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How to Make Sure Your Card gets through

By 21 December 2008

After having lunch today with someone working at Australia Post, they let me know that if you really want your Christmas Cards to get through this year then follow these 3 steps.
1. Buy Australia Post envelopes, because they are made to survive the various large sorting machines that the envelopes go through. All [...]

Christmas Trees for 19 December

By 19 December 2008

Just the one tree in today from Thumper (Bundybear’s fraudulent entries will be ignored from now on).
Do you really want your family’s efforts to go un-represented? Send your pictures in to

ACT Writers centre awards

By 19 December 2008

Twas a dark and stormy night…
Amid much slurping of fine wine last night, the ACT Writers Centre announced
winners for a range of awards for 2008. Here is the link:
At least one of the recipients is yours truly. But you have to guess who (or is that whom…).

How did your work Christmas parties go?

By 19 December 2008

Where they as bad as you expect or did you get so drunk you can’t remember?

Time to pay young people to Make a Move

By 19 December 2008

This is pretty much how I get them, don’t ask me about the weird capitalisation
National Youth Week 2009 Grant Applications Are Now Open!
Youth Week 2009 runs from Saturday 28 March – Sunday 5 April 2009. The theme is Make A Move.
Small seeding grants are available to support organisations in developing and running Youth [...]

The possum torturers of Hughes

By 18 December 2008

The RSPCA has broadcast its horror after a live scalped possum was found in Kitchener Street, Hughes and brought into them.
The little fellow had to be euthanised.
Shame Hughes, Shame!

Katy seeks the best of the best of the best

By 18 December 2008

Please send queries on the status of International Men’s Day and associated awards to the MLA of your choice
The Minster for Women, Katy Gallagher recently opened nominations for 2009 ACT International Women’s Day Awards. The ACT International Women’s Day Awards recognise the outstanding achievements of women in the ACT community.
The Awards [...]

National Museum out of space

By 18 December 2008

The Canberra Times has the astonishing news that the National Museum has run out of space for its collection.
This despite having an enormous building and nothing at all that anyone wants to see.
Flog some crap on Ebay is my advice.

NCA puts on a show for Christmas eve

By 17 December 2008

[ 24 December 2008 at 6:00 pm; ] The NCA is ringing the bells for a big Christmas Eve concert at the Carilion.

Some of you will be assembling complicated toys, I will be showing Notorious BOG all the new bars that have opened since in Canberra in the many years since he departed for Japan. But if you’re after something in between then [...]

Christmas trees for 17 December

By 17 December 2008

Three trees in today.
In the first Bundybear submits an entry from Elizabeth, the South Australian Charnwood and hometown to Jimmy Barnes.
In the second is Huwr’s tree with dog adding cute factor.
The third is gtim108′s.
To enter the competition email your tree picture in to
Slideshow of all the entries below.

UPDATED: The commenters (and my fact-checking fairy [...]

It really won’t mow itself – Where to get the tools?

By 16 December 2008

There’s no shortage of emos around here, and both Kevin Rudd and Barack Obama have been elected.
Despite all this the lawn stubbornly refuses to mow itself. The landlord is getting antsy and the housemates can offer no guarantees that nasty things do not lurk in the tall grass.
So I need a brush-cutter, a [...]

Water use signs in perfect harmony

By 16 December 2008

There’s been a rumour going around that the roadside water usage signs are presenting different results at any given time. If true that would do little to enhance community confidence in the water conservation message.
Between 11am and midday today I made a study of the signs on the Barton Highway, Barry Drive, and the Tuggeranong [...]

Arts fellows, ACT Book of the year, ACT Poetry prizes

By 16 December 2008

Our Chiefly Arts Minister has decreed that “Local composer Dr Ruth Lee Martin and musician and lyricist Peter J Casey have been named 2009 Creative Arts Fellows”.
Each fellowship is worth $45,000, which is not a vast amount to try and live on.
With his arts hat firmly in place The Chief has also announced the ACT [...]

Christmas trees for 16 December

By 16 December 2008

johnny_the_knife has sent in this christmas tree as his festive offering.
Send them in to
Slideshow of trees so far below:

Where to find a masseuse?

By 16 December 2008

My missus is very pregnant at the moment, and loves (actually, demands) constant massages. I’m getting bored of doing this all the time, and I’d like to line her up some time with a ‘professional’ masseuse  as a treat.
Attempts to organise this in the past have been unsuccessful: About a year ago, I bought [...]

A new “The Bush Capital”

By 16 December 2008

Our Chiefly Leader brings word that $31,000 of has convinced local historian and architect Mr Roger Pegrum (any relation to former NCA honcho Anabelle Pegrum?) to revise his 25 year old opus “The Bush Capital”.
It is, we are told, “a concise history of the establishment of Canberra as the Nation’s Capital”.
I’m fascinated to hear what [...]

Energy effciency makes your house worth more – official

By 15 December 2008

Simon Corbell has proudly announced research by the Commonwealth showing houses in the ACT with good energy efficiency sell for more.
“While historically home buyers might have focused on a new home’s location like proximity to schools, work and general amenities, this report found that even taking location into account in the ACT in 2005 and [...]

The 2008 Santa Claus Pub Crawl

By 15 December 2008

[First filed: December 13, 2008 @ 13:44]

A six bar crawl is not one for the ages. It’s a little light and you end up with too much drinking and not enough walking. This is exacerbated when the first bar (Wig and Pen) is at capacity before kickoff time and another (North) is booked out for [...]

Ideas for what Canberra shopping centres do need

By 15 December 2008

After reading the article “Canberra Retail?” I was thinking of what kind of “shop/idea” would be original and useful in Canberra. What do you think?
I thought it would be nice to have a women’s club/cafe at one of the centres. With a menu full of nice small meals at about $8.00. It would have internet access, [...]

Christmas Tree Competition – Fiona and Grundy send theirs in.

By 15 December 2008

Our first entries are in for the 2008 RiotACT Christmas Tree competition with entries from Fiona and Grundy (in that order).
Got Trees? Email your picture into

Canberra retail?

By 15 December 2008

The Canberra Times has a bit on the weakness in Canberra’s retail sector.
Who would have thought that opening vast acreages of shopping space could have consequences?
Who could have predicted that there wasn’t actually unlimited numbers of consumers in Canberra just waiting for sufficiently salubrious retail opportunities in which to splurge?
Pretty much anyone with a brain [...]

Aaja Nachle – Bollywood emotions live on stage!

By 15 December 2008

Between photographing swans and pot holes, I had the great pleasure of attending Aaja Nachle [Come and Dance] at theStreet Theatre on Sunday afternoon.
Aaja Nachle is to allow students of Bollywood Dimensions to demonstrate themselves as ‘a cascade of expertly trained dancers in glitter and glamour, bangles and beads and bedazzling costumes’.
This year’s show intended [...]

Carols at Lanyon 2008

By 15 December 2008

I’ve got some grave reservations about the current mode of christmas celebrations in the modern era.
But it makes my girlfriend happy.
So if I have to go to a chrimbo thingy, the one I want to go to is the Carols at Lanyon. Not the southernmost suburb, but the historic homestead slightly further south.
There are [...]

Triffid Terror Visited on the ACT – Mexican Feather Grass

By 14 December 2008

The Chief informs us that if we think we have it we need to let him know so his crack team of Ecowarriers can come and napalm it into submission (not really – they have to grub it out).
It is rather renowned for setting itself up and creating monocultures, choking out other plantforms and [...]

Nothing known on Civic violence, no answers suggested.. Quick do something

By 14 December 2008

Yesterday’s Canberra Times had an odd piece with Simon Corbell promising to do, er, well, something.
Something about drunks in Civic.
Simon admits in the article that he doesn’t know if things are getting better or worse and still has no idea what he’ll do.
ACT Policing’s Michael Chew knows what he’d like:
Superintendent Michael Chew said introducing [...]

Ghoul Alert – More drivers learn wet road = slippery road

By 13 December 2008

I was there, my camera was there, we were waiting for the response guys to let us pass – the Devil make mischief for idle hands.
Observed behaviour for Erindale Drive, just near Monash, seems to be Firies first, Police about 3 minutes later, Ambos about 3 minutes after that. As this was about 1pm, [...]

It’s time to send in your tree photos

By 12 December 2008

So here we are again at Christmas time.
Rosebud sent in this picture with the following text:
Sshh Godzilla, the Baby Jesus is sleeping
Spike here is making his presence felt in the humble manger of the Holy Family at our place. The kids insist he must not miss out on all the worshippy goings on. Darwin [...]

The Chronicle makes the big time

By 12 December 2008

Mutley has brought to my attention that the world famous Passive Agressive Notes website is once again featuring Canberra.
Even better the Chronicle is, almost certainly for the first time, being mentioned on the same page as the Washington Post, The Financial Times, and the London Daily Telegraph.
A proud, proud day in the Fyshwick bunker no [...]

In need of a good Canberra-based P.I.

By 12 December 2008

The heading says it all really. I’m looking for a good an reasonably priced private investigator in Canberra.
Anyone on RA have any ideas?

The baby wombats need your help

By 11 December 2008

The RSPCA has been been hit by a spate of orphaned baby wombats and other native wildlife.
“RSPCA ACT has been overwhelmed with injured and orphaned native animals during the hotter months of the year. Used to caring for wombats on an individual basis from time to time, RSPCA ACT wildlife staff are currently caring [...]

Canberra ABC Centres Saved from the Chop.

By 11 December 2008

The ABC is reporting that the beancounters putting the squeeze on Eddie Groves’ testes and his company ABC Learning, will keep the ACT centres in Russell and Aranda operating.
The Queanbo centre is still keeping its head above the water with the usual cash injection from the Government for vital services in a marginal seat.
Good news [...]

Simon unleashes Operation Cobalt 6 on an unsuspecting public.

By 11 December 2008

How exciting!
Minister for Police and Emergency Services, Simon Corbell, has given the command and the grandly named police “Operation Cobalt 6″ is rolling into gear making sure you all behave in town over the weekend.
“Operation Cobalt 6 is an inter-agency operation to set the “ground rules” for the safety and protection of patrons at licensed [...]

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