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Venues to cocktail?

By 15 April 2009

Some friends are looking for a venue to have a cocktail party for up to 50 people.
Outdoorsy location is preferred.
Any input ?

School leaving age to jump to 17

By 15 April 2009

[First filed: April 14, 2009 @ 09:55]

Very very quietly, without a media release, the ACT Department of Education and Training has slipped out it’s “Pathways to the future” paper.
The paper is dated February 2009, but the DET website reckons it was released on the ninth of this month.
The Canberra Times, however, is now onto it. [...]

Why it’s best to stay indoors – parenting in public places

By 15 April 2009

As I waited to be served at Subway in the Hyperdome, I watched with fascination as a child clambered atop the counter, leaned over the cash register and started pressing random buttons. 
My main interest was the mother’s reaction to this.  Nothing for a few minutes.  Then, when she finally noticed my focussed attention, she [...]

Easter public holiday surcharges

By 15 April 2009

[First filed: April 13, 2009 @ 08:09]
I just finished working my duly rostered shifts over the easter weekend, having been asked to work over Easter as other staff were away for the weekend.  I agreed to the shifts, to help out over a busy period, as I work in a fast-food based business and most [...]

“Race ‘n’ Taste” for the Anzac Day long weekend

By 14 April 2009

[ 27 April 2009; ]

I’ve just had a moderately interesting media release drift across my desk.

The “OutInCanberra Race ‘n’ Taste” is kicking off for the first time on the Anzac Day holiday Monday at the racecourse Thoroughbred Park.

Here’s the blurb:

Offering something for every level of enthusiast, taste and budget, OutInCanberra Race ‘n’ Taste will boast a wide variety of [...]

An end to bushfire season

By 14 April 2009

The ACT Emergency Services Agency has announced the end of bushfire season tomorrow, following the weekend’s rain.
“The official bushfire danger period will formally finish on Wednesday 15 April 2009,” Acting ESA Commissioner David Foot said.
“The end of the season was extended by two weeks on 31 March 2009 due to continued hot and dry [...]

Guns rolling in for the amnesty

By 14 April 2009

Simon Corbell has announced that at the midpoint of his firearm amnesty 66 guns have been surrendered including 9 prohibited weapons:
“I am very encouraged to see Canberrans getting involved in the amnesty and continuing to make our community a safe place to live,” said Mr Corbell.
“Often these firearms are not obtained for illegal purposes, but [...]

Thai Food Festival?

By 14 April 2009

Does anyone know the details of this year’s Thai Food Festival?
I think it’s on this Sunday but I had passed the (tiny-fonted) sign before I could read it all.
If anyone could fill me in, please, it would be greatly appreciated!

The Tamils are coming

By 14 April 2009

The ABC is warning that hundreds of Tamils are threatening to descend on The Lodge today in protest over their losing the long running Sri Lankan civil war.
The demonstrators will move their protest from the Prime Minister’s residence in Sydney to The Lodge in Canberra today.
Organisers say they are expecting several thousand protesters to descend [...]

Your chance to show off your pet

By 14 April 2009

The RSPCA is announcing that they’re now taking bookings for places in their very popular calendar.
So if you want to support the organisation and also get your furry/feathery/scaly friend a degree of vicarious fame this is your big chance.
Apparently the dates are handed out on a first come, first served basis so you need to [...]

Dirty tricks against Giralang Shops Development

By 14 April 2009

In the last fortnight pamhplets have been mailed to every house in Giralang. The pamphlet opposes the Woolworths development at the derelict shop site and is attributed to “Combined Residents Action Group”. Sound familiar? It seems that it was intended to deceive Giralang residents into believing it came from the Giralang Residents Action Group (GRAG). [...]

Spraying the urban forest?

By 14 April 2009

Apologies for the lack of pics. Some months ago, I noticed the fences facing Sulwood Drive along the bottom of Mount Taylor in Kambah looked different – someone had spraypainted palms and trees on the mostly colorbond fences.
Since then its spread to Lyons and Mawson areas as well. At first I thought this was an [...]

Who are the traditional owners?

By 13 April 2009

The Canberra Times has jumped all over this bit of hilarity . Apparently a stoush has erupted between two indigenous groups over the traditional ownership of Canberra. The Ngunnawal people are currently recognised as the traditional custodians of the land, but the title is contested by the Ngambri people.
The standing disagreement took a dramatic turn [...]

Pass me another elf, sergeant… I’ve split this one. – Phenomenon 2009 open for registration

By 13 April 2009

For those of you who like pretending they’re someone or something else every now and then, word reaches the RiotLAIR that registrations have opened for Phenomenon 2009 (this year themed “Phenobition”, and nothing to do with orcs or elves despite my headline)
It’s taking place over the Queen’s Birthday Long Weekend (5-8 June) at Daramalan College. [...]

Drug drought?

By 11 April 2009

The Canberra Times is carrying police claims of major victories in their war on illicit drug production and supply.
Speaking after releasing results of the haul, Detective Superintendent Nicholas Bingham said police targeting of cannabis crops had a significant effect on production. ”We have seen the crop sizes reduce dramatically from thousands some years ago to [...]

Katy slips a bung to the West Belconnen Health Cooperative

By 11 April 2009

With systemic problems creating what’s looking like a collapse of the general practice medical network in Canberra it’s nice to see something being done.
On the other hand Katy Gallagher’s announcement that the taxpayer is paying $220,000 to fit out a privately owned Community Health and Well-being Centre for West Belconnen looks more like fiddling at [...]

More on the inadequacies of the National Museum, and its secret language

By 11 April 2009

The Australian is taking over the coals of what it appears to conclude is the failure of the National Museum.
He [John Mulvaney] concedes many people like the NMA’s striking exterior. But he claims the building and car park are too small, the foyer and shop too big, and the interior walls aren’t appropriate for the [...]

Wet weather wedding photos

By 10 April 2009

Getting hitched next weekend and it’s looking like there might be some rain about. We’ve had some places picked for photos but they’re all a bit outdoorsy, so looking for some suggestions of scenic locations that might be a bit more sheltered from the elements.
The ceremony’s at Gold Creek and the reception at the Kurrajong, [...]

Which chocolate chooks lay the best chocolate eggs?

By 10 April 2009

Usually by this time I have ventured out and bought a very large chocolate egg for the kids to have on Easter Sunday, but this year, I kept thinking I should wait.
And now here it is, Good Friday, and I need to find a big egg by Sunday… 
So, I am wondering if anyone out [...]

De-merit based selection – who put the V in VR?

By 10 April 2009

A friend of mine is seeking a Voluntary Redundancy (VR). 
He has worked hard for several government departments for around 30 years and is prepared to make way for other staff who want to continue on in the public service. 
On putting his hand up, however, he has been told that he won’t be getting [...]

Goulburn-Canberra transport options?

By 10 April 2009

My daughter is thinking of buying in Goulburn.
We were wondering if anyone knew if there was a bus that goes Goulburn – Canberra for those that work in the ACT?

Bagpiper in Civic – community service worker?

By 9 April 2009

The guy who semi-regularly plays his bagpipes in Civic is out there again today.  Leaves me wondering if the government pays him to play to drive the low-lifes and undersirables away, much as playing Barry Manilow music is reputed to do.
(Sorry bagpipe guy, just a joke, and I’m sure you can take a joke.  You [...]

Sunday pay parking at the Canberra Centre

By 9 April 2009

In case anyone hasn’t noticed, the Canberra Centre has quietly started charging for parking even on Sundays and public holidays. 
Such changes need to be advertised well beforehand and users need to be consulted.  Even the signs offering free Sunday parking have not been changes and to that extent the charging appears illegal!
There is [...]

Times Square here we come?

By 9 April 2009

The Canberra Centre has for some time been converting its exterior into paid billboards, of the sort Canberrans had thought were not permitted in this town.
But today I came across this unit on the outside of the old Centre Cinema building.
It’s got a whole slideshow of ads loaded.
Now, like all commercial media, RiotACT would [...]

Old Canberran’s Old Photos – Part 12 – Parliament House

By 9 April 2009

[First filed: April 08, 2009 @ 07:39]

This is the 12th and final part of a series of photographs taken by RiotACT reader Old Canberran on his Kodak Box Brownie from 1948.
This one came in with the following note:
On my ride home from school I used to call in and park myself in the visitor’s [...]

The Ruddnet impact on TransACT?

By 8 April 2009

The Liberal’s Senator Humphries is up in arms that Kevin Rudd is proposing to create a new Telstra just to deliver high speed internet direct to every home.
The problem? Canberra’s own TransACT is also going to be made redundant.
Apparently TransACT are right now in the middle of rolling out more fibre (but only to the [...]

Salmon Pies

By 8 April 2009

I was just wondering if anyone knows of a bakery in Canberra that sells salmon pies over Easter? 
Bryants Pies in Goulburn do a lovely salmon pie but since I won’t be in Goulburn on Friday I’d hoped someone in here might be able to recommend a bakery in Canberra.

LOLbogans of the Monaro Highway

By 8 April 2009

Kerces has sent in this picture, with her captions, as seen on the Monaro Highway yesterday.
Kevin will be thrilled that good ordinary Aussies can be relied on to do the right thing.
(Although as our economically minded readers have noted maximum effect for the local economy would be had by drinking locally brewed Zierholz beer out [...]

Wet n Wild cycling in Canberra winter

By 8 April 2009

Now that the days are shortening, and the winds are chilling, I’m preparing for my first cycling commutes in a Canberra autumn/winter. 
I don’t have any specialist cycling gear and am wondering if any local cyclists (and given previous posts, I know there are a few) could give advice on what sort of jacket to [...]

Inner North like Melbourne… Inner South like Sydney?

By 8 April 2009

Just a wild thought that came into my head as the cold woke me this morning…
It seemed at the time that the character of the Inner North has a lot in common with Melbourne (sans the football devotion), while Canberra’s Inner South is a lot like Sydney (shallower, meaner, but much more wealthy).
The outer suburbs [...]

Easter eating?

By 8 April 2009

I’ve been asked about dining in Canberra over Easter.
Will a lot of places be closed on Easter Sunday or on Monday?
Any suggestions for a BYO suitable for a family with young teens, preferably in the Civic area?

The planters… All Gone!

By 7 April 2009

Thanks to Timgee for pointing out that Civic’s petunia planters have all disappeared.
Here you can see they’ve gone from Bunda Street
We can only hope they return soon with winter plantings.

And all gone in Garema Place.

And gone from City Walk.

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