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Preschool for 3/4 year old

By 11 April, 2014

We have just arrived from London and I am trying to arrange schooling for my children. The 6 year old is all sorted and will be starting primary at the Easter break. However, we also have a 3 year old who will be 4 in June. She started at Nursery School (the equivalent of Preschool) [...]

Chief Minister heading to China

By 7 April, 2014

Katy Gallagher is set to join Tony Abbott’s trade mission to China this week with a vision of attracting more investment into Canberra.
The delegation arrive in Shanghai on Thursday and will be joined by the ANU and UC vice-chancellors (Prof. Ian Young and Prof. Stephen Parker), to promote our local universities.
The main focus of the [...]

Halal certified – is it out of control and being forced onto our kids

By 17 March, 2014

So I find out by accident that Melrose High School is pushing Halal onto the students there.  Cooking a traditional Aussie breakfast but no bacon because that’s not allowed in the school kitchens, traditional Aussie breakfast is bacon and eggs so WTF is going on, and than the camp only has Halal certified foods.  So [...]

Australian Education Union you gotta be kidding?

By 17 March, 2014

This year I am starting my diploma in Education at UC and recently saw a presentation from some union advocates about, unions, the high level of union representation among teachers, blah blah blah. During the Q&A we discovered that school Principals and Deputy Principals can be full union members of the AEU.
To me this is [...]

Have learners gone feral? Accessing and accrediting learning at the edges of educational space

By 11 March, 2014

Learners have been teaching themselves for many centuries. However in our highly connected time learning practices have truly gone feral. Twitter drips out 140 character learning bites around the clock. Google Scholar gives you, on demand, as many resources as you need. Scoop.It lets you connect with experts in your field who are curating the [...]

Pregnant during a bushfire? Help out a PhD…

By 6 March, 2014

Because bushfires are becoming more prevalent, it’s important to understand what their effects are and what support pregnant women may need during bushfires. A PhD candidate at the ANU is studying the impact of the 2003 Canberra Fire and the 2009 Black Saturday fires on pregnant women. She is seeking participants who were pregnant during [...]

Moving to Googong & researching high school options

By 6 March, 2014

Hi Rioters
We will be moving to Googong next year and I’m in search of a new school for my son. He will be going in to year 8.
I’m considering St Edmund’s but I’d happily consider a public school as my son is currently attending Harrison and we are very happy with it.
I’m not sure how [...]

Primary School in Fraser area

By 17 February, 2014

Hello everyone, We’ve just arrived in Canberra and are settling down with our young family in Fraser. We are contemplating sending our child to the local state primary school when the time comes however as we do not know anyone in the area we lack a little insight – any recommendations for Fraser Primary or [...]

Barriers to study for non-traditional students

By 6 February, 2014

I am VERY excited to be starting my degree this year as a full time student at the University of Canberra.  I have studied before – back when I was ‘meant’ to – fresh from Year 12 – but a love of coffee breaks and sleep-ins meant I was less than successful and ended up [...]

Magnets in the sky – Public lecture, Prof Bryan Gaensler

By 31 January, 2014

[ 4 February, 2014; 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm. 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm. ] Stars, planets and galaxies are all magnetic.  “Cosmic magnetism” plays a vital role in controlling how stars and galaxies form, age and evolve. Closer to home, these naturally occurring magnetic fields drive the evolution of species, protect the Earth from harmful particles, and are vital for the navigation of birds and other animals.

Professor Bryan Gaensler [...]

Design advice for courses online from Canberra?

By 23 January, 2014

Hi all I’m after a quick cost effective certified design course or just creative suite training on a program like Adobe.  I’m a bit of a novice regarding the design programmes but know my way around a computer.
This will be purely for recreational/personal purposes I’m not looking to make a career out of it.

Chief Minister Gallagher opens 300 more student rooms at UC named after Patricia Cooper

By 23 January, 2014

Chief Minister Katy Gallagher has announced she’s worked her magic at UC’s new Cooper Lodge:
The latest addition to student accommodation at the University of Canberra which will provide almost 300 more spaces for students to live and learn has been officially opened today by Chief Minister Katy Gallagher.
Named after a celebrated ACT teacher, Patricia [...]

Paperwork moves ahead for the UC Hospital

By 21 January, 2014

Chief Minister Gallagher and the University of Canberra have announced a deed signing today:
Chief Minister and Minister for Health, Katy Gallagher, and Vice-Chancellor of the University of Canberra, Professor Stephen Parker have today signed a deed to allow for work on the University of Canberra Public Hospital (UCPH) to move into the design phase.
“Our [...]

Child care cost

By 21 January, 2014

How much are people willing to pay for child care spots in Canberra?
Prices seem to be $105 – $112 per day in a central location… as to the quality… well… that seems debatable according to all the research I have been doing.
$120 – $165 a day in Sydney and waitlists do not exist in a [...]

Simon Singh on The Simpsons and Their Mathematical Secrets

By 15 January, 2014

[ 17 January, 2014; 4:00 pm; ] Questacon have word on a pretty exciting talk this Friday:

Simon Singh, best-selling author of ‘Fermat’s Last Theorem’ and ‘The Code Book’, will discuss his latest book ‘The Simpsons and Their Mathematical Secrets’. He will explain how a team of mathematically gifted writers have covered everything from calculus to geometry, from pi to game theory, and [...]

Breaking news from ANU. Don’t build where the fires are

By 7 January, 2014

The Australian National University is doing a fine line in the bleeding obvious today announcing findings that not building houses in bushland will reduce the chances of them burning down:
ANU researchers say Australians should avoid building homes in bushland, in order to reduce the risk of homes being destroyed by fires.
“House losses and unnecessary [...]

UC breeding earless dragons

By 3 January, 2014

No we’re not talking about certain election night pundits supplied by that august seat of learning, rather the ABC has news on a breeding program for some cute little lizards:
At just 6 centimetres in length and less than a month old, tiny grassland earless dragons are partial to a few insects at meal time.
“We [...]

Trouble with your tablet? The Libraries want to help

By 2 January, 2014

In their ongoing search for relevance the ACT Library Service has announced their providing training in festive tablet gifts:
Tablets, eReaders and other gadgets were definitely up there with the most popular gifts this Christmas, so if you received an eBook device and haven’t quite got the hang of it yet then come along to a [...]

ANU opening up their Kioloa Coastal Campus

By 2 January, 2014

[ 3 January, 2014 to 6 January, 2014. ]

If you’re down at the coast or heading that way you might be interested in four days of access to the ANU’s Kioloa Campus:

The Australian National University is inviting people to walk in the shoes of a scientist when it opens its Kioloa Coastal Campus to the public in January.

The campus is on 348 hectares [...]

Child Care Info in Canberra?

By 29 December, 2013

Hello all,
Maybe this riot act community could provide a little bit of assistance for some analysis of the current state of mind and positions for families seeking child care.
Here is a hypothetical for you….
Lets assume for conversations sake, that a new child care facility was going to open in the not so distant future.
Again lets [...]

Strange fog at ANU

By 24 December, 2013

ACT Fire & Rescue are inspecting a science room filled with mist at the Australian National University.
Crews say the mist is a combination of helium and nitrogen.
It’s believed the gases may have been leftover from experiments.
An alarm system was triggered at 00:42am.
Three pumpers, the Hazardous Materials Unit, Breathing Apparatus Van and two commanders are on [...]

ANU’s teaching gets accredited

By 17 December, 2013

ANU is making sure you all know they’ve gained accreditation through the UK-based Higher Education Academy:
ANU has become the first Australian university to achieve accreditation through the UK-based Higher Education Academy (HEA), with 11 academics recognised for teaching excellence.
The highest recognition went to Professor Michael Martin from the College of Business and Economics (CBE), who [...]

Why good teachers leave teaching

By 16 December, 2013

By Misty Adoniou, University of Canberra
As another school year comes to a close, there are some early career teachers quietly packing up their desks and walking out the school doors with no plan to return next year.
Some estimate the attrition rates in teaching to be as high as 30% in the first three years. The [...]

UC branches its sports sponsorships to a Sydney cricket team

By 13 December, 2013

UC’s efforts to position itself as a uni for thickies has advanced according to the Canberra Times with a bizarre cricket sponsorship:
The University of Canberra has reaffirmed its sporting focus with the sponsorship of Big Bash League cricket team the Sydney Thunder.
Former Australian batsman Mike Hussey was in Canberra on Friday for the announcement, which [...]

ANU students take out top spots at programming comp

By 13 December, 2013

Several teams of ANU programmers have done quite well at the annual IEEEXtreme programming competition, which is awesome.
Special mention should go to team ’42′, not just for coming 5th but also for drawing inspiration from a much cooler franchise than their peers did.
Three ANU students have taken out first place at the annual IEEEXtreme programming [...]

ACT kiddies coming out tops in NAPLAN (for what its worth)

By 13 December, 2013

Who would have thought a high income earning city state with no rural hinterland would do well in standardised testing?
Joy Burch is celebrating the NAPLAN results.
ACT students have ranked top or equal top across all 20 areas tested in NAPLAN 2013, the national report released today shows.
ACT Minister for Education and Training Joy Burch [...]

Zed, Giralang Primary, and the Rats of Tobruk

By 9 December, 2013

For reasons beyond all sanity Senator Zed Seselja is launching a DVD about brutal siege warfare at a Primary School today.
Senator Zed Seselja will today launch Giralang Primary School’s DVD featuring the Rats of Tobruk.
The DVD is a result of Giralang Primary winning a Department of Veterans Affairs Schools’ Grant to establish the Rats [...]

What Joy Burch should really be apologising for

By 8 December, 2013

Anyone who cares what anyone else re-tweets is, inherently, an oxygen thief who would improve the world by their passing from it.
So despite numerous people trying to egg us on about Joy Burch ill advisedly retweeting a crude character assessment of the Peter Pan of Young Liberals, Christopher Pyne, we decided to prove our fitness [...]

Zed wants your thoughts on childcare

By 5 December, 2013

Senator Seselja is looking for your input to an issues paper on child care:
Senator Seselja said the Productivity Commission will take a holistic view to reform, including looking at issues facing mothers returning to the workforce, rural, regional and remote communities, shift workers, and disadvantaged and vulnerable children. “The work lives of Australian families are [...]

The benefits of a Marist Education

By 4 December, 2013

If you haven’t been playing along in the aftermath of the weekend’s Marist graduation as reported by an eye witness and a police media release, the response from the students involved has been quite the eye opener.
In the interests of fairness I won’t be summarising but I think you’ll find it worth your time.

Joy Burch again taking credit for Canberra’s education outcomes

By 3 December, 2013

Joy Burch is breaking out the bubbly over the ACT’s international education rankings:
ACT Minister for Education and Training, Joy Burch, has welcomed the Program for International Student Assessment (PISA), which assessed students both internationally and locally in areas of mathematical, scientific and reading literacy in 2012.
Almost 510,000 students from 65 different countries took part [...]

Canberra Quiet On Actual Riot?

By 1 December, 2013

I felt a bit like David Attenborough at around 2 am last night as I got to witness the annual migration of the graduating students of Marist College from Civic to Woden.
I watched in awe as this 100 – 200 strong group of mainly intoxicated young men in varying stages of undress rampaged through [...]


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