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Canberra’s got style goes to print

By 15 September 2008

The inimitable Ninaribena of Canberra’s Got Style has announced the happy news that the Canberra Centre’s house rag “C Magazine” is making a break for quality and giving CGS a page.
Good work by all concerned.

No Man’s Land, or Where Prams Collide – The new DFO Canberra in Fyshwick.

By 15 September 2008

[First filed: September 12, 2008 @ 14:01]

My lasting impression of DFO is a tattooed bloke in a tank top, reeking of tobacco, pushing a pram and producing an ear splitting belch.
Getting in to the new shopping megapolis around 11am was an experience in itself. Trekking along Canberra Avenue we found it just as we were [...]

Pangaea – a mini review

By 14 September 2008

Upon finding Zierholz closed today, we decided to head over to Manuka to Pangaea. It’s been there a while, but I’ve never tried it. So we tried it.  It’s in the bit of Manuka where the cinemas are, facing the Catholic church.
Very modern and zappy inside, dominated by a bar/servery. Lots of hard surfaces so [...]

Somewhere decent to get Sunday morning pastries on the Northside…

By 14 September 2008

Finally Belconnen has a decent bakery and we don’t have to travel to Kingston. Knead Patisserie has been open in the Belconnen markets for a few weeks now. It’s owned by Thomas Moore – previously of Sage, but lately of Grazing in Gundaroo. I’m already partial to their almond croissants (I’m reluctant to tell people [...]

Who needs to go to the tip when you have a nature strip?

By 14 September 2008

While I’ve found living on the main street in my suburb is a little noisy at times, I’ve also found that with the increased traffic and nice wide nature strip you can dispose of virtually anything.
Last year I emptied my old wood shed (as I no longer have a fireplace), and dumped all of [...]

Atheist church

By 14 September 2008

The all-seeing eye has discovered a meetup for Canberra Atheists.
We meet every fortnight at a random restaurant in Canberra to socialize and discuss all things atheist. So if you feel like hanging out with some like minded people and exploring ideas from an atheist perspective feel free to come along.
Praise Science!

Please open our kiosks…we need kiosks!

By 14 September 2008

Well, spring is here, and Floriade is here, but there is still no sign of the two kiosks at Commonwealth Place (or even one of them!) opening for business – any business!
If I am not mistaken they have been completed now for nigh on one year…and still not one espresso coffee, or herbal tea, or [...]

Richardson groomer arrested

By 12 September 2008

The AFP bring word that they’ve arrested a 35 year old Richardson man on charges of “using a carriage service to groom a person under 16 years of age and possession of child pornography.”
Police will allege the male made contact with a 15-year-old, Melbourne girl, whom he met in Canberra through family friends and groomed [...]

Special Education Election Evening

By 12 September 2008

The ACT Council of P&C Associations, Advocacy for Inclusion & Autism, Asperger ACT are holding a ‘Special Education Election Evening’
Thursday 18th September – 6.30pm
Dickson College
Phillip Avenue, Dickson
Candidates standing for the major parties at the forthcoming ACT election will be attending to put their views and policies on issues relating to the education of students with [...]

BBQ’ed Lawnmower – how to buy a sheep in Canberra

By 12 September 2008

It’s Spring! So like many locals, I will soon be cursed with the weekly chore of mowing the lawn. But I don’t like doing that, so I am seeking another solution.
I am seeking a lamb to eat my lawn, and then when the summer months are behind us, I want to have a big BBQ [...]

Seeking Help: Need Catholic Priest for concelebration in marriage ceremony!

By 12 September 2008

Its a simple request…
Im getting married in about six months time, however the lady of my life is not Catholic and wants the marriage to occur in her church.
Heres where the fun begins, I dont know any Catholic priests in Canberra that might take part in a concelebration.
Anyone know a Catholic priest that could help??

Customer service at the Civic Nokia Care Centre

By 11 September 2008

I transferred data via Bluetooth to my mobile phone (a Nokia Ngage QD), resulting in an out of memory message. Phone did not allow deletion of files to make room or to do anything else on the phone (giving a message saying that the phone was out of memory) turned phone off and now it [...]

Another Franklin street name (or two) gets a make over.

By 10 September 2008

Just days after I reported the untimely demise of the otherwise aptly-named Minnie Bruce Street in Franklin, today, while hurtling along Gungahlin Drive, I happened upon workers altering the street name on the huge green and white signs at the intersection of (what has been up until today) Oogeroo Drive and Gungahlin Drive in Franklin. [...]

You’re being watched at the Stadium in Bruce

By 10 September 2008

Simon Corbell has found some more good news to announce on his way to caretaker mode.
This time it’s a new CCTV system at Canberra Stadium.
During major sporting events the Canberra Stadium CCTV system will be controlled at a purpose-built venue command centre, with all footage also recorded at a secondary site. It will [...]

Vampires meeting on the third Saturday of the month at the Turner Scout Hall.

By 10 September 2008

Huitzilihuitl’s Reign of Death informs us that vampires and their aspirants can get together monthly for some live action role playing “Vampire: The Requiem” style.
Apparently Carthian Law is very much on the table for the local vampire community.

DFO Canberra opens on Friday

By 10 September 2008

[ 12 September 2008 at 10:00 am; ]

For reasons that are slightly beyond me there’s a huge amount of buzz out there about the opening on Friday of the Direct Factory Outlets (DFO) location in Fyshwick.

Anyway, the doors open at 10am this Friday.

So the wait is nearly over.

Other obligations notwithstanding we’ll try and get out there to take a look and get [...]

ANU student journalists cover own election loss with aplomb

By 10 September 2008

The results of the recent ANU Students’ Association Elections were released on August 28th, with a surprise result in the election of the 2009 editorial team for the ANU student newspaper, Woroni. Despite the advantages of incumbency, the sitting Woroni team (led by Annabelle Craft and Charles Prestidge-King, running as An Even Better Woroni) were [...]

Canberra and Region Multiple Birth Association – Kid’s Christmas Party

By 9 September 2008

[ 23 November 2008; ] The Canberra and Region Multiple Birth Association Committee is seeking Sponsorship or donation of items or vouchers suitable for use as raffle prizes, for our annual Christmas party on Sunday the 23rd of November, 2008, at Corroboree Park, Ainslie.

We had a great party last year with more than 250 people and attractions including pony rides, [...]

How big does a sign have to be to get fixed around here?

By 9 September 2008

Huge signs were erected about 5 years ago at the entrances to Bruce delineating the Bruce Precinct – listing the ACT Innovation Centre, UC, CIT, Radford College etc.
For the past 2 years one of those signs, on College Street near CISAC, has stood there with the right-hand one-third of its sign missing (torn off), bits [...]

Street name revoked in Franklin

By 8 September 2008

I recently noticed that Minnie Bruce Street in Franklin has had its name revoked! Going through this street in Franklin on the bus yesterday I noticed yellow sign blades had been erected saying “Formerly Minnie Bruce Street” on all the sign posts, with signs for the new street name – Morris West Street – fixed [...]

“Awesome” driving by a Silver VN Commodore @ Chisholm…

By 8 September 2008

View Larger Map
Last Friday on my way home from work I took my normal route back to Chisholm. After the roundabout turnoff on the Monaro I got stuck behind a silver VN Commodore sitting in the right hand lane doing 70km/h up the hill in an 80km/h zone with no one in the left hand [...]

Second hand Sunday in pictures

By 8 September 2008

[First filed: September 07, 2008 @ 11:15]

The Riot 501st were deployed to the streets of Belconnen to see what gems could be unearthed from Second Hand Sunday.
They returned bearing some rather spiffy decanters and pictures of the variable quality goods to be had on the side of Canberra roads today.
The next one is 16 November.
Slideshow [...]

The Capital Territory… more like Zimbabwe

By 8 September 2008

After the post about the blood letting at WinTV I realized just how crap, the media that we have in Canberra really is! This really shows that The RiotAct is the only independent news in town.
Just look at the whole picture.

WinTV (our only hope) now under the ALP thumb, Zimbabwe style.
Canberra Times run [...]

Spring is in the air

By 8 September 2008

I don’t know about the rest you little Rioters, but yesterday had a definite feel of spring.
I love spring, and canberra is one of the best places in the world to experience this season.
Feel free to add superlatives about spring in the capital.

Bushwalker found

By 6 September 2008

I’m getting reports in that the missing bushwalker (a 31-year-old Macarthur woman) in Namadgi National Park has been found “alive and well”.
More details as they come to hand.
UPDATED: The ABC report is now online.
ANOTHER UPDATE: Thanks to PlaneGuy for the link. News reports that it’s one Karina Scott who was rescued.
She was wearing just [...]

Canberra radio station comes out of closet

By 5 September 2008

Its sooooo nice to see Canberra’s gay radio station – 2CA – finally coming out of the closet. Reminds me of my own coming out as an awkward pimply-faced lad of 14 – I’ll never forget the look on mum’s face when I brought my boyfriend home for the first time!!!
It started a few months [...]

Buy MAC games

By 5 September 2008

Quick question, just brought a macbook pro for a family member.
Who sells Mac games in Canberra?
The only place I have found is MAC1 who have games from a decade ago and only 3 or 4 when they do?

Zed earmarks schools for re-opening

By 5 September 2008

The ABC has word on the Liberals early musings on what schools they’ll re-open.
Melrose and Lyons are beyond salvation, but Zed has high hopes he can save Flynn, Cook, Hall and Tharwa.
Is there a quota in a promise to save Cook?

More Time in the Snow 2008

By 5 September 2008

Images of the snow from the weekend 30 Aug to 1 Sep. The first photo shows what happens when it rains at the snow (bad) and the water flows over the ice covering the streams. The rest of the photos show what the landscape and trees look like after a night of freezing [...]

CIT Restaurant Reid – A Review

By 4 September 2008

For those unfamiliar with the purpose of the CIT Restaurant, it serves as a training ground where cooking and hospitality students showcase their skills to the public in a real-life restaurant environment. 
Vegetarians and other fussy eaters need not make reservations.  The CIT Restaurant has a basic three-course menu with limited options and a set price [...]

“Exploring” in Canberra – any good tunnels / caves or other fun exploring areas?

By 4 September 2008

We have touched on Urbexing, Spelunking and other forms of Exploring in prior posts, what are some areas that are considered fun to check out and won’t result in us being shot / arrested / drowned?

Where to find reliable erotic dancers in Canberra?

By 4 September 2008

Gday to the hive mind.
As some of you know, I have a local paintball business. Some of our target demographic groups include Bucks/Hens/21sts etc. We have a number of packages that include additional services, such as catering/accommodation and transport for these groups. I have regular providers for these services.
One of the [...]

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