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Can anyone recommend a leather worker in Canberra?

By 5 October, 2012

I have a handmade leather bag that needs different (longer) straps – the current ones are set in, in brass fittings, so I’m probably needing to look for an expert leather worker.
Any recommendations?

Kombi Van Formal Hire in Canberra?

By 30 September, 2012

I was having a little search around the internet for what car me and my friends might take to formal. I came across a RiotACT post from a few years back asking for kombi vans in canberra. Thinking that this was a good idea I followed the links and wasn’t fully satisfied, mainly because the [...]

Professional Hair and Makeup in home

By 22 August, 2012

I am looking for a professional(s) to do wedding hair and makeup for a Saturday in February next year. Has anyone got any recommendations/are you a hair/makeup professional? I am only interested in people who are available to do this in my home.
It would be for Bride and 5 Bridesmaids – approximately 6 hours work for two people (ie one [...]

The Mark of Jobs in the Canberra Centre

By 13 August, 2012

We’ve known for a long time that Apple was opening a store in Canberra. But the location has been the subject of much speculation.
Threeze has sent in this pic with the following note:
This is totally happening, right?
(old Esprit space, top floor, Canberra Centre, this morning)

Where to get cargo shorts and a straw cowboy hat in Canberra in July?

By 23 July, 2012

So later in the week I’m handing you lot over to the untender mercies of Editorial Resource No 2 and jetting to Japan for the RiotACT Tokyo Bureau Chief’s bucks night.
Now the bucks proceedings are at the Fuji Rock festival which means your correspondent needs clothing suitable for a summer festival.
In particular I’d like [...]

Rainy Day Canberra

By 12 July, 2012

Sometimes our fine city can look distinctly un-Canberra. By un-Canberra I refer to those moments when the freshly occupied becomes softened through use and time

Civic/Northside hairdressers

By 26 June, 2012

Can anyone recommend a hairdresser who charges less than $200 to cut, style, colour and blow dry, please?
I have now tried Sibu (charged $65 more than quoted and were not overly friendly), CJ’s in Florey (ok style, ok price, just nothing special), Boho (highly recommended but had two little girls playing with my hair [...]

And there was tweed

By 12 June, 2012

Well it’s not every day my bicycle features on page 3 of the Canberra Times.
As notified here the Canberra Tweed Ride was perpetrated again yesterday with a very large group of riders looking damn fine if I do say so myself.
Thanks to Adam for taking the pictures here’s a slideshow for those who missed it [...]

Burlesque Bazaar is on again!

By 18 May, 2012

[ 20 May, 2012; 11:00 am to 4:00 pm. ] When: Sunday 20th May 11am-4pm

Where: Canberra Irish Club, Weston

May is the month of mums, and a lot of mums are superheroes, so in the 50 free Showbags for the May Bazaar, you get a Wonder Woman Lipstick!

$5 entry gets you 5 Kitka dollars that is redeemable at any stall when you spend over [...]

A look at the coming euro-style plates

By 9 May, 2012

A lot of Canberrans have been jonesing for a very long time on euro style number plates.
Today we’ve seen a mockup of what the plates will look like.
We hear 1 July is going to be the start date.

In The Taratory mid-Autumn wrap

By 18 April, 2012

It’s been a busy two months in the Taratory since our last wrap in February – but that’s because there’s been plenty to do in and around Canberra!
First of all, we’ve quite simply done a lot of eating. On johnboy’s recommendation, T1 checked out what all the fuss was about at Sage, and was totally [...]

Help required for men of large girth in Canberra!

By 11 April, 2012

As a man of surplus girth I sometimes find it hard to get a business shirt that will button up across my large neck but not look like a poncho around the rest of my chest.
Does anyone know any menswear shops that cater for such a thing so that I wouldn’t have to go down [...]

AHFA NSW/ACT Hairdresser of the Year 2012 – Adam Ciaccia

By 4 April, 2012

Adam Ciaccia of Axis Hairdressing has been awarded the title of NSW/ACT Hairdresser of the Year for 2012 at the Australian Hairdressing and Fashion Awards in Sydney on Monday night.
The AHFA’s are the most prestigious Hairdressing awards in Australia and are judge independently by experts in the UK.
Article is in the CanberraTimes today. [...]

I need a plus sized model for an indie photo-shoot.

By 3 April, 2012

I need a lovely  female model to help me shoot some indie clothing, Preferably size 12-14. Experience is not required!
I’m a female photographer. It will be on a volunteer basis, however a keepsake CD of images will be included.
Can anyone help, or offer any suggestions on where I should be advertising?
Thanks Rioters.

Buying a tuxedo in canberra?

By 11 March, 2012

Trying to find a reasonable priced, reasonable quality tuxedo in Canberra but not having alot of luck. I was suprised at the number of stores where I expected to find them that just don’t stock any.
Does anyone know where I could pick up a a tuxedo, pure wool or wool blend for under $1000? [...]

Dry Cleaner recommendations… For a wedding dress

By 5 March, 2012

Hi Rioters!
Im looking for a dry cleaner who can do wedding dresses…
I have heard some horror stories, and seen some horrific rips and stains on newly-cleaned wedding dresses…
Has any ladies, or men, used a great one?? or ones to avoid?

Searching for Hairdresser – Mel

By 13 February, 2012

Searching for hairdresser expert in bobs.

Looking for someone who knows something about canes.

By 4 February, 2012

I recently acquired an antique ivory cane, however the head has detached from the stick. The head is basically a rounded knob and the stick is hollow inside but filled with a transparent yellow resin substance which I assume holds all the ivory together. I want to reattach the head and possibly add in a [...]

A very Darling party

By 20 January, 2012

[ 21 January, 2012; 6:30 pm; ] To celebrate the first anniversary of Darling Central, please join us at the Canberra Irish Club on Saturday for a FABULOUS festival of fashion.

- A fashion parade with guest MC the charming Captain Spitfire and featuring fashions for 2012 from Darling Central
- Burlesque performances by Deb Delicious, Melina Fahrenheit and Miss Tiffany Blue
- Grooming [...]

Getting new soles put on a pair of leather boots?

By 12 January, 2012

I have a dilemma. My favourite pair of leather boots have started to peel up from the sole.
I’m not sure where to entrust said leather boots to get fixed.
Has anyone used those Mister Minit type places? Are there speciality shoe fixers around town?
How much do these things tend to cost?

The return of the Golliwog?

By 16 December, 2011

Have you seen many golliwogs around town?
There’s a shop in Tuggeranong with a front window packed full of them, claiming they’re again quite the popular toy for children.

Golf shirt, glove and hat in Canberra?

By 16 December, 2011

Hey everyone, so some of my mates are doing a pub crawl in Sydney dressed in golf outfits.
Does anyone know where I can get a cheap shirt, glove and hat?
I don’t play golf so I don’t wan to pay hundreds for some clothing that I will wear once.
Any help is appreciated.

Modelling agencies for kids in Canberra

By 14 December, 2011

Just wondering if anyone has had any positive experiences with kids modelling agencies in Canberra.
I’m considering registering my kids with one, but have heard lots of negative things to be aware of.
Does anyone have any agencies here they would recommend?
I’ve also noticed some of the bigger agencies list themselves as ‘Australia wide’ [...]

Non-bogan car seat covers in Canberra

By 7 December, 2011

 The Carnard family has upgraded the family car to a far newer model than that previously owned.  This car has front seat side airbags.  In the interests of keeping it clean and as kidfriendly as possible (eg safe from spills and crap) the boss wants seat covers.  Some folk have warned/advised(?) us re fitting “normal” [...]

Maker culture in Canberra. Make, Hack, Void

By 6 December, 2011

The Economist is having a look at the rise of “maker” culture and what it could mean to the world.
If you’re wondering how to get involved the good news is that Canberra does have a maker space; “Make, Hack, Void”.
Being a nerdy pursuit they even have an IRC channel.

Does anyone have a good Japanese tattoo done in Canberra?

By 3 December, 2011

I want some Japanese styled ink and don’t really want to travel to get it.
Is there anyone in the ACT that does a decent job?

What’s with postcode tattoos?

By 1 December, 2011

Perhaps an old topic - but the young tradie who turned up at my place recently got me thinking: What is with Canberra postcode tattoos?
Is this irony, as in Canberra’s the last place you’d find a turf war?
Or are there really turf wars that I’m too old and out of the loop to know [...]

Andy Friend is nearing Canberra.

By 29 November, 2011

Someone doing something positive for his wife:
An exciting event began on the 1st of September of this year, when former Brumbies Coach Andy Friend and his wife Kerri began their 5000km journey from Cooktown to Canberra to raise awareness and money for Acquired Brain Injury.
The FRIENDly Ride is a three month Mountain Bike challenge for Andy [...]

Want a free tat? Go to prison!

By 26 November, 2011

The Canberra Times has an intriguing piece on musings by the Chief Minister on introducing a “safe tattooing” service to the prison, possibly as a reward for good behaviour, to reduce blood bourne infections.
If being covered in tats is once again a prison thing will this reduce their fashion appeal in wider society?
[Photo by derekGavey [...]

Lycra shortage hits the Raiderettes?

By 25 November, 2011

StuffYouMayHaveMissd has YouTubed a partial wardrobe malfunction for a Raiderette.
We’re sure she’d be fine with the next size up.

April’s Caravan finds a home

By 25 November, 2011

Word reaches us that April’s Caravan, beloved itinerant vintage clothing providores of the Inner North, have after some false starts found a permanent home at Lyneham shops.
As the gallery space at The Front has now been returned to the art world, April’s Caravan has found a new home in Lyneham around the corner at 5 [...]

Vintage or second hand clothing stores in Canberra?

By 22 November, 2011

I did a search for my question but was unable to find an answer. I need a dress to wear to a gathering my brother is holding, now my brother is rather fancy and my converse chuck Taylor’s are unwelcome.
I need a dress and some shoes i am more comfortable in older styles of clothing, [...]


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