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Good review for the Clonakilla Cabernet Merlot 2001

By 26 January 2009 has high praise for the local Clonakilla Cabernet Merlot 2001:
There’s a really interesting interplay between luxurious flavours and structure, which moves from slippery to textured to almost crunchy on the after palate. Here it becomes evident there’s still considerable acidity keeping the wine fresh, and I imagine guaranteeing it a few more productive [...]

Canberra Times discovers previously unknown Australian battleship

By 26 January 2009

The Canberra Times’ Emma MacDonald has done the standard puff piece on Australia Day honours recipients. Of particular interest to me was she’s announced honours for the men who discovered a WWII Australian “battleship” by the name of HMAS Sydney.
This confused me no end because I’d always thought the famous HMAS Sydney was a light [...]

Canberra at 4.02am

By 25 January 2009

[First filed: January 23, 2009 @ 14:10]

BoilMyKettle productions has YouTubed a quite beautiful look at the city in the early hours of the morning.
Worth a look and a listen.

A blast from the Capital 7 past.

By 25 January 2009

YouTube throws up strange things. Few as strange as this gem from 1982 posted by “keepemhonest08″.
It comes with the following note:
Capital 7 Canberra, a montage with many employees caught doing what they do best – not much!
For younger readers and newer Canberrans, back in the day there was only one commercial channel in Canberra. It [...]

Rudd Labor to sack 35000 public servants?

By 24 January 2009

This article first appeared on my blog En Passant with John Passant (
The Rudd Labor Government’s next budget in May will take a meat axe to vital public services and public servants.
As Finance Minister Lindsay Tanner said recently: “We have got further efficiency work (sic) under way – the second phase of the [...]

Info that leads to a conviction is going to get you a $500.00 gift voucher from Nitrodude

By 24 January 2009

Email sent to Nitrodude customers
Hi Folks,
We had some losers break into the shop at 1:30am today…. Yawn…been a long day..
Should anyone become aware of a ‘bargain’ on ebay or down the pub, Please let me know… These are the items that were stolen…
Align KX018001TA T-REX 700 Nitro Pro Combo  x 1
Thunder Tiger Mini Titan E325 [...]

Hard work cleaning up after the storm

By 23 January 2009

Good blow last night eh?
Sky turning weird colours, clouds straight out of a Spielberg movie, continuous rolling thunder, sheets of rain roping in from all angles. Who could ask for more?
But there’s a downside to such entertainment. The ACT Emergency Services Agency has pushed out a note on the work going into the cleanup:
The ACT [...]

Mick Millett jumps to the ABC, Canberra Times job opens up again

By 23 January 2009

Who’s going to run Canberra’s biggest (by far) media organisation?
The SMH Deputy Editor Mick Millett was considered a shoe-in. My mail was that he’d even started looking for real estate here in Canberra.
He can’t have liked what he saw. Crikey’s reporting that he’s gone to the ABC instead.
Newcastle Herald editor Rod Quinn is apparently now [...]

Segway sighted!

By 22 January 2009

I saw this old fellow roaring around O’Connor footpaths this afternoon.
It’s only the second Segway I’ve seen in Australia.
In NSW it’s illegal on “both roads and footpaths”.
Any thoughts on its legality here in Canberra dear reader?

Banjo country?

By 22 January 2009

Walking the dog on the Northern shore of the lake today we came across this strange sight.
The carp is painted grey on one side only and has another carp skull lined up with it.
So there’s been a lot of work done.
Any home warlocks want to speculate on what’s being done here?

The great pineapple juice shortage of 2009?

By 22 January 2009

Is there a pineapple juice shortage in Canberra?
Every time I go to the cafe, the only juice 99% guarranteed to not be there is pineapple juice.
When I go shopping, I see empty shelves reserved for pineapple juice (except for the stuff in tins).
Am I the only one seeing this?? What’s the deal?!

What do we know about the Yamba Drive flooding deaths

By 22 January 2009

On the discussion about Deakin flooding commenters have raised an incident in 1971 when apparently flooding on Yamba Drive killed seven (?) people.
Seven is a lot of people, it’s nearly twice as many as the 2003 fires.
I’m curious if local historians know more about this, and why there isn’t a prominent memorial?
UPDATED: If you’re so [...]

The power is yours, Planeteers.

By 22 January 2009

EDO Environmental Law Workshop and Seminars – Canberra, 4-18 February 2009
Want to be a more effective environmental advocate? Want to learn about ACT’s new planning and development laws? Join us for a new community workshop and seminar series.
From 4-18 February, the Environmental Defender’s Office (ACT) will be holding an environmental law workshop and seminar series [...]

FREE Dance Workshop (all ages and levels)

By 21 January 2009

[ 31 January 2009 at 1:00 pm; ]

A FREE Fusiondance workshop will be given at Civic Library for beginners of all ages. Panta Rei will teach a fusion of Spanish-Gypsy, African, Asian and Middle-Eastern dancing.

Book online at The ACT Library website.

IF you miss out – don’t stress, there’s a new term of classes in both Fusion Dance & Hand Drumming:

!!!DANCE TO LIVE [...]

The beer endures

By 21 January 2009

On 8 December last year I noted that a beer was just sitting on Campbell St in Ainslie waiting to be taken.
As you can see it’s the end of January and the beer is STILL THERE!
Rain has muddied it’s base and the label is starting to fade, but there it sits, untouched.
So what does [...]

Old people like free stuff – pictures at 6

By 21 January 2009

Jon Stanhope is pleased to announce that in December a record number of freeloading wrinklies availed themselves of free bus travel.
“A record 31,601 older Canberrans travelled for free on ACTION buses in December using their ACTION Gold Cards, Minister for Transport Jon Stanhope said today.
“Canberrans aged over 75 have embraced the Gold Card with over [...]

Dog’s On Leads

By 21 January 2009

From reading comments on my first post of the day [yesterday] on this topic (, I thought I’ll go ahead and do so.  Both posts have related to dogs, and I don’t want to come across as an anti-dog person.  On the contrary, in fact I love dogs, but have certain expectations of owners, and [...]

Old Canberran’s Old Photos – Part 1 – From Red Hill Lookout in 1948

By 21 January 2009

[First filed: January 20, 2009 @ 10:06]

Last week we kicked off the series of photographs taken by Old Canberra. He received a Kodak Box Brownie camera for Christmas in 1948, took these photos immediately afterwards, and has just got to scanning them.
This is the first of the old ones and he explains it so:
I have [...]

Norvan watch – CommVault is ace!

By 20 January 2009

Perhaps, like me, since the election you’ve missed the sight of the CAP candidate Norvan Vogt sunning himself on the side of Canberra’s roads minding his posters and googling himself?
If so you’ll be pleased to know that he’s made The Australian’s IT section talking about how much he likes his new CommVault backup system that [...]

International markets rock Canberra wine growers?

By 20 January 2009

Reuters is having a look at the travails of the Canberra region wine industry.
[Bruce] March, chief winemaker at Doonkuna Winery, in prize cool climate vine country north of Canberra, had been looking forward to a bumper 2009 harvest, tripling production capacity last year in anticipation of rocketing China demand for his wine.
But the global financial [...]

Who let the dogs out? – And what do I do about them?

By 20 January 2009

My wife was jogging around Flynn yesterday morning as she usually does, when she came across a Staffy / Pit-bull cross who stopped her in her tracks.  He came out from in front of a property and went after her.  After some scrambling, falling on the ground and some panicked running she was able to [...]

The January Backanalia

By 20 January 2009

[First filed: January 18, 2009 @ 16:24]

There were a lot of things I missed about Canberra in my year at the coast.
The Front, turkish pizza, zierholz beer, Ethiopian curries, original music and decent kebabs to name just a few.
But the Backyard Backanalias were the thing I missed the most. Four hours of raucous music in [...]

YWCA Encore Program 2009

By 20 January 2009

Encore is an 8-week program designed specifically for women who have experienced breast cancer at any time in their life. Incorporating gentle exercises, relaxation techniques, information and support, Encore is safe, fun and therapeutic. The pool and floor based exercise program is specifically designed to target areas that have been affected by breast cancer surgery [...]

Music For Everyone

By 20 January 2009

Music For Everyone
Ainslie Arts Centre Braddon
PO Box 950 Civic Square ACT 2608
Tel: 6230 7190 Fax: 6257 8088
Artistic Director: Vivienne Winther
MUSIC FOR EVERYONE, the ACT’s premier community music organisation, offers an exciting 2009 program of classes, activities, workshops and performances for all ages, abilities and interests.
There are fun intro-to-music classes for kids aged 18 months to [...]

Canberra for stoners?

By 20 January 2009

One of the unofficial and oft-quoted strengths of Canberra is that it has pot, pr0n and fireworks.  I’m not sure how long this idea has been out there (since the liberation brought about by self government, perhaps?) but it seems a bit redundant in 2009. 
The internet appears to have eroded any great advantage that [...]

Where can i get decent roo meat?

By 19 January 2009

I know i’ve mentioned this before but i’m actually still searching! 
I’ve search high and low for fresh Roo meat that is not in little plastic vacumn sealed packs at a ridiculous $18 a Kg…  But i just cant find anywhere. 
The Game Butcher in Fyshwick Market only sells the little plastic bags of roo [...]

Brumbies to sell Canberra to South Africa

By 19 January 2009

Chief Minister Stanhope has announced that the “Live in Canberra” team are going on a return frolic to South Africa with the Brumbies, which is jolly good news for them.
With most of white South Africa queuing up to get out of the country it probably won’t hurt to point them in our direction. They certainly [...]

Skateboarding on memorials – Crime or caper?

By 19 January 2009

Ninemsn is reporting that a group of local youths have been filmed using the Anzac Memorial as a skateboard ramp.
Apparantly the footage has been handed to the AFP. Should these miscreants immediately be drafted and shipped to Iraq.
[ED - Or, if it's a bigger deal than kids climbing on tanks, should someone have gone out [...]

Cotter River invaded by Toranas

By 19 January 2009

Went to the Cotter on Sunday, and all these Torana’s just started rocking up and they sounded and looked awesome.
When leaving the FJ Holden’s started arriving too, not sure if it is a weekend thing, but nice to
see all the same.
Is this a regular weekend thing?
(Slideshow below)

Ambos go from green to blue

By 19 January 2009

Word reaches me that the ACT Ambulance Service is changing their uniforms from hospitally green to emergency blue.
Theories surrounding the rationale for the move include:
1. The rise in global military activity has made green dyes prohibitively expensive.
2. The powers that be are looking for something to do with their time and to be remembered for.
3. [...]

Weekend water use takes off

By 19 January 2009

It wasn’t even that hot yesterday, and yet somehow you all managed to burn through a stonking 194ML.
So has everyone just gotten sick of emergency measures stretching into long years?

Learner Drivers on the Highways?

By 19 January 2009

I’m not sure if many people here have done much interstate driving, but over the past few months, I’ve done a bit. Nearly every times I’ve gone to the coast or to Cooma or to Yass, I’ve been stuck behind a few learner drivers.
Now, I understand they need to learn, but on [...]

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