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Massive skippy slaughter on defence land

By 2 September 2013

The Canberra Times is getting very excited about a vast culling campaign on the Majura Training Area:
The federal government has killed nearly 14,000 kangaroos on a military firing range east of Canberra in the past four years, internal Defence Department documents reveal.
The mass cull of adult kangaroos and their joeys, detailed in documents released under [...]

Step away from the Murray Cod

By 31 August 2013

ESD are giving notice that Murray Cod Season ends tonight:
The Environment and Sustainable Development Directorate is reminding anglers that the Murray cod fishing season will close at midnight on Saturday, 31 August 2013.
The Director of Environment Protection and Water Regulation, Daniel Walters, said the closed season will remain in effect until midnight 30 November [...]

Don’t panic on water storage levels

By 30 August 2013

Actew Water are getting in early to point out they’ve added the capacity of the new Cotter Dam into their measuring mix.
This means the percentage of water help versus capacity is now lower.
But we haven’t lost more water, just gained more glass to be half full.
Canberra customers could be forgiven for thinking that [...]

Fyshwick chlorine spill

By 30 August 2013

ACT Fire & Rescue is currently on scene at Gladstone and Albany Streets, Fyshwick following a chlorine spill.
One Fire pumper, the Hazardous Materials Unit and one Commander are assisting in the clean-up of a small amount of chlorine which has dispersed.
Some chlorine has entered a nearby drain and staff from Environment Protection will shortly [...]

Final collections

By 30 August 2013

This just in from TAMS as the great garbage strike of ’13 comes to an end.
The ACT Government has announced that household waste and recycling collections have now almost returned to normal. Today’s scheduled collections have taken place. Recycling collections will be undertaken tomorrow (Saturday 31 August) in those suburbs which were missed last [...]

Zed showing off his green side!

By 30 August 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

A keen eyed reader has noticed an admirable commitment to recycling on the Seselja battle wagon parked outside the Press Club this lunchtime.
Waste not, want not.
Got an image of Canberra you want to share with the world? Email it in to .

Volunteers help fix research equipment damaged by vandals

By 30 August 2013

Vandals, possibly in an effort to halt the kangaroo cull, destroyed various devices uses in wildlife research at the Callum Brae Nature Reserve.
Dr Don Fletcher says that the volunteers are helping the research get back up to speed despite the vandals attempts.
During the recent kangaroo cull, vandals destroyed devices used for wildlife research in [...]

It’s here, it’s on, it’s T-Shirt Weather!!!

By 30 August 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

Sure it’s windy, but who cares?
If you haven’t been out for a walk yet today then there’s still time, but don’t go wasting it!
Let’s have a look at the forecast
OMFG 24 on Sunday and Monday!!!
Aslan has roared and the White Witch is reaching for the kitchen knife!

ICRC reports all is well with utilities and wonders why it bothers

By 30 August 2013

The Independent Competition and Regulatory Commission has released their latest compliance report into utilities and finds nothing to see:
As in 2010–11, licensees did not report any breaches of their regulatory requirements in 2011–12 that the Commission considered material.
The Office of Regulatory Services (ORS) reported that it did not receive any formal complaints about the market [...]

They say the garbage is all but collected

By 29 August 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

TAMS are saying that they’ve caught up on garbage collection just about.
The bins down David Street would beg to differ but let’s see what the afternoon brings:
The ACT Government has announced that Cleanaway has been able to organise extra shifts for drivers this afternoon to almost fully complete the backlog of rubbish bin collections.
Catch up [...]

Central Bearded Dragons off the menu

By 29 August 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

TAMS are making it known they’ve busted a pet store for bringing lizards legally in from interstate:
The ACT Government today reminded pet sellers about the legislation surrounding the sale of animals, after a Canberra pet store was issued with a $1,250 infringement notice for being in breach of the Nature Conservation Act 1980 for selling [...]

Garbage mess rumbles on

By 28 August 2013

TAMS advise that some lucky sods might get their garbage picked up at long last:
The ACT Government has announced that catch up rubbish bin collections will take place tomorrow in Braddon, Forrest, Garran, Lyneham, Red Hill, Turner and Yarralumla. Residents of these suburbs are advised to ensure their rubbish bins are out.
Catch up rubbish collections [...]

Keep your bins out for the emergency collections

By 27 August 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

TAMS are sending their staff out to drive garbage trucks in an effort to make up for Friday’s missed collections:
The ACT Government is announcing the following arrangements to collect rubbish bins from some suburbs that were missed last Friday. Collections will take place in Campbell, Hackett, Hughes,
Watson and O’Malley from 3 pm this afternoon. [...]

Asking the surrounding shires to help out with the garbage

By 27 August 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

The ABC has the intriguing news that we’re begging our neighbours who weren’t so stupid as to outsource core functions so as to screw staff wages to pick up our garbage:
Chief Minister Katy Gallagher says the government is looking at a range of options to deal with the unemptied bins.
“We have been in touch for [...]

An end to the garbage crisis

By 26 August 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

With no Minister wanting a bar of a garbage strike and contract drivers being impoverished TAMS have taken the lead:
Normal household recycling and garbage collections have recommenced today.
The ACT Government is currently exploring options for how those suburbs which missed being collected on Friday can be collected in coming days.
To help offset the inconvenience [...]

Garbo strike still simmering. Free tip runs for those who can do it

By 24 August 2013

TAMS are warning that the bins need to stay on the road following Friday’s industrial dispute driven non-collection:
Household recycling and garbage collections have resumed today however only a small number of contractors have returned to work. This means only a limited number of suburbs will have their bins collected today.
Garbage will be collected today from [...]

Garbage strike hits the inner suburbs

By 23 August 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

TAMS are warning that there’s a garbage strike on:
The ACT Government has been advised that due to industrial action by staff from Cleanaway today’s household recycling and garbage collections may not be collected.
There is no impact on commercial recycling and garbage collection.
The potentially impacted suburbs are:
Garbage and recycling
Barton, Beard, Deakin, Duntroon, Forrest, Garran, [...]

A Salute to our Rangers

By 23 August 2013

I was riding home along Bindubi St bike path, Thursday night, dark, cold and raining.
Suddenly, along the roadside, I hear a loud gunshot. I look over to see a man pointing a gun towards the ground where someone was lying.
It took a second or two to make sense of the scene. It was an [...]

Water sensitive urban design review

By 22 August 2013

Simon Corbell is trying to drum up enthusiasm for a review of water-related development decisions:
“The Environment and Sustainable Development Directorate will undertake the inquiry into the 40% reduction in water usage in new developments and refurbishments/extensions. The review is a key component of the Water for the future – striking the balance which is the [...]

ACT getting two new solar farms

By 19 August 2013

Simon Corbell announced the winners of the ACT Solar Auction today, which means Canberra will now be getting two new large solar farms.
“I am pleased to announce two new solar farms will be developed in Canberra as a result of the Solar Auction process, which will now contribute over $100 million worth of capital investment [...]

Destratifying the new Cotter Dam

By 19 August 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

It’s not all over at the new Cotter Dam! Today they’re sharing some heli-winching of heavy metal:
A helicopter was engaged to lift the new Resmix destratification units into the Cotter reservoir to help ensure high water quality. This project was undertaken by ACTEW Water working with Tenix Australia. The units were designed and manufactured by [...]

More dingos needed to control Kangaroo populations!

By 16 August 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

UC has announced a lecture this afternoon on the importance of dingos to controlling kangaroo populations:
Without predators like dingos to control kangaroo populations, culling may be necessary to restore the natural balance and ensure the future of the Australian landscape, according to new University of Canberra research being presented today.
Director of the University’s Institute for [...]

Fireweed on the march again

By 16 August 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

TAMS are warning that the Madagascan Fireweed menace is still merrily bobbing along:
Canberrans are urged to be on the lookout for infestations of Madagascan Fireweed (Senecio madagascariensis) which have been detected in the Gungahlin area.
“Infestations of Fireweed have been detected in large numbers close to the boundaries of Gungahlin Hill, Gungaderra, Mulangarri, Percival Hill, Mulligan’s [...]

ACT Government wants to know who keeps dumping stuff

By 15 August 2013

Time to fess up. Which one of you has been illegally dumping stuff?
Apparently cleaning up illegally disposed of rubbish cost the Government $1.4 million last year, so it’s understandable why they’re a bit miffed.
“Our city rangers responded to nearly 500 reports of illegal dumping and littering last financial year, a figure which we hope will [...]

Battery chickens better for the environment than backyard chooks?

By 12 August 2013

ANU is throwing the proverbial cat amongst the pigeons with research showing backyard chicken keeping is less sustainable than leaving it to the big boys:
Two ingredients from the humble chicken salad sandwich gave Cluster member Dr Martyn Kirk from NCEPH, an insight into how the production of food may impact our climate future.
“We compared [...]

You Can’t Eat Your Words

By 10 August 2013

[ 21 August 2013 at 6:50 pm; 21 August 2013 at 6:50 pm; ]

Rioters may remember when we launched the Our Hungry Future discussion paper in May.  

The next event in our year long campaign on food security will be at 7.00 pm on Wednesday the 21st of August at the Gungahlin College Lecture Theatre, featuring local senate candidates and food security experts.  More information via the [...]

The RSPCA is moving to Symonston

By 9 August 2013

It’s been in Weston Creek for nearly 60 years, but now the RSPCA is now moving in together with Domestic Animal Services into an all new fancy facility in Symonston, announced Shane Rattenbury today.
The new animal care and protection facility will combine the functions of the RSPCA and Domestic Animal Services (DAS), and create a [...]

Big bickies for nature conservation projects

By 9 August 2013

Simon Corbell has announced $6 million in nature conservation activities:
The ACT Government will receive almost $6 million over five years to fund community-run natural resource management projects, Minister for the Environment and Sustainable Development, Simon Corbell, announced today.
“The Australian Government announced a total of $450 million in funding for natural resource management initiatives late last [...]

Don’t kill platypuses, you jerks


After finding an illegal yabby trap containing three threatened and protected crayfish and one dead platypus near Kambah Pool, ACT Parks and Conservation today called for Canberran’s to keep an eye out for these illegal fishing practices.
If you see any illegal traps or anyone engaged in illegal fishing, Brett McNamara would like you to call [...]



The ABC has the delightful news that increased chicken ownership in Canberra is driving an exploding populations of foxes!
The number of foxes lurking in the streets of the nation’s capital city is on the rise.
Fox sightings in Canberra have increased as cubs become independent and more people keep chickens in their backyards.
Chris Condon, from [...]

A new conservation strategy

By 8 August 2013

Simon Corbell has announced he’s signed off on a new Nature Conservation Strategy:
The strategy has a strong ‘people focus’ that recognises the key role that the community plays in nature conservation in the ACT. Actions include:
– community education campaigns on priority conservation issues such as managing the urban/bushland edge, and understanding the impacts of climate [...]

Rain closes sportsgrounds

By 8 August 2013

Economic Development have made it known they’ve closed the fields:
All ACT Government sportsgrounds will be closed today Thursday 8th August due to wet weather and the forecast of further showers.
The decision has been taken in order to minimise damage to the turf surfaces and in the interests of player safety.
The focus is on protecting [...]

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