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Audit Commission Recommendations


There has been much talk of what is likely to be included in the next budget, the pain, the sacrifice – taking our medicine to prevent the illness that seems to have formed in our National economy. If Mary Poppins is right and the Government listens to what the Audit Commission has to say, [...]

Local Business missing out on Federal Public Service contracts


Project tender processes in the Federal Public Service may not be promoting innovation and competitiveness, according to an article in The Canberra Times.
The Canberra Business Council has called for changes to the definitions of value for money, encouraging more local investment in relevant Government contracts, particularly relevant in situations where quotes submitted by [...]

Canberra slips from 3rd to 6th strongest Australian economy


ACT has slipped from Australia’s third strongest economy to the sixth, according to the ‘April 2014 State of the States’ report issued by CommSec yesterday.
The report also shows ACT has the weakest levels of investment.
The area of the report that may be surprising to read is unemployment rates in the ACT, [...]

Local clothing line forced to rebrand


A small local business has been forced to rebrand itself after receiving a trademark infringement notice from retail giant Zara.
Zara issued the notice earlier this month to Canberra mother Neda Luketic for her baby clothing line ‘ZaraBumba’, ordering her to rebrand the company because the name was too similar to theirs.
Ms Luketic launched the online [...]

ACT & Queanbeyan Weekly Property Market Wrap


The below real estate market snapshot has been compiled based on the last week’s activity throughout Canberra and Queanbeyan.
Highest Sale: $1,850,000
Lowest Price: $254,000
Average Sale Price: $577,406
25 sales properties had price reductions
57 properties went under offer
47 properties SOLD!
95 properties have come onto the market
5 Properties up for auction this coming weekend
Highest Rental: $1,050 per week
Lowest Rental: [...]

ACT & Queanbeyan Weekly Property Market Wrap


The below real estate market snapshot has been compiled based on the last week’s activity throughout Canberra and Queanbeyan.
Highest Sale: $2,200,000
Lowest Price: $200,000
Average Sale Price: $583,078
51 sales properties had price reductions
86 properties went under offer
110 properties SOLD!
144 properties have come onto the market
0 Properties up for auction this coming weekend
Highest Rental: $1,200 per week
Lowest Rental: [...]

Collapsed Canberra IT company saved by purchaser

By 16 April 2014

Local IT service provider and reseller Dataflex has been purchased by VTS IT Group, with the transaction including the trading name, customer list and some staff.
The company was placed into voluntary administration earlier this year.
Dataflex has a substantial history of contracts with government departments and reportedly made around $35 million in sales in the 2012-13 [...]

ACT & Queanbeyan Weekly Market Wrap

By 11 April 2014

The below real estate market snapshot has been compiled based on the last week’s activity throughout Canberra and Queanbeyan.
Highest Sale: $1,500,000
Lowest Price: $110,000
Average Sale Price: $569,870
62 sales properties had price reductions
110 properties went under offer
126 properties SOLD!
196 properties have come onto the market
47 Properties up for auction this coming weekend
Highest Rental: $1,955 per week
Lowest Rental: [...]

Job figures – ANZ job ads giveth and the Dept of Environment taketh away…

By 8 April 2014

The ANZ job ad series released promising numbers yesterday morning, indicating a 1.4% rise in job adds in March. This came after a 4.7% increase in February.
This comes when unemployment in the ACT fell to 3.8% in January, which when combined with the job ad figures gives some hope in the market.
I can’t help [...]

Speed Camera Slam

By 21 March 2014
In the biggest surprise od the century turns out our speed cameras are rather defective, useless at reducing speed, unplanned and only designed around the budget and not safety.
Its the hospital waiting times on wheels.

“There is no strategic basis for making decisions for integrating the use of the ACT’s four speed camera systems as the [...]

“Greener” Electricity in the ACT – At What Cost ??

By 11 March 2014

A while back, I recall the ACT Government proudly announcing that the feed in tarriff to make the Royalla Solar Farm economically viable, would add about $13 pa to everyone’s electricity bill in the ACT.   Doesn’t sound like much, does it.   But, multiply that by the number of Solar Farms planned ???  It [...]

The Arboretum – a housing estate?

By 7 March 2014

Apparently there are to be houses among the trees in the Arboretum? (I just caught a quote on ABC 7.30). The reporter said “among” the trees – did he mean “an estate next to” the Arboretum? Surely the Arboretum isn’t going to have houses actually within its treed area? If so, well, was that Jon [...]

Canberra Times puts out call for new General Manager …. on competitor Seek


Things must be getting pretty rough at Fairfax if they can’t get a job response for the General Manager’s position via their own advertising network.
[My contacts] inside CT report a major shake-up underway which may see Canberra’s only daily rag reduced to a tiny operation operating out of someone’s mum’s basement. Printed edition to be [...]

Unable to do business with ASIC

By 28 February 2014

Is everyone else in Canberra just as frustrated with the new ASIC management of businesses as I am?? I cannot imagine which bureaucrat decided to create the system, but it simply doesn’t work, the log-in via ASIC connect, and then the attempts to link businesses and companies simply don’t work…..You can’t call them, so I [...]

Dataflex goes under

By 27 February 2014

The last few years have been crazy hard on many businesses in the ACT (RiotACT included – which you may have noticed has laid off all staff while we find new financial backers) but word reaches us this morning that well known IT reseller DataFlex has also been struggling and has called in administrators from [...]


By 21 February 2014 FEATURED ARTICLE

The Capital Region Farmers Market  that has been going for 10 years now, is again not running this weekend.Why? Because the Agricultural Show is on.
Come again? The best of what rural producers have is on show but we don’t have any actual produce to buy? Something that we have every week otherwise?
The EPIC showgrounds, facility [...]

Chamber of Commerce – Canberra Business Council merger

By 18 February 2014 FEATURED ARTICLE

For the past several years the Canberra Business Council and ACT and Region Chamber of Commerce and Industry have staunchly represented the interests of the relatively small ACT business community in a town where the biggest employer has, and likely will always be the federal government. One might argue that having two organisations who from [...]

Secure Document Destruction

By 12 February 2014

Hi Rioters,
My company has a large volume of confidential documentation that we need disposed of securely. The problem is, it is more than pure paper, there are drop files, bound files, staples, plastic sleeves, ring binders etc. I have been unable to find a company that will dispose of the entire contents of the box [...]

Book keeper wanted: Sole trader looking for sole trader

By 8 February 2014

Despite the heading sounding vaguely like a misdirected personals ad, I am, in fact, not looking for love, but a book keeper for my business.
I’m a sole trader myself and would like to support another sole trader, preferably in the Inner North, but I’ll take quality over convenience.
Can anyone make a recommendation to me, please?
All [...]

ACTPS Bargaining Agreements?

By 4 February 2014

Well, theres a fair amount of actps that visit (or well, use to, I suppose, before the last few weeks) and I was just wondering if anyone else is kind of sick of waiting for the cpsu to finalise our enterprise agreements. You know. the ones that expired last July. That they have repeatedly said [...]

Taken off the roster

By 4 February 2014

I would love some advice if anyone can help.  I am asking on behalf of a friend of mine – he is an employee of a company that is contracted as a security contractor to a business here in Canberra.
He also happens to be in the country on a student visa – one [...]

Brendan stamps his tiny feet on stamp duty

By 21 January 2014

For a man with no real power the Liberals’ Brendan Smyth uses the word “must” rather a lot.
In this case he’s telling the government to eat crow over their incompetent stamp duty fiasco:
The ACT Labor government must take every possible step to make sure homeowners are fully compensated after accepting that some of its stamp [...]

ACT Government Committed to Unaffordable Housing

By 20 January 2014 FEATURED ARTICLE

The good folk over at Macrobusiness have been doing an excellent job over the past week highlighting the ACT Government’s outrageously terrible and damaging policy when it comes to supplying land for new homes (see here, here, and here).
Despite strong population growth, stratospheric house prices, and the ACT Auditor General finding the ACT’s land release [...]

Smyth on the economy

By 20 January 2014

The Liberals’ Brendan Smyth is taking Andrew Barr to task over the latest economic numbers:
The latest State of the States report released today by CommSec has highlighted the slipping state of the ACT economy and demonstrates ACT Labor’s irresponsible economic management over the past 11 years, Shadow Treasurer Brendan Smyth said today.
“Today’s report shows [...]

Southern Air Conditioning & Refrigeration – had a great experience

By 18 January 2014

I am calling these guys the Compassionate Air Conditioning Guys and I have so much gratitude for them.
My mother was discharged from hospital post-surgery on the Monday and we returned home to discover that her air-conditioner was broken.
I did a Google search and called around and eventually got a hold of Nick at Southern Air [...]

Work Safety Commissioner says “how about this heat?”

By 16 January 2014

Worksafe have noticed it’s bloody hot outside:
Climbing temperatures this week have prompted an urgent warning from the Work Safety Commissioner, Mr Mark McCabe, reminding employers of the risks associated with extreme heat.
ACT employers are being urged to consider thermal comfort and sun safety in assessing the risk associated with business as usual.
“People who [...]

Property Council has a smile on their face

By 16 January 2014

The Property Council/ANZ Property Industry Confidence Survey has got the local moguls feeling good:
Property Council ACT Executive Director, Catherine Carter, says the latest survey shows ACT property industry sentiment has jumped into positive territory for the start of 2014.
ANZ Head of Property Research, Paul Braddick, says property confidence in the ACT rebounded back into [...]

New bulky goods site near the airport rumbles ahead

By 15 January 2014

Simon Corbell has announced the ever expanding airport precinct is going to keep doing its thing:
A draft variation to free up a large a block of land near the airport for bulky goods retailing, warehousing, freight and distribution has been approved by the Minister for the Environment and Sustainable Development, Simon Corbell.
Draft variation 324 [...]

George Gregan bringing his brand back home

By 14 January 2014

One has to admire the way that George Gregan surveyed the post-retirement world, realised that coffee concessions in large office blocks are a licence to print money, and used his star power to wow board room fanboys into giving him those concessions.
Hospitality Magazine informs us that the big guy (where it matters, so we hear) [...]

400,000 Canberrans before the next election

By 14 January 2014

Andrew Barr has released new estimates of the ACT Population growth.
While still expanding it’s slower than last projected which is going to have some big bad effects on the local economy and anyone who’s leveraged to take advantage of the old figures:
New official population projections for the ACT are being issued today. The ACT Government [...]

Want to see all those Blumers ads again? Your lucky day is here!

By 13 January 2014 FEATURED ARTICLE

Viewed in the mind’s eye of hindsight Blumers ads have always been on our TV screens and always been much the same.
In the most giving of gifts all of the Blumers ads are now in one place on YouTube thanks to an account called Injury lawyers.
A strange little trip down memory lane to be [...]

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