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Kingston Harbour Launched

By 12 June, 2013

The Land Development Agency has YouTubed the launch of the new Kingston Harbour:
Minister for Economic Development Andrew Barr MLA officially opened the Kingston Harbour and surrounding landscaping on 12 June 2013. Here are the highlights of the event.

Pet door installation in Canberra?

By 12 June, 2013

Hello Rioters,
I’m looking for someone to install a pet door in my house. Any recommendations?
I left a message a couple of times at one business and they never called me back.
Any suggestions appreciated. Thank you!

Charnwood 2615 ACT?

By 12 June, 2013

Hello, I am looking at buying a house in Charnwood, Belconnen.
I haven’t been in Canberra for long, I would appreciate your opinion about the neighbourhood, especially concerning safety and good neighbours

Dog parks and circuses

By 11 June, 2013

The 6 People You See at Every Dog Park — powered by Cracked.com
Local government has realised that off leash dog parks are both very popular and rather cheap.
Therefore we will have quite a lot of them.
Shane Rattenbury has announced two more for O’Connor and Belconnen:
North Canberra dogs and their owners are set to benefit from [...]

Removalist Recommendation in Canberra?

By 10 June, 2013

looking for careful considerate removalists

Girasole sells

By 6 June, 2013

Property Observer has the news that Canberra’s spinning house Girasole has sold for $1.2 million:
The solar powered rotating home in Canberra’s outer-north has sold for $1.2 million.
The sale is believed to be a record price in the suburb of Crace.
The house, called Girasole, is the brainchild of builder John Andriolo and stands at 12 [...]

The Notes of Manuka. Do you know this woman?

By 6 June, 2013

This in from John:
On the corner of la Perouse St and Murray Cres behind the Manuka Shops, a house is being renovated. Behind the security fencing this poignant little notice has been placed for passers-by to read. Seems like someone has upset someone in this paragon of the well-heeled, non?
Excuse the poor [...]

New housing tract for West Belconnen. 4,500 homes

By 5 June, 2013

The Riverview Group have announced their grand vision for West Belconnen as well as letting us know about themselves and their CEO David Maxwell:
The Riverview Group has welcomed today’s announcement of its partnership with the ACT Government to develop 4,500 homes in West Belconnen.
The first stage, on land adjacent to Holt and West Macgregor, contains [...]

Solicitor for conveyancing in Canberra?

By 5 June, 2013

Hi Rioters,
I did a quick search of the site but it looks like its been a year or two since this was last asked. I am looking to sell my house in a few months time and will require the services of a decent solicitor who does conveyancing work.
Any recommendations for solicitors (particularly those located [...]

High Rise in Reid, yae or nay [With Poll]

By 4 June, 2013

Rival Petitions are battling it out on the Internet!
You may remember yesterday’s story on a petition to ban a 15 story high-rise in Reid.
Today we’ve found the counter petition.
The ‘against it’ argument:
Minister Corbell’s planned 15 storey high rise, high density building redevelopment along Cooyong St and Ainslie Ave in Reid must NOT be allowed to [...]

Stamp duty tweaks for first home buyers

By 1 June, 2013

Happy news for everyone waiting until the investors get burned before getting into the real estate market.
Andrew Barr has announced stamp duty concessions:
The ACT Government Home Buyer Concession Scheme (HBCS) provides a discount on stamp duty for eligible households purchasing a new property as their principal place of residence. As long as the purchaser [...]

Rudd bails on Canberra property market

By 31 May, 2013

The Australian has a story on the Rudd family putting their alternate Lodge in Yarralumla onto the market in the lead up to the September election.
Not a bad time to be getting out of the local market perhaps?

Any recommendations for a Carpet Repairer in Canberra?

By 30 May, 2013

Due to an unfortunate mishap with a hot iron in a carpeted room, I have a carpet in need of a cut-and-paste repair job by a carpet layer.
It is in a prominent location so I need an experienced and reliable person to do a good job of it. Any recommendations?

End a rental lease early in Canberra?

By 29 May, 2013

Just wondering what your experiences are in terms of leaving a rental earlier than the lease end.
So I’ve been living in a place for about 1.5 years. We signed on for another year lease in Feb (should’ve asked for month to month I know…)
Recently, we found out there may be an opportunity for me which [...]

Finally a lease resumed

By 28 May, 2013

Simon Corbell has the happy news that the ACT has finally terminated an undeveloped lease:
The Environment and Sustainable Development Directorate (ESDD) has undertaken termination proceedings against the lessee of a residential Crown lease for a block that had remained undeveloped since 2006, Minister for the Environment and Sustainable Development, Simon Corbell, said today.
As a consequence [...]

Fencing and development applications in Canberra?

By 25 May, 2013

Hi all I had a search and couldn’t see any other threads so forgive me if this is a repeated question.
We have neighbours who put in a development application for dual occupancy and a condition of this was to have the fences fixed at their cost. Now, they’ve advised that they aren’t going ahead [...]

Another day, another exempt development disaster

By 24 May, 2013

The ABC has a new tale of woe surrounding exempt development, this time in O’Connor.
Canberra resident Kamrul Ahsan Khan says building his home in O’Connor has been the most painful experience he has had during his 18 years living in Australia.
He says he wanted to build a family home and had no intention of [...]

Dodgey fellas in Dodgey van offering free Home Enterntainment System?

By 22 May, 2013

So 5.15pm today I swing into Fyshwick to pick up the wife from work (no not what you think), just as I pull up and the wife gets in a van pulls up next to me toots the horn ????   I wind down the window and this middle eastern fellas says “moit do you want [...]

Cracks in Walls. Canberra repairs?

By 19 May, 2013

Hi rioters,
I’m starting to get some cracks on the brickwork on my 1970s house and the internal walls.
According to the Internet, these sorts of things aren’t a problem until you can fit your hand into them… But I’m not keen to wait that long.
Who does one call to look at this sort of [...]

Canberra property prices about to hit the wall?

By 17 May, 2013

Macrobusiness have a detailed look at the increasing supply of housing in the ACT at the same time the Abbott juggernaut threatens to depopulate the city.
It doesn’t take an economic genius to guess what’s going to happen next.
Picking the bottom of the market to start buying however is always harder. The lessons of ’96 are [...]

Girasole utterly unloved at auction

By 17 May, 2013

Property Observer has the sad tale of Crace’s rotating house Girasole not even getting to the starting line at auction:
Co-selling agent Stephen Bunday of LJ Hooker Dickson told Property Oberserver there had been no registrations despite attracting an “enormous amount of curiosity”.
“On the night, nothing happened at all, ” said Bunday, who is selling the [...]

Charity payout from Franklin house auction

By 17 May, 2013

Chief Minister Gallagher has announced the winners from the Master Builders charity house auction:
Chief Minister Katy Gallagher has presented more than $580,000 to five local charities from the proceeds of the sale of the Franklin Charity House.
Franklin Charity House has been a joint project between the ACT Government’s Land Development Agency (LDA), the Master [...]

Turf laying in North Canberra

By 16 May, 2013

I am finally preparing to move into our brand new house in the Gungahlin area. One of the things I want to tackle straight away after I move in is the backyard. I have a dog and I want grass in there asap. Because of a combination of having to organise the move, not being [...]

New regulations for community housing

By 14 May, 2013

Minister for Housing, Shane Rattenbuy announced today new guidelines for the for community house providers in the ACT.
The Community Housing Providers National Law (ACT) Act 2013 replaces the existing ACT regulatory system with a national system.
“The aim of the national reforms is to develop a strong and vibrant community housing sector that can increase choice [...]

Big changes for Dickson

By 14 May, 2013

Simon Corbell has announced Draft Variation 311 to totally rejig Dickson and send the skyline soaring:
“Variation 311 puts Territory Plan controls in place to start rolling out the initiatives of the Dickson master plan, which include up to six stories in areas and improved pedestrian connections – particularly through to Challis St,” Mr Corbell said.
Other [...]

Aquaponics v traditional veggie patch in Canberra?

By 14 May, 2013

Hi rioters,
I am starting to look at getting my veggie patch up and running. I was wondering if anyone can tell me what they think of Aquaponics? Is it easy or hard? Is it better than a traditional veggie patch?
I’ve noticed that building a traditional veggie patch might cost me about the same as a [...]

A Warm Winter for Renters

By 13 May, 2013

Just because you don’t own your house, doesn’t mean that you should need to wear a ski jacket in the lounge room or be worried about turning the heater on.  Former ABC TV Carbon Cop Lish Fejer is coming to the Canberra Environment Centre  for a special workshop covering the simple steps that renters can [...]

It’s a good thing we’re not putting the leaves in the gutter isn’t it?

By 13 May, 2013

As seen in Dickson over the weekend.
Got an image of Canberra you want to share with the world? Email it in to images@the-riotact.com .

ActewAGL gas methods, is it just me?

By 11 May, 2013

I got my gas bill this evening. I nearly had a heart attack. Apparently I have used $703.04 worth of gas to heat my home over the last 12 days.
However, after I breathed into a paper bag and had a glass of Shiraz I worked it out. ActewAGL have calculated my bill based on [...]

Property Council joins Mr Burns in celebrating lack of solar access

By 10 May, 2013

The Property Council have expressed their pleasure that Draft Variation 306 is going to be further consulted on, during which time you can be cut off from the sun.
The ACT Government has wisely decided to adopt a staged introduction of new planning regulations for housing and to consult further on issues of community and industry [...]

Selling your own house in Canberra?

By 8 May, 2013

Has anyone had experience selling their own home?
We have an updated, split level, high ceilinged home close to Coolemon Court. Houses seem to sell reasonably quickly in this area.
Is it worth the hassle? Have sold 4 houses all through agents and had an un-nerving experience with the last one on the North Coast. We left [...]

Please don’t dump your leaves onto the street pleads TAMS

By 8 May, 2013

Territory and Municipal Services have some suggestions on where to see pretty leaves around town. And a plea to not rake them onto the street:
With Canberra’s trees well into their autumn transformation, people are encouraged to recycle fallen leaves by using them as garden mulch or composting them, Michael Brice, Territory and Municipal Services’ Urban [...]


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