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Wanniassa Medical Centre closure – we are being steamrolled

By 5 August 2008

My husband, children and myself have been seeing a doctor at the WMC for the past 10 years on the repeated advice that the best family health care is found by building a solid relationship with one trusted GP. If all Australia GPs were polled today (including those contracted to factories such as the Phillip [...]

What have the Canberra Raiders been up to over the years?

By 5 August 2008

With all the Todd talk going on i was wondering what other events have occurred in the Raiders history. 
Can anyone enlighten me as to what they have been up to off the field? I ask this because there always seems to be sportspeople in the paper or on the news for non-sport occurrences. 
I just [...]

Vamp is moving to the Holy Grail

By 5 August 2008

[ 15 August 2008 at 9:00 pm; ]

Lace up your corsets and sharpen your razorblades, the VAMP night is moving from Bar 32 to The Holy Grail (civic).

Now the children of the night can gather in gloom without getting hassled by the Northbourne Avenue scene.

According to the Facebook event page they offer:

Presets, Marilyn Manson, Goldfrapp, Nine Inch Nails, Placebo, the Horrors, [...]

Health First is changing its name and its number – healthdirect Australia 1800 022 222

By 4 August 2008

When Notorious BOG and I were just wee tackers, and prone to falling out of trees and variously smashing each other up, our mother made a point of always having a friend nearby who was a nurse.
Dangling limbs and runny noses would occasionally be presented to one of these nurses and advice sought.
Sometimes the advice [...]

Foiled again by ‘Revenue Raising Speed Cameras’

By 4 August 2008

Just about every day I drive along the Monaro Highway, usually adhering to the speed limit like the good little citizen that I am, only to be passed by H&Bs (hoons and bogans) blasting past me in their H&Bmobiles, driving at the speed of sound.
What really irks me is that they slow carefully past the ‘Revenue Raising [...]

How About Donating Blood As Well As Organs?!

By 4 August 2008

I’ve just finished reading the topic “Organ donor forms now to go with licence renewals”, and it got me thinking about why so many people don’t donate blood?  I’ve always been a keen blood donor, but since I have been overseas for about 5 years, I can’t donate for about 12 months.
The Red Cross have [...]

Wanniassa medical centre closure – UPDATED Now with added protest

By 4 August 2008

[ 5 August 2008 at 9:00 am; ] [First filed: August 03, 2008 @ 09:23]

A lot of people are angry about the closure of the Wanniassa medical centre.

When does business start to think about a community before profit?

[ED - Canberra Times story is here]

UPDATED: Apparently Annette Ellis (the Commonwealth Member for Canberra in case you’d forgotten) is organising a protest rally and petitions [...]

Paying Rego

By 4 August 2008

I could be wrong about this, but is there anywhere in the City (and I dont mean Braddon/Dickson) where you can pay your car rego?
There is a Canberra Connect in the Civic Library, but you can’t pay rego there. They make you go to Dickson.
I find this completely ludicrous that there is no where in [...]

Not enough doctors so we’re forcing them interstate?

By 4 August 2008

[First filed: July 26, 2008 @ 09:08]
Now here’s a story that somehow was inevitable would have Katy Gallagher’s name on it.
The Canberra Times reports that graduates from the new Canberra medical school are being sent inter-state contrary to their wishes.
The problem, it seems, is that because we don’t have enough (yes that’s right) medical graduates [...]

ACT Light Rail – Public Meeting – Thursday, August 7th 2008

By 4 August 2008

[ 7 August 2008 at 6:30 pm; ] The next public meeting of ACT Light Rail will be held this Thursday 7th August 2008 (18:30-19:30). This meeting will be held at the Belconnen Community Centre, Swanson Court, Belconnen (view map).

Items and Topics that we will be discussing at this meeting include:

the recent announcement by the ACT Government that they now consider Light [...]

Organ donor forms now to go with licence renewals

By 4 August 2008

Katy Gallagher has proudly announced that from now on when you renew your licence you’ll also have an organ donation form pushed your way to remind you to think about the issue.
The ACT Government will now be able to distribute Australian Organ Donation Register (AODR) Forms with driver licence renewal notices through Road User Services, [...]

Skodas in the capital.

By 4 August 2008

I am very keen to know how many Skoda drivers there are out there now in Canberra.
Skoda returned to the Australian market after an absence of twenty-five years in October 2007, and since it was purchased by VW in 2001, it has grown as a marque in leaps and bounds. It is even outselling all [...]

Canberra RSPCA Dog Olympics

By 4 August 2008

The RSPCA Dog Olympics were held yesterday at the Weston Creek RSCPA training grounds. The day was a great success but I felt a twinge of sadness for the poor little orphaned puppies inside who weren’t invited to the party.
Highlights of the day included the doggy shotput, the obstacle course marathon and the rythmic [...]

National Day of Action for marriage equality

By 3 August 2008

I went to the National Day of Action for marriage equality.  It was small – about 60 people – but lively.
My guess is that gay marriage is not that much of an issue for most gays, lesbians and trans gender people, or at least not enough to get them and in consequence supporters to a demo.  [...]

Do we want a right to companion animals?

By 3 August 2008

It’s a subject dear to my own heart at the moment, and something that’s increasingly coming up in stories posted by other users.
Body corporates and lazy property managers are imposing blanket bans on companion animals (aka pets).
It’s a problem that, for once, actually can be dealt with by legislation.
So here’s the deal.
I, personally, will [...]

Sister cities?

By 3 August 2008

Recently, large and attractive new signs have been erected at the entrances to Canberra welcoming people to Ngunnawal country, and listing Canberra’s sister cities (Beijing and Nara) and friendship city (Dili).
I am wondering, however, what happened to our two other sister cities, which I thought were Versailles and Atlanta?
Does anyone know if they have [...]

Canberra rates a mention on Passive Aggressive Notes

By 2 August 2008

We’ve made the big time now folks.
Passive Aggressive has a Canberra entry.
Nice to see every stereotype about halfway houses and their management confirmed.

History Lesson – The Patent Office

By 2 August 2008

Construction began on the Patent Office on the corner of National Circuit and King’s Avenue in 1939 and was completed in 1941. It is classified by the National Trust of Australia as ‘a significant public building for its time which contributes strongly to the King’s Avenue streetscape and forms an important contribution to the group [...]

Cats in apartments

By 2 August 2008

Hi, I wanted to add a comment to the ‘Cats in Apartments’ discussion.
I have been contacted today by my real estate agent for the apartment I rent and they have received a letter about my cat from someone, presumably in consultation with the body corporate.
Having read the discussion here it is nice to know that [...]

Southside Road Blocks…

By 1 August 2008

Did anyone else spot the road blocks early this morning (12am/1am) around Erindale Drive and the Tuggeranong parkway? Many police cars were out… I think the curious side has got the better side of me! I just hope everything is ok
But something was definatly going down in the southside tonight/this morn’…

Manuka a little piece of Melbourne? Starbucks not quite gone after all

By 31 July 2008

Over on the Starbucks closure story OzChick of the eagle eyes has pointed out that Manuka is not listed in the detailed store closures list.
So Manuka is considered to be part of Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane?
UPDATED: Whoops, word comes that it closed a while ago. There I was fooled by local news types doing pieces [...]

Looking for a letting agent

By 31 July 2008

I’m sure I’ve seen a thread on this subject beofre, but – anyone have recommendations for a good letting agent? The property’s in Griffith (ACT).
Horror stories also welcome – by PM if you prefer.
I want to let to decent people at a fair rent. I want the tenant to respect the property, and I consider [...]

Giving in over Molonglo

By 30 July 2008

The Canberra Times informs us of another colossal backflip from the ACT Government, now ackowleding that the NCA’s plans for Molonglo are the way to go.
“Three parcels of land were to be developed at Central Molonglo, North Western and Molonglo.
Only two parcels will now proceed, with Central Molonglo – 560ha of yellow box-red gum grassy [...]

One off screening of Kenja Cult documentary at Dendy

By 30 July 2008

[ 30 August 2008 at 2:00 pm; ] Who could forget that very entertaining thread some weeks ago courtesy of our local Kenja cultists, well Dendy are going to screen the award winning Doco made by Melissa Maclean who will be there in person afterwards for a Q&A session. But be prepared to be harassed by the local followers on the day no [...]

Goodbye Starbucks – you were never good enough for this town

By 30 July 2008

[First filed: July 29, 2008 @ 17:28]
Starbucks have announced that they’re retreating to Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane.
This means the filthy muck-slingers are running out of town with their tails between their legs.
Well done everyone.
UPDATED: Jon Stanhope has astonishingly weighed in advising sacked Starbuckers to use the “Live in Canberra” program to find another job. Does [...]

Meet your Minister – Community Cabinet Session (Gungahlin) – 4 August 2008

By 29 July 2008

[ 4 August 2008 at 3:30 pm; ] Just in time to coincide with the recent announcement and sudden Renaissance in “nouvelle vogue” community consultation, the ACT Ministers are holding a Community Cabinet session in Gungahlin this coming Monday 4th August 2008 (Gungahlin Community Resource Centre, 47 Ernst Cavanagh Street).

Naturally it is occurring at a time that is deliberately awkward for individuals [...]

Controlling the toddlers?

By 29 July 2008

Every so often, me and my wife head into the Canberra Centre to have a wander around, maybe have a coffee and basically kill time.  Unfortunately, of late I have noticed a disturbing practice.  I have seen un-controlled toddlers running under the feet of shoppers, which caused significant congestion as they try to avoid walking on [...]

National Day of Action for Marriage Equality

By 28 July 2008

[ 2 August 2008 at 1:30 pm; ] Marriage equality

In the coming week or so there will be demonstrations around Australia for equal marriage rights for gays and lesbians and for their right to adopt.

[ED - In the interests of local topicallity let it be noted that the Canberra demonstration will be at 1.30 pm on Saturday 2 August in Garema Place]

Many people [...]

North Ainslie birthday

By 27 July 2008

North Ainslie Primary School turns 50 years old 19 September.
We are currently gathering contact details, photos and other memorabilia for our celebrations.  We would love to hear from you!
The North Ainslie Primary web site has further details if you are interested to find out more:

Lisboa Closing For Renovations

By 27 July 2008

There are notices at Lisboa that as of 4pm today (Sunday, 27th of July) they are closing for a “Renovation Rescue”.  They’ll be closed for 2-3 weeks and will reopen under a new name.
The staff seem to have been told not to give away too much as the best I could find out was that [...]

Roller Derby in Canberra!

By 27 July 2008

[ 28 July 2008 at 7:30 pm; ] [First filed: July 25, 2008 @ 08:36]

Roller Derby mayhem to hit Canberra!

Event: Canberra Roller Derby Information Night and screening of Roller Derby Dolls documentary
Where: The Front Gallery, Lyneham Shops Canberra
When: Monday 28 July
Time: 7.30

For more information email:

Roller skaters, referees, organisers, supporters and sponsors ready to raise some hell on wheels in Canberra.

Canberra Roller [...]

Woden restaurant recommendations?

By 26 July 2008

Any good restaurants in Woden
Have some friends coming from sydney would like to take them to a trendy restaurant close to home, Not Asian, Any recommendations?

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