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Cottage Couple to be Thrown Out

By 30 May 2008

The Canberra Times is reporting that the couple living in the Weston Creek cottage are to be evicted on Saturday night and a fence placed around the property with a security guard.
The couple are quoted as saying, “they have paid absolutely nothing for perfect caretakers of the cottage and now the people of the ACT [...]

Community Consultation?

By 30 May 2008

CT is reporting that the fearless leader of our toy parliament is doing a bit of navel gazing regarding “community consultation”. They are obviously getting the vibe that we think they make decisions in isolation etc.
But what sort of consultation do we as residents, workers, business owners, parents, ratepayers, drivers etc expect?
When they [...]

My neighbours dope habit driving me nuts

By 30 May 2008

The house over the back fence was recently sold to a hardcore dope smoking middle aged couple.  That distinct smell is in the air constantly and while some people might say awesome!!!!, i’m getting a little tired of it - I can’t even go into the backyard without copping a whiff, which is not good for the kids and embarassing [...]

Homeless teens to knock on the door of Parliament House

By 29 May 2008

Live News has this article about dozens of homeless teenagers who will visit Parliament House today to bring the crisis home to politicians.

Gungahlin Town Centre Planning Study – Drop-in Session 27 May 2008

By 26 May 2008

[ 27 May 2008; 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm. ] I was forwarded a copy of the attached email which may be of interest to Gungahlin residents:



Dear sir/madam,

The ACT Planning and Land Authority is conducting a study to identify and address key planning, transport and urban design issues in the Gungahlin Town Centre. The study intends to review commercial and community [...]

Action – new timetables, same old tricks?

By 26 May 2008

I’ve been perusing the new Action bus timetables with interest these past weeks but one key concern of mine is likely to remain unchanged and eternally frustrating – early-departing buses.
I have had conversations with many people who share the frustrating experience of walking towards the bus stop, at good 4-5 minutes to spare, only to [...]

Gungahlin town centre planning study released

By 25 May 2008
Gungahlin town centre planning study released

For some years, the Gungahlin Community Council has been campaigning to get someone in the ACT Government to realise that our Town Centre land is disappearing quickly under endless townhouses. Meanwhile the once-promised 23,000 jobs were nowhere to be seen…
Finally the ACT Government has listened and the first-stage result is now out for comment.
The plan [...]

Theta Healing Workshop

By 23 May 2008

I’ve been trying to find a hall or function room in the inner-north to host a Theta Healing workshop.
The room needs to seat at least 10 or 15 people, and will be needed for 3 ongoing days, 8:30am – 6:00pm. (Preferably Friday, Saturday and Sunday.)
Most places seem to charge by the hour, but I’d be [...]

Discover the plusses of Busses (ie they come off better than a building)

By 23 May 2008
Discover the plusses of Busses (ie they come off better than a building)

As reported in the local media yesterday, here are a few photos of the bus that crashed into the front of Kippax shopping centre yesterday afternoon.

Looking For A Good Dentist

By 19 May 2008

I’ve recently read an article here from someone looking for a “cheap dentist”.  [Ed. Here] I completely agree that “cheap” and “quality” rarely go together.  I myself am looking for a good dentist.  If they are an MBF preferred dentist that’s all the better, but not a requirement.  I can recommend to steer clear of [...]

Random peacocks roaming Red Hill/Narrabundah

By 18 May 2008

This may be something that is normal for most people reading, but I have repeatedly thought myself going daft and am now overly curious – what’s the deal with the pride of peacocks (I looked up the collective noun for that one) that is seemingly domestic and roaming around Red Hill/Narrabundah?
Early one morning, I awoke [...]

ME/CFS Awareness Week

By 15 May 2008

Possibly a little late but this week is Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Awareness Week in NSW.
“Myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME) or chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) as it is more commonly known, is a chronic and disabling illness affecting the immune and central nervous systems. It is characterised by profound fatigue which is accentuated by physical and mental effort. [...]

Does anyone know whatever happened with that dead lady found in her car in Ngunnawal?

By 14 May 2008

Am curious as i have not heard anymore and Canberra media is great for announcing things and not giving closure.

Medical certificates from chemists

By 14 May 2008

Does anyone have any more info on the idea that to ease demand on GPs, pharmacists would be allowed to issue medical certificates? Would love love love this to be a reality in Canberra having tired of the wait in our public clinics (over 3 hours on average and no guarrantee of being seen) and waiting [...]

Doctors and GPs in Canberra

By 13 May 2008

With many of us travelling to Sydney for specialist treatments due to high waiting lists here in Canberra, what about General Practitioners? I am finding it hard to find a good doctor (preferably who bulk bills) here in Canberra. Are there any directories, or will it just be a matter of trial and error? I have [...]

WOOF! Grrrr, WOOF! (Million Paws Walk – Sunday 18 May)

By 13 May 2008

[ 18 May 2008; ]

RSPCA’s Million Paws Walk is on this Sunday @ Stage 88, Commonwealth Park from 11am – ‘things’ start from 9am, I’m told.

 Dogs, tell your masters to come along, walk in the sunshine and let you play with 999,996 other paws (excluding three-legged dogs, I guess!)


CUT ATHON – Yarralumla Shops Sunday 1 June

By 13 May 2008

[ 1 June 2008; ] I received this via email:

My name is Joh and I’m hoping you can help.

I have a dear friend and mentor. For the past 11 years, Georgette Parsley (age 55) has been my boss, my friend and like a mum to me.
Georgette has been cursed with numerous brain tumours, and has undergone brain surgery four times [...]

Frank and Fearless on schools

By 12 May 2008

Seriously, where should a parent send their pride and joy to school in Canberra? Very hard to find real information on what schools are great and what ones are not.
We are not religious (as in seriously not religious on purpose).  It leaves only a few non-Christian options. 
I know Trinity Christian School through some older children [...]

Hedge row

By 12 May 2008

That’s row as in argument, not as in row your boat…
Some precious folk in the older ‘burbs are upset that TAMS has had the temerity to ask them to give the public their footpathes back. They think their towering and ever-expanding hedges should be allowed to continue on their way and tough luck for any [...]

look, we’re even boringer than adelaide, again…

By 11 May 2008

“Adelaide boring, Canberra Worse”. So, another pollie labels canberra boring, this time qualifying and making a comparison to that death-warmed-up metropolis of churches, sunny adelaide. not really much of a story here, but thought i’d share. noice, eh? happy day to any mums reading.

Daramalan and Marist College – Child Sexual Abuse.

By 9 May 2008

[Ed. CG has kindly kept us in the loop on this one with further updates on the case from ABC online here]
I have been watching the posts about the Daramalan and Marist College sexual abuse by Paul Lyons and Brother Kostka for some months now. I have been watching the news and reading the reports, [...]

Canberra – too far from anywhere

By 8 May 2008

Last week, my wife and I purchased a 7-seater lounge suite from ebay. No problem. we then found a courier that wasn’t over the top in costs to ship from Sydney (Casula) to Canberra (Kambah). Again, no problem.
Then the fun started. The courier picked the lounge suite up after around 20 calls by us all [...]

Health clinic opens at UC

By 8 May 2008

ABC online is reporting that a new health clinic will open at the University of Canberra (UC) today, offering a range of services under the one roof. The clinic will offer physiotherapy, psychology, nutrition and dietetics, exercise physiology and sleep apnoea therapy to the public.

Proposed Woolworths at Giralang Shops

By 7 May 2008

As many of you would know, the old Giralang shops have been deserted for some time and there is now a planning application to build units and a couple of shops on the site.  As an update, Nikias Nominees have announced that Woolworths may be interested in planning and building a supermarket on the entire [...]

ACT election-year Budget released

By 6 May 2008

The Chief Minister has released the ACT budget, with an overview on ABC and a stack of media releases on the CM site.
Some good news from Gungahlin’s perspective:
$22M for Flemington Road duplication (only enough for the design??)
$18M for community health centre
Funds for park’n’rides
But given it’s an election budget, sure there’ll be some good news for [...]

And who didn’t see this coming – closed schools to be bulldozed

By 5 May 2008

Today’s Canberra Times carries a story by Megan Doherty about the planned bulldozering of several closed school sites and the redevelopment, sorry, “conversion” of several others into “community hubs” and the like.
“The ACT Government will announce today it plans to demolish the former Rivett and Mount Neighbour primary schools, with its consultants recommending [...]

ABC RN program on the Narrabundah Longstay Caravan Park

By 4 May 2008

ABC Radio National had an interesting program on the possible demise of the Narrabundah Longstay Caravan Park located next to Fyshwick on its “Street Stories” program. It consisted mainly of interviews of the residents and was definitely biased in their favour. Some interesting facts came out that I didn’t know of such as that the [...]


By 1 May 2008

 The “Canberra Votes” website (  is a personal project in which I will attempting to document (on the public record) issues that appear to be of concern to the community in the lead up to the ACT Election in 2008.
Rather than competing with RiotACT and main-stream media, I believe that the “Canberra Votes” site can be [...]

Want your band on the radio?

By 1 May 2008

Hey guys!
I host the Oz Music Show on 2XX 98.3fm, Saturdays 5-7pm.
Each week I feature about 2-3 local and interstate bands/soloists who come on the show to have a chat, play their CD and often play live in the studio.
I’m currently booking the shows for the next couple of months – so if you have [...] – Tuggy Power Station meeting

By 30 April 2008

In what appears to be it’s first real post (id#3 but it seems to be the only one up at the moment) the new Canberra website,, a site that intends to “attempt to document (on the public record) issues of concern to the community in the lead up to the ACT Election in 2008″, [...]

City of Melbourne uses wiki for collaborative planning – could work in Canberra?

By 29 April 2008

Have a look at the wiki-based collaboration for the future planning of Melbourne, run by the City of Melbourne local government:
Could something like this work in Canberra? Who do we need to talk to to make this happen?
Thanks Laurel for the link

‘Yes Minister’ Alive and Well

By 28 April 2008

The CT has a report on ACTION requiring 50 additional drivers to service the new, revised timetables to be introduced when the stars align with Venus.
It’s all our fault of course. Comrade Hargreaves slashed services and staff over an eight month period as soon as he took up responsibility for ACTION. When his brilliant plan [...]

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