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Camping area for kids

By 14 December 2009

Been ‘camping’ a few times with my 6 year old boy in the back garden to get him used to the ‘camping’ experience. He realy wants to do some ‘proper’ camping now, so I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for somewhere the two of us could go.
I really want to avoid serviced campsites [...]

From Canberra to Copenhagen

By 9 December 2009 FEATURED ARTICLE

While Copenhagen is in Europe and Canberra is down under, we are all part of what is happening there, and our discussions and our actions here in our little city, are what will make a difference for us. Regardless of what the world leaders decide to do, it is us the people, each one of [...]

Walk Against Warming 12 December at Parliament House

By 9 December 2009

[ 12 December 2009 at 11:30 am; ] Walk Against Warming will coincide with the International Day of  Climate Change and will also be the mid-point of the Climate Talks in  Denmark.

This is a symbolic day to come out and show you are willing to do something  about climate change.

‘Last year more than 3,000 Canberrans came to walk and show their concern  about [...]

The fight to protect Canberra against noise sharing continues…

By 8 December 2009

Shamelessly cut and pasted from an email from Canberra Airport (and no I am in not in any way shape or form employed by related to mates with or anything to do with Terry Snow):

Today we ask for you to make your voice heard one more time.
The proposal for rezoning the land to the south [...]

Summertime bugs

By 8 December 2009

Is it just me, or are there more flies and less Christmas beetles and grasshoppers than there used to be?  If this is the case, why is it so?

Cordless electric lawn mowers

By 2 December 2009

In the 21st Century in Canberra it seems very 20th Century that most people still mow their lawns (grasses!) with petrol lawn mowers.
We would like to evolve to 21st Century citizens, but keep some green stuff around the house.
So, does anyone have any good experiences to share about non-petrol lawn mowers? Particularly, cordless electric ones?

Commissioner for Sustainability and the Environment searches for Young People Ambassadors

By 1 December 2009

The Commissioner for Sustainability and the Environment, Dr Maxine Cooper, is inviting expressions of interest for Young People Ambassadors.
The Young People Ambassadors assist the Commissioner and staff on advocacy and awareness of sustainability and environmental issues, particularly in the youth sector (12-25 years).  The functions of the Ambassadors in partnership with our Office are [...]

Desertification comes to Commonwealth Avenue

By 29 November 2009

Six weeks after the close of Floriade, and the flower beds and lawn median strip in Commonwealth Avenue, between Acton and Commonwealth Parks, are looking like a desert landscape – plus weeds!
I have never seen this part of Canberra looking so bad. The lawn is brown, the grass along the edges is high, and the [...]

Universal tile ventilators

By 28 November 2009

We are looking at installing ventilators on our roof to reduce heat and moisture buildup in the cavity between the ceiling and the roof.
A product called Universal Tile Ventilator is on the market for such a purpose, and the company is based in Watson, and actually won its episode few years ago on the (New [...]

Inflatable pools and spas?

By 26 November 2009

So my boyfriend is obsessed with the idea of getting a full size inflatable pool or spa. If you haven’t seen them they look like this:

My question for Canberra is this: would inflatable pools and spas be allowed under water restrictions? And has anyone tried these? It looks like it has a serious risk [...]

Cotter Dam expansion started ?!?

By 24 November 2009

A couple nights ago I was kicking back with a beer infront of the TV when the latest ActewAGL ad came on. I spluttered beer across the living room as they declared the Cotter Dam expansion has started. They then declared the surveys and planning was progressing well – ROFL!
Today it seems I am to [...]

RECS and Solar Energy

By 19 November 2009

Hi All,
I’m hoping the wise people that read and comment on the site can explain the whole Solar Energy and RECS thing for me
Basically I’m going to build a house and have been told that I can get paid or reduce my electricity bill if I connect up solar power and feed it back to [...]

What’s Going On Here

By 16 November 2009

We get told off time and time again for illegal littering, etc. Well it would appear if those we hire out to take our rubbish are dumping rubbish another way.
The below photo was taken from the carpark on Lady Denman Drive near the Glenloch Interchange.
This truck was there for a while, but nothing around it [...]

Electric cars for ACT Government

By 10 November 2009

According to the following ABC story (unfortunately, no media release yet from his holiness) Jon “Eco” Stanhope wants to see some of the ACT Government petrol powered vehicles changed for electric cars. This follows an announcement in June from US electric car company Better Place, that Canberra will be the first city in Australia to [...]

How clean is the waste water from an evaporative aircon?

By 10 November 2009

Does anyone know how clean / useable the waste water is from an evaporative air conditioning unit? I’ve got my unit draining into a 600 litre tank which then goes out onto the lawn. It doesn’t appear to be killing the grass, but then again the lawn ain’t looking that great either.
Would the water be [...]

Exemptions to water restrictions coming your way

By 9 November 2009

I noticed a big ad in the Canberra Times on the weekend that brought a smile to my car loving heart. For a limited period, starting from 14 November, Canberrans will be able to wash their cars at home. Yay for those of us who like shiny metal bits.
The general exemption runs from 14–29 November [...]

Hunger strike to stop global warming!

By 7 November 2009

In what appears to be an unearthed Monty python skit, Mr Paul Connor of Canberra is on a hunger strike and insisting that he’ll only drink water from now until an agreement is struck at global climate talks in Copenhagen starting on December 7.
“We’re only making one guarantee – that is we’ll stop fasting if [...]

“COLOURS BY NATURE & SEE-CHANGE” are pleased to be hosting two exciting GREEN Painting events in Canberra during November!

By 5 November 2009

[ 18 November 2009 at 5:00 pm; 19 November 2009 at 3:00 pm; ] Daniel Wurm from the GreenPainters Ltd, (a non-for-profit organisation), will be presenting an 1 hour information session for Builders, Architects, and Consultants on Wednesday 18th November at 5-6pm. Free.

And on Thursday 19th November, Daniel will also be conducting a 6 hour specialist training course for both professional painters and keen DYI’s from 3-9pm.Cost $80 (free [...]

Starving Silkworms in shoeboxes across the Territory

By 4 November 2009

There are silkworms starving to death in shoeboxes across the Territory every year.   Carers, eager to give their children an experience from their own childhood, purchase silkworms from pet shops, school fetes and even from the internet, in the hopes that little Johnny and little Janey will be enriched from the encounter. 
Unfortunately, we don’t always [...]

Inner-North SEE-Change presents: Summer-Smarting our Homes (to save energy and money!)

By 2 November 2009

Peter Miller from the Home Energy Advice Team will talk about ways in which we can keep our homes cool in summer. Followed by Chris Mobb who will explain the Green Loans Program. Green Loans is a new Australian Government Initiative to assist families to install solar, water saving, and energy efficient products.The program provides a detailed [...]

Cotter dam expansion rolls on

By 25 October 2009

It’s Thursday’s news, but it bears repeating.
Peter Garrett has announced his approval of the gargantuan cotter dam expansion project.
“This is a good outcome—it provides water security for the Canberra region and at the same time the stringent conditions I have imposed will ensure that threatened species will be properly protected.” Minister Garrett said.
“The species of [...]

Northbourne Avenue Trees

By 25 October 2009

I like Canberra, however while driving around town today I was particularly struck by the depressing appearance of Northbourne Avenue.
This is the ceremonial gateway to Canberra But I find it quite unattractive.
Its not just that it’s lined with dreary flats. I think the main problem is the species of gum tree which was chosen [...]

Fun and games to get government action on climate change

By 21 October 2009

[ 24 October 2009 at 1:30 pm; ] [Ed] First filed here but now with more info

GetUp! and have joined forces to hold events all over the planet on Saturday, 24 October. They want governments in every country to take action to keep our CO2 levels below 350ppm (parts per million) to prevent catastrophic climate change.

Details from GetUp!’s website, where you can [...]

Thanks a bunch for the timely info – curtain dude!

By 21 October 2009

About eight weeks ago we received a (very reasonable) quote for honeycomb blinds from a largish Canberran blind and curtain company. The blinds were installed yesterday and they look fabulous … no complaints there.
I got a bit excited when the installation dude mentioned that we can apply for a government rebate of up to [...]

What Magpies Swoop

By 21 October 2009 FEATURED ARTICLE

In an effort to stop cyclists wearing the silly cable ties on their helmets which have become all the rage for the last 3 years some members of the CSIRO have done an exhaustive study on what magpies will swoop.

But the law says you still have to wear a helmet.

Firefighting Cows

By 20 October 2009

Prime have this funny little story on the cows who are being put out to pasture in order to conduct fuel removal and help prevent bushfires this season.
I think its a great idea, but I’m sure there is someone out there who will come up with a reason why this is a bad [...]

Fossils at Carne Creek Aranda?

By 20 October 2009

Does anyone know the location of Carne Creek Aranda? Google doesn’t know about it – I think this might take a local to answer. There is supposedly an interesting fossil outcrop in the creek bed there. Any ideas?

Danmans Great Ride for Samoa

By 19 October 2009

Dear fellow RiotACTers
On Wednesday 30 September, an 8.0-magnitude earthquake struck in the pacific, offshore, between the islands of Samoa and American Samoa.
The earthquake triggered a tsunami of up to 1.7 metres in height, which caused severe damage in island areas that are only a few feet above sea level.
Bearing the brunt of the tsunami was [...]

Cleaning up our houses, cleaning up our yards

By 17 October 2009

I’m sure many of you have lived outside this Territory and resided somewhere in Australia that has quarterly verge general and green waste collections.  Why then do we not have this service in Canberra?
This issue has caused me and my partner endless frustration, living in a rental on a meagre student wage with no way [...]


By 14 October 2009

[ 24 October 2009 at 1:30 pm; ] GAMBLE WITH THE CLIMATE
A play by hilarious Melbourne comedian ROD QUANTOCK

1.30PM, Saturday, 24 October, on the lawns of Parliament House

CLIMATE ACTION CANBERRA is pleased to announce a wonderful afternoon of free entertainment around 350 Day of Global Action featuring Melbourne’s premier funnyman ROD QUANTOCK.
Rod will perform a climate change play with some audience participation [...]

Floriade blames it on the rain

By 12 October 2009

The ABC informs us that bad weather is being blamed for a 25% slump in Floriade attendance.
Overall it is estimated 300,000 people visited Commonwealth Park over the four weeks, but that is well down on last year’s record of 400,000 visitors.
Helen Curzon from Australian Capital Tourism says feedback surveys will be reviewed to consider [...]

Missing – 50 year old ash tree and bucket load of money

By 11 October 2009

I used to live in a house with a 50 year old ash tree out the back. It was an inner north Canberra suburb with a very small, badly sited cottage on a long, thin strip of land. I wanted desperately to knock down and rebuild or renovate. I put up with the house for [...]

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