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How bad can a lemon chicken be?

By 1 June 2009

The Canberra Times has the curious case of Gordon’s Mark Wood who’s suing the Lanyon Valley Chinese Restaurant seeking $128,877 for a dodgy lemon chicken he claims they delivered the effects of which are still, he claims, being felt.
The company owning the restaurant is adopting a Bart Simpson defence:
In papers filed to the court, [...]

Progress on the Richardson crash shrine.

By 1 June 2009

Following on from the weekend’s big story on the Clift Crescent shrine in Richardson there’s been some movement on the subject of the Facebook group where regrettable things were said.
The group has now been made private and I’m told it’s been locked with the comments removed.
The two most outspoken commenters on that group have also [...]

The Night of the Exploding Letter Box (Tuggers Thugs Strike Again)

By 1 June 2009

As a relative newcomer to Canberra, my network here isn’t huge … which makes it all the more surprising that not one, not two, but three of my local friends (two in Fadden, one in Monash) had their letter boxes blown to smithereens last night. 
I wonder if these were the same thugs moving through different suburbs or was there [...]

Protecting your pet this fireworks season

By 1 June 2009

The RSPCA is warning that fireworks season is upon us and offering advice for keeping your pet safe and sound.
“Ideally owners should stay home with pets, but if that’s not possible, they should place the animal in a quiet room surrounded by their favourite toys, and possibly items holding the owner’s scent, with a radio [...]

Richardson roadside shrine removed – Good or bad thing?

By 31 May 2009

[First filed: May 29, 2009 @ 11:22]
At the end of March there was a double fatality on Clift Crescent in Richardson made particularly tragic by the youth of the victims Steven Rial, 20, and Megan Minney, 17.
The Canberra Times today reports that the roadside shrine which accreted at the scene of the accident has been [...]

ACT Government to shaft the bars again

By 31 May 2009

Having let the bars and pubs of the ACT spend fortunes developing beer gardens cum smoking areas the ACT Government is now coming back for another swing.
The ABC reports that Katy Gallagher now wants to ban food, beverages, and staff from any area where smoking is occurring.
“My number one issue is that you can’t have [...]

The afternoon after great big squiddy fun

By 30 May 2009

Heading south of the lake for music struck many cloistered Inner Northicans as a strange idea.
But for the tribute concert to the late great Baterz (who’s ghost can still be heard doing 2XX promos) we were willing to take a chance.
No-one was willing to drive so a cunning plan was hatched to meet at [...]

Woden Babar Discriminate Against Transgenders

By 30 May 2009

I’ve just had my last meal at Babar in Woden, a place I used to frequent for a breakfast on the weekend.
I’m a male to female transgender and have been living as a female 24/7 for some number of years. Over these years I’ve been using Women’s toilets.
Today I was told by the owner (or [...]

How would you like to be engaged?

By 30 May 2009

The ACT Chief Minister’s office is asking the community to talk to it about how we like to be engaged by Government.  Surveys, meetings, online etc.  The consultation is, in part through and online forum which can be found by clicking on this link.
The forum is open until July 20.

Anyone know where i can get a good pie?

By 30 May 2009

I haven’t had a decent pie for a while now, but i had the best one the other day at michels patissiere in lanyon. beef cheese and bacon
But everytime I try and get one in tuggers there all gone:(
Anyone know where i can get a decent pie?

season finale and $1000 to win demolition derby at NATIONAL CAPITAL SPEEDWAY sunday june 14th 2009

By 30 May 2009

[ 14 June 2009; ] NATIONAL CAPITAL MOTORSPORTS CLUB are holding the last speedway meeting of the 2008/2009 season on sunday 14th june at the NATIONAL CAPITAL SPEEDWAY located on pialligo ave fairbairn. Divs competing on the day are:

– Super production
– Series production
– Junior sedans (14-17yo)
– Dwarf cars

The meeting will conclude with the annual demolition derby.

For further details visit the club’s [...]

Woden Rostrum Club

By 30 May 2009

Join the Woden Rostrum Club to improve your public speaking and meeting management skills.  Gain confidence in speaking before a group and learn correct meeting procedures.
We are a small, friendly and supportive club that meets every second Wednesday evening at the Yamba Club in Irving Street Phillip at 7:30pm.  Visitors very welcome to come along and [...]

Hospital Car Park called in

By 29 May 2009

Andrew Barr has announced that he’s not willing to leave the development application for the Canberra Hospital’s planned 9 storey car park at the un-tender mercies of the ACT’s planning process and he’s bringing it in for his own perusal.
Interestingly he’s made this move at Katy Gallagher’s request.
Under Section 159 of the Planning and Development [...]

Half a million Canberrans by 2050?

By 29 May 2009

The ABC reports that the ACT is now planning for a population of 500,000 by the year 2050.
75% of that is predicated on the ability of Canberrans to make more little Canberrans, the other part from immigration.
I wonder what they’re all going to drink and where they’re going to live?

Phenomenon 2009 – Canberra’s friendliest gaming convention

By 29 May 2009

Hi guys,
Just a quick reminder that online registration for Phenomenon 2009 closes at midnight tonight (Fri 29th May).
Don’t worry if you can’t make the online deadline, you can still register at the con itself on the Friday (5 June) night or Saturday (6 June) morning.
Hoping to see you all there!

Phillip Hall from Yarralumla Primary School named as a Top Teacher

By 29 May 2009

The National Excellence in Teaching Awards have been announced for 2009 and Phillip Hall from Yarralumla Primary School is carrying the flag for the ACT.
This from the media release:
Phillip recognises the special needs of students with autism and has developed systems to ensure that his students can achieve their very best. Using techniques such as [...]

Any excuse to scupper accountability of educators?

By 28 May 2009

The Greens’ Meredith Hunter is leaping upon doubts raised by a single education expert Professor Brian Caldwell over publishing of school performance data.
“We expect the Education Minister to address concerns about the potential negative effects of the introduction of new testing and reporting systems that will make compiling league tables possible – a policy [...]

Join us for the RSI Association Website Launch (friday, June 5th)

By 28 May 2009

[ 5 June 2009 at 12:00 pm; ] The RSI & Overuse Injury Association of the ACT
invites you to join us as we launch our newly redesigned website
on Friday June 5th at 12pm in Room 6 at the Griffin Centre (20 Genge St, Civic)

The RSI Association website has recently had a big makeover, thanks to a grant from ACT Health. It is now [...]

Catholic secondary school in Gungahlin?

By 27 May 2009

Last night I attended an information night re the new Mother Teresa Catholic Primary School in Harrison.
It was mentioned that a site has also been reserved for a Catholic secondary school in Gungahlin, and I wondered if anyone knows where it actually is? Apparently, it was suggested, the site may not actually be used for [...]

Carbon Protests?

By 27 May 2009

Does anyone know what was going on outside the Hyatt this morning? 
I did beep my horn in support of the sign that read ‘No taxpayers money for big polluters’, but have no idea what it was in relation to.

Adding room(s) on top of the garage.

By 27 May 2009

Dear Rioters,
Does anyone know of any reputable companies who can add a room or two to the top of a garage?
We have been thinking of selling the house, but my wife wonders if adding a room or two above the garage, and then staying put, wouldn’t be a better idea.
We figure we’ll need about $100, [...]

Nightclubbing 13 year old busted unconscious

By 26 May 2009

The ABC is aghast the level of underage drinking police have uncovered around town.
An ACT Police campaign against underage drinking in licensed premises has found an 13-year-old girl unconscious on a couch in city bar.

They have highlighted the case of the 13-year-old as an ‘appalling’ example but also report finding 27 underage people in [...]

Don’t die this winter

By 26 May 2009

Simon Corbbell, the NRMA, and the fire brigade are running a winter home fire safety campaign here’s the skinny:
– Install smoke alarms and regularly check they are working;
– Never ever leave cooking unattended;
– Everyone knows how to safely exit your home if there is a fire;
– Keep curtains, tablecloths and bedding away from portable heaters;
– [...]

Bike lock exchanges amongst strangers

By 26 May 2009

On Friday night I was riding with Rat Patrol and we’d come to rest outside The Front in Lyneham. (Some beers may have been drunk, and possibly some tequila, but I’m sure no-one was over the limit because that would be bad.)
There was a rocking crowd enjoying the bands into which the freak bikes and [...]

Would you trust your pet to these people?

By 26 May 2009

I was immensely impressed to see this in the Dickson Tradies car park last week.
The effort put into painting the hubcaps being particularly noteworthy for mine.

Merit based pay becomes half arsed banding

By 26 May 2009

It seems simple enough, pay your talent more to stay.
But the Canberra Times gives an insight into how simple things can go terribly wrong in the totalitarian wasteland of the education system.

”The Government won’t agree to an uncapped number of positions at that level [$100,000pa],” Mr Barr said. ”We can’t just write a [...]

Um… What colour is avocado again? Worst place to buy a sandwich

By 26 May 2009

The Court Yard Cafe in Deakin took $12.20 from me, being payment for:
1.  a white roll with grey slimy stuff claiming to be avocado, a tooth-jarringly tough strip of aubergine, some oily “chargrilled” capsicum and a piece of tissue paper coloured to look like swiss cheese; and
2.  an impressively large chocolate muffin which, upon closer inspection, turned [...]

Baffling questions around Bungendore

By 25 May 2009

On a day trip out to Bateman’s Bay on Saturday, my fiance and I noticed 2 question-raising sights around Bungadore. I’m hoping the RiotACTers can give us a hand.
1. What’s up with teddy bears nailed to trees? At first we thought they were similar to the flowers and wreaths that are used to mark accident [...]

Swine flu measures – Alert level notched up.

By 25 May 2009

Before any mention of swine flu I feel it’s beholden to mention that plain old vanilla flu is currently killing people every day.
Having said that Mr Stanhope has moved the ACT’s pandemic level to “CONTAIN” which involves the following:
“School principals have been advised that, for the time being, any student arriving in Canberra from Mexico, [...]

RIP Kid Zone

By 23 May 2009

Mrs G and a couple of friends wth kids in tow headed down to Kid Zone at Belconnen Mall today only to find it boarded up and emptied out. Word is since Westfield Belconnen revamped the playground inside the mall business for Kid zone dropped off eventually putting it out of business.
I [...]

WARNING: Johnboy is a reptoid. Apparently.

By 23 May 2009

Whilst waiting for the bus today, I came across the following notice that was taped inside a bus shelter.
The notice states:
Did you know??? The following people are not who they pretend they are – you read and believe their UNTRUTHS!!!
in reality they are LYING and are in fact reptoids ( reptilian humanoids) JESSICA [...]

Hair done with the right product?

By 23 May 2009

Hello lovely Canberrans, I have a simple question.
When I move to Canberra in 2 weeks, can anyone please recommend a Salon that uses Goldwell colour and is decent.

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