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Sunrise over Canberra

By 6 March 2015
sunrise over canberra

This morning’s (Friday 6 March) sunrise over Canberra.

Are you ready to be Enlightened?

enlighten 2015 canberra

It’s the best time of year again when the evenings are warm – but not stifling, with a cool – but not cold breeze; allowing everyone to come out after dark to explore Enlighten.
For those who don’t know or those new to Canberra, Enlighten is an annual event similar to the popular Vivid event in [...]

Best of Canberra Taste Off – Juice

Penny University

I quite enjoy a good fresh juice. When I’m out for weekend breakfast with my mates, I’m always the indulgent one that orders a coffee and a juice. This week I put the word out to RiotACT readers for the best juice in Canberra. 
Votes came in for a few of the markets around town – there [...]

Local leaders – John Marshall (Frugii)

By 28 January 2015 HEADLINE ARTICLE
john marshall

When Canberra’s own artisan ice cream brand, Frugii, won RiotACT’s Best of Canberra ice cream taste off earlier this month, I knew I had to meet the man behind the most delicious ice cream in the capital, John Marshall.
I meet John at his home in O’Malley, which has a basement commercial kitchen for making ice [...]

Cheap eats – Two Hands (Fyshwick)

By 28 January 2015 FEATURED ARTICLE
Two Hands Fyshwick

The Fresh Food Markets aside, Fyshwick doesn’t have a big reputation as a foodie destination. But there are more than a few great cafes tucked between the kitchen shops and furniture warehouses if you know where to look.
One of these is Two Hands on Lyell Street. When I used to work in Fyshwick it was [...]

RiotACT contributors support RSPCA ACT

RiotACT contributors Steven Bailey and Alex Craig

Over 50 volunteers took part in a campaign on Sunday morning (25 January) to assist an RSPCA ACT investigation into an act of animal cruelty that shocked Canberra last week.
On Wednesday last week, nine five-week-old puppies were found in a box near Kingsford Smith Drive in Higgins, one of which was severely injured and had to [...]

A Look Around Canberra: Kingston

By 9 January 2015 HEADLINE ARTICLE

Just past the Parliamentary Triangle is the leafy inner south suburb of Kingston, one of the ACT’s oldest suburbs with a brand new development at the Foreshore as well as sparkling apartments going up just about every couple of months.
This suburb was named after Charles Kingston, Premier of South Australia from 1893-99 and was the [...]

Where to eat on the South Coast

By 24 December 2014
Broulee Beach

Whether you’re after some really good fish and chips, a meat pie or a fancy dinner for two, here’s a short guide to some of the South Coast’s most loved restaurants, cafes and takeaway shops.
Fish and chips 
No trip down the coast is complete without fish and chips for dinner. My recommendation for all things battered [...]



Josh Chaffey has amazed and engaged Canberra this morning by posting a YouTube video of Canberra through the eye of his Canon camera. We’ve all seen the gorgeous photos of Canberra that get shared around on the regular and even the beautiful time-lapse videos that emerge every now and again. This time Josh has taken [...]

Ode to Canberra – Round 4

By 7 July 2014

The winner of the RiotACT Ode to Canberra Competition Round 3 is…
Ezy with ‘Foggy commute to work via the lake’. Congratulations Ezy – a double pass to Palace Cinema is on its way to you.
Round 4 is now open, so send us your photos of Canberra – give Ezy some competition (they’ve won two [...]

Ode to Canberra Round 3 Winner

By 4 July 2014

The winner of Round 3 is Ezy with ‘Foggy commute to work via the Lake’ with 46% of the vote.
This is the second win in a row for Ezy – congratulations.
We’ll be sending out a double pass to Palace Electric.
New competition starts Monday.

Ode to Canberra (round 3) – Shift to fortnightly competition. More time to get your photos in!


The winner of the RiotACT Ode to Canberra Competition for last week is…
Ezy with ‘Cooleman Ridge looking to the Brindabellas’. Congratulations Ezy – a double pass to Palace Cinema is winging its way to you.
Round 3 is now open, so send us your photos of Canberra. We have now extended the competitions to [...]

Ode to Canberra (Round 2) – send us your pictures to win a double pass to Palace Cinema

By 10 June 2014

Thank you to all of you who submitted photos last week. We were quite overwhelmed with the interest (and frankly, the quality of the images). As we work on code to allow a more sophisticated voting system, we have decided to give all of those who submitted entries a double pass to Palace [...]

Ode to Canberra – send us your pictures – Palace Cinema double pass up for grabs!


Thank you to B Dover (!) for sending us the following images, capturing our fair city in all its beauty.
A new voting system will be set up this week to allow you to put your 10c in regarding your favourite entries. The winner of each month will take home a Palace Cinema double pass, so [...]

Ode to Canberra – send us your pictures

By 29 May 2014

Many of you have asked us when we’re going to bring back the “Bad Parking” section of RiotACT. OK, to be honest, some of you have asked and as many have specifically contacted us to request that they never see a bad parking photo again! We do kind of miss the photos though so [...]

The ever looming clouds of doom & gloom across our nations HQ

By 28 May 2014

A friend of mine Josh snapped this great pic. As Tony Abbot looks to the skies for motivation one must wonder!

Pic by Josh Mulrine @ hookedonworld

Human Brochure to share local knowledge


This week 101 Local Humans will be invited to help promote their city as part of Visit Canberra’s award-winning Human Brochure campaign.
The Human Brochure is a ‘living, breathing travel brochure’ which encourages participants to share their experiences in and around Canberra via social media.
The first Human Brochure took place over two weekends in October 2012 [...]

PHOTOWALK Canberra on March 30 at 3pm

By 14 March 2014

[ 30 March 2014 at 3:00 pm; ] The next Photowalk Canberra is on March 30th between 3-5pm. We will be meeting in the carpark of the National Museum and walking around the exterior of the peninsula but also taking in the sculptural delights of the National Museum building itself.

#photowalkCanberra is the hashtag to follow on twitter for any updates, especially if [...]

Images of Canberra : Pinnacle this morning

By 4 March 2014

Ben Dover has sent in another great photograph of the Pinnacle on his morning dog walk. If you’ve got an image you’d like to share – email it in to

Canberra’s best dog friendly cafes

By 20 February 2014

There are some great dog friendly cafés in Canberra! We’re long-term Canberra locals who love stopping at a café for a coffee at the end of an energetic walk with our dog.
After years of careful (and enjoyable) research, we’ve compiled a list of our favourite Canberra cafés that welcome well-behaved dogs. Most also have good coffee!
These cafés make our favourites list because they have dog friendly outdoor [...]

Help identifying photo locations

By 17 February 2014

Hi all,
The ACT Bus website features a photo gallery of buses in Canberra, past and present. There are a number of photos for which we don’t have a location recorded, and are hoping that some of you may be able to assist in identifying where the photos were taken.
Some are probably just from areas in [...]

Images of Canberra – Pinnacle Nature Reserve

By 14 February 2014 FEATURED ARTICLE

Ben_Dover managed to capture this great shot walking his dogs along the pinnacle dog track this morning.
If you’ve got an image you’d like to share send it in to

Killjoys put an end to bike path signage excitement

By 23 January 2014

Following on from yesterday’s excitement regarding bike lane signage in Braddon Jarrod has noted and documented that the offending sign has now been removed.
A pity they left their gaffer tape behind.
Got an image of Canberra you want to share with the world? Email it in to .

What do you mean it won’t fit? Images of Canberra.

By 23 January 2014 FEATURED ARTICLE

Steve has sent in this interesting scene from the corner of Northbourne and Barry Drive.
Someone obviously didn’t spend enough time playing tetris.
Got an image of Canberra you want to share with the world? Email it through to .

Trailer dumping, you’re doing it wrong

By 22 January 2014 FEATURED ARTICLE

Spotted on the bike path adjacent to William Slim Drive Belconnen this morning – full trailer dumped – rego plate missing, tyres in great condition (3 of them).
Anyone lost a trailer (or a car and trailer combo, car still missing)?
[ED - got an image of Canberra you want to share with the world? Email it [...]

David St Geyser

By 21 January 2014

Around 6.30am this morning. A burst water main? It would have been a refreshing spray during the hot days.

I’m not sure the possum will thank them. Images of Canberra

By 21 January 2014 FEATURED ARTICLE

Neil has alerted us to the latest victim of belt-tightening in Canberra:
Tight-arse Tuesday possum/nesting box, Braddon
Got an image of Canberra you want to share with the world? Email it in to .

The sunflowers have great timing. Images of Canberra

By 20 January 2014

The first of my sunflower crop.
Another couple of dozen are all set.
Just beautiful
[ED - Got an image of Canberra you want to share with the world? Email it in to ]

A totem for our times? Images of Canberra

By 17 January 2014 FEATURED ARTICLE

Brent spied this in Braddon this morning.
Got an image of Canberra you want to share with the world? Email it in to .

Look out for the snow lol

By 16 January 2014 FEATURED ARTICLE

from google keep a eye out for it peeps lol

The Birdmen of Canberra

By 16 January 2014 FEATURED ARTICLE

Brendan Henry has added this cute little video to YouTube:
Before I left my home in Australia I shot some footage for an video in my series ‘The Americas’. The series did not pan out, but I do have some lovely videos about my life now!
The song I used is by Newton Faulkner, who definitely merits [...]

Parking and Kite Surfing. Images of Canberra

By 13 January 2014 FEATURED ARTICLE

Are there any other capital cities in Australia that offer such convenient parking to the city’s best tourist spots?
Kite surfing
It was bloody windy walking around the lake on Sunday afternoon, so it was no surprise to see this guy kite surfing. Well, actually it was. Why don’t we see more people doing this on our [...]

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