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Katy Gallagher presides over industrial scale data fraud because she cares OK?

By 21 July, 2012

For those coming in late the health statistics scandal can be roughly summarised like this:
– To meet political imperatives a group of senior people, of which only one has been identified, in the health directorate engaged in massive widespread forgery of emergency department data (12,700 records altered).
– The health directorate has announced they feel no [...]

Nothing new from the public accounts committee

By 20 July, 2012

The Liberals’ Jeremy Hanson has been trying to beat up the health statistics scandal but realistically there’s nothing that wasn’t in the Auditor-General’s original report. Which is a pity:
ACT Auditor General Maxine Cooper today faced a Public Accounts Committee hearing about her report into the Canberra Hospital data doctoring scandal. ACT Shadow Health Minister [...]

Hargreaves calls on Hanson to be a Gentleman. Can we handle the truth?

By 19 July, 2012

Yesterday Colonel Hanson put out a unusual media release telling the Public Accounts Committee how to suck eggs.
ACT Shadow Health Minister Jeremy Hanson has written to the Chair of the Public Accounts Committee, calling on all members not to run interference in tomorrow’s health data scandal hearing. Mr Hanson said in earlier Estimates hearings [...]

Exorbitant specialist fees in Canberra … what’s going on here?

By 18 July, 2012

I needed to see a specialist (ob/gyn) last month, and the cost was $250, with medicare reimbursing only $70. That’s $180 out of pocket for a 15 minute appointment. My partner had to see a specialist (gastro) this month, and it was $325 for a 10 minute appointment! (I’m guessing that medicare [...]

Your mental health issue finally of interest to someone else

By 17 July, 2012

With the RiotACT readership so richly blessed by special people we thought this might be of interest to some of you:
is calling for participants for a new theatre project.
Please pass on to anyone who might be interested:
Have you ever experienced any form of mental illness?
Do you like theatre?
Would you like [...]

On the Liberals, walk-in centres, and excrement flung with gay abandon

By 12 July, 2012

Normally we try to shield you dear readers from the poo-flinging of our political class and focus on things that have concrete meaning.
But the wierd permutations of this story are worth having a look at.
It started out with the Liberals’ Jeremy Hanson drawing a long bow to take advise offered to the Chief Minister and [...]

Public Accounts Committee to probe the dodgy health statistics

By 11 July, 2012

The ABC brings word that the Legistlative Assembly’s standing committee on public accounts is going to inquire into the health statistics scandal. (Widespread forgery of health records in the hospital to meet KPI’s with some offenders not yet identified if you missed it).
Chief Minister Katy Gallagher and bureaucrats were questioned by the Budget Estimates [...]

Hawker Skin Cancer Clinic – has it shut down

I have been trying to get in touch with the skin cancer clinic that was based at the Hawker shops, to no avail. 
Can any north side rioters advise whether it has closed, relocatted or did they simply not pay their phone bills?

Liberals not convinced by Chiefly testimony. Is anyone else?

By 6 July, 2012

The Liberals’ Jeremy Hanson is hot and bothered following Chief Minister Gallagher’s estimates interrogation yesterday in the wake of Auditor-General’s findings that health statistics at Canberra hospital were manipulated on an industrial scale (11,700 records altered) by (probably) multiple people of which only one (Kate Jackson) has been identified:
“Katy Gallagher has misled the community about [...]

The health statistics questions Zed Seselja would like a Royal Commission to answer

By 4 July, 2012

Liberal leader Zed Seselja is not letting go of the stinking health statistics bone.
“Serious allegations have also been made that results were fabricated to meet Katy Gallagher’s expectations.
“Clearly, these issues have not been rectified and only way to clear the stench that surrounds this scandal is through the powers of a Royal Commission. [...]

Does the rorting of health statistics mean anything to you? [With poll]

By 4 July, 2012

In the wake of the Auditor-General’s very worrying look into widespread falsification of data at Canberra hospital we’ve had a lot of commenters coming out of the woodwork to say it’s really no big deal.
What’s bit of industrial fudging of patient records between friends? So what if the systems in the Emergency Department are less [...]

The Chief Minister on the health statistics scandal. Too little too late.

By 3 July, 2012

Chief Minister Gallagher has let it be known what she plans to do following the Auditor-General’s findings of systemic and ongoing dishonesty by the Health Directorate in the compiling of statistics:
The Chief Minister has instructed the Directorate to bring in new procedures, training and governance documentation around the emergency department’s EDIS computer system. She has [...]

Widespread health statistic rorting considered probable by the Auditor. 11,700 records doctored.

By 3 July, 2012

The Auditor-General has announced their report on Emergency Department Performance Information in the wake of the health statistics scandal.
Here are the conclusions:
Hospital records at the Canberra Hospital have been deliberately manipulated to improve overall performance information and reporting of the Canberra Hospital’s Emergency Department.  The very poor controls over the relevant information system means that [...]

No resources for Opthalmology Outpatient Clinics. Where to go?

By 3 July, 2012

Another example of the Public Health system failing the public.
Our two year old has a blocked tear duct, that I am told is not an urgent thing – however she is prone to conjunctivitis and is constantly weeping tears.
Could RA’s recommend some other Ophthalmology providers in Canberra – public and private?

MoodGYM and Bluepages good for more than just depression

By 2 July, 2012

ANU is letting it be known that their MoodGYM and BluePages depression treatment websites are actually working and also help with drinking.
Dr Lou Farrer, from the ANU Centre for Mental Health Research, part of the ANU College of Medicine, Biology and Environment, trialled the effectiveness of online programs MoodGYM and BluePages with users of Lifeline’s [...]

A new low from Steve Dozspot on disability services in schools

By 27 June, 2012

We’ve seen no shortage of stupid statements out of Steve Dozspot over the years.
But this afternoon’s effort really takes the cake.
He starts by thundering:
Steady on! Would Chris Bourke really say such a thing???
Why no. No he wouldn’t. What he has done (even in Steve’s own media [...]

A city where even doctors get handouts

By 21 June, 2012

Chief Minister Gallagher has let it be known that she’s got a million dollars to give to Canberra’s neediest, the doctors.
ACT Chief Minister and Minister for Health Katy Gallagher MLA today announced an additional $1,003,387 (incl GST) in funding for 33 new projects to help Canberra doctors boost their services and update skills.
The funding is [...]

No permanent birthing suites at a Women and Children’s Hospital? Only in Canberra!

By 21 June, 2012

Jeremy Hanson has the sidesplitting news on just what is being delivered in the new Women and Children’s Hospital:
“Katy Gallagher was today forced to admit that she’ll deliver half a hospital – a Women and Children’s Hospital without a permanent birthing suite, or paediatric outpatient facilities,” Mr Hanson said today.
“This is effectively a Women and [...]

Whooping Cough at the AIS cancels big swim meet

By 20 June, 2012

The Australian Institute of Sport has announced the’ve got a spot of Pertussis in the women’s water polo team:
he Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) has confirmed two members of the women’s water polo team and one coach, have been diagnosed with Pertussis, commonly known as whooping cough.
We are working closely with medical professionals as [...]

Recommend a doctor for the autism spectrum in Canberra?

By 20 June, 2012

Hi, my 17 year old son has recently been diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome and is suffering anxiety and depression and may have to go on medication.
Can anybody recommend a good doctor on the southside that has experience working with teenagers on the autism spectrum?

Woden Rotary expectorates at Cough Assist Machine for the hospital

By 18 June, 2012

Chief Minister Gallagher is thanking the Woden Rotary Club which has fundraised a Cough Assist Machine:
The Cough Assist Machine is designed for the treatment of patients with conditions such as muscular dystrophy and for those suffering spinal cord injuries.
“This new machine will be well used across the hospital to assist patients during their stay in [...]

If America’s running up the white flag on drugs how long will the madness last here?

By 17 June, 2012

Cracked’s Adam Tod Brown has written an excellent piece on just what is involved in getting marijuana in California these days (and a rapidly growing number of American states).
I recommend reading it, but basically if you’re willing to tell your doctor a white lie (hello ritalin and oxycontin) you can buy weed as readily as [...]

No data available. Closing the Gap

By 15 June, 2012

Here in the Eagle’s Nest we had wondered why the ACT’s Closing The Gap report had appeared without fanfare.
It’s a good looking document making all the right noises.
Sadly when you get down to the actual targets what do we see?
ACT data not available
And yet the process rolls on.

Any suggested oral surgeon for mucocele?

By 15 June, 2012

I know that I can gargle salt water and hopefully it will pop out by itself, but worst-case scenario, can anybody suggest an affordable and trust-worthy oral surgeon who can remove this?
It’s the second time it happened to me, but I got the first one removed overseas and I am not going anywhere until [...]

A pane in the lungs? Asbestos testing Catch 22

By 14 June, 2012

Mr Poetix closed a window over-vigorously, and it cracked. Time for new glass.
Problem; our house was built in the 1950s, and according to the window people, the putty around the glass may contain asbestos. This needs to be tested before they will replace the glass. Fair enough. I don’t want anyone [...]

Improving elective surgery numbers, if we can believe them

By 13 June, 2012

It’s a funny thing trust. Once you lost a little bit of it the rest just disappears.
Trust and health statistics is harder still. They’ve always been the sequel to “Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics”.
But for whatever it’s worth Chief Minister Gallagher is congratulating the troops for significantly reducing the number of postponed elective surgeries:
ACT Chief [...]

Scores on doors at home

By 12 June, 2012

Food safety at home is rarely as stringent as most restaurants.
In most homes fridge temps are really checked let alone food temps. Leftovers are often kept far too long and then insufficiently heated in a microwave. Food prep is rarely done in a safe environment and cleaning procedures usually only promote bacterial growth. The unsafe food [...]

Noble Palace keeps on swinging over food safety

By 12 June, 2012

This in from the Noble Palace:
Noble Palace would like to advise our customers that we have posted an update on our website outlining our view on the current food safety debate.
Over this long weekend we noticed a new set of articles and announcements published in the Canberra Times discussing the issue of Food Safety and [...]

The clubs take a swing at the Health Protection Service

By 7 June, 2012

ClubsACT is taking a red hot shot at the Health Protection Service over the recent rash of red prohibition notices going up around town:
The ACT Health Protection Service is inflicting significant damage to Canberra’s food industry whilst failing to address serious shortcomings in their own processes and procedures, according to ClubsACT’s Chief Executive, Jeff House.
“HPS [...]

Calvary parking gets the nod for expansion

By 6 June, 2012

Simon Corbell has announced he’s approved the bulldozing of more land around Calvary Hospital to build 110 more parking spaces:
Mr Corbell approved a variation to the Territory Plan to rezone the narrow strip of land and allow Calvary Hospital to build a formal car park on its northern boundary.
“The sale of this land to Calvary [...]

Want to be a snitch for a movie ticket?

By 5 June, 2012

Justice and Community Safety have published their latest effort to recruit the next generation of police informants.
The Office of Regulatory Services monitors retail compliance with the cigarette ‘sale to minors’ provision of
the Tobacco Act 1927. The Act prohibits the sale of smoking products to anyone under the age of 18.
The Office is introducing a program [...]

Brain surgery patient not harmed by incompetence driven blackout

By 5 June, 2012

The ABC has the happy news that a brain surgery patient has survived a deliberately induced blackout during their surgery after equipment was plugged into non-backed up powerpoints during a blackout test.
Freedom of Information documents obtained by the ABC, show a power blackout interrupted brain surgery in October last year causing computers and other [...]


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