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Supper Club asks you to dine out for a good cause

By 12 April, 2013

[ 2 May, 2013; ]

Fancy supper?

Visit any one of twenty two restaurants from in and around the ACT on Thursday 2nd May, eat awesome food, and help out camp quality.

This is a win/win kind of situation Rioters.

Apparently bookings are filling up fast, so make sure you get on board.

Camp Quality Supper Club is a one-of-a-kind fundraising experience marrying fine [...]

Canberra Craft Beer and Cider Festival at Mercure Hotel

By 10 April, 2013

[ 13 April, 2013; ]

Beer and cider festival! This Saturday the 13th!

What else do I have to say?

Over 80 beers and ciders to try! Local Gourmet Food Stores! LIVE Entertainment! Entertainment throughout the day! Lots of Giveaways! Beer and Food matching! Beer Quiz! Meet the Brewers! Jumping Castle! Brewers Table Tennis Championship! Charity Auction!

Formerly known as The National Capital [...]

Mobile Office Reviews: The Front Gallery and Cafe

By 10 April, 2013

Mobile Office Reviews are a thing now!
We now live in the future. Johnboy bought himself a pretty little Chromebook and I’ve got a Macbook Air so slim and sharp I once cut a chunk out of my nose with it (true story).
What this means is that the RiotACT office is now fully mobile and we [...]

Save the date! Multicultural Food and Beer dates announced for 2014

By 9 April, 2013

2014 seems way too future to actually be a year we will live in, but live in it we shall and while we are living there will will feast on beer and foreign meats!
Canberra’s cultural diversity will again be on display at the 2014 National Multicultural Festival, when the three-day event is held on 7, [...]

Pre-heat your ovens for the Canberra Cake competiton

By 9 April, 2013

A cake baking contest will be held to celebrate Canberra’s 100th birthday and I only just realised the connection between those two while typing this sentence. Ahhh birthday cakes.
At any rate there will be prizes and judges and cakes! I like all of those things.
Canberra cake creators are invited to enter online for the [...]

Canberra District Wine Harvest Festival. With Wine Giveaway!!!

By 5 April, 2013

[ 6 April, 2013 to 7 April, 2013. ]

This weekend sees the annual Canberra District Wine Harvest Festival on again. 26 local wineries are offering a variety of tasting adventures, entertainment (music & artwork), delicious food and the opportunity for a great day (or days) out in the country.

Its a great opportunity to meet some of the makers of the Canberra District’s [...]

Justice Nield smacks Taj Agra and Magistrate Dingwall around

By 3 April, 2013

The Supreme Court has thrown up an interesting case in the matter of Andrew Kaye v Khawar Siddiq.
The heroic health protection office Andrew Kaye has succeeded in his appeal to have fines against the Dickson Taj Agra restaurant increased from $1,800 to $10,625.
There’s probably good money to made setting up as a private food safety [...]

Fresh vegetables delivery trial

By 2 April, 2013

Hello Canberra,
Some of you already know me. I’m James, founder of MetroFarms Pty Limited (MetroFarms), a new Canberra-based company.
MetroFarms will be Canberra’s new local farm and we seek to set a new standard for sustainable farming in Australia.
If vegetable flavour and nutrition matter to you and your families, you want vegetables to be their absolute [...]

Banhammer comes to Arirang Gungahlin

By 1 April, 2013

Peter sent this one in:
More fodder for the masses. Attached is a photo of Arirang Korean restaurant (on Hibberson St, Gungahlin) taken on Sunday. Note the possible explanation in Korean.
Keep them coming to .

Glacial Canberra Hospital open their ears on hospital food (but not for the patients)

By 29 March, 2013

Hospital food is always going to be a vexed issue.
Every penny spent on it could be going towards another staff member’s salary, a piece of equipment, a secure multi user data entry system, a bottle of hand sanitiser, the list goes on.
On that constrained budget then consider the vast swathe of humanity to be catered [...]

Sabai Dee lunchbox. $10 lunch review

By 27 March, 2013

Barcham and I attempted to lunch today at the new cafe in Odgers Lane. But they were full. So we decided to take up a reader recommendation and try the new Sabai Dee which has taken up residence where the old Shalimar used to be.
Praise be on arrival they had a $8.50 lunch box deal [...]

Foul footy food

By 27 March, 2013

Pizza – how can you go wrong? Easy at Bruce Stadium.
Take a ( probably frozen) parbaked circle of dough, top it with ersatz tomato gloop, and a few slices of ham like substance sliced so thin you could read contract fine print through it; completely destroy any integrity in a microwave and $ 8.50 thank you very [...]

Lunch at the new Debacle. A review

By 26 March, 2013

For lunch today Barcham and I were upon our bicycles and down to the newly reopened and relocated Debacle.
For those who’ve missed the news this is what the old Debacle currently looks like with George Rose’s evolving wall animation shamefully tagged over by the mindless falsies crew.

And a very short stumble down the road one [...]

What it says right there on the wall

By 25 March, 2013

There’s a certain something special to macca’s promotion of their highly sophisticated McCafe.
Particularly apropos Dickson.
Not that the cafes of New York are anything to write home about for that matter.
Got an image of Canberra you want to share with the world? Email it in to .

Beware the death caps

By 22 March, 2013

Territory and Municipal Services are putting the word out about the dreaded death cap mushroom returning to our fields and fens.
The ACT Government is reminding Canberrans to avoid eating wild mushrooms found growing in the ACT, as autumn is when death cap mushrooms start to grow in many parks and nature strips throughout Canberra. A [...]

Debacle re-opening!

By 21 March, 2013

It’s the bar that issues media releases but at least we know that they’re reopening just a little ways down the road from their last locale.
Debacle will reopen at our new premises at Mode 3, 24 Lonsdale Street, Braddon on the 25th March 21, 2013.
We would like to thank everyone for their patience while we [...]

Lyneham Pide Hut chicken lunchbox. $10 lunch review

By 19 March, 2013

The Lyneham Pide Hut is under new management. On one level that’s a shame as I rather liked the old management. On the other hand they new guys are offering a $10 lunchbox.
There’s a choice of chicken or lamb.
For that you get a fair whack of salad, including tabouleh and a whack of hummus, rice, [...]

Bakeries at the local shops in Canberra?

By 18 March, 2013

where are canberra’s bakery-produced pies and sausage rolls?

Looking for a wedding venue – suggestions?

By 18 March, 2013

Dearly beloved Rioters,
She and I are looking for a wedding venue in Canberra that is cheap, large (100+ guests), and allows own choice of caterer. Nice view, tasteful decor, grand piano, hired muscle not necessary.
Any suggestions? If a marquee is the only option, any ideas where to pitch it?

Ill Baretto and Groupon

By 15 March, 2013

Dig into a big breakfast of fried, scrambled or poached eggs on toasted bread, accompanied with sausage, bacon, roasted tomato, mushrooms and a hash brown, or the vegetarian option of sautéed spinach and ricotta.
Sounds alright doesn’t it? But before we could enjoy any of this at Il Baretto at 1 Hobart  Place in the city, [...]

King Ruby cops the banhammer

By 14 March, 2013

Chris has sad news from Hackett:
Looks like they’ve been busted. Not too surprised considering how I’ve felt the next day a few times. But it always tasted great on the way in.
Keep them coming in to .

Blue Illusion in Manuka

By 14 March, 2013

[ 22 March, 2013; 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm. ] Blue Illusion in Manuka are hosting a fundraising night of French inspired fashion & homewares with free sparkling wine & canapés, with profits from the evening going to the AIDS Action Council of the ACT

Friday 22nd March 2013
6pm – 9 pm

Blue Illusion, Manuka
Shop 4/1-7 Bougainville St Manuka Centre Manuka ACT

or call 02 6257 [...]

Canberra Wineries?

By 13 March, 2013

We have friends from out of town coming to visit and we thought we would take them to a local winery? 
Any suggestions on which ones and when they are open?

Pizza in Spence or nearby?

By 12 March, 2013

Hey Guys,
I am moving to Spence in a couple of weeks, and I am wondering of the brains trust could recommend a non-chain pizza shop in the area.
Am also interested to know if the Indian place in Charny is still there and any good.
Thanks in advance!

Where should RiotACT have lunch?

By 12 March, 2013

So this is where John, myself, and George the RiotACT dog have lunch most days. It’s not ideal, we think we can do better.
Occasionally we find enough shrapnel in the RiotACT couch and go splurge on lunch somewhere, we attempt to justify this expense by reviewing the places we visit. These tend to be some [...]

Easter dining options in Canberra?

By 12 March, 2013

Hi all,
Got some family visiting over the Easter break and looking to show them some of Canberra’s better cuisine – and by that I don’t mean Kingsley’s. Am only fairly new to town, so not too sure where to find what I’m looking for!
Easter Monday is my mother’s birthday, so I was hoping to find [...]

Ben and Jerry’s invading supermarket freezers

By 12 March, 2013

Do you like ice cream? Stupid question, everyone likes ice cream.
The much beloved Ben and Jerry’s ice cream brand is launching in Canberra and will soon be available from supermarkets and ready to be put directly into your mouth hole. Rejoice!
The Ben & Jerry’s legendairy range is based on the original recipes of ethical ice [...]

Small Brewers Beer Festival 2013. A review

By 10 March, 2013

The walk up the hill at the National Botanic Gardens in the warm, sunny conditions was enough to work up a thirst, and would also ensure that any punters who overindulge will be able to stumble out of the venue (and onto Clunies Ross Drive?).
By the end of the day, we had all drank well [...]

AFL match goes meat pie free for first time since 1897

By 9 March, 2013

Tonight I attended the AFL pre-season NAB Cup match at Manuka Oval, to see Essendon and Greater Western Sydney trial their latest crop of youngsters and watch old stagers like Dustin Fletcher, Brendon Goddard and Jobe Watson run around the paddock. Manuka Oval was in superb condition, and the new lights are lovely. The match [...]

Beer Festival Winners!

By 8 March, 2013

We’ve had a great response to the small brewers beer festival ticket competition.
[Drum roll please]
The winners are:
A #27
Micro-brewed beer is the one and only psuedo-elitist hipster indulgence that I allow myself. Please feed my smug sense of self-satisfaction.
B) #16
I need to convince my mate that not all Australian beer is crap.
C) #13
free ticket: then I [...]

A ‘minor’ setback for Sultan’s Turkish Pide

By 6 March, 2013

Sultan’s Turkish Pide Gungahlin seems to have seen better days.
James sent this in:
An employee was roaming around outside when I took these. He was very keen to make sure I was aware this was as a result of “minor structural issues”. A jack hammer was being used inside to tear up the tiled floor [...]

Update & Competition- Small Brewers Beer Festival

By 5 March, 2013

New breweries and cider makers have signed up to join the original brewers include:
Hopdog Brewery,
Apple Thief Cider,
Bridge Roads Brewers,
2 Brothers Brewing,
Matso Broome Brewery,
and Pikes Beer.
Some of the more unusual beers that will be available for tasting on the day will be a beetroot beer, a black pilsner,a double strength barley wine beer, and more IPA’s, [...]


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