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A helping hand for the pokie dens

By 24 October, 2013

Because Canberra’s mini casinos are the sector of the community most in need of help Joy Burch has announced she’s legislating to make their lives easier and simpler:
Legislation introduced in the ACT Legislative Assembly today (Thursday) will reduce red tape for clubs, Minister for Gaming and Racing Joy Burch said.
Ms Burch said the Gaming Machine [...]

A hotel for the airport

By 24 October, 2013

The ABC has word on plans out at Snowtown for a hotel to join their legoland collection.
The Canberra Airport will build a four-star, 180-room hotel to help attract international flights to the capital.
The hotel would be built between the airport and the Brindabella Business Park, five-minutes walk from the terminal.
The airport would build and [...]

Dozspot wins the fight for a greener Green Square

By 23 October, 2013

Over the course of his time in the Legislative Assembly the Liberals’ Steve Dozspot has very rarely picked a good cause, and even more rarely has he had a win.
But he’s celebrating a well deserved victory with the grass returning to Kingston’s Green Square:
Off the back of consistent community pressure, the Canberra Liberals Steve Doszpot [...]

Here comes the Commission of Audit

By 22 October, 2013

The Australian has the word on Business Council of Australia chair Tony Shepherd being appointed to rip the guts out of the public service and sell the furniture to the vultures.
JOE Hockey has unveiled a surprise increase in the debt ceiling to $500 billion as he announced a Commission of Audit into government finances with [...]

Treasury dispersed?

By 22 October, 2013

The West Australian has a story on plans to fling units of Treasury across the country in the hope that proximity to a board room (presumably while a meeting is being held in it) will bring them better knowledge of the “real world”.
With the purpose of having regulators shoulder-to-shoulder with the regulated, much of [...]

Work begins on Gungahlin penal battalion headquarters

By 21 October, 2013

Andrew Barr has announced the start of construction of the complex to house those ACT Public Servants so unloved as to be despatched to deepest darkest Gungahlin.
Construction is about to start on the new ACT Government Office Block on the corner of The Valley Avenue and Gungahlin Place in the Gungahlin Town Centre.
Local development [...]

Is your IT system holding back your business?

By 21 October, 2013

Is your IT system holding back your business?
Space issues, distracting pop-ups, long loading times, failing backup systems, and dangerous security holes are just some of the problems that can arise from not having your IT systems properly maintained. These issues are not only frustrating but cost your business time and money, and can be [...]

Behold the Draft City Plan

By 21 October, 2013

Chief Minister Gallagher and Simon Corbell have this morning unveiled their draft city plan, which has it’s own website and the draft plan as a snapshot pdf and a full report.
The draft City Plan sets a vision for the development of the city centre, including improved public spaces, transport choices and opportunities for growth.
“This [...]

Animal sales codified

By 21 October, 2013

Shane Rattenbury has announced a brave new world of animal sales regulation:
Minister for Territory and Municipal Services, Shane Rattenbury, today announced that a new enforceable code of practice for the sale of animals will begin in the ACT on 21 October 2013.
“This new Animals Sales Code is an important milestone in animal welfare reform [...]

One job to go every hour to the end of the financial year?

By 21 October, 2013

Canberra’s Labor Representatives are voicing concerns about Coalition plans to lose 6,000 public servants by June 2014, or one every single hour.
The APS will be reduced by 6,000 staff in the nine months to June 2014. That’s one public service job lost every single hour until the end of the financial year. A further [...]

No more major game development in Canberra?

By 21 October, 2013

IT Wire is calling game over for the 2K Marin Canberra studio:
Several different sources have told tech media today that 2K Marin, a studio based in both California and Canberra, has been effectively reduced to zero following the release of The Bureau earlier this year, which was widely panned on its release.
Polygon is reporting [...]

Westpac account information at Mugga Lane

By 21 October, 2013

Mother Groper was poking around the second hand filing cabinets at Mugga Lane and discovered Westpac hadn’t bothered to check if the office furniture they were discarding was empty.
It’s not difficult to check if the furniture you’re discarding is empty or not, and as an organisation dealing with sensitive information a bank should have procedures [...]

Grapevine on the fritz?

By 18 October, 2013

My grapevine is now into day 3 of not working. T
he phone contact recording say they are working on it.  
Have been with them for some time and I reckon this would be the longest it has not burbled along happily. I was with Bigpond before this and don’t remember any 3 day no service. [...]

Snowtown getting industrial under DV 324

By 18 October, 2013

Simon Corbell and the National Capital Authority (a band name unlikely to ever get up) have announced they’re hard at work to increase development at Terry Snow’s Canberra Airport:
The National Capital Authority (NCA) and the ACT Government are working together to open a block of land near the airport for industrial mixed use, with public [...]

Property Council declare their plans for us

By 18 October, 2013

The Property Council have announced their Centenary Declaration:
The Declaration calls for catalyst infrastructure projects to deliver economic, social and environmental benefits to the community, including an agreement with the Commonwealth on funding for High Speed Rail.
“We are calling for the revitalisation of our city centre under the stewardship of a new, well-resourced and professional Civic [...]

Canberra House Annexe to go

By 18 October, 2013

The ABC has a report on Morris Property Group’s grand plans to transform the corner of West Row and Alinga Street in Civic:
The 12 levels of residential apartments would include one, two and three bedroom units, as well as a gymnasium, pool and courtyard.
The shopfronts to Canberra House, the Alinga Bridge to Canberra Club connection, [...]

Charnwood, Crace and Ngunnawal “best value”

By 17 October, 2013

The ABC is trying to convince us that there’s value where angels fear to tread:
Charnwood has been identified as Canberra’s cheapest suburb for housing, followed by Crace and Ngunnawal.
The RP Data guide shows Canberra house prices rose 3.7 per cent in the past year, taking the median house price in Charnwood to $385,852, with [...]

A negative property sector

By 17 October, 2013

The Property Council is gloomy:
Concern about declining demand for office space and domestic economic conditions are suppressing confidence in the ACT property industry.
The latest Property Council/ANZ Property Industry Confidence Survey shows a shift in sentiment from 94 on the index for the September 2013 quarter to 99 for the December 2013 quarter. A score of [...]

Got a charity that needs money? Call The Green Shed

By 16 October, 2013

This just in from Elaine at The Green Shed:
The Green Sheds located at the Mitchell and Mugga Resource Management Centres are calling on Canberra-based charities and not-for-profit organisations to contact them to be placed on their fundraising list.
The last Wednesday of each month is charity day at the sheds – where 100% of the total [...]

Hotels want more Floriade loot

By 16 October, 2013

The ACT Australian Hotels Association has expressed their displeasure that the publicly funded Floriade has not been sufficiently set up to enrich their members.
“While the sector strongly supports the annual Floriade festival as a major tourist drawcard, industry believes the event could be reinvigorated to maximise economic returns to the ACT and help boost the [...]

2012/12 Delivers sound $23 profit for Beyond Bank amidst strategic investment in customer value

By 10 October, 2013

Beyond Bank posts $23 million profit and over 12% growth in ACT for 2012/13

Wally’s Piggery in court

By 8 October, 2013

The ABC has word of court action against Murrumbateman’s infamous Wally’s Piggery:
Owner Wally Perenc has now been served with 53 court notices to attend Yass Local Court under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act.
Last year Perenc was named in the New South Wales Parliament as having been convicted of animal welfare offences in [...]

High risk work licences need re-assessment

By 8 October, 2013

WorkSafe is banging the drum about the need for licence holders to keep their skills up to scratch:
ACT Work Safety Commissioner Mark McCabe is advising people who hold a high risk work licence under Work Health and Safety legislation that they must have and maintain the competencies the licence indicates they hold.
“WorkSafe ACT will [...]

Electricity price issues paper

By 5 October, 2013

Late on a public holiday friday the ACT Independent Competition and Regulatory Commission (ICRC) has slipped out a media release announcing an issued paper on retail electricity prices from 1 July 2014:
“This investigation is the eighth time the Commission will be responsible for setting the retail price of electricity for franchise customers. The issues paper [...]

ANU goes for socially responsible investment

By 4 October, 2013

The Australian National University has announced that after much student agitation they’re going to be socially responsible in future:
The Council of The Australian National University today approved a Socially Responsible Investment Policy.
The policy says the University will aim to “avoid investment opportunities considered to be likely to cause substantial social injury”, and “positively promote [...]

Gallery claims a whole Canberra worth of visitors

By 2 October, 2013

The National Gallery have announced the results of this year’s blockbusters:
The National Gallery of Australia today announced that the Turner from the Tate: The Making of Master exhibition attracted 153, 627 visitors from all over Australia to Canberra, bringing the total number of visitors to the Gallery’s two major exhibitions this year to 323,828.
The exhibition [...]

Smyth rouses and notices ACTEW’s price grab

By 2 October, 2013

The Liberals Brendan Smyth has finally responded to Friday’s news that ACTEW are appealing the ICRC determination on water price rises:
The Canberra Liberals are calling for answers after ACTEW made an application to the ICRC to review its water and sewerage price determination made on June 26 Shadow Treasurer, Brendan Smyth said today.
“This comes [...]

Why did ASIC fail to act on bank note bribery allegations?

By 1 October, 2013

By Kath Hall
Last night it was claimed in a joint ABC Four Corners /Fairfax Media investigation that the Australian Companies and Securities Commission (ASIC) missed an important opportunity in not investigating key directors of Securency and Note Printing Australia (NPA) for breaches of directors’ duties under the Corporations Act.
It is claimed that NPA board members [...]

ACTEW goes to DRS

By 28 September, 2013

The Independent Competition and Regulatory Commission has announced the ACTEW Corporation is unhappy with the recent decision on water and sewerage prices and has asked for a different decision.
They’re now going to conduct a review.

Hindmarsh Group sponsoring the Canberra Theatre

By 26 September, 2013

The Hindmarsh Group have announced their patronage of the Canberra Theatre Centre for the next three years:
Hindmarsh, one of Australia’s leading property and construction companies, will become a principal sponsor of the Canberra Theatre Centre in 2014 with a three year commitment to help kick-start the Centre’s vocational education and training program.
ACT Arts Minister Joy [...]

Thinking about flogging off ACTTAB

By 26 September, 2013

We’re waiting for the media release but the Chief Minister has tweeted she’s thinking of getting rid of the local betting agency:
ACT Govt will be considering the sale of ACTAB following PWC report into future options #canberra #actpol
— Katy Gallagher MLA (@KatyGMLA) September 26, 2013

Hopefully they think hard and fast and do it while the [...]

Andrew Leigh on Australian Prosperity

By 25 September, 2013

It’s often said you don’t need to read books if you read book reviews.
In that spirit Canberra’s Member for Fraser has blogged an interesting review on Ian McLean’s “Why Australia Prospered: The Shifting Sources of Economic Growth”.
Interesting to see how often we’ve been saved from ourselves.


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