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Where to see the Royals (assuming you’re that way inclined)

By 18 April, 2014

Next week we will be sharing our fair city with real life Royalty.  As ‘Wils and Kate’ or ‘the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’ (depending on how familiar you feel, or how formal you may or may not be) prepare to visit, and my house goes into some form of light excitement over this, it [...]

ACT mum of the year

By 7 April, 2014

Belinda Nunn has been named 2014 ACT Barnados Mother of the Year.
Isabella Plains based Ms Nunn, 37, won the accolade after taking on a somewhat heftier load than most. Along with caring for her own three children, she also fosters her niece and supports her twin sisters three children (after her sister’s death [...]

Royal Visit to Canberra (Well kids venues really)

By 5 April, 2014

Well the announcement that all you Royal Watchers have been waiting for – the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William and Kate Middleton, will visit Canberra in April with their nine-month-old baby, George.
The Royal visit itinerary notes April 24 and 25 as the dates and incorporating the Anzac Day march and service at the [...]

When turning, do you have to give way to a pedestrian?

By 25 March, 2014

You’re driving south along Allara Street past the Civic Pool, and making a 45 degree left turn into Dive Lane which leads to the pool car park. If you proceed, there is a danger that you will collide with a person who is walking parallel to Allara Street, across the end of Dive lane.
According to [...]

Giant mountain bike – Stolen from O’Connor

By 24 March, 2014

I am not sure if riotACT would be helpful however I will do my best to spread as much as I can. My much loved boulder 1 Giant mountain bike has been stolen overnight – I have reported it to the police earlier today – the image of bike is here: 
The bike can be identified [...]

Bike Searching

By 18 March, 2014

Hiya. I am looking to get into cycling (the non lycra type!). I am overweight and havent ridden in a hundred years. Does anyone know what a good bike would be for the likes of me? I have researched and it seems that 36> spokes is the go as well as a damn comfortable seat!! [...]

Food treats delivery to TCH?

By 12 March, 2014

I have a friend who is in TCH for a couple of weeks and I’d like to send him some yummy home baked type treats as a cheer-you-up. I’m on the coast so need somewhere that delivers. Does such a place exist?

Young guitar busker

By 12 March, 2014

Would anybody know the name or contact for the young kid (about 10 y.o.) that occasionally busks with his electric guitar outside the Canberra Centre. His dad is usually there with him somewhere. thx

Emergency after hours dentist

By 11 March, 2014

A family member visiting Canberra at the moment has developed an infection following wisdom teeth extraction a couple of weeks ago. Where can you find an after hours dentist?

jogging through the city late night

By 5 March, 2014

I was out in the city tonight and I saw these guys jogging through civic at 10:30pm
anybody know what this was all about?

Canberra Talent

By 14 February, 2014

While listening to 666 last week, I was surprised to hear (during a review of the new movie Tracks) that Mia Wasikowska (lead actress in said movie) was born in Canberra. I was so surprised that it got me to thinking about how little I hear about Canberra born and/or raised artists – or anyone [...]

bed room noise

By 10 February, 2014

I’m not making it news, I just need people’s advice how to handle this situation. Due to the nature of this problem, if you want to make joke, please go away as I’m serious. If you offer help, much appreciated.
I’m living in a house, the next house’s window opens to our windows very closely. I [...]

$500 reward for lost dog

By 29 January, 2014

Genie went missing after let out from the groomers in Macquarie on 3rd January 2014. We are offering a $500 reward for her safe return.
Please email and include a photo of our dog if you have found her. We will only be responding to authentic claims of having our dog.
If you know anything at [...]

Engagement Party Ideas…

By 29 January, 2014

I’m struggling to plan an engagement party. I really don’t want to spend a lot as my partner and I are paying off one mortgage and saving for another property… But I love the idea of high tea in the gardens. Which has given me the idea to rent out high tea items/ tablets etc for a [...]

Complaints from the prison

By 16 January, 2014

The wonder of FOI has produced a series of complaints from the Hume Hilton.
And you thought that wardrobe was a portal to a whole new world?
I particularly like the way the prison officials are nearly as incomprehensible as the inmates.

Hats, Heels and Handbags (Wanted!)

By 13 January, 2014

Verve Promotions will again present the Canberra Show Fashion Parade from the 21st to 23rd February. 
The fashion parade entitled Hats, Heels and Handbags will showcase a variety of fashion wares and promoters are searching for Canberra’s biggest, oldest, most expensive and weirdest handbags, heels and hats. 
If you own something of the sort please [...]

The Canberra Poems of P.S Cottier on Immortal Muse

By 9 January, 2014

The Immortal Muse website has featured the works of P.S. Cottier related to Canberra.
There’s a lot there, and a lot worth thinking about.
Perhaps best of all is “Houses of Gungahlin”:
What space for expansive thought or emerald memory
in these distorted castles, hunch­backed yet grown giant,
perched on desecrated hills, cubist shrines to ugly Gods?
With their whole [...]

Omar Musa makes TimeOut’s most anticipated list

By 7 January, 2014

TimeOut Sydney has compiled a list of the most anticipated books of 2014.
Lo and behold up there with Hilary mantel and David Malouf is Canberra/Queanbeyan’s own Omar Musa.
Something to look forward to in June.

Amy Dunham takes over Creative Production of the Fringe

By 2 January, 2014

This just in from Jorian Gardner for Fringe 2014:
Fringe Director Jorian Gardner today announced the appointment of Amy Louise Dunham to the position of Creative Producer for the February 2014 event.
“Amy is a well-loved and accomplished young artist working across a range of fields including theatre, live music and dance,” said Gardner. “Aside from her [...]

David Finnigan with you don’t have to be rich

By 31 December, 2013

Arguably the best thing to come out of Canberra David Finnigan has graced the Rizal Fountain Raps and it’s worth looking at:
The fourth series of The Rizal Fountain Raps sees Too Many Weapons (or David Finnigan, Georgie McAuley, Jordan Prosser & Sam Burns-Warr) return to the creativity-breeding grounds of Penrith in NSW to perform a [...]

Remembering Bobby Dungca

By 23 December, 2013

Gary has sent this in:
Lake Tuggeranong Windsurf Accident
CT is reporting the missing man as Bobby Dungca.
An experienced windsurfer seen quite regularly on Lake Tuggeranong.
I enjoyed watching Bobby and taking pictures of him enjoying a spring breeze on the lake in 2009.
My thoughts are with his family at this time.

Vale the Hon Russell Fox AC QC

By 23 December, 2013

The Law Society has noted the passing of the ACT’s first Chief Judge:
The President of the ACT Law Society, Mr Martin Hockridge, today expressed his sadness at the passing of the Hon Russell Fox AC QC.
“Mr Fox was a prominent member of the legal profession within the ACT for many years,” Mr Hockridge said. [...]

Where to now for the public service?

By 18 December, 2013

As some one in the public service, I’m half expecting a tap on the shoulder any day and to be told my position is redundant.
I’m looking at options, do I stay in or do I leave now?
The way I see it is that with a recruitment freeze on and a reduction in staff [...]

Behind the scenes on Tennyson Crescent

By 17 December, 2013

Screencraft media have sent in their spectacular look at all the Richards family have done with their Guinness World Record Christmas light display on Tennyson Crescent in Forrest, raising money for SIDS and Kids ACT.
Well worth a look.

Please register your distress beacon before you need to use it

By 12 December, 2013

It seems like common sense, but sometimes the obvious things are the easiest to forget.
NSW Police and the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) are encouraging distress beacon owners to ensure they have a current GPS encoded 406MHz beacon registered with AMSA following an increase in incidents relating to out-dated and unregistered beacons.
Between October 2012 [...]

Martin Ollman’s Centenary People

By 3 December, 2013

MartyO has produced a veritable magnum opus of portrait photography from this year’s Centenary of Canberra.
It’s quite the journey so enjoy the slideshow:

Donna and Mick riding against coal seam mining

By 3 December, 2013

The Greens are planning to meet and greet Donna and Mick Franklin, a couple currently engaged in an interstate ride to raise awareness about the dangers of Coal Seam Gas mining and also the importance of water.
‘The Woop, Woop Ride‘ campaign has been going for three months now with Donna and Mick riding a team [...]

New sex and gender diversity legislation introduced today

By 28 November, 2013

New legislation to improve the legal recognition of sex and gender diverse people in the ACT will be introduced in the Legislative Assembly today, says Simon Corbell.
The biggest and most important change is that individuals no longer have to undergo surgery to legally change their sex on their birth certificate.
I’ve met people who have saved [...]

The Order of the Tulip for Andrew Forster

By 22 November, 2013

TAMS have the delightful news that Floriade’s head gardner is picking up a Turkish gong:
Floriade Head Gardener Andrew Forster is the only Australian to receive the Order of the Tulip in recognition of his contribution to the celebration of the flower, at the World Tulip Summit in Istanbul, Turkey.
Over 300 delegates from 11 countries [...]

Kyall Green’s Story

By 22 November, 2013

A mother and father should not have to bury their son but this is what David and Jackie Green were faced with when their beloved 22 year old son Kyall died in a car accident earlier this year.
A few months before Kyall died, he had talked to his parents about wanting to help others by [...]

Rachelle Towart named Australia’s top community CEO

By 21 November, 2013

After securing more than $8.7 million in funding for Indigenous Education, overseeing unprecedented growth in enrolments and establishing a strong national profile for Indigenous leadership, Rachelle Towart has been recognised with a prestigious award.
The CEO of the Australian Indigenous Leadership Centre (AILC) has been named the winner of the 2013 Westpac Community Leaders Award, recognising [...]

Walk around the lake for charity

By 21 November, 2013

[ 24 November, 2013; 10:00 am to 1:00 pm. ]

This Sunday the 24th just so happens to be Lakewalk 2013, so you know what to do.

Lake/walking/fitness/charity win/win/win/win.

It’s simple math.

The walkathon is on this Sunday 24th November, between 10am and 1pm. It starts at regatta point, commonwealth park and takes a loop circuit to Aspen Island and back. All monies raised go towards funding therapies [...]


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