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Me & Mother Jones in Kingston, awful, just awful

By 26 February 2013

I had lunch at Me & Mother Jones with two friends and it was talked up in advance. What a disappointment.
The service was so abysmally slow (we arrived on time at 1 pm; ordered 1.10; main course arrived at 2.00 pm).
Now, at MMJ you are talking restaurant prices – including $7.00 a glass corkage for [...]

Chicken Processing near Canberra?

By 24 February 2013

Does anyone know if there is an abattoir near Canberra where I could have my chickens processed so they could legally be sold?

Bagels, get your bagels

By 18 February 2013

Someone who wants to make a fortune selling bagels at the farmers market.
All you need to do is show up on time and serve people in a timely manner.
It is also recommended you bring enough change so you don’t have to beg for change from other vendors EVERY WEEK.

Debacle is dead! Long Live Debacle!

By 16 February 2013

[ 22 February 2013; ] Despite Debacle being a regular killing ground for my relationships (I suspect the quick access to parking might have something to do with being invited there for dumpings) it remains one of my favourite watering holes in Canberra (Budvar and Speckled Hen on tap don’t hurt).

So it was with some alarm I received a media [...]

Kagawa teriyaki chicken bento. $10 lunch review

By 15 February 2013
Kagawa teriyaki chicken bento. $10 lunch review

Being a sucker for a sandwich board promising a sub $10 lunch Dickson’s Kagawa lured me in today.
I walked in the door at the dot of noon to find the place mostly empty, but not ready to do anything so crass as take my order.
After a couple of minutes playing around with a cash register [...]

Small brewers beer festival in the Botanic Gardens

By 15 February 2013
Small brewers beer festival in the Botanic Gardens

[ 9 March 2013; 2:00 pm; ]

Well this looks like fun:

The Small Brewers Beer Festival is about showcasing some of the unique and exquisite beers made by the smaller breweries and beer companies from around Australia.

Participation to this festival is strictly limited to small breweries as on-going battle to level the playing field against the big breweries.

Over 55 different beers [...]

Alto closing after tonight

By 14 February 2013

Goodfood brings word that Canberra’s top restaurant (in vertical metres at least) is closing its doors after getting the love birds out tonight.
Two years of unpaid rent can do that to a business.

Ploy Thai. $10 lunch review

By 13 February 2013
Ploy Thai. $10 lunch review

Walking down Lonsdale Street in Braddon today (as one does) I noticed the Ploy Thai restaurant and with the promise of an $8 deal how could I resist?
Curry puffs come extra at a dollar a throw and with a can of coke I had lunch and a drink for a mere $11.
I should have had [...]

Win an Electric Night Out with Palace Electric

By 12 February 2013
Win an Electric Night Out with Palace Electric

Palace Electric Cinema is giving RiotACT readers the exclusive chance to win one of three VIP Electric Night Out experiences!
Be one of the first to experience the Electric difference at Palace Electric with two x VIP passes to any session of your choice, followed by dinner for two at Mezzalira to the value of $200 [...]

Kitchen workers to sign that they’ve read the manual?

By 12 February 2013
Kitchen workers to sign that they've read the manual?

The Magistrates Court has released the findings of the inquest into the Hotel Diamant fire.
The background by Coroner Walker is certainly far reaching:
When humankind learned of the quality of fire as a tool in cooking, a seductively dangerous relationship emerged. Whether in the home or commercial kitchens, fires related to the cooking process are [...]

The jet has landed but the whining goes on

By 12 February 2013

The Australian Hotels Association is still carrying on that people had fun at the Multicultural Festival without paying their members for the privilege.
“As the leading voice for hospitality and tourism in the ACT, the AHA-ACT welcomes events and festivals that attract tourists to Canberra and boost the local economy,” AHA-ACT Branch General Manager Brad Watts [...]

The sly fox rides over the lazy cafe

By 12 February 2013
The sly fox rides over the lazy cafe

Here’s something new: a bike-path side café.
I was feeling a little lost as my daughter was off on camp, so I went for a ride, and came upon this little bit of free enterprise on the bike-path between MacArthur Avenue and David Street in O’Connor.  And yes, it’s all properly approved by the Authoritahs.
The very [...]

BAMOASD 2013 another massive hit

By 11 February 2013

Your correspondent didn’t get to the Multicultural Festival this year. Quite how I missed my favourite event of the year is a source of some confusion but it involves my girlfriend, who did go to the festival, without me. Suffice to say I’m not very happy about all that.
So I’ll just have to note the [...]

Smoque. Restaurant Review

By 11 February 2013
Smoque. Restaurant Review

Smoque (Pronounced Smoke) is a relatively new player in the restaurant game. It’s on Petrie Plaza just next to Ted’s Cameras off London Circuit.
They’ve gone to the trouble of making a sexy video which gives a feel for the place:

I had a dinner meeting for three to organise so foolishly thought booking a table a [...]

Hostage Bar and Tapas, a review

By 11 February 2013

Last night instead of the busy Multicultural Festival, my boyfriend and I decided to go to Dickson instead. We stumbled upon a relatively newish place called ‘Hostage Bar and Tapas’.  The menu looked enticing so we decided to give it a whirl.
The place was practically empty – that should have been all the warning we [...]

Zucchini Brothers Pizza?

By 10 February 2013

Dear Mr Zucchini,
Despite none of your pizzas actually containing either zucchini OR brothers, we are big fans of your work, and lament your absence since December.
It was rumoured that you would be reopening mid-February but having recently tried to call you and found your number disconnected, and the location of your new digs clearly vacant, [...]

AHA plays the grinch to BAMOASD joy

By 8 February 2013

The Australian Hotels Association has a long history of trying to force Australians into a small number of horrible booze barns owned by their mates.
So it’s not surprise they’re bellyaching about Beer And Meat On A Stick Day:
Industry has expressed concerns about the double-standards being applied to the service of alcohol at Canberra’s National [...]

Learn to make great craft beer at the Multicultural Festival this weekend.

By 8 February 2013

The Canberra Brewers Club is back at the Canberra Multicultural Festival this year. Once again we’ll be selling some great handcrafted beers courtesy of the Wig and Pen, including last year’s hit brew, The Malty Cultural.
This this year we’re also going to be conducting live brewing demonstrations.
If you’ve ever wanted to get [...]

Catering in Canberra?

By 7 February 2013

I’ve been tasked with helping find a good caterer for the Honda Australia Rally Team that are attending the NatCap Rally on the first weekend of March.
Will be based out of the service park, power etc all supplied, and to feed approx 30 people for the weekend.
Who’s out there? Opinions? Recommendations?

Coin toss on the tele from Manuka!

By 6 February 2013
Coin toss on the tele from Manuka!

What a beautiful thing to see on the TV, international cricket live from Manuka Oval!
Hopefully they’ve fixed the “technical issue” which scuppered the beer filling machines at all the bars for the PM’s XI.

Kava exemption rides again

By 6 February 2013
Kava exemption rides again

The Health Directorate has announced that kava will once again be gracing Beer And Meat On A Stick Day:
“The Pacific Island community has expressed the importance of kava use to their culture. This exemption will allow Pacific Island people to observe their customs on the occasion of the National Multicultural Festival each year, ACT [...]

Pigeon BBQ preparations at Duxton underway

By 6 February 2013
Pigeon BBQ preparations at Duxton underway

The whereabouts of baby pigeons is much discussed on the internet.
Fortunately we can now say they’re behind the gas heater at O’Connor’s Duxton just one cold night away from tragedy.
Got an image of Canberra you want to share with the world? Email it in to .

Beer And Meat On A Stick road closures

By 6 February 2013

TAMS are making known the road closures around Civic for the 2013 National Multicultural Festival:
Only one lane along London Circuit, between Constitution Avenue and Northbourne Avenue, will be open to vehicle traffic in both directions from 10 am to 6 pm on Friday 8 February 2013. The speed limit will be reduced to 40 kilometres [...]

How does one know where the alcohol exclusion zones in Canberra are?

By 6 February 2013

A friend needs to know for reasons we don’t need to go into here.
But as the matter is not easily googled we can perhaps provide a long term public service.
Anyone know?

Bubbly Bar tickets now on sale

By 1 February 2013
Bubbly Bar tickets now on sale

The Centenary folks are giving notice that the times tickets to their Bubbly Bars are now available:
“I’ve tasted the tapas and the Centenary bubbly, and believe me at $15 for four tastes and a glass this is a fantastic bargain,” Robyn said.
“But basically this is more about being able to say you were there, to [...]

Poles going up for Beer And Meat On A Stick Day

By 31 January 2013
Poles going up for Beer And Meat On A Stick Day

[ 9 February 2013; ]

There is no day so joyous in the Canberra calendar as BAMOASD. So it’s with some joy I note the marquees are going up in Civic Square.

It’s coming up on 9 February.

Good food in Barton?

By 23 January 2013

Rhetorical question really. Quite a few good cafes although many are hidden in office blocks.
But a few months ago Pride of Asia opened on the corner of National Circuit and Bligh St, opposite the Hotel Kurrajong. This place is fantastic. Good cheap tasty Asian food, with a choice of four premade hot dishes plus [...]

Bed and breakfast close to Canberra?

By 22 January 2013

I’ve been looking to take the missus to a bed and breakfast somewhere close by (preferably with a swank restaurant) and keen for some recommendations.
There appear to be any number of places around Bungendore, but they’re all self-rated, and the majority seem to have some pretty scathing reviews online.

Graduation Dinner Suggestions in Canberra?

By 22 January 2013

My graduation dinner is coming up in a month or so, and family tradition is we go somewhere a little more expensive and fancy to celebrate when someone graduates university.
I am looking for suggestions of restaurants that have a good menu selection to keep everyone happy, and isn’t ‘little meals on big plates’ kind of [...]

Suggestions for somwhere to have a morning tea?

By 22 January 2013

Normally my morning tea of choice for catching up with friends is at the Hyatt but shock – horror – this is no more! The Hyatt now only offers afternoon tea with 2 sessions (starting at 11am) at a large-ish price……
Problem is I need a 10am start and I would rather not pay $52 per person!
Any [...]

Ace Sushi Belconnen Markets

By 21 January 2013

For those looking for authentic sushi in Canberra, I highly recommend Ace Sushi at the Belconnen markets. Been there twice now and the sushi is excellent – very fresh and reasonably priced at $2.90 a plate. The sushi chef there trained in Hokkaido in northern Japan for a number of years and really knows his [...]

Ten years on…

By 19 January 2013
Ten years on...

Back in autumn 2003 I went on a tour round the wineries on the eastern side of town with the other half. On that tour we bought a Gidgee Estate ‘Bush Fire Red’ made from the 2002 vintage that had been smoke damaged in its barrels in January 2003. The proceeds went to the Wamboin [...]

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