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Old Canberran’s Old Photos – Part 7 – The drowned banks of the Molonglo

By 4 March 2009

[First filed: March 03, 2009 @ 09:57]

This is the seventh part of a series of photographs taken by RiotACT reader Old Canberran on his Kodak Box Brownie in 1948.
This one came in with the following note:
Attached are a couple taken from Lennox Crossing which was a low level river crossing between the old Royal [...]

“Bush Healing Farm” for Tharwa

By 3 March 2009

[First filed: March 03, 2009 @ 09:36]
Katy Gallagher has announced that the ACT Government and the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander reference group have found a site on Paddy’s River Road near Tharwa for “an alcohol and drug rehabilitation service that will address the complex issues related to drug and alcohol abuse for the ACT [...]

If youth detention is better than home should we be finding the youth better homes?

By 3 March 2009

Alistair Coe has put out a media release prompted by statements in committee from the Department of Disability, Housing and Community Services that many inmates in the new Bimberi youth detention centre prefer custody to their homes lives.
This raises a lot of dangers, not least creating a desire to re-offend when released which endangers the [...]

Traffic changes as they build a brighter Belconnen

By 3 March 2009

TAMS are trying to explain what they’re doing to traffic in Belconnen as they try to redress the many mistakes of the past.
As part of the Belconnen Town Centre improvements, Cohen Street will be extended from Lathlain Street through Joynton Smith Drive and the existing bus interchange to Emu Bank. In conjunction with these works, [...]

Sometimes you just can’t get off

By 3 March 2009

Someone called seniorMatty has posted this item from the Royal Canberra Show on YouTube with the following note:
Canberra show lady on the music trip screaming, I wanna get off, it was so funny
Funny and sad at the same time.
I think there might be a ringtone in there, possibly even a dance track.

Climate Change: Local Challenges and Opportunities

By 3 March 2009

[ 12 March 2009 at 6:00 pm; ] Inner North SEE-Change Presents: Dr Karin Geiselhart 

Are you concerned about climate change?

Looking to filter out the white noise and misinformation? Dr Karin Geiselhart , a Climate Project presenter, personally trained by Al Gore,  will update us on the science, impacts and issues of climate change and help show us what we can do to meet [...]

RusHHour bad boys cruise for charity

By 3 March 2009

[ 29 March 2009 at 11:00 am; ] The self-styled “Auto-Vigilantes” from the “RusHHour Underground” are surfacing to do something good. There’s a facebook page on which to sign up and the organisers have sent in the following words they wanted to get out there:

Hello to everyone, and thank you for taking the time to read this announcement.

It’s on again !

A little sooner [...]

Charity, Club or Community Organisation Quiz/Trivia Nights – Help a brother out!

By 3 March 2009

Do you know of any up coming Quiz/Trivia Nights ?  
My nascent Scullin based Software company has developed a program to help people run Quiz/Trivia nights. 
I am looking for people who are interested in using my program (for free) and giving me some feedback.
Any contact information or leads appreciated.

ESA MAPS hard at work

By 3 March 2009

Our Emergency Services Agency is making sure you know about the work being done by their Mapping and Planning Support Group (MAPS) down in the Victorian fire zones.
“More than 30 volunteer mapping specialists from the ACT Emergency Services Agency’s (ESA) Mapping and Planning Support Group (MAPS) have been assisting Victoria Police and Australian Defence Force [...]

Flyballers hard done by at the show?

By 2 March 2009

I know when I go to the show it’s the flyballers I always make a beeline for.
But it would seem the people and dogs providing that entertainment aren’t being well looked after. Here’s one blogger’s view of proceedings:
after a while of scraping through the dirt possum started limping and then we saw that she had [...]

Canberra to get some much needed retail excellence

By 2 March 2009

Many of us are quite hopeful that an economic downturn might encourage retailers to rediscover the lost art of customer service.
The Chiefly Jon Stanhope has today announced that more encouragement is on the way:
Chief Minister and Minister for Business and Economic Development Jon Stanhope, has today launched the inaugural ACT Chief Minister’s Retail Excellence [...]

Cycling in pedestrian areas

By 2 March 2009

Why do cyclist insist on riding on their bikes in the confined and heavy foot traffic area of Gus’s, Milk and Honey, Cafe Essen and also across the road in the narrow path that holds Cream, Sammy’s, Wagaman etc. I am sick and tired of nearly being bashed into by some stupid girl or boy on a [...]

Simon to forgive your guns

By 2 March 2009

This one appeared on Friday after I’d checked out of reality.
Simon Corbell has announced a three month gun amnesty.

Minister for Police and Emergency Services, Simon Corbell, today declared a firearms amnesty as part of a campaign to promote compliance with Firearms legislation in the ACT.“The government is strongly committed to firearms regulation that promotes the [...]

Two 20 metre high granite structures for the Gallipoli Reach

By 2 March 2009

[First filed: February 26, 2009 @ 17:26]

The SMH reports on new plans for specific memorials to the two world wars of the 20th century.
The design will see two 20 metre-high granite structures constructed near the stretch of Lake Burley Griffin’s northern foreshore known as Gallipoli Reach, flanking the entrance to Anzac Parade.
Don’t hold your breathe [...]

The casino gets a failing grade

By 2 March 2009

The all seeing eye has noticed an outsider’s view of our casino:
the Entrance of the casino was sooooooooooooooooooooooooo superrrrr ??? can!
gosh. unlike the grand entrance of Starcity… Casino of Canberra.. look.soo.. dodgy!
even the carpark is rather empty! gosh!
i was still worried that i wld gt lost coz i forgt to bring my phone.
we took like [...]

When traffic lights go out, why doesn’t anyone know?

By 2 March 2009

I was coming out of Calvary Hospital onto Haydon Dr. at 8.30pm on Sat. night and then turning right onto Belconnen Way. There were 16 000 people at a Brumbies match just up the road.  The lights to get onto Haydon Dr from Calvary were totally nonfunctional, as were the lights at the major Haydon/Belco [...]

International Alliance of Guardian Angels Canberra calls for volunteers

By 2 March 2009

The A.C.T. Chapter of the International Alliance of Guardian Angels is calling for volunteers who are prepared to give their time to help make Canberra a safer place. With a variety of programs including Street Safety Patrols, Youth and anti-bullying programs, Teacher training programs and even graffitti clean up days.
While Safety Patrolling is a high [...]

Victorian Bushfires Benefit Concert

By 2 March 2009

In review:
Bands – great.
Turnout – rather average.
Volume – just a bit too loud to hear myself think.
I understand a bit of money was raised and all worked out well.
ED – Farnarkler sent in another view which I’ve appended here:
The setup there assumed a couple of thousand would be turning up but at 4pm there were [...]

The most disgusting person in Canberra

By 2 March 2009

There is someone, someone who I presume is literate, has good choice in books, and who is sufficiently able as to visit the library. This person, believe it or not has the most disgusting perversion I have ever come across(and that’s saying something.) This person takes books out of the library, mainly [...]

Royal Canberra Show 2009

By 28 February 2009

Despite Canberra’s significant republican leanings and no sign of HRH at the event, the Royal Canberra Show seemed to be a roaring success today. There are more things to see than one can possibly manage – especially with 3 small kids in tow. Even though they (kids & parents) may leave tired and grizzly, it’s [...]

Canberra Petrol Prices on your iPhone

By 28 February 2009

I’ve come across a cool (and free) iPhone application called GasBag Australia that allows you to find the cheapest petrol near you. To quote the description on iTunes…
‘GasBag Australia is a user-driven application that provides the fastest way to find the cheapest petrol near you. Our users are the best source of pricing data around [...]

White powder scare in Woden

By 27 February 2009

Smee has sent in this photo from Woden this morning after a white powder scare.
Five fire trucks?
It turned out to be powdered sugar.
And why is it we fear white powder more than other more lurid colours?
(Slideshow with more of the response below)

Parking mayhem on Constitution Avenue

By 27 February 2009

If you walk along Constitution Avenue on working days, you’ll know what I am talking about.
The small free car park tucked in between the $5/day and the construction site is an eyesore and an accident waiting to happen. Cars are shoved everywhere: along the entrance alleys, on kerbs, on the nature strip, I can’t wait [...]

History walking out the dungeon door – Canberra Bicycle Museum collection on the block

By 27 February 2009

[First filed: February 25, 2009 @ 15:20]

The Tradies/CFMEU business/industrial park that’s burgeoning on its Downer estates no longer has room for the neglected bicycle museum and so all the bikes of the ~1,000 strong collection must go.
The ACT Government is taking some choice bikes, collectors have swooped on some others.
But several hundred are being sold [...]

Interesting topic on the 7:30 Report; should the Australian War Memorial have a section devoted to the conflict between aboriginals and the 18th century Europeans?

By 27 February 2009

I suppose some aboriginals would consider that they are still at war with white settlement.
[ED - The transcript is online. Perhaps if this could be offered in exchange for packing up the tent embassy?]

Lightswitch – Film Screening in Canberra

By 26 February 2009

[ 27 February 2009 at 7:30 pm; ] [First filed: February 24, 2009 @ 11:59]

Into films? Into Girls? Into Motorcycles?

Come and check out LIGHTSWITCH! The short film is debuting in Canberra this Friday, 7:30pm at the University of Canberra. The Canberran film makers have just returned from LA where it made it’s premiere to an audience of over 500 people and was very [...]

Rallying to stop the clean feed

By 26 February 2009

[First filed: December 13, 2008 @ 14:56
Second filing: December 16, 2008 @ 12:37]
FURTHER UPDATE: The SMH reports that Senator Nick Xenophon is joining the Liberals and the Greens to consign this wicked plan to oblivion for at least the life of this Senate.
(Comic by Panama)

I’ve always been dubious as to the value of protest politics. [...]

The story of the Duntroon cadet drownings on Lake George.

By 26 February 2009

Earlier this week in a thread about hang gliding over Lake George Imhotep posted a link to what can best be described as a ballad to the five RMC cadets who drowned on the lake in 1956.
“How the hell does anyone drown on Lake George” you all cry, everyone does when the story gets related. [...]

The Poacher’s Way open for business

By 26 February 2009

The people who brought you the very popular Poacher’s Pantry line of local produce have today unveiled their latest initiative.
It’s called the Poacher’s Way and describes itself thusly:
Located in Canberra and the region, Poachers Way is a collective inspired by land and life. Immerse yourself in the lifestyle and passions of these creators by [...]

Thoughts on Cafe Gaudi.

By 26 February 2009

Well, I just had a Vanilla Slice from Cafe Gaudi.  They’re usually quite nice and made by some private baker.  The thing I’ve noticed about them is they leave the old stock on the cake shelves for too long.  Today the shelf was full so I thought they’d be nice.  I’d got back to work [...]

From the North – new eatery in Civic

By 26 February 2009

After wandering back to the city west carpark over recent weeks and watching a shopfront change from newspaper, to newspaper with “coming soon” on it, a restaurant has opened!
I grabbed a menu on Monday night, and safely accompanied by a motley array of colleagues we ventured to the North China Noodlearium. Hooray, I just invented [...]

Motorbike help

By 26 February 2009

More advice please?
Can anyone tell me a good place in Canberra to get a motorcycle seat re-covered?
Also I need a spare set of keys for the bike and the lock cut.

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