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Council Cleanups – Does Canberra have them?

By 27 July 2009

Hi everyone – quick question. Are there any council cleanups in Canberra? I can only find info on garbage and recycling bin collections….
We have some stuff we would like to get rid of but it would take three years of garbage collections trying to fit it, bit by bit, in our miniscule bin!
Plus, we [...]

Corroboree frog breeding makes a breakthrough

By 26 July 2009

The ABC brings word that the ACT’s corroboree frog breeding program has managed to produce 1,000 eggs which is apparently something they haven’t been able to do before.
Considering there are only 200 left in the wild it’s a giant leap.

Anyone else angry about the Lyneham Oval?

By 25 July 2009

Why has part of the Lyneham oval been turned into a carpark?
[ED - anyone across this issue?]

Electric cars coming to Canberra first?

By 25 July 2009

[First filed: July 24, 2009 @ 13:05]

Simon Corbell is very excited to announce that Canberra, car city that it is, is going to lead Australia in the rollout of a planned electric car network.
“I am very excited about this announcement today by Better Place Australia to roll out electric cars in Canberra before any other [...]

Work begins on a sustainable transport plan

By 24 July 2009

One might think that with all of Canberra’s plans and strategies we’d have already dialled in sustainable transport.
But this very morning the Chiefly Stanhope has announced that he’s kicking of the process to develop at “new comprehensive sustainable transport plan”.
Having successfully defused the vexed issue of kangaroo culling the ACT Commissioner for Sustainability and the [...]

Simon unveils DECCEW bike fleet

By 23 July 2009

Simon Corbell has announced a token bike fleet’s unveiling at the Department of Environment, Climate Change, Energy and Water (Pronounced “Deck You”).
The fleet will be used by staff at the department to get around town and will initially consist of five bicycles, more will be added if there is sufficient demand.
“This is a great way [...]

The ACT’s greenhouse gas emissions on the rise

By 22 July 2009

Simon Corbell has announced that Canberra is not doing so well on the greenhouse front:
Key findings in the ACT Greenhouse Gas Inventory included:
– emissions in the ACT in the financial year 2005-06 totalled 4.02Mt CO2-e. This figure is only a very small percentage of national net greenhouse gas emissions (0.7%) but it is a 2.4% [...]

July snakebite in Bywong

By 22 July 2009

The ABC has the worrying news that a 63 year old woman has been bitten by a snake at nearby Bywong.
She’s reportedly in a serious but stable condition in hospital.
But it is the flipside to that warmish winter we’re having.

Warm Winter in Canberra?

By 21 July 2009

Is it just me or is it unusually warm this winter?  Everyone bangs on about how ‘cold’ Canberra is but we’ve had but a few measly frosts and a dusting of snow in the far distant hills.  Is this normal, or are people just whiners and like to bang on about ‘cold’ Canberra and dress [...]

ACTEW hoping to shake all the crazies out this week on the Cotter Dam expansion

By 20 July 2009

Be you ever so nutty ACTEW wants to hear from you this week.
They’re finalising their consultation on the Cotter Dam expansion this week and calling for everyone to come forward and have their say. If only because it will save trouble later to get maximum exposure for the issue now.
Submissions can to be made in [...]

ACT otherWISE youth sustainability Workshops

By 18 July 2009

[ 20 July 2009; 5 August 2009; 12 August 2009; ] Are you a young person, aged (roughly) between 15 and 25 who is passionate about sustainability, or would you like to know more about how to make your life and your community more sustainable, and meet other young people committed to doing the same?

Then come along to the ACT otherWISE youth sustainability workshops

Learn more about [...]

Anarchist groups in canberra?

By 18 July 2009

Hi I’ve recently moved to Canberra from Brisbane and can’t seem to find any anarchist groups around.
Just interested in meeting some like-minded people.
Also any environmental activism groups.
Thanks for any help

Jack Frost hard at work this morning.

By 16 July 2009

These lovely patterns were on the roof of a car I passed this morning. Reminding me in no small part of a lot of the art-deco prints popular at the moment.
To think these things appear all over town at the same time, and then disappear before most people notice.
The Bureau predicts cold frosty mornings to [...]

The control freaks come for the bottled water

By 15 July 2009

[First filed: July 15, 2009 @ 10:52]

It started with a very local issue in the Southern Highlands where Bundanoon residents got the hump with their own water being trucked back with a 300x markup.
But now the tired recurring voices of rigid social control here in Canberra (particularly on 666 this morning) are calling for [...]

Now you can lick the back of Commonwealth Park

By 15 July 2009

Australia Post have announced this very day the release of their “Parks and Gardens” issue to celebrate “five of Australia’s most beautiful city parks”.
And our very own Commonwealth Park made it on!

The NCA goes belt and braces over tree removal

By 14 July 2009

The National Capital Authority has sheepishly announced that they’re going to be knocking down some elms and eucalypts along Kings Avenue from tomorrow as part of their much needed program to get rid of the murderous Russell roundabout.
Not only are the NCA promising to replace the 53 trees their knocking down with 106 established elms [...]

Dumped roo carcasses in Curtin

By 13 July 2009

The ABC has a curious story on the illegal dumping of ~20 kangaroo carcasses near Curtin within days of the Government organised cull completing.
Parks and Reserves acting manager Daniel Iglesias says the killings were not part of the Government’s recent cull of 500 kangaroos in the Canberra Nature Reserve.
However he says it appears it [...]

Improving your parrot feeder hygiene

By 13 July 2009

The RSPCA’s Michael Linke is advising the bird feeders of Canberra as to how best stop the spread of Circovirus (aka Beak and Feather):
Beak and Feather is caused by a virus known as a Circovirus. There is no cure for this virus. The virus persists in the environment for a long time and [...]

ACTEW management failures to see exodus of tradies?

By 13 July 2009

The Canberra Times is having a fret over the dangers to Canberra’s ute driving classes should pesky planning controls delay the Cotter Dam expansion.
Chamber of Commerce boss Chris Peters says that with major construction work winding up in the Territory pesky community consultation and environmental concerns must be thrown to the wind in order to [...]

Unbearable truck noise

By 10 July 2009

Hello everyone, I recently moved to Canberra, and moved to a very “new” area (unknowingly – we are renters and had to make a quick decision based on website pictures).
We are woken at 6am every morning (even on the weekends) by the noise of trucks driving past our front door.
And I don’t mean moving [...]

Murray Cod and Golden Perch to be pumped into the lakes

By 10 July 2009

Chief Minister Jon Stanhope has announced the completion of the Fish Stocking Plan for the Australian Capital Territory 2009-2014.
The upshot of which is that we’re going to get more baby fish pushed into the lakes in the hopes that our rapacious anglers will give the native fishies in the streams and rivers a break:
Approximately [...]

Inner North SEE-Change presents: Creating Urban Wetlands in Canberra’s Inner North

By 10 July 2009

[ 20 July 2009 at 6:30 pm; ] Inner North SEE-Change presents:  Creating Urban Wetlands in Canberra’s Inner North 

Edwina Richardson from the Department of the Environment, Climate Change, Energy and Water will discuss a range of wetland initiatives for Canberra’s inner north, including Banksia St, O’Connor Wetlands , Flemington Ponds, Mitchell  and Lyneham & Dickson wetlands.

Edwina is currently project managing the redesign & construction of the Banksia St, O’Connor wetlands [...]

Australian Ethical Investment buys Canberra property from a Shonk

By 6 July 2009

Colliers International have put out a rather dry announcement on selling the five star green rated 64 Allara Street (in Civic) to Australian Ethical Investment for incorporation into their upcoming Australian Ethical Property Trust (launching to investors September 2009.
I dip my lid to their sales agent making his way in real estate while upholding the [...]

Rock Wallabies A Go Go at Tidbinbilla

By 6 July 2009

The ABC brings word that Tidbinbilla’s breeding program for the critically endangered Southern Brush-tailed Rock Wallaby is going gangbusters with a baby boom underway.
Another three baby wallabies have been born, bringing the Reserve’s total population to 14.
Tidbinbilla senior wildlife officer David Dobrozszcyk says four wallabies bred in the Reserve were released back into the [...]

Still sub-zero at 9am? Tips for getting cars started?

By 6 July 2009

The Bureau informs us that it’s still below zero out there even at 9 in the morning.
The next two mornings are also forecast to get down to -3.
So for those struggling to get their cars going in these conditions have you got any tips?

Tools, Weapons and Artefacts at Tidbinbilla

By 3 July 2009

[ 10 July 2009 at 10:00 am; ] Here’s an interesting listing on Canberra Calendar:

Hear stories about how indigenous people survived in this area in the past. Learn about the tools, weapons and artefacts that were crucial to their survival. Meet at the Visitor Centre. Bookings essential on 6205 1233.

Sounds like a good one for those trying to entertain inquisitive kids.

Skippy slaughter to turn-off tourists?

By 3 July 2009

The Canberra Times brings word of plans by the National Kangaroo Protection Coalition to organise a boycott of tourism to Canberra in response to recent ‘roo culls.
“We’ve been talking about it the last couple of days and we think it’s one of the options we’ve got and probably the strongest option we’ve got to get [...]

The ACT’s Sustainable Cities winners

By 2 July 2009

Simon Corbell has announced the winners of the ACT Sustainable Cities Awards for 2009:
This years’ winners include;
– Community Partnerships – Oz Harvest;
– Environmental Innovation – Papercut;
– Dame Phyllis Frost Litter Prevention – Orana School;
– Resource Recovery – Corinbank Festival;
– Protection of the Environment – Jervis Bay School – Booderee Junior Rangers;
– Energy Innovation – Hawker [...]

TAMS kicks off skippy slaughter

By 1 July 2009

The Department of Territory and Municipal Services has announced that roo culling is commencing this Friday in the Canberra Nature Park.
The ACT Government wishes to advise that areas within the Canberra Nature Park will be closed from Friday 3 July until Friday 31 July to allow for the controlled culling of over-abundant Eastern Grey Kangaroos. [...]

Lanyon redevelopment leaves Nolan Gallery to rot

By 1 July 2009

Vicki Dunne is taking a swing at plans to do up the Lanyon homestead which neglect to do anything about the Nolan Gallery.
“While I support the enhancing of Lanyon’s value as a heritage tourism destination, this Stanhope-Gallagher government is creating the classic donut effect,” said Ms Dunne.
“The access road will be improved, there will be [...]

Making electricity more expensive to, er, make electricity more expensive

By 1 July 2009

The Canberra Times reports on concerns by the ACT Independent Competition and Regulatory Commission that the feed-in tariff system (whereby you get paid for electricity your home generates in surplus to what it consumes) could come at a hefty price:

Consumers will be forced to pay ”premium prices” to recover the program’s costs including $48million in [...]

Anyone want a free ACTEW ice scraper?

By 30 June 2009

Normally the ACTEW website is a dry affair, but today they’re offering something a little different:

ACTEW Corporation is offering free ice scrapers to help you get the frost off your frozen windscreen on those cold Canberra mornings.
To get your free ice scraper contact ACTEW’s Water Conservation Office on 6248 3131 or by email with [...]

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