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Balfour funeral

By 23 February 2009

The ESA has announced the funeral details for David Balfour their firefighter killed down in Victoria last week.

The funeral for ACT Fire Brigade Senior Firefighter (qualified) David Balfour will be held tomorrow morning 11am (Tuesday February 24 2009) at Holy Family Catholic Church, corner of Bugden Avenue and Castleton Crescent , Gowrie.

There’s also a map [...]

Are there any decent HAND car washes in canberra

By 23 February 2009

Well I’ve searched high and low for a decent hand car wash but all I can find a laser washes and brush washes and get yourself soaked by the dollar washes.  I read somewhere that Waves and Gungahlin do handwashing but all I’ve seen when driving past is the brushes section and the self wash.  [...]

Has the economic slowdown finally hit Canberra – or is it just me?

By 23 February 2009

Has the economic slowdown (I noticed they’re not calling it a crisis anymore) finally hit Canberra – or is it just me?
My house was broken into last week. This wasnt totally unexpected as I dont live in the best area of town, but what was taken was very intersting. A piggie bank, a ring, a [...]

Land rent scheme collapses as predicted

By 23 February 2009

Zed Seselja is dancing on the grave of Jon Stanhope’s vaunted land rent scheme that was supposed to help housing affordability.
As predicted lenders wouldn’t have a bar of it leaving the scheme available only to low income earners with enough money sitting around to self-finance construction.
Unsurprisingly the number of people in that situation has turned [...]

Tropfest 2009

By 23 February 2009

I love attending Tropfest in Canberra. It’s one of late summer’s best excuses to pull friends together, spread out the picnic blanket and watch 16 great short films. This year the films were all very entertaining and the perfect weather made for a great night. I think the event organisers do a good job [...]

All Civic Parking to be Multi-Storey

By 22 February 2009

Did we know this?
I’ve just been told by my partner, a manager in the building industry, that they (ie, local construction companies) had recently been notified that, by the end of 2010, all street-level car parks in Civic will be made multi-storey (with smaller ‘footprints’).
Has the rest of the community been ‘notified’?  Has [...]

Looking to meet new people – then why not join Canberra Friendship Group?

By 22 February 2009

I am looking to expand my social group here in Canberra to share good times and laughs!
I am interested in meeting new people between 30 – 48 for regular outings such as coffee, movies, bushwalks, party/games or DVD nights, dining, dancing, day trips to cotter or coast, BBQs, picnics etc – Single parents also welcome!
If you are interested [...]

Tongue and Groove the new sensation?

By 21 February 2009

The Friday afternoon boozing scene in Civic has a new player that seems to be sweeping all before it.
Tongue and Groove on Bunda Street is always so chokkas when I go past that I haven’t even had a chance to go in and find out what it’s like.
The decor certainly seems to feature a lot [...]

Aggressive cyclists? Or Old biddies can’t keep to the left?

By 21 February 2009

The Canberra Times has a story today (Saturday – not online unfortunately) titled “Fears ‘aggressive’ cyclists may hurt lake pedestrians”. Three ladies in their 60s were going for their regular morning walk when “At least seven cyclists came towards the women at considerable speed. ‘They were approaching so fast that we really just had [...]

Another Government website to gather cobwebs

By 21 February 2009

Here’s a piece of genius from Katy Gallagher’s office.
It’s a grand announcement of “an initiative to assist the growth of philanthropy in the ACT”.
Never mind that Government’s too often turn to private giving for things they really should be doing right themselves. What do you suppose this magnificent initiative is?
The website at brings together [...]

Lake closures to be enforced this weekend

By 20 February 2009

After last weekend’s comic efforts to close the lake for health reasons the National Capital Authority has announced that it’s having another go.
Water test results today show that the levels of blue green algae that caused the lake to be closed last Thursday remain high in some areas of the lake.
The NCA has [...]

Ramblings and Rumblings from a Local Belly

By 20 February 2009

Those inclined to reduce their environmental footprint will be fascinated to read about an attempt by Canberra’s Hannah and Tom to eat only locally produced food over the summer.
They set themselves the challenge of eating only what grows, moos or chews within a 150km radius of their home.
Hannah has recorded the entire experiment in [...]

Your chance to have a say on the Play Space Strategy

By 20 February 2009

Many of us like to complain about the terrible impact risk aversion has had on children’s play grounds over the last 20 years.
TAMS has now released the “Draft Accessible Inclusive Playgrounds in the ACT – Play Space Strategy”. Which is your chance to actually have some input into the process.
For those who’d like to see [...]

Task Group Bravo at Beechworth

By 20 February 2009

“RawhideKid No 2″ has sent in this picture of our brave Emergency Services people on deployment down in Victoria.
This was taken at the Beechworth Staging Area.

Bike lanes for motorcycles?

By 20 February 2009

Motorcycle riders using bicycle lanes
I would love to hear everyones opinion on motorcycle riders using bicycle lanes to get past traffic jams.
I myself don’t like it it, but I guess if I was stuck in traffic on a motorcycle sucking in car fumes I would do it as well.

Cyclist slagging – the other side

By 20 February 2009

I have a nice thing to say about Canberra cyclists.
I do not cycle. I have two bicycles but everytime I look at them they make me feel a bit off and in need of a chardy or two.
About a fortnight ago, I was on my way to work when my car felt all wrong. I [...]

No exemption for the private school rowers – and still they went on – NO WAIT – NCA cocks it up again!

By 20 February 2009

[First filed: February 19, 2009 @ 08:51]

Earlier in the week we had widespread complaints about the independent schools rowing regatta and its appalling organisation which created widespread conflict between the well heeled rowers parents and every other user of the lake shore.
A lot of you found this curious at the time as the lake was [...]

Literary lovers: Speed dating for book lovers, Fri 20 Feb, 6.30pm – single men wanted!

By 19 February 2009

[ 20 February 2009 at 6:30 pm; ] [First filed: February 18, 2009 @ 09:15]

Book a night of romance

Guests are invited to bring their favourite book as an ice-breaker and take a chance on meeting a like-minded, book-loving new friend at our event Literary Lovers: Speed Dating for Book Lovers.

It’s not just for singles – it’s also for people who just like talking [...]

Kingston Shops and urban decay

By 19 February 2009

Recently we discussed watering the grass in Kingston’s Green Square.
Yesterday a medical appointment took us to Canberra and I took the opportunity to fill in some time wandering around Kingston shops in general and the Green Square in particular.
The purpose of this post is to let those who were in favour of watering [...]

Planning slashed to sluice the stimulus

By 19 February 2009

Andrew Barr has announced that he’s removing any planning barriers that might be hindering the spending off all the stimulus money before they hit the bottom of the barrel and the real pain begins.
“I was pleased to be able to tell today’s meeting that the ACT Government will alter planning regulations to ensure schools can [...]

Don’t panic about the smoke

By 19 February 2009

The ESA has made the following statement:
Smoke across the ACT
Winds this afternoon are responsible for directing smoke across the ACT from bushfires interstate. Currently there are no fires in the ACT. ACT fire towers are manned and on normal bushfire alert.
So everyone stay cool.

Riot advice sought on an unwelcome car

By 19 February 2009

Johnboy’s garaging cars at home poll reminded me to ask you lovely people for some advice…
We Evils live very near to a town centre – i.e. our street has parking sign only allowing parking within certain periods of the day.
This seems to make most people park in the paid parking areas closer to their [...]

Chancellor Beazley ascends the throne tonight

By 19 February 2009

The ANU announces that they shall enthrone Chancellor Beazley tonight in their bid to never again fear government funding cuts as long as Emperor Rudd shall reign.
The ceremony at University House will see Professor Beazley continue a family tradition of involvement with the national university. His father, Kim Beazley snr, was involved in the foundation [...]

Minister Hargreaves promises the world to Causeway residents

By 19 February 2009

Our Minister for Housing, Mr John Hargreaves, has announced that he’ll do what ever it takes to get the Causeway public housing residents to pipe down.

“Firstly, and most importantly, if there is a redevelopment of the Causeway and there is public housing in there, current residents will have the first offer of that accommodation.
Secondly, no [...]

Canberra for grads – help the mandarins of tomorrow

By 19 February 2009

Undeniably Canberra is a public service town.  Commonwealth government departments employ a brobdignagian volume of Canberrans; if you don’t happen to work in the APS right now, there is a good chance that you might have in the past.  Or you spouse might.  You might live over the back fence from a FAS or sink [...]

Farewell Noel Flanagan

By 19 February 2009

The Canberra Times has a handsome obit for Noel Flanagan who took over the War Memorial in 1975 and is widely credited for putting it on the path of endless expansion which now sees it world famous.
“One measure of the greater outreach attained by the Memorial under Flanagan was that visitor numbers went from about [...]

Canberra Firefighter Killed in Victoria

By 19 February 2009

[First filed: February 17, 2009 @ 23:42]
The Sydney Morning Herald is reporting that an ACT Firefighter has been killed by a falling branch near Marysville in Victoria.

The incident occurred near the intersection of the Warburton-Woods Point and Marysville-Woods Point roads at Cambarville, about 20km east of Marysville, about 7pm (AEDT), police said…”A large tree [...]

Canberra to have a museum of democracy

By 18 February 2009

SMOS, aka Special Minister of State Senator John Faulkner, has announced that Old Parliament House is being converted to the Museum of Australian Democracy at Old Parliament House.

The Museum of Australian Democracy at Old Parliament House will be the only museum in Australia dedicated to telling the story of Australian democracy. Throughout the House [...]

A thank you to ACTEW

By 18 February 2009

Many a time ACTEW have screwed up and I have sworn at them for their failings. But yesterday they did their job and did it well.
For weeks there had been a terrible smell hanging around somewhere near my place. Yesterday I found the source, an overflowing sewer pipe in a neighbours yard. I called ACTEW [...]

Powered boats on the lake

By 18 February 2009

In recent weeks I’ve been seeing more and more powered fishing boats out on Lake Burley Griffin.
It seems our recreational boaters are taking advantage of improved electric engines for boats and the NCA’s free permit system for them.
If they don’t make any noise and don’t pollute then does anyone have a problem with them?

Pastys – where to get decent ones?

By 18 February 2009

Ok, following on from the “good sandwich” thread, I’ve been inspired to put in a request of my own.
Does anyone know where I can get anything like a good “Cornish” pasty in Canberra?* I’ve had many things masquerading as “pastys” in Canberra, and in Aus, but nothing has come close to a real “Cornish” pasty. [...]

Light cinema for a Wednesday.

By 18 February 2009

[ 18 February 2009 at 7:00 pm; ] Australian premiere screening of “Scarred Lands and Wounded Lives”, including discussion led by the film’s makers. Free admission

Venue: the Copland Lecture Theatre on the ANU campus. This is Building 25 on the ANU map

About the film:

What prompts this film is recognition of our deep dependence on the natural world and the significant threat to that [...]

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