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Golden Globes broadcast

By 10 January 2009

The film geek in me is desperate to watch the Golden Globes broadcast this Monday, but is too stingy to fork out a Foxtel subscription.
Anyone know of any pub, club or other public venue in the ACT that would be showing it live?
I don’t hold out much hope, but you never know…..

Bakery wars at Southlands

By 10 January 2009

The Italian Bakery at Southlands is something of an institution, providing good European bread and the best vanilla slice on the planet.
There seems to be a longstanding feud between the Italian Bakery and Bruno’s Truffles next door.
The story, as I understand, it is that Bruno’s has taken legal action to reduce the number of [...]

More CT Editor speculation

By 10 January 2009

What are the most powerful positions in Canberra?
I’d argue that they are: Chief Minister, Minister for Territories, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.
And the Editor of the Canberra Times.
Which is a problem as the position has been turning over so fast of late that it’s hard to keep track. On the plus side it’s become [...]


By 10 January 2009

I really am after some honest opinions and advice.  My son is 11 going into year six next year….. our catchment area for highschool is Gold Creek.  I have heard some very bad things about this highschool….. I know things go on at all schools on one level or another but is it particularly bad [...]

January 2009 – Notices

By 10 January 2009

Notices appear once a week and aggregate through the month. You can send them in via our contact form.

10 Jan:
Lost cat:
Missing cat from Downer area
Lost from Warbo Cattery (Phillip Av.)
Black/chocolate Burmese X
Desexed/microchipped male
Answers to Cash/Cashie
Please call: 0408 167 127

Drinking Fountain Street?

By 9 January 2009

A very odd observation from downtown Civic.
A new “street sign” has appeared at the intersection of Hobart Place and London Circuit in Civic. The sign – in a format completely identical to other street signs in Civic – simply, and enigmatically, reads: “Drinking Fountain”.
As it is identical to other street signs, including the one [...]

Public Housing tenants happier! More included! Hooray!

By 9 January 2009

John Hargreaves is cracking open the bubbly after the latest Housing ACT Client Satisfaction Survey showed a happy bunch of campers in public housing.
“”I am delighted with the results of the 2008 Client Satisfaction Survey which show overall satisfaction with Housing ACT has increased from 68% to 71%. Indeed satisfaction has been steadily improving since [...]

Ambulance service asks you not to be stupid

By 9 January 2009

The ABC brings word that a five year old had to be rescued from a baking car yesterday (presumably before winter returned).
This has prompted the ambulance service to ask people not to lock kids in cars on hot days. Apparently leaving the window cracked open is not good enough.
If only you could tie the kids [...]

How many mowers for one small park?

By 9 January 2009

I was amazed this morning by the spectacle of a small park in Ainslie getting mowed.
Not that the mowing was taking place. Ainslie is much better serviced than, say, Macquarie.
But that one tiny park was being mowed by five (one, two, three, four, FIVE) ride on mowers.
They had to stay synchronised to avoid running into [...]

Mark Parton channelling the parrot’s malignant brain?

By 9 January 2009

Sweet holy jesus.
Check out this rant from near-run ACT political candidate and 2CC morning presenter Mark Parton.
Here’s some of my favourite highlights:
The youth of our nation are out of control. The jackass generation who believe that it’s really funny when someone else gets hurt have no fear of the law…
They must have felt like Aussie [...]

The first HMAS Canberra in colour

By 9 January 2009

The all-seeing eye of RiotACT spotted a new blog entry on the first HMAS Canberra, lost at the Battle of Savo Island and now a good chunk of the iron in the Iron Bottom Sound.
The entry isn’t remarkable for it’s information, the wikipedia entry has much more. But I’ve never seen such a good colour [...]

More stupid undergraduate degrees from our universities

By 9 January 2009

The Canberra Times has a piece on moves by ANU and UC to offer ever more specialised “degrees” to students fresh out of year 12.
ANU’s proudly touting a “Bachelor of Genetics” for future paternity testers to spend three years working towards. Meanwhile UC is promising a “Bachelor of Urban and Regional Planning” as well as [...]

Step Up/Step Down, comes to Canberra – in a small way

By 8 January 2009

Katy Gallagher has announced the opening of a new mental health facility based on the “Step Up/Step Down” model of care.
“Step Up /Step Down provides an early intervention or early discharge option for people as an alternative to hospitalisation or after discharge from hospital. The residential facility will provide mental health care to accommodate those [...]

Restaurant review – Babars on Bunda Street

By 8 January 2009

Lunch in Civic today was at Babars. I used to be a big fan of the place when it was the nearest bar to Electric Shadows back in the day.
At 12.15pm it certainly wasn’t over crowded and we were able to get a great shaded table on Bunda Street with wonderful views of the passing [...]

So tell us about you… property ownership

By 8 January 2009

A quick poll for you to tell us more about yourself.
You guys seem to love these things.

Will you use UberX when it launches in Canberra in October?
View Results

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A Slow Goodbye To Claret Ash Trees In Canberra

By 8 January 2009

While this topic will be of little interest to some, as a keen gardener I though other “green thumbers” might be interested.
We recently bought a house in the Belconnen area, and one of the many positive aspects of the property were the beautiful mature trees.  The main two are a Red Gum and a Claret [...]

Hash House Harriers in Canberra: up-coming runs

By 8 January 2009

I’ve posted a couple of previous items on the Hash House Harriers, a sociable mob (or mobs) of drinkers with a running problem. Lob the word ‘Hash’ into yon search field at the top of this page for more.
Some details of upcumming runs in the week commencing Monday 12 January appear below. The link at [...]

Philip John Goodrick: A Life Well-Lived: 1950-2008

By 7 January 2009

I have been asked by my family to bring this to the RiotAct readership’s attention.
In Late december, 2008, Phil Goodrick was taken from us. He was a great man, and I am sure that there would be several people that read RA who would have known him.
The family have asked that if you did know [...]

Hospital holds up over holidays

By 7 January 2009

Katy Gallagher is thrilled that with the city a ghost town over the Xmas/NY’s break the emergency department at the hospital has coped with the consequences of our indulgences.
She’s particularly pleased with 60 babies brought successfully into the world as well as a large number of chest pain sufferers:
Minister for Health Katy Gallagher MLA said [...]

Building a freak bike with the Rat Patrol

By 7 January 2009

[First filed: January 05, 2009 @ 16:14]

My last bike cost me a few hundred dollars from a sports shop. It had a big heavy frame and was quite good at getting me to and from pubs in the Inner North without mishap.
But after a year at the coast the spokes had all rusted through and [...]

They came from outer space

By 7 January 2009

Well, they came from my backyard actually…but they do look large enough to star in an ‘Attack of the Killer Courgette’ remake (yes yes, I know it was rampaging tomatoes for all you geeks. This is a ‘reimagined’ version, frak you).
But I digress.

I came home to Canberra the other day from summer holiday fun to [...]

What’s the worst thing you’ve seen a diplomat doing?

By 6 January 2009

The ACT has a large diplomatic corp. To some extent they’re beyond the law.
Most of course do not abuse the privilege, but there are bad eggs everywhere.
So, dear readers, what’s the worst thing you’ve encountered a diplomat doing in Canberra?
(If you haven’t actually seen it yourself make sure you clearly describe your sources).

Ballooning over Canberra – A review

By 5 January 2009

[First filed: January 02, 2009 @ 13:03]

Santa threw a bit of a curve ball this Christmas morn with vouchers for a boxing day balloon ride for not just me but also for my brother (visiting from Japan), and both our girlfriends. (The gift was with Balloon Aloft, this article is in no way a judgment [...]

Has anyone noticed the new kids play centres popping up across town?

By 5 January 2009

Whilst on Holiday, we were looking for ways to entertain the kids. We went out to DFO, mainly so that I could see what the fuss was about.
There is a new Kids play area called “Monkey Mania” and it looks pretty good. We found that it was a bit steep in cost, around $35 for [...]

Lanyon car breakins

By 5 January 2009

Has anyone been having problems with their cars being broken into in the Lanyon area?
My car gets parked in my front yard like it has been for about 3 years now, and some low life scum has all of a sudden felt the need to break into in twice in the last 2 months. Nothing [...]

Staffies and Kelpies leading the turnover at the RSPCA

By 5 January 2009

My own “Rescue Kelpie” is snoring at my feet as I type (a rescue kelpie does not rescue anything, but rather is rescued), he’s doing an improving line in fetching the ball but otherwise remains of few achievements.
Today the RSPCA has released its statistics on what dogs make up most of their business.
Staffies and Kelpies [...]

Christmas Trees for 5 January

By 5 January 2009

There’s just one day left before the 12 days of Christmas come to an end.
Here are our most recent entries in the RiotACT Christmas Tree Competition.
The first is from Kerces family home, the second is from the National Library as sent in by NFP.
Slideshow of all our 2008 entries below:

White canvas shoes rather in at the moment?

By 5 January 2009

The other night we were having a drink in Dickson while waiting for our take-away order.
While enjoying the atmosphere in Sub-urban we couldn’t help but be struck by the prevalence of white canvas shoes. Is this a uniform or something?
Also admire the way the bar stools make it look like g-strings are being worn!

New tourist attractions for Canberra and environs?

By 5 January 2009

Ok we have Summernats, Floriade and the Food and Wine Frolic but we’ve lost the V8s and the birdman rally.
Lets have some ideas for new and exciting festivals that Canberra could host to bring in the tourists.

The DIY Summernats reportage

By 5 January 2009

[First filed: January 02, 2009 @ 08:57]

Summernats 2009 has, it seems, commenced.
So dear reader what Summernats experiences have you had this year?
Good, bad, indifferent, just leave them all in the comments. But make sure they’re about this year, and not ancient history.
If you’ve got pictures email them in to
UPDATED: Thank to Hidiho for the [...]

Christmas Trees for 2 January

By 2 January 2009

The twelve days of Christmas don’t end until 6 January. So there’s still time to send in your entries.
Here’s three more in from the Johnboy parental units, Digga, and Loose Brown.

You can send your photos in to
Slideshow of entries to date below:

New Year’s Eve 2009

By 2 January 2009

[First filed: January 01, 2009 @ 10:12]

If you’re sensible and have a girlfriend – wife – spouse – partner you spend New Year’s Eve at a private party.
Civic is for the terminal ravers and the young and lonely hoping to find someone with which to bump uglies.
But for you dear reader I left behind a [...]

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