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Off and racing with an MoU

By 13 December 2013
Off and racing with an MoU

Joy Burch has announced a new agreement on the future of racing in the ACT:
The ACT Government has today signed an inaugural Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Canberra Racing Club, the Canberra Harness Racing Club and the Canberra Greyhound Racing Club, outlining the strategic agenda for the local racing industry over the next four [...]

Three new power plants for you

By 13 December 2013

Photon Energy are planning to build three mid-sized solar power plants in the ACT, because they realise we’re already living in the future and thatit’s insane that we don’t have solar power plants everywhere.
Sometimes it feels like I’m the only person who payed attention to Sim City 2000.
Only days after launching its Australian unit [...]

Andrew Barr salutes Canberra’s developers

By 12 December 2013

For too long Canberra’s builders have gone without the recognition they deserve, comforted only by their enormous amounts of money.
Now Andrew Barr has announced an end to this historic injustice:
This evening I launched The Master Builders that Built Canberra, a book that chronicles the history of the contribution made by members of the local building [...]

Canberra’s 10th Inclusion Awards Winners

By 11 December 2013

The Chief Minister’s Inclusion Awards have attracted record numbers of submissions this year. Tomorrow night the awards will be handed out to people and organisations that have worked to create better and more inclusive environments for people living with disability.
Congratulations to the winners.
Here’s the list.
“We received a record 63 nominations this year in the nine [...]

Christmas comes early for some community sector workers

By 11 December 2013

Andrew Barr has announced extra money for the community sector:
The ACT Government has agreed to bring forward payments for non-government community and disability organisations so workers can receive pay increases sooner.
This agreement comes after months of detailed discussions between the ACT Government and the Australian Services Union.
The agreement will have no impact on [...]

iPhones for everyone

By 11 December 2013

The SMH has a story on the fruit wars in the public service with Blackberry on the way out as Apple, years late, is slowly adopted.
One wonders what will be supplanting Android by the time it starts to gain traction.

Simon’s vision for Tuggeranong

By 11 December 2013

Simon Corbell has announced Draft Variation 318 to make Tuggeranong the Paris of Southern Canberra:
Draft variation 318 to the Territory Plan proposes amending the Greenway precinct map and code to raise maximum building heights in the town centre.
“While allowing greater building heights the variation will protect and accentuate key views of the distant hills [...]

ACT PS growing faster than the PS is shrinking

By 11 December 2013

The ABC has the intriguing news that the ACT Public Service expanded by 2,000 jobs in the last year while Commonwealth employment contracted by just 1,500 places:
Currently the ACT PS is home to 25,500 workers.

A new Tourism Strategy!

By 11 December 2013

Exciting developments today from the wild world of tourism bureaucracy!
Government support for tourism, it should always be noted, being money spent on hotel owners.
Andrew Barr is getting us going by announcing the ACT’s 2020 Tourism Strategy:
The ACT’s 2020 Tourism Strategy aligns with a national 2020 framework which aims to double overnight visitor expenditure in Australia [...]

Organisations awarded for efforts to prevent violence against women

By 10 December 2013

Five awards and three accolades were given tonight to commend the important work of several organisations in the fight to prevent violence against women at tonight’s Partners in Prevention Awards.
“The ACT Partners in Prevention Awards recognise the contribution of best practice in strategies, programs and activities that create awareness of gendered violence,” Minister for Women [...]

Renting a commercial kitchen in Canberra?

By 10 December 2013

I am starting up a small event catering business selling my home grown pork and so far have done all of the cooking at the venue.
This is proving too hard for a couple of things and my home kitchen isn’t suitable and will need far too many modifications to meet food hygiene standards, [...]

Shipping the bar code was the real cost

By 9 December 2013
Shipping the bar code was the real cost

Due to having many lazy friends I now own rather more santa suits than I ever imagined I would.
But full santa suits selling for $6.50 do raise some questions about the global economy. (Top Bargain Canberra Centre)
In the meantime we all get to enjoy our cheap Chinese junk.

Raiders a more valuable brand than the Brumbies?

By 5 December 2013

Brand Finance have some interesting news on the value of Australian sporting brands.
I’m buggered if I can see how the Penrith Panthers have the most valuable sporting brand in the country but I guess I don’t live in Western Sydney.
I do, however, live in Canberra so I’m a bit surprised to see the Raiders make [...]

International visitors on the up

By 4 December 2013

Andrew Barr is rather pleased that international visitors are turning towards Canberra:
Growth in the number of international visitors coming to the capital for a holiday and to visit family and friends has contributed to a 6.4 per cent annual increase in international visitation to Canberra.
This figure compares with a 5.2 per cent increase in [...]

Andrew Barr launches Invest Canberra

By 4 December 2013

Today Andrew Barr launched Invest Canberra, the ACT Governments brand new investment agency.
Promoting investment in Canberra was identified as one of the key aims of the Business Development Strategy, which was launched last year, and Invest Canberra has been established by the ACT Government to provide a dedicated investment facilitation service.
Invest Canberra will provide [...]

It’s raining rental listings!

By 3 December 2013
It's raining rental listings!

My quick and dirty mapping of daily AllHomes rental listings has shown another week of properties flooding onto the market (see graph above).
But surely some of those are being taken up?
Well last week when we checked there were 2350 rental listings for the ACT on AllHomes.
This week there are 2959.
At long, long last, it is [...]

Public Service: “a very significant net downsizing”

By 3 December 2013

Government News brings word of this year’s State of the Service, which is shrinking:
In a sombre assessment of the challenge the APS faces in the years ahead, the public sector’s industrial umpire conspicuously avoided putting a total number on how many jobs are predicted to be lost – but said that “it is clear the [...]

Does your IT provider check these 9 critical support criteria?

By 2 December 2013
Does your IT provider check these 9 critical support criteria?

IT support is a constantly evolving and changing industry & one that has lots of great, and not so great companies. We’ve prepared the checklist below of our 10 top questions that your IT support provider should be able to answer and help your business determine up front what you’re getting yourself in for when [...]

Who will run the merry-go-round?

By 29 November 2013
Who will run the merry-go-round?

Who wants a Merry-go-round business?
Simple answer, turn it into a cafe. Canberra can’t get enough of them, and you’ll be able to drink your coffee and read the paper while sitting on a wooden horse.
Everybody wins.
Daniel Bailey, Director, ACT Property Group, today announced that the ACT Government is seeking to engage a social enterprise [...]

Some protections for whomever wants to buy ACTTAB

By 28 November 2013

Joy Burch has announced some legislation to try and pump up the value of the ACTTAB assets as we try and sell it:
Legislation aimed at modernising regulatory arrangements for totalisator operations in the ACT was tabled in the Legislative Assembly today, ahead of the Government’s proposed sale of ACTTAB.
ACT Minister for Gaming and Racing [...]

What do you think about ACT business and services?

By 27 November 2013

Trident Corporate Services are conducting a survey of ACT locals to discover their views on the state of things here in the ACT.
Trident provide business support and consultancy, so knowing your views would help them help others.
It’s a whole help based thing.
You guys have views, so we figured maybe you’d like to share them.
Completing [...]

Dean Crowe on the benefits of franchising with Coffee Guru

By 27 November 2013
Dean Crowe on the benefits of franchising with Coffee Guru

Since its humble beginnings in 2002, Coffee Guru has grown into a successful chain with established franchise stores across Canberra and New South Wales.
I had a chat with Coffee Guru’s Dean Crowe about coffee, business, and why franchising is a good idea.
Dean Crowe tells me he is a Piccolo Latte kind of guy, due to [...]

Where to go for Credit History Check?

By 27 November 2013

So I went to take out a new contract with an internet provider today but was declined due to my credit history. This bamboozled me as I have no outstanding debts, have only been late paying other bills once or twice and never more than a week late. I had no problems getting my new [...]

Local biotech company recognises nationally for exports

By 27 November 2013

I can’t see the word biotechnology without thinking “cyborgs”, but I’m pretty sure that’s not what Aspen Medical exports.
Last night Aspen Medical took out the Health and Biotechnology category at the 51st National Export Awards.
Congratulations Aspen Medical, it’s good to know our local cybernetic limb exports, are the best cybernetic limb exports (also probably not [...]

Long service leave even for those not performing long service rolls on

By 26 November 2013

Simon Corbell has announced the passage of his improved portable long service schemes:
Improved portable long service leave schemes for Territory workers were secured by legislation passed in the ACT Legislative Assembly today, Industrial Relations Minister, Simon Corbell, said.
“The ACT Government has provided workers in the security, contract cleaning, building and construction and community sector [...]

ACT has cheapo electricity (sort of)

By 26 November 2013

The ABC has the mixed news that the bloated ranks of the public service ELs make our electricity prices look good in national comparisons:
A new report shows the ACT has the cheapest electricity prices in the country.
The Australian Energy Regulator’s first performance report on the ACT’s energy market shows the estimated annual electricity bill for [...]

Payroll tax concessions for hiring Young Persons with Disability

By 26 November 2013

Andrew Barr has announced the passage of a bill to help young school leavers with disability get jobs:
Young persons with disability will have a helping hand to enter the workplace with organisations now able to receive a payroll tax concession for employing school leavers with disability.
A Government bill passed in the Legislative Assembly [...]

Barr decreeing a cinema, hoping to find an operator

By 26 November 2013
Barr decreeing a cinema, hoping to find an operator

In the most arse-about process seen in many a long day from this comprehensively arse-about government Andrew Barr has the astonishing news that he’s engaged Krnc Group to build a cinema complex in Gungahlin.
But who will run it?
I am also delighted that Greater Union, who has been such a major player in the entertainment industry [...]

ACTTAB on the block

By 22 November 2013
ACTTAB on the block

Many days late and many dollars short the ABC reports Andrew Barr is flogging off ACTTAB while it’s still worth anything at all.
We’ll no doubt have his statement shortly.
UPDATE: Here’s the announcement:
The ACT Government has determined to sell ACTTAB Corporation following careful consideration of the recommendations made in the ACTTAB Future Options Feasibility Study.
The [...]

And the winners of the 2013 Canberra BusinessPoint Awards are…

By 21 November 2013

Andrew Barr has announced this year’s Canberra BusinessPoint Awards.
The awards, which are managed by the ACT Government’s business advisory and mentoring service Canberra BusinessPoint, showcase the range and depth of successful businesses operating in the Canberra region.
They showcase the innovation and ingenuity of ACT companies who have taken the astute step of seeking assistance [...]

ATO cutting 900 jobs

By 21 November 2013

As news of doom and gloom around Canberra go a nice round 900 job losses from Tax is probably worth a mention:
In Senate Estimates the ATO’s Geoff Leeper said the cuts will be made through natural attrition or voluntary redundancies.
“Unless there are particular functions that cease where it’s impossible for us to redeploy people and [...]

Site sign on? There’s an app for that!

By 18 November 2013
Site sign on? There's an app for that!

UC is celebrating the work of Alexandria Garlan and Mitchell Harmer:
Creating an app for construction workers to sign on or off site using just their smart phone has won University of Canberra students over $35,000 in prize money at the Innovation ACT awards.
Mitchell Harmer and Alexandria Garlan were part of a team of four ACT [...]

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