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Is There a Tyre Shop Open Sundays?

By 24 August 2008

Hey all
I have 2 flat tyres and it looks like all of the tyre shops are closed for the day today and are closed tomorrow on sundays.
Does anyone know of a tyre place open sundays? Or what my best bet would be?
I have to work tomorrow night :S

We’re bidding for the Commonwealth Games? Is this a cunning plan?

By 23 August 2008

According to Canberra is in the running to host the 2018 Commonwealth Games:
The Gold Coast will be in competition with the city of Perth, which also officially announced its bid Friday, while Canberra has also said it was bidding.
Leaving aside the question of why any city would want to inflict this barely-glorified sports carnival [...]

August Notices

By 23 August 2008

We’re reviving the notices section on RiotACT.
Notices will be consolidated through the month and bumped back onto the front page every Saturday. Just use the contact form, or email Things for sale, events, notifications, warnings, personals, knock yourselves out.
And so here they are:
4 September
Passy says:
Socialist Alternative meets every Thursday at 6 pm in [...]

Death at the Playhouse?

By 22 August 2008

Around 7:10pm, I was wandering away from the Canberra Playhouse with a friend after making some inquiries about My Fair Lady tickets.
While wandering down to catch the bus home, we saw an ambulance pull into the courtyard, not in a rush, no lights blaring, no siren, nothing.
A while later my friend (who was meant [...]

Wasps: help still needed

By 22 August 2008

Just a quick reminder that once again Dr Phillip Spradbery who runs the European wasp and insect identification hotline is in need of a live European wasp nest to continue his vital experimentation to find a means of controlling their spread in Australia.
Anyone finding one (rare this time of year) is urged to contact him [...]

North-South Divide, or 10 things I like about…

By 22 August 2008

Top 10 things I like about the Northside:
– Walking up to Mt Ainslie from behind the War Memorial, particularly when the Balloons are up and there is snow on the mountains
– Dickson pool in summer
– Lonsdale St trendy shops
– Corroboree Park trees
– The Dendy
– Bollywood Marsala Indian takeaway at Dickson
– The AIS learn to swim program (I [...]

The Oz Music Show on 2XX this Saturday

By 22 August 2008

Heya guys!
Thought I’d give you a bit of a run down of this week’s Oz Music Show (2XX 98.3fm), Saturday 5-7pm!!
I’ll be having a chat to KarismaKatz who are launching their new CD as well as Canberra band Lame Excuse who will also be coming into the studio with CD GIVEAWAYS (plus I believe some [...]

Reasons why the ACT is better than NSW – The Australian Federal Police

By 22 August 2008

In our ongoing series of things which are better in Canberra I present the Australian Federal Police.
Do you think in NSW community forums are flooded by concerned police eager to point out to everyone exactly why they’re wrong? Taking such care to set everyone straight so that they may sin no more? I don’t think [...]

Most popular Google searches by Canberrans

By 21 August 2008 has posted a news article about the most popular searches that have been conducted by Australians on the Google search engine. 
The article reports that the most popular searches conducted by people in the ACT are ‘politics’, ‘facebook’ and ‘porn’.  It must be a really slow news day.
[ED - they left off pot!]

Youth InterACT Grants

By 20 August 2008

[First filed: August 20, 2008 @ 08:32]
Katy Gallagher has announced the happy recipients of some very small grants for worthy youth projects.
Each getting around $1,500 the winners are:
Eden Daniels – Family Day
Aron Walsh – Stromlo High Café
Stephanie Levy – Save a Mate Chill Out Tent
Elena Sione – Samoa Youth Culture and Traditions Awareness
Melissa Aveyard – [...]

Offally good tucker.

By 20 August 2008

This thread and this one have awaken in me a hunger for more delicious offal.
Any recommendations as to which café or restaurant in Canberra serves a nice dish of devilled kidneys, crumbed brains, tripe and onions, stuffed hearts, pigs liver or any other offalicious dish?
Where can I get a good black pudding or haggis?  How about some [...]

Stuffed Animals

By 20 August 2008

What’s the go with the stuffed animals nailed to trees all along the Kings Highway?
Surely someone here knows the story?

New to Canberra and keen to get involved in amateur theatre….any advice?

By 20 August 2008

Hi all, I’ve been back in Canberra for a few months now after an absence of many years, and I’m keen to do some amateur acting.
Does anyone know of any groups that would let amateurs audition? I’m 25 and don’t have any experience beyond high school plays…

Anyone for some Chekov? Free Rain does Three Sisters

By 20 August 2008

Free Rain Theatre have put together a great cast of local talent for their production of Chekov’s Three Sisters now running at the Canberra Theatre.
More details on the Canberra Theatre website.

Firies home safe from California

By 20 August 2008

John Hargreaves has announced that the Canberra firefighters dispatched to help battle California’s raging wildfires (Tim Rhodes, Scott Farquhar, and Neil Cooper) have returned home safely.
“The three ACT fire fighters worked on a fire complex called Siskiyou located in northern California which has been said to require snow fall to completely extinguish the fire.
“Our fire [...]

Finding My Sperm Donor Siblings and Father

By 20 August 2008

I have a desire to one day find my Half Brothers and Sisters and possibly the man that made it all possible, my Sperm Donor. But first let me tell you a bit about my story, and I would love to hear yours too.
On my 18 Birthday my Parents shared the story of how my [...]

Three Kinds of Lies: The Use and Misuse of Statistics

By 19 August 2008

‘Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics’ is a familiar catch phrase but how did this mathematical science develop such a sinister reputation?
Experience the power of statistics in this entertaining and interactive presentation of a serious subject from Australia’s largest collector of data – the Australian Bureau of Statistics.
Discover the impact of some famous (or [...]

Stories related to the current health crisis in Canberra

By 19 August 2008

I’m sure this topic has come up a number of times, so sorry if I’m posting something old news.  Since moving to Canberra from Queensland five years ago, I have been constantly amazed at problems with the public health system here.
Having a chronic illness, I often have to see GP’s at a moments notice, or [...]

Free Public Talk On ‘The Science of Flight Testing’ Wednesday 6:30pm @ ANU

By 19 August 2008

The American Institute of Aeronautics & Astronautics Sydney Section proudly presents as part of National Science Week and the Australian Science Festival:
Join Antonio Di Pietro, a former Naval aviator and experimental test pilot, for a fascinating insight into the science of flight testing that will draw upon his [...]

Candle festival asking for a helping hand

By 17 August 2008

Chief Minister Stanhope is calling for volunteers to help out the Canberra Nara Candle Festival.
The festival is a celebration of Canberra’s sister-city relationship with Nara, in Japan, and is held in the Japanese garden of Canberra Nara Park, behind the Hyatt Hotel.
“Volunteers are needed to assist with the running of Festival by providing information to [...]

Welcome to Ngunnawal, Ngamberri or Wiradjuri Country/Nation? (Now with added Ngambri Kamberri)

By 17 August 2008

Back in December 2005 I posted this story: Canberra: Welcome to Ngunnawal, Ngamberri or Wiradjuri Country/Nation?
Over on “The Word” (a similar sort of local user contributed news site to the RiotACT – but in a somewhat different class altogether, being far more refined when it comes to individuals slagging off at each other [ED - [...]

Where to find the snow?

By 17 August 2008

Hey guys…..want to go for a drive with the kids and get amongst some snow, but we don’t want to go all the way to Jindabyne and beyond.  ‘
We have 4WD. 
Where’s the closest place which is relatively accessible and will give us serious ground cover ?  Advice required.

Helping Africa One Step at a Time – Canberra Woman Climbing Three Peaks of Africa for Charity

By 16 August 2008

Lucy Watson and Yvette McMillen are hosting screenings at Greater Union Manuka of the Serac Adventure Films documentary of the 2007 team: ’3 Peaks 3 Weeks: For the People of Africa’. This film is highly acclaimed, winning Best Adventure Film in its world premiere at the Boulder International Film Festival. The film is [...]

In defence of Queanbeyan

By 16 August 2008

Okay um, to all you QueanbeyanHigh haters.  If you have never been to Queanbeyan high beforee why write bad comments?  i understand that those who have been or go their have their own opinions, but why believe whats in the papers?  i am currentley at queanbeyan high now and it is coming a really long [...]

10 things about the ANU Student Union

By 15 August 2008

There’s a funny little story on Woroni detailing little known workings of the student unionism.
Enough to make you thank the Howard Government for VSU!

The indicator – use it or I will kill you beat you around the head

By 15 August 2008

I had the misfortune to drive down Belconnen Way during rush hour for the first time yesterday.
This made me realise that complaints about certain Canberrans failing to use their indicators really are completely justified.
Two things are particularly galling about this.
The first is that if they’re changing lanes so fast that they can’t get [...]

Master Builders want to keep land expensive

By 13 August 2008

ABC news online is reporting that the Master Builders are concerned that if too much land is released then prices might actually fall.
They are then willing to suggest that the cost of building has only increased with the CPI in the last five years, no doubt a comment soon to be withdrawn, as it [...]

Debate on the Conder car crash

By 13 August 2008

Can I please have everyone’s attention!!!!!
Has anybody noticed how this discussion started?!? It was a condolence message. . . and I think that this blog should have stayed in that way. . .
Most people who have added their opinion or made speculation, put yourself in the position of the young driver, her family and her friends [...]

Who shall we put up for Australian of the Year?

By 13 August 2008

Chief Minister Stanhope is calling for nominations from the ACT for the 2009 Australian of the Year awards.
“I urge all Canberrans to consider nominating someone who may have achieved excellence in their chosen field, made a significant contribution to the local or Australian community, or acted as an inspirational role model to others.”
Categories are:
– [...]

Civil partnerships exceeding expectations

By 13 August 2008

One thing which should never surprise us is the capacity of the ACT Government to be surprised.
The ABC reports that while the Office of Regulatory Services planned for 15 ‘civil partnerships’ between gays and lesbians each year, they’ve had 23 already in the last three months.
Apparently they’re expecting another surge based around Floriade.
One would however, [...]

Junk Mail in the ACT?

By 12 August 2008

Does anyone know how junk mail for places like JB, Woolies, Big W etc is handled in the ACT? Is there a central company or lots of small operators?
I recently removed a no junk mail sign and am noticing plenty of  Vietnamese takeaway pamphlets and ACT Liberals advertising, but nothing of interest. I want those [...]

Can the NGA beat this?

By 12 August 2008

Our own national art gallery seems so tame when compared to Switzerland. When can Canberrans expect to see giant turds on the south side of the lake?
A giant inflatable dog poo by American artist Paul McCarthy blew away from an exhibition in the garden of a Swiss museum, bringing down a power line and breaking [...]

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