
My guess is that gay marriage is not that much of an issue for most gays, lesbians and trans gender people, or at least not enough to get them and in consequence supporters to a demo.  [...]

Sister cities?

By 3 August 2008

Recently, large and attractive new signs have been erected at the entrances to Canberra welcoming people to Ngunnawal country, and listing Canberra’s sister cities (Beijing and Nara) and friendship city (Dili).
I am wondering, however, what happened to our two other sister cities, which I thought were Versailles and Atlanta?
Does anyone know if they have [...]

Canberra rates a mention on Passive Aggressive Notes

By 2 August 2008

We’ve made the big time now folks.
Passive Aggressive has a Canberra entry.
Nice to see every stereotype about halfway houses and their management confirmed.

History Lesson – The Patent Office

By 2 August 2008

Construction began on the Patent Office on the corner of National Circuit and King’s Avenue in 1939 and was completed in 1941. It is classified by the National Trust of Australia as ‘a significant public building for its time which contributes strongly to the King’s Avenue streetscape and forms an important contribution to the group [...]

Southside Road Blocks…

By 1 August 2008

Did anyone else spot the road blocks early this morning (12am/1am) around Erindale Drive and the Tuggeranong parkway? Many police cars were out… I think the curious side has got the better side of me! I just hope everything is ok
But something was definatly going down in the southside tonight/this morn’…

One off screening of Kenja Cult documentary at Dendy

By 30 July 2008

[ 30 August 2008 at 2:00 pm; ] Who could forget that very entertaining thread some weeks ago courtesy of our local Kenja cultists, well Dendy are going to screen the award winning Doco made by Melissa Maclean who will be there in person afterwards for a Q&A session. But be prepared to be harassed by the local followers on the day no [...]

Meet your Minister – Community Cabinet Session (Gungahlin) – 4 August 2008

By 29 July 2008

[ 4 August 2008 at 3:30 pm; ] Just in time to coincide with the recent announcement and sudden Renaissance in “nouvelle vogue” community consultation, the ACT Ministers are holding a Community Cabinet session in Gungahlin this coming Monday 4th August 2008 (Gungahlin Community Resource Centre, 47 Ernst Cavanagh Street).

Naturally it is occurring at a time that is deliberately awkward for individuals [...]

Controlling the toddlers?

By 29 July 2008

Every so often, me and my wife head into the Canberra Centre to have a wander around, maybe have a coffee and basically kill time.  Unfortunately, of late I have noticed a disturbing practice.  I have seen un-controlled toddlers running under the feet of shoppers, which caused significant congestion as they try to avoid walking on [...]

National Day of Action for Marriage Equality

By 28 July 2008

[ 2 August 2008 at 1:30 pm; ] Marriage equality

In the coming week or so there will be demonstrations around Australia for equal marriage rights for gays and lesbians and for their right to adopt.

[ED - In the interests of local topicallity let it be noted that the Canberra demonstration will be at 1.30 pm on Saturday 2 August in Garema Place]

Many people [...]

North Ainslie birthday

By 27 July 2008

North Ainslie Primary School turns 50 years old 19 September.
We are currently gathering contact details, photos and other memorabilia for our celebrations.  We would love to hear from you!
The North Ainslie Primary web site has further details if you are interested to find out more:

Roller Derby in Canberra!

By 27 July 2008

[ 28 July 2008 at 7:30 pm; ] [First filed: July 25, 2008 @ 08:36]

Roller Derby mayhem to hit Canberra!

Event: Canberra Roller Derby Information Night and screening of Roller Derby Dolls documentary
Where: The Front Gallery, Lyneham Shops Canberra
When: Monday 28 July
Time: 7.30

For more information email:

Roller skaters, referees, organisers, supporters and sponsors ready to raise some hell on wheels in Canberra.

Canberra Roller [...]

July Notices

By 26 July 2008

We’re reviving the notices section on RiotACT.
Notices will be consolidated through the month and bumped back onto the front page every Saturday. Just use the contact form, or email Things for sale, events, notifications, warnings, personals, knock yourselves out.
And so here they are:
31 July
Adam says:
My name is Adam Verwey and I’m running [...]

History Lesson – James Ainslie and Robert Campbell

By 26 July 2008

When the Duke of Wellington’s army faced off against Napoleon at the Battle of Waterloo, one of the casualties was a Scott, James Ainslie. He was hit in the head with a sabre and severely wounded, but managed to survive.
Ten years later it was 1825 and James Ainslie was on the outskirts of Canberra. His [...]

Southern Cross Club positioning to acquire Wests

By 25 July 2008

As there were 72,000 members of the Canberra Southern Cross Club (CSCC) at last financial report, and every member affected by the proposal will have received their letter and ballot, for most people this isn’t really news, just numbers.
But, for those of you who aren’t in the 1 in 5, this might be.
Wests went into [...]

Canberra College genius on YouTube

By 25 July 2008

Well it’s Friday, so here’s the latest Canberra clip onto YouTube which I thought might tickle your fancies.
Three Canberra College students attempt to remove their remaining brains in a playground. Enjoy.

Local Chapters of Interstate Football Clubs

By 25 July 2008

Given that a lot of Canberrans are from somewhere else, I was wondering if clubs exist here for supporters of various interstate football clubs?
I read a while back something about a Carlton Blues Canberra club, so I was wondering if such groups exist for other clubs?
Anyone got the details on any?

A tale of abuse in Canberra

By 25 July 2008

In the recent discussion on abuse at Daramalan Mick1965 made a lengthy post about his own experience.
I thought it deserved a wider readership than being buried in the comments, so here it is.
(Warning, not for the faint hearted)
In Primary School (St Thomas Moore’s the St John Vianney’s) I was considered by many to be a [...]

Street names for Forde

By 25 July 2008

Earlier this month the new street names for the upcoming suburb of Forde were determined
Fret not that again I have been overlooked, because you need to be dead to qualify. The winners are:

Ruth and Professor Heinz Wolfgang Arndt,
Doris Anita Turner,
John Stanislaus Grannall,
Barbara Mary Ilene Huddy,
Leslie John Dwyer,
Loma Butterworth Rudduck née Amos,
Bernard Marcus,
John Joseph Anthony Kelly,
Dame [...]

Reasons why the ACT is better than NSW – Beer in Aldi

By 25 July 2008

In our ongoing list of things a year in NSW has taught me are better here I present: beer in Aldi.
~$40 gets you a 24 can slab of 500ml cans of German made Thuringer. And they have domestically brewed beers as well (of course from brands you’ve never heard of before, this is Aldi).
Many a [...]

Drama at Aussie Junk today?

By 23 July 2008

Around lunchtime today (Wed) I noticed two Police vehicles exiting Aussie Junk (the rubbish recycling equivalent to Revolve located at Mitchell) and several people (presumably Aussie Junk workers) congregating on the footpath outside.
Next a TV film crew arrived (ABC I think, their vehicle had “Z” plates) and appeared to interview these people. Anyone know [...]

Hospitals still not up to scratch?

By 21 July 2008

The Shadow Health Minister Jacqui Burke, has proudly announced the outcome of her Freedom of Information (FOI) digging into the health statistics.
only 53% of presentations were being treated in the time required according to triage categories.
The problem is most acute for category 3 and category 4 patients who should be seen within 30 [...]

West Civic, city of holes.

By 21 July 2008

If the traditional Canberra retailers are doing it tough now just wait until all the space being built on the Western edge of the city comes online.
The huge hole on the corner of Marcus Clarke and Alinga Streets is really something else for Canberra.

What ever happened to Ginninderra Falls????

By 21 July 2008

Ginninderra Falls?
I remember 20 years ago walking down to the falls and hiring canoes to paddle about in the cool, deep waters.
The park featured picnic with tables and barbecues, a nature walk trail and walk down to the river, lookouts, and an animal park. Canoes, kayaks, mountain bikes were available for hire. Abseiling, and canyoning [...]

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