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Wear orange to work day – 12 November

By 11 November 2008

[ 12 November 2008; ] Simon Corbell has announced that you should all be wearing orange tomorrow.

Minister for Police and Emergency Services, Simon Corbell, today called on Canberrans to show their support for the ACT State Emergency Service (ACT SES) tomorrow (12 November) by taking part in the annual ‘Wear Orange To Work Day’.

“This is a great opportunity for [...]

In The Can

By 11 November 2008

The week before last I had the privilege of being invited to the opening of an exhibition at the Canberra Museum titled “In The Can”.  The exhibition covers the bygone era of independent cinema in Canberra.  There are artifacts, film and photo’s from the Starlight Drive-in, to the much missed Centre Cinema & Electric Shadows, [...]

Walking Dead Attack: Selling the Capital

By 11 November 2008

A funny spoof on the new “Australia” flick on ABC Stateline.[skip to 9min:17sec]
I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who thinks the pollies in Canberra are like the Living Dead… ”
After Canberra placed last in a survey of popular holiday destinations, Stateline asked two local production companies to come up with a pitch to promote [...]

Fireworks last night

By 10 November 2008

Hi folks. I rarely come here but I think the site is a real gem.
Did anyone hear, see those fireworks around Mawson last night?
I saw some go off over near Lyons, and at what must have been 2am a whole bunch more went off right near my window.
I suppose we get it from time [...]

Italian restaurant at Narrabundah shops?

By 10 November 2008

Hello RiotACTers,
I was wondering if anyone can confirm whether there is a new Italian restaurant at the Narrabundah shops?
My boss wants me to find out for him, and Google is failing to deliver to deliver..
Apologies if this isn’t an appropriate forum for such a request.

Does anyone know of any good Christmas Lunch venues in Canberra?

By 10 November 2008

Does anyone know of any good Christmas Lunch venues in Canberra?
This year, with a trail of various family illnesses, frail aging perents etc etc we’re looking at a change in the usual process of a big family gathering at parents place where we bring different courses etc, to possibly eating out at a venue [...]

Canberra cemeteries now online.

By 10 November 2008

The ABC is reporting that a new computer system set to be introduced at Canberra’s cemeteries will make it easier for people to trace their family histories. The system will integrate the existing database of names, dates and inscriptions with more detailed maps of gravesites.
So, if you have forgotten where a particularly significant grave [...]

Local kids going the knuckle

By 10 November 2008

YouTube’s MooMooACAC has posted a highlight reel of youthful biffo from Canberra’s parks, schools, buses, and bus interchanges.
It bears this description:
“Some of the fights that happen around in Canberra that are caught on camera”
Looks like pretty standard schoolyard violence to me, as old as the ages. The difference now is all the little buggers recording [...]

Tic Tac Tile?

By 10 November 2008

At the risk of this being a “the best coffee in Canberra” post, I’ll give it a shot anyway, because my options seem to be narrowing quickly.
Where the hell does anyone find a wide selection of used roof tiles in Canberra?  I’ve tried Aussie Junk…both of them – no dice!  I’ve tried a few roof [...]

The Forde dog park

By 9 November 2008

Having ventured to darkest Gungahlin this afternoon we thought we might as well do something useful. So we took George (The Kelpie Of Few Accomplishments) to the Forde Dog Park to see what it had to offer.
As I previously mentioned on the subject of dog parks; all a dog really wants is green grass to [...]

Hoskins St, Franklin

By 9 November 2008

In a recent discussion on Canberra real estate “Affordable” suggested driving down Hoskins Street in Franklin:
if you want to see how the market is going, drive down Hoskins street Franklin, looks like the sub prime streets you see in America, every house is for sale.
So this afternoon I did just that.
The number of for sale [...]

Breakfast review: Edgar’s in Ainslie

By 9 November 2008

Edgar’s might be a pub, but they open for breakfast and after a hard night Allstarring we were in need of something within an easy stumble of the Ainslie lair.
It’s the second time I’ve breakfasted there and I’m becoming a bit of a fan. The service is fast. The quality is good, and the prices [...]

Fire at St. Edmund’s College

By 9 November 2008

MIX 106.3 news is reporting that, late last night, a blaze broke out in the Gymnasium at St. Edmund’s College, Canberra.
It caused extensive damage to the storage facilities – early approximations are at $20,000-worth.

Simon says – Inspections? Who needs them?

By 9 November 2008

Buried deep in yesterday’s print Canberra Times was a strange little story in which Simon Corbell said he was satisfied (“comfortable” even) with health and safety in Canberra’s brothels, despite no inspections being conducted in the last four years.
Even four years ago those were not surprise inspections, the only sort which matter.
How Simon can be [...]

Best Kangaroo Steak in Canberra?

By 9 November 2008

Hi everyone – in order to make good on a promise to an American colleague, I was hoping to get some recommendations as to restuarants serving good kangaroo steak in Canberra.
So… any suggestions? Any favourites? Any to watch out for?
Thanks, fellow rioters!
PS> Feel free to make rude, inappropriate, cynical, harsh and insulting [...]

McFatty Day?

By 9 November 2008

The McHappy Day “Fundraiser of the Year”?
Now don’t get me wrong, I think it’s great to support seriously crook kids and their families. And this Saturday (15 November), Maccas are again doing McHappy Day to raise funds for their Ronald McDonald houses.It works is like this.  You shove a 25.5 grams of fat Big Mac [...]

Raunch – your chance to submit

By 8 November 2008

[ 15 November 2008 at 10:00 pm; ]

The things that drift across my desk would curl your hair.

From the Facebook event page:

A call is going out to all Masters and Slaves, Doms and Subs, Daddies, Dominatrix, Leather Men, Sex Pigs and others in the art of fetish to the Raunch Dance Party at Cube Nightclub.

Come and show Canberra your darker side. [...]

So which supermarket has the cutest checkout boys?

By 8 November 2008

Inspired by a conversation I vaguely remember from last night, and in an effort to give the long suffering women of RiotACT a chance to be just like the men, I now ask the question…
Which supermarket in Canberra has the cutest checkout boys?
I’ve been told that Dickson Woolies rates pretty well.

November notices

By 8 November 2008

Notices appear once a week and aggregate through the month. You can send them in via out contact form.

8 November:
A racegoer notes:
Found at Melbourne Cup Races at Thoroughbred Park – A silver Canon digital
I found a camera on a table near the end of the grassed area of the racetrack.
No real useful information except for [...]

Real estate predictions, anyone?

By 7 November 2008

We are in the position of having bought a new house before starting to sell our old one.
We were happy to do things this way – we waited a very long time before finding precisely the property we wanted, and did not want to take the chance of losing it while waiting for our [...]

Santa’s Pub Crawl

By 7 November 2008

[ 12 December 2008 at 6:00 pm; ] My Fellow Santas,

The Christmas season has come around again and as is customary in Canberra thoughts turn to THE SANTA CLAUS PUB CRAWL!

It’s HERE the FIFTEENTH Annual Santa Claus Pub Crawl (for the year 2008) Friday 12th December:

1800 – Wig & Pen (spill over to PJs if you can’t get in)
1830 – PJ O’Reillys
1930 – [...]

More public art at the ACT Public Health intersection

By 7 November 2008

[First filed: November 07, 2008 @ 10:16]

What are your thoughts/feelings about the latest installation of public art at the ACT Public Health (west row/alinga st) intersection?
It appears to be a series of 44-gallon drums in different colours… makes me think of shipping containers for some reason…
This place now seems to be ground-zero for average installations [...]

How long’s too long?

By 7 November 2008

Ok, so I’m not really the patient type anyway, so am interested in opinions on whether this is the norm in Canberra, or if it is a bit excessive.
After hunting around for some time for a recliner for my partner that wasn’t too big and wasn’t too small we eventually found one at Cusacks/Furniture One in Fyshwick [...]

Volunteer applications are open for the National Folk Festival, Easter 2009 (9-13 April)

By 7 November 2008

Volunteer applications are open for anyone who would like to get involved in a hands-on way with the 2009 National Folk Festival.
Vacancies currently exist in: advance ticket purchasing, Axis youth, bar cashier, bar setup, billet accommodation, caretakers, childcare, cleanup, comms centre, community arts/mural, construction, disability services, festival office, festival rego, firewood, instrument lockup, kids’ festival, [...]

Graham Reeves free to travel to Canberra

By 6 November 2008

Thanks to Mdme Workalot for the tip.
News informs us that the former doctor, Graham Reeves, has won a bail variation to let him travel here to Canberra:
“FORMER doctor Graham Reeves, who is accused of sexually assaulting and mutilating female patients, has won a relaxation of his bail conditions in a Sydney court today.

“I note the [...]

RSPCA 2009 calendars for sale now!

By 6 November 2008

The RSPCA has produced a calendar for next year which they’re selling to raise funds to look after the animals.
This from them:
The A3 wall calendar ‘Pets – A celebration of our passion’ features a photo on every single day of the year, and the calendar includes 16 different species: 235 dogs, 110 cats, 4 [...]

The RSL and the Hellenic Club

By 6 November 2008

The Canberra Times has a piece on the RSL Club in Civic (somewhat distinct from the RSL which looks after returned soldiers, but it’s a line both sides have deliberately blurred over the years) running itself into the ground and selling out to the Hellenic Club.
It’s a little sad for the old boys who argue [...]

Local sibling duo support Canadian singer/songwriter

By 5 November 2008

[ 7 November 2008 at 8:00 pm; ] Marianne & Jonathan Mettes have been off the stage for about 4 months due to various things, including writing new songs and recording. They’ve decided they kinda miss the stage and are gonna do a ‘one-off’ show launching a prelude EP to their upcoming album, showcasing some new songs and supporting the beautiful Canadian songwriter, [...]

An insider’s view of the Canberra sex industry

By 5 November 2008

In the discussion of the death of a sex worker in a brothel over the weekend new commenter “rikochet” made a contribution which I thought deserved front page attention:
I was in the sex industry for 15 yrs. During that time it was Northside Studio’s that had the bad rep, with Exotic Studio’s running a close [...]

Bike bell etiquette

By 5 November 2008

I’m a pedestrian as well as an occasional commuting cyclist but have never quite come to understand how best to use my bell while on a shared walking/cycle path, nor what the bell from behind means.
Certainly as a pedestrian the ding right behind me usually leads to me jumping out of my skin so I’ve [...]

Family and Community day – success or failure

By 5 November 2008

I am sure this topic has popped up on RiotACT before.  Today was the second (?) family and community day public holiday.
Mr Stanhope has called for this public holiday to be reviewed.  Chris Peters from the Chamber of Commerce says we don’t need another public holiday at all.  If we  have to have one it [...]

Baby boomers go to Bateman’s bay – let the younguns run this town!

By 4 November 2008

I heard somewhere that 50% of the ACT’s population is over 50.  
Can that be right?  
Is this town going to turn into a waiting room for the graveyard?
I think half the problem with this place is that the older generation that moved here in the 70′s do not want to see the place change. [...]

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