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Light cinema for a Wednesday.

By 18 February 2009

[ 18 February 2009 at 7:00 pm; ] Australian premiere screening of “Scarred Lands and Wounded Lives”, including discussion led by the film’s makers. Free admission

Venue: the Copland Lecture Theatre on the ANU campus. This is Building 25 on the ANU map

About the film:

What prompts this film is recognition of our deep dependence on the natural world and the significant threat to that [...]

Old Canberran’s Old Photos – Part 5 – The old Hotel Civic

By 18 February 2009

This is the fifth part of a series of photographs taken by RiotACT reader Old Canberran on his Kodak Box Brownie in 1948.
This one came in with the following note:
Attached is a pic of the old Hotel Civic which took up the block bounded by Northbourne Ave, Mort Street and Alinga Street. The public bar [...]

Mysterious Mick

By 18 February 2009

Came across this mystery ute in deepest Kambah. I’m trying to decide whether Mr and Mrs Mick had a special sense of humour or if Mick was, indeed, RIP-ing back there.
I’ll confess; I did not go close enough to check the tray.

Good real estate agents?

By 17 February 2009

I’m looking for recommendations for a decent real estate agent for a friend to sell their home in Harrison. 
I’ve done a search of the archives (not much to help me there), and I know that I may get plenty of ‘isn’t that an oxymoron?’ type replies … but I’d really like some genuine suggestions [...]

Bag a wrinkly to win the comp!

By 17 February 2009

John Hargreaves has announced you’ve got a week to get your entries in to the “Life’s Reflections” photographic competition.
“Life’s Reflections is a photographic competition that challenges perceptions of older people. It’s about recording the energy and contributions of Canberra’s seniors”, said Mr Hargreaves.
Finalists and selected images will be showcased during ACT Seniors Week, which is [...]

Where to get a good sandwhich?

By 17 February 2009

Hi all. Just moved to canberra and I’m a big fan of sandwhiches.
I especially love a meatball sub, but can’t stand subway and from what I’ve seen so far the service in most of them down here is appaling!

Aspirational averages?

By 17 February 2009

Steve Doszpot is having a go at Andrew Barr’s class size commitments which apparently are averages rather than maximums.

“Minister Barr advised today that at Narrabundah Early Childhood School there are 48 students enrolled in Preschool but only 8 students in Kindergarten, 4 in year 1, 2 in year 3 – does this then mean that [...]

Reliable Gardener/Landscaper needed

By 17 February 2009

Hoping that someone out there can reccommed a good reliable garderner here in the ACT. 
Looking for someone who will turn up, quote, do the job and everyone’s happy, sick of wasting my time with unreliable tradesmen/women who simpley don’t show up or cost the planet. 
I’m just looking for someone to take up some [...]

Doctors fleeing private practice?

By 17 February 2009

The ABC has a story on moves by doctors from O’Connor, Macquarie and Kaleen are all shutting up shop and moving to a single facility in Belconnen.
Apparently a private health care company is making them an offer they can’t refuse and lifting the burden of administration off their backs.
Katy Gallagher is mumbling about attracting more [...]

Rental free rooms in exchange for sex?

By 16 February 2009

[First filed: February 16, 2009 @ 09:40]
I came across this (,27753,25056894-5013951,00.html) article which reports that there have been ads listed for rent free properties in exchange for a relationship and/or sex.
It stated, “A similar ad on read: “$0 to share flat, wanted flatmate/girlfriend to share unit in Griffith, ACT.”
Is this the result of the rental [...]

Keeping the Harvest – Food Preservation Workshop

By 16 February 2009

[ 28 February 2009 at 10:00 am; ] Many of us are trying to eat more local seasonal food, but there are times of the year in Canberra when this can be more difficult – the so-called hungry gap.

If you grow food – you’ll also know about the seasonal “glut” when everyone says “No more, please”. Preserving food in a variety of ways [...]

ACT long term water security – Belconnen Community Council Forum 17 Feb

By 16 February 2009

The February 2009 Belconnen Community Council Forum will be held at:
7.30pm, Tuesday 17 February 2009
Community Room above the Chandler Street Belconnen Library
ACTEW representatives will be available to discuss Canberra’s long-term water security and the enhancement of the Cotter Dam as well as the costs and benefits to residents of the installation of household rainwater tanks [...]

Local Firefighters

By 16 February 2009

Just need to vent and ask the community a question really.
NSW firefighters returned home the other day from the Victorian fires and were welcomed at the Sydney airport by supporting onlookers and Ministers.
Well done to the NSW firefighters, what a great job!
My question is though…..100 of our local firefighters returned home the other day [...]

Workshops to determine Tidbinbilla future?

By 16 February 2009

Here’s a new twist on public consultation.
Jon Stanhope has announced that if you want to have your say on the new plan of management for the Tidbinbilla nature reserve (and, interestingly, Block 60 on Paddys River) you’ll need to pre-register for, and then attend one of three closed “workshops”. The workshops start today and [...]

Canberra Goth community stretched to breaking point by Chrome theme for March.

By 16 February 2009

[ 7 March 2009 at 9:00 pm; ]

The monthly chance to Goth it up at the “Chrome” night is on at the Civic Grail on 7 March.

But when playing dress-ups the theme is all important.

In an inspired move the organisers have this month gone for “Black and White”. For a group that has so many pasty white faces and black, black [...]

Rowers, roads and cycle paths

By 16 February 2009

I rarely rant, but I’ve been driven to it by the precious polo-shirt & boat shoe wearing crowd taking part in whatever rowing event was being held at the black mountain end of the lake this weekend – it looked like a private school thing (happy to be corrected if it wasn’t).
I’m all for [...]

Chinese New Year delayed and moved – epic fail

By 15 February 2009

When I heard that Chinese New Year was being moved in Canberra from its correct date on 26 January to 15 February, so as to fit in with the multicultural festival I’ll admit my heart sank a little.
That it was going to be on the shores of Lake Burley Griffin rather than, say, in the [...]

Burlesque too racy for the festival?

By 15 February 2009

[First filed: February 14, 2009 @ 13:24]

The Canberra Times reports that the Office of Multicultural, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Affairs is up in arms about the burlesque component of the Fringe Festival.
While I personally find burlesque a bit dull, basically drag shows with women, the parts I’ve seen both on opening night when this [...]

Valentines Day rip off?

By 15 February 2009

My son took his girlfriend out for Valentines Day dinner at Sage in Braddon.
When he booked the table he wasn’t told there was a $100 (per person) set menu for the night. Add to that three glasses of wine ($10 per glass) and one glass of water ($9 per glass) and the bill came [...]

Flame Of The Week – Further in defence of Teneeka

By 14 February 2009

Many of you cheeky buggers have been deliberately trying to post a Flame Of The Week. But without the howling madness it just can’t be done.
So congratulations to newbie “SOLIPSISTIC” for this ball tearing effort posted at 11.23pm on Valentine’s day:

Valentine’s Day 2009

By 14 February 2009

This was greeting picnickers heading into Commonwealth Park via the Constituion Avenue underpass this morning.
Quicker witted picnickers were no doubt claiming credit for the work of whichever industrious soul got up early to get it done.
Having sent flowers the day before to allow she who must be obeyed to lord it over her workmates I [...]

A foreign student’s eye view of Canberra and O-week

By 14 February 2009

Here’s a cute blog post by a new arrival in town and Australia with O-Week just happening.
All right, moving on with my OZZY life, after enrolment, we packed up and started heading back to good old Sydney.
“Wait, what bout orientation week ?”
Cousin, “Aiyah, Ben. Orientation are for geeks. You don’t need to attend it.”
Me, “OK..then [...]

Debt Collection. The rights of a 3rd party?

By 14 February 2009

Every six months I get a call on my mobile from what I believe to be a debt collection agency looking for a phone number for a second cousin of mine. He used to live in my parents house, and oddly shares the same first, but thankfully different last name.
I believe they have my number [...]

What’s a visitor to make of our bus signage

By 13 February 2009

BOZO sent in this one he saw in O’Connor.
Now imagine you’re new to this town and trying to use the bus system. By way of example like so many of the university first year students.
Have you realised yet that local government signage is often obsolete and best disregarded?
Or would you try and make sense of [...]

It’s the scooter time

By 13 February 2009

Will we ever get sick of seeing kids fall over? This time it’s with scooters.
Coreykransky has posted this gem onto YouTube, shot in Tuggeranong. The music is Zebrahead – Falling apart.

House to go on Macarthur Avenue?

By 13 February 2009

Northsiders were treated yesterday to the sight of half a house parked on Macarthur Avenue. Holden Caulfield had the presence of mind to snap it on his way home.
Apparently there’s a bit of a boom business in cutting up country houses and then putting them back together in new suburbs (often with an extension bunged [...]

The most interesting job title in Canberra?

By 13 February 2009

Poptop has emailled in the following job title which was affixed to an email she received:
Kellie White
Life Enhancer to Winsome Willow,
Manager of Inanna Inc
Crisis Service for
Women & Families in Distress
For those who don’t dabble in the mystic Inanna is the Sumerian “goddess of life and royal power”.
Have you come across better?

The return of the IVF compo case

By 12 February 2009

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the IVF clinic the hated “Melbourne Lesbian Couple” are hitting back with an appeal according to the ABC.
For those who came in late… the couple want all the costs paid to them of a second child they had after IVF treatment. To get this [...]

Milk Crate Man looks out over Garema Place

By 12 February 2009

Mad Kiwi has spotted this fellow dominating the skyline of the Civic.
How did he get there? Where is he from? How long will he be there?
Anyone got any answers?

UPDATED: Apparently the Canberra Times’ Today column (now adorned by the exiled WIN’ner Geraldine Nordfeldt) had this a couple of days ago and claimed the work is [...]

Etiquette question – Kiddies and the shopping centre bogs

By 12 February 2009

Dear Manners Aunts,
Based on an observation that got me thinking:
Dad and young Maddison Sophie (age 4 1/2!) are shopping in the Canberra Centre, when Maddie announces she ‘NeEEeeDs to GO to thE ToiLET, Dad!’
Should Dad:
1. Take her into the unhallowed depths of the men’s toilets?
2. Scandalise the ladies in the women’s toilets? Or send Maddie [...]

Virgin Blue commencing Canberra-Hobart direct flights.

By 12 February 2009

Finally the day has arrived which I have been wishing for, as a former Hobartian, for almost a decade now.
And this is that Virgin Blue is opening a Canberra-Hobart direct route in April!
Flights on sale for $99 each way at the moment.
This is great for ex-Tasmanians such as myself, Canberrans wanting a [...]

Second-hand bookstore suggestions?

By 12 February 2009

After perusing eBay last night, I decided it was about time I stopped lining the pockets of greedy overseas sellers ($30 postage fees – gasp!) and instead spent my hard-earned moola right here in Canberra.
So, if you have any suggestions for second-hand bookstores I’d love to hear them. I’m not looking for anything rare or unusual, just a [...]

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