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Celebrate International Homebrew Day this Saturday

By 30 April 2013

[ 4 May 2013 at 9:00 am; ] On Saturday May 4, the Canberra Brewers Club and the Wig and Pen will be hosting the International Homebrew Day “Big Brew”.

This year, seven of Canberra’s finest homebrewers will face off, each taking a different take on a Belgian ale recipe.

There will be a wide range of brewing setups, from inexpensive beginner’s extract brewing gear, [...]

Arboretum Slideshow


Supreme Rioter Poptop sent us in a few images from (and words about) the National Arboretum.
Here are some snaps of the Arboretum; which is looking very fine and very popular. The Conservatory , the in site restaurant, is very pleasant and is run by the same people who run the Ginger Room at Old [...]

Locally produced Gelato at the Tuggeranong Hyperdome


Gelato Mio, has opened at the Hyperdome which sells locally produced Gelati and claims them to be authentically Italian. I have missed having reasonable access to good Gelati and so have vested and deeply selfish interest in encouraging this one to commercial success.
After braving the delights of shepherding some younger relatives through their retail [...]

Panna cotta in Canberra?

By 28 April 2013

Any suggestion for a restaurant / cake shop that serves really good panna cotta?
I’ve been dying to eat one and I just want one where I can have a slices for take-away.

Gravy free zone at Canberra Stadium

By 28 April 2013

Many recent posts have queried the poor food and beverage quality and range at Canberra Stadium – and here’s another contribution on this important theme.
Why on earth can I not get gravy put on hot chips while I watch the rugby.
It defies understanding.
I don’t want a port wine jus or anything.
Just [...]

Mobile Office Reviews: Smith’s Alternative


If you’ve been following the goings on in Civic recently (or keep up with what we write on this site) you’re probably well aware that Smiths Alternative Bookstore has undergone a few changes recently.
For those of you still in the dark here is a quick summary:

Less books.
More gigs.
Raised stage.
April’s Caravan Vintage Clothes Store in residence.
Different [...]

Why no cider Canberra Stadium?

By 26 April 2013

Rioter John hit us with his concerns regarding Canberra Stadium’s baffling lack of available cider:
I have been trying on and off for over 3 years (since late 2010) to get Canberra stadium to answer a simple question: do they have any plans to offer cider, like almost every other stadium in Australia?
Emails, tweets, even letters [...]

86. A lunch review


Having heard significant buzz about 86, Braddon’s hippest new joint, Goosepig and I ventured down for lunch today.
We had a truly magnificent meal but it is not without flaws and reservations.
For a start there are no menus. There is a chalkboard inside, but if seated outside you’re at the whims of the waiter’s memory. With [...]

Restaurant Dog. Images of Canberra


RFS has sent this in:
The attached photo was taken early yesterday evening just outside of Sammy’s Kitchen.
I’m afraid the quality is poor due to the conditions and my inexperience with cameras.
The important question however is who takes their dog to dinner so they can leave it sitting outside the restaurant while they [...]

Cotter Restoration Celebration

By 24 April 2013

ACT Greening Australia and Canberra Centenary would like to celebrate the work done by volunteers during and after the Canberra Bushfires 10 years ago, so they’re putting on an event at the Cotter.
The Lower Cotter Catchment is again teeming with life thanks to the efforts of thousands of volunteers and a partnership between Greening Australia [...]

Jamie Oliver coming to Canberra (sort of)

By 23 April 2013

Hospitality Magazine has the word that Kingsleys Steak and Crabhouse is giving way to pommy superchef Jamie Oliver’s take on Italian:
Jamie’s Italian Australian partner, Pacific Restaurant Group, has announced it will close its Kingsleys Steak & Crabhouse Canberra restaurant at the Canberra Centre to make way for the new venue.
Pacific Restaurant Group managing director [...]

Mobile Office Reviews: The Pancake Parlour

By 23 April 2013

“Where shall we go today Joel?”
“I want pancakes John!”
… and so went to the Pancake Parlour.
I had almost intended it as a joke, it turned out to be a really good idea.
Possibly the best place yet, if not a very close second to the Front. The WiFi was fast enough for our needs, and the [...]

Lunch at Loading Zone. A restaurant review


Loading Zone has been causing a lot of buzz since it opened last month in the middle of the Melbourne Building. (Odgers Lane to be specific)
Barcham and I tried to have lunch there a couple of weeks ago but they were all full up.
We made a point of getting in at noon today and it [...]

Pancake Parlour’s Red Dawn. A breakfast review


The Pancake Parlour in the Civic Bus Interchange has been around so long it’s passed from its cool phase, to a daggy phase, and might just be re-emerging into the warm sunlit uplands of cool.
Barcham and I have been ensconced this morning for the mobile office review (to come later) but we kicked things off [...]

AHA ACT Hospitality Awards think EVERYONE is doing a great job

By 23 April 2013

Below is the list of hospitality venues winners of the AHA ACT Hospitality Awards for 2013, it is only slightly smaller than the list of hospitality venues that exist in the ACT.
What do you think readers? There are some I definitely agree with (Sage Restaurant for example), and a few I find quite confusing (Transit [...]

Feasting at the Sri Lankan Buddhist Vihara


Down near the newish Kambah Superschool there is an almost secret commercial, community and religious centre, with temples and medical services and a fitness center.
On Saturday, the Sri Lanka Buddhist Vihara opened its gates for one of its regular Food Festivals. The air was full of spicy scents and the sense of purpose from [...]

Mobile Office Reviews: 39 Steps

By 22 April 2013

In Mobile Office Reviews Johnboy and I search for the perfect place to spend a day working.
This morning we went to 39 Steps Cafe, a fancy looking little place at the O’Conner shops. The weather was cold, but 39 Steps was warm and welcoming.
Johnboy got a coffee, I ordered bacon and eggs. Full of enthusiasm [...]

New cafe in Mode 3?

By 22 April 2013

Was hoping someone had some information on the new cafe in Mode 3 in Braddon?
I think it’s called 86 (it faces Elouera Street) but Google came up blank. 
Went past there on Saturday evening and again yestedray morning and it was packed.

Breakfast at Pulp Kitchen. A brunch review


I normally wouldn’t think of going to a fine dining restaurant for breakfast.
But a strange series of events lead me to Ainslie’s Pulp Kitchen in search of breakfast and I was very pleasantly surprised.
You’d think going out for breakfast would be a simple enough undertaking. But Braddon was absolutely chockas and there was no where [...]

Chicken thieves strike

By 20 April 2013

This in from Karen:
I know it sounds completely ludicrous, but yesterday afternoon between 1500hrs and 1830hrs someone removed the palings from my back fence and stole nine of my pure bred pekin bantam chickens (they left the crossbreeds).
I have attached a picture of my rooster and ask if anyone has any information could they [...]

Mobile Office Reviews: James Court McDonalds

By 18 April 2013

It’s Mobile Office Review time!
We need a theme song.
In our never ending quest to earn ‘scene-points’ by finding the coolest hippest places to hang out and be seen with our laptops, Johnboy and I went to James Court McDonalds today to show the world just how hip we are.
I feel a little bit ill.
I even [...]

Mobile Office Reviews: Edgar’s Inn


The team here at the RiotACT Mobile Office Reviews mobile headquarters has been listening to your feedback dear readers.
Some of you want us to go south-side.
Some of you hate how ‘hipster’ the places we’ve been visiting are.
Some of you suggested we suggested we head to the Ainslie shops and hit up Edgar’s Inn.
Well, two out [...]

Edgars Inn at Ainslie. Lunch review


Barcham and I lunched at Edgars in Ainslie today.
A touch north of $50 secured two pints of Squire’s Golden ale a charcuterie plate and some wings.
So it’s a bit more pricey than chowing down for Burmese curry. On the other hand you don’t put your used plates into a garbage bin at Edgar’s either.
The beer [...]

A mighty rigid structure appears in the Canberra Centre. Pour Quoi?


The food court atrium in the Canberra Centre has developed a large steel frame for what seems to be some sort of internal roofing.
Anyone want to suggest what could be the cause?

Mobile Office Reviews: The ANU Food Co-op


Johnboy and I decided that today we should conduct our dark business hidden amongst by the many barrels of lentils at the ANU Food Co-op. Sure its primary function is as a place to buy vegetables, doesn’t mean it can’t be used as a place of work!
Look forwards to us reviewing Superbarn in next [...]

Mr Shabu Shabu. A lunch review


Mr Shabu Shabu nestles beneath Unilodge just off Childers Street in Civic West.
Barcham and I were attracted by the pleasant looking tables under the big Unilodge awning and the authentic sounding yet very affordable menu.
At 12.15 we were the only ones in, but it began to really fill up as we were leaving.
Impressively a complimentary [...]

Cuppacumbalong Open Day


Another lovely day and so off to the Cuppacumbalong Open Day, which was part of the Tharwa 150th Anniversary. Happy birthday, Tharwa!
I was there just around noon and it seemed to be a quiet and very civilized event, with people picnicking on the lawns, playing a spot of badminton on the tennis courts or sauntering [...]

Supper Club asks you to dine out for a good cause

By 12 April 2013

[ 2 May 2013; ]

Fancy supper?

Visit any one of twenty two restaurants from in and around the ACT on Thursday 2nd May, eat awesome food, and help out camp quality.

This is a win/win kind of situation Rioters.

Apparently bookings are filling up fast, so make sure you get on board.

Camp Quality Supper Club is a one-of-a-kind fundraising experience marrying fine [...]

Canberra Craft Beer and Cider Festival at Mercure Hotel

By 10 April 2013

[ 13 April 2013; ]

Beer and cider festival! This Saturday the 13th!

What else do I have to say?

Over 80 beers and ciders to try! Local Gourmet Food Stores! LIVE Entertainment! Entertainment throughout the day! Lots of Giveaways! Beer and Food matching! Beer Quiz! Meet the Brewers! Jumping Castle! Brewers Table Tennis Championship! Charity Auction!

Formerly known as The National Capital [...]

Mobile Office Reviews: The Front Gallery and Cafe


Mobile Office Reviews are a thing now!
We now live in the future. Johnboy bought himself a pretty little Chromebook and I’ve got a Macbook Air so slim and sharp I once cut a chunk out of my nose with it (true story).
What this means is that the RiotACT office is now fully mobile and we [...]

Save the date! Multicultural Food and Beer dates announced for 2014

By 9 April 2013

2014 seems way too future to actually be a year we will live in, but live in it we shall and while we are living there will will feast on beer and foreign meats!
Canberra’s cultural diversity will again be on display at the 2014 National Multicultural Festival, when the three-day event is held on 7, [...]

Pre-heat your ovens for the Canberra Cake competiton

By 9 April 2013

A cake baking contest will be held to celebrate Canberra’s 100th birthday and I only just realised the connection between those two while typing this sentence. Ahhh birthday cakes.
At any rate there will be prizes and judges and cakes! I like all of those things.
Canberra cake creators are invited to enter online for the [...]

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