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Getting tough on school canteens

By 26 August 2014 FEATURED ARTICLE
Getting tough on school canteens

I was living in the UK when Jamie Oliver started his campaign against school lunches – to remove ‘turkey twizzlers’ (I was always a bit afraid to ask what these were) and other nutrient free items from canteens and replace them with good, healthy (real) food.
This was at least 5 years ago. So, I was [...]

ACT have your say on child care reform!

By 26 August 2014 HEADLINE ARTICLE
ACT have your say on child care reform!

ACT residents are being encouraged to have their say about making child care more affordable, flexible and accessible as new analysis shows the ACT had the largest increase in enrolments in the nation.
The analysis coincides with the Productivity Commission Inquiry into Child Care and Early Childhood Learning continuing its public hearings in Canberra today.
Federal [...]

ACT Debating Union New Competitions for students

By 20 August 2014 HEADLINE ARTICLE
ACT Debating Union New Competitions for students

The ACT Debating Union (ACTDU) is the largest organiser of schools debating in the ACT. A volunteer run organisation that aims to promote debating, public speaking and analytical skills to students in the ACT.
This year ACTDU is running two new exciting competitions! They will both involve two full days of debating over concurrent weekends, held [...]

Want to be Canberra’s first scientist of the year?

By 14 August 2014 HEADLINE ARTICLE
Want to be Canberra's first scientist of the year?

I was thrilled to announce the “ACT Scientist of the Year” award today when I officially opened the Canberra contingent of National Science Week.  This is the first award of its kind in the ACT and it will recognise the amazing work of Canberra’s scientists.  The “ACT Scientist of the Year” will be awarded annually [...]

School Principal’s Budget Autonomy Trial

By 12 August 2014 HEADLINE ARTICLE

Does anyone know when the report into School Principal’s Budget Autonomy Trial will be released? The trial was significantly scaled back after 18 months in July last year which raised a more than a few eyebrows. I for one am curious to know if the principal’s came in on budget? Did they appropriate the money [...]

New Medical Research Fellowship for Gender Equity

By 23 July 2014

ACT Chief Minister and Minister for Health, Katy Gallagher today announced the establishment of the Judith Whitworth Fellowship for Gender Equity in Science at an event held at The John Curtin School of Medical Research, Australian National University (ANU).
“This new Fellowship, which is believed to be the first of its kind at any Australian University, [...]

No Childcare? Try au pair?

No Childcare? Try au pair?

Rising childcare waiting lists in Canberra with no immediate solution in sight, is driving families to seek options elsewhere. Nanny agencies and au pair placement services are overloaded and the hunt for a solution to look after precious children is becoming competitive.
Many families are placing unborn children on childcare waiting lists to guarantee a spot, [...]

Education Systems Limited

Education Systems Limited

In John Dewey’s book Democracy and Education he writes, ‘it is illiberal and immoral to train children to work not freely and intelligently but for the sake of the work earned’. I agree with him, and think so too would most Canberrans. To see a teacher teaching well, full of compassion and creativity, is surely [...]

Should our Primary School teachers be subject specialists?

Should our Primary School teachers be subject specialists?

I heard an interview on 666 during the week about having specialist teachers in Primary Schools, in contrast to the current model where Primary teachers are predominantly generalists.  The idea made a lot of sense.
From my experience, it is difficult to be good at all things – particularly across the broad range of subjects taught [...]

Partnership announced to support gifted and talented students


Minister for Education and Training Joy Burch yesterday announced a new partnership with Gateways Education to help ACT public schools provide focussed support to gifted and talented students.
“The Education and Training Directorate will work with Gateways Education to provide 12 professional learning sessions for school leaders and Gifted and Talented Liaison Officers at ACT public [...]

School board head calls for ACT-wide bullying audit


Primrose Riordan’s article in the CT this week is unfortunately more of the same – kids bullying kids and schools who are unwilling or unable to stop it.  In the article School Chair Mr Villafor’s suggests an ACT-wide bullying audit which seems like something that could be very useful. An audit with the intention of [...]

Taylor Primary School recognised at architecture awards

By 24 June 2014

The redeveloped Taylor Primary School has been recognised at the Australian Institute of Architects Awards (ACT Chapter).
ACT Minister for Education and Training Joy Burch congratulated the team at Small Quinton Coleman Architects who took out the Education Prize for their work on the school’s redesign.
The Australian Institute of Architects Awards recognise outstanding achievements and excellence [...]

Applications open for Young Women’s Enrichment Grants

By 24 June 2014

Applications open for Young Women’s Enrichment Grants
Girls and young women with a particular passion – be it sports, music or beekeeping – are encouraged to apply for the 2014 Audrey Fagan Young Women’s Enrichment Grants program.
Applications for the grants program are open to girls and women aged 13-18 who are residents of the ACT and [...]

New childcare centre up for building award

By 18 June 2014

The new Holder Early Childhood Centre has been shortlisted for a major building award, Minister for Education and Training Joy Burch said today.
The centre, which has now opened to families in Weston Creek, has been shortlisted in the 2014 Master Builders and Cbus Excellence in Building Awards in the ‘building less than $5 million’ category.
“After [...]

ACT Government seeking local advocate to promote Canberra for study


Applications have now opened for a StudyCanberra scholarship that seeks to find one of Canberra’s best
advocates to promote Canberra as a world-class destination for education and business, Chief Minister Katy
Gallagher announced today.
The ACT Government has partnered with local corporate and government training and education provider
Yellow Edge to establish the scholarship which is open to ACT [...]

Red tape cut for child care centres


Child care centres will find it easier to employ temporary staff during unexpected leave under amendment regulations to be tabled in the ACT Legislative Assembly today.
The Education and Care Services National Amendment Regulations 2014 introduce minor changes which will improve operational processes and cut red tape for child care services.
“These changes will help services [...]

Blog Post: Technology for kids

Blog Post: Technology for kids

According to an article in the Canberra Times, the ACT Education and Training Directorate has spent $2.5 million on tablet computers since 2010, with 5160 now in ACT public schools.
Although this averages one tablet per 8 children, I can imagine the real breakdown is likely to vary wildly from school to school, particularly with socio [...]

Primary School for Molonglo


Construction is expected to begin on the new Coombs Primary School in August, with nearly $30 million to be allocated to building the school in the 2014-15 ACT budget when it is handed down on Tuesday, according to the Canberra Times.
The amount allocated in this budget will increase the $7 million already committed to the [...]

Is the application of interest to historical HELP debt a breach of contract?


There is a fair amount of debate going on around changes to University fee structures at the moment, including the application of an interest rate to the debt racked up through the Higher Education Loan Program (HELP). During Senate Question Time last week, the Greens Higher Education spokeswoman Lee Rhiannon posed an interesting question [...]

Student protests at ANU

By 21 May 2014

Scuffles broke out at the ANU today as protesters tried to force their way into the chancellery.
Today’s national day of action against Government plans to deregulate university fees saw protests in CBDs across the country.
Students are protesting changes to the higher education sector, including deregulation of fees and an increase in the interest rate [...]

Girls in Technology

By 16 May 2014
Girls in Technology

‘Tech Girls are Superheroes’ was launched at the ANU today. A program for school aged kids, using cartoon characters to encourage girls into careers in IT. 
I think it’s kind of cool, but ‘they’re still trying to attract girls into Technology?’  I could kind of understand that it was something requiring specific campaigning 20 years [...]

How do I understand which ACT College is right for my child?


I have not been through the Canberra College system for kids going to Year 11 & 12 – so how do I find out which school is right for my child?
I have seen signs for various school “Open Nights” – but is there a central place where I can understand if schools have various specialties, [...]

Puppy play day de-stressing Uni students

By 13 May 2014

Throughout my career I have heard many a manager lament the challenges of motivating and engaging someone of the younger generation in the workforce.  I have generally stood up for the newbies as I believe they have a huge amount to offer if those ‘older’ generations of us can find a way to work with them. [...]

NAPLAN testing


I noticed an article in the Canberra Times yesterday about NAPLAN, with senior ‘people in the know’ saying there shouldn’t be so much pressure on kids to perform in these tests and that comparisons with countries like Singpaore and Korea were tough yard-sticks, giving their differing approach to education.
I don’t recall doing NAPLAN myself when [...]

School Enrolment Question

By 9 May 2014

My son is at school age now. I live in Forde and have an investment property in Lyneham. I am wondering if it is possible to enroll him into Lyneham school even though I don’t live in there? Do I have to move to Lyneham?

Major review of ACT’s Year 12 Certificate

Major review of ACT’s Year 12 Certificate

Minister for Education and Training Joy Burch has called for a major review of the ACT Year 12 Certificate and is urging the Canberra Community to have their say.
The ACT Year 12 Certificate hasn’t had a major review for over three decades.
“ACT secondary schools produce outstanding student outcomes, with some of the highest levels of [...]

Student revolt on Q&A


Anyone else watching the debacle on Q&A tonight?
I’m not a big fan of Christopher Pyne but wouldn’t have blamed him if he’d walked out, along with the rest of the panel.
I don’t feel like the behaviour does anything to benefit the cause of students, if anything would it perhaps be driving viewers to [...]

The Imposter Syndrome – why successful people often feel like frauds

By 21 April 2014

How can it be that so many clever, competent and capable people can feel that they are just one step away from being exposed as a complete fraud? Despite evidence that they are performing well they can still have that lurking fear that at any moment someone is going to tap them on the shoulder and say “We need [...]

Preschool for 3/4 year old

By 11 April 2014

We have just arrived from London and I am trying to arrange schooling for my children. The 6 year old is all sorted and will be starting primary at the Easter break. However, we also have a 3 year old who will be 4 in June. She started at Nursery School (the equivalent of Preschool) [...]

Chief Minister heading to China

By 7 April 2014
Chief Minister heading to China

Katy Gallagher is set to join Tony Abbott’s trade mission to China this week with a vision of attracting more investment into Canberra.
The delegation arrive in Shanghai on Thursday and will be joined by the ANU and UC vice-chancellors (Prof. Ian Young and Prof. Stephen Parker), to promote our local universities.
The main focus of the [...]

Halal certified – is it out of control and being forced onto our kids

By 17 March 2014

So I find out by accident that Melrose High School is pushing Halal onto the students there.  Cooking a traditional Aussie breakfast but no bacon because that’s not allowed in the school kitchens, traditional Aussie breakfast is bacon and eggs so WTF is going on, and than the camp only has Halal certified foods.  So [...]

Australian Education Union you gotta be kidding?

By 17 March 2014

This year I am starting my diploma in Education at UC and recently saw a presentation from some union advocates about, unions, the high level of union representation among teachers, blah blah blah. During the Q&A we discovered that school Principals and Deputy Principals can be full union members of the AEU.
To me this is [...]

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