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Dodgy Dealers at Canberra Outlet Centre and a Toothless Tiger

By 3 March 2014

A lesson learnt.
Last November my wife and I bought a remote control helicopter from a store in the old DFO as a Christmas present for my son. It’s the shop opposite Coffee Club that sells many of these types of toys as well as heaps of other ‘Made in China’ crap toys.
I asked the sales person if  [...]

Ingress in Canberra. A new player guide – part 2

By 5 February 2014 FEATURED ARTICLE

Welcome to part 2 of the Ingress – New Player Guide hosted by The RiotACT! This article will explore my journey into the field and the progress I’ve made and what I’ve learnt along the way.
My first week attempting to Ingress turned into a nightmare of dealing with Android. Having ordered a HTC Desire S [...]

Quality Jewellers in Canberra?

By 24 January 2014

I am thinking of buying my friend a ring and would like to hear recommendations for a quality jeweller here in Canberra.
I have reasonable money to spend and am not interested in cheap, chain store stuff.
Would appreciate advice.

New bulky goods site near the airport rumbles ahead

By 15 January 2014

Simon Corbell has announced the ever expanding airport precinct is going to keep doing its thing:
A draft variation to free up a large a block of land near the airport for bulky goods retailing, warehousing, freight and distribution has been approved by the Minister for the Environment and Sustainable Development, Simon Corbell.
Draft variation 324 [...]

What is the best portable fan to buy in Canberra?

By 14 January 2014

Hello rioters,
It’s hot and getting hotter. I like to sleep without sweating so I am looking for advice on the quietest pedestal or tower fan to buy so that I can use it in my bedroom at night. It needs to be as quiet as possible or the missus gets the hump and turns it [...]

Hats, Heels and Handbags (Wanted!)

By 13 January 2014

Verve Promotions will again present the Canberra Show Fashion Parade from the 21st to 23rd February. 
The fashion parade entitled Hats, Heels and Handbags will showcase a variety of fashion wares and promoters are searching for Canberra’s biggest, oldest, most expensive and weirdest handbags, heels and hats. 
If you own something of the sort please [...]

Peace in our time on Green Square?

By 9 January 2014

After some argie bargy through the week Mayor Rattenbury has made a joint statement with the Kingston Traders on the vexed issue of returning the green grass to Green Square despite the best efforts of some in the bureaucracy to throw spanners in the works:
A meeting between ACT Government officials and representatives from the Kingston [...]

A bit of an apology

By 6 January 2014

Following on from their multi day promotion of criminals the Canberra Times is apologising for a bit of the collateral damage.
Thanks to Tommy for the grab.

Like a strange Santa Claus, an extra bin arrives!

By 3 January 2014 FEATURED ARTICLE

I have lived in share houses with six people and gotten by with just the normal two wheely bins.
My nuclear family of 4 managed fine with the usual compliment of bins.
Living with Goosepig, however, I found we were in a constant battle with overflowing bins necessitating time consuming trips to the tip.
My initial reaction was, [...]

Changing face of Aranda and Cook shops?

By 2 January 2014

I see a temporary fence has recently been erected around the derelict Aranda shops. Presumably something to do with the ACT government’s notice of intention to terminate the Crown lease held by the current owner/developer.
Any inside story on this?
On a related note, I’ve been told by the owners of the IGA at Cook that the Cook [...]

Most of them dead, The rest of them dying. O’Connor shops trees

By 31 December 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

Standing at O’Connor Shops this afternoon it took me a minute to get my finger on what was wrong with the normally leafy shady space.
A hell of a lot of the trees are dead or dying.
A real shame.

Good aftersales experience

By 24 December 2013

Its pretty common to read when you have been given some bad service, but on this occassion I would like to acknowledge the service I got from the local BCF (I have no connection whatsoever) in Belconnen, Canberra.
I recently bought a HDS 7 Touch depth sounder for fishing, and for me it was a massive [...]

Reid’s shopping trolley graveyard

By 23 December 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

Just down the hill from the War Memorial is a little depot, and behind that is, it seems, where the lost shopping trolleys are corralled.
A lot more Coles than Wooleys it seems.
[Got an image of Canberra you want to share with the world? Email it in to ]

Psst, wanna buy an XBox One for two hundred bucks?

By 23 December 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

A very interesting ad in today’s Canberra Times has got a lot of people talking.
Suffice to say that anyone who can legitimately sell xboxen and PS4s at those prices can probably spring for their own email address.

Buying cheap/bulk coconut water in Canberra

By 21 December 2013

I am looking to get some bulk coconut water, probably in the order of 30/40l of the stuff. I am after that weird ‘sickly sweet despite the fact that its only 6% sugar’ Asian grocery stuff rather than the much healthier and boring tasting nudie or other hippie types.
Best price I’ve seen has been 500ml [...]

A very merry Christmas from JB HI-FI

By 20 December 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

Stephen has sent in this surprising act of generosity from the kings of yellow signage.
Got an image of Canberra you want to share with the world? Email it in to .

Bus Depot Markets shuffling into the Fitters’ Workshop

By 18 December 2013

It’s so thrilling to see the great war upon the print makers for control of the Fitters’ Workshop has been fought and won so soap shaped like cake can have a home:
The Old Bus Depot Markets will return with a fresh look in 2014, with a new and interesting stall set up commencing on [...]

24 Hour Belconnen Mall! But How?

By 18 December 2013

Target and Kmart are open 24 hours at Westfield Belconnen, but how do you get in?
I moved to Belconnen a few weeks ago from Perth WA. I went to the mall at 6:30 this morning (bright sunlight) to pick up a fan before work. I tried several entrances, entering and leaving several car parks, before [...]

Shopping Trolley crackdown!

By 18 December 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

TAMS are once again wagging their bony fingers on the subject of shopping trolleys:
In the lead up to the busy Christmas period, 113 abandoned shopping trolleys have been collected in three separate blitzes in Tuggeranong, Gungahlin and Belconnen Michael Brice, Manager of Licensing and Compliance, City Services, said today.
The blitzes took place in Tuggeranong [...]

Best walks around the city

By 14 December 2013

There have been plenty of great discussions about the best bushwalks but where do you walk if you aren’t able to (or choose not to) get out of town?
Popular choices include:

Black Mountain
Mount Ainslie
Mount Taylor
Red Hill
Lake Burley Griffin bridge loop

I used to laugh at people driving places to go for a walk but it really [...]

Shipping the bar code was the real cost

By 9 December 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

Due to having many lazy friends I now own rather more santa suits than I ever imagined I would.
But full santa suits selling for $6.50 do raise some questions about the global economy. (Top Bargain Canberra Centre)
In the meantime we all get to enjoy our cheap Chinese junk.

Shoplifting blitz

By 7 December 2013

ACT Policing has arrested 23 people following a blitz on shoplifting in the Canberra’s south in the past few weeks.
Officers from ACT Policing’s Crime Reduction Team worked with loss prevention officers from various stores to identify and apprehend shoplifters.
During the operation so far 23 people have been arrested for minor theft and one person was [...]

Where to buy a rocking chair in Canberra?

By 7 December 2013

Hello Rioters,
My mother’s well loved and used rocking chair has gone to its eternal reward. I would like to buy her a new one for Christmas but all the standard furniture retailers have proven fruitless.
Has anyone seen one anywhere on their travels?
I want a standard wooden type one not a cane one. (Have [...]

Have your say on Hughes shops

By 6 December 2013

Feedback is being requested on the draft plans for the Hughes shops upgrades.
Let them know what you think Hughesians!
The ACT Government today invited members of the community to provide feedback on the draft plans for the upgrade of public spaces at the Hughes shops.
“Members of the community are invited to attend drop-in information sessions [...]

Recommendations for framing?

By 1 December 2013

Hi all,
Need a bit of help – have recently come back from overseas where I bought some paintings, which I now need to get custom framed.
Does anyone have a recommendation for a decent framer in Canberra, and approximate cost?
Would appreciate any advice. Thanks!

Yogurtland: Environmental?

By 1 December 2013

Saw this gross image at the Belconnen Westfield shopping centre a while ago.
People just kept scoffing down yoghurt and throwing their recyclable containers in the full garbage, because walking to the recycling bin was too much effort.
The bin in the actual store was full, and also not a recycling bin.
Yogurtland prides itself on being environmentally-friendly. [...]

Giralang shops saga comes to a close

By 29 November 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

Simon Corbell is all a quiver after an appeal which was stalling plans to provide Giralang with a nice new shopping complex was dismissed by the Court of Appeals today.
Check out our Giralang Shops tag and just look at how long this saga has been going on for.
Giralang’s supermarket closed in 2004, I bet the [...]

Hustle & Scout Twilight Fashion Market returns to New Acton

By 28 November 2013

[ 14 December 2013 at 3:00 pm; ]

It seems the afternoon/evening clothing market turned event was a success last time because they’ve returning on the 14th of December for a Summer edition.

The new and improved Hustle & Scout Twilight Markets will be bigger, better, and more multi-storied than ever before. There will be bands, DJs, fashion shoots, and cocktails to spruce up [...]

Your consumer rights in 7 languages

By 1 November 2013

So this is potentially very useful, not just for migrants but also for locals. As anyone who has worked in retail will tell you, there’s plenty of confusion out there as to what you have the right to expect as a customer.
What a nifty idea.
Consumer protection agencies in Australia have joined forces to develop [...]

Braddon Parking

By 31 October 2013

I made a casual observation today about the increasing number of new apartments, shops, and restaurants planned for southeast Braddon (area bounded by Northbourne, Haig Park, Torrens, and Cooyong) and the apparent decreasing number of places to park a car. 
Is ACTPLA planning directed towards making parking difficult for people who do not live in [...]

Still no Giralang shops

By 30 October 2013

The Canberra Times brings the most news I’ve heard on the Giralang shops in a while Doesn’t seem like much of a scoop, other than highlighting that one determined party can seemingly delay development forever and ever.
I’ve lived in Giralang around 8 years and don’t plan on leaving anytime soon. Quite clearly, the developer will [...]

Dozspot wins the fight for a greener Green Square

By 23 October 2013

Over the course of his time in the Legislative Assembly the Liberals’ Steve Dozspot has very rarely picked a good cause, and even more rarely has he had a win.
But he’s celebrating a well deserved victory with the grass returning to Kingston’s Green Square:
Off the back of consistent community pressure, the Canberra Liberals Steve Doszpot [...]

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