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The Venue cops some big fines

By 27 November 2008

I had thought The Venue had died a controversial death some months ago, can anyone clarify that?
In any event Simon Corbell has announced that the company running the Erindale boozer’s sole director has copped a slew of fines.
“”The company’s sole director was fined in the ACT Magistrates Court for employing security staff without holding a [...]

UC does nothing on binge drinking

By 27 November 2008

The ABC has the thumping headline “Uni takes on student binge drinking culture”.
Sounds like a great way to cruel enrollments I thought.
But then it turns out that all that’s happened is researcher Amanda George has been paid to state the bleeding obvious: A lot of students get hammered.
The Uni is going to “now try [...]

ABC Childcare Centres

By 27 November 2008

With ABC Childcare Centres having gone belly-up and the Federal Government having forked out however-many millions of dollars to keep the centres open, the Canberra Times has a story about the ABC Childcare Centres in the Canberra region that will be “subject to further review”.
ABC Childcare’s webiste has an extended list here.
Given how hard it [...]

Interested in joining a bookclub?

By 27 November 2008

Hi, I am new to Canberra and was looking for a book club to join on the northside. I have seen from previous posts that there does not appear to be many so I thought I might set one up. Please send me an email at if you are interested.
Not sure what books will [...]

Oxfam Christmas Fair

By 27 November 2008

[ 29 November 2008 at 10:00 am; ] The advice on the Oxfam Christmas Fair explains one of the concerns raised by Genie about the Handmade Fair – Oxfam is charging an entry fee.

Nevertheless, Oxfam are a worthwhile organisation and you might consider supporting them too.

The Christmas Fair will be held Saturday 29 November. It’s a great chance to get your Christmas shopping [...]

Speech therapy ACT not up to standard

By 27 November 2008

Hi all I am mitcore and I have joined this group to see if I could get voices to help make the goverment stand up and listen to the shortage of speech therapist and other specialist in the area.
We do not have enough, I am going on Stateline to voice this opinion and to get [...]

Not ANOTHER car crash in Ainslie?

By 26 November 2008

Yep! Same suburb, same street, same curb, very similar result.
About 2.30am Monday, I heard the familiar screeeeech boom crash tinkle followed by eery silence sound that I associate with young men driving late, late at night. Once again, a car missed the bend, mounted the curb, smashed a tree, and spun around a few times, [...]


By 26 November 2008

[First filed: November 17, 2008 @ 15:37]
Hey guys. 
I’m new to Riotact but I really need your help.
8 days ago a ferret named Jules went missing from Sid Barnes Cres in Gordon (right near the shops).
The chances of finding her alive are really really slim, I know that – but please if you [...]

Zeff’s rises from the ashes

By 26 November 2008

After months lying derelict since it caught fire in June Zeffirelli’s in Dickson is showing signs of life.
The interior looks ready for business and men in overalls were hard at work removing the graffiti yesterday.
Most importantly they’re hiring.
Student who like going to restaurants, but can’t afford a real one rejoice!

Canberra Goss – The suspense is killing me

By 26 November 2008

[First filed: 11:21 21 November 2008]

It looks like our friends who have been thinking about asking “them” for a better website for Canberra might finally be getting what they want.
The Canberra Goss website proclaims that it is going to do something more useful than run a hideous flash animation sometime on Monday.
Intriguingly it promises to [...]

Any Waiter/Waitress Experiences Lately?

By 26 November 2008

What is going on? Seriously our Waiters/Waitresses service here in Canberra is somewhat losing there touch. If you have visited Melbourne lately you will know what I mean, the staff in Melbourne are brilliant.
I wont say which cafe in Manuka I am referring to, But if you eat in Manuka you will soon figure out the one. [...]

A darker side of Christmas

By 25 November 2008

John Hargreaves has announced the start of the 2008 Domestic Violence Christmas Program.
Sadly over the festive period there’s also a need for additional crisis accommodation for women and children escaping domestic violence.
To this end 10 Housing ACT properties are being set aside as additional crisis accomodation.
Statistics suggest at least a couple of RiotACT readers should [...]

Lawson and Crace cop a native title claim?

By 25 November 2008

The ABC reports that Shane Mortimer of the Ngambrie has sent the Prime Minister’s office a demand that the sensitive flora and fauna of Crace and Lawson be preserved from the growing Gungahlinite sprawl.
“We have a responsibility to make sure that the land here is cared for,” he said.
“This is land that has looked after [...]

Where is Canberra’s Big Book of Public Art?

By 25 November 2008

On Saturday I dropped into the Chisholm shops and noticed this piece of public art.  I am seriously underwhelmed by it.
It did make me ask whether there is a website where you can find out about Canberra’s public art.  Five minutes of Googling and as far as I can tell there isn’t one, although I [...]


By 25 November 2008

I have a friend from America coming to visit me just after Christmas.
One of the things she said that she wanted to do was to see a platypus in the wild.

So, does anyone know of any places around the ACT area where the platypi hang out?
Are they even in the area?
Any other information regarding the [...]

A solution to the Ikea dilemma?

By 25 November 2008

Thanks to for the tip.
An enterprising bunch have found a way to make a business from Ikea’s shameful neglect of their huge Canberra fan base. are taking a truck up to Ikea and bringing back the bits the Ikea nuts can’t live without.
It’ll be fascinating to see how they go.

Jester Ball 2008 – In retrospect

By 24 November 2008

[First filed: November 22, 2008 @ 13:08]

Friday night’s Jester Ball was in many ways a different affair from its predecessor
Partly it was the time of year, still light when doors opened.
Partly it was simply that the new organiser is a woman. It came out in little things like the bar stocking as many varieties of [...]

Schoolies at the Gold Coast – Would you let your kids go?

By 24 November 2008

Watching the news last night and seeing the annual festival of vomit and unplanned pregnancy that is Gold Coast Schoolies Week one thing really piqued my curiousity.
What parent knowingly lets their child head off to this thing?
Wrecking a rental house at Batemans Bay is one thing. At least it’s not so far away and the [...]

A quick walk around Marques In The Park

By 23 November 2008

ACT Motor Clubs’s “Marques In The Park” braved the weather today in John Knight Park on the shores of Lake Ginninderra.
Sitting on a collapsible chair wearing fleece and beanie, sipping on a thermos, seems to be a key skill for attending these things. To be fair the weather was not conducive to lounging around in [...]

Information Request – Mugga Tip

By 23 November 2008

Hey All,
I’m finding myself in the position of having a need to visit the local tip this weekend. But I can’t find any info online about how much it costs to dump there etc…
I just need to take my slat bed and mattress that I am replacing, and my old sofa bed that the cats [...]

Images of Canberra – Kangaroos in the park

By 23 November 2008

Saw these two this morning trimming the grass in an Ainslie park on Officer Crescent.
Pests I know, but still magical in the right context.
Got an image of Canberra you want to share with the world? Email it to

Handmade Markets review

By 22 November 2008

In case you missed the great upswell of publicity among Canberra’s crafty scene, the inaugural Handmade Markets were on today at Albert Hall. (In fact, they’re on until 6pm if you happen to be reading this before then).
Albert Hall was a sort of compromise venue for the markets after they couldn’t get the permanent home [...]

The RSPCA’s 2008 Pets’ Party – CANCELLED

By 22 November 2008

[ 22 November 2008 at 3:00 pm; ] [First filed: November 18, 2008 @ 08:39]

The following has graced my inbox from the RSPCA:

“Hello everyone,

Next Saturday is our annual pets’ party. Come on out to the animal shelter at Weston from 3.00pm for a great afternoons entertainment. We have a jazz band, wine and cheese tasting, plenty of dogs games and an [...]

Restaurant Review: Wagamamas

By 21 November 2008

[First filed: November 20, 2008 @ 16:09]

Wagamama on Bunda St in Civic is a strange beast.
High price global restaurant chains rarely appear in Canberra. Having been there for lunch yesterday I can see why.
This is not to say it’s bad. It was perfectly agreeable in every way.
Amongst it’s admirable qualities is a bar at the [...]

Bouquet for a battler

By 21 November 2008

I want to pay a compliment to my favourite battler, Phyllis who works behind the counter at Brumbys bake shop in Ainslie.
She has a voice like a crow (sorry Phyllis!) looks pretty arthritic and long in the tooth and bitches about behind-the-scenes from time to time, but she is just wonderful – starts [...]

Tim the Lyneham stabbing victim speaks out, and sends in a picture of his wounds

By 20 November 2008

[First filed: November 20, 2008 @ 07:01]

In the discussion of the Lyneham Flats stabbing a new commenter claiming to be the victim has had his say at 4:30 this morning. I’d advise taking this with a grain of salt, but he’s also sent in this picture of his injury:
Thanks for all yr support out there [...]

Who’s a good acupuncturist?

By 20 November 2008

I’m looking for a good acupuncturist in Canberra (preferrably in the South), can anyone recommend someone for me?

Why isn’t P!nk coming to Canberra?

By 20 November 2008

I am bracing myself for the barrage of negative snide comments in response to this post but I don’t care – if someone else can post about Def Leppard then I’m damn well going to have a rant about P!nk.
P!nk had 2 sold out shows at the AIS arena here in Canberra last year [...]

How you say?

By 19 November 2008

Being of foreign extraction, I recently hit on a conundrum. I’ve lived in this fair city for  more than a few years, and have always called it “Canberra”. However I am reliably informed that I live in “Can-Bra”
Where do you live?
Can-berra? (Rhymes with “error”)
Can-bra? (Rhymes with “bra”)
Can-be-ra ? (Rhymes with  “Raw”)
Can-brah? (Rhymes with “borough”)

The promised planters – city beautified?

By 19 November 2008

Back on 28 August the Chief Minister promised to do something about the shabby state of Civic.
In particular he promised:
“To complement the Floriade in the City entertainment, the ACT Government will beautify the heart of the city with the installation of new flower displays and fairy lights through the trees on Northbourne Avenue.”
Over the last [...]

Civic Pool – big toothpaste tube replaces big poo!

By 19 November 2008

The work at Civic Pool has been completed.
Readers might recall that the Duby Dome had come to look like a *cough* large potato.
The new structure keeps the blue and white motif but is ribbed and free standing so the need to keep the pool area pressurised is a thing of the past. Apparently this has [...]

Images of Canberra – Canberra Labor Club – keeping it classy?

By 19 November 2008

I spied the outside of the Labor Club while in Belconnen on the weekend, frankly I was astonished.
With the lack of good bars in Belconnen (honourable exception being the Pot Belly) does keeping up appearances cease to matter?
Got an image of Canberra? Email it to

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