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Katy to bribe the schools to stop selling soft drinks

By 27 August, 2012

Katy Gallagher is promising to offer schools a teeny weeny little bribe in exchange for giving up the ongoing revenues of selling soft drinks to their students:
If re-elected in 2012 ACT Labor will establish a $500,000 fund
to install water bottle refill stations and supply reusable drink bottles to any school that agrees to end the [...]

Chief Health Officer mails in the 2012 report

By 24 August, 2012

On the last sitting day the Health Directorate has sent in the ACT Chief Health Officer’s Report 2012.
With no data since 2010 it’s a little hard to tell where we’re at, but here are the conclusions on demography:
The ACT is expected to experience significant changes in its demographic profile between 2010 and 2056:
– The [...]

Free Chlamydia screenings at the Walk-in Centre

By 22 August, 2012

The Walk-in Centre at Canberra Hospital has been in touch to let you all know they’re now doing free Chlamydia screenings:
Free Chlamydia screening for 16 – 30 year olds is on offer in the Walk-in Centre from 13 August 2012.
This will be offered for approximately 3 months.
Approximately 5% of 16 to 30 year olds may [...]

Your thoughts wanted on the Review of the Mental Health (Treatment and Care) Act

By 22 August, 2012

The Health Directorate is kicking off a community consultation on the Mental Health (Treatment and Care) Act.
They promise that at some point you’ll be able to get busy on the Time To Talk website.
In the meantime there are a lot of documents to read.
The Summary of Proposed Changes lists these key amendments:
– If a person [...]

50% of Canberra Hospital surgical patients at significant risk?

By 22 August, 2012

The Liberals’ Jeremy Hanson is doing a fine job of putting the frighteners up us this morning on standards compliance at the Canberra Hospital:
ACT Shadow Health Minister Jeremy Hanson said today that an internal audit of the Canberra Hospital’s compliance with the Surgical Safety Checklist has identified appalling levels of non-compliance that has put [...]

Katy opens a linear accelerator

By 21 August, 2012

Chief Minister Gallagher has announced the opening of a linear accelerator at Canberra Hospital to increase cancer treatment:
A linear accelerator (Linac) is a device used for external beam radiation treatments for patients with cancer. It delivers high-energy x-rays direct to the region of the patient’s tumour. These x-ray treatments are designed in such a way [...]

Hanson weeps for Kate Jackson

By 21 August, 2012

The Liberals’ Jeremy Hanson is taking an interesting tack on the Public Accounts Committee report into the health statistics scandal:
“The report has revealed a number of recommendations including that the government needs to review the adequacy of controls of IT systems and security of patient records,” Mr Hanson said today.
“The fact that the Committee [...]

How the dodgy data was found at Canberra Hospital

By 21 August, 2012

An intriguing set of documents thrown up on the Open FOI website.
Someone has asked for documents relating to “Identification of issues with emergency department data in February 2012″.
First we have an email from Andrew Bailey, to Lee Martin, Phil Ghirardello, Michael Hall, Kate Jackson (the only person to resign over the health statistics fraud), and [...]

Pedal Power ACT calls for $50m over four years for cycling. Election Forum and list of grievances.

By 20 August, 2012

[ 19 September, 2012; 7:30 pm to 9:00 pm. ] Pedal Power ACT is calling on the next ACT Government to increase spending on cycling to $50 million over four years.

Canberra’s facilities are great for dedicated, confident riders but they don’t encourage enough new riders and there are too many unfinished projects. Cycling increased by 70% between 2004 and 2010 but has not grown since.

ACT [...]

New choppers. Dentures in Canberra?

By 18 August, 2012

My baby boomer partner needs a new lower denture.
He’s sick of dribbling his ham and pea soup down his trackie daks
Quote from a dental lab, admittedly a very good one, $12,000.
Could buy an old ute for that!
Any recommendations?

ACT surgeries heading to Quangers

By 17 August, 2012

Chief Minister Gallagher has announced ACT surgeons are to start work at Queanbeyan Hospital:
As part of wider cross-border collaboration in health, seven urology operations were performed at Queanbeyan Hospital on 6 August and four gynaecology operations were performed on 9 August.
Fifty operations will be performed at the hospital ahead of a review, which will consider [...]

Hugh Veness named

By 17 August, 2012

The ABC has one of Canberra’s worst kept secrets:
A Canberra psychiatrist struck off for making sexual advances on a patient and over prescribing her drugs can now be named.
The ACT Civil and Administrative Tribunal this week lifted a non-publication order that prevented Dr Hugh Veness from being named.
Earlier this year the tribunal found Dr [...]

Prison needle exchange to be pushed ahead

By 15 August, 2012

There’s no media release yet available to the likes of us, but the ABC has the word a needle exchange at the Alexander Maconochie Centre is going to be trialled.
(Bear in mind that in the ACT a “trial” is not about testing the idea, it’s about testing the implentation.)
The decision is part of a [...]

Tanya Plibersek sure got ugly fast

By 14 August, 2012

Checking last nights win news, noticed that the John Curtin School of Medical Research at anu was opened by Andrew Leigh, yet the engraved stone says Plibersek.

Ophthalmologist HELP! (in Canberra)

By 13 August, 2012

I have been trying, without success, to get my 6-year-old daughter in with an ophthalmologist in Canberra (aside from the Canberra Eye Hospital, where I don’t want to go, as they have such a bad reputation for non-surgical cases).
Several recommended Drs are either not taking new patients, or have recently retired, apparently leaving me with [...]

Clubs ACT takes another swing at the Health Protection Service

By 9 August, 2012

Clubs ACT are letting it be known that they’re most unhappy with scores on doors being brought in for the whole food service industry despite the problems being largely the domain of the asian vendors:
So as of June of last year, only one particular sector of the food industry was responsible for 86% of the [...]

Strive Holistic Personal Training: Helping you reach your health goals

By 6 August, 2012

It was breast cancer that put personal trainer Tanya Gendle on to the path of holistic health. Today she draws on her experiences to help others to nurture their health and fitness at Strive Holistic Personal Training.
“Being told I had breast cancer at the age of 27 was devastating. I couldn’t understand how this could [...]

Australian Bureau of Statistics Personal Safety Household Survey. Did it make you uncomfortable?

By 4 August, 2012

Last Saturday I was greeted at my front door by an ABS employee asking me for a few minutes of my time. She asked a few general questions before asking me to participate in a Personal Safety Survey. I was busy at the time so we organised for her to come back the next day. [...]

An expert panel unveiled for the NDIS

By 3 August, 2012

Joy Burch has announced the makeup of the NDIS Expert Panel:
ACT Minister for Community Services Joy Burch today announced the membership of the National Disability Insurance Scheme Expert Panel, which will guide the launch of the landmark disability funding program in the ACT.
Ms Burch said the Expert Panel included representatives from the community sector, and [...]

More money for carers if you give Katy another go

By 2 August, 2012

After 12 years in Government Katy Gallagher’s announced that if given four more years she’d spend more money on carers for young people with a disability:
If re-elected in 2012 ACT Labor will provide additional funding of $5,000 per person to provide an extra half-day support each week, or other much-needed assistance, to young people with [...]

Has anyone used “Aged Care Connect” in Canberra?

By 2 August, 2012

I am just starting the process of moving my elderly parents into a retirement village. 
I found an organisation on the web called “Aged Care Connect” that says they can help you negotiate the aged care system, help with the paperwork etc.
Have any rioters had any experience with this business?

Liberals want all the documents on the health stats rort French holiday

By 2 August, 2012

A bit late to the party, the Canberra Liberals are kicking the can along the road following yesterday’s frankly shocking admissions that the Chief Minister had neglected to mention before that she’d holidayed in the South of France with Kate Jackson (the only named member of what the Auditor-General suspects was a group who doctored [...]

Chief Minister holidayed in the south of france with data tampering Kate Jackson

By 1 August, 2012

The Canberra Times is all over Chief Minister Gallagher’s late admission that she’s been on hols in 2010 with the only identified member of the Canberra Hospital health statistics scandal.
Chief Minister Katy Gallagher spent time during a 2010 overseas holiday with the Canberra Hospital executive who later confessed to tampering with emergency department data.
Ms Gallagher [...]

ACT Labor ignoring carbon tax costs to hospitals, says Humphries

By 30 July, 2012

Senator Gary Humphries has accused the ACT Labor government of ignoring the costs of the carbon tax on Canberran hospitals. Most of Australia has by now released information about the additional costs to hospitals, but the ACT is yet to do so.
“The ACT Labor government says it is still conducting analysis to examine how much [...]

“I saw my parents’ pain and tears”: reflection on the NDIS

By 30 July, 2012

Hey guys, saw an oped this morning that made some practical sense on what the NDIS is all about, and I thought I would throw it up. Pretty from the heart stuff, written by Labor candidate for Ginninderra Glen McCrea. The same bloke who did the petition for more car parks at Calvary. Have a [...]

Plans to build secure mental health facility – “a missing part of our system”

By 30 July, 2012

Katy Gallagher has announced that the ACT Government intends to build a 15-bed medium security mental health facility for mentally ill people involved in the criminal justice system.
ACT Chief Minister Katy Gallagher says a review has found the ACT requires a medium security facility.
“I understand that this is needed, I think this is a missing [...]

Canberra Raiders teach kids about healthy lifestyles

By 28 July, 2012

The Canberra Raiders have joined up with loop to launch the “loop Raiders Recess Program”, which will involve the Raiders visiting schools around the ACT to “provide the students with a healthy eating and activity guide full of fun facts and activities for the kids” and share their own stories.
Raiders Captain David Shillington believes that [...]

Implications of NDIS “launch site” in Canberra?

By 26 July, 2012

Fifteen years ago a friend of mine with a profoundly disabled son requiring 24-hour care moved to Canberra all the way from WA specifically because of the standard of care the ACT offered. He lived on in high care for more than ten years.
Does anyone know how these NDIS “launch sites” will work, and whether [...]

Canberra to trial disability scheme

By 26 July, 2012

Yesterday the ACT was chosen as one of three trial sites for the National Disability Insurance Scheme, along with South Australia and Tasmania. The trial will begin in July next year and will involve 5000 Canberrans. Currently 1,400 Canberrans receive disability support. New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria and Western Australia have all refused to [...]

Vale Damian McMahon

By 23 July, 2012

Chief Minister Gallagher is paying tribute to Dr Damian McMahon, Director of Shock Trauma Services for the Health Directorate.
“Sadly, I was informed yesterday of Dr McMahon’s death,” the Chief Minister said.
“Damian was a keen supporter of public hospitals and has worked tirelessly to improve the clinical services for the people of Canberra and the surrounding [...]

Oral Surgery in Canberra?

By 23 July, 2012

I recently visited an oral surgeon in need of some extensive excavation work.  
It was agreed that the operation would involve hospitalisation and a quote for the work was provided. 
This, together with anaesthetist fee and hospital charges came to an amount  in the multi $Ks. 
Checking with Medibank revealed that they do not cover [...]

Specialist Waiting Times in Canberra

By 22 July, 2012

Anyone else in Canberra fed up with waiting months and months to get in to see a specialist, but once you do you sit in the office for hours and hours and hours waiting for your scheduled appointment.  We pay premium dollars and I believe that as a service provider the service could be improved, to me [...]


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