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We are too stupid to have fun magnets

By 29 August, 2012

Justice and Community Safety have announced they’re not going to let us have small high powered magnets:
ACT Commissioner for Fair Trading, Brett Phillips, has today announced that certain adult magnetic products that are unsafe for children will be banned from sale in the ACT.
Most Australian States and Territories are proposing to impose an interim ban [...]

Farmers Markets extending their opening hours

By 28 August, 2012

The EPIC Farmers Markets are a religion to many of you. So it’s of vital importance to those people that the opening hours are being extended.
So if you want to get in first for the good stuff it’s now a 7:30am start.
Canberra’s popular Saturday morning market, the Capital Region Farmers Market at Exhibition Park in [...]

Ripped off by Zamels?

By 25 August, 2012

In one of those weird “I was looking for something else” discoveries I found this interesting article on the ACCC web page relating to false advertising by Zamels Jewelers. Now I’ve never shopped at Zamels, but I am sure many Canberrans have. It makes for interesting reading. For example;
“The court found that, by using [...]

Simon capping supermarket sizes

By 24 August, 2012

Into a complex supermarket debate in which the operators are politically active strides Simon Corbell to announce big is bad when it comes to local centre supermarkets:
The ACT Labor Government will cap the size of any future proposals for supermarkets in local centres to a maximum of 1000m2 to support local businesses and local jobs, [...]

Greens want ever more rigid planning control over supermarkets

By 24 August, 2012

The Greens’ Caroling Le Couteur has announced the Select Committee on ACT Supermarket Competition Policy has dropped the report on its Inquiry into ACT Supermarket Competition Policy:
“This report is a call to action. The regulations for supermarkets are not clear enough and are creating major uncertainty for businesses and local communities,” ACT Greens Planning spokesperson, [...]

Damage to Scullin Shops upgrades

By 20 August, 2012

With the upgrade works at Scullin Shops only having been recently completed with the last fortnight, already there has been some major damage caused to part of the new guard railings installed, with a 1 guard rail almost completely taken off and part of another section sheared off entirely. I first noticed the damage on [...]

The Mark of Jobs in the Canberra Centre

By 13 August, 2012

We’ve known for a long time that Apple was opening a store in Canberra. But the location has been the subject of much speculation.
Threeze has sent in this pic with the following note:
This is totally happening, right?
(old Esprit space, top floor, Canberra Centre, this morning)

Reading the fine print at Aldi. Images of Canberra

By 13 August, 2012

Kargrieg The Dwarf has sent this in with the following note:
My wife snapped this with her phone at Aldi (Belconnen Mall) earlier yesterday.
I can’t tell whether this counts as false advertising
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A trolley missing a fundamental part. Caption contest

By 13 August, 2012

As seen on Mort Street this morning.
Knock yourselves out readers!
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Are you really so vacuous as to change your vote over plastic bags? [With Poll]

By 6 August, 2012

It started with the Canberra Liberals having a mumble to the Canberra Times about wanting to see the review of the plastic bag ban before the election.
But then the seething fury of all Canberra’s angry old men lifted them up like a raging tide and we now have a media release promising a complete overturn [...]

Where to find fiberglass and craft foam supplies in Canberra?

By 3 August, 2012

So given that store-bought LARP weapons (soft foam swords for role-playing games) tend to be quite expensive (mainly because of shipping costs) I have been trying to make my own. However finding materials in Canberra is almost as difficult. The first thing I need is fiberglass rods (the rules of the LARP requires fiberglass cores), [...]

Giralang shops; you know the story by now…

By 3 August, 2012

Sometimes it pays to unwrap The Chronicle after all.
Possibly old news, but I wasn’t aware the long, long awaited, much, much needed redevelopment of Giralang shops is headed back to court for the 437th time, delaying work indefinitely.
Admittedly I’m not interested enough in researching the legal side of it – but is this how it’s going [...]

New level of automation in Canberra supermarkets?

By 30 July, 2012

Why hasn’t this innovation been more widely publicised?

Teen Chefs wanted for competition at Belconnen Markets

By 23 July, 2012

Got a budding whiz in the kitchen at home?
Belconnen Markets are calling for Teen Chefs to take part in their competition.
Teen Chefs competition has kicked off for 2012 and we are targeting all teenagers in the Canberra region to take part in this exciting competition!
Since starting out in 2009, Teen Chefs has encouraged students [...]

Where to get cargo shorts and a straw cowboy hat in Canberra in July?

By 23 July, 2012

So later in the week I’m handing you lot over to the untender mercies of Editorial Resource No 2 and jetting to Japan for the RiotACT Tokyo Bureau Chief’s bucks night.
Now the bucks proceedings are at the Fuji Rock festival which means your correspondent needs clothing suitable for a summer festival.
In particular I’d like [...]

Small Business Owners Battling Exorbitant Rent Increases

By 22 July, 2012

Many commercial tenancies in local shops are forced to endure rental increases of 300% and are walking away from their businesses. Many tenants are on monthly agreements and so have no security. Commercial tenants may have agreements that include water; insurance and other add ons to rent that increase these costs.
Small business owners are [...]

Costco photo printing – any good?

By 20 July, 2012

Just wondering if anyone has had photos printed out at Costco, and is able to comment on the price/quality?

There goes the parking in Dickson as the biggest car park becomes a supermarket

By 20 July, 2012

To great fanfare this morning Andrew Barr has announced nothing much we didn’t already know.
The site for the second full-line supermarket at the Dickson Group Centre has been released for sale.
The site is the car park adjacent to Woolworths and the library. The development will also include the construction of an Aldi supermarket.
This project will [...]

Andrew Barr saws the plank to open Masters at Majura Park

By 18 July, 2012

Andrew Barr is spruiking the Woolworths group lastest venture, Masters Home Improvement, now open out at the airport.
This morning I joined Ben Camire, National Operations Manager of Masters Home Improvement, to officially open Canberra’s first Masters Home Improvement store at Majura Park.
The new Masters store will contribute some 170 new jobs and boost employment located [...]

The barter system alive and well in Westfield Woden?

By 11 July, 2012

Saw this yesterday in ground floor toilets of Westfield Woden, near the cinemas.
It seems you can pay for parking with a squirt of urine instead of coins – the barter system alive and well!
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Italian peeping tom in the Canberra Centre

By 7 July, 2012

A 25-year-old man has been arrested following an incident at the Canberra Centre yesterday morning (Friday, July 6).
Police will allege that around 11am the 25-year-old Italian national entered a store in the Canberra Centre where he took video footage of a 17-year-old girl who was changing clothes in one of the change rooms.
Canberra Centre security [...]

Giralang development upheld by the courts

By 6 July, 2012

The Supreme Court has finally passed judgment to affirm that the long delayed Giralang shops can be a restored to a functional community asset even at the expense of nearby rent-seekers.
Owners of nearby potential rival shops have been mercifully put in their place:
In the absence of persuasive evidence that the proposed development will put [...]

Men’s electric shaver reviews in Canberra?

By 3 July, 2012

Husband has requested an electric shaver for his birthday but I’m completely in the dark about what to get as he’s never had one before.
Can any men-folk recommend an awesome one and the best place to buy them here in Canberra?

Krispy Kreme 7-Eleven Price Increase

By 2 July, 2012

My wife loves Krispy Kreme and with 7-Eleven now stocking them I have brought some over the last month at $8.95 for a 4 pack.
Howver, when I went in today that have risen to $11. How curious with the new tax year an increase in prices.
Anyone know why the increase or should I [...]

Monaro Models retain their sense of humour post-ram raid

By 1 July, 2012

Back on 4 June we reported the ram raid on Fyshwick’s Monaro Models.
Andy has sent in the evidence above that at least they’re still able to joke about it.
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Mall Racing!

By 29 June, 2012

This could well be the coolest thing we’ve shown you since tallbike jousting.
Two daredevils racing their bikes through the malls of Canberra.
Made of Win, and Public Outrage.
[RiotACT in no way condones or encourages this behaviour]

Canberra Skeptics Lecture: The Choice Shonky Awards – six years of naming and shaming the shonkiest rip-offs and shoddiest products being sold in Australia

By 18 June, 2012

[ 13 July, 2012; 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm. ] Venue: Lecture Theatre, CSIRO Discovery Centre, Clunies Ross Street, Acton, ACT 2601
Speaker: Scott O’Keefe
Members Free/Non-Members Gold Coin Donation

CHOICE’s annual Shonky Awards are an opportunity for the people’s watchdog to hand out lemons to manufacturers, service providers, marketers, advertisers, and government agencies that fail to deliver on their promises.

Since 2006, regular award winners include banks, telcos, [...]

Silk Road Night Market at the Museum

By 16 June, 2012

So Mrs LSWCHP insisted that we all troop off to the Silk Road Night Market gig at the museum this evening.
I think the museum staff must have expected a couple of hundred people to roll up on a cold Friday winters night, because it looks like that’s all they catered for. As it [...]

New fish shop at Cooleman court

By 12 June, 2012

Anyone know whats the go?
They are claiming frsh seafood, but every fish shop in canberra is pretty old fish.
Anyone been yet?

Sports & Stars Westfield Belconnen?

By 6 June, 2012

Does anyone know what happened to Sports & Stars Sporting Memorabilia Store that were on the lower level of Westfield Belconnen?
Apparently they were there last Friday and come Saturday morning they weren’t.
Centre Management don’t even seem to know where / why they left.  
They have just done a runner.  
Not sure how [...]

Scandinavian groceries/treats in Canberra?

By 30 May, 2012

Scandinavians may be georgously tall and pale but they are also Europe’s culinary little secret.
There are a handful of phenomenal Swedish restaurants around Australia but I’m more in the market for little deli items and even alcoholic drinks.
Are there any delis or market stalls around Canberra with Scandinavian treats?

Making cheese in Canberra?

By 29 May, 2012

So I want to make cheese with unhomogenised milk.
I just wondered whether anyone can save me some time by recommending the cheapest source of unhomogenised milk.
I’m looking for 10-13 litres per week.
I know the brands here are Barambah, Canberra Gold and Paul’s Organic.
Has anyone managed to strick a good price deal?
thank [...]


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