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Goulburn-Canberra transport options?

By 10 April 2009

My daughter is thinking of buying in Goulburn.
We were wondering if anyone knew if there was a bus that goes Goulburn – Canberra for those that work in the ACT?

Bagpiper in Civic – community service worker?

By 9 April 2009

The guy who semi-regularly plays his bagpipes in Civic is out there again today.  Leaves me wondering if the government pays him to play to drive the low-lifes and undersirables away, much as playing Barry Manilow music is reputed to do.
(Sorry bagpipe guy, just a joke, and I’m sure you can take a joke.  You [...]

Sunday pay parking at the Canberra Centre

By 9 April 2009

In case anyone hasn’t noticed, the Canberra Centre has quietly started charging for parking even on Sundays and public holidays. 
Such changes need to be advertised well beforehand and users need to be consulted.  Even the signs offering free Sunday parking have not been changes and to that extent the charging appears illegal!
There is [...]

Times Square here we come?

By 9 April 2009

The Canberra Centre has for some time been converting its exterior into paid billboards, of the sort Canberrans had thought were not permitted in this town.
But today I came across this unit on the outside of the old Centre Cinema building.
It’s got a whole slideshow of ads loaded.
Now, like all commercial media, RiotACT would [...]

Old Canberran’s Old Photos – Part 12 – Parliament House

By 9 April 2009

[First filed: April 08, 2009 @ 07:39]

This is the 12th and final part of a series of photographs taken by RiotACT reader Old Canberran on his Kodak Box Brownie from 1948.
This one came in with the following note:
On my ride home from school I used to call in and park myself in the visitor’s [...]

The Ruddnet impact on TransACT?

By 8 April 2009

The Liberal’s Senator Humphries is up in arms that Kevin Rudd is proposing to create a new Telstra just to deliver high speed internet direct to every home.
The problem? Canberra’s own TransACT is also going to be made redundant.
Apparently TransACT are right now in the middle of rolling out more fibre (but only to the [...]

Salmon Pies

By 8 April 2009

I was just wondering if anyone knows of a bakery in Canberra that sells salmon pies over Easter? 
Bryants Pies in Goulburn do a lovely salmon pie but since I won’t be in Goulburn on Friday I’d hoped someone in here might be able to recommend a bakery in Canberra.

LOLbogans of the Monaro Highway

By 8 April 2009

Kerces has sent in this picture, with her captions, as seen on the Monaro Highway yesterday.
Kevin will be thrilled that good ordinary Aussies can be relied on to do the right thing.
(Although as our economically minded readers have noted maximum effect for the local economy would be had by drinking locally brewed Zierholz beer out [...]

Wet n Wild cycling in Canberra winter

By 8 April 2009

Now that the days are shortening, and the winds are chilling, I’m preparing for my first cycling commutes in a Canberra autumn/winter. 
I don’t have any specialist cycling gear and am wondering if any local cyclists (and given previous posts, I know there are a few) could give advice on what sort of jacket to [...]

Inner North like Melbourne… Inner South like Sydney?

By 8 April 2009

Just a wild thought that came into my head as the cold woke me this morning…
It seemed at the time that the character of the Inner North has a lot in common with Melbourne (sans the football devotion), while Canberra’s Inner South is a lot like Sydney (shallower, meaner, but much more wealthy).
The outer suburbs [...]

Easter eating?

By 8 April 2009

I’ve been asked about dining in Canberra over Easter.
Will a lot of places be closed on Easter Sunday or on Monday?
Any suggestions for a BYO suitable for a family with young teens, preferably in the Civic area?

The planters… All Gone!

By 7 April 2009

Thanks to Timgee for pointing out that Civic’s petunia planters have all disappeared.
Here you can see they’ve gone from Bunda Street
We can only hope they return soon with winter plantings.

And all gone in Garema Place.

And gone from City Walk.

Federales pony up $11 million for social housing

By 7 April 2009

[First filed: April 06, 2009 @ 14:06]
John Hargreaves has been able to do an exciting joint media release with the his commonwealth parliamentary colleagues Jenny Macklin and Tanya Pliberseck.
The cause of the exhilaration is $11 million for social housing:
The Australian and ACT Governments have committed to deliver 56 additional social housing dwellings across the [...]

Share Your Traditions – to win a double pass to the National Folk Festival

By 7 April 2009

[First filed: April 01, 2009 @ 08:49]

The National Folk Festival (Running at EPIC from 9-13 April) wants to hear about people’s traditions. Which means this is your chance to talk about yourself! (Everyone’s favourite topic)
Some of the sort of stuff they’d like to hear about include (but are not limited to):
•Does your family have a [...]

Defence contractor accused of Neo Nazi links.

By 6 April 2009

The Age is running hard with the tale of Canberra’s Nicole Hanley in some strife having been connected to neo-Nazi groups online and in real life:
According to the Wikileaks private message trail it is claimed that Hanley has published a detailed online diary of her travels to Europe last year, which included attending several neo-Nazi [...]

Tourist confusion – How to get to Gungahlin from Belconnen when you are coming up to the Glenloch Interchange?

By 6 April 2009

Can anyone tell me how a tourist can head down the GDE after making a mistake and Driving toward the Glenloch interchange on William Hovell Drive?
Some friends were stumped, as there doesn’t seem to be an easy way to do it, and they balked at the black mountain carpark sign. Is that the best way to [...]

Twisters of Canberra!

By 6 April 2009

[First filed: April 05, 2009 @ 09:16]

“Notbothered” has sent in these pictures with the following note:
No story, just a pic of a whirlwind at one of the new subdivisions in Canberra, thought it was a cool pic!
They happen fairly regularly, but haven’t seen one this big
I’ve asked for details about which subdivision [...]

Happy Birthday – School of music style

By 6 April 2009

As chance would have it I came to be in MonkeyBar on Saturday night where one of the singers from the School of Music was having her 21st birthday party.
Fortunately this meant I was able to capture this bit of “Happy Birthday” by the other singers from the school. The lighting was diabolical and therefore [...]

Passover Pets – a call for regulation of pet sales

By 6 April 2009

I was disappointed to see a pet shop in the Hyperdome selling baby chickens, presumably in an attempt to cash in on the traditional links between Easter and hen’s eggs.  Baby chickens are very cute.  So are baby rabbits.  But they don’t stay babies forever. 
I wonder how many people who buy a baby chicken plan ahead for [...]

Bikies at the Lodge?

By 5 April 2009

“The Federal Opposition is concerned by an ABC report that people linked to a bikie gang were allowed access to the Prime Minister’s Canberra residence.
“ABC’s Insiders program says it has been told four men turned up to the Lodge late last year claiming to be maintenance workers.
“It is alleged they spent an hour inside the [...]

Canberra’s Little Girls 3 v. Abductors 0

By 5 April 2009

[First filed: April 03, 2009 @ 17:08]

[First filed: April 03, 2009 @ 12:23]
ACT Policing warns us of a third abduction attempt in the last week:
ACT Policing is investigating an attempted abduction from Knoke Avenue, Gordon around 9.10am today (April 3).
A 10-year-old girl was walking to school when she was approached by a male who [...]

Why not dance in front of Parliament House?

By 4 April 2009

And now for something completely different…

Posted on YouTube by Cinemaiden with the following note:
Global Shim Sham for Frankie – JumpTown Swing, Canberra, Australia

Daniel Gilbert takes on the National Museum

By 4 April 2009

Peter Garrett has announced that he’s appointed a new chair to the Council of the National Museum of Australia (NMA).
“Mr Gilbert’s experience on boards for arts organisations, his extensive business knowledge and passion for social justice issues will be a great asset to the National Museum’s Council,” Mr Garrett said.
“His long-term commitment to service of [...]

Anzac Day Dawn Service – Where to go for a club breakfast ?

By 4 April 2009

[ 25 April 2009; ] With only 3 weeks to go before Anzac Day. I am looking for a club that does a bus out to the dawn service, then afterwards back to the club for a breakfast. All for a fee of course.

So many clubs used to offer this service but I am yet to find any this year.

I [...]

Is Canberra Crime Getting worse?

By 4 April 2009

A question to ponder.
Is Canberra crime getting worse or is the media reporting more violent crimes more often?
Or are drugs getting more out of control…..etc… What are people’s ideas/thoughts on this?

Hot cross consumer

By 3 April 2009

I am in search of decent hot cross buns. 
I mean traditional, old fashioned hot cross buns with fruit instead of choc chips, but not such as those featured in the supposedly top shelf bakeries which weigh a ton and taste like fruit cake (and cost a lot more than one-a-penny). 
Any guidance on this critical [...]

Daylight savings finally ends this Sunday

By 3 April 2009

John Hargreaves has announced that we can have some light in our mornings again with our harmonised daylight savings regime finally ticking over this Sunday night.
“Last year the ACT Legislative Assembly unanimously amended the Standard Time and Summer Time Act 1972 to allow daylight saving in the ACT to start on the first Sunday in [...]

Tourists flocking to the Kingston Foreshore?

By 3 April 2009

[Photo taken Boxing Day 2008]
Chief Minister Stanhope is rather chuffed that his Land Development Agency (LDA) has won the Urban Development Institute of Australia (UDIA) National Award for ‘Urban Renewal’ for the Kingston Foreshore Development.
UDIA judges praised the innovative approach of the Kingston Foreshore Master Plan which integrated existing landmark buildings and aligned to [...]

Queueing in Crace

By 3 April 2009

Last night there were people camping out at the entrance to the new suburb of Crace.
I’m curious to know why.
Are they releasing land today?

Food van review: Gaby’s in Barton

By 3 April 2009

Had lunch today from Gaby’s food van in Barton.
This is parked behind the new PM&C building and almost-open new AG’s building, next to the oak plantation just off Kings Avenue.
Apparently it has been here for 20 years; certainly the last decade I can warrant. But for some reason I’ve never had an actual [...]

So you think you know about Gallipoli? The Second International Gallipoli Symposium will teach you more

By 3 April 2009

[ 15 April 2009 to 16 April 2009. ] Here’s a fun announcement out of ANU in the lead-up to Anzac Day.

The Second International Gallipoli Symposium is taking place at ANU’s Centre for Arab & Islamic Studies from 15 to 16 April 2009.

“For many people, Gallipoli exists in a kind of time bubble that popped into being in 1915, a chamber of national memories [...]

PANinc Samhain Masquerade Ball

By 3 April 2009

[ 9 May 2009 at 7:00 pm; ]

The annual Samhain Masquerade Ball is on!

This year it will be held on Saturday May 9 at the Majura Community Hall, which is behind the pool in Dickson.

The theme is Creatures of the Night, and as always, a mask is a must!  

There will be music, spooky themed games, light food and [...]

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