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Swine fever at Canberra Hospital

By 5 October 2008

The SMH is reporting that two piggery workers from somewhere presumably nearby in NSW are being treated for “Streptococcus suis” which they are thought to have contracted from the pigs.
Doctors at Canberra Hospital have treated a 46-year-old woman and a 58-year-old man, both from NSW, for fevers, sweating and severe weight loss caused by [...]

Pulp Kitchen – Restaurant Review

By 5 October 2008

As I am, for the time being, an Ainslican (Note the the hate mailers: no longer in Turner, haven’t been for some time now, please update your records), I went to Pulp Kitchen for dinner last night when I had an event to celebrate.
They style themselves as a “European Brasserie”. While I’m not entirely sure [...]

Deakin Swimming Pool – an Oasis it ain’t

By 4 October 2008

Years ago the Oasis Swimming Centre in Deakin was just as its name suggested; a fresh, brightly coloured facility with superb pools, nice indoor and outdoor areas (remember the big slide, the worm?) and ultra-modern compared to every other Canberra pool at the time.  The place was new, super clean, the showers hot and the place well kept.
Anybody [...]

Missing Man

By 4 October 2008

The AFP are looking for your help to find an old lost Banks man:
ACT Policing is seeking community assistance in locating an 80-year-old Banks man who has gone missing after being dropped off by car in Civic early this afternoon to attend an appointment in the city.
The missing man, Matteo Bortoluss, suffers from dementia [...]

Parking Pain in the inner North…

By 3 October 2008

I think it is time the Government put aside their revenue raising parking strategies and considered a parking permit system for residents in the inner northern suburbs.   
I don’t know exactly which suburbs this affects but living in Braddon and having a car is a bit of a problem.  
From 9am-11am weekdays it’s illegal to park in [...]

Cake emulsifier?

By 3 October 2008

Hi all,
Does anyone know what cake emulsifier is? And where can i buy it in Canberra? Is there anything i can do to substitute it?
thanks a lot! =)

Friday night parking gets tight at Belconnen Mall

By 3 October 2008

It must be hard to get a park for Friday night shopping at Belconnen Mall these days…

BTW- this is the second time I have seen a car parked on this railing – probably a good thing its there, otherwise the driver might have stopped in the bus lane a few meters below.

What to do with drunks out in public spaces

By 3 October 2008

I heard on the radio today that the ACT Ombudsman has released his annual report in regard to complaints for the year 2007/2008. It was mentioned that the majority of complaints received were against ACT Policing, in particular in regard to the processing of persons under the Intoxicated Persons Care and Protection Act.
Should it be [...]

Coles Online: Now delivering to canberra

By 3 October 2008

It has been a dream of mine to have an actual large competitor for Woolies homeshop in canberra, partly to create a bit of competition, but mostly to make woolies lift their game re quality of service.
Last night I received an email from Coles, letting me know that they are delivering to Kambah.
Awesome. Now we [...]

Another look at Canberra and the Tent Embassy

By 3 October 2008

Overlander TV a travel video channel have been chatting to Darren Bloomfield at the Aboriginal tent embassy. It’s an interesting approach to the issues.

Fat Canberra women letting down the team

By 3 October 2008

The ABC reports on research by ACT Health showing Canberra women are more likely to be obese than men:
The study by ACT Health reveals that women are also less likely to exercise and eat enough vegetables.
On the other hand women are smoking and drinking less than the blokes.
Which seems a little unfair really.

To arms Rioters – Drive the Emos from Garema Place! (unless you are a Garema Place Emo, in which case prepare to repel boarders)

By 3 October 2008

[First filed: October 02, 2008 @ 09:35]
The Tilt Festival running in Garema Place appears to have hit some turbulence.
All round good sort, Greens candidate for Molonglo, and Tilt organiser, Elena Kirschbaum, has sent out the following plea for help:
Subject: Battle the emo kids
Hey guys,
This is a little request, a little favour.
The Tilt Festival is bringing [...]

ACTEW’s top tips for your garden

By 3 October 2008

ACTEW would like you to water your garden less.
To help you to do that they’ve produced five top tips:
1. Build a 10 cm circular mound around the outside of the drip line of all trees in your garden and on your nature strip ensuring that it is not a trip hazard so that any rain that [...]

Fare Evading Teenage Harpies

By 3 October 2008

So… where was your daughter last night???
Four girls, maybe fifteen years old, attempted to avoid paying their taxi fare this morning by scampering down my neighbours’ driveway. Possibly they were planning on jumping the back fence?? Sucked in, because the security-minded neighbours have no access to their backyard – so the next attempt was to [...]

Cycling: What Will Politicians Do?

By 2 October 2008

[ 7 October 2008 at 7:30 pm; ] Canberra cycling group, Pedal Power, is holding a community forum for local candidates to tell the public how they will help cycling. Six times Tour De France entrant, Stephen Hodge, will MC the forum. Speakers will include representatives from ACT Labor, the Canberra Liberals and the ACT Greens. Everyone interested in cycling, [...]

Woodstock rises from the dead?

By 2 October 2008

Saw this sign outside Akuna Club today (which is on Akuna St in Civic amazingly).
It is a brand spanking new sign so WTF with the misspelling of ‘They’re’ in the ‘They’re Back’ and the overzealous use of apostrophes (yes I am pedantic about such things – and I know I’m not the only one [...]

Kamikaze Magpie Under Seige

By 2 October 2008

Allied Forces (ACT Parks people) were today seen mounting a counter attack to rid fair Ainslie of the Magpie menace that has terrorised local residents for the last four weeks. 
“He’s mad!” said one frightened resident, who wished to remain anonymous for fear of retribution. 
“The last month has been terrible. I can’t put on me lotto or have a cold one at [...]

Bike Biz

By 2 October 2008

This is going to be another one of those ‘What/Who do you recommend posts’ but I don’t care, I seriously want to know. I am an ex, very serious bike rider (Jap Sports Bikes) who has just got back into riding after 8 years without a bike.  Maybe i’m going through a mid life crisis [...]

Evaporative cooling in Canberra – worth it?

By 2 October 2008

We are investigating cooling options for our house at the moment. I am wondering what experience fellow rioters have with evaporative cooling, and whether it will keep the place cool enough on those really hot summer days and nights.
We are currently tossing up between evaporative cooling and air conditioning. I can’t seem to find [...]

Laksa: Sammys Kitchen vs Can Tho

By 2 October 2008

Here’s a blow by blow comparison between Can Tho in Belconnen and (old) Sammy’s Kitchen Laksa in Civic. For those who know the drill, a SK laksa for comparison purposes is a straight 10/10/10.

Taste (Flavour) = 9
Size = 10
Ingredients = 9
Decor/Cutlery = 8
Waiting Staff = 8
Cost = 10

Can Tho is situated in between the [...]

Handmade Market-Canberra’s Upmarket

By 1 October 2008

[ 22 November 2008 at 10:00 am; ] Come to Handmade market, Canberra’s Upmarket to experience high quality, stylish, unique products created by talented artists, craftsmen, designers and gourmets.

See why Canberra’s Handmade Market will be the place to shop for original and handcrafted wares.

UPDATE: Invitations are now open to apply to show off at Handmade Market.

Places are booking fast and [...]

Six Muslim women needed for digital storytelling project

By 1 October 2008

Tuggeranong Community Arts (TCA) is seeking women from Canberra’s Islamic community to be part of a very special arts and cultural project to be held on Sundays (10.30am-4.30pm) over 4 weeks in from 12 October to 2 November at the Tuggeranong Arts Centre media studio.
“The Digital Storytelling workshop will be a great opportunity for women [...]

Population Paradox – Letter to the Editor

By 1 October 2008

There is a fascinating letter in the Canberra Times today that I thought should be reproduced here for the benefit of the masses and not just the paltry few who read the Crimes (heh heh).
The letter is quite lengthy so I have edited for length:
” …The ACT Greens now want to spend $8 million on [...]

A happy Eid ul-Fitr to our Muslim readers

By 1 October 2008

The Ramadan month of fasting is over for the local Muslim community and today they get to party.
The Eid ul-Fitr runs for three days. Have a good one guys.

A significant rugby league match to celebrate our centenary

By 1 October 2008

Caretaker convention be damned, there’s an election to be won!
Jon Stanhope has again donned his Chief Minister’s cap to announce that he’s had talks with the National Rugby League about having an important Rugby League game in Canberra for the centenary of Canberra.
State of Origin? The Grand Final?
Er no. How about the City-Country game? (yes [...]

ABC News: Will the Village Idiot Return?

By 30 September 2008

Its been a long time, but for the last few weeks we’ve seen a return to professionalism on the ABC television news.
Can you believe it: news being about news, weather being about weather, without patronising attempts at humour, self obsession, vegetable obsession, whatever.
You know what I’m talking about: Mark Carmody,  Mr Fosts and Frogs, presently [...]

One of Canberra’s oldest, and longest residing citizens dies.

By 30 September 2008

I missed this report in the Canberra Times on Sunday and Monday.
“Widely loved and respected in Canberra, where she was born more than 99 years ago, Heather Shakespeare died early yesterday morning.”
I came into contact with Heather Shakespeare through her support of Scouting (as did many in the ACT) and I know that she will [...]

So who decided the barbed wire was necessary?

By 30 September 2008

Many years ago a team of workers were dispatched to the storm-water drain forming the border between Ainslie and Watson.
Someone had decreed that where the Watson drain broke cover needed fencing. Maybe it does, someone walking along in the dark could in theory fall down there.
So they dug holes, poured concrete, set up posts [...]

Has the Peter Leonard thing, perhaps, been slightly over done?

By 30 September 2008

I was as saddened as anyone to hear of the death of former newsreader Peter Leonard at a relatively young age of 66.
I never had any reason to bear him any ill will. He read the news from the teleprompter perfectly competently with an entirely appropriate degree of gravitas and the odd hint of humour.
If [...]

Canberra Vintage and Classic Bicycle Ride

By 30 September 2008

[First filed: September 29, 2008 @ 10:27]

Yesterday morning marked the first ever Canberra Vintage and Classic Bicycle Ride, held by the shores of Lake Burley Griffin.
Mrs Brown and myself decided to pop down to the starting line to see if I could find anyone else with an interest in the wacky English Raleigh Chopper.
We found [...]

Gnomes go walkabout at Floriade? Or Nazi gnome strikes?

By 30 September 2008

The Canberra Times is making light of multiple gnome-nappings at Floraide.
Some speculate the gnomes have been liberated, others that they’ve escaped.
Me, I reckon the Nazi gnome, who is also reported missing, is running a secret gnome death camp in the rhododendrons.

Holiday Distractions

By 29 September 2008

For the next two weeks, those Rioters amongst us who have bred are wondering what time-wasting (but preferably not money-wasting) activities there are in our fair city.
I have a 9yo son, who has expressed a desire to visit the War Memorial these holidays.
But I am trying to think of what to do with [...]

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