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Turf (reasonable condition) or clean fill available Crace

By 23 July 2014

We are replacing our turf with loose gravel. In Crace.   It seems a pity that the turf – either as turf (in reasonable condition) or as good quality loose fill – is going to go to waste.  Anybody need it?  You’d have to take it up yourself.  No need to take it all.

Canberra Tree Week activities – Wednesday and Thursday

By 23 July 2014

The inaugural Canberra Tree Week has already seen many activities that celebrate living in a city surrounded by trees.
Throughout Wednesday 23 July 2014 and Thursday 24 July 2014, residents and visitors alike are invited to take part in more free events, including:
Eucalypts of the Southern Tablelands
What: Join a guided tour of Forest 20 at the [...]

RiotACT Face off: Yarralumla Development


For our second RiotACT Face Off, we invited The Yarralumla Residents Association and John Miller (Executive Director of the Master Builders, ACT) to answer the following question:
Is the proposed development of the area surrounding the Yarralumla Brickworks simply inevitable change in progress, aligned with society needs, or does it represent the end of a community [...]

Landscaper recommendation


We want to replace our grass with loose gravel, and replace the dead plants in our hedge.   Small front area and even smaller side area. In Crace.   Not up to doing it ourselves.  We’d like a neat and permanent job.  Any recommendations?

Disposal fees waived for loose-fill asbestos home owners


The ACT government will waive disposal fees where houses containing loose-fill asbestos are renovated or demolished, Minister for Workplace Safety and Industrial Relations, Simon Corbell, announced on Saturday.
“The government has made the decision to waive these fees following recommendations from the Asbestos Regulators Forum, and is part of a suite of measures to address [...]

Architects honour the National Arboretum and Light rail design


The ACT Institute of Architects annual award ceremony was held at the weekend. The event took place at the REX hotel – an interesting choice of venue to celebrate good design…
Simon Corbell announced the winners of the light rail station design ideas competition.
“I am very pleased that the ACT Chapter of the [...]

Better ways to weed out an old enemy

By 12 June 2014

Weed management in the ACT and regional communities will be easier with the launch of the ACT and Southern Tablelands Weed Spotter website and smartphone app, Minister for the Environment and Sustainable Development, Simon Corbell, said today.
“Combating noxious weeds is problematic all around Australia, but we now have another way to help weed them out,” [...]

Tradeswomen deliver on Housing ACT properties

By 11 June 2014

Two new public housing homes built by a team dominated by tradeswomen have been handed over to the ACT Government, Minister for Women Joy Burch said today.
The two adaptable dwellings in Richardson were built by Housing ACT, in conjunction with Ruiz Constructions, over 10 months between August 2013 and May 2014. In all, 14 tradeswomen [...]

Wright building site shut down


A building site in Wright operated by Empire Building Group has been shut down over a raft of safety concerns, according to The Canberra Times.
Empire Building Group is currently constructing ‘Panorama at Wright’, an estate of 180 townhouses and apartments.
WorkSafe was alerted to concerns regarding safety on the site, but the company closed the site [...]

Increased high density housing in revised development of Brickworks

Brickworks plan 1

Canberra landmark and spooky ruin, the Canberra Brickworks may soon be the centre of an exciting new housing development.
The ACT Government has provided in-principle support for development of the land defined in the current Strategy for the Canberra Brickworks + Environs, subject to relevant ACT and Commonwealth statutory processes.
The Strategy includes a proposal for [...]

REIACT Home Buyers Expo on tonight

By 15 May 2014

Are you looking to buy your first home? Come to the Real Estate Industry home buyers expo tonight! You’ll get the opportunity to speak to experts across every industry needed to buy a home.
When: Thursday 15th of May
Where: Hellenic Club Woden
Time: 5.30pm – 8.30pm
For more information call 6262 4544 or email

When is a good time to buy property in Canberra?


I’m looking into buying my first home in Canberra and have been reading all about the predicted property price declines as a result of the 2014 budget. If house prices in Canberra crash, it will be a great time to buy. A work colleague described it as a “once in a generational opportunity to buy cheaply [...]

Autumn gardening in Canberra


Many of my neighbours’ gardens are full of hedges and attractive greenery. I grew up on a farm so naturally expect my garden to include a cottage orchard and lots of colour. I’m constantly planting and looking for new places to plant, growing sweet peas on the fence, wisteria on the porch, jasmine on the [...]

Double glazing in Canberra in 2014


An update… The last thread about it is from 2011.
Does anyone have recommendations about double glazing?

New suburb of Moncrieff underway


Work on the new Gungahlin suburb of Moncrieff is set to begin later this year, according to an article in the Canberra Times.
Located in North Gungahlin, bordered by Ngunnawal and Amaroo, Moncrieff will accommodate about 5000 residents.
The suburb will also contain a shopping area or group centre to service the area. Over half of the [...]

Pest control recomendation

By 14 April 2014

Hi All.
My young son went to get my esky on the weekend and came across this fella sitting on the side. I have found lots of creepy crawlies over the last couple of weeks so with this latest addition now is definitely time to get my house sprayed.
I’ve read through some old RiotACT articles on [...]

Good data cabler in Canberra

By 12 April 2014

Any suggestions for a good ACMA registered data cabler in canberra? Looking to add a patch panel, structured wiring in a existing premises, and replace the cable to the telephone lead in.
Appreciate any recommendations, or ones to avoid.
Thank you.

Our house is being held for ransom by a dodgy building company….

By 26 March 2014

My partner and I are first home buyers and have purchased a house and land package in Gungahlin. We were taken in by a slick sales pitch, by a well known real estate agency, which included a computer rendered image of the completed home on The listing and subsequent marketing all included an impressive [...]

Residential Tenancy Issue

By 20 March 2014

Hope someone can help or guide me with this one.
I rent a flat-tin-roofed 2bdr property in Fisher and have had a couple of instances with the gutters overflowing during major storms and leaking into the house.
The first time this happened, a couple of years ago, there was some leaking in the master bedrooms which I [...]

Thanks ACTEW energy saving person!

By 18 March 2014

Really, thankyou.
I love saving energy. These new bulbs are saving lots of energy!
Does anybody know where I can obtain some lightbulbs that actually work? It seems all the shops only have these new fangled [...]

Roofing repair recommendations

By 12 March 2014

Hi all
Just looking to get a bit of repair done for our roof which is in pretty bad shape. I’m looking for recommendations on some of the solid companies who have been around for a while to rebed and repoint heaps of places. Any recommendations (or at least who to avoid)?
ReACT seems to be a [...]

Fortnightly property management?

By 11 March 2014

I’m looking for a property manager to take on my two investment properties, which are currently managed separately. My only problem with the current property managers is that neither can manage the accounts on a fortnightly basis. My income and mortgage repayments, as well as the tenants’ rental payments are all paid every second Thursday, [...]

selection of a builder

By 8 March 2014

Selection of a builder is a risky part of the dream home construction. Currently I am going through it and getting lost in so many builders in Canberra. I liked the display homes of BLD homes. Can anyone share his/her experience about working with them. Thanks

Little black worms

By 4 March 2014

What are the little black worms that get into houses at this time of year?  They are about 5 to 8 cms long and usually come in at night.  They crawl around for a while (sometimes up the wall)  and then die.  If disturbed, they curl into a tight spiral.  They don’t seem to do [...]

Cattery advice for cat with special needs

By 28 February 2014

Hi Guys,
My cat was diagnosed with diabetes recently, and later this year I need to leave town for a  few days, and was wondering what cattery options are available in Canberra where she can still have her insulin shots administered when I was away.
Thanks in advance.

Modern Domain Builder feedback

By 27 February 2014

Hi – has anyone had a building experience with Modern Domain Builders? We are looking at possibly building with them but there isn’t too much information “out there” about the company, except that they have won a HIA award. Thanks!

Who’s property?

By 23 February 2014

Property next door is going on the market. Since glory knows when their driveway has encroached onto our property by about 4 feet at the kerb.
Seems this encroachment is not identified by any searches during the transfer, but getting a bit peed off that I have had to narrow my driveway to allow for this [...]

ActewAGL and incorrect credit reporting – what can I do?

By 19 February 2014

Need some advice please…
Two years ago I moved interstate. As I still had my house in my name, I duly updated my address and contact details with ActewAGL for water, gas and electricity. I also had mail redirection for a year. They sent me all of my subsequent water, electricity and gas bills to my [...]

Costs for tiler

By 18 February 2014

We are in the process of looking for a tiler and have thus far had one quote from a guy recommended by Blackrock tiles (who were great) where we are purchasing our tiles from.
The tiles will be laid over under-tile heating which may complicate the job slightly, although I gather not that much. The chap [...]

Tralee (Canberra’s own Lucas Heights) starts selling.

By 17 February 2014

Affordable Tralee a boon for buyers Canberra Times puff piece:
It’s interesting that the article does not mention the airport noise issue at all. If history is any guide, the residents will start complaining by the time their first rate bill arrives.
When the flight path gets moved over Canberra, everyone should remember [...]

Rent for pets

By 16 February 2014

Hi guys,
Can anyone suggest for websites or forums to find a rental property which accepts pets. I just need a single bedroom dwelling and a place that allows my pets. I have 2 beautiful dogs.

Crate hire for moving interstate?

By 15 February 2014

So I am packing up my home and moving to Mexico (well, Melbourne)…
I like the idea of hiring reusable plastic crates instead of cardboard boxes.
(I don’t mean milk crates, but secure storage crates)
I’ve read about crate hire services where the supplier delivers crates to your home and then collects them from your new home a [...]

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