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Stick-ing point – defining defending

By 6 May 2009

Following some of the postings about crime in the ‘burbs recently, I have taken to accessorising my usual walking equipment of one staffy and/or one mastiff with a sturdy stick. 
I was striding along confidently when a person decided to pull up in their car and shout out at me that it was illegal for [...]

Foggy drivers

By 6 May 2009
Foggy drivers

This morning I had to come into work, which is unusual for me as I normally work the afternoon shifts. Coincidentally, the wife needed the car this morning, for a trip to the dentist, so that left me with the bike as my transport. Nothing I like better than a spin into work on the [...]

Preschool comes to the office?

Preschool comes to the office?

The internal walls of my building have been adorned with ‘flu avoidance posters from the Department of Health (they came from but the link does not seem to be working at the moment…).
The posters contain incredible suggestions like putting tissues in the bin and washing your hands *gosh!*.
Now, don’t get me wrong, I lurve [...]

Whatever has happened to the Downer shops?

By 5 May 2009
Whatever has happened to the Downer shops?

[First filed: May 05, 2009 @ 09:05]

Back in 1988 quite a bit of bicentennial money was spent on the Downer shops. A very nice precinct was created, almost like a monastic cloister.
Having lived in Downer a couple of times it was something I really appreciated.
Over the years the fortunes of the shops has waxed and [...]

Paying parents to sit on school boards

By 5 May 2009

The Canberra Times brings word that Andrew Barr is considering paying parents encourage them to get involved with school boards.
He said he was ”not suggesting directors’ fees a la company board of management, but it might be worth considering tying in some money to make a broader range of parents participate and to recognise that [...]

The prescient debate on the founding of the ANU

By 5 May 2009

The ANU Reporter’s Jane O’Dwyer has had a look at the heated parliamentary debates of 1946 surrounding the foundation of Canberra’s Australian National University.
The concerns of Adair “Chill” Blain, Member for the Northern Territory, seem particularly far sighted:
He also feared the rise of ‘rat-bag’ views would infest the University though the inclusion of the [...]

Pumpkin season closes with golden shower

By 4 May 2009
Pumpkin season closes with golden shower

[First filed: May 03, 2009 @ 17:27]

For the past five or so years I have been growing various types of pumpkins in the vegie patch, but have been underwhelmed with some of the varieties in Canberra’s climate.
Both the Queensland blue and Jap varieties produced well, but were a bit tardy on the ripening stage at [...]

A wintry view from Mount Stromlo

By 4 May 2009
A wintry view from Mount Stromlo

While we bask in autumnal sunshine today it’s worth remembering the taste of winter we had last week.
Pommie Bastard has sent in this picture he took from Mount Stromlo.
Got an image of Canberra to share with the world? Email it to

ESA Wrap – 4 May

By 4 May 2009

1. Belconnen Mall ablaze:
The ACT Fire Brigade has extinguished a fire inside Coles Supermarket at Westfield Belconnen.
At approximately 6.15pm, 7 fire units responded to the call, with the fire contained to 2 aisles.
Smoke was extracted from the building, and an estimated 700 people were evacuated. The ACT Ambulance Service was also on scene [...]

Whopping great maternity leave scheme for the ACT PS.

By 4 May 2009

Jon Stanhope has announced that the ACT Government is going to lead the way on paid maternity leave:
“The ACT Government will introduce the nation’s most generous whole of government paid maternity leave scheme for public sector workers and double bonding leave, Chief Minister, Jon Stanhope announced today.
The 2009-10 Budget provides funding of $7.06 million over [...]

High Praise for the Tuggeranong Vet Clinic (Fadden Vet) and ‘Pets at Peace’

By 4 May 2009

This week was a horrible week for our family, as Mum’s much-loved dog suffered some sort of stroke/brain damage on Tuesday and quickly went downhill as the week progressed. I can’t speak highly enough of the staff at the Fadden vet when dealing with us this week – they were just amazing (they are always fantastic, but never more [...]

Swine flu morons strike Canberra

By 3 May 2009

The Canberra Times reports that Canberra is not immune to the swine flu idiocy sweeping the world.
Chemists are struggling to keep up with demand for masks and anti-bacterial handwash as Canberrans become increasingly nervous about swine flu.
Good luck with your anti-bacterial treatments on a virus you cretins.
For avoiding the spread of all flus in general [...]

Stuck in a hole in Belconnen

By 3 May 2009

The ABC has the happy news that a 31 year old drunk has needed the help of the fire brigade to get out of a hole last night at the Belconnen Skate Park.
Some practice for the rescue team and a trip to hospital for facial injuries ensued.

Vanishing Cat Sign.

By 2 May 2009

On a trip to Cook shops yesterday, I checked as  always do, the “local notice board”. It’s a source of bargains, and not a few lunatic services/ courses /get rich quick schemes. (“Knit your own feng-shui garlic dream-catchers, make $$$$!”).
However one notice was rather astonishing. Unfortunately, I didn’t have my camera with me, so I [...]

Lost Cat – Woden Area

By 2 May 2009

My much loved cat has been missing since 28th April 2009 from the Phillip flats (across from Woden Plaza – behind the new development site). She is a female grey tabby answering to the name ‘Bree’. She was last seen wearing a red collar (although she has been known to get out of it before [...]

Canberra Sustainable Careers Expo

By 1 May 2009
Canberra Sustainable Careers Expo

[ 4 June 2009; 4:00 pm to 9:00 pm. ]

Here’s something for younger readers trying to figure out what to do with their lives. This from the email that came in:

We are a small group of youth working to organize Canberra’s first Sustainable Careers Expo, seeking skills and energy from passionate people.

We are looking to promote environmental courses, jobs/careers, volunteering opportunities, and support for [...]

ACTEW keep their friends close and their enemies closer out at the Cotter

By 1 May 2009

ACTEW have announced that they’d like Canberrans with an interest in the Cotter precinct (and I know there are quite a lot of you who are) to sign up and join the “Friends of the Cotter”.
Who should join the Friends of the Cotter?
The group is made up of interested members of the public who choose [...]

Lights at Belconnen Dog Park?

By 1 May 2009

Does anyone know if there are plans to install lights at the Belconnen Dog Park?
It’s becoming increasingly difficult to get there before dark.

May Day for smokers in ACT Health

By 1 May 2009

Katy Gallagher has announced that D-Day has arrived for the hard-smoking health workers of Canberra.
All ACT Health facilities will be smoke free from today, marking another step in the ACT Government’s program to reduce the harmful effects of tobacco smoke.
ACT Health Minister, Katy Gallagher MLA, said smoking would now only be permitted in approved [...]

Take-away tip-off for vegetarians looking for some fried goodness – Chisholm Takeaway

By 1 May 2009

Time for a good news food story!  As a vegetarian, take-away options at the “local” are often limited to chips, potato scallops and – if you’re lucky – a toasted sandwich. 
The Chisholm Takeaway has bucked the trend and come up with the most delicious vegie-patty-roll combo.  A huge serving of fresh salad, perfectly fried [...]

Assembly Inquiry into Live Community Events

By 1 May 2009

Hello everyone,
I just wanted to make sure that you all knew about an inquiry currently being conducted by the Legislative Assembly into Live Community Events. The inquiry is being conducted by the Standing Committee on Planning, Public Works and Territory and Municipal Services, whose membership includes Mary Porter AM MLA (Chair), Caroline Le Couteur MLA (Deputy [...]

Mind the Death Caps

By 30 April 2009
Mind the Death Caps

The National Capital Authority has been moved to warn of the horrible menace of Death Cap mushrooms which have made themselves at home in these parts:

‘While the death cap is a large mushroom, with a cap ranging from light olive green to greenish yellow, the immature button can be difficult to distinguish from an edible [...]

The most pointless whinge in history?

By 30 April 2009

Here at RiotACT we consider ourselves connoisseurs of the fine art of complaining.
But we doff our lids to Steve Doszpot’s latest effort:
Shadow Minister for Education and Disability, Steve Doszpot, has today condemned the Stanhope-Gallagher Government for failing to acknowledge the rights of 411 students with a disability currently enrolled in the non-government school sector.
The ACT [...]

Worst Meal in Canberra?

By 30 April 2009

I wanted to post this in the 2006 long-running “worst Canberra restaurants” topic, but it’s so full it won’t play with MS internet explorer. So maybe it’s time for a new topic about meals you are sorry you ate (and paid for).
Tonight we tested the Twisted Fork at the Dickson Tradies, and it was the [...]

5 potential swine flu cases in Canberra – It’s not as bad as it sounds

By 29 April 2009

[First filed: April 28, 2009 @ 15:07]
Nothing online yet but the ABC news on the radio is reporting that five people in Canberra are being monitored for the dreaded swine flu.
The media loves to scare you, and in turn some of you love to be scared.
But before we get our panties in a bunch on [...]

Priorities and humidicribs

By 29 April 2009

Can anyone provide an update on Canberra Hospital’s quest for a second mobile humidicrib?  Can these things malfunction, so that there may be no humidicrib available in Canberra Hospital? 
A spokesperson from Katy Gallagher’s dep was quoted on NowUC as saying: 
“Within the public healthcare system, there is always a high demand for services and new equipment… We need [...]

Images of Canberra – Them turning leaves

By 29 April 2009
Images of Canberra - Them turning leaves

Brendo has sent in this picture of the turning leaves being enjoyed by the inner suburbs of Canberra this Autumn.
Got an image of Canberra you want to share with the world? Email it to

It’s not just snow men up in the mountains

By 29 April 2009
It's not just snow men up in the mountains

Fly High Fly Far has sent in this one to show it’s not just snow men up in the mountains of the ACT. It came with the following note:
My partner Natalie her friend Vicki and my mate Christian decided to head up to the Brindies to check out how much snow had fallen and enjoy [...]

The War Memorial’s Eastern Precinct gets a facelift.

By 29 April 2009

The War Memorial has announced that they’re starting construction of a re-vamped Eastern Precinct:
The project, to be carried out by PBS Building, will restore the current temporary carpark to a landscaped environment, provide an underground carpark for almost 200 cars, improve bus parking and access for schools, provide a new café facility and incorporate the [...]

Mrs Balfour goes for a run

By 29 April 2009

The Herald Sun brings word of Celia Balfour’s plans to join a charity run from Melbourne to Canberra.
The widow of David Balfour, the Canberra firefighter killed by a falling branch on 17 February in fire devastated Victorian Marysville, is leaving Melbourne Town Hall this morning as part of a relay.
They plan to arrive here in [...]

A Brief Lesson in (Almost) Local History – Kenmore Hospital for the Insane – Goulburn

By 29 April 2009
A Brief Lesson in (Almost) Local History - Kenmore Hospital for the Insane - Goulburn

On the weekend of the 26th April, a friend and I had the great privilege of attending a guided tour of Kenmore Hospital (For the insane) and its grounds. This was of particular poignance for me as my Grandmother was admitted there several times as a patient in the middle of last century (Voluntarily or [...]

How to get into snow business

By 28 April 2009
How to get into snow business

[First filed: April 28, 2009 @ 08:30]

Having seen the weather report over the weekend and wanting to offer a new experience to my two-year-old daughter, I had been musing whether to head to the Brindabellas for some fun in the snow yesterday.
Then I happened upon this post in which commenters offered a mixed bag of [...]

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