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Kaleen High: Perhaps it’s time to close?

By 25 October 2013

For the past 10 years Kaleen High School’s enrolments have been dropping steadily and steeply. If you walk past the play area at lunch now you will see only a couple of dozen kids and in the corridors, I am told, it’s quite sparse during lesson changes. Even the canteen I am also told is [...]

Trinity Christian School wants a crossing

By 24 October 2013

Nicole Lawder is getting steamed up on behalf of Trinity Christian School and the risks of a lack of a crossing:
ACT Labor has denied students at Trinity Christian School in Wanniassa road safety, dismissing the Canberra Liberals calls for a school crossing over McBryde Crescent, Member for Brindabella Nicole Lawder said today.
“Today in the [...]

I for one am thrilled to be living in a rocking Federation

By 21 October 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

Chief Minister Gallagher has announced the ribbon cutting at the Federation Rocks display.
Sadly not a memorial to Cold Chisel, Powderfinger and The Angels, instead we have a large rock representing each state and territory as part of what is hoped will one day be a larger geological reference.
The display, at the entrance to the [...]

Schools of shame named

By 21 October 2013

The ABC has been FOI’ing critical incidents at Canberra’s schools this year, that is violent and/or weapon related trouble.
And the schools of shame are:
– Canberra High School
– Calwell High School
– Harrison School
– Woden School
– Telopea Park School

Library opening hours being cut down

By 16 October 2013

Some sad news for library fans.
New library opening hours will commence from Monday 2 December 2013, Director, Libraries ACT, Vanessa Little, announced today.
“We’ve had a look at usage patterns across our nine ACT public library branches, as well as the growing use of Libraries ACT’s online resources. The new opening hours will take into [...]

Taylor Primary School reopening in 2014

By 16 October 2013

Taylor Primary School has had a $13 million makeover, and will be opening it’s doors again next year. The school was closed last year due to structural damage discovered in March.
Joy Burch is excited.
“Taylor Primary School is an important part of our community, and I’m pleased that next year the students will feel that they [...]

Take 5 and help protect some frogs

By 14 October 2013

ANUgreen are looking for some assistance in monitoring frog populations, and all they need you to do is relax somewhere quielty for a few minutes.
Sounds good to me.
Do you have a smartphone? Can you stand still for five minutes? Great. ANUgreen and the Ginninderra Catchment Group need your help look after the campus’s frogs.
Frogs around [...]

Single layer capacitors at ANU

By 14 October 2013

ANU has announced a major advance in the world of electronics coming out of Acton:
The Single Layer Capacitor (SLC) is a small conductor of energy inside electronic devices. Its main benefit is its thermo stability: it doesn’t heat up as much as standard Multi-Layer Capacitors.
One of the project’s key architects, the Research School of [...]

For the gifted and talented a consultation follows a review

By 14 October 2013

Joy Burch has announced a consultation on a review of a policy in an area that doesn’t much matter anyway:
Community consultation will begin today on the ACT Government’s review of its education policy for gifted and talented students, ACT Minister for Education and Training Joy Burch said.
The current Gifted and Talented policy was developed [...]

Which horror movie is ANU sending its researchers into? [With Poll]

By 9 October 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

It sure as hell sounds like the start to a horror movie over at ANU:
Something massive is going on in East Antarctica’s Enderby Land and a team of researchers from the Research School of Earth Sciences are on their way to investigate.
The first hint of mystery came from the GRACE (Gravity Recovery and Climate [...]

ANU goes for socially responsible investment

By 4 October 2013

The Australian National University has announced that after much student agitation they’re going to be socially responsible in future:
The Council of The Australian National University today approved a Socially Responsible Investment Policy.
The policy says the University will aim to “avoid investment opportunities considered to be likely to cause substantial social injury”, and “positively promote [...]

The ritual dance of university rankings

By 4 October 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

By Gwilym Croucher, University of Melbourne
Whenever an unfavourable political opinion poll comes out, you can count on one thing: at least one politician saying they never pay attention to polls. And so it goes for university leaders when the results are in from world university rankings.
The Times Higher Education (THE) World University Rankings 2013-14 released [...]

Wake up call for universities

By 3 October 2013

The ABC has a story about Australia’s top universities, including ANU, falling down the world rankings.
ANU’s dropped 11 places in the Times Higher Education world rankings index down to 48.
We’re going to have to start trying much harder if we want to keep the foreign student rivers of gold flowing.

ACT educators recognised

By 2 October 2013

Three ACT educators were recognised today by the Australian Council for Educational Leaders during the ACEL conference in Canberra today.
Joy Burch was on hand to hand our congratulations.
Teachers tend to be good people, so it’s nice when good things happen to them.
“I congratulate the ACT winners of these prestigious national education awards which recognise the [...]

ANU hosting a node of new Australia – Indonesia Centre

By 1 October 2013

The Federal Government just announced that it is funding a new Australian Centre for Indonesia Studies that will be based in Monash University.
While the main centre will be at Monash, “nodes” will positioned at the University of Melbourne, CSIRO, and at the ANU.
ANU Vice-Chancellor Professor Ian Young AO said ANU academics will provide invaluable expertise [...]

If you were one of Kostka’s victims its past time to lawyer up

By 1 October 2013

The ABC reports on the first compensation case against Marist to have the compensation published:
Now in one of the first cases to be made public, the ACT Supreme Court last month approved the awarding of $135,000 to a victim who claimed the Trustees of the Marist Brothers had breached its duty of care.
Efforts by [...]

Tutorials to survive at ANU Humanities

By 27 September 2013

The ANU has announced they never had a plan to cease offering tutorials as part of the College of Arts and Social Sciences.
A review of teaching forums in the ANU College of Arts and Social Sciences (CASS) has found there was no proposal to abolish tutorials across the College or compel schools or staff to [...]

ANU staff heading to the barricades

By 26 September 2013

The ACT Branch of the NTEU has announced its ANU members have voted for industrial action:
The ANU NTEU Branch Committee will now consider what industrial strategies will best further members’ claims for decent workloads, decent salaries and job security in the new ANU Enterprise Agreement. We will send members full advice on the next [...]

ANU rings the changes in humanities

By 25 September 2013

ANU has announced another restructure in those pesky humanities:
The ANU College of Arts and Social Science today announced that it will establish a new School through a merger of the School of Language Studies and the School of Cultural Inquiry, it will expand the School of Art to strengthen Art History and Art Theory, [...]

UC finally promises somewhere to sleep to international students

By 23 September 2013

For all that they love the rivers of gold Canberra’s universities have been terrible hosts to new international students.
Thankfully UC at least have today announced they’re at least going to guarantee accomodation to the new arrivals paying thousands of dollars:
The University of Canberra will guarantee accommodation for every first-year student and all international students in [...]

Druggie bomb enthusiast only locked up on weekends

By 20 September 2013

The ABC has the less than reassuring news that Ainslie Village’s Joseph Lawson will be serving weekend detention for burglary and possession of numerous explosives:
The ACT Supreme Court heard Lawson had been keen on explosives since he was young.
At one point he was suspended from his school for taking explosives along.
But Lawson agreed with [...]

Doszpot still surprised he’s not in government

By 17 September 2013

The Liberals’ Steve Doszpot is astonished that the Government has resolutely not implemented his policies on Autism:
Shadow Minister for Education Steve Doszpot has condemned ACT Labor for refusing to provide a specialised early intervention service for families with autistic children, but has congratulated the University of Canberra which is in the final planning stages of [...]

UC wants help filling in its open spaces

By 16 September 2013

The UC Vice Chancellor’s blog has a thrilling invitation to industry to help fill in the campus.
It’s a speech heavy on ungainly metaphors. One has to wonder why medieval cathedral towns would be the inspiration for the UC of the future and not, perhaps, medieval universities? (And I’m pretty sure “cloud” is used to mean [...]

Hunting the dark matter in three minutes

By 16 September 2013

ANU has just posted this for our edification:
Did you know we can only see 15% of the universe? The other 85% is known as dark matter and cannot be observed directly. So how do we study something we can’t see?
In this video, Suryashree Aniyan condenses her PhD down to three minutes for the Three [...]

Tuck shop reforms

By 16 September 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

Joy Burch has announced the outcomes of the loftily titled “High Level Ministerial Taskforce on Canteens”:
“The 2013-14 ACT Budget committed $200,000 to support our school canteens, and the Taskforce’s report gives us clear direction on how we can use these funds to simplify canteen operations for schools and families,” Ms Burch said.
“The $200,000 for Canteen [...]

Learn Sign Language in Canberra?

By 15 September 2013

I was wondering if anyone could tell me if there is anywhere that teaches Auslan (Australian Sign Language) in Canberra.
I know that CIT used to offer a night class but it seems to not run anymore which is really disappointing.
I have been interested in learning this for such a long time and am [...]

Teaching the NAPLAN test like nobody’s business!

By 13 September 2013

Joy Burch is celebrating sterling results by the ACT’s children:
ACT Minister for Education and Training welcomed the report by the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA), which conducts the national testing, which shows that mean scores of ACT students were top or equal top across 17 of the 20 areas tested, relative to other [...]

You cannot live without chemicals. Lecture at the ANU

By 12 September 2013

[ 13 September 2013 to 14 September 2013. ] One of my favourite pieces of stupidity is people who try and live “chemical free”.

It’s by far the most wonderfully ridiculous of all the ‘new age’ nonsense that people like to sprout.

Short of ejecting their consciousness from their bodies and floating around some astral plane, I really don’t see it happening.

Peter Wothers is presenting a [...]

Joy Burch opens Franklin Early Childhood School

By 11 September 2013

Today Joy Burch officially opened the new state-of-the-art Franklin Early Childhood School.
I imagine this was somewhat confusing to the students and staff of Franklin Early Childhood School, as they’ve been working/learning there since February.
Ms Burch said the $30.1 million school, along with the $50.4 million Neville Bonner school that also opened this year, are examples [...]

ANU still in the top 30

By 10 September 2013

Vice Chancellor Young is celebrating ANU’s ongoing place at the top of the QS World University Rankings:
The QS World University Rankings 2013/2014 released this morning show that ANU remains among the top 30 universities in the world, ranked 27th globally.
While rankings are imperfect measures and jump around year-to-year (we ranked 24th in 2012 and [...]

ANU researcher looking to take back eucalyptus oil crown

By 9 September 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

A PhD student at the ANU is looking to make Australia known as the producer of the finest eucalyptus oil in all the lands.
It is rather interesting to hear we are not the biggest producer of eucalyptus oils.
Australia is being beaten at its own game.
The emblematic eucalyptus is grown in enormous quantities overseas, meaning Australia [...]

Robyn Williams presents: Promise of miracles? The popularity, politics and future of science

By 8 September 2013

In episode one of Radio National’s The Science Show, hosted by Robyn Williams AM, the publisher of Scientific American said there was a stampede away from science. Was there? On 31 August 2013, almost two thousand episodes later, The Science Show celebrated its 38th birthday, and is still going strong.
Robyn has witnessed firsthand how [...]

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