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Juicing for a health Fix

By 28 July 2014
Juicing for a health Fix

A few weeks ago, I had a bit of an ‘I need to give my body a break’ moment. After 5 years of abuse, which I blame on having three kids close together and being exhausted most of the time, I felt like it was time to take charge of my own body again.
I had [...]

The Art of Holding Focus Mitts

By 22 July 2014
The Art of Holding Focus Mitts

Whether it be for boot camp, boxercise or actual boxing, the amount of times I have seen people with extremely poor form is all too common. Poor form on the mitts can also lead to poor form with punches, which leads to poor technique and finally leads to injury.
The basic principle of holding the mitts [...]

Yoga at 40 degrees

By 17 July 2014
Yoga at 40 degrees

Fancy getting hot and sweaty in a room full of people, some near-naked? Try Bikram Yoga.
You’ll probably have heard of Bikram Yoga by now – it’s been around awhile. Well, yoga, of course, has been around a looong while. Bikram Yoga, or as I like to think of it, Sweaty Yoga, has surfaced more recently [...]

Nerves: The good the bad and the ugly

By 15 July 2014
Nerves: The good the bad and the ugly

I’m very fortunate in the fact that I have always naturally dealt with pre competition nerves well. I always enjoy lightening the very stressful atmosphere in the change room before a fight with sometimes awful attempts at levity and schoolyard humour.
Everybody deals with stress in different ways, I’ve seen multiple people look like world champions [...]

Cholesterol testing

By 13 July 2014

As usual, I had the standard five cholesterol (Lipid Studies) tests done via my Dr.  From reading, I know that there are a number of others than can be done to get an idea of the Why? of a high LDL reading, e.g. LDL-P, LipoProtein(a)…  Anybody know whether it is possible to get these done [...]

Canberra’s Wellbeing Report – Worthless Says Steven Bailey

By 10 July 2014
Canberra's Wellbeing Report - Worthless Says Steven Bailey

I think most Canberrans would agree that poverty is the anathema to any just society – especially ours. I also believe that most Canberrans understand that poverty is a form of social humiliation that leaves people not only hungry or homeless but unwanted and uncared for.
According to a recent OECD report, entitled OECD Regional Wellbeing, [...]

Jogging: Pro’s, cons and alternatives

By 8 July 2014
Jogging: Pro's, cons and alternatives

The benefits of jogging are well documented but what is less spoken about is the related injuries. People jog for fitness and fun and I, coming from a Rugby League and combat sport background enjoyed the benefits of the aerobic training and leg conditioning.
At the age of 15 and 105kg I used to jog [...]

Call for transparency in public buildings with asbestos

By 7 July 2014

We have received the following note from a reader, Maria.
With all the talk about asbestos being found everywhere including childcare centres recently, shouldn’t the ACT government release a list of affected public-use buildings that are known to contain asbestos? Such as scout halls and other childcare centres that people would visit for children’s [...]

Timely warning about snow safety from Sports Medicine Australia

By 3 July 2014
Timely warning about snow safety from Sports Medicine Australia

Looking around at the snow on the mountains it’s easy to picture the hive of activity taking place up in the ski resorts, particularly given the start of school holidays. Most of us will have either had a ski injury or know of someone who has. My experience is mostly with knees. [...]

At the barre – no leg-warmers required…

By 1 July 2014
At the barre - no leg-warmers required...

To get me to dance you have to a) ply me with alcohol or b) be Hugh Jackman. So I’ll admit to some trepidation when it was established that I would be attending my first Xtend Barre class.
For the uninitiated (ie, me, until last weekend) Xtend Barre is the new kid on the block of [...]

Are fun runs really fun? The Canberra Times Fun Run comes to town

By 18 June 2014
Are fun runs really fun? The Canberra Times Fun Run comes to town

I was recently reminded that registrations for the Canberra Time Fun Run are open, and this sent me on a stumble down memory lane, thinking about my first CT 10km, and fun runs more generally.
‘Fun run’ is an oft-maligned term. Granted, it seems an oxymoron. As far as I understand it, a fun run is [...]

Mental Health – how to help when someone you love is suffering

By 18 June 2014
Mental Health - how to help when someone you love is suffering

Catching up with a group of close girlfriends for dinner last week, conversation turned to mental health.  As we talked about our experiences and thoughts, the tone was gentle and understanding, the content frank.
It occurred to me a few days later just what an extensive web is spun by mental health issues.  From four of [...]

Practical tips for facing Canberra’s Winter head on

By 12 June 2014
Practical tips for facing Canberra's Winter head on

Are you one of those people who seem to be constantly fighting colds?  This year as usual there are a variety of flu strains arriving from overseas as well as bacterial infections. Most recently, the news reported on a particularly nasty strain of virus named MERS (Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome). If you don’t already have [...]

Canberra, 5kms at a time

By 3 June 2014
Canberra, 5kms at a time

One of the many great things about Canberra is its ability to show you something you’ve not seen before. This is what happened to me when I joined a running group last year. Now before you switch off right there, bear with me. I’d grown up on the South side of Canberra and moved to [...]

Is Vitamin D magic in a capsule?

By 29 May 2014
Is Vitamin D magic in a capsule?

Do you have enough Vitamin D for winter, optimal fertility, healthy mood and healthy cholesterol?
Vitamin D accumulates and needs regular topping up from sun exposure.  Here in Canberra we are prone to spending a lot of time indoors while we’re at work.  When we do venture outside we have sun block on so how are [...]

Get your vaccines up to date

By 23 May 2014
Get your vaccines up to date

Another day, another rash of articles breathlessly reporting the results of a newsworthy scientific study. This week it’s a meta-study by the University of Sydney that discovered no link between vaccines and autism.
This shouldn’t be newsworthy. After all, the scientific study that sparked this whole anti-vax controversy has been declared a fraud by the BMJ [...]

Obesity Clinic for Canberra

By 21 May 2014

A new obesity clinic has opened in Canberra, to tackle one of the region’s biggest health concerns, according to the ABC.
With almost one in three ACT adults and one in four Year Six children overweight or obese, the Obesity Management Service will assist by offering consultations with a range of medical professionals.
Services are available at [...]

Energy drink Dexaprine XR recalled after person hospitalised

By 9 May 2014

One person has been hospitalised after consuming Dexaprine XR Green Apple, which contains illegal levels of caffeine and another substance not entirely unlike amphetamine.
The product was recalled on Thursday.
There was no detail on the location of the person in Australia.
According to The Canberra Times, an ACT Health spokeswoman said the product was sold [...]

Mother’s Day… OFF!

By 8 May 2014

Last week I sent a note out to a handful of Canberra friends who are mums asking about their hopes for Mother’s Day – favourite gifts, places to go, things to do.  I figured I would put together a bit of a ‘real shopping’ guide for anyone stuck for gift ideas for Sunday.   I imagined we [...]

International Pilates Day May 3rd

By 1 May 2014
International Pilates Day May 3rd

A long, long time ago – in what now feels like the life of someone else, I did a lot of Pilates.  I was strong and fit and recall that feeling of health and wellbeing with great fondness (a feeling that is somewhat further away thanks to three kids and, well, inherent laziness).
This Saturday is [...]

Counsellor for 7yr old anxiety recommendations

By 12 April 2014

Would appreciate any recommendations for a counsellor who works with kids anxiety. We are booked in with the Canberra university health clinic  but the waiting period is about 2 months.  Wanted to get on top of it sooner than later. Our school counsellor is on leave for the next term. TIA.

When turning, do you have to give way to a pedestrian?

By 25 March 2014

You’re driving south along Allara Street past the Civic Pool, and making a 45 degree left turn into Dive Lane which leads to the pool car park. If you proceed, there is a danger that you will collide with a person who is walking parallel to Allara Street, across the end of Dive lane.
According to [...]

Bike Searching

By 18 March 2014

Hiya. I am looking to get into cycling (the non lycra type!). I am overweight and havent ridden in a hundred years. Does anyone know what a good bike would be for the likes of me? I have researched and it seems that 36> spokes is the go as well as a damn comfortable seat!! [...]

Can you suggest a good dentist in Canberra?

By 25 February 2014

I am a real coward when it comes to dentists and only go when something goes wrong – and it has, a broken filling. Can someone suggest a good dentist who can explain all the options for a dental problem, is gentle and can cope with my silly fears? I live in Turner and would [...]

Commando Steve to hit Canberra this weekend!

By 20 February 2014

Canberrans young and old are encouraged to get active with Commando Steve, star of Australia’s Biggest Loser, at a free Health and Fitness Day at the Patrick White Lawns (next to the National Library) this Saturday.
Organised by local fitness provider, Battle Camp Fitness, the highlights of the day will be two boot camps,where Canberrans will be put through [...]

Dentist recommendations – Tuggeranong area

By 12 February 2014

Master Cholet and I need to go to the dentist. Been a while for me for many reasons which don’t stand up to much scrutiny, and for Master Cholet, well it’s time that he got into the swing of having his gnashers checked out on a regular basis – we tried a few times when [...]

$500 reward for lost dog

By 29 January 2014

Genie went missing after let out from the groomers in Macquarie on 3rd January 2014. We are offering a $500 reward for her safe return.
Please email and include a photo of our dog if you have found her. We will only be responding to authentic claims of having our dog.
If you know anything at [...]

UN Women Australia Color Run (TM) Team, “National Committee for UN Women (Rothnie-Jones)” Wants You to Run/Walk w Their Team 16/2/14, Sun

By 23 January 2014

Consider this your invitation to UN Women Australia Team, men and women, alike:
Sunday, 16 Feb at 8AM. Commonwealth Park.
 “National Committee for UN Women (Rothnie-Jones)” is the name of the team and it will be fun, inclusive, and there will be a range of fitness so you will have team mates to run/walk with….we promise. [...]

TAMS want you out fishing

By 22 January 2014

Territory and Municipal Services are actively encouraging you to get out fishing on our lakes and rivers:
ACT residents are encouraged to make use of the many great fishing spots in the region, including Uriarra Loop Track, Black Mountain Peninsula, Dairy Flat, the trout waters below Bendora Dam and in Googong Reservoir.

Complaints from the prison

By 16 January 2014
Complaints from the prison

The wonder of FOI has produced a series of complaints from the Hume Hilton.
And you thought that wardrobe was a portal to a whole new world?
I particularly like the way the prison officials are nearly as incomprehensible as the inmates.

Another day at the Cricket, another Manuka Oval failure

By 15 January 2014
Another day at the Cricket, another Manuka Oval failure

I had a great day yesterday, it revolved around going to the cricket but that was the least of it really.
Swimming in Manuka Pool, sitting in the baking sun, drinking beer and joking around in a fun crowd, lunch at the Kingston Hotel, cycling around the lake after the game, sacking out on Aspen Island [...]

Camel’s Hump… Almost. Walk review

By 13 January 2014
Camel's Hump... Almost. Walk review

I wage a ceaseless battle to stop my sons bodies turning into X-Box driven mush. As part of the struggle, I recently took them out to do the Camel’s Hump walk at the Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve. The Camel’s Hump is a prominent peak in the range of hills that run along the Western side of [...]

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