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Behind the scenes – Burmese Curry Place

Burmese Curry Place owners Mi-Mee (pictured left) and Nai (pictured right)

The Burmese Curry Place is a bit of a Canberra institution. It always has a line out the door at lunchtime and is easily one of my favourite feeds.
I’ve been coming here for years and thought it was finally time to sit down with the owners and find out how Mi-Mee and Nai (pictured above, left [...]

Parking fines at hospitals – if only all visitors had someone like Laura


Hearts were warmed around the world on Monday when a post from popular Facebook page Canberra Mums went viral. A mum had been in hospital with her nine-week-old baby and after being discharged she found a parking fine on her car.
She opened the envelope to find a note from ‘Laura’ who had paid the fine [...]

Tea with JT – Sarah Kelly


Welcome to a new series where I get to introduce you some of Canberra’s most fascinating women, starting with Sarah Kelly.
I invited Sarah to sip tea with me, although you will see that this particular cold day, we both opted for extra strong coffee. Thank you to On Flinders Manuka for hosting us.
Here is what I [...]

Gimme shelter: Fixing homelessness in the ACT


Imagine living through the Canberra winter chill without a roof over your head.
This July, three organisations doing very important work to address homelessness celebrated important milestones. The Early Morning Centre in Civic celebrated 10 years of providing free meals to homeless people and helping them access the support and services they need to get their [...]

In pictures: Canberra community organisations celebrate NAIDOC Week

act fire and rescue truck naidoc week

Six leading ACT community organisations combined to celebrate NAIDOC Week with the theme of ‘Land & Learning’ earlier this week.

The celebrations started with a Welcome to Country, before artist Linda Huddlestone (pictured above) talked about her family and country. She explained how her father’s story of being part of the stolen generation translated into her [...]

Canberra’s number one work crew cafe

Screen Shot 2015-06-30 at 5.40.16 pm

We all know that energy needs fuel, your car or truck needs petrol, your home needs heating at this time of year especially using gas as energy, your office printer wouldn’t work without electricity.
Just like those devices, work crews around Canberra need to refuel their most precious asset – their human capital. And not just [...]

Costa Georgiadis in Canberra for Canberra’s Backyard Heroes

backyard heroes

[ 2 July 2015 at 6:00 pm; ]

Big personality of the gardening world, Costa Georgiadis, is dropping in on Canberra once again for the Canberra Environment Centre’s Backyard Heroes.

The event is on July 2nd and is a casual panel-style event at the Food Coop Shop and Cafe, hosted by Costa. It’s an opportunity to meet and uncover the everyday Canberrans engaging in innovative [...]

Local leaders – Sophie Hope (2015 ACT Volunteer of the Year)

sophie hope canberra

Sophie Hope is a 22-year-old neuroscience student who describes herself as an advocate for youth, mental health, refugees, human rights and animal welfare. She’s also the 2015 ACT Volunteer of the Year, and she has some big ideas for improving youth access to mental health services in Canberra.
Sophie first started volunteering as a teenager, fostering [...]

How much did you pay for your last haircut?

cosmo hair and beauty

Call me a metrosexual or whatever you like, but I love getting my hair cut. Unfortunately it doesn’t make me any better looking. I still walk out with my worry (and laughing) lines, and my nose is just as big and my muscles are just as small. But I do walk out happy. I’m happy [...]

We try speed dating – with a geeky twist


Dating can be a tough business, and no one knows this better than everyone’s favourite pixelated plumber, Mario.
If you, like our brave Nintendo hero, are having trouble finding your geeky prince or princess, have you considered that maybe you’re looking in the wrong place?
Enter Reload Bar and Games. This week, the geek-friendly establishment hosted the [...]

Why did Smith’s Alternative really close?

By 25 March 2015

One of Canberra’s most loved performance venues announced last week that it would cease its operations indefinitely. This week, Smith’s Alternative is in receivership.
The cosy venue in the Melbourne Building has undergone many machinations throughout the past three decades. From its slow transformation from a bookshop to an arts hub, it has always catered for [...]

NSW man moves to Canberra; actually likes it


I grew up in a small coastal town of about 10,000 called Pacific Palms. My days were filled with the beach or the lake. Most of my adult life was spent in Sydney with the bustle and noise. I have also traveled around Australia extensively, but I choose to live in Canberra.
I found myself in [...]

The reality of being homeless in Canberra

By 24 February 2015 HEADLINE ARTICLE
Joe Bailei

The ACT, a jurisdiction that boasts the highest and most evenly distributed income in the nation, is experiencing a homelessness crisis.
According to Homelessness Australia, on any given night one in 200 people in Australia are homeless. A quarter of homeless Australians are Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islanders, and 30 per cent were born overseas.
The ACT’s homelessness rate [...]

A sci-fi filmed in Canberra? This local filmmaker says it’s possible

By 29 January 2015 HEADLINE ARTICLE
terror australis

Cloning is a bad idea and Australian animals will kill you.
…At least, this is what Canberra filmmaker Christian Doran would have you believe. And he’s just been awarded an arts grant of $10,000 from the ACT government to help convince you.
Inspired by the works of Isaac Asimov, movies like 2001: A Space Odyssey and television [...]

Local leaders – Paul Jurak (the Kayakcameraman)

By 10 December 2014 FEATURED ARTICLE
Lake Burley Griffin sunrise

Head down to Lake Burley Griffin before 6am most mornings and you’ll find Paul Jurak in a single-person kayak with a $400 point and shoot camera, searching for the perfect spot to capture the sunrise.
Paul, who shares the best of each morning’s photos on social media and via his Kayakcameraman blog, originally started kayaking to [...]

Lonesome Lambie

By 26 November 2014 HEADLINE ARTICLE

On Paul Murray Live Sunday night we were discussing the imminent departure of Jacqui Lambie from the Palmer United Party.
Janine Perrett was hosting, because the eponymous host was on a study tour in Abu Dhabi where he was examining local hotel architecture and the F 1.
Janine said – voicing the complaint of many – that [...]

A Summer Fling

By 21 November 2014 FEATURED ARTICLE

With these warmer months approaching it’s hard not to want to spend most of my time out doors, taking in all the sunshine and warmth before the next Winter comes.
It’s also a really good time to shake up date night and do something a bit different to your usual routine.
Here are my suggestions to shake [...]

Big Brother’s Jason Roses on TVSN Celebrity Challenge tonight

By 19 November 2014 HEADLINE ARTICLE

Former Big Brother housemate and Canberra local Jason Roses will appear in a live TVSN Celebrity Challenge tonight (19 November) to support breast cancer research.
Tune in to TVSN from 7.30pm to watch as Jason and other celebrities and media identities including Channel 10’s Matt Doran, Underbelly actor Simon Westaway and The Bachelor’s Anna Heinrich put [...]

Women of Canberra, you are spoilt for choice!

By 14 November 2014 FEATURED ARTICLE

On the 1st of November the Canberra Times published an online article stating ‘Single Canberra men absolute catches with women spoilt for choice’.
Excuse me while I snort in my coffee over this headline. I then proceed to read the article, which according to matchmaking service Blue Label Life (never heard of them) put out the [...]

Tinder… and two degrees of separation

By 7 November 2014 FEATURED ARTICLE

There is the theory that within the world we have only 6 degrees of separation between us and anyone else – in Canberra it feels like 2. We are a small capital city where by it seems everyone is connected by a friend, uncle, sister, colleague..
I’m not a born and bread Canberran, but I’ve been [...]

ACT Public School Alumni launched

By 6 November 2014 FEATURED ARTICLE

World famous actors, artists, academics, military figures and a former Prime Minister have been celebrated with the official launch of the ACT Public Schools Alumni by Minister for Education and Training Joy Burch today.
“The Alumni celebrates the achievements of our students of note and the different career paths, professions and interests they have chosen and [...]

The Dirty 30

By 6 November 2014 HEADLINE ARTICLE

So last weekend I hit a pretty big milestone. I hit 30. Besides the impending date of my birthday there’s a couple of tell-tale signs that made me realise I am approaching 30. Like the fact that if I’m staying up past 10pm on a school night I feel like a wild party animal. Where [...]

101 Humans, 1 Review

By 4 November 2014 HEADLINE ARTICLE

Earlier this year I was selected to be one of 101 people chosen to take part in the Human Brochure tourism concept; VisitCanberra’s latest push to bring new visitors to our lovely city.
As part of the Brochure, all 101 of us were able to invite a couple of guests (number dependant on what category you [...]

So… Are we exclusive?

By 31 October 2014 HEADLINE ARTICLE

That sentence seems so American doesn’t it? 7 years ago when I started dating it was something that was never really questioned. The chances of someone seeing two people at once seemed very slim; it was a question that never needed asking.
Now with the rise of online dating it’s become a very important and necessary [...]

Where are all the Sunday Sessions?

By 16 October 2014 HEADLINE ARTICLE

As always moving to a new city there are plenty of changes to get used to with East coast vs West coast living. And whilst most of the changes haven’t been too major- a couple of which I’ll address in the coming weeks, the first one that springs to mind, especially given last weekends spectacular weather [...]

Should the guy pay on the first date?

By 3 October 2014 FEATURED ARTICLE

A question like this can change any group conversation to a heated debate, surprisingly. So many different opinions and different reasonings as to why.
Me? I’m not fussed either way. If a guy insists on paying I’ll let him. If I offer to split the bill and he agrees I won’t get offended. It doesn’t faze [...]

There’s more to Canberra than Floriade

By 2 October 2014 FEATURED ARTICLE

So I’m a Canberra newbie, having just officially survived my first winter. I’m even starting to consider myself a Canberran and find myself fiercely promoting it to all of my friends and family back home. When contemplating the big move from the coast of Western Australia; I asked a few people that I knew that [...]

Most romantic restaurants in Canberra for your anniversary date

By 26 September 2014 FEATURED ARTICLE

Got an anniversary coming up with your beloved? Want to go somewhere romantic with good food? It’s easy to go with the tried and true Canberra restaurants like Aubergine or Sage, although I suggest skipping the traditional choices and go for something a tad different, yet still romantic.
The key is to keep it understated while [...]

Which Prominent Canberrans Compete in Roller Derby?

By 19 September 2014 HEADLINE ARTICLE

Just a quick note to say my latest short story explores the wonderful subculture of the Canberra Roller Derby League, and questions how prominent some of the competitors might be…at times hidden beneath their masks and nicknames.
She – A Canberra Capital Yarn

A reminder too that I’m continuing to seek crowd-funding to publish a book [...]

Pickup Lines People have REALLY used

By 19 September 2014 FEATURED ARTICLE

Pickup lines are one of those rare things that are probably less common than they used to be. When I picture someone using a pickup line I picture them with a mullet, 80s porn moustache and a wife beater, jeans and thongs. Have you seen Orange is the New Black? Pornstache is what comes to [...]

Flowers with a Purpose

By 18 September 2014 FEATURED ARTICLE

GGs Flowers is not your ordinary florist. Yes, they create beautiful arrangements and can even deliver to your door, but they’re also a socially sustainable florist – one of its kind in the ACT.
Geetha Wijewickrema was concerned about what employment opportunities her youngest daughter would have when she finishes school.
15-year-old Gayana is a fun, bubbly young [...]

Get fit this spring!

By 11 September 2014 FEATURED ARTICLE

We’re now 11 days into spring and before we know it summer will be here. Many of us tend to be a little lazier than usual during the frosty winter months, especially in Canberra, and put on a kilo or two… or ten. By the time the warm weather comes along we’re all hankering to [...]

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