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Long service leave even for those not performing long service rolls on

By 26 November, 2013

Simon Corbell has announced the passage of his improved portable long service schemes:
Improved portable long service leave schemes for Territory workers were secured by legislation passed in the ACT Legislative Assembly today, Industrial Relations Minister, Simon Corbell, said.
“The ACT Government has provided workers in the security, contract cleaning, building and construction and community sector [...]

ACT has cheapo electricity (sort of)

By 26 November, 2013

The ABC has the mixed news that the bloated ranks of the public service ELs make our electricity prices look good in national comparisons:
A new report shows the ACT has the cheapest electricity prices in the country.
The Australian Energy Regulator’s first performance report on the ACT’s energy market shows the estimated annual electricity bill for [...]

Payroll tax concessions for hiring Young Persons with Disability

By 26 November, 2013

Andrew Barr has announced the passage of a bill to help young school leavers with disability get jobs:
Young persons with disability will have a helping hand to enter the workplace with organisations now able to receive a payroll tax concession for employing school leavers with disability.
A Government bill passed in the Legislative Assembly [...]

Barr decreeing a cinema, hoping to find an operator

By 26 November, 2013

In the most arse-about process seen in many a long day from this comprehensively arse-about government Andrew Barr has the astonishing news that he’s engaged Krnc Group to build a cinema complex in Gungahlin.
But who will run it?
I am also delighted that Greater Union, who has been such a major player in the entertainment industry [...]

ACTTAB on the block

By 22 November, 2013

Many days late and many dollars short the ABC reports Andrew Barr is flogging off ACTTAB while it’s still worth anything at all.
We’ll no doubt have his statement shortly.
UPDATE: Here’s the announcement:
The ACT Government has determined to sell ACTTAB Corporation following careful consideration of the recommendations made in the ACTTAB Future Options Feasibility Study.
The [...]

And the winners of the 2013 Canberra BusinessPoint Awards are…

By 21 November, 2013

Andrew Barr has announced this year’s Canberra BusinessPoint Awards.
The awards, which are managed by the ACT Government’s business advisory and mentoring service Canberra BusinessPoint, showcase the range and depth of successful businesses operating in the Canberra region.
They showcase the innovation and ingenuity of ACT companies who have taken the astute step of seeking assistance [...]

ATO cutting 900 jobs

By 21 November, 2013

As news of doom and gloom around Canberra go a nice round 900 job losses from Tax is probably worth a mention:
In Senate Estimates the ATO’s Geoff Leeper said the cuts will be made through natural attrition or voluntary redundancies.
“Unless there are particular functions that cease where it’s impossible for us to redeploy people and [...]

Site sign on? There’s an app for that!

By 18 November, 2013

UC is celebrating the work of Alexandria Garlan and Mitchell Harmer:
Creating an app for construction workers to sign on or off site using just their smart phone has won University of Canberra students over $35,000 in prize money at the Innovation ACT awards.
Mitchell Harmer and Alexandria Garlan were part of a team of four ACT [...]

New taxi meters. Check the rate!

By 17 November, 2013

Some Canberra taxis have new meters installed.
Yesterday, in the second time in as many weeks, I got into a cab around 6pm, and noticed the rate was set on the more expensive option (Rate 2, which starts at 9pm). Both times on notifying the driver that the rate was incorrect, I got the same response [...]

Tony Fung plans to improve Casino Canberra “if possible”

By 13 November, 2013

The ABC brings word that like a card in a monopoly game Casino Canberra has been thrown on as a sweetener to sign up the Chinese Billionaire Tony Fung to a deal for a Cairns casino.
Perhaps not understanding the conflicted perfidy of ACT politics he’s going to look into getting poker machines:
Aquis chief executive [...]

Agriculture giving 220 staff the arse

By 12 November, 2013

Government News has more from the killing grounds as “natural attrition” meets the same grim realities as “turning back the boats”:
An all staff email from Agriculture Department secretary, Paul Grimes, candidly admits that “natural attrition in recent months has proven to be lower than forecast” and that the department is now making “arrangements for [...]

Founders Series: Brand Hoff, founder of Tower Software

By 11 November, 2013

For the more business minded of you, the Founders Series of events may be of interest.
Successful tech entrepreneurs share their stories and will inspire you to stand out form the crowd with your business. They will give you invaluable advise to grow your StartUp. Also, every entrepreneur has had hard times and doubts. Entry 29 [...]

Simon’s plans for Pialligo

By 11 November, 2013

Simon Corbell has announced his plans for Pialligo:
Heritage and semi-rural character will be maintained in the Pialligo master plan whilst promoting small scale commercial development, Minister for Environment and Sustainable Development, Simon Corbell said today.
“The ACT Government has been working closely with the Pialligo local community to produce a master plan that guides Pialligo’s [...]

Explainer: how does the electricity grid work?

By 8 November, 2013

By Glenn Platt, CSIRO
Where would we be without electricity? Assuming that you own a fridge, there won’t be many points in your life when you aren’t making use of it.
But what do we mean when we talk about the electricity grid?
The grid itself is less of a physical location. Instead, it is a term typically [...]

Charities compete in tangram contest for donations

By 7 November, 2013

This sounds kind of fun.
The Salvation Army, CARE Australia and the Breast Cancer Institute of Australia dueled it out in a game of creative mathematical thinking as a part of the 2013 Certified Practicing Accountants (CPA) Congress held in Canberra last month.
The participants were given a chance to fit tangram shapes into the logo of [...]

Dear public servants, do tell us about your departure lounge?

By 6 November, 2013

With stories coming in of increasingly insistent voluntary redundancy offers, and the creation of “departure lounges” where undeployed public servants are required to sit idle all day and consider their futures we thought we’d try and bring some information transparency to the process.
So please share your experiences of the current darkness below?

EFTPOS not accepted in Canberra?

By 5 November, 2013

Does anybody else get annoyed with this in this day and age? You order food at a cafe, bill comes at $50+ then told EFTPOS is not accepted.
Surely these days having an EFTPOS terminal is essential to a business as people like myself seem to carry less cash. If Medicare has now gone cashless [...]

Visionaries talk about Canberra

By 4 November, 2013

Some of Canberra’s biggest names in business have a chat about how great Canberra is, and where they see our super awesome city going in the future.
Its been 100 years of Canberra, so now is time to imagine the future for Canberra in the next 100 years. Join some of Canberra’s most successful entrepreneurs over [...]

Yarralumla Nursey up for sale

By 1 November, 2013

As of today the tender for the Yarralumla Nursery Garden Centre is open. Apparently there will be no loss of staff, and all the various programs and schemes that work through the Nursery will continue to run unaffected.
So business as usual folks.
“The ACT Government is offering the Garden Centre retail nursery, which has been part [...]

Are we all dead yet? (Libs on tripling rates)

By 1 November, 2013

Jeremy Hanson and Brendan Smyth are teaming up to band the drum on rates again.
Andrew Barr has been forced to table documents in the Assembly that show the analysis and models for his tax reform program. Despite vehement claims to the contrary during the election campaign, the documents show there is no possible scenario for [...]

A queue! A real queue for an Apple release!

By 1 November, 2013

BlameMonkey’s life has been enhanced with the latest fondleslab:
Arrived at 7:45, doors opened at 8, I was in by 8:20 and out now with new ipad.
Goosepig is being a horrible person and making me wait for Christmas for a new iPad Mini.
It’s like being dead.

Public service closing up shop!

By 31 October, 2013

Eric Abetz has announced that the public service is only going to be recruiting from amongst its own in future:
The Minister Assisting the Prime Minister for the Public Service, Senator the Hon. Eric Abetz, announced today interim new recruiting arrangements within the Australian Public Service to help meet the Government’s election commitment to reduce the [...]

With mini casinos everywhere it’s tough to be the real deal

By 31 October, 2013

The ABC is carrying an emote by Casino Canberra over its ongoing lack of pokies and the rivers of gold forgone as a result:
Casino Canberra is cutting its staff and operating hours as it grapples with a fall in revenue.
The casino has blamed unfavourable economic conditions and its lack of poker machines for the decision.
Its [...]

Brendan’s open for business

By 30 October, 2013

The Liberals’ Brendan Smyth can’t help parroting the grown up Liberals’ lines (themselves mindlessly repeating the utterly detached from reality American Republicans).
To that end he’s calling for more of your money to be spent telling the world “this city is open for business” by doing the work for an investor to build a new [...]

Simon get his industrial magistracy hat

By 29 October, 2013

Simon Corbell is celebrating the creation of an Industrial Court:
An election commitment to improve the health and safety of all ACT workers has been delivered on today with the passage of legislation establishing a new ACT Industrial Court with its own industrial magistrate, Attorney-General, Simon Corbell, announced today.
“The new Industrial Court is the centrepiece [...]

On the human brochure

By 29 October, 2013

We were not impressed by ACT Tourism’s great shout out to the vacuous which went by the name of the Human Brochure. (Although we will concede that identifying top social media influencers and sucking up to them is absolutely best practice and probably explains the influx of invites in my email at the moment).
The Canberra [...]

Changing the guard on garbage collection

By 28 October, 2013

Mayor Rattenbury has announced the transition to SITA for Canberra’s garbage collections begins tomorrow:
Seven Canberra suburbs will have changes to their garbage and recycling collection days under a new residential collection contract which commences tomorrow, Minister for Territory and Municipal Services, Shane Rattenbury, announced today.
“SITA takes over the regular collection of garbage and recycling [...]

Lose the Pokies. An Open Letter to the Legislative Assembly

By 28 October, 2013

‘If clubs fail, the economic and social contribution they make will also disappear and at the expense of the broader community’
- ClubsACT
Hahahaha. Nope.
Dear ACT Legislative Assembly,
Do we really need pokies in the ACT? It seems cruel to still need to rake over this in 2013, but life’s not all marriage equality and light rail.  Annually, [...]

Expansion or Contraction- a Trade specific dilemma?

By 25 October, 2013

There seems to be a trend within some sectors of the business community, and this trend appears to be more prominent with trades based businesses. This trend generally occurs following rapid and successful growth of the business, and can have devastating consequences.
After continuous growth, the owner usually sees the business costs and owners workload increase, [...]

Have you seen the new Allhomes bus?

By 25 October, 2013

We just launched some new advertising in the ACT – have you seen the buses? What do you think?

A helping hand for the pokie dens

By 24 October, 2013

Because Canberra’s mini casinos are the sector of the community most in need of help Joy Burch has announced she’s legislating to make their lives easier and simpler:
Legislation introduced in the ACT Legislative Assembly today (Thursday) will reduce red tape for clubs, Minister for Gaming and Racing Joy Burch said.
Ms Burch said the Gaming Machine [...]

A hotel for the airport

By 24 October, 2013

The ABC has word on plans out at Snowtown for a hotel to join their legoland collection.
The Canberra Airport will build a four-star, 180-room hotel to help attract international flights to the capital.
The hotel would be built between the airport and the Brindabella Business Park, five-minutes walk from the terminal.
The airport would build and [...]


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