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Looking for a Rheumatologist for Fibromyalgia in Canberra?

By 15 November 2012

Hello Mind Hive.
Does anyone know of a rheumatologist in Canberra that deals with Fibromyalgia patients?
Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Are you getting to bed on time?

By 12 November 2012
Are you getting to bed on time?

Spending the hours before bed watching TV or working on the computer? You could be placing stress on your body and affecting the quality of your sleep!
Our bodies have a natural rhythm known as the circadian cycle. Or the sleep wake cycle. Nearly all living creatures are affected by this.
Its simple really. When the sun [...]

Call me maybe

By 9 November 2012

Since BabyThreepaws entered the world I have had cause to contact after hours health help lines on a few occasions. Mostly minor stuff, but of course almost always on a weekend and definitely after hours. Prior to having a baby I was only vaguely aware of these services, but thankfully the contact information was thrust [...]

Where to put the inner north dog park? [With Poll]

By 8 November 2012
Where to put the inner north dog park? [With Poll]

Territory and Municipal Services are asking where they should put a dog park in the Inner North:
“Three sites have been identified in the inner north region as potential locations for the new enclosed dog park. These sites are located in Russell, O’Connor and on the border of North Lyneham. All proposed sites are able to [...]

Canberra’s Kumo Cycles makes the list of the world’s most beautiful bikes

By 8 November 2012
Canberra's Kumo Cycles makes the list of the world's most beautiful bikes

In very exciting news Keith Marshall’s Kumo Cycles has made the grade for the Cycle EXIF Bicycle Calendar 2013:
Thirteen of the world’s most beautiful custom bicycles, from builders including Jordan Hufnagel, Kumo Cycles, Tom Donhou, Signal Cycles and MAP Cycles.
Well done Keith!

Crace recreation park opening

By 7 November 2012
Crace recreation park opening

The Crace developers are letting us all know the Crace recreation park is officially opening on Saturday:
Crace’s $3.6 million recreation park spanning 4.5 hectares is a facility unlike anything Canberra has ever seen and has been hailed as a model for future parks by the ACT Government.
Designed to appeal to a broad range of users, [...]

Beware the Paralytic Shellfish Toxin contaminated mussels

By 6 November 2012
Beware the Paralytic Shellfish Toxin contaminated mussels

The Chief Health Officer is warning that regardless of what you think about Peter Slipper’s text messages you don’t want to be hanging onto some batches of mussels:
On 2 November 2012, a national recall was announced for mussels that may be contaminated with a naturally occurring biotoxin called paralytic shellfish toxin. Shellfish may accumulate this [...]

How well did you sleep last night?

By 5 November 2012
How well did you sleep last night?

Sleep, we all need it, but the quality and quantity of your sleep is vital to your health!
If the odd night of poor sleep becomes a regular pattern of two or more times per week, the long term effects on your body are not just physical. The emotional and mental are far greater.
“The research is [...]

Fernwood – Should I Join?!

By 2 November 2012

Hey Guys,
I’m looking at joining a women’s health club, mainly to use the creche, and as it’s close by to my work. I’ve just gone back part time, my daughter is 8 months old.
I am mainly looking at joining a Fernwood Woden/Civic, as they are the closest women’s gym to my work and home. Apparently, [...]

Tattoo removalists in Canberra?

By 2 November 2012

A family member has decided to get a small tattoo removed.
Where should they go?

Best Eye Doctor in 20+ Years, Here in Canberra

By 1 November 2012

Hi everyone, I’m a newcomer to Canberra (having arrived in December 2010). Prior to that, I lived on the East Coast of the US and 3 years in Auckland. I’ve relied on the Riot Act heavily for suggestions for everything from doctors to restaurants for a special meal to hair dressers. So [...]

Government advice on your dog

By 1 November 2012

Territory and Municipal Services have taken it on themselves to warn us about the care of dogs through the summer.
They’re particularly down on leaving dogs in cars, and letting them off leads.
There is, however, some good advice about swimming areas:
“If the mercury is on the rise and you feel like taking your dog for a [...]

You know you’re living in the future when…

By 31 October 2012
You know you're living in the future when...

As passed on and recounted by a friend who wishes to remain anonymous:
Running along weaving down the street, Some guy walking past yells at me: “WHAT THE F*** ARE YOU DOING YOU IDIOT?”
I pass [...]

Smokers at Canberra Hospital

By 29 October 2012

It’s about time Canberra Hospital got serious about enforcing the total smoking ban at this health care facility and backing it up with on the spot fines.
The inconsiderate desperadoes that blithely puff away under the no smoking signs could well contribute to the cost of their own treatment and should be actively deterred from [...]

Dogs and Canberra’s lakes?

By 26 October 2012

Does anyone know which if any of the lakes in Canberra are safe for dogs to swim in?

Playground upgrades

By 26 October 2012

Territory and Municipal Services want you to know what they’ve been up to with their “play spaces” upgrades (we think they mean playgrounds):
“Canberra families now have access to more fun and contemporary play areas with upgrades to play spaces on Mueller Street in Yarralumla, Rosman Circuit in Gilmore, Gibbs and Crafer Places in Kambah, and [...]

The monsters of Googong

By 25 October 2012
The monsters of Googong

YouTube brings us frankly astonishing footage of the monstrous Murray Cod lurking in Googong Dam.
It’s been posted by First Strike Production with this note:
This DVD series has been filmed, edited and created by Roman Dicovski and Barry Anderson.
These DVD’s are a strap yourself in arm chair ride to some of the best clear-water cod action [...]

Redundancy and You

By 24 October 2012
Redundancy and You

Do you know someone like this?
As a Project Manager of a large construction company, Robert understood stress. He regularly worked long hours, made major financial decisions on the go every day and played his role in the rough and tumble of workplace politics.
So Robert was totally unprepared when his boss called him to an urgent [...]

The birds of Mulligans Flat

By 22 October 2012
The birds of Mulligans Flat

Territory and Municipal Services want you to know about the bird watching possibilities along the Mulligans Bird Walk:
“Mulligans Flat Woodland Sanctuary is one of the best bird watching spots in the ACT, with its different habitats providing a home and feeding place for more than 160 native bird species,” said Stephen Wilkes, Ranger-in-Charge, Mulligans Flat [...]

The Harley Owners Group Canberra ride in pictures

By 21 October 2012
The Harley Owners Group Canberra ride in pictures

Yesterday Mark sent in a clutch of pictures with this note:
The Harley Owners Group have set up base at Thoroughbred Park for their annual Rally. Pictures from Thoroughbred Park, Commonwealth Avenue and Mount Ainslie.
Photo’s courtesy of Snapped by Mark Photography.
Got images of Canberra you want to share with the world? Email them [...]

There’s never been a better time to join SEE-Change

By 19 October 2012
There's never been a better time to join SEE-Change

With energy prices predicted to rise steeply over coming years, now is the moment to retrofit your home for energy efficiency.
Join before 31st October to win a thermal imaging and air leakage assessment from Scinergy valued at over $500. Eliminating air leaks can commonly reduce household energy bills by 50%, and make [...]

Labor promises a water play area for Tuggers

By 16 October 2012

A headline “ACT Labor to bring family fun to Tuggeranong Pool” does make one wonder what kind of hellish facility they’ve been running down there until now. But here’s the announcement:
If re-elected in 2012, ACT Labor will commit $600,000 to establish a family water play area as part of the Lakeside Leisure Centre at Tuggeranong.

Hairdressers open on public holidays?

By 8 October 2012

Hi all. Does anyone know of any hair dressers that are open today that isn’t just cuts and isn’t a rip?

Libs say no to backyard knocking shops

By 7 October 2012

The Liberals’ Vicki Dunne is coming out against “mini brothels” in suburban settings:
ACT Shadow Attorney-General Vicki Dunne announced today that if elected, a Canberra\ Liberals government would not implement the Labor-Greens plan to allow multiple prostitutes to work in homes in the suburbs. Mrs Dunne said this is bad policy which would have negative ramifications [...]

4WD Experience Courses near Canberra?

By 6 October 2012

My mother-in-law is visiting for a couple of months from Spain and she mentioned that she’d love to have a go at driving a 4WD off-road.  As her birthday (60th) is coming up I thought it would be a good pressy.
However, I cant find any places that would do this; anyone got any ideas or [...]

Personal Trainers Say Weight Loss Now a Cinch

By 5 October 2012
Personal Trainers Say Weight Loss Now a Cinch

Canberra – Personal fitness trainers are the beacon of integrity in the fog of weight loss gimmicks, gadgets and fads. None worth their salt would ever tell someone weight loss is easy. But now many are saying it’s a cinch. That’s because hundreds of personal fitness trainers nationwide are recommending the Cinch™ Cm Loss Plan [...]

Relax, Rebalance Reconnect with the Real YOU!

By 4 October 2012
Relax, Rebalance Reconnect with the Real YOU!

Are YOU Stressed Out? In Pain? Overwhelmed? Always tired?
Feel like you are barely holding on sometimes because life seems so busy? You are always running around doing everything for everyone else…when is it going to be your turn? At times work, family and social commitments can take over our lives and leave us feeling tired, [...]

Rubbing the right way. Massage in Canberra?

By 28 September 2012

Dear Rioters, who is the best masseur in Canberra?
I am inner north but prepared to travel (within reason). No specific injuries, just sore muscles.
I will ignore any Mitchell/Fyshwick recommendations.

Kids play while parents relax

By 27 September 2012
Kids play while parents relax

With the school holidays approaching, entertaining the kids will be high on your agenda.
You want somewhere that’s fun, exciting and safe and is not going to break the bank.
You also want somewhere to relax and catch up with friends while you enjoy a great cup of coffee and a bite to eat.
KidCity in Mitchell is [...]

The war on fat kiddies continues

By 20 September 2012

Chief Minister Gallaher has found some more money to get kids in better shape:
If re-elected in 2012, ACT Labor will boost our investment to $390,000 over four years to promote healthy eating and exercise in primary schools – so more kids are Active Kids.
The boost in funding will be provided to the Physical Activity Foundation [...]

Liberals promise an indoor pool for the Lanyon Valley

By 20 September 2012

The Tuggeranong Push rolls on with the Liberals promising more facilities in parts South.
ACT Opposition Leader Zed Seselja and ACT Deputy Opposition Leader Brendan Smyth announced today that if elected, a Canberra Liberals Government will commit $15 million for the development of an indoor swimming pool in Lanyon.
“The Canberra Liberals believe that all Canberra residents [...]

A policy to boost local take-aways and kill tuckshops

By 14 September 2012

Chief Minister Gallagher is playing the obesity card again (everyone else’s obesity is terrible can someone else do something about it) and promising to make tuck shops less competitive but notionally healthier.
If re-elected in 2012 ACT Labor will invest $1 million to make sure public school students have access to the highest quality canteen options.
By [...]

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