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Canberra zombie walk 2013. Pictures and video

By 4 November, 2013

[ED - Video above and Martyo has also sent in a beautiful set of pictures]

Bloody fools having a go at much needed regulation of charity BBQs

By 3 November, 2013

The Canberra Times is carrying a chorus of idiots criticizing some very sensible regulation of charity barbecues.
This supposedly onerous regulation is requiring organisations that conduct more than five fundraising bbqs a year get a $150 certification to make sure at least one of them knows what the hell they are doing.
The Chamber of Commerce’s Andrew [...]

Friday night drinks returning to Old Parliament House

By 2 November, 2013

As the Barton set look to drown their sorrows or celebrate that they still have their health it’s good to hear that Friday drinks are coming back to Old Parliament House.
Raise a flute of sparkling, a glass of great wine or a well mixed cocktail to the re-opening of the long standing Friday night drinks [...]

Mike Welsh quits 2CC

By 1 November, 2013

CityNews are reporting that middle management has cost angry old man’s radio a rare talent:
DRIVE-TIME talk back presenter Mike Welsh has resigned from radio station 2CC this month after almost 11 years.
Welsh told “CityNews” the reason behind his resignation was a “long-running issue with middle management” that could not be solved.
“I’m disappointed it had [...]

Mount Franklin Chalet turning 75

By 1 November, 2013

TAMS are breaking out the bubbly for the Mount Franklin Chalet:
The ACT Parks and Conservation Service and the Canberra Alpine Club (CAC) invite you to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the opening of Mount Franklin Chalet this Sunday 3 November 2013 between 11 am and 2 pm.
“In 1938, the Mount Franklin Chalet was opened [...]

Your consumer rights in 7 languages

By 1 November, 2013

So this is potentially very useful, not just for migrants but also for locals. As anyone who has worked in retail will tell you, there’s plenty of confusion out there as to what you have the right to expect as a customer.
What a nifty idea.
Consumer protection agencies in Australia have joined forces to develop [...]

Yarralumla Nursey up for sale

By 1 November, 2013

As of today the tender for the Yarralumla Nursery Garden Centre is open. Apparently there will be no loss of staff, and all the various programs and schemes that work through the Nursery will continue to run unaffected.
So business as usual folks.
“The ACT Government is offering the Garden Centre retail nursery, which has been part [...]

Spring gem show 2013

By 1 November, 2013

[ 2 November, 2013 to 3 November, 2013. ]

“The Canberra Lapidary Club’s Spring Gemcraft and Mineral Show will be held at EPIC from 10am to 5pm on Saturday 2 – Sunday 3 November. Entrance is $5 adults, $9 family, $2 children/concession.

Dealers will be selling minerals, fossils, jewellery, rough and cut gemstones, lapidary equipment, opals, beads and other supplies.

Lapidary Club members’ collections [...]

Anyone feel they got their $31.6 million dollars worth?

By 1 November, 2013

The Centenary’s almost over, does anyone feel they got their $31.6 million dollars worth?
Has there been a ‘a lasting impact on the community’?
‘Ms Archer said she was conscious of using the $31.6 million centenary budget to put on events throughout the year that could have a lasting impact on the community.’ Canberra Times [...]

Hate Halloween? [with poll]

By 31 October, 2013

Debate abounds, is Halloween a gross piece of American commercialism with no place in Australian society?

Popular meme bouncing around on Facebook.
Or is it a bit of fun that in no way needs to be commercial or American and what’s your problem with American culture anyway?

My response.
What do you think?
I tend to feel hating Halloween for [...]

Canberra Harmony Christmas Chorus

By 31 October, 2013

Come and learn some Christmas carols in four-part harmony with Canberra Harmony Chorus women’s choir!

Katy backflips on arboretum photography pricing

By 31 October, 2013

Chief Minister Gallagher has tweeted the end to the ludicrous and long overdue photography fee policy at the arboretum.
Now to string up the muppet who decided on it in the first place?
After strong response from community the $200 professional photography fee for @NatArboretum will be removed #canberra
— Katy Gallagher MLA (@KatyGMLA) October 31, 2013

With mini casinos everywhere it’s tough to be the real deal

By 31 October, 2013

The ABC is carrying an emote by Casino Canberra over its ongoing lack of pokies and the rivers of gold forgone as a result:
Casino Canberra is cutting its staff and operating hours as it grapples with a fall in revenue.
The casino has blamed unfavourable economic conditions and its lack of poker machines for the decision.
Its [...]

20 years known unto god

By 31 October, 2013

The Unknown Soldier at the heart of the War Memorial is coming up on his 20th anniversary in that place.
Above is 7 minutes of Brendan Nelson talking about it if you’re into that sort of thing.
It does explain the recent hoo haa.
On 11 November 2013, the Australian War Memorial will hold a special ceremony to [...]

Canberra’s very own font revealed

By 31 October, 2013

The winner of the Canberra Centenary Typeface Competition was announced today!
We’ve got a font now people!
James Raftopoulos beat out 84 other entrees to claim the $10,000 prize and get his font known as Canberra’s official font.
The entrants were asked to display their font using the sentence “‘Five sexy Black Wizards judge Canberra Centenary Quest Champion“.
I [...]

Local Food Security Mini Expo

By 31 October, 2013

[ 16 November, 2013; 11:00 am to 3:00 pm. ]

Fusion Canberra will host a Local Food Security Mini-Expo on the 16th of November at their premises at the Carleton Street Shops, Kambah, to demonstrate different ways to get fresher, healthier and cheaper food closer to home.  From 11 am to 3 pm, a variety of fun and engaging activities will be available for everyone [...]

Heavy security around the staircase

By 30 October, 2013

On the Staircase is a pretty gorgeous piece of public art that was sadly vandalised by some people who we assume are not very nice.
Upon hearing that it has been restored and provided with extra security I ran down there today to snap a photo only to find it completely inaccessible. It appears that the [...]

Charity basketball match score $900 for Lifeline

By 30 October, 2013

A collection of media personalities took on the ActewAGL All Stars in a charity match to raise money for Lifeline Canberra.
A charity basketball match between ActewAGL All Stars and a Media team has netted $900 for crisis support and suicide prevention charity Lifeline Canberra.
The All Stars dominated the match as 12 baskets were scored, with [...]

Centenary wants you to learn about street and suburb names

By 30 October, 2013

The Cententary has three trivia questions for you!
I’ll admit I only knew the answer to the first one, and only because I lived and went to high school there.
If you’re a history or trivia buff, doing a bit of research into your suburb or street’s name could win you fabulous prizes!
Prizes like cash or electricity.
Do [...]

Canberran beekeeping queen tells her story

By 30 October, 2013

Want to listen to a podcast by third generation beekeeper Carmen Pearce-Brown about crowd funding a beekeeping business?
We’ve got you covered then.
That’s the link by the way, incase you missed what I did there.
The Canberra Urban Beekeeping Project is a community project by the “Honey Delight” family in response to the many comments people [...]

Calendar helping Tanzanian kids get an education

By 30 October, 2013

St Paul’s Church in Manuka, along with Radford College, have teamed up with the children from the rural village of Matumbulu in Tanzania to create a wall calendar for 2014.
Sales of this Calendar will help children in Tanzania get the chance to go to school.
The calendar is launching this Sunday (2nd of November) at St [...]

Leave the baby magpies alone

By 29 October, 2013

TAMS are asking you to let baby magpies be:
Echoing the recent plea from the RSPCA-ACT, Territory and Municipal Services rangers today urged the public not to mistakenly rescue baby magpies that may appear to be abandoned on the ground.
“Each year, many members of the public make the kind-hearted mistake of assuming a fledgling is [...]

Trouble at the Tuggeranong Arts Centre

By 29 October, 2013

The Liberals’s Brendan Smyth and Nicole Lawder are asking what’s going on the the Lower Louvre (aks the Tuggeranong Arts Centre):
Tuggeranong Community Arts is facing a crisis as the Association which runs the centre prepares for an emergency meeting requested by members, where the Board of Management could face the sack, Shadow Minister for Arts [...]

Good Guys matching NSW donations

By 28 October, 2013

The Good Guys are doing donation matching for the NSW bushfires, so if you’re looking to donate this would be a pretty good way to go about it.
The devastating fires in NSW have claimed lives and more than 200 homes, with hundreds more properties damaged and at risk. The Good Guys Tuggeranong, Fyshwick and [...]

Lose the Pokies. An Open Letter to the Legislative Assembly

By 28 October, 2013

‘If clubs fail, the economic and social contribution they make will also disappear and at the expense of the broader community’
- ClubsACT
Hahahaha. Nope.
Dear ACT Legislative Assembly,
Do we really need pokies in the ACT? It seems cruel to still need to rake over this in 2013, but life’s not all marriage equality and light rail.  Annually, [...]

New online portal to assist fire service volunteers

By 28 October, 2013

A new site has been launched to help give info and access to people looking to volunteer with the ACT Rural FIre Service. If you’re interested check out for info and help.
“The Emergency Volunteering Portal has been developed by Volunteering ACT as a way to volunteer with emergency service agencies as well as to [...]

Need volunteers to complete surveys for school assignments

By 28 October, 2013

I’m currently studying at Canberra Institute of Technology and have two assignments where I need to survey people.
If you could spare a few minutes to share your opinion and complete one, or both of the surveys, that would be great! Both are anonymous, quick, and you don’t even have to answer all of the questions [...]

A helping hand for the pokie dens

By 24 October, 2013

Because Canberra’s mini casinos are the sector of the community most in need of help Joy Burch has announced she’s legislating to make their lives easier and simpler:
Legislation introduced in the ACT Legislative Assembly today (Thursday) will reduce red tape for clubs, Minister for Gaming and Racing Joy Burch said.
Ms Burch said the Gaming Machine [...]

Red Dress Run for Pegasus – 22nd November

By 24 October, 2013

[ 22 November, 2013; 6:15 pm; ] The Hash House Harriers have been mentioned on this site previously. I received the below from a friend – please pass it on and attend!

Attention Hashers, Harriettes and Muggles,

It’s the Wednesday ACT (WACT) Hash, on a Friday. It’s the 1300th run, out of sequence. It’s starting at 6:30pm, which is later than [...]

Critical Mass rides again this Friday

By 23 October, 2013

[ 25 October, 2013; 5:44 pm; ]

This just in:

when uranium-235 is bombarded by a neutron, it undergoes fission which in turn releases more neutrons. Some of these escape, but a portion seeds further fission events – that in turn releases more neutrons. A critical mass is the amount of fissile material needed for a sustained chain reaction.

Friday 25th October, [...]

Dyslexia SPELD ACT launches today

By 23 October, 2013

Dyslexia Speld ACT (DSA) launches today as a paart of the AUSPELD network.
SPELD stands for specific learning difficulties which are estimated to affect up to 20% of the population. For many of these students, the barrier to effective learning is a component of their developmental make-up. These students, although almost always of average or above [...]

Apparently you guys like checking out Embassies

By 23 October, 2013

The General Manager of the Centenary, Adam Stankevicius, has called the Centenary program Windows to the World a success, claiming that about 35,000 of you visited the 35 embassies and high commissions, and that feedback had been positive.
Well done everyone!
“People really enjoyed the opportunity to see what lies beyond the gates of the various missions [...]


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