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Introducing Kitten and Snake

By 11 October 2008

Do you like comics? Do you like the web? Do you occasionally like those two things smooshed together into one easily accessed archive of comic galore?
Introducing a new Canberran-based webcomic, Kitten and Snake.
I’ve been told that it’s “an interesting blend of child-art and Canberra humour” If you like slightly self-aware comics, and daily, you should [...]

John and Marianne on 2XX – Talking the RiotACT episode 8

By 11 October 2008

For those who missed it live, the downloadable version of 2XX’s RiotACT segment featuring moi and Marianne Mettes is now available.
To catch it live tune in at 5pm on Friday afternoons on 2XX, 98.3FM.

Performance times for the fountain

By 10 October 2008

[First filed: October 03, 2008 @ 15:56]

And now for something important.
The NCA has announced the performance times for the Captain Cook Memorial Jet.
“From Tuesday 7 October the jet will operate from 2pm until 4pm daily, with special extended hours for key event such as Australia Day and Canberra Day.
The new operating hours were selected in [...]

Dog parks don’t get done in time

By 10 October 2008

John Hargreaves has put out a media release admitting that the planned dog parks for Tuggeranong and Belconnen won’t be ready before election day.
But they’re coming real soon now.
An open patch of grass and a stick is normally enough to keep most dogs overjoyed. Add a plastic bag dispenser and an occasionally emptied wheely bin [...]

A tale of trash

By 9 October 2008

Just wanted to share my outrage and bewilderment.
Sitting here in north Canberra at my computer, I noticed a truck pull up outside the neighbour’s house.
Two men in the cabin apparently just having a rest from their busy day.
One lit up a cigarette and the other opened a tin of tuna and promptly [...]

Lithium returns!

By 9 October 2008

[ 18 October 2008 at 9:00 pm; ]

This exciting news comes to us thanks to Facebook:

“It’s been nearly 4 months between this Lithum and the last, but it’s back!

Everybody’s formerly favourite regular indie night is returning after yet another irregular interval. The main difference this time is that I don’t feel like I have to justify our existence. You should know [...]

Parkour in Canberra

By 9 October 2008

Now here’s a cool bit of YouTube video.
“Footage of Australia’s Natsoc Parkour Gathering in Canberra 2008″
Nice to see the old Boulevard courtyard (where Toast used to be) being put to its proper purpose. Che and I were sprinting over it after a night on the turps years before anyone heard of Parkour (and amazingly [...]

JOE rider and you

By 9 October 2008

For a bit of fun here’s a media release that made its way in to me today:
Motorcycle Awareness Week
11th to the 17th of October 2008
“Where’s JOE Rider” Competition
Commencing at the close of the official launch ceremony on the 11th of October will be the launch of the “Where’s Joe Rider?” Competition proudly sponsored [...]

Pedal Power community forum – Some thoughts

By 9 October 2008

[First filed: October 08, 2008 @ 15:30]

Every now and then readers suggest I should attend some community council event or forum thingy.
I always beg off because I suspect they’re populated by overly intense people. Women wearing capes and men wearing beards.
Last night I went to the Pedal Power Community Forum. Partly I went because [...]

Canberra International Film Festival

By 8 October 2008

The programme for the Canberra International Film festival is now online ( and available at Dendy Cinemas.  As much as I look forward to this event each year, I have a couple of gripes:
1. As it was last year, it seems the Opening Night is only going to be for VIPs (i.e. for sending tickets out [...]

Could this be a real solution to stop drink driving?

By 8 October 2008

For anyone who listens to Hack on Triple J, they have just had a story about drink driving. One of the listeners has called in and suggested that they provide free transport not only from the venues, but to the venues as well.
Considering for the most part Canberra has one central area for night spots [...]

Bunda Street upgrade

By 8 October 2008

John Hargreaves has announced that he’s re-modeling the recently re-modeled Bunda Street.
$4 million worth and not a promise but tenders awarded.
“Investment into the upgrade of Bunda Street will total $4 million which will include the replacement of paving, sustainable water harvesting for street trees, safe crossing points, new street furniture and lighting.
The upgrade will provide [...]

New gay bar for Woden

By 8 October 2008

A reader has brought to my attention an announcement in SX News:
“The Hush Lounge is the exciting new addition to Canberra’s gay scene, joining Cube and Tilley’s to become the centre of gay and lesbian social life in Australia’s capital city. The Hush Lounge caters to older gays and lesbians looking for a low-key casual [...]

Trouble at Olims

By 8 October 2008

Hi all – walking to work this morning I noticed a police crime scene at Olims. 
Does anyone know what happened?
UPDATED: We now have an answer

Domestic Cleaning – positive experiences?

By 8 October 2008

We run a home-based business and the domestic chores have become too much!
We are exploring bringing in a domestic cleaner once a fortnight to give the house a once over so that we feel less guilty and can spend more of our down time as, well … down time.
Any recommendations?

Climate Torches converge in Canberra, Sunday 12 October

By 8 October 2008

[ 12 October 2008 at 10:30 am; ] The four climate torches that have been winding their way around the continent will converge on Canberra this Sunday morning at 10.30am in Reconcilation Place.

They’ll then make their way to Federation Mall (twixt old and new parliament houses) to be received by members of the government and the opposition (hopefully k-Rudd and M T-Bull).

But the [...]

Termites – that gnawing feeling

By 7 October 2008

My girlfriend and I have had our eyes on a house that’s been on the market for several months now, and a big drop in the asking price has finally inspired us to make an appointment to inspect.
The house ticks all of our boxes – great location, lots of bedrooms and living space, and big [...]

One in five of you are nuts

By 7 October 2008

Katy Gallagher has launched mental health week by pointing out that mental health issues are more common than asthma and diabetes.
Something RiotACT readers will vouch for no doubt.

Another face lift for the Northern side of the Lake.

By 7 October 2008

The Canberra Times has a story on another facelift for the northern shore of Lake Burley Griffin.
In long ago 2006 the “R.G.Menzies Walk” was opened to formalise the string of paths between Commonwealth and Kings Avenues.
Now $7.5 million of Commonwealth money is going into paving it, installing lights, building a new footbrige bridge over the [...]

Fire at DFO?

By 6 October 2008

Skidbladnir has texted in the following report from the field:
DFO evacuated, alarms, not a drill etc…
Four police cars, the works, but the building takes roughly 20 minutes to distract the braindead ones from shopping
More as it comes to hand.
UPDATED: It’s sounding as if it was a bomb hoax.

Restaurant Review: Cocorea – Korean and Japanese food.

By 6 October 2008

A good way to upset the Japanese is to suggest there is any similarity between themselves and Koreans. The crimes committed in the name of Japanese exceptionalism are, however, well beyond the scope of this article.
Cocorea is, in any event, far more a Korean joint than anything else despite its claims to “Korean & [...]

Graeme Laver passes into the night

By 6 October 2008

The ABC is reporting on the death in London of one of the giants of Canberra’s John Curtin School of Medical Research.
He’s most famous for his work on the anti-flu drug Zanamivir, which is marketed as Relenza.

Images of Canberra (Err Goulburn, but close) – The old Goulburn orphanage

By 6 October 2008

[First filed: October 04, 2008 @ 23:27]

A friend and I headed to Goulburn on Friday night to check out some old buildings he had been told about.
He was looking for a set for an up and coming short film he is making and asked me to take some stills to show prospective sponsors.
Let me tell [...]

Swine fever at Canberra Hospital

By 5 October 2008

The SMH is reporting that two piggery workers from somewhere presumably nearby in NSW are being treated for “Streptococcus suis” which they are thought to have contracted from the pigs.
Doctors at Canberra Hospital have treated a 46-year-old woman and a 58-year-old man, both from NSW, for fevers, sweating and severe weight loss caused by [...]

Pulp Kitchen – Restaurant Review

By 5 October 2008

As I am, for the time being, an Ainslican (Note the the hate mailers: no longer in Turner, haven’t been for some time now, please update your records), I went to Pulp Kitchen for dinner last night when I had an event to celebrate.
They style themselves as a “European Brasserie”. While I’m not entirely sure [...]

Deakin Swimming Pool – an Oasis it ain’t

By 4 October 2008

Years ago the Oasis Swimming Centre in Deakin was just as its name suggested; a fresh, brightly coloured facility with superb pools, nice indoor and outdoor areas (remember the big slide, the worm?) and ultra-modern compared to every other Canberra pool at the time.  The place was new, super clean, the showers hot and the place well kept.
Anybody [...]

Missing Man

By 4 October 2008

The AFP are looking for your help to find an old lost Banks man:
ACT Policing is seeking community assistance in locating an 80-year-old Banks man who has gone missing after being dropped off by car in Civic early this afternoon to attend an appointment in the city.
The missing man, Matteo Bortoluss, suffers from dementia [...]

Parking Pain in the inner North…

By 3 October 2008

I think it is time the Government put aside their revenue raising parking strategies and considered a parking permit system for residents in the inner northern suburbs.   
I don’t know exactly which suburbs this affects but living in Braddon and having a car is a bit of a problem.  
From 9am-11am weekdays it’s illegal to park in [...]

Cake emulsifier?

By 3 October 2008

Hi all,
Does anyone know what cake emulsifier is? And where can i buy it in Canberra? Is there anything i can do to substitute it?
thanks a lot! =)

Friday night parking gets tight at Belconnen Mall

By 3 October 2008

It must be hard to get a park for Friday night shopping at Belconnen Mall these days…

BTW- this is the second time I have seen a car parked on this railing – probably a good thing its there, otherwise the driver might have stopped in the bus lane a few meters below.

What to do with drunks out in public spaces

By 3 October 2008

I heard on the radio today that the ACT Ombudsman has released his annual report in regard to complaints for the year 2007/2008. It was mentioned that the majority of complaints received were against ACT Policing, in particular in regard to the processing of persons under the Intoxicated Persons Care and Protection Act.
Should it be [...]

Coles Online: Now delivering to canberra

By 3 October 2008

It has been a dream of mine to have an actual large competitor for Woolies homeshop in canberra, partly to create a bit of competition, but mostly to make woolies lift their game re quality of service.
Last night I received an email from Coles, letting me know that they are delivering to Kambah.
Awesome. Now we [...]

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