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Support Freedom in Iran

By 17 June 2009

[ 18 June 2009 at 5:00 pm; ] Since Friday’s election millions of Iranians have risked their lives to fight for democracy and freedom. Let’s show them that they are not alone. Come and show your support for human rights and freedom of expression in Iran.

Gather on the lawns of Parliament house this Thursday June 18 at 5pm for a candlelight vigil in [...]

Cheap eats in Civic

By 17 June 2009

We’ve done similar posts to this before, but as a City office worker I’m wondering where the biggest, cheapest, bestest lunch is to be found in Civic.
The criteria is…………….tasty, under $10 and big enough that i’m not feeling hungry again by 3pm.  Bonus points if you can squeeze a can of coke in for that price.
So [...]

Canberra 1959 in colour – Part II

By 17 June 2009

[First filed: June 16, 2009 @ 09:45]

Last week Janed wowed us with colour pictures taken by her father (the legendary local bookseller Teki Dalton) in 1959.
She’s come back for another round this week with the last of them.
This is the last of them with the now legendary Hotel Civic on the corner of Northbourne and [...]

Should Alistair get a briefing? (And if he has how did he forget?)

By 16 June 2009

[First filed: June 16, 2009 @ 10:42]
The Liberal Alistair Coe is stamping his tiny feet due to the Chiefly Stanhope failing to take him seriously.
In a clever move Alistair is trying to conflate an apparent strategy of ignoring and belittling him personally with ignoring and belittling local Government responsibilities.
But in the end it comes down [...]

Flawed ACT Housing rollout of Airoheat hot water tanks – ‘green’ maybe, but don’t actually work!

By 16 June 2009

A lot of govie houses had perfectly good electric hot water tanks replaced by DUX AIROHEAT hot water units that have a reverse fridge unit on top (as described here)
My previous (perfectly good) water tank was off peak and not expensive to run (I was paying around $50 per month through direct debit).
I don’t know [...]

Bomb bags banned in the interim

By 16 June 2009

Simon Corbell has announced that he’s banning “Bomb bags”:
“I have approved an interim Product Safety Order and issued a serious and clear warning to our community in response to an ACT resident who over the holiday weekend reported significant injuries to his eyes.” Mr Corbell said.
“These injuries were a result of being exposed to the [...]

Whereabouts of the Wood Slab guy

By 16 June 2009

For the last few years there was a guy that sold rough sawn wood slabs off the back of a flatbed truck on the side of the road.
He’s moved locations a number of times but I haven’t seen him recently, anyone know his whereabouts? Or contact details?
I need some slabs for a coffee table [...]

One HD finally set to launch in the ACT on 2 July!

By 16 June 2009

A surprising number of you have been gagging to finally get the Ten network’s One HD digital TV service.
In the ACT it’s been held up by the local aggregators, Macquarie Southern Cross Media, dragging the chain as they figure out how to make a quid from it.
Today they’ve announced that it’s kicking off on 2 [...]

Keep the booze flowing for better tourism reviews

By 16 June 2009

Visit Canberra’s had a little coup bringing an AAP journo here for a junket tour of the cocktail bars after which the journo appears to have gone away very impressed, albeit dropping around 300,000 people off the population of the city.
It’s had a run in the major league travel section under the headline: “Sexy [...]

In search of advice on Supermarkets

By 16 June 2009

Chief Minister Stanhope has announced that he’s dragging a former Australian Competition and Consumer Commission Deputy Commissioner, Mr John Martin, in to figure out what’s needed in the ACT’s supermarket sector.
Mr Martin will advise the ACT Government on a range of issues that surround the review, in particular the local implications of the ACCC’s [...]

Gary goes in to bat for the Immigration Bridge

By 16 June 2009

The Canberra Times reports that the local Liberal Senator Gary Humphries has put his cards on the table and come out swinging in favour of the Immigration Bridge. He’s also writing off much off the opposition as the rantings of retrograde loons.
Sadly for Gary he invokes the local equivalent of Godwin’s Law in planning debate, [...]

Where better than a prison to build a trap? What better things to build?

By 16 June 2009

John Hargreaves has proudly announced that he’s setting the residents of the Hume Hilton to work building Indian Myna bird traps for the Canberra Indian Myna Action Group (CIMAG).
In the way of Government this move apparently comes after the battle is over:
“When CIMAG originally formed in 2006, the Indian Myna was the third most abundant [...]

North vs. South—friendly rivalry or blood feud?

By 16 June 2009

I had an interstate guest stay with me recently, who was rather puzzled by my response when asked if I would consider moving closer to work. (I am currently living very, very North, and working very, very South. ) My response?
“No way! I would NEVER become a Southsider. I’d rather travel 45 minutes to get [...]

respect for all creatures, as long as they don’t smell bad or look ugly

By 14 June 2009

My place of work has called in the exterminators to get rid of some mice who have made the office their home.  The exterminators use bait stations which attract the mice, who eat the poison and run off to die.  I understand the death involves internal bleeding, which doesn’t sound like a painless way to [...]

Special occasions in Canberra – how to celebrate?

By 14 June 2009

I’m talking about ways to celebrate special occasions with friends and loved ones, popping the question, scoring brownie points with the Missus, or other ways to justify spending significant amounts of money in order to ensure a good time for all.
I know balloon rides, lake cruises and drinks at a Canberra landmark are popular but [...]

Photography in Canberra – what else is out there?

By 13 June 2009

Apart from the obvious landmarks and tourist destinations, where are Canberra’s best, and less photographed, locations to shoot? Where are our ‘hidden gems’?
Landscape, architecture, abstract, people, flora, fauna, day, night - I’m interested in anything and everything as a subject.

What to do with a Diplomat who goes on a demolition Derby in Woden?

By 13 June 2009

This afternoon at the Hellenic Club in Woden, a car decided that it would be fun to shunt other cars in the carpark and drive off.  Unfortunatly he was apprehended by two public servants who managed to get his details before he fled the scene and in the process hit another car. 
When this gentlemen was [...]

What’s happening with Wilsons Organics?

By 13 June 2009

I have been driving past once a week in the hopes that the doors will be open once again for trade  but so far, no luck.
They have been closed for renovations for over a year now, does anybody know whats going on and when  this great little organic grocer will be open again?

Is that the new intercha… Oh hang on!

By 12 June 2009

Just came across this chestnut on centre stage at Westfield in Belconnen. Although a simple bit of public mischief, it must have taken some work. Think of the planning involved!
Step One: Hate new Belconnen arrangements, means I can’t get to my mundane office job as easily as before.
Step Two: Taking a [...]

Aus vs Italy @ Bruce – what can I bring?

By 12 June 2009

I’ll be braving the cold with the rest of the throng at the Wallabies’ first game in Canberra in nine years, but I’ve never been to a game out at Bruce, and I’m wondering what I can expect in terms of food/beverage prices and quality. I’m assuming lukewarm pies and flat beer in plastic cups, [...]

Photo doctoring in real estate advertising

By 12 June 2009

Perusing a newish listing on Allhomes recently I was somewhat perplexed at the appearance of a front “lawn”. Was it fake grass? Was the photo taken back in the days before water restrictions? No, I think it’s been altered.
Here’s two views of the same lawn…

According to Real Estate Institute of Australia guidelines “Representations made by [...]

Sorry, but I disagree … The The is nothing to be ashamed of

By 12 June 2009

Back in the days before JJJ entirely lost its soul, it heaved and sweated and gave birth to a poll … the JJJ Hottest 100.
In the first couple of years you could vote for any song without restrictions … hence Joy Division won the first two years straight with the sublime Love Will Tear Us [...]

Pig sniffle blues

By 12 June 2009

How is the pig flu going down at your workplace?
I have my hands tied behind my back at mine. Sick teens coughing their mucus all over the place, no recourse. Just let them cough and sniff and snot their bodily fluids  where-ever they choose.  Yummy.  Meanwhile they all share drinks, lip gloss, iPod ear buds [...]

Con artist alert

By 11 June 2009

Yes, I am a sucker for just handing a perfect stranger money, but I like to assume not everyone is a con artist.
Anyway, just now in Manuka a young man in a suit (looking perfectly professional) ran up to me very distraught, saying his girlfriend had just been in a car accident, was at [...]

Pregnancy Seminar – preparing for birth, regaining your figure, and what to do with a baby…

By 11 June 2009

[ 16 June 2009 at 12:00 pm; ] Saw this on email yesterday… the website is here.

Free Pregnancy Seminar

Tuesday 16th June 2009
12 noon for 1 hour
Wesley Uniting Church, Forrest ACT

Guest speakers on topics including: Keeping fit during pregnancy, Preparing for birth, Regaining your figure, How to use baby slings, the latest and greatest products on the market and more!

Fabulous Prizes, Free Showbags full [...]

Inner North SEE-Change presents: Winter-wising your Windows

By 11 June 2009

[ 22 June 2009 at 6:30 pm; ] Windows can be a major source of heat loss on cold Canberra nights.

Single glazed windows can be up to 10 times worse at insulating, when compared to the same area of standard wall material. 

So what are the options when it comes to Window Insulation?

Whether you are a renter or a homeowner, come learn [...]

.. And Cyclists Wonder Why They Get Such A Hard Time in Canberra?

By 11 June 2009

Driving my merry way to work this morning, doing the speed limit, I was shocked when a cyclist appeared out of nowhere right in front of me, having not stopped at the side of the road to give way like he should have.
After I slammed on the brakes to avoid hitting him, he then [...]

H1N1 Hits Florey Primary

By 10 June 2009

Word reaches us that Florey Primary has a confirmed case of the H1N1 Human Swine Flu in the kindergarten unit.
Kids in that three class unit all sent home for three days pending the outcome of tests.

Boer War Memorial seeking your help to raise funds

By 10 June 2009

With six Victoria Crosses awarded to Australians and around a thousand dead it is a little strange that there’s no memorial on Anzac Parade to Australia’s first war, the Boer War. Some might blame Breaker Morant.
If you want to know more there’s a Boer War Memorial organisation website they have got a spot marked out [...]

Ghost hunter group?

By 10 June 2009

I’m looking to meet up with a group or possibly even form a group of people whom are interested in the paranormal.
My boyfriend and I enjoy visiting haunted locations and taking photographs and footage and reviewing them for anything out of the ordinary. We haven’t been successful so far, but had a ball visiting Monte Cristo [...]

What do you do with a baby?

By 10 June 2009

OK, so I have no exposure to children and my best friend is now in possession of her first child.
Social occasions for us have always been a couple (or more) beers somewhere or maybe watching a game of footy or playing some pool.
I need some help with what sort of things we can do together [...]

ACT picks up $140 million in P21 loot

By 10 June 2009

Andrew Barr has proudly announced that Canberra’s schools have picked up $140 million in stage two of the Primary Schools for the 21st Century program (more memorably referred to as P21).

Sixty seven schools across the ACT will receive funding to build major infrastructure such as new libraries, multi-purpose halls, classrooms, assembly halls and performing arts [...]

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