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Pet owners being discriminated against?

By 21 May 2009

I have just stumbled across an earlier post about companion animals in rental accommodation and think it is about time something was seriously done about this issue.
I am a Veterinary Surgeon and have been renting for a number of years. For years I have been desperate to start a “dog” family but am unable to [...]

Massage, preferably southside

By 20 May 2009

I am having a lot of trouble with stiff neck and shoulders and am after a massage (genuine), preferably southside.
My last masseuse has retired due to arthritis in the hands. 
I usually prefer to go to  people working from home, as they are generally cheaperand provide a more personalised service.
Any help appreciated.

Images of Canberra – Turning leaves and sunshine

By 20 May 2009

[First filed: May 20, 2009 @ 10:25]

Here’s one that Timur took recently and sent in.
On a cold gray day with winter sinking its teeth in there’s no harm in remembering that the sun will come out again (eventually).
Got an image of Canberra you want to share with the world? Email it to

Greens to have another go at gay weddings

By 20 May 2009

The Canberra Times informs us that the Greens are going to try legislate a “ceremonial aspect” for gay and lesbian civil unions.
One can only suspect they’re doing this to present the spectacle of the Labor government at the commonwealth level giving it the kibosh, with possible bonus stupid statements from the Liberals. In short it [...]

Your chance to have a say on eight new parks

By 20 May 2009

Chief Minister Stanhope is inviting consultation on 8 new parks planned for discarded school sites in Macarthur, Rivett, Mt Neighbour, Cook, Melrose, Weston, Holt and Village Creek.
“We have listened to the community’s views and developed draft plans that reflect the preference for open space to be retained at these sites. The draft plans include play [...]

Canberra Psychics?

By 20 May 2009

Okay – thought i’d give everyone a laugh but does anyone know of any accurate, good psychics/tarot readers in Canberra?
I’ve seen Milton Black in the past and WOW spot on, but he’s a bit expensive now – think it’s about $270.
A work colleague went to a lady named Marie in Kingston [...]

Housing problems solved by offering sufficiently unattractive houses?

By 20 May 2009

The ABC delivers us a masterclass in spin based governance. Jon Stanhope is proclaiming success for his multi-faceted housing strategy.
The basis for this claim?
Sixty cheaper house and land packages were offered for sale at the Brindabella estate at West Macgregor, but Mr Stanhope says only a third were sold.
The Chief Minister says the clearance [...]

“My brother has fallen off his bike”

As I was strolling through the Canberra Centre on my lunchbreak chilling out to the dulcit tones of Clarence ‘Frogman’ Henry’s ‘Aint Got No Home’, I was approached by a vaguely familiar person. He told me he desperately needed my help.
Turns out a tragedy had struck his family. Apparently his brother had fallen off his pushbike and had [...]

Maddies Bistro at the Kingo – What a Pleasant Surprise!

By 19 May 2009

I have much affection for the Kingston Hotel (aka ‘The Kingo’), and have many fond memories of singlies Thursdays (when our large group of Kingston-dwelling buddies would meet for steaks) and the numerous Summer Sunday arvo sessions on the beer veranda. Some twenty years later I still occasionally get to the Kingo for a [...]

Improving opportunities and outcomes for people with disability

By 19 May 2009

Just seen in my inbox, I know a few members here who might be interested
The ACT Government is updating its policy framework to improve outcomes and opportunities for Canberrans who have a disability. The policy will guide priority areas for disability policy and service delivery through to 2014.
Community conversation forums on the [...]

$10k to get your grass back

By 19 May 2009

The Canberra Times has the scandalous news that the Kingston traders have been asked to fork out $10,000 a year in exchange for getting a small patch of lawn back in Green Square.
The traders have received a letter from Parks, Conservation and Lands asking them to consider collectively funding the ”additional costs required to [...]

Images of Canberra – Mining ruins at Captains Flat

By 19 May 2009

Pommie Bastard sent in this one from his recent trip to nearby Captains Flat, with the following note:

a shot of the copper mine relics at Captains Flat, taken on my recent trip out there. The place has some good interpretive signs and information there, and the view down onto the village is quite wonderful.

Got [...]

We breed all sorts in this city

By 19 May 2009

This evening, two stories hit the front page involving women from Canberra. Their contrasting stories prove what a diverse little city we have here (and perhaps the growing need for selective breeding).
First, everyone’s favourite trashy spray tan “artist” and self proclaimed addictive drug to footballers Charmyne Palavi has written a piece for News Ltd about the perils of being [...]

A grrrrrreat show of support – Million Paws Walk ’09

By 19 May 2009

[First filed: May 18, 2009 @ 08:38]

Million Paws Walk 2009 seemed to this observer to be the most successful to date.  Attendance was high and the RSPCA crew managed the crowd well, ensuring that a fun day out was had with minimal drama.  My dogs were left at home today as they like to believe [...]

Handmade Canberra’s Upmarket

By 18 May 2009

[ 23 May 2009 at 12:00 am; ]

Hello all,

it is that time of the year again……. just thought I would let you all know that Handmade is on again!

Next saturday May 23rd at Albert Hall. 10am – 4pm.
Free parking, Free Entry (still no ATM at the hall)

We still support the Motor Neuron Disease assocciation. This time we have a large basket of [...]

CCTV across the city to be improved

By 18 May 2009

I would very much like to know what various people think about the $1.6m announced to go toward CCTV not only in Manuka, Kingston & Civic but also Manuka Oval, EPIC, Canberra Stadium and all ACTION buses as part of this year’s budget.
I am doing research (very belated so fire away) for an assignment and [...]

Walk D Feet Global MND day

By 18 May 2009

[ 21 June 2009; ]

Walk to d’feet MND Global day is Sunday 21 June commencing at 10.00am. [ED - MND = Motor Nurone Disease] The walk will be conducted around the edges of the beautiful Lake Burley Griffin in Canberra. The walk is approx 5.5kms. You can choose to walk, run or ride your bike. Why not bring along [...]

Snow business?

By 18 May 2009

I’m newly arrived in Canberra and am keen to take advantage of Canberra’s close proximity to the snow.
Are there any alpine ski clubs that organise day trips/ weekend trips/ car pooling to the slopes?  I’m been able to find on the internet ski clubs that have lodges near the snow but they all seem to [...]

Novelist seeks advice on Canberra

By 16 May 2009

I want to know whether the following are plausible – Firstly are there any abandoned buildings at the edge of Canberra, possibly half burnt out, where vagabonds would be able to squat for a few weeks without being noticed?
Are there neighbourhoods of Canberra which are a bit rough or have a lot of public [...]

Comments called for on the ACT Strategic Bushfire Management Plan

By 15 May 2009

The ACT Government has had a Strategic Bushfire Management Plan since 2005.
The Emergency Services Agency have now announced that they’re reviewing it and would like your thoughts.
There’s an exposure draft to check out if you have an interest.
Comments on this Exposure Draft can be addressed to:
The Commissioner
ACT Emergency Services Agency
PO Box 104 Curtin
ACT [...]

Spelling Mistake

By 14 May 2009

I was walking past the Australia Post post-office in Dickson on the weekend and noticed a carpark that was reserved for official vehicles
There is something wrong with the sign
I pondered.
Is it possible that the government would produce an official sign with the name of the country spelled incorrectly?
Spellcheck people – spell check!!! 

Budget cuts for Action Buses and I dare you to tell him he was in the wrong.

By 14 May 2009

Action busses seem to be suffering from budget cuts. Where are the cushions ?

Now who is game enough to tell this guy he was in the wrong ?

Dozspot taking up cudgels against the wrong foe?

By 14 May 2009

The Shadow Minister for pointless whinges, Steve Doszpot, has once again excelled himself.
“I have received details from a concerned parent that the Education Minister, Andrew Barr, used school students in his own cynical publicity machine by inviting cameras into a Canberra School without the approval of parents for the children to be filmed,” Shadow Minister [...]

New Woodstock is old Woodstock again (ie ‘dead’)

By 14 May 2009

Akuna Club patrons won’t be surprised with news that the club is to close next Friday – seems the place is broke. 
Big party there next Friday, I hear.

Restaurant review – Little San Servo Pizza and Pasta Gunghalin

By 14 May 2009

Hey there rioters, Just want to relay quite an exceptional take away meal I had tonight.
The restaurant in question is a new one in Gunghalin, Shop 102 Gunghalin Sq, Ernest Cavanagh St Gunghalin.
I recently noticed this new Italian eatery and decided to get a menu and get some take away at a later date.
That [...]

Brigitte Murray ACT Nurse of the Year

By 13 May 2009

Katy Gallagher has announced that Canberra’s Nurse of the year is Brigitte Murray:
Ms Murray received the award for her efforts to assist staff and residents at the Villaggio Sant’ Antonio aged care facility to re-evaluate how care is provided and for her work helping carers develop step by step plans to manage their day. [...]

Questions answered… The new Kingston Library

By 13 May 2009

The ACT Virtual Library has published an FAQ on the planned new Kingston Library announced in last week’s ACT Budget.
(The Government is still being a little quiet on just how wrong they were to close the old Griffith Library)
Apparently the new facility will be a “shopfront library” something this city has never seen before in [...]

Lyneham’s Danger Zone

By 13 May 2009

Holden Caulfield has sent in this street art from the Lyneham shops.
Does Danger Mouse still run on TV?
UPDATED: As luck would have it Mike Crowther took some pictures (with the artist’s permission) while it was being made.
Slideshow below:

Gambling advertising rolls

By 13 May 2009

There’s little in this world a Government likes as much as running an ad campaign.
Lunches are bought for them. Easy decisions are made. Egos are stroked as the media barfs out the chosen messages on command.
Importantly friendships are made which are very handy when election time rolls around.
Public good? I’m sorry… what’s that?
Katy Gallagher yesterday [...]

Canberra’s Charmyne Palavi hits the big time

By 12 May 2009

One of the stars of last night’s much talked about 4 Corners program “Code of Silence” about sex and the National Rugby League was Canberra spray tan artiste, and mother of three, Charmyne Palavi. You can see her video at this link.
This prompted me to do some cursory googling which found some interesting backstory on [...]

Million Paws Walk

By 12 May 2009

Does any one know what time the Million Paws Walk begins on Sunday?
ED – From the RSPCA’s ACT website:
Register in person on Sunday 17 May at Stage ’88, Commonwealth Park, from 9.00am. Entertainment from 9.30, walk starts at 11.00.
Help make Canberra’s 2009 Million Paws Walk the biggest and best yet!

Online booking arrives for events on National Land

By 12 May 2009

The National Capital Authority owns most of the prettiest parts of Canberra.
To their information on how to book events in those locales they’ve now added the crucial capacity to apply online
That should make life a little bit easier for brides to be.
Locations covered by the online booking sheet include (but are not limited to):
– Aspen [...]

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