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By 14 December, 2012

Anyone know a good source of edible nettles in or around Canberra?


By 13 December, 2012

 Context; I have recently returned to eating fish, (but not meat,) after 30 + years of vegetarianism. (Reasons available on application.) As a newb I am not au fait with the purchase of fish dishes or fish in the ‘Berra
 Please, hive mind, name me, in terms of fish dishes, your favourite;
– Chippy:
– Indian restaurant / takeaway:
– Other ethnicity [...]

Coopers Pale at Aldi! Oh Happy Day!

By 12 December, 2012

The beer drinking man has long faced a conundrum.
The best mass produced beer in Australia is, as any fule kno, Coopers Pale.
On the other hand the cheapest beer is from Aldi.
Until today, oh joyous day, when I found Coopers Pale going in Aldi for $42 a case.
Tonight’s going to be a good night.

The 2 millionth meal from The Yellow Van

By 12 December, 2012

Andrew Barr is celebrating The Yellow Van’s 2,000,000th meal delivery:
The celebration took place at the official launch of the service’s ‘Unwrapping Hunger’ campaign in the lead up to Christmas.
The Yellow Van has a Christmas fundraising goal of $50,000, which will help it support the most disadvantaged people in the Canberra community.
I encourage all Canberrans to [...]

Tidbinbilla serves Kangaroo meat at their cafe.

By 12 December, 2012

Over the weekend myself and an interstate friend went to Tidbbinbilla for a lovely day with the kangaroos and wildlife. Afterwards we decided to stop off at the new cafe they have there for lunch. You can imagine our shock and horror when we saw grilled kangaroo fillet and kangaroo sausages on menu. Kangaroos are [...]

2012 Canberra Santa Pub Crawl?

By 8 December, 2012

Has anyone heard whether this year’s pub crawl is going ahead?
Regardless of what happens, I think I’ll keep up the tradition and show up this Friday at PJ’s in my Santa outfit anyway.
[Photo from 2009 Santa Pub Crawl]

Young Cherry Festival!

By 26 November, 2012

[ 30 November, 2012 to 2 December, 2012. ]

For those not of a Corinbank bent we have word of the National Cherry Festival at Young this weekend:

The town of Young in NSW will this weekend host the 2012 National Cherry Festival. For three days, 30 November – 2 December, the 63rd National Cherry Festival will offer a highly colourful program of [...]

Goodbye old friend. Brod’s red caravan put out to pasture

By 23 November, 2012

Driving home from work the other day I noticed the famed red Brodburger caravan appears to have ended its useful life in the back streets of Fyshwick (Wiluna Street, in this case).
May it rust in peace.
[ED and here's a memory of the glorious past]

What happened to the (in)famous Landmark Cafe?

By 22 November, 2012

I walked past the Landmark Cafe yesterday (Wednesday) and saw that the business was closed, and for sale. 
Does anyone know more about the situation?

Look on my works ye mighty

By 20 November, 2012

A fortnight ago we thrilled to the promotion of the ANUS Burger at ANU.
We can report it’s now just a beef burger.

Sic transit gloria mundi.

Bicycle Bootleg Jazz Breakfast at the Co-op

By 16 November, 2012

[ 25 November, 2012; 9:00 am to 12:00 pm. ]

This in from facebook:

Please ride your bike down to the Co-op from 9am on the morning of Sunday the 25th of November and enjoy an organic breakfast! You will help us raise much needed funds for a *pedal powered cinema* and be serenaded by live Jazz musicians while you eat.

Your breakfast will be cooked to [...]

Mad Mex come to Westfield Belconnen offering discount burritos!

By 14 November, 2012

Knowing how much so many of you like a deal on a burrito I thought I’d better pass this on:
Baja-style Mexican now on the menu for local residents – $5 Burritos available all day 15 and 16 November to celebrate!
If a trip to Mexico [...]

Best Pizzas in the centre of Canberra?

By 10 November, 2012

Opinions please!
Won’t be too bad if other parts of our town are mentioned but I am really interested in the city.

Meanwhile at the Australian National University

By 6 November, 2012

Big thanks to Dr_na for taking this one from Union Court.
You really think they’d be careful about dropping that apostrophe by now.
Customers certainly be glad of the chips and salad!
Got an image of Canberra you want to share with the world? Email it in to .

Beware the Paralytic Shellfish Toxin contaminated mussels

By 6 November, 2012

The Chief Health Officer is warning that regardless of what you think about Peter Slipper’s text messages you don’t want to be hanging onto some batches of mussels:
On 2 November 2012, a national recall was announced for mussels that may be contaminated with a naturally occurring biotoxin called paralytic shellfish toxin. Shellfish may accumulate this [...]

Engineering genius at Octoberfest

By 5 November, 2012

Tony has sent in this homage to the creativity of Octoberfest returned to EPIC.
Got an image of Canberra you want to share with the world? Email it in to .

Krating Daeng (Thai Red Bull) in Canberra?

By 5 November, 2012

Does anyone know if any shops in Canberra stock Krating Daeng (Thai Red Bull)?
Obviously I could order from the Internet, but at $90 a-case plus postage, I’d prefer to find somewhere local – if only to save on postage or the drive to Sydney.
For those not in the know, here’s a picture. Surely [...]

Seafood restaurant suggestions in Canberra?

By 2 November, 2012

My better half’s 50th approaches and is great lover of  Lobster Mornay.
Sadly the expense prohibits this on a regular basis, the last one was 10 years ago so any suggestions for a fine purveyor of said lobster would be appreciated.
One that’s open on Sunday evenings but not necessarily.

New cafe/restaurant in Weston – Kusina

By 1 November, 2012

Hi RA-ers.  
There’s a new cafe/restaurant in Weston which opened less than two weeks and is worth a visit.  
It’s called Kusina and is Filipino-based in its cuisine – I’m not aware of any other Filipino places in Canberra.  
I’ve had good coffee there and a breakfast.  As well as good eggs benny etc, they [...]

Brindabella Beer Festival?

By 30 October, 2012

Question for my fellow RA beer lovers…
I picked up a flyer for the “Brindabella Beer Festival” at the CRDL semi-final last week, which promised to rival the National Capital Beer Festival held each year at the Mercure in Braddon.
This magical event was to be held in Weston Creek (I think it was at the observatory) [...]

ICBM slugged $130k for beating up a punter

By 29 October, 2012

The Supreme Court’s Justice Sidis has found for Sharon Hopps in her action against the owners of the ICBM night club who could neither find the responsible security guard, nor turn up to court.
In this matter, the plaintiff claimed that in the early hours of 23 May 2009 she was assaulted by a security [...]

Symbiotic trading in Belco? Images of Canberra

By 29 October, 2012

[ED - But does anyone know which one came first? Got an image of Canberra you want to share with the world? Email it in to ]

Woden Valley Festival 2012

By 29 October, 2012

[ 4 November, 2012 to 10 November, 2012. ] The Woden Valley Festival has been growing steadily over the past five years and 2012 sees it grow bigger still!

It is a week of fun, from 4-10 November with over 200 performers, taking part in 15 events throughout the Woden Valley area, all free, fun and local.

What a difference a letter makes. Images of Canberra

By 26 October, 2012

A new special on the menu at Red Chilli Cafe… “Lived Abalone”
Certainly good to know they were alive once.
[Got an image of Canberra you want to share with the world? Email it in to ]

Late70s early 80s bars in Belconnen?

By 25 October, 2012

Help please in settling one of those over dinner memory lapse things.
What was the name if the bar on the corner, a couple of doors down from the Pot Belly? Late 1970s/early 80s.

Pram Friendly Restaurants in Canberra?

By 25 October, 2012

Hi Everyone,
I have a 3 month old baby and am after suggestions on nice restaurants that are pram friendly. I know there are children friendly places that have play rooms and so forth however I’m after restaurants that are ok with prams and have the space to bring a pram through (and wont act like [...]

The Duxton 2 for 1 pizza review

By 24 October, 2012

Mrs C and I tried the Tuesday special 2 for 1 pizza deal at The Duxton at O’Connor Shops last night. She had an El Troppo on gluten free base and I had a Pepperoni on a regular base.
Both bases were very good (especially hard to find for gf) and were thin and crisp, just [...]

Cafe Tidbinbilla awaits you

By 24 October, 2012

Territory and Municipal Services want you to know there’s a new option for Sunday lunch:
Canberra’s newest foodie experience has just opened amongst the picturesque and rural beauty of the Tidbinbilla Valley at Cafe Tidbinbilla, Manager of Operations, National Parks and Catchments, Brett McNamara, said today.
“The new cafe will feature quality cafe style food, locally produced [...]

Nick O’Leary wins a gong for Riesling

By 23 October, 2012

Word in from the NSW Wine Awards that the Nick O’Leary 2012 Riesling (Canberra District) has won Best Young Riesling.
Congratulations to all concerned.

Coffee shops and community life in Harrison/Gungahlin?

By 22 October, 2012

My husband and I are returning to Canberra after three years away and we’ll be renting in Harrison. I’ve never lived in Gungahlin before and I’m sort of familiar with the town centre but not the rest of the area.
I can’t see any Harrison shops on Google Earth but maybe it’s an old picture. Does [...]

Drinking Hole with Election Coverage

By 20 October, 2012

So with the ACT going to the polls tomorrow, and me somehow managing to take an interest in the whole thing, I’m wondering if anyone knows of a venue that will be showing the election coverage and pouring beer?
If I can find a place and get some friends interested it might be a fun evening.

Canberra Milk Should Be Renamed Tokyo Milk

By 18 October, 2012

Just had this email forwarded to me from a local milko at Aussie Farmers Direct.  Didn’t know this!

“Canberra Milk Should Be Renamed Tokyo Milk”
I’ve talked to so many people who don’t realise the brand “Canberra Milk” is now part of the giant Kirin Corporation of Japan’s stable of brands (just like all [...]


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