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Fashfest selling out

By 26 April 2013

Rioters might have noticed that next week sees the first ever Fashfest, Canberra’s very own celebration of all things fashion.
Above all, it’s a celebration of what a bunch of committed and creative Canberrans can do when we put our minds to something. Designers, models, hair salons, production companies, and the list goes on and on … [...]

Where to buy a hat in Canberra?

By 23 April 2013

As the colder weather approaches I’m in need of something fashionable to cover what remains of where my full head of hair used to be.
As an early 30′s male who’d rather shave his head than look like a 60 year old bald man I’m having trouble finding anywhere that sells a wide assortment of [...]

Le Diner en Blanc YouTube clip


YouTube user anj mariner has just posted a rather nice video of the Diner en Blanc that occured during the Enlighten Festival.
Randomly wandered into this “diner” party in Canberra while I was there for the Enlightenment Festival. Needless to say it was a great opportunity to capture people living in the moment.
This timeless guaranteed [...]

Legoland and the Model


Do you like looking at models? Do you like looking a caves? Well this is your lucky day as we have video of a model in a cave thanks to Peter Gray!
Ashleigh at Namadgi National Park. Legoland 17.4.13
Makeup by Lesley Johnston
Photographer Martin Ollman
Flash Monkey Peter Gra
Martin gave us a look at Legoland earlier in the [...]

Where to buy an overcoat in Canberra?

By 2 April 2013

Having recently returned from the Middle East, I am starting to feel the cold.
Could anyone tell me where I might buy an overcoat (not a jacket) to be worn over a suit.
I will try DJs of course but grateful for any other suggestions?

Blue Illusion in Manuka

By 14 March 2013

[ 22 March 2013 at 6:00 pm; ] Blue Illusion in Manuka are hosting a fundraising night of French inspired fashion & homewares with free sparkling wine & canapés, with profits from the evening going to the AIDS Action Council of the ACT

Friday 22nd March 2013
6pm – 9 pm

Blue Illusion, Manuka
Shop 4/1-7 Bougainville St Manuka Centre Manuka ACT

or call 02 6257 [...]

Bootmaker recommendations in Canberra?

By 13 March 2013

I am looking to have a pair of boots resoled and heeled. Expensive boots (not fashion, not high heeled, just boots) and I would like to find a decent quality bootmaker.
I have used some of the franchise type on other boots and found them expensive and lacking in quality to say the very least (aka: [...]

Canberra set to look pretty at FASHFEST

By 6 March 2013

[ 1 May 2013 to 4 May 2013. ]

Fashfest is hitting Canberra from the 1-4 of May. Fashfest if a showcase of Canberra’s work in the fashion field, and features designer shows, live performances, celebrities and probably more than a few cocktail parties. Sounds fun.

FASHFEST is the brainchild of founding partners Andrea and Clint Hutchinson. This husband and wife team are immersed [...]

If Sinsations lasts 100 years will we celebrate Canberra girls going to work there? [With poll]


The Canberra Times is very excited the local girl Fuchsia Bullot will be getting her clothes off for tourists in Paris:
Canberra’s Fuchsia Bullot has become a member of an exclusive – and long-legged – club.
She’s the third student of Tuggeranong’s Legs Dance Studio to join the high-kicking cancan line of the Moulin Rouge in Paris.
The [...]

Beware the ill fitting ActewAGL uniform

By 1 March 2013

Canberra’s most fashionable crims like to dress up as police officers.
But for the less discerning low life ActewAGL has the thrilling news that an ActewAGL jumper and jacket has been liberated during a burglary:
ActewAGL and ACT Policing are reminding Canberra residents not to allow entry into their land by anyone claiming to be an [...]

Brumbies gets dressed up pretty for the Centenary

By 26 February 2013

Sports fashionistas the Brumbies have revealed their new Centenary Strip to join in with Canberra’s celebrations.
The predominantly gold jersey and socks represent the ACT’s traditional sporting colours, with navy and white blended through to create an attractive kit. Gold and blue are consistent with Centenary of Canberra’s celebrations and logo. The Brumbies will use the [...]

Zara comes to Canberra

By 25 February 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

Controversial Spanish fashion retail chain Zara is opening a store at the Canberra Centre.
We are excited to announce the much loved international fashion label Zara will be opening at Canberra Centre on Thursday 14 March.
Zara will bring their collection of stylish, high quality, well priced fashion for women, men and children to their [...]

One mall to rule them all?

By 20 February 2013

The Economist has an article on the future of retailing.
It’s UK centric, but it rings true for what makes a pleasing shopping experience.
Shops must become “brand ambassadors”, complementing websites. That means keeping the whole range in stock, having good customer service and being sufficiently appealing that people will travel a long way to visit [...]

Brumbies merch 2013. That’s not a baseball cap, it’s a snapback

By 13 February 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

The Brumbies have sent forth their merchandise selection for the 2013 season.
It’s some good looking gear and I might well pick some up at the ground on Saturday night.
I particularly like how what we used to call a baseball cap is now a “snapback”.

Military op shop query

By 17 January 2013

Dear Rioters,
I recently picked up a most excellent military jacket at an op shop.  It is black, with cool embroidery on the cuffs.  Here is a photograph.  Sorry, but we can’t all be Gungahlin Al or Ben_Dover with their skills and cameras and so on.
I would love to know which of the armed services it [...]

The return of the Sculpture Bar to the National Gallery

By 16 January 2013

[ 18 January 2013; 25 January 2013; 1 February 2013; 8 February 2013; 15 February 2013; 22 February 2013; 1 March 2013; 8 March 2013; 15 March 2013; 22 March 2013; 29 March 2013; ]

This in from the National Gallery:

Rain, hail or shine the National Gallery of Australia Sculpture Bar in association with Veuve Clicquot re-opens for the summer this Friday 18 January in the new location of the Sculpture Garden Restaurant.

Canberra piercing advice?

By 28 December 2012

Hi! I’m after a nose piercing next week and was wondering where the best place to get it done would be? Any suggestions/experiences are appreciated!
At the moment I’m considering Redpath? Someone else told me to go to Hairhouse Warehouse but I’m not sure.
Also anyone with a nose piercing what should I expect??
Also I’m under 18, [...]

Zara makes its move on the Canberra Centre

By 20 December 2012 FEATURED ARTICLE

Thanks to Tootza for sending in confirmation the long awaited Zara is coming to the top floor of the Canberra Centre.
The agile Zara will give the other retailers nearby a run for their money:
It is claimed that Zara needs just two weeks to develop a new product and get it to stores, compared to [...]

Suitcase rummage at New Acton

By 12 December 2012

[ 16 December 2012 at 12:30 pm; ]

Get your tight jeans and thick rimmed glasses out; the New Acton Suitcase Rummage is back!

This in from New Acton:

Suitcase Rummage started in Brisbane with a couple of people wanting people without pretension and markets without a mardi gras of racks and banners. Coupled with NewActon, they’re encouraging Canberrans to fill some suitcases with [...]

No date, no car. No Problem

By 7 December 2012 FEATURED ARTICLE

An Exercising Passerby has sent this in:
A group of 5 young men queue to make their appearance at their Year 12 formal ….
Very Eco-friendly on their scooters!
Got an image of Canberra you want to share with the world? Email it in to .

Tales from Tuggeranong – The Hype Dome

By 7 December 2012

So the new extensions to the Tuggeranong Hyperdome are open.  
I took a good look around today and soon realised that its a lot of the same old same old, re-arranging the chairs so to speak.
Yep, there are a few new tennants in Big W, JB Hi Fi and one or two others, but the rest are mainly old tennants [...]

Homophobia and apostrophe fail at Belconnen Skate park.

By 6 December 2012 FEATURED ARTICLE

Martlark has shared this:
Taken this morning.
Haters may have to hate, but at least they could try to get their grammar correct.
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Would you like to help Lip?

By 3 December 2012

Lip Magazine has a month to go on their Pozible campaign to print their next edition and with a lot of Canberra women involved are worthy of your consideration:
Lip Magazine is an alternative, independent magazine for young women. Launched in 2003, the magazine has undergone a string of changes over the years, and in [...]

Do you wear clothes?

By 29 November 2012

[ 1 December 2012; ]

If you our anyone you know wears clothes then you should come see some ridiculously interesting ones at the CIT Graduating Fashion Parade: Kinetic 2012 this Saturday, 1 December 2012.

My girlfriend and her classmates have been putting together a crazy collection of clothes, hats and other things that go on bodies.

Tickets are available through Out [...]

Canberra jewellers Knave and Fables makes the Hollywood red carpet

By 23 November 2012

Knave and Fable are sharing their exciting news:
Emerging Canberra jewellery label Knave & Fables recently made their debut on the Hollywood red carpet, with actor Ryan Daniel Dobson showing off some of the label’s dapper pieces at the Napa Valley Film Festival.
Ryan Daniel Dobson has starred in well-known Hollywood series including How I Met [...]

Sara Burke the Australian Apprentice of the Year

By 19 November 2012

Andrew Leigh is celebrating the victory of Canberra’s Sara Burke at the Australian Training Awards:
Aranda resident Sara Burke was on Friday 16 November announced as the Australian Apprentice of the Year at the 2012 Australian Training Awards.
The La Bimbi Hairdresser recently completed a Certificate III in Hairdressing through the Canberra Institute of Technology. Now [...]

Buzzcuts in Canberra?

By 12 November 2012

I am fairly new in Canberra. 
Just have my hair in a Buzzcut and it seemed like some girls immediately disqualify me and today had 3 young males pass and swear on me while I was walking in the Civic mall.
Now I am feeling bit low.
Do I look hideous?
Or is it just a NO NO haircut in [...]

Tattoo removalists in Canberra?

By 2 November 2012

A family member has decided to get a small tattoo removed.
Where should they go?

Coincidence or Inspired… or neither.

By 27 October 2012

Rioters – help me out on this one…
Canberra’s hottest new creative space definately made its mark on the front page of The Canberra Times… but check out the branding. I stumbled over this image earlier today.
The Milkbar Kingston, Canberra

The Milkbar


Sixte strikes the Floriade bus

By 17 October 2012 FEATURED ARTICLE

The Falsiesmob aren’t going anywhere it seems.
Today they’ve tumbld A fairly big hit on the Canberra Centre’s Floriade bus.

Clothing alterations in Civic?

By 9 October 2012

Can anyone recommend a place in Civic that does clothing alterations? 
Things like hems, sleeves, adjusting the bodice of a dress etc. 
I’ve Googled but all of the recommendations are from several years ago.  Thanks in advance.

Hairdressers open on public holidays?

By 8 October 2012

Hi all. Does anyone know of any hair dressers that are open today that isn’t just cuts and isn’t a rip?

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