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Australian Academy of Science awards two ANU researchers

By 31 May 2013

Professor Ken Freeman and Dr Ulrike Mathesius have both received rather prestigious awards this week from the Australian Academy of Science.
The Matthew Flinders Medal is the highest honour that the Academy awards and Duffield Professor of Astronomy Ken Freeman is this year’s recipient.
Dark matter is the subject of Professor Freeman’s study, and there is more [...]

Rebuilding at Stromlo

By 31 May 2013

The ANU has announced they’re getting $500,000 in Commonwealth moneys to rebuild the old director’s residence at Mount Stromlo:
Perched on top of Canberra’s Mount Stromlo, keeping watch on the city below, the Director’s Residence was long regarded as one of the finest examples of federation architecture in Canberra.
When the firestorm of January 2003 ravaged [...]

Julia cops another sandwich at Lyneham High


It appears throwing sandwiches at Julia Gillard is now a national sport.
The Courier Mail reports the seemingly doomed PM has caught a second one, this time from Canberra’s own Lyneham High:
Ms Gillard was walking in a crowded foyer at Lyneham High School – where she was announcing the ACT had signed up to her [...]

Signing on the dotted line for Gonski

By 30 May 2013

If jurisdictions which have neglected their education systems are the big winners in the Gonski reforms one has to wonder at the ACT’s haste to sign up after a decade of Labor rule.
Andrew Barr is letting us know he’s gone and signed us all up to the National Education Reform Agreement:
The agreement incorporates the [...]

Burch drops childcare bung

By 30 May 2013

The unsavoury practice of pre-announcing budget goodies to massage the media perception continues today with Joy Burch and Andrew Barr doling out $2 million for upgrading community based childcare:
The 2013-14 ACT Budget will deliver an extra $2 million to continue the ACT Government’s successful childcare centre upgrade program, which has supported centres in Government owned [...]

The rich get richer as Terry Snow ponies up the cash for Grammar

By 30 May 2013

The ABC has the thrilling news that Canberra Grammar is getting, on top of its enormous fees and government top ups, $8 million of Terry Snow’s money to ensure the ruling elite are well placed for the next generation:
Businessman Terry Snow has donated $8 million to his former school Canberra Grammar to build a [...]

Denise Ferris heads up ANU School of Art

By 28 May 2013

This month local photographer Denise Ferris took up the role of Head of The Australian National University’s (ANU) School of Art.
More information about her photography and current projects can be found here.
Ferris joined the ANU ranks in 1987, teaching photography for what she thought would only be for one semester.
“I taught a course called The [...]

Hanson pins childhood obesity on Skywhale!

By 28 May 2013

The Liberals Jeremy Hanson is very excited by the defunding of Robert DeCastella’s schoolyard anti-obesity campaign (apparently successful?).
Hanson knows where he would have saved the money:
“Last week, Katy Gallagher said that the increase of Canberrans who were overweight was the most concerning element of the COAG report, and that the Labor government would put more [...]

Entry 29 at Acton for the budding entrepeneurs

By 28 May 2013

Member for Fraser Andrew Leigh has blogged about “Canberra’s newest place for start-ups”, Entry 29:
Entry 29 is a community-driven, not-for-profit company, whose aim is to provide a social and inspiring work space, where entrepreneurs can connect, create and collaborate on new and exciting opportunities. It also offers meeting facilities, access to mentors and service [...]

Woroni plays the Islamic cartoon two step

By 27 May 2013

The ABC has the sad news that ANU’s student rag has gotten itself in trouble with the tired trope of cartoons about Islam.
“Woroni Editors” are defending themselves and detailing the university’s efforts to make them stop being pests.
Five years ago this was cutting edge, today… well Voltaire and all that.

Study Canberra!

By 27 May 2013

Chief Minister Gallagher has announced her Study Canberra plan to keep the student dollars flowing:
The $2.091 million 2013-14 Budget initiative will:
– Provide high-level coordinated leadership from ACT tertiary education providers, business and
– Support a vibrant, attractive living environment for students and their families; and
– Enable consistent and effective marketing and promotion of the [...]

Another tale of bullying from Chisholm

By 27 May 2013

This came in as a comment to the earlier bullying story but I thought it was worth a run:
2013/05/26 at 11:27 pm
Hi worried_mum,
I created an account purely to respond to you as your story really got to me. I’m only 19 so high school wasn’t too long ago for me and some of what you [...]

ANU academic denounces Dr Who as racist

By 26 May 2013

This in from the Daily Mail:
The Doctor’s new foes claim that his dismissive attitude towards black companions, his contempt for ‘primitive’ people, and even his passion for cricket are all proof of a reactionary ‘whiteness’ pervading his adventures.
Their concerns are published in a new book, Doctor Who And Race, which [...]

Cancer research gets a Centenary Chair at ANU

By 26 May 2013

Chief Minister Gallagher is letting us know she’s chipped in $1.5 million to get the ANU to name a chair after the Centenary:
ACT Chief Minister Katy Gallagher today announced funding in the 2013-14 Budget for the appointment of a Centenary Chair in Cancer Research based at the ANU John Curtin School of Medical Research (JCSMR). [...]

$5 million towards new sports precinct at UC

By 24 May 2013

According to a press release from Andrew Barr the ACT government will be coughing up $5 million to go towards a new sports precinct at UC.
Several community sports organisations will be housed int he new facilities.
The ACT Budget will include a $5m grant over 4 years to accommodate community sport within the new sports precinct [...]

New facility to help teen parents finish education

By 24 May 2013

$14 Million is being set aside to build a new CCCares Facility at Canberra College in Phillip.
The CCCares facility will support pregnant and parenting students and their children.
ACT Minister for Education and Training Joy Burch and Treasurer Andrew Barr said the investment will fulfil ACT Labor’s 2012 Election commitment to build a new purpose built [...]

Educators honoured for 40 years of service

By 24 May 2013

Joy Burch has given awards to three educators to honour their 40 years of service to advancing education in the ACT.
“Today I am pleased to acknowledge three outstanding individuals, each who have dedicated more than 40 years of service to the advancement of education in the ACT,” Ms Burch said.
“I see in school staff the [...]

I need help with a bullying issue?

By 23 May 2013

Hello fellow rioters. I thought I would throw the question out here to see what knowledge you guys have.
I am not a wordsmith by any means so apologies in advance if this is disjointed and or confusing, I will do my best and apologies for any spelling and or grammar issues.
I have a dilemma on my hands [...]

ANU “bullying” students out of interstate internships

By 22 May 2013

ANU Medical School graduates are usually guaranteed a first round offer to intern at the Canberra Hospital, however as of this month a new policy will deny them that if they choose to also apply for positions interstate. Outside of the ACT, graduates with multiple offers are given two days to make a decision.
The students [...]

New scholarship to kick start careers in building from UC

By 17 May 2013

Queensland student Elvis Deschamps is set to become the first recipient of the the Manteena Scholarship for Leaders in Construction from the University of Canberra.
The scholarship, part of the Bachelor of Building and Construction Management degree, is now offered to one student in their first year of study. Awarded by local Canberra [...]

Public stargazing at Mount Stromlo Friday night

By 16 May 2013

Where’d the month go? It’s already time for the next public viewing night up on the mountain.
Plenty of us members of the Canberra Astronomical Society will be up there with our telescopes. And Saturn plus a new moon will make for great viewing if the weather cooperates. There will be professional astronomers from the ANU [...]

What’s to become of the ACT’s middle class schools under needs based funding

By 15 May 2013

While everyone who supports public education chants the mantra of Gonski there are questions about what it means for schools that have been going well to date.
The Liberals’ Jeremy Hanson is starting to ask difficult questions about just what the ACT has signed up to:
n question time today Katy Gallagher refused to outline how much [...]

Canberra based AILC Trains Indigenous Leaders in Cairns

By 13 May 2013

Another round of Indigenous leaders has graduated from Australian Indigenous Leadership Centre (AILC)

ANU investments in fossil fuels exposed in FOI documents

By 13 May 2013

In a tale that’s been slowly unfolding over the past few months, we’ve gone from ANU promising to stop investing in one gas company, to refusing to share info on its other investments, to being forced to release those documents under the freedom of information act.
What have the students behind the Fossil Free ANU movement [...]

ANU subjects ranking quite well

By 8 May 2013

The annual QS World University Rankings by Subject ranks Universities around the world in several popular subject areas.
The ANU has come off looking rather spiffy in the 2013 findings.
ANU has nine top-ranked subjects in the country, according to the latest QS World University Rankings by subject for 2013.
ANU subjects leading the way in Australia include: [...]

Growing legions of kiddies in public schools

By 8 May 2013

Joy Burch has expressed her glee at growing enrolments in ACT Public Schools:
ACT Government schools have recorded a growth in enrolments for the fifth consecutive year, accounting for almost 60 per cent of all enrolments, Minister for Education and Training Joy Burch announced today.
The Government today released the results of the February 2013 Census of [...]

The incredible expanding UC

By 7 May 2013

Chief Minister Gallagher is proudly announcing the growth of student numbers at the University of Canberra.
Canberra is continuing to grow as an academic centre following the release of new statistics that show a 32.7% increase in student numbers at the University of Canberra over the past three years, Chief Minister and Minister for Higher Education, [...]

The new dish going up at Tidbinbilla


The Register has the exciting news that Tidbinbilla’s Deep Space Communications Complex is about to hoist its new dish skyward.
As the image below from the Complex’s Webcam shows, getting the 34-metre dish from the ground onto its pedestal (completed in December 2012) won’t be trivial. DSS 35 is one of two new antennae under [...]

Tetun Language Speaking Group in Canberra?

By 6 May 2013

Having just returned from East Timor and planning to return before too long, I’d like to be able to practise my Tetun in between visits. The ANU has a six-year-old webpage about starting one, but the contact email address has shuffled off this mortal coil and joined the bleeding choir invisible.
So I’m wondering if any [...]

Forming One Lane as traffic in the ACT

By 3 May 2013

Hi all,
Have been reading posts on here for about a year now, but after what I saw today compelled me to make a quick topic on here I think needs addressing.
Long story short….kinda
This afternoon approx about 6:20pm I was amongst traffic ahead and behind. In front was a white 4×4 which was tailgating a car [...]

Preschools in Canberra?

By 2 May 2013

We are fairly new to Oz and Canberra and with a child turning four later this year, we need to select a preschool.  
First, can anyone tell me the difference between a preschool and an early childhood schools?  
They sound the same to me.  
And any opinions regarding South Curtin Preschool, Yarralumla Preschool (the regular, [...]

ANU an elitist prison… says two elitist law students

By 1 May 2013

ANU law students Uma Patel (wannabe journo) and Olivia Clarke (ANUSA Social Officer) are in today’s Australian, spouting some woefully bad hyperbole.
“ANU is a fate you chose but you cannot escape” they write, also complaining about the cost of airfares, the lack of beautiful buildings and historic graffiti and that nobody knew what Brian [...]

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