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There’s never been a better time to join SEE-Change

By 19 October, 2012

With energy prices predicted to rise steeply over coming years, now is the moment to retrofit your home for energy efficiency.
Join before 31st October to win a thermal imaging and air leakage assessment from Scinergy valued at over $500. Eliminating air leaks can commonly reduce household energy bills by 50%, and make [...]

Labor promises a water play area for Tuggers

By 16 October, 2012

A headline “ACT Labor to bring family fun to Tuggeranong Pool” does make one wonder what kind of hellish facility they’ve been running down there until now. But here’s the announcement:
If re-elected in 2012, ACT Labor will commit $600,000 to establish a family water play area as part of the Lakeside Leisure Centre at Tuggeranong.

Hairdressers open on public holidays?

By 8 October, 2012

Hi all. Does anyone know of any hair dressers that are open today that isn’t just cuts and isn’t a rip?

Libs say no to backyard knocking shops

By 7 October, 2012

The Liberals’ Vicki Dunne is coming out against “mini brothels” in suburban settings:
ACT Shadow Attorney-General Vicki Dunne announced today that if elected, a Canberra\ Liberals government would not implement the Labor-Greens plan to allow multiple prostitutes to work in homes in the suburbs. Mrs Dunne said this is bad policy which would have negative ramifications [...]

4WD Experience Courses near Canberra?

By 6 October, 2012

My mother-in-law is visiting for a couple of months from Spain and she mentioned that she’d love to have a go at driving a 4WD off-road.  As her birthday (60th) is coming up I thought it would be a good pressy.
However, I cant find any places that would do this; anyone got any ideas or [...]

Personal Trainers Say Weight Loss Now a Cinch

By 5 October, 2012

Canberra – Personal fitness trainers are the beacon of integrity in the fog of weight loss gimmicks, gadgets and fads. None worth their salt would ever tell someone weight loss is easy. But now many are saying it’s a cinch. That’s because hundreds of personal fitness trainers nationwide are recommending the Cinch™ Cm Loss Plan [...]

Relax, Rebalance Reconnect with the Real YOU!

By 4 October, 2012

Are YOU Stressed Out? In Pain? Overwhelmed? Always tired?
Feel like you are barely holding on sometimes because life seems so busy? You are always running around doing everything for everyone else…when is it going to be your turn? At times work, family and social commitments can take over our lives and leave us feeling tired, [...]

Rubbing the right way. Massage in Canberra?

By 28 September, 2012

Dear Rioters, who is the best masseur in Canberra?
I am inner north but prepared to travel (within reason). No specific injuries, just sore muscles.
I will ignore any Mitchell/Fyshwick recommendations.

Kids play while parents relax

By 27 September, 2012

With the school holidays approaching, entertaining the kids will be high on your agenda.
You want somewhere that’s fun, exciting and safe and is not going to break the bank.
You also want somewhere to relax and catch up with friends while you enjoy a great cup of coffee and a bite to eat.
KidCity in Mitchell is [...]

The war on fat kiddies continues

By 20 September, 2012

Chief Minister Gallaher has found some more money to get kids in better shape:
If re-elected in 2012, ACT Labor will boost our investment to $390,000 over four years to promote healthy eating and exercise in primary schools – so more kids are Active Kids.
The boost in funding will be provided to the Physical Activity Foundation [...]

Liberals promise an indoor pool for the Lanyon Valley

By 20 September, 2012

The Tuggeranong Push rolls on with the Liberals promising more facilities in parts South.
ACT Opposition Leader Zed Seselja and ACT Deputy Opposition Leader Brendan Smyth announced today that if elected, a Canberra Liberals Government will commit $15 million for the development of an indoor swimming pool in Lanyon.
“The Canberra Liberals believe that all Canberra residents [...]

A policy to boost local take-aways and kill tuckshops

By 14 September, 2012

Chief Minister Gallagher is playing the obesity card again (everyone else’s obesity is terrible can someone else do something about it) and promising to make tuck shops less competitive but notionally healthier.
If re-elected in 2012 ACT Labor will invest $1 million to make sure public school students have access to the highest quality canteen options.
By [...]

Joy does a deal with the clubs

By 11 September, 2012

Joy Burch has announced the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding with ClubsACT:
Commitments contained in the MoU include:
– The ACT Government will consider options to encourage clubs to maintain specific community contributions above the 8 per cent required by law, and members of ClubsACT agree to maintain contribution levels additional to the required 8 per [...]

Katy says you shall go no further fatties

By 8 September, 2012

Chief Minister Gallagher has announced that she’s OK with the existing obese population but doesn’t want to see any more:
if re-elected ACT Labor will set a “zero growth” target by of making the current recorded rates of people
who are overweight and obese as the peak of the obesity epidemic in the ACT.
To achieve this she’s [...]

Mindy Reading; Finalist in Curvy Kate modelling Competition

By 5 September, 2012

A few months ago as a dare, 19 year old Canberra girl Mindy Reading signed up for the Curvy Kate Star-in-a-Bra completion. Now, a bit further down the track she has not only won the Canberra stage of the competition but finds herself in the top five in Australia. So far she has had interviews [...]

Smelly after workout and share housing in Canberra?

By 5 September, 2012

I am considering entering to share housing. I am concerned because I have sport 3 nights a week and I sweat like nothing else. After training there are no showers so I have to come home smelly. I jump straight into the shower because I cannot stand my own smell.
In a share house situation you’re [...]

Before you blame the wattle, consider the pine

By 4 September, 2012

This afternoon the Kelpie of Few Accomplishments and I managed to capture on camera the vast pollen output of the pines of Haig Park.
Got an image of Canberra you want to share with the world? Email it to images@the-riotact.com .

Gungahlin gets a Community Health Centre

By 3 September, 2012

Chief Minister Gallagher yesterday announced the opening of a new Gungahlin Community Health Centre which is open to the public today:
The new $18 million health centre will offer: community nursing ambulatory clinics; allied health services including physiotherapy and podiatry; dental surgeries for children and youth; and a range of services for women and children including [...]

Women’s dragon boating COME AND TRY DAY

By 3 September, 2012

[ 8 September, 2012; 11:30 am to 1:30 pm. 11:30 am to 1:30 pm. ] All women 16-60+ are welcome to join us for a fun morning of paddling on Lake Burley Griffin followed by a sausage sizzle BBQ. Try something new, improve your health and fitness, make new friends and find out why dragon boating is such a fast-growing fun sport.

Meet at Lotus Bay, Alexandrina Drive Yarralumla (look for [...]

Thats all for the Murray Cod folks

By 31 August, 2012

Environment and Sustainable Development are letting us know that you’ll need to get out in the snow if you want to catch another Murray Cod this season:
Anglers are reminded that the Murray Cod fishing season closes at midnight on 31 August 2012.
“To maintain our Murray cod stocks and allow the fish to spawn, the [...]

Farmers Markets extending their opening hours

By 28 August, 2012

The EPIC Farmers Markets are a religion to many of you. So it’s of vital importance to those people that the opening hours are being extended.
So if you want to get in first for the good stuff it’s now a 7:30am start.
Canberra’s popular Saturday morning market, the Capital Region Farmers Market at Exhibition Park in [...]

Wanted: Canberra’s least confrontational gym or health club

By 26 August, 2012

Hi all, this is the increasingly expanding Bill.
I never thought I’d be the type. The type that gets up at 5.30am to go to the gym. Or who gives up time at the pub after work to go to the gym. But alas, after too many beers after work, my doctor has finally convinced me [...]

Nerd Trivia returns to the Phoenix!

By 23 August, 2012

[ 28 August, 2012; 7:30 pm; ]

Canberra’s most brutal trivia gladiators return to do battle in the hallowed halls of The Phoenix next tuesday.

Be sure to get there early to be sure of a table.

Madness? This is Canberaaaaaaa! (CanberraNerf)

By 13 August, 2012

[ 18 August, 2012; 11:00 am to 3:30 pm. ]

Ever since seeing the Riot Act’s article on Game of Foams: Kingslayer, tens of you have no doubt be keen to find out how it went.

We had 40+ attendees/fighters and even interested members of the public who came to check it all out. We’d played quite a few different games thru the day, including [...]

Recommendations for deep sea charter fishing

By 13 August, 2012

Am seeking recommendations for a fishing charter provider on the coast – Bateman’s Bay area.
I intend to purchase a trip as a father’s day gift for a 40-something, and was wondering if anyone had been on one of these charters recently and could recommend one.

Reasonably priced hairdressing and guitar lessons in Canberra?

By 11 August, 2012

I need some advice for accessing local services. I am after a hairdresser that has a realistic price structure (hairdresser at Ainslie wants $75 for a trim – bahahaha) and I am also looking at options to get my daughter started off in guitar lessons.
Location for both services is Inner city/north preferred.

More consultation on the Jerrabomberra wetlands

By 7 August, 2012

Chief Minister Gallagher has announced she’d like community feedback on a draft master plan for the Jerrabomberra wetlands:
“Jerrabomberra Wetlands is an important environment and recreational area that the ACT Government is keen to develop it into an iconic reserve, for the enjoyment of all Canberrans and also to attract interstate and overseas visitors,” the Chief [...]

Strive Holistic Personal Training: Helping you reach your health goals

By 6 August, 2012

It was breast cancer that put personal trainer Tanya Gendle on to the path of holistic health. Today she draws on her experiences to help others to nurture their health and fitness at Strive Holistic Personal Training.
“Being told I had breast cancer at the age of 27 was devastating. I couldn’t understand how this could [...]

Australian Bureau of Statistics Personal Safety Household Survey. Did it make you uncomfortable?

By 4 August, 2012

Last Saturday I was greeted at my front door by an ABS employee asking me for a few minutes of my time. She asked a few general questions before asking me to participate in a Personal Safety Survey. I was busy at the time so we organised for her to come back the next day. [...]

Historic Dance @ANU

By 1 August, 2012

Not many things go down in price these days, but our Saturday afternoon ANU Sport and Recreation Centre’s ‘Dancing Through The Ages’ has! Even though its 2½ hours of entertainment, the fee for the upcoming semester has gone down to match the fees for the SRC’s 1 hour courses … making it just fantastic [...]

Joy Burch announces new gaming laws

By 1 August, 2012

Joy Burch has announced some pre-election legislating on the subject of poker machines and clubs. (Bearing in mind her Labor Party remains a major club owner):
The Government’s amendments to the Bill include provisions that would:
• Allow new or single-venue clubs to access a pool of up to 150 machines to assist them establish new venues [...]

Canberra Full of “Stylish Lounges” and “Pumping Clubs”

By 24 July, 2012

The Tourism Australia website has released a ‘Fact Sheet’ on Canberra’s Bar Scene. Apparently, the greatest compliments one can pay to Canberra bars are that Honkytonks has “Melbourne-like chic interiors” and the Kremlin Bar is “a busy nightspot for hip young things”. No mention of whether the bars were chosen for the listing based on [...]


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