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Bakeries at the local shops in Canberra?

By 18 March 2013

where are canberra’s bakery-produced pies and sausage rolls?

Looking for a wedding venue – suggestions?

By 18 March 2013

Dearly beloved Rioters,
She and I are looking for a wedding venue in Canberra that is cheap, large (100+ guests), and allows own choice of caterer. Nice view, tasteful decor, grand piano, hired muscle not necessary.
Any suggestions? If a marquee is the only option, any ideas where to pitch it?

Ill Baretto and Groupon

By 15 March 2013

Dig into a big breakfast of fried, scrambled or poached eggs on toasted bread, accompanied with sausage, bacon, roasted tomato, mushrooms and a hash brown, or the vegetarian option of sautéed spinach and ricotta.
Sounds alright doesn’t it? But before we could enjoy any of this at Il Baretto at 1 Hobart  Place in the city, [...]

King Ruby cops the banhammer

By 14 March 2013
King Ruby cops the banhammer

Chris has sad news from Hackett:
Looks like they’ve been busted. Not too surprised considering how I’ve felt the next day a few times. But it always tasted great on the way in.
Keep them coming in to .

Blue Illusion in Manuka

By 14 March 2013

[ 22 March 2013; 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm. ] Blue Illusion in Manuka are hosting a fundraising night of French inspired fashion & homewares with free sparkling wine & canapés, with profits from the evening going to the AIDS Action Council of the ACT

Friday 22nd March 2013
6pm – 9 pm

Blue Illusion, Manuka
Shop 4/1-7 Bougainville St Manuka Centre Manuka ACT

or call 02 6257 [...]

Canberra Wineries?

By 13 March 2013

We have friends from out of town coming to visit and we thought we would take them to a local winery? 
Any suggestions on which ones and when they are open?

Pizza in Spence or nearby?

By 12 March 2013

Hey Guys,
I am moving to Spence in a couple of weeks, and I am wondering of the brains trust could recommend a non-chain pizza shop in the area.
Am also interested to know if the Indian place in Charny is still there and any good.
Thanks in advance!

Where should RiotACT have lunch?

Where should RiotACT have lunch?

So this is where John, myself, and George the RiotACT dog have lunch most days. It’s not ideal, we think we can do better.
Occasionally we find enough shrapnel in the RiotACT couch and go splurge on lunch somewhere, we attempt to justify this expense by reviewing the places we visit. These tend to be some [...]

Easter dining options in Canberra?

By 12 March 2013

Hi all,
Got some family visiting over the Easter break and looking to show them some of Canberra’s better cuisine – and by that I don’t mean Kingsley’s. Am only fairly new to town, so not too sure where to find what I’m looking for!
Easter Monday is my mother’s birthday, so I was hoping to find [...]

Ben and Jerry’s invading supermarket freezers

By 12 March 2013
Ben and Jerry's invading supermarket freezers

Do you like ice cream? Stupid question, everyone likes ice cream.
The much beloved Ben and Jerry’s ice cream brand is launching in Canberra and will soon be available from supermarkets and ready to be put directly into your mouth hole. Rejoice!
The Ben & Jerry’s legendairy range is based on the original recipes of ethical ice [...]

Small Brewers Beer Festival 2013. A review

By 10 March 2013

The walk up the hill at the National Botanic Gardens in the warm, sunny conditions was enough to work up a thirst, and would also ensure that any punters who overindulge will be able to stumble out of the venue (and onto Clunies Ross Drive?).
By the end of the day, we had all drank well [...]

AFL match goes meat pie free for first time since 1897

By 9 March 2013

Tonight I attended the AFL pre-season NAB Cup match at Manuka Oval, to see Essendon and Greater Western Sydney trial their latest crop of youngsters and watch old stagers like Dustin Fletcher, Brendon Goddard and Jobe Watson run around the paddock. Manuka Oval was in superb condition, and the new lights are lovely. The match [...]

Beer Festival Winners!

By 8 March 2013
Beer Festival Winners!

We’ve had a great response to the small brewers beer festival ticket competition.
[Drum roll please]
The winners are:
A #27
Micro-brewed beer is the one and only psuedo-elitist hipster indulgence that I allow myself. Please feed my smug sense of self-satisfaction.
B) #16
I need to convince my mate that not all Australian beer is crap.
C) #13
free ticket: then I [...]

A ‘minor’ setback for Sultan’s Turkish Pide

By 6 March 2013
A 'minor' setback for Sultan's Turkish Pide

Sultan’s Turkish Pide Gungahlin seems to have seen better days.
James sent this in:
An employee was roaming around outside when I took these. He was very keen to make sure I was aware this was as a result of “minor structural issues”. A jack hammer was being used inside to tear up the tiled floor [...]

Update & Competition- Small Brewers Beer Festival

By 5 March 2013

New breweries and cider makers have signed up to join the original brewers include:
Hopdog Brewery,
Apple Thief Cider,
Bridge Roads Brewers,
2 Brothers Brewing,
Matso Broome Brewery,
and Pikes Beer.
Some of the more unusual beers that will be available for tasting on the day will be a beetroot beer, a black pilsner,a double strength barley wine beer, and more IPA’s, [...]

Brodburger review

Brodburger review

When asked about reviewing something south of the lake in his $10 lunch reviews Johnboy said “When I find something good south of the lake I’ll let you know about it.”
He’s making me write about Brodburger. Draw your own conclusions about that.
So Brodburger is apparently a thing. Everyone has heard about about it. Well, everyone [...]

100 FREE BRODBURGERS (And may god have mercy on the souls of those queuing for them)

By 5 March 2013

[ 9 March 2013; ] Canberra’s favourite way to wait for food has announced a giveaway on Twitter:

This is our 1st Tweet ever and what better way to start than to announce that we will be giving away 100 free Brodburgers on the 9/03/13— Brodburger (@Brodburger) March 5, 2013

On the 9/03/13 The first 50 free Brodburgers will be given away [...]

East Kitchen Chicken Mee Goreng. $10 lunch review

East Kitchen Chicken Mee Goreng. $10 lunch review

East Kitchen is a long serving stalwart of the Dickson scene, tucked into the courtyard next to Zeffirelli’s.
And they have a fairly large menu of lunch dishes which go for $8.50 take away.
I went with a Mee Goreng with chicken.
There was a 10 minute wait. But hey, I can be fiddling on my phone anywhere [...]

Parking Milko style

Parking Milko style

Damien has sent in a parking example worthy of its own post:
Putting the Tavern in Taverner…
If you’re going to try and get sideways on every corner when it rains then you should master the art of counter-steering first.
Corner of Drakeford and Taverner, Wanniassa.
Got an image of Canberra you want to share with [...]

Polish Club Markets in Canberra?

By 28 February 2013

Hello just wondering if anyone has ever attended the Polish markets that are on at the Polish club every few weeks???  
Opinions on the products that are there?  
Thanks in advance.

What mushroom is this around Canberra?

By 27 February 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE
What mushroom is this around Canberra?

Anyone know anything about a bright yellow mushroom that resembles Ron Jeremy?

HHH Run… and what’s this about Turner Bowls?

By 26 February 2013

[ 27 February 2013; 6:10 pm to 7:45 pm. ] Hi all,

The Hash House Harriers are the biggest running group – and the biggest drinking group – in the world. We are known as “drinkers with a running problem”.

It’s an amazing group, although you don’t need to run (some stay behind to mind the bags) and you don’t need to drink (it seems some [...]

Me & Mother Jones in Kingston, awful, just awful

By 26 February 2013

I had lunch at Me & Mother Jones with two friends and it was talked up in advance. What a disappointment.
The service was so abysmally slow (we arrived on time at 1 pm; ordered 1.10; main course arrived at 2.00 pm).
Now, at MMJ you are talking restaurant prices – including $7.00 a glass corkage for [...]

Chicken Processing near Canberra?

By 24 February 2013

Does anyone know if there is an abattoir near Canberra where I could have my chickens processed so they could legally be sold?

Bagels, get your bagels

By 18 February 2013

Someone who wants to make a fortune selling bagels at the farmers market.
All you need to do is show up on time and serve people in a timely manner.
It is also recommended you bring enough change so you don’t have to beg for change from other vendors EVERY WEEK.

Debacle is dead! Long Live Debacle!

By 16 February 2013

[ 22 February 2013; ] Despite Debacle being a regular killing ground for my relationships (I suspect the quick access to parking might have something to do with being invited there for dumpings) it remains one of my favourite watering holes in Canberra (Budvar and Speckled Hen on tap don’t hurt).

So it was with some alarm I received a media [...]

Kagawa teriyaki chicken bento. $10 lunch review

By 15 February 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE
Kagawa teriyaki chicken bento. $10 lunch review

Being a sucker for a sandwich board promising a sub $10 lunch Dickson’s Kagawa lured me in today.
I walked in the door at the dot of noon to find the place mostly empty, but not ready to do anything so crass as take my order.
After a couple of minutes playing around with a cash register [...]

Small brewers beer festival in the Botanic Gardens

By 15 February 2013
Small brewers beer festival in the Botanic Gardens

[ 9 March 2013; 2:00 pm; ]

Well this looks like fun:

The Small Brewers Beer Festival is about showcasing some of the unique and exquisite beers made by the smaller breweries and beer companies from around Australia.

Participation to this festival is strictly limited to small breweries as on-going battle to level the playing field against the big breweries.

Over 55 different beers [...]

Alto closing after tonight

By 14 February 2013

Goodfood brings word that Canberra’s top restaurant (in vertical metres at least) is closing its doors after getting the love birds out tonight.
Two years of unpaid rent can do that to a business.

Ploy Thai. $10 lunch review

By 13 February 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE
Ploy Thai. $10 lunch review

Walking down Lonsdale Street in Braddon today (as one does) I noticed the Ploy Thai restaurant and with the promise of an $8 deal how could I resist?
Curry puffs come extra at a dollar a throw and with a can of coke I had lunch and a drink for a mere $11.
I should have had [...]

Win an Electric Night Out with Palace Electric

By 12 February 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE
Win an Electric Night Out with Palace Electric

Palace Electric Cinema is giving RiotACT readers the exclusive chance to win one of three VIP Electric Night Out experiences!
Be one of the first to experience the Electric difference at Palace Electric with two x VIP passes to any session of your choice, followed by dinner for two at Mezzalira to the value of $200 [...]

Kitchen workers to sign that they’ve read the manual?

By 12 February 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE
Kitchen workers to sign that they've read the manual?

The Magistrates Court has released the findings of the inquest into the Hotel Diamant fire.
The background by Coroner Walker is certainly far reaching:
When humankind learned of the quality of fire as a tool in cooking, a seductively dangerous relationship emerged. Whether in the home or commercial kitchens, fires related to the cooking process are [...]

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