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Counsellor for 7yr old anxiety recommendations

By 12 April, 2014

Would appreciate any recommendations for a counsellor who works with kids anxiety. We are booked in with the Canberra university health clinic  but the waiting period is about 2 months.  Wanted to get on top of it sooner than later. Our school counsellor is on leave for the next term. TIA.

When turning, do you have to give way to a pedestrian?

By 25 March, 2014

You’re driving south along Allara Street past the Civic Pool, and making a 45 degree left turn into Dive Lane which leads to the pool car park. If you proceed, there is a danger that you will collide with a person who is walking parallel to Allara Street, across the end of Dive lane.
According to [...]

Bike Searching

By 18 March, 2014

Hiya. I am looking to get into cycling (the non lycra type!). I am overweight and havent ridden in a hundred years. Does anyone know what a good bike would be for the likes of me? I have researched and it seems that 36> spokes is the go as well as a damn comfortable seat!! [...]

Can you suggest a good dentist in Canberra?

By 25 February, 2014

I am a real coward when it comes to dentists and only go when something goes wrong – and it has, a broken filling. Can someone suggest a good dentist who can explain all the options for a dental problem, is gentle and can cope with my silly fears? I live in Turner and would [...]

Commando Steve to hit Canberra this weekend!

By 20 February, 2014

Canberrans young and old are encouraged to get active with Commando Steve, star of Australia’s Biggest Loser, at a free Health and Fitness Day at the Patrick White Lawns (next to the National Library) this Saturday.
Organised by local fitness provider, Battle Camp Fitness, the highlights of the day will be two boot camps,where Canberrans will be put through [...]

Dentist recommendations – Tuggeranong area

By 12 February, 2014

Master Cholet and I need to go to the dentist. Been a while for me for many reasons which don’t stand up to much scrutiny, and for Master Cholet, well it’s time that he got into the swing of having his gnashers checked out on a regular basis – we tried a few times when [...]

$500 reward for lost dog

By 29 January, 2014

Genie went missing after let out from the groomers in Macquarie on 3rd January 2014. We are offering a $500 reward for her safe return.
Please email sarah_meadows@hotmail.com and include a photo of our dog if you have found her. We will only be responding to authentic claims of having our dog.
If you know anything at [...]

UN Women Australia Color Run (TM) Team, “National Committee for UN Women (Rothnie-Jones)” Wants You to Run/Walk w Their Team 16/2/14, Sun

By 23 January, 2014

Consider this your invitation to UN Women Australia Team, men and women, alike:
Sunday, 16 Feb at 8AM. Commonwealth Park.
 “National Committee for UN Women (Rothnie-Jones)” is the name of the team and it will be fun, inclusive, and there will be a range of fitness so you will have team mates to run/walk with….we promise. [...]

TAMS want you out fishing

By 22 January, 2014

Territory and Municipal Services are actively encouraging you to get out fishing on our lakes and rivers:
ACT residents are encouraged to make use of the many great fishing spots in the region, including Uriarra Loop Track, Black Mountain Peninsula, Dairy Flat, the trout waters below Bendora Dam and in Googong Reservoir.

Complaints from the prison

By 16 January, 2014

The wonder of FOI has produced a series of complaints from the Hume Hilton.
And you thought that wardrobe was a portal to a whole new world?
I particularly like the way the prison officials are nearly as incomprehensible as the inmates.

Another day at the Cricket, another Manuka Oval failure

By 15 January, 2014

I had a great day yesterday, it revolved around going to the cricket but that was the least of it really.
Swimming in Manuka Pool, sitting in the baking sun, drinking beer and joking around in a fun crowd, lunch at the Kingston Hotel, cycling around the lake after the game, sacking out on Aspen Island [...]

Camel’s Hump… Almost. Walk review

By 13 January, 2014

I wage a ceaseless battle to stop my sons bodies turning into X-Box driven mush. As part of the struggle, I recently took them out to do the Camel’s Hump walk at the Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve. The Camel’s Hump is a prominent peak in the range of hills that run along the Western side of [...]

Going to be a scorcher!!

By 20 December, 2013

8.00 am at the Pinnacle, and it’s already bloomin hot!!
[ED - Got an image of Canberra you want to share with the world? Email it in to images@the-riotact.com ]

Early Bird Tickets for the Canberra Marathon now available

By 12 December, 2013

Attention people with great legs and a love of pain and sweat, your event approaches!
Any keen running Rioters out there. I started getting into running whenI’ve finally hit that age where I can’t eat whatever I want without having to buy progressively larger trousers, but I’ve never gotten enthusiastic enough to try a running event [...]

Please register your distress beacon before you need to use it

By 12 December, 2013

It seems like common sense, but sometimes the obvious things are the easiest to forget.
NSW Police and the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) are encouraging distress beacon owners to ensure they have a current GPS encoded 406MHz beacon registered with AMSA following an increase in incidents relating to out-dated and unregistered beacons.
Between October 2012 [...]

The New Aged Care Reforms. What do they mean for you?

By 9 December, 2013

In June 2013 the government passed a number of laws, changing the aged care system. The changes are intended to:
1) increase the options available for those requiring aged care
2) provide flexibility and choice on how residents can pay their accommodation costs
3) align fees for aged care services more closely to individual circumstances.
Many of these reforms [...]

Politics trumps hard-headed reason on bicycle helmets

By 4 December, 2013

By Chris Rissel, University of Sydney
For a few hours, late last week, it looked like Queensland could become the first Australian state to start relaxing its strict bicycle helmet laws.
After months of careful review of the evidence, a state parliamentary committee backed the need for A new direction for cycling in Queensland, releasing a 200-page [...]

Cartilage piercing – piercer recommendations?

By 30 November, 2013

Its been a few years since I’ve had any piercings done, but I’ m tempted to get another cartilage one (a daith, specifically).
Last time I had mine done it was at Justin’s studio / with Justin at Redpath, but since then I believe he’s shut down, and Freestyle no longer does piercings.
I know Redpath is [...]

Giulia Jones takes up cudgels against ‘ol dick ‘n balls

By 27 November, 2013

The Liberals’ Giulia Jones is making a push for Canberra’s playgrounds to be made more to her liking.
Playgrounds across Canberra are in need of a spruce up and they should offer more for mums and dads while providing a learning environment to boost fitness and health, Member for Molonglo Giulia Jones said today.
“Today in [...]

Kyall Green’s Story

By 22 November, 2013

A mother and father should not have to bury their son but this is what David and Jackie Green were faced with when their beloved 22 year old son Kyall died in a car accident earlier this year.
A few months before Kyall died, he had talked to his parents about wanting to help others by [...]

Walk around the lake for charity

By 21 November, 2013

[ 24 November, 2013; 10:00 am to 1:00 pm. ]

This Sunday the 24th just so happens to be Lakewalk 2013, so you know what to do.

Lake/walking/fitness/charity win/win/win/win.

It’s simple math.

The walkathon is on this Sunday 24th November, between 10am and 1pm. It starts at regatta point, commonwealth park and takes a loop circuit to Aspen Island and back. All monies raised go towards funding therapies [...]

Diesel or white paint for our sportsgrounds?

By 17 November, 2013

It can’t be a Sunday if the Liberals aren’t worrying about sports it seems.
Today’s offering is from Steve Doszpot who prefers white paint for marking fields, rather than the black lines of diesel death:
“The practice of using diesel to mark out grounds is causing dangerous furrows onscores of local fields across the ACT, and it’s [...]

Sunday Assembly coming to Canberra

By 11 November, 2013

[ 25 November, 2013; 7:30 pm to 8:30 pm. ]

There’s a global thing going on called Sunday Assembly for people who want the community aspects of religion, without the religious bits.

And it’s coming to Canberra with the first meeting this 25 November.

Here’s the blurb from the local organisers:

Following the unprecedented success of The Sunday Assembly in London, a group of Canberrans are organising the [...]

In The Taratory – proving Canberra’s not boring

By 9 November, 2013

In The Taratory is a Canberra blog reviewing anything and everything to do in the ACT and surrounds. It’s been a busy few months – here are some of the highlights:
Love him or loathe him, one of the biggest events on the foodie calendar was the opening of Jamie’s Italian earlier this week. My verdict? [...]

Hang gliding lessons with Limp Jimmy

By 5 November, 2013

Local men about town Limp Jimmy and Nancy Porker have taken to giving hang gliding lessons via YouTube off the Lake George escarpment. Enjoy:
Your complete guide to learning hang gliding. Watch this video and you’ll know everything there is to know about free flight.

Hurrah for Actew Water cries Actew Water

By 4 November, 2013

Actew Water are letting us know how great the tap water is:
Following the positive report this week showing Canberra’s drinking water receiving a top ranking at 95% satisfaction , a new Drinking Water Quality Report 2012-2013 has been released which illustrates the high quality of Canberra’s drinking water.
The report shows that the ACT [...]

Canberran inventor looking to save your Great Aunt’s life

By 4 November, 2013

Hugh Geiger has made a phone that might save the life of someone you love.
Or it might cause you to become paranoid every time your kid gets distracted walking home from school and decides to climb a tree.
The phone has one button, works via voice commands, and is super simple to use. It’s a phone [...]

Friday night drinks returning to Old Parliament House

By 2 November, 2013

As the Barton set look to drown their sorrows or celebrate that they still have their health it’s good to hear that Friday drinks are coming back to Old Parliament House.
Raise a flute of sparkling, a glass of great wine or a well mixed cocktail to the re-opening of the long standing Friday night drinks [...]

Medical wait times unacceptable.

By 30 October, 2013

Over the past few months I have been experiencing bouts of extreme fatigue and recently dizziness. I have had huge problems trying to get that diagnosed. On an APS2 wage I can’t afford to pay to see a doctor. I finally managed to get in to see a doctor at Winnunga who did a whole [...]

The Walk to Nil Desperandum Cottage at Tidbinbilla

By 28 October, 2013

In my ongoing quest to get them away from their computer games, I recently took the boys (FMJ and LRN) on the walk to Nil Desperandum cottage in the Tidbinbilla reserve.
The cottage was built in the 1890’s and has a long and interesting history. It was badly damaged in the 2003 fires but has been [...]

Platypode viewing pleasure!

By 25 October, 2013

Tidbinbilla are offering via TAMS the chance of a Platypus Pursuit!
“People have a rather unique opportunity to see platypus in their natural environment when they visit the Sanctuary at Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve,” Brett McNamara, Acting Regional Manager, National Parks and Catchments said today.
“The platypus is one of the more iconic animals you’ll see in [...]

Critical Mass rides again this Friday

By 23 October, 2013

[ 25 October, 2013; 5:44 pm; ]

This just in:

when uranium-235 is bombarded by a neutron, it undergoes fission which in turn releases more neutrons. Some of these escape, but a portion seeds further fission events – that in turn releases more neutrons. A critical mass is the amount of fissile material needed for a sustained chain reaction.

Friday 25th October, [...]


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