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The Coldest House In Canberra Competition. Voting Open!

By 10 July 2013
The Coldest House In Canberra Competition.  Voting Open!

SEE-Change and Alexander Watson have received hundreds of entries in their Coldest House in Canberra competition, with some very worthy finalists selected.
You can see their video entries and find the link to vote by visiting the SEE-Change website.
One lucky winner will receive a home energy efficiency retrofit worth up to $20,000.
Please take a look at [...]

Bonsai master comes to Canberra

By 9 July 2013
Bonsai master comes to Canberra

TAMS are letting us know that the arboretum’s bonsai museum has a Japanese visitor givin them some pointers:
“This week Mr Yusuke Uchida from Nagoya, Japan, who worked as an apprentice for four years with renowned bonsai master, Mr Junichiro Tanaka, will be working at the Arboretum, imparting his knowledge of this ancient art,” Mr Taafe [...]

Flood insurance in the ACT?

By 8 July 2013

I live in Forde and I’m looking at renewing my house insurance. App $500 for hounse insurance+flood cover Vs app $360 for house insurance with no flood cover.
I am rather new to Canberra so any info about flood history, sort of floods that damage homes, will be appereciated.

Rubbish neighbours

By 6 July 2013

I know there have been posts about dreadful and inconsiderate neighbours in the past but does this one from Waramanga take the cake or what?
Imagine living next to a construction eyesore for nearly 40 years!! What is wrong with these people?? If they can ‘scrape together’ $70k for legal fees, surely they can afford [...]

Abode Woden, winning awards before the doors have even opened

Abode Woden, winning awards before the doors have even opened

Abode – The Apartment Hotel is very excited to announce that it’s third hotel, Abode Woden, is award-winning before the doors have even opened.
Due to open in August, Abode Woden won the Commercial Sustainable Construction category at the 2013 Master Builders Association Excellence in Building Awards, held last week.
The award is very fitting with the [...]

Is there something wrong in Hawker?

By 2 July 2013

My friend lives in Hawker and I have noticed that a particular group of units on Springvale Drive all seem to be selling up. What gives? Is there something wrong with these units? Are they falling to pieces? Asbestos? Termites? Fear of a property bubble? (so many new units being built that this last fear [...]

Plumber, bathroom renovation recommendation

By 2 July 2013

Based on several recommendations here around 2011, I asked John Lanz of Purr-fect Bathrooms ( to do a handful of tiling and plumbing fix-it jobs in my newly-purchased house. Frankly, on this occasion I was less interested in the price and more interested in finding someone who would do a good job. The work involved various [...]

ACT Government needs to lift its game on planning

By 28 June 2013

The Government’s decision to use call-in powers to allow the Brumbies’ development in Griffith to proceed, when it does not comply with the Government’s own planning regulations, has set a dangerous precedent. As the current legislation stands, when the Planning Minister uses his/her call-in powers to approve a development, an appeal to the ACT Civil [...]

Shame, Canberra Real Estates, Shame

By 26 June 2013

We are a family of 3 – 2 adults and 1 child – plus an elderly cat.
Over the past 3 and a bit weeks, we have applied for 8 rental properties with no success. In one case, the Agent failed to do due diligence in checking with the owner as to whether they would accept [...]

Village Building Company hands over land for Jerrabomberra School

By 24 June 2013

The Village Building Company wants you to know about their land donation:
The Village Building Company has delivered on its long held promise of support to the Jerrabomberra community by donating a significant parcel of land to Jerrabomberra Public School.
As part of its ongoing collaboration with the New South Wales Department of Education, Village Building [...]

Variation 306 kicking off on 5 July

By 20 June 2013

Simon Corbell is making it known Variation 306 to the Territory Plan is going into effect from 5 July:
“While all development applications lodged from 18 June will be assessed against the new provisions, there will be a grace period for development applications lodged before this date, allowing them time to be assessed under the current [...]

Got the Coldest House In Canberra?

Got the Coldest House In Canberra?

[ 19 June 2013; 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm. ]

Do you think your house is the coldest in Canberra – poor insulation, big draughty gaps and single glazed windows that run with water each morning?

Don’t despair because you can fix it – and it won’t cost the earth. Book a free seat at the Coldest House in Canberra Retrofitting Workshop this Wednesday evening and [...]

Testing gas heaters in Canberra?

By 17 June 2013

Now that Winter is upon us our gas heaters are in full use.  I recently read an article about the death of two little boys due to Carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide poisoning and I was wondering who do I get to test my heaters?
They are the old wall heaters and are original to the [...]

How’s Palmerston?

By 14 June 2013

Hey, I posted about Charnwood a few days ago and learnt many many useful things! I would appreciate your views on Palmerston, Gungahlin.
Is it a safe place to consider buying a house for a small family?
I’ve heard about new suburbs growing next to Palmerston. Thanks!

Leccy prices not going up much

By 14 June 2013

Simon Corbell is celebrating a mere rise in electricity prices of 3.5% next year.
Canberrans will continue to have the cheapest electricity prices in Australia despite a modest rise in prices of 3.5% approved by the Independent Competition and Regulatory Commission (ICRC), Minister for the Environment and Sustainable Development, Simon Corbell, said today.
“Despite this increase, [...]

Barr opens Altitude

By 13 June 2013

Andrew Barr is celebrating the opening of Belconnen’s latest high rise:
Today I officially opened Altitude, the newest residential and mixed-use development in the Belconnen town centre.
Featuring three towers of 18, 7 and 6 stories, altitude has 348 one-, two- and three-bedroom apartments, with the ground floor featuring a mix of commercial office, retail, cafe and [...]

Kingston Harbour Launched

By 12 June 2013
Kingston Harbour Launched

The Land Development Agency has YouTubed the launch of the new Kingston Harbour:
Minister for Economic Development Andrew Barr MLA officially opened the Kingston Harbour and surrounding landscaping on 12 June 2013. Here are the highlights of the event.

Pet door installation in Canberra?

By 12 June 2013

Hello Rioters,
I’m looking for someone to install a pet door in my house. Any recommendations?
I left a message a couple of times at one business and they never called me back.
Any suggestions appreciated. Thank you!

Charnwood 2615 ACT?

By 12 June 2013

Hello, I am looking at buying a house in Charnwood, Belconnen.
I haven’t been in Canberra for long, I would appreciate your opinion about the neighbourhood, especially concerning safety and good neighbours

Dog parks and circuses

Dog parks and circuses

The 6 People You See at Every Dog Park — powered by
Local government has realised that off leash dog parks are both very popular and rather cheap.
Therefore we will have quite a lot of them.
Shane Rattenbury has announced two more for O’Connor and Belconnen:
North Canberra dogs and their owners are set to benefit from [...]

Removalist Recommendation in Canberra?

By 10 June 2013

looking for careful considerate removalists

Girasole sells

By 6 June 2013

Property Observer has the news that Canberra’s spinning house Girasole has sold for $1.2 million:
The solar powered rotating home in Canberra’s outer-north has sold for $1.2 million.
The sale is believed to be a record price in the suburb of Crace.
The house, called Girasole, is the brainchild of builder John Andriolo and stands at 12 [...]

The Notes of Manuka. Do you know this woman?

By 6 June 2013
The Notes of Manuka. Do you know this woman?

This in from John:
On the corner of la Perouse St and Murray Cres behind the Manuka Shops, a house is being renovated. Behind the security fencing this poignant little notice has been placed for passers-by to read. Seems like someone has upset someone in this paragon of the well-heeled, non?
Excuse the poor [...]

New housing tract for West Belconnen. 4,500 homes

By 5 June 2013

The Riverview Group have announced their grand vision for West Belconnen as well as letting us know about themselves and their CEO David Maxwell:
The Riverview Group has welcomed today’s announcement of its partnership with the ACT Government to develop 4,500 homes in West Belconnen.
The first stage, on land adjacent to Holt and West Macgregor, contains [...]

Solicitor for conveyancing in Canberra?

By 5 June 2013

Hi Rioters,
I did a quick search of the site but it looks like its been a year or two since this was last asked. I am looking to sell my house in a few months time and will require the services of a decent solicitor who does conveyancing work.
Any recommendations for solicitors (particularly those located [...]

High Rise in Reid, yae or nay [With Poll]

By 4 June 2013
High Rise in Reid, yae or nay [With Poll]

Rival Petitions are battling it out on the Internet!
You may remember yesterday’s story on a petition to ban a 15 story high-rise in Reid.
Today we’ve found the counter petition.
The ‘against it’ argument:
Minister Corbell’s planned 15 storey high rise, high density building redevelopment along Cooyong St and Ainslie Ave in Reid must NOT be allowed to [...]

Stamp duty tweaks for first home buyers

By 1 June 2013

Happy news for everyone waiting until the investors get burned before getting into the real estate market.
Andrew Barr has announced stamp duty concessions:
The ACT Government Home Buyer Concession Scheme (HBCS) provides a discount on stamp duty for eligible households purchasing a new property as their principal place of residence. As long as the purchaser [...]

Rudd bails on Canberra property market

By 31 May 2013

The Australian has a story on the Rudd family putting their alternate Lodge in Yarralumla onto the market in the lead up to the September election.
Not a bad time to be getting out of the local market perhaps?

Any recommendations for a Carpet Repairer in Canberra?

By 30 May 2013

Due to an unfortunate mishap with a hot iron in a carpeted room, I have a carpet in need of a cut-and-paste repair job by a carpet layer.
It is in a prominent location so I need an experienced and reliable person to do a good job of it. Any recommendations?

End a rental lease early in Canberra?

By 29 May 2013

Just wondering what your experiences are in terms of leaving a rental earlier than the lease end.
So I’ve been living in a place for about 1.5 years. We signed on for another year lease in Feb (should’ve asked for month to month I know…)
Recently, we found out there may be an opportunity for me which [...]

Finally a lease resumed

By 28 May 2013

Simon Corbell has the happy news that the ACT has finally terminated an undeveloped lease:
The Environment and Sustainable Development Directorate (ESDD) has undertaken termination proceedings against the lessee of a residential Crown lease for a block that had remained undeveloped since 2006, Minister for the Environment and Sustainable Development, Simon Corbell, said today.
As a consequence [...]

Fencing and development applications in Canberra?

By 25 May 2013

Hi all I had a search and couldn’t see any other threads so forgive me if this is a repeated question.
We have neighbours who put in a development application for dual occupancy and a condition of this was to have the fences fixed at their cost. Now, they’ve advised that they aren’t going ahead [...]

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