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The National Capital Craft Beer Festival – a Preview

By 21 September 2008

[ 20 September 2008 at 10:00 am; ] [First filed: September 20, 2008 @ 08:48]

Last night I was fortunate enough to attend the industry night for today’s National Capital Craft Beer Festival. Being held at and sponsored by the Olims Hotel any concerns that it would be populated by tie-died beer hippies was soon put to rest.

Last night’s event was populated by [...]

Radio Ratings

By 20 September 2008

Just caught up on the radio ratings.
I am struck that they really reflect my listening habits. It seems that many other Canberrans listen to the same programs as I do.
Like many, I  pretty much listen to 666 most of the time. The only exception is their drive program which I see has suffered a big [...]

Canberra Ghandi snub makes world news

By 19 September 2008

Newsblaze of Folsom California is aghast that grey Canberra bureaucrats have turned a deaf ear to the pleas of the Gandhi Monument Council and refused to name a street after Mahatma Ghandi:
Replying to a plea of Gandhi Monument Council headquartered in USA, John Meyer, Executive Director Client Services of Australian Capital Territory (ACT) Planning and [...]

The “New” Breed of door to door salesmen – where did they come from??

By 19 September 2008

Ok, I was very ill this week and had to stay home. Not telling you what it was, just not very well and very slow at typing. I am certain that I made a few mistakes when typing….
My wife took the kids out to the shops so as to avoid my continual moaning and complaining [...]

Irony Alert: Flames fitness up in Flames

By 19 September 2008

According to the ABC, Flames Fitness has gone up in flames destroying 25 per cent of North Lynham shopping centre. 
Ohhh the irony.

Review of The Parlour, New Acton

By 18 September 2008

Ok, ok, I can see Riotacters are a gourmet lot, what, between raving reviews of super-sized fry ups at the Central Cafe, partaking in drunken Defence personnel antics at Mooseheads, and chomping on chicken schnitzel at the Queanbo Bowling Club, I can see that you like to eat, drink and be merry.
So what about the other end of [...]

Ingebra free range chickens For Sale

By 18 September 2008

Chickens will be up for sale in December 2008 and then regularly every year.
Four dollars from each sale will go to the Eden Monaro Cancer Support Group.
Only responsible and caring owners with proper facilities are welcome – it’s better to eat a chicken than neglect it.
Chickens need proper shedding and a grass race with constant [...]

‘Hail to the bus driver’ or ‘miracle on wheels’

By 18 September 2008

Catching the bus yesterday, I was tired, my dreams were wearing thin.  Got off and went to buy deodorant at the shops.  No wallet!  Where’s my wallet?!  The stink of panic sets in.  I had used it to get on the bus, right?  It must still be on the bus, heading to Woden.  Straight home, [...]

Can I read?

By 17 September 2008

Most people would be familiar with the story of Helen Keller. Blind and deaf, she defied the odds to make history when she was awarded a Bachelor of Arts degree from Radcliffe College, which was the closest a woman could get to Harvard in those days. She went on to make more contributions to the [...]

Help with some wet weather picnic alternatives

By 17 September 2008

SO…. I need YOU to help me with some ideas.
I am jetting off OS shortly and I am organising a little get together for the friends and family before I go.
I thought Weston park would be a great family friendly – everyone welcome type facility but am having trouble thinking of a good wet [...]

Stretch hummers for formals – where do I get one?

By 17 September 2008

Hummer limo, stretch hummer.
Is there any where in Canberra that has a stretch hummer for school formals?
Price doesn’t matter, as long as it’s in Canberra.

Software Freedom Day in Canberra

By 17 September 2008

[ 20 September 2008; 27 September 2008; ] Software Freedom Day – what is it and why should I care?

You might never want to look at the nuts and bolts of the software you use, so why should you support Software Freedom Day? To keep the software you want to use free of charge, and to make sure that the people who can [...]

Queanbeyan Bowling Club – dining review

By 17 September 2008

The Central Cafe reviews have inspired me to reveal a hidden gem for those who like hearty meals, friendly service and don’t need to find it in modern trendy eateries.
Allow me to present Nibblez on the Green, the charming little eatery at the Queanbo Bowling Club.
Queanbeyan Bowling Club is on the main drag, fringing that [...]

Civic Beggars

By 17 September 2008

Anyone else getting jack of some of the Civic Beggars ?
ipods, mobile phones and good clothes…. real hard up.
Some of them are just scrounging scammers.
I’m sick of getting abused and intimidated by the same few a-holes for not giving them money but tonight two of them where well out of order.
One of the regulars, had [...]

SBS Digital Broadcast Issues in Canberra?

By 17 September 2008

Did anyone else find SBS drop off their digital TV/STB in the last few weeks? Some time since the Olympics?
I am still able to get it through an analogue signal, but my STB is constantly saying ‘no signal’ for SBS, SBS 2 and SBS News.
Anyone else?

A Peter Jackson production coming to the War Memorial

By 16 September 2008

The War Memorial has announced that Peter Jackson (yes that one) and Wingnut Films will be producing the upcoming “Over the Front: the Great War in the air” exhibition planned for Anzac Hall.
“The Multimedia display will be a vital element in the exhibition space, and will be used to help visitors experience the risks, action [...]

The Olivia Lambert Appeal Race Day – Catriona Rowntree a special guest at the races!

By 16 September 2008

[ 4 October 2008 at 12:00 pm; ] The Olivia Lambert Appeal – A local lass needs your help! 

Catriona Rowntree will join other celebs at Thoroughbred Park on 4 October 2008 to help our little local lass, Olivia Lambert.  Olivia’s story was recently seen on 60 Minutes, presented by Peter Overton.
Olivia is a gorgeous 4yr old with Neuroblastoma, a rare and aggressive form of [...]

Lisboa back as Calibre

By 16 September 2008

Lisboa at Woden Plaza have been open again now for almost two weeks, except now they’re called Calibre.  Despite the new, if dull, name the old wait staff are still there.
The only thing still missing from the renovation is the outdoor canopy.  Apparently this was to be finished last Friday week, but Westfield made them [...]

Canberra Musicians Club – We have liftoff

By 16 September 2008

[First filed: September 14, 2008 @ 22:31]

In a marathon of festivity the Canberra Musicians Club lumbered down the runway on Saturday and into clear blue skies.
The music started at 12.30 in the afternoon and continued over five stages until the small hours of the morning.
There were far too many bands for a lone reviewer [...]

Horrible ferret cruelty caught on video – good or bad thing?

By 16 September 2008

[First filed: September 16, 2008 @ 09:13]
Did anyone else hear on Sunrise this morning about one/two* Canberran men who I believe are being prosecuted over a video found of them committing various acts of violence against two ferrets, some acts mentioned including sticking them with syringes and bashing them against walls.
At this point in time [...]


By 15 September 2008

How do I diplomatically tell my neighbour that the rubbish piled up beside their house and the old car in the yard ( that some one has egged and covered  with toilet paper) looks like crap?

Hector Scott – HIV sex worker jailed

By 15 September 2008

The ABC has a report on Hector Scott’s sentencing.
It is bad enough that you cannot get charged with murder in the ACT, but this fiend gets only 2 1/2 months for possibly infecting innocent friends with HIV.  I would consider that assault with a deadly weapon because he was aware of his infection and continued on his [...]

Massage tips

By 15 September 2008

Hey All
I’m very new to Canberra and am really missing the masseuse I had backin WA. Given she won’t do home visits to Canberra, can anyone recommend a good local mobile masseuse?
Thanks in advance for your help

Canberra’s got style goes to print

By 15 September 2008

The inimitable Ninaribena of Canberra’s Got Style has announced the happy news that the Canberra Centre’s house rag “C Magazine” is making a break for quality and giving CGS a page.
Good work by all concerned.

No Man’s Land, or Where Prams Collide – The new DFO Canberra in Fyshwick.

By 15 September 2008

[First filed: September 12, 2008 @ 14:01]

My lasting impression of DFO is a tattooed bloke in a tank top, reeking of tobacco, pushing a pram and producing an ear splitting belch.
Getting in to the new shopping megapolis around 11am was an experience in itself. Trekking along Canberra Avenue we found it just as we were [...]

Pangaea – a mini review

By 14 September 2008

Upon finding Zierholz closed today, we decided to head over to Manuka to Pangaea. It’s been there a while, but I’ve never tried it. So we tried it.  It’s in the bit of Manuka where the cinemas are, facing the Catholic church.
Very modern and zappy inside, dominated by a bar/servery. Lots of hard surfaces so [...]

Somewhere decent to get Sunday morning pastries on the Northside…

By 14 September 2008

Finally Belconnen has a decent bakery and we don’t have to travel to Kingston. Knead Patisserie has been open in the Belconnen markets for a few weeks now. It’s owned by Thomas Moore – previously of Sage, but lately of Grazing in Gundaroo. I’m already partial to their almond croissants (I’m reluctant to tell people [...]

Who needs to go to the tip when you have a nature strip?

By 14 September 2008

While I’ve found living on the main street in my suburb is a little noisy at times, I’ve also found that with the increased traffic and nice wide nature strip you can dispose of virtually anything.
Last year I emptied my old wood shed (as I no longer have a fireplace), and dumped all of [...]

Atheist church

By 14 September 2008

The all-seeing eye has discovered a meetup for Canberra Atheists.
We meet every fortnight at a random restaurant in Canberra to socialize and discuss all things atheist. So if you feel like hanging out with some like minded people and exploring ideas from an atheist perspective feel free to come along.
Praise Science!

Please open our kiosks…we need kiosks!

By 14 September 2008

Well, spring is here, and Floriade is here, but there is still no sign of the two kiosks at Commonwealth Place (or even one of them!) opening for business – any business!
If I am not mistaken they have been completed now for nigh on one year…and still not one espresso coffee, or herbal tea, or [...]

Richardson groomer arrested

By 12 September 2008

The AFP bring word that they’ve arrested a 35 year old Richardson man on charges of “using a carriage service to groom a person under 16 years of age and possession of child pornography.”
Police will allege the male made contact with a 15-year-old, Melbourne girl, whom he met in Canberra through family friends and groomed [...]

Special Education Election Evening

By 12 September 2008

The ACT Council of P&C Associations, Advocacy for Inclusion & Autism, Asperger ACT are holding a ‘Special Education Election Evening’
Thursday 18th September – 6.30pm
Dickson College
Phillip Avenue, Dickson
Candidates standing for the major parties at the forthcoming ACT election will be attending to put their views and policies on issues relating to the education of students with [...]

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