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The Science of Climate Feedbacks – free public seminar tonight

By 11 May 2009

You are invited to a Climate Action Canberra public meeting this Monday evening. Hope to see you there!
The Science of Climate Feedbacks
Monday 11 May – 6:00 to 7:15pm – Haydon-Allen Tank, ANU
Featuring: Janette Lindesay, Deputy Director of the Fenner School for Environment and Society, ANU, and Steven Lade, Nonlinear Physics Centre, ANU
This forum will review, for a [...]

Westfield woden – Indoor Sunday market?

By 11 May 2009

Hi people,
I dont whinge often but I was roaming the Westfield Woden/Woden plaza on Saturday and Sunday for some mother’s day stuff and I was amazed at the number of those little crappy stores they have setup in the middle of the walkways.
From memory there was a:
– Sock store
– Perfume store
– Car > fund [...]

Mothers Day party, the flu and Ghandi

By 11 May 2009

On the way to the Mother’s Day party at Glebe Park yesterday, we spotted this….
Any ideas?

Gilmore Youths unleash NIGHT OF TERROR!

By 11 May 2009

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The Canberra Times brings word that the southern suburb of Gilmore has descended into a post-apocalyptic landscape reminiscent of Mad Max with one resident “reduced to tears” and another amazed by the absence of fatalities:
Gilmore residents say they were terrorised for two nights at the weekend by a pack of youths brandishing [...]

Let’s Talk Trash

By 11 May 2009

[ 25 May 2009 at 6:30 pm; ] Inner North SEE-Change and the O’Connor Cooperative School’s Green Team present a public talk on waste reduction and recycling in the home.

Learn about why organic waste should not go to landfill-what are the alternatives?

What exactly can be recycled in the ACT?

How should we dispose of old batteries, light bulbs etc?

All [...]

Canberra is losing the only G-spot most men can find

By 10 May 2009

Following the brumbies win on Saturday night I headed down to the G-Spot in Gungahlin for an after rugby bastard. I was shocked to see this sign just below the window where you order.
Sorry for the terrible picture quality, but is says the G-spot is closing on Sunday 10 May. According to the woman [...]

Survival of the Fittest – (in the plant world)

By 10 May 2009

It’s starting to get cold, the frosts are on the way. 
I have a wide variety of herbs growing in pots but only have room to move maybe four or five of them undercover. 
Now they won’t get much direct sun, but will miss the frost. 
So Riot Gardeners, which can I continue to grow [...]

Are Farmers Markets Really Farmers Markets?

By 9 May 2009

G’day all,
Just a quick question are the Farmers Markets in Canberra really Farmers Markets?
It seems every winter there is very little change in whats available to purchase!
I struggle to grown anything in my little veggie patch during the colder months. Can the variety offered really come from local farmers?

Thankyou Anonymous

By 9 May 2009

I want to give a quick thankyou!
My girlfriend and I were out in Civic last night having dinner.  We’d parked the car under the new Civic Centre.  As we walked back to the car I discovered I’d lost my ticket.  We re-traced our steps trying to find it with no luck.  So we went back [...]

‘Australia’s underwhelming capital’

By 9 May 2009

I’ve found this interesting piece from the BBC’s Nick Bryant on our beloved(?) city.
I should state from the outset that I don’t happen to agree with the hoary old joke that the best view of the city comes in the rear-view mirror as you head back to Sydney or Melbourne. Parts of it are stunningly [...]

Nice folk of Captains Flat

By 9 May 2009

Yesterday being my day off, I decided to take a run out on my motorbike (Cochyn as I call her), and as is my wont, to take some photographs. I particularly wanted a good photo of my bike, one with a vista of  long sweeping empty road behind her  in it. I wanted this shot [...]

Violent Scum VS The Kambah Kid

By 9 May 2009

The ABC reports a case of common assault against an “antagonistic” boy in Kambah.  Obviously, the report contains minimal information on which to form an opinion but I thought I’d form one anyway and see what others think.
If anyone came hurtling up my driveway (emphasis on “my”) after a good day’s worth of teasing me, [...]

Bureaucratic accounting methods shaft live music.

By 8 May 2009

An interesting rant in this week’s Culturazi email:
Corroboree Park Kerflunkt as Live Venue
Time for more ‘typical sour grapes‘ from the ‘Johnny comes lately’ Culturazi, this time on the issue of noise. Some of you may be aware the ACT Assembly is currently inquiring into live community events. The inquiry will consider, but not be [...]

On back to base fire alarms

By 8 May 2009

My parents recently had a fire in their home.
As near as all the investigators, insurance companies, forensics, and fire fighters, can figure out it was an electrical fault.
Apparently this can “just happen”.
It occurred during working hours, so no-one was home.
In the normal course of things the fire alarm would have beeped away and no-one would [...]

Drug prohibition when the stuff just boils out of the ground

By 8 May 2009

The fungii are definitely on the move at the moment in all their weird and wonderful variety.
While walking the Kelpie Of Few Accomplishments yesterday I came across a large outcropping of these magnificent buggers.
(No, I’m not going to tell you where.)
Personally I take this sort of colouring as a clear message: “If you eat me [...]

Shipping containers parked on the road

By 8 May 2009

I can understand when people park their cars in narrow streets or cul-de-sacs that they may obstruct the road a little, meaning anyone driving past has to take a little more care. Although, if it’s a narrow street, most responsible drivers would be driving slower than on a main thoroughfare to make allowances for any [...]

Belconnen Community Council – May 2009 Community Forum

By 8 May 2009

[ 19 May 2009 at 7:30 pm; ] The May 2009 Belconnen Community Council – Community Forum will be held at:

7.30pm, Tuesday 19 May 2009
Community Room above the Chandler Street Belconnen Library

The Belconnen Community Council invites Belconnen residents and interested citizens to a public meeting with the Department of Disability, Housing and Community Services and Territory and Municipal Services (TAMS). The presentations are [...]

Cold medicines

By 8 May 2009

So, we all know that when we want the decent cold and flu tablets we have to hand over ID to the chemist,  just in case we are trying to make Ice out of the stuff. That’s fair enough.
My immediate family and most of my friends and colleagues have been dropped on our arses by [...]

Another Nazi woman in Canberra – Hello Mrs Hoover

By 8 May 2009

The Jewish is celebrating a minor setback for naziism, this time here in Canberra:
“Family Court Deputy Chief Justice John Faulks ruled that the German-born mother, known only as Mrs. Hoover, and her estranged Australian partner, known only as Mr. Hoover, are also forbidden from inciting racial hatred when in the presence of their 6-year-old [...]

To Flash or Not to Flash?

By 8 May 2009

For the last three weeks I have noticed the boys(girls) in blue out on Flemington Road in the afternoons and the mornings with a radar gun.  They have been in a few different spots, both directions, and at different times, but I would say at least every third day I have seen them out there.
I [...]

Doctors specialising in SCI?

By 8 May 2009

Just wondering if anyone knows of any doctors/gp’s in canberra that has experience with spinal cord injuries etc?
Doesnt matter if north or southside..

More trouble in Chisholm??

By 7 May 2009

My wife has just got home from picking the kids up to tell me Gilmore Primary was in a “lockdown” due to either an abduction or attempted abduction at Chisholm High!.
I know with the benefit of chinese whispers these things get blown out of proportion but does any one else know any details?? 

Are you sick of being consulted yet?

By 7 May 2009

Our brave, beloved, and most of all Chiefly Leader has unleashed a tsunami of consultation with which to bludgeon the whingers into submission.
Topics for consultation this month include:
– BelconnenTown Centre Improvements
– Proposed southern cemetery
– Draft ACT Kangaroo Management Plan
– Lyons shopping centre upgrades
– Tuggeranong Town Park Stage
– Waramanga shopping centre upgrades
– Stromlo Forest Park Master [...]

Skip-bin etiquette

By 7 May 2009

Time for some of your views on skip-bin etiquette
Background. I rented a 3×3 skip-bin for a week over the last long weekend to get rid of some rubbish around the home. Old books, furniture, kids toys and so on. These things cost about $200-$300 depending on size and for how long. Over the course of [...]

Phenomenon 2009 – Phenobition

By 7 May 2009

[ 5 June 2009 to 8 June 2009. ] Queen’s Birthday long weekend
5 – 8 June 2009
Daramalan College,
Dickson Canberra ACT

Phenomenon 2009 (Phenobition) is a gaming convention held in Canberra over the June 2009 long weekend (June 5-8 for those of you who want exact dates.)

Pheno provides role-playing, RPGA, boardgames and miniatures games as well as special events such as the Tryptich, banquet and the [...]

So what did we build this city on?

By 7 May 2009

Say what you like about Allawah Court, it seems to generate a better (or at least more lyrical) class of graffiti than the moronic tagging found in more well to do neighbourhoods.
On Ainslie Avenue today I noticed this one proclaiming “We built this city on smack and roll”.
While I’m not one to ever disparage the [...]

How does one compain about senior public servants?

By 7 May 2009

Hello Riot Act. Long time reader, first time poster. I have a small question and thought someone on here might have a sensible answer.
How does one officially complain about the actions of a Senior ACT public servant?
Several of my friends have children with Disabilities and are dependant on the Government for funding.
The problem [...]

The Perth view of Ross Solly

By 7 May 2009

The All Seeing Eye has picked up a Perth blogger apparently unhappy with the offerings of their own local ABC presenter Eoin Cameron. They’re even more unhappy with the repartee with Canberra’s own Ross Solly.
If he’s winning ratings, Mugabe has to have a hand in the voting results. I had the misfortune to hear 10 [...]

Bugger all drugs and dangerous goods – what’s wrong with today’s kids?

By 7 May 2009

The Canberra Times reports that there were 26 cases of students found with illegal drugs in public schools last year (no mention of the teachers), and just five cases of dangerous items (sharpened rulers etc).
This really is unnacceptable. What’s wrong with the kids of today? There should be far more of this stuff going around.
Or [...]

Psychiatry in Canberra.

By 7 May 2009

Why is it that there are no bulk billing psychiatrists in canberra any more?
Mine has just decided to go from $0.00 to $200.00 just to write a script.
What concerns me is the unavailability of psychiatric care for people other than the rich or extremely poor. 

The Cook Cat Killer Cuts Loose?

By 6 May 2009

This is a quick follow up on pommy bastard’s previous post.
If this person has taken or killed our cat in Cook please tell us so I can tell the kids and old pensioner next door to stop looking for her. 
I understand that this may be same all lost cat news for some people but [...]

Assembly stymies Government efforts to sack the EPIC board

By 6 May 2009

[First filed: May 05, 2009 @ 12:45]
Brendan Smyth informs us that the Assembly has voted down ACT Government efforts to abolish the board of Exhibition Park In Canberra (aka EPIC, aka “The Showground”).
“This is a great decision for common sense; EPIC has been performing very well under the current Board and now will be able [...]

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