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Dining with the girl geeks

By 15 January 2009

Hail to the Hivemind,
Those of you who remember Loquaciousness will know she’s quite active in the IT arena, and so she’s organising an event she asked me to mention here on RiotACT. Details:
Girl Geek Dinners have been successful all around the world, including Melbourne, Sydney and most recently Brisbane. Now it’s Canberra’s turn!
Girl Geek dinners [...]

Making your own soap and face creams from scratch

By 15 January 2009

[ 31 January 2009 at 1:00 pm; ] This workshop is hands on—in an afternoon you will : Make soap from materials you probably have in your kitchen; Make the tool you will need to cut the soap from recycled resources; Hear about the fascinating history of how soap used to be made; Learn enough theory to “do it yourself”; Make face or hand cream from [...]

Canberra Goss titsup already?

By 15 January 2009

It was just in late November that Canberra Goss finally launched to an underwhelming response.
Now they’ve already suspended operations before having another go at a launch. This message is currently on their website:
What happened?
Canberra Goss went out with a bang last year with a huge Christmas party provided by Academy night club. Keep an eye [...]

Bad Kids down south

By 15 January 2009

So police haven’t seen fit to issue a media release, but local media is frothing at the mouth on this one so here goes.
The ABC are carrying some police warnings that 18 attacks in Tuggeranong and Woden since early December could be related and the work of a coterie of sadistic thugs who’ve taken their [...]

Come on Telstra, Dont be a mean!

By 14 January 2009

Today i recieved a call from a friend of mine who is an invalid.  He is stuck at home and cannot leave the house due to a medical condition and he had a pre-paid mobile that we could call him on to see if he he is alright.  When i recieved the call it was [...]

Skid pan and pirate metal

By 14 January 2009

In a fine example of NuSpeak a day at the skid pan is termed “anti skid training”.
Regardless, jumpninja001 has kindly shared with the world his friend’s day of slipping and sliding with a lovely soundtrack by the Scottish “pirate metal” outfit “Alestorm”. I believe the song can be found on the “Captain Morgan’s Revenge” album.

So who wants to be in a vampire movie?

By 14 January 2009

Some of Canberra’s children of the night are trying to make a vampire movie right here in Canberra.
Right now they’re looking for outfits, contacts, blood and volunteers. It has a name, “Dark Valley” (Tuggers reference?), a main vampire called Alice, and a main evil guy vampire called Gene as well as hunter and family members.
If [...]

So tell us about you – How often do you eat out?

By 14 January 2009

As so many of you enjoy ticking the boxes on our demographic surveys here’s another one for you.
How many meals a week do you eat in a restaurant/cafe?

Should registration stickers be re-introduced in the ACT?
View Results

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Getting your public holidays right for 2009

By 14 January 2009

Che has noticed that his shiny 2009 calendar provided by his work has got the public holidays wrong for 2009.
So if there’s any confusion we recommend you check the official documentation.
Alternatively use the RiotACT Calendar which also has the ACT school holidays.

Raiders gobbling up West Belco Leagues – Smoking kills the pokie stars?

By 13 January 2009

The ABC reports that the West Belconnen Leagues Club is telling its members the only hope of survival is flogging their poker machine licences to the Raiders.
Apparently the smoking ban is forcing punters to step outside periodically, at which point they often decide to do something other than stuff their money into the bandits.
Disaster ensues [...]

Canberra history – The first Canberra Hospital

By 13 January 2009

Riot reader Old Canberran is in the process of scanning in the photos he took back in 1948 and is sending some highlights in for us to gawp at.
This is a more recent photo to kick off the series but of interest for pub trivia purposes coming with the following information:
“It is the original Canberra [...]

The cheers for the Canberra Centre baby change rooms?

By 13 January 2009

Over on the MumsWeb there’s a brief but heartfelt hymn of praise to the rooms for changing babies in the Canberra Centre.

The change room in the canberra centre is so nice and so clean it even has a chair for babies about 6months plus to sit in so you can feed them food and that [...]

Let’s chat about madness . . .

By 13 January 2009

· Have you, a relative or a friend, experienced a mental illness?
· Can you relate well to young people and work in a team?
· Would you feel comfortable talking about your [...]

Degas – Master of French Art – A review

By 13 January 2009

[First filed: January 11, 2009 @ 16:22]

There’s a lot riding on the Degas exhibition at the National Gallery. Huge amounts of promotion’s gone into it. With all that ad money sloshing around media outlets have kept the praise up for fear of missing out on the moolah (and the invites to the next opening). Having [...]

Handmade market is on again!

By 12 January 2009

[ 7 February 2009; ]

Come to Handmade market, Canberra’s quarterly Upmarket to experience high quality, stylish, unique products created by talented artists, craftsmen, designers and gourmets.  

Over 70 Retailers for the February market.

See why the Handmade Upmarket is becoming the place to shop for original and handcrafted wares.  


Next market is Saturday 7th February 2009

An amazing $1698.70 was raised on the day [of the first market]. 

Thank you for [...]

Come Dancing with Min Mae [and others]

By 12 January 2009

[ 2 February 2009; ] Inclusive Sound & Movement Programs in 2009

with the founder & facilitators of The Radiance Dance Project

This new 10 week program will be offered each term in 2009 and is open to people with and without disabilties. Sessions offer community based, participant-driven performing arts activities aimed at enabling people with a wide range of [...]

Dob in a rental auctioneer

By 12 January 2009

The ABC brings word that the ACT Tenant’s Union is after your help.
The ACT Tenants Union is urging people to report any real estate agents who initiate a rent auction for sought after properties.
Basically they’re at the data gathering stage with a view to pushing for new laws against rental auctions if problems are found.
If [...]

Did you enjoy the final Block Party?

By 12 January 2009

On Saturday afternoon I was certainly impressed by the scale of the setup in the Challis St car park in Dickson for the Trinity Block Party.
If you went we’d love to hear what you thought about it. And if you’ve got some photos send them in to
When I saw the setup the first thing [...]

Queanbo fireboming rampage!

By 12 January 2009

The Canberra Times has a piece on a string of late night tree immolations in Queanbeyan:
“Queanbeyan Police are searching for firebugs who set alight four trees early on Sunday.
The arsonists left four large trees on Lowe Street, Barracks Flat Drive and roundabouts on Morisset Street and another on Rutledge Street badly burned.
The fires are believed [...]

Cycling hazards in Canberra

By 11 January 2009

As a new year’s resolution I have decided to buy a push bike in the hope of actually getting fit one day.
On my first attempt at cycling in ten years I happened to ride past a bunch of tiny kids playing with a Pit-Bull or similar.  The dog gave chase and luckily my legs were not [...]

Whatever happened to Canberra’s space-age self-cleaning toilets?

By 11 January 2009

[First filed: January 10, 2009 @ 17:52]

I recall in the dim past the great excitement surrounding Canberra getting an array of the Exceloo
When they first arrived thay had:
- Automatic doors
- Electronic Basin Unit
- No Touch Flushing
- Electronic Toilet Tissue Dispenser
- Movement Sensor
- Automated Systems
- Wash Cycle
- Electromagnetic Locking
- Music and Voice Messages
- Moulded fibreglass ceilings
- [...]

Golden Globes broadcast

By 10 January 2009

The film geek in me is desperate to watch the Golden Globes broadcast this Monday, but is too stingy to fork out a Foxtel subscription.
Anyone know of any pub, club or other public venue in the ACT that would be showing it live?
I don’t hold out much hope, but you never know…..

Bakery wars at Southlands

By 10 January 2009

The Italian Bakery at Southlands is something of an institution, providing good European bread and the best vanilla slice on the planet.
There seems to be a longstanding feud between the Italian Bakery and Bruno’s Truffles next door.
The story, as I understand, it is that Bruno’s has taken legal action to reduce the number of [...]

More CT Editor speculation

By 10 January 2009

What are the most powerful positions in Canberra?
I’d argue that they are: Chief Minister, Minister for Territories, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.
And the Editor of the Canberra Times.
Which is a problem as the position has been turning over so fast of late that it’s hard to keep track. On the plus side it’s become [...]


By 10 January 2009

I really am after some honest opinions and advice.  My son is 11 going into year six next year….. our catchment area for highschool is Gold Creek.  I have heard some very bad things about this highschool….. I know things go on at all schools on one level or another but is it particularly bad [...]

January 2009 – Notices

By 10 January 2009

Notices appear once a week and aggregate through the month. You can send them in via our contact form.

10 Jan:
Lost cat:
Missing cat from Downer area
Lost from Warbo Cattery (Phillip Av.)
Black/chocolate Burmese X
Desexed/microchipped male
Answers to Cash/Cashie
Please call: 0408 167 127

Drinking Fountain Street?

By 9 January 2009

A very odd observation from downtown Civic.
A new “street sign” has appeared at the intersection of Hobart Place and London Circuit in Civic. The sign – in a format completely identical to other street signs in Civic – simply, and enigmatically, reads: “Drinking Fountain”.
As it is identical to other street signs, including the one [...]

Public Housing tenants happier! More included! Hooray!

By 9 January 2009

John Hargreaves is cracking open the bubbly after the latest Housing ACT Client Satisfaction Survey showed a happy bunch of campers in public housing.
“”I am delighted with the results of the 2008 Client Satisfaction Survey which show overall satisfaction with Housing ACT has increased from 68% to 71%. Indeed satisfaction has been steadily improving since [...]

Ambulance service asks you not to be stupid

By 9 January 2009

The ABC brings word that a five year old had to be rescued from a baking car yesterday (presumably before winter returned).
This has prompted the ambulance service to ask people not to lock kids in cars on hot days. Apparently leaving the window cracked open is not good enough.
If only you could tie the kids [...]

How many mowers for one small park?

By 9 January 2009

I was amazed this morning by the spectacle of a small park in Ainslie getting mowed.
Not that the mowing was taking place. Ainslie is much better serviced than, say, Macquarie.
But that one tiny park was being mowed by five (one, two, three, four, FIVE) ride on mowers.
They had to stay synchronised to avoid running into [...]

Mark Parton channelling the parrot’s malignant brain?

By 9 January 2009

Sweet holy jesus.
Check out this rant from near-run ACT political candidate and 2CC morning presenter Mark Parton.
Here’s some of my favourite highlights:
The youth of our nation are out of control. The jackass generation who believe that it’s really funny when someone else gets hurt have no fear of the law…
They must have felt like Aussie [...]

The first HMAS Canberra in colour

By 9 January 2009

The all-seeing eye of RiotACT spotted a new blog entry on the first HMAS Canberra, lost at the Battle of Savo Island and now a good chunk of the iron in the Iron Bottom Sound.
The entry isn’t remarkable for it’s information, the wikipedia entry has much more. But I’ve never seen such a good colour [...]

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