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Holiday Distractions

By 29 September 2008

For the next two weeks, those Rioters amongst us who have bred are wondering what time-wasting (but preferably not money-wasting) activities there are in our fair city.
I have a 9yo son, who has expressed a desire to visit the War Memorial these holidays.
But I am trying to think of what to do with [...]

Nightfest a success

By 29 September 2008

Despite some grumbling on this site about the Nightfest at Floriade the ABC is declaring the event a success.

“We’ll sit down … and go through all the things which can be improved and all the things which worked and based on that we’ll make a decision on next year.
“But I’d be very surprised if it [...]

Canberra Poker Players forum up and running (Finally)!!!

By 29 September 2008

So I’ve been a little busy, but finally got something together for local poker players. It’s a free forum site, so there’s a few ad’s, but hey, what can you do.
Check it out at:
Let me know what you think as well as any changes which can be made. We’ll have cards [...]

ACT Light Rail 2008 ACT Election “Meet the Candidates” Event this Tuesday night.

By 28 September 2008

[ 30 September 2008 at 7:30 pm; ] The ACT Light Rail Coalition are holding a 2008 ACT Election “Meet the Candidates” Event on Tuesday 30th September 2008, 19:30 at Havelock House, 85 Northbourne Avenue, Turner ACT 2612

Come and hear what the election candidates and political parties have to say about Light Rail. Find out how they will work to make Light Rail [...]

Canberra – aka the Hotel California

By 27 September 2008

A friend of mine who grew up in Canberra, but no longer lives here, once told me that this town is like the Hotel California: You can check in any time you like, but you can never leave.
It depressed me no end. I think I am over it now, sort of.
How many people, including myself, [...]

‘Hello’ ‘Hello’ It’s not that hard!

By 27 September 2008

Is it just me or do other people find that when they are out taking a walk along one of Canberra’s many footpaths, when they pass or come across people, if they smile and say ‘hello’ they are usually ignored completely or stared at as if you had said something rude?
Even on a day like today, bright sunshine, [...]

September Notices

By 27 September 2008

We’re reviving the notices section on RiotACT.
Notices will be consolidated through the month and bumped back onto the front page every Saturday. Just use the contact form, or email Things for sale, events, notifications, warnings, and personals. Knock yourselves out.
And so here they are:
26 September
Shorty55 would have you know:
Gungahlin Markets are on this [...]

New Tower on Tuggeranong Hill

By 26 September 2008

Has anyone else noticed the new tower on top of Tuggeranong Hill?
Does anyone know what it is?

Serious about a career in television?

By 26 September 2008

Southern Cross TEN are opening their Canberra studios to Year 10, 11, 12 and tertiary students.
- Check out what heppens in front of the camera and behind the scenes
- Get pumped about the exciting career opportunities available to you in this fast-paced industry
- Hook up with industry professionals
What: Television Careers Night
When: 23rd October 2008
Where: Southern [...]

Where did all the flowers go!

By 26 September 2008

It would seem that there are less and less flowers at Floriade each year, I can remember back in late eighties when the Netherlands Government gave the Flowers to the people of Australia as a bicentenary gift there where a considerably more flowers. Also the Floriade literature fails to mention the fact that the Netherlands [...]

German Autofest 2008 – Sunday 28 September

By 25 September 2008

[ 28 September 2008 at 10:00 am; ]

This Sunday from 10am-3pm the German Autofest will be held at Rond Terraces by the Lake, just off Anzac Parade. It’s pretty much a show’n’shine of all things German. There’ll be the usual array of classic old Mercedes-Benz and Porsche models, as well as current day cars from all the major some great old [...]

Overheard in the Refugee Camp in Glebe Park

By 25 September 2008

I’m not going to editorialise too much on this as other readers will be able to offer more experienced and insightful views of Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) and their operations. As with a regular column I write elsewhere in a world of music I perceive only dimly through inexpert eyes, I’ll give you ‘A Punter’s [...]

Lanyon pleas of forgiveness…

By 25 September 2008

[First filed: September 24, 2008 @ 08:03]
“Please forgive me Mel”
Says the signs on the way to work.
Has anyone else noticed the signs on the drive from Lanyon to the City?
They start off saying “Please forgive me Mel” near the roundabout just past Lanyon shops, then another two a bit further down toward tuggeranong saying, [...]

WholeSelf Living Workshop this weekend

By 25 September 2008

[ 27 September 2008 to 28 September 2008. ] The WholeSelf Program – Stage 1 Foundation Workshop 27-28 September 2008

“When you value, nurture and care for your WholeSelf you naturally enrich everyone and everything around you.” – Kathleen Earle

Grow your whole experience of life with our WholeSelf Living Program.

By nurturing your WholeSelf wisdom (mind, body, spirit), you create a more ecological lifestyle, deepen your [...]

Google Maps updated – Higher res images of your suburb

By 24 September 2008

A recent trip onto Google maps shows that there is more recent higher res images of much of Canberra. My guess is around late March, but open to fellow RiotACTers to work out the when
GDE open
View Larger Map

Images of Canberra – Nazi Gnome at Floriade

By 24 September 2008

There’s no immediate explanation as to why this little fella’s adorning Floriade.
Anyone have any theories?
(Got an image of Canberra you want to share with the world? Email it to )

Good news on water restrictions

By 24 September 2008

The Canberra Times informs us that our dam levels are creeping up to 50% of capacity sometime this week.
As a result ACTEW boss Mark Sullivan doesn’t think we’ll need to have Stage 4 water restrictions this summer.
“Or certainly not until the election is over” the more cynical of you might think.

Vale Peter Leonard

By 24 September 2008

The Canberra Times is reporting the passing of veteran newsreader, Peter Leonard. He was aged 66, and succumbed to mesothelioma.
He was a personality who possessed a keen enthusiasm, excellent personality, and high level of intelligence.
My deepest condolences to his family. R.I.P, Mr. Leonard.
[ED - The ABC also has a report.]

Book Launch – the way forward for the union movement

By 23 September 2008

[ 23 September 2008 10:00 pm to 1 October 2008 10:00 pm. ] Speaking tour on controversial new book on the Australian union movement

Tom Bramble, senior lecturer in industrial relations at the University of Queensland, and a member of Socialist Alternative, will be touring eastern Australia to introduce his new book Trade Unionism in Australia: a History from Flood to Ebb Tide, just published by Cambridge University Press. [...]

Refugee Camp in the City, Glebe Park until 6pm

By 23 September 2008

[ 20 September 2008 9:00 am to 24 September 2008 6:00 pm. ] Medecins Sans Frontieres/Doctors Without Borders
Refugee Camp in your city = Canberra (specifically, Glebe Park)

Until 6pm Wednesday 24 September 2008.

Open for tours every 15 minutes, 9am to midday, then 2pm to 5pm.
Or wander through between midday and 2pm and read the placards and talk to MSF staff.
Information on MSF and refugees in general to take away [...]

Reprobate of the week

By 23 September 2008

This in from a reliable source:
A number of SES volunteers were on a call out on Saturday night at Mackellar where a house had suffered severe storm and fire damage. As such they set up a lighting tower as well as a number of flashing blue and red lights to warn people and motorists of [...]

Do Canberra Audiences Know Anything?

By 22 September 2008

An article in the Canberra times this weekend by Dr Adele Chynoweth, a visiting fellow at the Australian National University School of Humanities, seems to have got a couple of local theatre heads (or at least the ones I hang out with) out of joint a bit – largely because it argues that Canberra is [...]

Canberra Selling ourselves short.

By 22 September 2008

Has anyone walked through the new shopping center at Civic since it has opened? Im going to assume that most of you have been there at least once already. Let me start by saying that The Dendy Cinema is good. Well the Cinema itself is good as in the decour and the seats and picture and sound [...]

Support the Cranleigh – Capital Chemist Art Show 2008

By 22 September 2008

[ 17 October 2008 at 7:00 pm; 18 October 2008 at 10:00 am; 19 October 2008 at 10:00 am; ]

Cranleigh School – Capital Chemist
Art Show 17, 18 & 19 October

Official Opening Friday Oct 17, 7-9 pm
$10 entry fee Food & Wine served

Saturday Oct 18, 10am – 4pm
Entry by Gold Coin donation

Sunday Oct 19, 10am – 1pm
Entry by Gold Coin donation

Artwork Raffle
Tickets $3 each
4 for $10

                Cranleigh School [...]

Overheard … any clues?

By 22 September 2008

Overheard at the counter at Tilleys today:
” … if it goes into double digits, Mount Ainslie will be cleared and then …” (then the background noise got too loud to hear any more)
The speaker was a man about 5’9″, fairly thin, swarthy, curly greying dark hair cropped short, wearing a cheap pinstriped suit (or [...]

Install Fest for Software Freedom Day

By 22 September 2008

[ 27 September 2008; ] Further to my earlier post about Software Freedom Day, I would  just like to remind you all that the Install Fest is happening this Saturday at the ANU (CSIT building – Room N101). Bring your computer and any peripherals you want set up. We’ll provide the software and get you up and running. If you [...]

Radio Ratings

By 20 September 2008

Just caught up on the radio ratings.
I am struck that they really reflect my listening habits. It seems that many other Canberrans listen to the same programs as I do.
Like many, I  pretty much listen to 666 most of the time. The only exception is their drive program which I see has suffered a big [...]

Canberra Ghandi snub makes world news

By 19 September 2008

Newsblaze of Folsom California is aghast that grey Canberra bureaucrats have turned a deaf ear to the pleas of the Gandhi Monument Council and refused to name a street after Mahatma Ghandi:
Replying to a plea of Gandhi Monument Council headquartered in USA, John Meyer, Executive Director Client Services of Australian Capital Territory (ACT) Planning and [...]

The “New” Breed of door to door salesmen – where did they come from??

By 19 September 2008

Ok, I was very ill this week and had to stay home. Not telling you what it was, just not very well and very slow at typing. I am certain that I made a few mistakes when typing….
My wife took the kids out to the shops so as to avoid my continual moaning and complaining [...]

Irony Alert: Flames fitness up in Flames

By 19 September 2008

According to the ABC, Flames Fitness has gone up in flames destroying 25 per cent of North Lynham shopping centre. 
Ohhh the irony.

‘Hail to the bus driver’ or ‘miracle on wheels’

By 18 September 2008

Catching the bus yesterday, I was tired, my dreams were wearing thin.  Got off and went to buy deodorant at the shops.  No wallet!  Where’s my wallet?!  The stink of panic sets in.  I had used it to get on the bus, right?  It must still be on the bus, heading to Woden.  Straight home, [...]

Can I read?

By 17 September 2008

Most people would be familiar with the story of Helen Keller. Blind and deaf, she defied the odds to make history when she was awarded a Bachelor of Arts degree from Radcliffe College, which was the closest a woman could get to Harvard in those days. She went on to make more contributions to the [...]

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