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Safe place to lock up a bike in civic?

By 10 February 2009

Well I live pretty close to Civic but have avoided riding my bike in for shopping, due to a fear of having it stolen & the subsequent cost of replacement.
So, is there anywhere safe to lock up a bike?
I was thinking near the pedestrian crossing for the Canberra Centre outside ANZ & Optus. [...]

AllClassifieds being targeted by shysters and con artists

By 10 February 2009

Put an ad in AllClassifieds for a desktop computer. As one does. Today I got an email from a gentleman who purports to go by the name of Andrew Nix. The email read thus:
Hello there,
I just need to tell you that this is a very lovely property you have
gotten here and I [...]

Canberra firies off to Victoria

By 10 February 2009

[First filed: February 08, 2009 @ 21:50]
Jon Stanhope has announced that with the ACT relatively fire free through this nasty weather we’re sending some help to fire-ravaged Victoria.
Mr Stanhope said while the details of the assistance were still being finalised, he expected the ACT contingent to include ten light and heavy tankers and fire [...]

What’s your fire plan?

By 10 February 2009

What would you do?
In light if the horrific Victorian fires and the still fresh (6 years) memories of the 2003 Canberra fires, what is your fire plan? We stood and fought the Canberra  firestorm and thankfully had a reasonable outcome. 
I live in the north western part of Kambah  and was able to plan, prepare, fight and panic as [...]

Special Charity Screening of Slumdog Millionaire

By 10 February 2009

[ 12 February 2009 at 6:30 pm; ]

Dendy Cinemas and the Red Cross Fire Appeal invite you to:


Special Charity Screening to raise funds for the victims of the Victorian bushfires

Dendy Canberra
Thursday 12th February, 6:30pm
BOOK NOW on 6221 8900

All proceeds going to the Red Cross Fire Appeal.
Limited tickets available, BOOK NOW to assist in this worthy cause.

Adult $15.00 / Concession & Club [...]

Paintball and Valentine’s Day – a perfect combination

By 10 February 2009

I know Valentine’s Day is for the romantic in all of us, but in the interest of those who think that roses or a candlelit dinner are a bit unnecessary, and prefer to indulge in some ‘physical’ activity with your partner, then Adventure Paintball has an option for you!
Bring your partner down to the fields [...]

Pilates/Yoga in Canberra

By 9 February 2009

I’m looking for a Pilates (preferably) or yoga class in Canberra.
I haven’t had much luck searching on Google, apart from one in Phillip (too far south for me).
I know some gyms run them, but I don’t want to become a member of a gym just for classes.
Does anyone here do Pilates or Yoga? [...]

Second-hand Sunday comes again

By 9 February 2009

[ 15 February 2009; ]

If you’ve still got old stuff you haven’t managed to offload on well meaning FM radio stations in the name of bushfire relief, you’ll be thrilled to learn that this weekend will play host to Second-hand Sunday.

Mayor Stanhope has announced that it’s time to get yourself registered if you want to be on the official [...]

Immune system topples like dominos after bad pizza

By 9 February 2009

The Dominos store in Mawson yesterday affirmed by belief in rumours that most Dominos stores are utter crap.
I live in Pearce, and my flatmate and I were craving some pizza. Feeling overly lazy I whipped out the Mastercard and suggested we order it online from Pizza Hut in Phillip, and get it delivered – we [...]

ANU snaffles The Great Dissenter for the law school

By 9 February 2009

After all the hoo haa about the resignation of High Court Justice Michael Kirby at the start of the month, there’s news that he will not be lost to Canberra.
The ANU has announced his appointment as a Distinguished Visiting Fellow.
“It is a great honour for us to welcome one of Australia’s most distinguished jurists to [...]

Car servicing on the northside

By 9 February 2009

Help needed!
My ageing saab blew up a few months ago – lack of oil (directly after a major service at a dealership which shall remain nameless) – which the mechanic refused to take any responsbility for. 
It was the third place I had tried… The place before that had left some sort of plugs attached to [...]

Martys Done It Again

By 9 February 2009

Hey everyone this is my first post on Riotact. I just wanna give a big f***in wrap to the local legend known as Marty and his food van in Phillip. Just this last Friday me and the boys after a few drinks and a few cones drove on down to Martys to grab us all [...]

BAMOASD 09 in pictures

By 9 February 2009

Beer And Meat On A Stick Day 2009 on Saturday was by all accounts a great success.
So great in fact that at 3pm on the day John Hargreaves was congratulating himself and anyone who might have been involved to some lesser degree.
For those unfamiliar with it, BAMOASD is also known as the “Food and [...]

The cute WIN reporter is?

By 7 February 2009

Does anyone know what the name of the new reporter on Win News is?
I saw him a couple of times last week.
He is lush!! … far hotter than the boys WIN and Prime usually provide … 

Air conditioning installation?

By 7 February 2009

Is there anyone who knows how much it costs to install air conditioning?
Any good tradesmen to call?
[ED - You might have left it a little late.]

A 20 Megawatt Crematorium?

By 7 February 2009

The ABC brings us news that the gubmint is planning a new cemetary on “A site between Mugga Lane and the suburbs of Tuggeranong has been identified for a cemetery and possible crematorium”
There’s a vacant lot near the tip that might be useful…
[ED - I realise a lot of people get emotional about this stuff, [...]

Canberra Australia’s Greenest Airport? Ha!

By 7 February 2009

At 1.15pm yesterday I was driving along the new overbridge on Piallago Avenue at the airport and noticed that they had about half a dozen sprinkers on watering the new baby shoots along the bridge’s new embankment. 
Not only were the sprinklers in use at the heat of the day, which I think would be [...]

Waving the kids across at the intersection of La Perouse St and Carnegie Cres

By 6 February 2009

View Larger Map
Just so that you all know – in having my latest rant I am not seeking confirmation/affirmation: I KNOW I am RIGHT.
The intersection of La Perouse St and Carnegie Cres is not a fun place to negotiate at Peak Minute. It has at least one traffic accident per term, with plenty of sacrificial offerings [...]

Cocktails in Canberra

By 6 February 2009

Does anyone know of anywhere that serves good cocktails in Canberra?
I’m looking for a somewhat classy place, classier than Mooseheads or the Labor Club.

It’s doctor search time again

By 6 February 2009

I need a new GP. I have been diagnosed with a few chronic and autoimmune illnesses, and these are being managed by a doctor in Sydney,  but obviously I can’t go to Sydney every time I have a cold or whathaveyou. I don’t feel comfortable going to my old GP as they have been of [...]

Where and why: Major retaillers

By 6 February 2009

Where do you shop in Canberra and why?
As the economy heads for tougher times ahead, there is much talk around Canberra about the unsustainable number of major retailers competing for our business in a relatively small market.
Some say that we’ll see some well known stores close, others merge and significant change overall in the local [...]

Incompatible food preferences – where to eat?

By 5 February 2009

This is a really delicate problem and I hesitate raising it, but am doing so in the hope that others share the shame…
When I go out for a meal, I look for healthy, low-fat, low-carb food that doesn’t include red meat. 
My partner’s idea of a perfect meal is sausages, peas, carrots & cheesey-creamy mashed potatoes [...]

How much for a ham roll?

By 5 February 2009

A work colleague went off  to buy a sandwich at a London circuit café and came back and told me that her ham, rocket, tomato and cheese roll cost over $8.
As an  infrequent buyer of  lunch I thought that was a bit steep. Is that  the going rate for a pretty average (not gourmet) [...]

RSI Treatment – What works?

By 5 February 2009

[ 26 February 2009 at 12:15 pm; ] The RSI & Overuse Injury Association of the ACT presents guest speaker Dr Deepak Sharan, who has successfully treated thousands of RSI patients from around the world at his clinic in India and will talk about what works in the treatment of overuse injury.

Thursday 26th February, 12:15pm, Room 7, Griffin Centre, Canberra City

RSVP and [...]

World does owe you a living

By 5 February 2009

The Canberra Times brings the strange news that you can now sue the Government for being poor.
“Dr Helen Watchirs launched a report yesterday on low-income households’ living costs, saying she ”wouldn’t be surprised” if evicted tenants aired their grievances in court should public agencies make it hard for them to meet the costs of living.
Dr [...]

Gungahlin Police Station finally fully operational

By 5 February 2009

The ABC brings word that the long held dream of wind-swept Gungahlin has finally come to pass. They’re getting a 24 hour police station.
The ACT Police Minister Simon Corbell says the around the clock operation fulfils an election commitment to Gungahlin residents.
Mr Corbell says the change will mean an extra 24 police officers and [...]

How to cross the road in the City

By 5 February 2009

After many years and magically overnight, the ACT Government has now provided us with essential help and directions detailing how one should go about crossing the road from most footpath crossings in the City by marking “LOOK” on the road immediately in front of the crossing. 
Two questions came to mind when I encounted them this morning: I wonder if we [...]

Jumper at National Capital Hospital

By 4 February 2009

Word reaches us that there’s a “jumper” at the National Capital Hospital right now.
More news on this as it comes to hand.
View Larger Map
UPDATED: Readers will, I am sure, be pleased to know that after a 6 hour incident the man in question was talked safely down off the roof. I hear he was a [...]

Local movie trailer – Dark Souls

By 4 February 2009

Here’s a trailer for a soon to be released Canberra made movie. Ozhair has posted it on YouTube with the following note:

Trailer for Caliburn Productions low-budget supernatural thriller, “Dark Souls”, featuring Leah Baulch, Dallas Bland, Clare Martin, Will Huang and Soren Jensen. Directed by Patrick J Gallagher. Filmed on location in Canberra, Australia.
Due for release [...]

Caroline Le Couteur gets on the Green Square grass

By 4 February 2009

Back in November we had a look at another piece of ACT Government unpleasantness relating to Kingston’s Green Square.
Now the Green’s Caroline Le Couteur is going in to bat for the important piece of community amenity, and she’s wise to the ACT Government’s wicked ways:
“The area is called Green Square because of the green square [...]

Can Canberra step up to host the Pony Fair?

By 4 February 2009

[First filed: February 04, 2009 @ 08:30]

The My Little Pony Trading Post (MLPTP to those in the know) has the exciting news that Canberra is hard in the running (with Sydney and Melbourne) to host the Australian Pony Fair.
Following the recent polls on where the Australian Pony Fair should be held this year, we have [...]

Circus themed O-Week

By 4 February 2009

Despite being promised that voluntary student unionism meant the end of O-Week festivities, the ANU News informs us that the week starting 16 February will see a circus themed celebration.
Many events are free but some require tickets. Make sure you’re in Union Court on Monday 16 February for the O-Week Launch, because amidst the [...]

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