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Water restrictions, amazing attitudes

By 5 February 2010

In the latest City News.. (can’t find it now) has an article/letter from a Canberra person lamenting the death of trees in his city.. and in his backyard.  Draconian water restrictions… leading to loss of amenity and community.  Our “leafy trees and green lawns used to be an evaporative [...]

Can I get my garden soil analysed in Canberra?

By 3 February 2010

I would like to get my veggie garden soil tested for all nutrients.  I’m good at growing a stupid amount of veggies (about 200 Kilos a year) but I know I am missing some nutrients, not getting replaced with the organic matter I feed it.  For instance, I have to use potash on the tomatoes [...]

Commissioner announces community forums on ACT tree management and urban forest renewal investigation

By 3 February 2010

Community members are invited to take part in the Investigation into the Government’s tree management practices and the renewal of Canberra’s urban forest by attending a community forum with the Commissioner to discuss issues of tree management in the ACT on:

6-8.30pm, Thursday 11th February 2010 at Ainslie Football Club, 52 Wakefield Ave, Ainslie; or

6-8.30pm, Monday [...]

Kids thank Canberra Southern Cross Club

By 2 February 2010

The Ginninderra Catchment Group (GCG) will purchase new equipment for their Junior Landcare Group (JLG) thanks to a donation from the Canberra Southern Cross Club.
The Canberra Southern Cross Club has donated membership fees from November 2009 to help the JLG, which was founded by the North Belconnen Landcare Group, buy some equipment designed for children, [...]

chlorine in the water

By 1 February 2010

is it just me, or is there an increased level of chlorine in the tap water recently?  
i give my ‘matoes and zucchini a watering can full of water from the back tap most mornings, and have recently acquired a stand-alone evaporative cooler which i fill using a bucket from the kitchen tap – in [...]

Charity Bins Becoming Rubbish Dumps

By 31 January 2010

This morning after a long overdue clean up of my spare room, I made a visit to the tip (or whatever it is now known as). I duly paid $10 to dump about three boxes of rubbish from the boot of my small car.
I then drove on to the Woolies carpark in Gungahlin to put [...]

State of the Service & Environment Sacrifice

By 27 January 2010

Thanks to the generosity of federal government conditions of service,  many permanent Canberra employees are currently entitled to salary sacrifice provisions by maximising the entitlement in the form of  acquiring their own motor vehicle.
Now here’s the environmental rub.  An incentive exists for those entitled to this condition of service to reside a long way from [...]

Pathetic polluting cyclist

By 24 January 2010

Spotted this from my bicycle on the nature strip of Northbourne Ave a bit up from Space if I recall correctly.  This kind of unthinking rubbishing of the landscape is typical of a small number of the lycra brigade who cannot be bothered to take their detritus with them but no doubt would scoff and [...]

Tiny’s Green Shed Ebay policy

By 17 January 2010

I made a quick to Tinys’ Green Shed (the Tip Face Salvage operator at the Mugga Way landfill transfer station, AKA the tip) during the week. One thing caught my eye. Stuck on a wall next to the cash register was this sign.

In case you cannot see the text, it says,
Tiny’s Green Shed Ebay policy
As [...]

Dr Maxine Cooper helps out the BoM

By 17 January 2010

The ACT State of the Environment 2007 mentions – “The expansion of the airport has affected the accuracy of measurements at the weather station.”.  At a later date an “Update: Clarification….” was added by the Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) and ANU Fenner School staffers which included a pdf report “Has Development around Canberra Airport affected [...]

Disposing of fuel

By 13 January 2010

I went to do a fire drill on the farm on the weekend and tried to kick over the fire pump.  I’ve been slack and let it sit for a year, and needless to say it took a lot of coaxing and there was a lot of stalling irrespective of throttle and choke control.  So [...]

Snakes in Canberra.

By 6 January 2010

Over the past week and a bit the Thumper household has acquired a new resident, a large brown snake who, despite some persuasion, refuses to leave. Suprisingly it appears that there is not one person in the Territory who can remove snakes from residential areas and this includes ACT rangers who apparently no longer perform [...]

Blue Green algae strikes again

By 5 January 2010

In case anyone missed this, being that it was released New Years Eve, swimmers have again been banned from parts of Canberra’s Lake Burley Griffin because of high levels of blue-green algae.
An extreme alert level has been issued for the East Basin, Lotus Bay and Yarralumla Beach.
Boating is still allowed.


By 5 January 2010

Walking down Mt Ainslie yesterday I saw a huge 1.5 metre long goanna. He was trying to get something out of a small hole in a rock but he couldn’t fit and he was getting angry about it!
I’ve been on that track hundreds of times and never seen one of these (or anywhere else [...]

Total Fire Ban Today

By 24 December 2009

[ 24 December 2009; ]

In the words of the ESA website: The Chief Officer of the ACT Rural Fire Service, Mr Andrew Stark, has declared a Total Fire Ban for the whole of the ACT from 00:00 Thursday 24 December 2009 to 23:59 Thursday 24 December 2009.
The official PDF can be found here

Zoo expansion underway?

By 18 December 2009

Anyone else noticed the new cleared strip and big animal-proof fence erected around the pine forest south of the Zoo?  It’s gone up over the past few weeks and seems to surround about half of the forest area between the zoo and the river/parkway.  Is the long-planned zoo expansion finally underway?  Nothing on their website. [...]

Bushfires at Michelago

By 18 December 2009

Fires burning in the Tinderry Ranges after threatening Michelago. Photographed from Smiths Road.

Commonwealth trumps Queanbean City Council

By 17 December 2009

Finally sanity prevails as reported in today’s Crimes on the notion of building anew beneath flight paths. I find it amusing that a federal government independent review is deemed an ‘air swing’ by the Tralee developers. Give it up already!
Mr Albanese also attacked the notion that because planes flew over homes in Sydney and Melbourne [...]

Mugga Lane resource recovery reopening

By 15 December 2009

The ABC has this article on the contract for the resource recovery centre at Mugga being awarded to Canberra businessman Goran “Tiny” Srejic (Tiny’s Diamonds and a number of other local businesses). The contract was previously held by Aussie Junk before they went into liquidation, and before that by Revolve who lost the tender [...]

Camping area for kids

By 14 December 2009

Been ‘camping’ a few times with my 6 year old boy in the back garden to get him used to the ‘camping’ experience. He realy wants to do some ‘proper’ camping now, so I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for somewhere the two of us could go.
I really want to avoid serviced campsites [...]

From Canberra to Copenhagen

By 9 December 2009 FEATURED ARTICLE

While Copenhagen is in Europe and Canberra is down under, we are all part of what is happening there, and our discussions and our actions here in our little city, are what will make a difference for us. Regardless of what the world leaders decide to do, it is us the people, each one of [...]

Walk Against Warming 12 December at Parliament House

By 9 December 2009

[ 12 December 2009 at 11:30 am; ] Walk Against Warming will coincide with the International Day of  Climate Change and will also be the mid-point of the Climate Talks in  Denmark.

This is a symbolic day to come out and show you are willing to do something  about climate change.

‘Last year more than 3,000 Canberrans came to walk and show their concern  about [...]

The fight to protect Canberra against noise sharing continues…

By 8 December 2009

Shamelessly cut and pasted from an email from Canberra Airport (and no I am in not in any way shape or form employed by related to mates with or anything to do with Terry Snow):

Today we ask for you to make your voice heard one more time.
The proposal for rezoning the land to the south [...]

Summertime bugs

By 8 December 2009

Is it just me, or are there more flies and less Christmas beetles and grasshoppers than there used to be?  If this is the case, why is it so?

Cordless electric lawn mowers

By 2 December 2009

In the 21st Century in Canberra it seems very 20th Century that most people still mow their lawns (grasses!) with petrol lawn mowers.
We would like to evolve to 21st Century citizens, but keep some green stuff around the house.
So, does anyone have any good experiences to share about non-petrol lawn mowers? Particularly, cordless electric ones?

Commissioner for Sustainability and the Environment searches for Young People Ambassadors

By 1 December 2009

The Commissioner for Sustainability and the Environment, Dr Maxine Cooper, is inviting expressions of interest for Young People Ambassadors.
The Young People Ambassadors assist the Commissioner and staff on advocacy and awareness of sustainability and environmental issues, particularly in the youth sector (12-25 years).  The functions of the Ambassadors in partnership with our Office are [...]

Desertification comes to Commonwealth Avenue

By 29 November 2009

Six weeks after the close of Floriade, and the flower beds and lawn median strip in Commonwealth Avenue, between Acton and Commonwealth Parks, are looking like a desert landscape – plus weeds!
I have never seen this part of Canberra looking so bad. The lawn is brown, the grass along the edges is high, and the [...]

Universal tile ventilators

By 28 November 2009

We are looking at installing ventilators on our roof to reduce heat and moisture buildup in the cavity between the ceiling and the roof.
A product called Universal Tile Ventilator is on the market for such a purpose, and the company is based in Watson, and actually won its episode few years ago on the (New [...]

Inflatable pools and spas?

By 26 November 2009

So my boyfriend is obsessed with the idea of getting a full size inflatable pool or spa. If you haven’t seen them they look like this:

My question for Canberra is this: would inflatable pools and spas be allowed under water restrictions? And has anyone tried these? It looks like it has a serious risk [...]

Cotter Dam expansion started ?!?

By 24 November 2009

A couple nights ago I was kicking back with a beer infront of the TV when the latest ActewAGL ad came on. I spluttered beer across the living room as they declared the Cotter Dam expansion has started. They then declared the surveys and planning was progressing well – ROFL!
Today it seems I am to [...]

RECS and Solar Energy

By 19 November 2009

Hi All,
I’m hoping the wise people that read and comment on the site can explain the whole Solar Energy and RECS thing for me
Basically I’m going to build a house and have been told that I can get paid or reduce my electricity bill if I connect up solar power and feed it back to [...]

What’s Going On Here

By 16 November 2009

We get told off time and time again for illegal littering, etc. Well it would appear if those we hire out to take our rubbish are dumping rubbish another way.
The below photo was taken from the carpark on Lady Denman Drive near the Glenloch Interchange.
This truck was there for a while, but nothing around it [...]

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