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Reiki Level One

By 9 July 2008
Reiki Level One

Reiki Level One     July 27th 2008
In this one day course, students are aligned to Reiki One by a series of attunements.
Students are fully trained in how to access and use this natural Universal Life Energy and are taught how to apply it in day to day situations. Learn how to focus the energy when healing or [...]

Pedestrian Crossings – Pedestrian beware

By 9 July 2008

From my office window, I get to see one of the 2 pedestrian crossings on Townshend street in Phillip. I have seen all manner of accidents, near misses and closer encounters (that the pedestrians would wish for). My questions are:
How many people slow down for pedestrian crossings, or take the time to check that the [...]

Fire Safety Information Hour

By 8 July 2008

[ 12 July 2008; 10:30 am to 11:30 am. ] What: Fire Safety Information Hour

When: Saturday 12th July, 10:30-11:30am

Where: Magnet Mart, Hindmarsh Dr. Phillip

Who: Magnet Mart and ACT Fire Brigade

In Detail: The Fire Safety Information Hour aims to prepare the Canberra community on safety in the case of a fire. At a stall set up at Magnet Mart in Phillip the ACT Fire Brigade will [...]

Gungahlin Community Council – July meeting – Guest: Canberra Times’ Peter Martin

By 8 July 2008

[ 9 July 2008; 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm. ] The July GCC meeting will be held on Wednesday 9 July.In attendance will be Peter Martin, the economics editor from the Canberra Times.

Peter has agreed to act as facilitator for our Meet the Candidates night on 8 October. This meeting we will be planning how we run the meeting to ensure fair treatment for all candidates and opportunity [...]

Finnegans reunion

By 7 July 2008

Just Bands has this post from Paul Sweeney (ex Liquid) about a possible reunion/Camp Quality fundraiser for Finnigans, the classic Canberra music venue in the mid/late 90′s. A fantastic idea. If you or someone you know were part of a band that played at Finnigans, please get in touch with Sweens if you’re [...]

New cemetery on the cards

By 4 July 2008

This story from the ABC
“The ACT Government is considering a new cemetery for Canberra and is expected to make a decision within months.
…a fourth cemetery in Canberra’s south is being discussed as a possibility”
Maybe they could roll this project in with the search for the Data Center site.

UC chief calls for greater university-TAFE links

By 3 July 2008

This report from the ABC
“University of Canberra (UC) vice-chancellor Stephen Parker has called for a radical shake-up of tertiary education with stronger links between universities and TAFE colleges.
Professor Parker says universities have catered to an elite ideal for too long and new ways of encouraging people into tertiary education need to be developed.
The idea that [...]

Canberra clubs struggling

By 2 July 2008

According to this ABC article, Canberra clubs are struggling to survive in the current economic climate.
Clubs ACT’s chief executive Bob Samarcq says rising costs and tougher smoking laws have contributed to an annual revenue drop of about $16 million.
I personally think it’s the quality, or lack thereof, of live music that the clubs have that [...]

Gallagher stands by welfare workers

By 1 July 2008

It’s heartening to see that Katy Gallagher is standing by her staff in the recent child abuse case in Ainslie as reported in the Canberra Times.
Four days before Police raided the property and found the children in squalor, Care and Protection workers visited the house and found the children “presented as healthy”.
The ACT Minister for [...]

2CA’s little viral stunt!

By 30 June 2008

I couldn’t resist turning this into a post after I saw all the people bitching about Canberra radio following the story “Help! My Mum now listens to 2CA“. I hope the guys from the network gave SimpleShane77 a nice performance bonus for his little peice of marketing… I think he really ‘touched the people’ with this [...]

Creation of a Marist Ex-students and Families lobby Group – Interest sought


Given the on-going discussion on this forum, comments I’ve received with other Marist Old Boys and broader interest in this case around Australia, I’m considering starting a Marist Canberra Ex-students and Families Association to lobby for an inquiry into Marist during the 1970′s through 1990′s. I think a lobby group of this type would [...]

Pets in apartments

By 26 June 2008

There is a slient tragedy unfolding here in Canberra. I refer to the increasing number of pets being abandoned as households downsize (due to age or higher interest rates) to apartments which have an outright ban on pets. 
As many of you will know its difficult to find an apartment in Canberra that is pet friendly. Usually a small number of politically active [...]

Delayed mail?

By 26 June 2008

Has anyone been having issues with Australia Post recently?
I tend to send a lot of mail when it’s required of me, but recently it has been taking 10 days to get a letter to Sydney. I noticed it first start on mother’s day when my present to WA took 2 weeks. At the time I [...]

Children neglected

By 26 June 2008

Reports of a woman neglecting her 4 children in an Ainslie residence have her facing Court thismorning. Details are provided by ACT Police media here, the Canberra Times here and here.
ACT Police attended the residence re reports she had breached a protection order and found the children living in squalor.
Reports state ACT care [...]

Early call for Daffodil Day volunteers

By 26 June 2008

[ 22 August 2008; ] Events in Sydney today (service for Jane McGrath) hasten me to mention that Daffodil Day is this year on Friday 22 August. Each year, the Cancer Council ACT recruits an army of volunteers to help sell merchandise in shopping centres, businesses, workplaces and at various events.

(Pink Ribbon Day is on 27 October.)

If you can help, please [...]

Does anyone know about the “Drive by” shooting in wanniassa last night?

By 25 June 2008

I just read a report on News that said that there was one last night at 830pm.
Anyone know more?

ActewAGL don’t get it!

By 22 June 2008

Has anyone else noticed that ActewAGL may be getting a teensy bit paranoid about the gas station proposal? They keep wanting to have ‘little chats’ with, for example, the Canberra Times here and the Planning Institute here (CT letter from ActewAGL CEO, John Mackay).
I guess it’s not easy getting people to agree that [...]

Best Fish n Chips in Canberra

By 20 June 2008

Where can you find the best fish n chips in Canberra?
I have been to the fish n chip shop in O’Connor which was pretty darn pricey.
Anyone know of a good, relatively inexpensive fish n chip shop that has good fish that aren’t from Lake Burley Griffin but are from the ocean and have somehow managed [...]

Canada Fun Run for Cancer, 10am Sunday 22 June 2008

By 19 June 2008

[ 22 June 2008; 10:00 am to 1:00 pm. ] 10am, The Canadian High Commission, Forster Crescent, Yarralumla. (Registration from 8.30am).

Run 5km or 10km along the south side of Lake Burley Griffin to Weston Park and return OR
Walk along the south side of Lake Burley Griffin to the High Court and return (approx 5kms).

Canada and Australia have always had much in common, including a shared [...]

Emergency waiting time improving

By 19 June 2008

The ABC is reporting that Katy Gallagher has indicated that strategies to reduce waiting times in emergency departments are paying off and that the latest report on Canberra’s public hospitals shows an improvement in the performance of emergency departments.
The report shows the number of patients treated on time increased across all categories.

Are all Canberrans this unhelpful?


Hello, and no, this isn’t the usual political post, nor is it a restaurant review, it’s really just a whinge (if you like), about what happened to me today.
I am a single mother of a 2 year old toddler. Not by choice, but by circumstances. I have full care for my child, I work part-time, and [...]

Calling on Giralang Resident’s Action Group

By 18 June 2008

Has there been an update on what is happening at the Giralang shops?  Last I heard, Woolworths were looking at it, but the rumour mill is saying IGA – I can’t find any new info on the website and wondered if there were any fellow rioters who had an update.

Public School spending ahead of recommendations

By 17 June 2008

It may surprise some but apparently the ACT has a higher ratio of investment public school facilities than private, bucking a national trend, and in theory making public education in the ACT a far better proposition than it might be in other states.
Andrew Barr has claimed that the $350 Million in capital works spending to [...]

ORGANised walk

By 17 June 2008

[ 22 June 2008; 11:00 am to 2:00 pm. ] On Sunday 22nd June, students from Girls Grammar have organised a walk to raise Organ Donor awareness in support of 14 month old Cordelia Whatman who requires a liver transplant and to raise some money for Westmead Childrens Hospital. The students have designed T-shirts which will be available for sale on the day and are [...]

Post School Options Expo

By 16 June 2008

[ 24 June 2008; 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm. ] Post School Options Expo ’08< /strong>PAVING THE WAY TO YOUR FUTURE 

The Post School Options Expo ’08 is an information forum aimed to provide students with a disability, their families, carers and teachers with appropriate and timely information and advice on: 
§         Transition Planning
§         Career Pathways
§         Employment Services and Options
§         Further Education and Training
§         Funding Eligibility
§         Advocacy [...]

Gungahlin Community Council Meeting Wed June 11 7:30 pm?

By 11 June 2008

[ 11 June 2008; 7:30 pm; ] Gungahlin Community Council June Meeting
The June GCC meeting will be held Wednesday 11th June

In attendance will be:

Andrew Barr MLA – ACT Minister for Planning, Sport, Recreation and Tourism, and Education to provide updates on key planning and education initiatives around Gungahlin, and to receive your feedback in this important election year

Senator Gary Humphries, [...]

Noise Abatement? Where do we stand?


The recent discussion in regards to fireworks got me thinking.  Where rights do private landholders have in regards to noise from a neighbour? A guy who is a member of a “professional” (his words) thrash metal band has moved into the house next door in a quiet residential suburban neighbourhood. The band now rehearses from 10 [...]

ACT Year 12 – what the …..?

By 10 June 2008

For reasons best known to myself, although a therapist may have some ideas, I searched out the website for the ACT Board of Senior Secondary Studies ( OK, I was trying to work out how ACT Year 12 results are calculated and to consider whether an acquaintance who sends his sons to Boys Grammar, [...]

Development of former school sites across ACT

By 8 June 2008

The ACT Government has got GHD (a consultancy) doing online consultation on the Bang the Table site to ask people what they think about recommended uses of former schools.  Some have development of houses, others commercial and others community uses.  This is a chance to speak up and to stop the over development of these [...]

Queens Birthday Long Weekend, Fireworks and Pets

By 6 June 2008

WE all know the debate from here, here and here plus many others, but can pet owners please secure their pets for the weekend. I know mine will be fine, but every year I find another dog wandering the streets looking for its home after the Queens Birthday weekend. Let the dog be [...]

Another ‘roo cull in the pipeline?

By 4 June 2008

It has been reported on radio and on ABC News online (but of course not the Canberra Times…) that Defence are considering what to do with several thousand ‘roos at the Majura training grounds. They want to review the Belconnen cull first before making a decision on what what should be done.
Deb Foskey puts her [...]

Eviction Rockshow Video

By 2 June 2008

I noticed on the Canberra vote’s website that the eviction did not go all that well for Barr. It looks like it was a bit of a rockshow at that end of the night. The Canbbera Times was wrong when they said the fence went up on Saturday. I wonder how much this all [...]

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