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It’s the scooter time

By 13 February 2009

Will we ever get sick of seeing kids fall over? This time it’s with scooters.
Coreykransky has posted this gem onto YouTube, shot in Tuggeranong. The music is Zebrahead – Falling apart.

House to go on Macarthur Avenue?

By 13 February 2009
House to go on Macarthur Avenue?

Northsiders were treated yesterday to the sight of half a house parked on Macarthur Avenue. Holden Caulfield had the presence of mind to snap it on his way home.
Apparently there’s a bit of a boom business in cutting up country houses and then putting them back together in new suburbs (often with an extension bunged [...]

The most interesting job title in Canberra?

By 13 February 2009

Poptop has emailled in the following job title which was affixed to an email she received:
Kellie White
Life Enhancer to Winsome Willow,
Manager of Inanna Inc
Crisis Service for
Women & Families in Distress
For those who don’t dabble in the mystic Inanna is the Sumerian “goddess of life and royal power”.
Have you come across better?

Images of Canberra – Stormy Skies over Telstrayama

By 13 February 2009
Images of Canberra - Stormy Skies over Telstrayama

With our skies once again cloudy, grey and cold, BenMac has sent in this picture he took a couple of months ago before another storm.
Got an image of Canberra you want to share with the world? Email it to

The return of the IVF compo case

By 12 February 2009

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the IVF clinic the hated “Melbourne Lesbian Couple” are hitting back with an appeal according to the ABC.
For those who came in late… the couple want all the costs paid to them of a second child they had after IVF treatment. To get this [...]

Milk Crate Man looks out over Garema Place

By 12 February 2009
Milk Crate Man looks out over Garema Place

Mad Kiwi has spotted this fellow dominating the skyline of the Civic.
How did he get there? Where is he from? How long will he be there?
Anyone got any answers?

UPDATED: Apparently the Canberra Times’ Today column (now adorned by the exiled WIN’ner Geraldine Nordfeldt) had this a couple of days ago and claimed the work is [...]

Etiquette question – Kiddies and the shopping centre bogs

By 12 February 2009

Dear Manners Aunts,
Based on an observation that got me thinking:
Dad and young Maddison Sophie (age 4 1/2!) are shopping in the Canberra Centre, when Maddie announces she ‘NeEEeeDs to GO to thE ToiLET, Dad!’
Should Dad:
1. Take her into the unhallowed depths of the men’s toilets?
2. Scandalise the ladies in the women’s toilets? Or send Maddie [...]

Virgin Blue commencing Canberra-Hobart direct flights.

By 12 February 2009

Finally the day has arrived which I have been wishing for, as a former Hobartian, for almost a decade now.
And this is that Virgin Blue is opening a Canberra-Hobart direct route in April!
Flights on sale for $99 each way at the moment.
This is great for ex-Tasmanians such as myself, Canberrans wanting a [...]

Second-hand bookstore suggestions?

By 12 February 2009

After perusing eBay last night, I decided it was about time I stopped lining the pockets of greedy overseas sellers ($30 postage fees – gasp!) and instead spent my hard-earned moola right here in Canberra.
So, if you have any suggestions for second-hand bookstores I’d love to hear them. I’m not looking for anything rare or unusual, just a [...]

Dress Standards at Canberra Bottle Shop

By 12 February 2009

Just for interests sake, had the following experience at a local store recently…
Last week in the middle of a heatwave, on holidays prior to driving down the coast I walked into a franchised liquor store in Braddon and was denied service for wearing the Australian summer uniform – boardshorts, thongs and no shirt.
Was [...]

More bushfire stuff

By 12 February 2009
More bushfire stuff

Earlier in the week we had a lengthy look at things being done in the ACT to help the Victorian bushfire appeal.
Here’s a look at a few more that have come to our attention.
1. Coles donating profits tomorrow (Friday). Be a little wary when the profits are being offered rather than the takings. If you [...]

The Domino’s Car Surfers

By 12 February 2009
The Domino's Car Surfers

[First filed: February 11, 2009 @ 09:56]

In the recent disussion on Southside Domino’s Pizza FeNc3y made a comment which caught my attention:
I’ve refused to use any Domino’s since I took photo’s of one of their drivers in uniform, letting his mates “car surf” on the roof of a Dominos vehicle at Pine Island.
I reported it [...]

Feed in Tariff details released

By 11 February 2009

[First Filed: February 10, 2009 @ 12:45]
Simon Corbell has announced the details of “Stage 1 of the ACT’s Electricity Feed-in Tariff Scheme for households and commercial buildings”.
The start date is going to be 1 March and households that produce more electricity than they consume will be paid 50.05 cents per kilowatt.
This is 3.88 times the [...]

John Hargreaves loves me, this I know

By 11 February 2009

I know, dead horse, etc etc. But what the hell is happening with the GDE these days? It’s now a carpark from Gininderra Drive all the way until the end of the Glenloch Interchange, every weekday morning since school has returned. A small section has been duplicated (part of Caswell Drive, Black Mountain) but the [...]

Former Animal Experimentation Facility at Downer Shops?

By 11 February 2009

About 15 or so years ago there used to be a building at the Downer shops that apparently was where perfumes and chemicals were “tested” on animals.
It was featured on the local news when an underground rave/performance art event was illegally held there. 
The most memorable thing about the news story was that there was the [...]

Terry Connolly ORGANised Walk

By 11 February 2009
Terry Connolly ORGANised Walk

[ 25 February 2009; 6:45 am; ]

Details are now up for the Terry Connolly ORGANised Walk.

The annual Terry Connolly ORGANised Walk around Lake Burley Griffin will be held on Wednesday 25 February.

As the day dawns over Lake Burley Griffin, the walk commences at Regatta Point, heads clockwise around the lake crossing Kings Avenue Bridge, then on to Commonwealth Avenue Bridge [...]

Old Canberran’s Old Photos – Part 4 – Mystery building and Black Mountain

By 11 February 2009
Old Canberran’s Old Photos - Part 4 - Mystery building and Black Mountain

[First filed: February 10, 2009 @ 10:30]

This is the fourth part of a series of photographs taken by RiotACT reader Old Canberran on his Kodak Box Brownie in 1948.
This one came in with the following note:
It’s a 1952 vintage and the background is Black Mountain. It will be interesting to see if anyone can work [...]

Rugged computers looking for a home

By 11 February 2009
Rugged computers looking for a home

Morning Ladies and Gentlemen
I am a computer.  Pretty observant of me I know, but I am a very special computer.  
I was destined to go into the remote parts of Australia and work for 5 years without a problem. Sites where there is 50 degree heat and rolling dust in the middle of summer and other locations where [...]

Images of Canberra – That’s mean you’re idiot

By 11 February 2009
Images of Canberra - That's mean you're idiot

I enjoyed this piece of passive-aggressive notery outside the Lyneham newsagency immensely. So much so that I’ve decided to share it with you.
Got an interesting/ quirky/ funny image of Canberra you want to share with the world? Email it to

Last night’s fireworks effort in Gordon

By 11 February 2009

If the person who let off fireworks last night in Gordon around 3am happens to be a RiotACT reader, F*** you,  you inconsiderate a***hole.
You are a childish, low IQ piece of s***. considering we have had major bushfires, you had to go and do something like this.
You D***head!

NCA forcing car clubs off the grass?

By 11 February 2009

The Canberra Times has an interesting snippet on moves by the National Capital Authority (NCA) to stop Canberra’s vintage car clubs doing their show and shines on the grassed parts of the Parliamentary Triangle.
The car clubs are unfortunately dragging the tent embassy into the debate:
Coordinator of the Canberra Chapter of the Vintage Sport Car [...]

Honesty in Media?

By 11 February 2009

I am a retired academic and an illustrious member of Canberra’s eclectic and colourful homosexual community.
My grievance is this: I had believed the days of homosexual vilification had long been consigned to the dustbins of history, but was made acutely aware of the unpalatable truth during a radio broadcast several days ago.
The two broadcasters, both [...]

Pastor Danny to bring the hate here to Canberra

By 10 February 2009

If you’re lucky you’ll never again see something quite as spitefully evil as the latest epistle from the nutjob “Catch The Fire” ministries.
CTFM leader, Pastor Danny Nalliah said he would spearhead an effort to provide every assistance to devastated communities, although he was not surprised by the bush fires due to a dream he had [...]

RPG Fans sought.

By 10 February 2009

Having moved to ‘Berra and learning that the city is all about making your own fun, I’d like to start a weekly social roleplaying group.
I did go to the roleplaying society at ANU but it was all neckbeards and black clothes and not alot of normal. I’m looking for a new group of mates [...]

Delivery Men Damage – What can I do?

By 10 February 2009

I recently had a chest of drawers delivered by a furniture company in fyshwick, I paid the $55 delivery fee to have two drawers delivered to my house.
First of all, the delivery was set for midday, the delivery guys showed up at 6.30pm.
They unloaded the drawers from the back of the truck, my husband told [...]

Back to the Capital?

By 10 February 2009

One for fans of the “Back to the Future” franchise (and a convincing demonstration of why people should pay more attention in class). This piece of YouTube magic was posted by grantus84 with the following note:
Short Film made for Lights! Canberra! Action! 10-day film making competition in Canberra, Australia.
It is a comedy based on the [...]

Safe place to lock up a bike in civic?

By 10 February 2009

Well I live pretty close to Civic but have avoided riding my bike in for shopping, due to a fear of having it stolen & the subsequent cost of replacement.
So, is there anywhere safe to lock up a bike?
I was thinking near the pedestrian crossing for the Canberra Centre outside ANZ & Optus. [...]

AllClassifieds being targeted by shysters and con artists

By 10 February 2009

Put an ad in AllClassifieds for a desktop computer. As one does. Today I got an email from a gentleman who purports to go by the name of Andrew Nix. The email read thus:
Hello there,
I just need to tell you that this is a very lovely property you have
gotten here and I [...]

Canberra firies off to Victoria

By 10 February 2009

[First filed: February 08, 2009 @ 21:50]
Jon Stanhope has announced that with the ACT relatively fire free through this nasty weather we’re sending some help to fire-ravaged Victoria.
Mr Stanhope said while the details of the assistance were still being finalised, he expected the ACT contingent to include ten light and heavy tankers and fire [...]

What’s your fire plan?

By 10 February 2009

What would you do?
In light if the horrific Victorian fires and the still fresh (6 years) memories of the 2003 Canberra fires, what is your fire plan? We stood and fought the Canberra  firestorm and thankfully had a reasonable outcome. 
I live in the north western part of Kambah  and was able to plan, prepare, fight and panic as [...]

Special Charity Screening of Slumdog Millionaire

By 10 February 2009
Special Charity Screening of Slumdog Millionaire

[ 12 February 2009; 6:30 pm; ]

Dendy Cinemas and the Red Cross Fire Appeal invite you to:


Special Charity Screening to raise funds for the victims of the Victorian bushfires

Dendy Canberra
Thursday 12th February, 6:30pm
BOOK NOW on 6221 8900

All proceeds going to the Red Cross Fire Appeal.
Limited tickets available, BOOK NOW to assist in this worthy cause.

Adult $15.00 / Concession & Club [...]

Paintball and Valentine’s Day – a perfect combination

By 10 February 2009

I know Valentine’s Day is for the romantic in all of us, but in the interest of those who think that roses or a candlelit dinner are a bit unnecessary, and prefer to indulge in some ‘physical’ activity with your partner, then Adventure Paintball has an option for you!
Bring your partner down to the fields [...]

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