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UC takes pharmacy undergrad

By 18 December 2012

The University of Canberra has announced they’re opening the study of pharmacy to undergrads.
The new Bachelor of Pharmacy allows high-performing high school students to go straight into a pharmacy program, instead of taking an undergraduate degree then applying for the University’s master’s program.
The popular Master of Pharmacy will continue to be offered to students [...]

Canberra Symphony Orchestra making music for the deaf

By 18 December 2012 FEATURED ARTICLE

The Canberra Symphony Orchestra has announced a rather clever partnership with Cochlear to bring music to the hearing impaired:
Cochlear was approached to provide seed funding for a trial involving Better Hearing ACT and members of the SCIC Music Group who work specifically with people with Cochlear implants. Cochlear agreed and a group of musicians were [...]

Good general surgeon in Canberra?

By 18 December 2012

Just thought I’d make use of the vast array of knowledge that is RA!
I need to get  a relatively small procedure undertaken here in Canberra (removal of a smallish ‘cyst’ sort of thing from my arm). My GP (based where I am from in NSW) isn’t willing to do it because of its location, and he originally referred to [...]

Help for finding a dentist who will consider full extraction

By 17 December 2012

My partner has had major gum disease and teeth loss, combined with trigeminal neuralgia and TMJ for over 7 years.
Every time we go to a dentist, we’ve been told that the remaining teeth are “fine” to stay in, but after the fourth occasion that the “perfectly fine” teeth have started to fall out, we’re at wit’s [...]

Blue Christmas?

By 17 December 2012

[ 23 December 2012 at 3:00 pm; ] Blue Christmas service: a reflective service acknowledging feelings of grief, pain and loneliness that Christmas sometimes brings.

At Holy Covenant Anglican Church, 89 Dexter Street, Cook, Sunday 23 December, 3 pm.    

Katy wants a star for effort

By 14 December 2012

The ABC has some first rate glitter rolling by Chief Minister Gallagher after her data manipulating staff at the health directorate failed to meet their targets for emergency room performance:
But Chief Minister Katy Gallagher believes the so-called reward money will be made available.
“They’ve actually looked at what we are doing to address the timeliness, the [...]

Emotional help after an assault

By 12 December 2012

The other day I was assaulted in broad daylight in the Canberra region. One moment I’m minding my own business, the next I was running for my life. It was a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time and looking at the wrong young man who took offense. I didn’t do [...]

Canberra health follies

By 11 December 2012

I went to my general practioner on 5/12 to confirm that I had a hernia. I was referred to a surgeon who was said to be the head of surgery at the Canberra Hospital. After numerous attempts to contact him over a few days commencing 6/12 I learnt by a third party that he was [...]

A new MRI for Canberra Imaging Group

By 30 November 2012

Chief Minister Gallagher has announced the launch of an exciting sounding Skyra 3T Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) machine.
“This $2.4 million dollar purchase is an investment in the people of Canberra and surrounding region and brings with it many benefits including enhanced breast imaging and screening; improved and non invasive prostate screening; greater patient comfort and [...]

With the election out of the way we can tell you just how bad the hospital is

By 30 November 2012

The Liberals’ Jeremy Hanson is brandishing with some relish the newly released Canberra Hospital emergency department waiting times once the fraudulent data tampering is taken out of the frame:
ACT Health Minister Katy Gallagher was forced today to table the shocking truth about the deceit perpetrated on Canberrans in regard to how long they are [...]

Improving Canberra’s woeful workplace safety record

By 26 November 2012 FEATURED ARTICLE

Simon Corbell has announced the release of the Briggs report into workplace safety in the ACT construction industry.
“The Government commits to providing a detailed response to each recommendation of the inquiry by the end of February 2013. In the interim, I can announce today that the Government will immediately take action on the report’s findings [...]

No sunscreen, please, we’re Canberran.

By 26 November 2012

My wife was telling me that our prospective pre-school won’t apply sunscreen on children.  The reason is that if they did, they would be required to wash their hands after each child (so it’s not about allergies).  I didn’t find out why they have to wash their hands after each child,  kid cooties being the [...]

GP with Veterans Affairs Experience

By 23 November 2012

Hi – I am looking for a GP in the south-side /Tuggeranong area with experience in dealing with Veterans Affairs. 
My first GP had no experience and I had significant difficulties in getting my claims processed. 
I now need to make another claim and don’t want a repeat of my earlier problem.

Don’t blame Maccas for your fat kid

By 22 November 2012

The ANU has the bad news for parents that physical activity has more to do with childhood obesity than what they eat.
So blaming junk food advertising isn’t going to cut it.
Lead researcher Professor Richard Telford from the ANU College of Medicine, Biology and Environment and the Clinical Trials Unit at The Canberra Hospital said the [...]

Red ribbon appeal 2012

By 19 November 2012

This just in:
Free Community Breakfast
The annual World AIDS Day Community Breakfast will be hosted by the AIDS Action Council on the lawns of Westlund House from 8.00am Friday 30 November, bringing the community together to commemorate World AIDS Day 2012.
Time: 8.00 am to 10.00 am Friday 30 November
Venue: Westlund House 16 Gordon Street Acton
Contact: [...]

Should ambos pay for someone else’s cockup? [With Poll]

By 15 November 2012

The ABC reports that overpaid ambulance officers are being asked to hand the money back, despite the overpayment not being their fault.
The Transport Workers Union (TWU) says 80 per cent of frontline ambulance officers have received letters saying they have been significantly overpaid because of errors in personal leave records.
The errors were revealed in [...]

Looking for a Rheumatologist for Fibromyalgia in Canberra?

By 15 November 2012

Hello Mind Hive.
Does anyone know of a rheumatologist in Canberra that deals with Fibromyalgia patients?
Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Baseball heavies

By 12 November 2012

Whilst at the Canberra Cavalry vs New Zealand baseball game (won 17-0 by the Cavs) it became apparent some of our more husky citizens were in attendance.
Case in point was a rotund, hotdog swilling individual, who in an apparent effort to save time and kilojoule expense tried to slip between the bench seat and [...]

More interns for the hospitals

By 9 November 2012

Chief Minister Gallagher has announced she’s reached agreement with the Federales to place more interns into Canberra’s hospitals:
“The ACT Government has agreed to fund an additional five internships in 2013. In return, the Australian Government will fund five additional intern places in the ACT public hospital system, and a further five internships in ACT private [...]

Call me maybe

By 9 November 2012

Since BabyThreepaws entered the world I have had cause to contact after hours health help lines on a few occasions. Mostly minor stuff, but of course almost always on a weekend and definitely after hours. Prior to having a baby I was only vaguely aware of these services, but thankfully the contact information was thrust [...]

Beware the Paralytic Shellfish Toxin contaminated mussels

By 6 November 2012 FEATURED ARTICLE

The Chief Health Officer is warning that regardless of what you think about Peter Slipper’s text messages you don’t want to be hanging onto some batches of mussels:
On 2 November 2012, a national recall was announced for mussels that may be contaminated with a naturally occurring biotoxin called paralytic shellfish toxin. Shellfish may accumulate this [...]

4:48 Psychosis by Sarah Kane

By 5 November 2012

[ 15 November 2012 to 21 November 2012. ] “They will love me for that which will destroy me.”

Fernwood – Should I Join?!

By 2 November 2012

Hey Guys,
I’m looking at joining a women’s health club, mainly to use the creche, and as it’s close by to my work. I’ve just gone back part time, my daughter is 8 months old.
I am mainly looking at joining a Fernwood Woden/Civic, as they are the closest women’s gym to my work and home. Apparently, [...]

Best Eye Doctor in 20+ Years, Here in Canberra

By 1 November 2012

Hi everyone, I’m a newcomer to Canberra (having arrived in December 2010). Prior to that, I lived on the East Coast of the US and 3 years in Auckland. I’ve relied on the Riot Act heavily for suggestions for everything from doctors to restaurants for a special meal to hair dressers. So [...]

Smokers at Canberra Hospital

By 29 October 2012

It’s about time Canberra Hospital got serious about enforcing the total smoking ban at this health care facility and backing it up with on the spot fines.
The inconsiderate desperadoes that blithely puff away under the no smoking signs could well contribute to the cost of their own treatment and should be actively deterred from [...]

Brad runs into young citizen of the year

By 27 October 2012

Back in January we took an interest in Brad Carron-Arthur’s run to Cape York to raise money for the Australian Foundation for Mental Health Research.
Last night Joy Burch announced he’s been named the Young Canberra Citizen of the Year.
Well done Brad.

Australian Academy of Science’s public lecture – Rural policy, people and place: sustainability in an uncertain future

By 26 October 2012

By Professor Margaret Alston OAM
Director of Gender, Leadership and Social Sustainability research unit, Monash University
This lecture will explore the changes and uncertainties relating to climate, policy, population movements and socio-economic factors on Australia’s rural heartland.
Tuesday 6 November 2012
Lecture and live streaming from 6pm, Refreshments from 5:30 pm (gold coin donation)
Shine Dome, Gordon Street, Canberra
Free entry [...]

WorkSafe going after employers who fail to report

By 23 October 2012

WorkSafe ACT is giving warning they’re preparing to prosecute employers who fail to report serious injuries and dangerous incidents:
“The ACT’s Work Health and Safety Act 2011 places a requirement on employers to report notifiable incidents, that is, serious injuries or dangerous incidents, to WorkSafe ACT,” Mr McCabe said today.
“Once the employer becomes aware [...]

Service delivery hub for Braddon

By 22 October 2012

The ABC brings word that Andrew Leigh has opened a new government shopfront in Braddon:
The services hub houses Centrelink, Medicare and child support self-service facilities under one roof on Lonsdale Street in Braddon.
Member for Fraser Andrew Leigh says it is a new approach for service delivery.
“The consolidation of Centrelink and Medicare services into single [...]

Labor promises $15 million for outpatients and imaging

By 19 October 2012

Another morning, another Labor health announcement:
A re-elected ACT Labor Government will provide another $15 million to further improve access to outpatient services, imaging and chronic pain care.
This includes:
– $10m to increase access to general outpatient services at Canberra Hospital to provide for new treatment options and meet growing demand. This will enable us to employ [...]

Labor promises a paediatric stream at the Emergency Department

By 17 October 2012

A curious one here from Team Katy:
If re-elected ACT Labor, in partnership with the Federal Labor Government, will provide $5.8 million towards the establishment of a dedicated service for children in the Canberra Hospital Emergency Department (paediatric stream).
We will kick start this new paediatric response by providing ongoing funding for a Paediatric Clinical Nurse Consultant [...]

Colonel Hanson declares “war” on hospital waiting lists

By 17 October 2012

The long awaited list of Liberal promises on health (at one page a bit light be called a policy document) is finally with us:
“A Canberra Liberals Government will get Canberra’s health system back on track by injecting $224 million towards:
– Delivering 5,500 more elective surgery operations over the next four years
– Providing 60 additional general [...]

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