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Cartilage piercing – piercer recommendations?

By 30 November 2013

Its been a few years since I’ve had any piercings done, but I’ m tempted to get another cartilage one (a daith, specifically).
Last time I had mine done it was at Justin’s studio / with Justin at Redpath, but since then I believe he’s shut down, and Freestyle no longer does piercings.
I know Redpath is [...]

Maternity review

By 28 November 2013

Chief Minister Gallagher has made known her response to the ACT Centenary Hospital for Women and Children – Maternity Model of Care and Demand Review:
“The key finding of the review into the model of care and demand for these services is that there is a safe and effective service that exists within the Canberra Hospital [...]

Youth workers recognised at YOGIES

By 27 November 2013

Tonight Joy Burch announced the 2013 winners of the YOGIE Awards which represent outstanding practice working with 12 to 25 year olds.
Congratulations to all the winners.
“Tonight’s nominees and winners demonstrate the commitment, dedication, excellence and support provided by the sector in supporting our young people,” Ms Burch said.
“I thank and congratulate all tonight’s nominees [...]

Yet Another Second Rate Stand Alone Bureaucracy. ACT Ambulances

By 27 November 2013

The ABC has word on the blithering incompetence of the ACT Ambulance Service and the Justice and Community Safety Directorate:
Last year 65 ambulance officers were asked to pay back tens-of-thousand of dollars in overpayments because of errors in their personal leave records.
A scathing report by the Fair Work Ombudsman says the Government will be formally [...]

Secure mental health still rumbling along

By 25 November 2013

In lieu of finishing anything we have a progress report on the Secure Mental Health Unit from the Chief Minister:
ACT Chief Minister and Minister for Health, Katy Gallagher, today provided an update on the ACT’s Secure Mental Health Unit planning, with the release of a draft model of care, the appointment of an architect, and [...]

messed up situation, where to turn?

By 23 November 2013

I’m seeking the help of the hive-mind to try and get further help.
From around age 18 on I was repeatedly prescribed extremely high doses – including what I now know were overdoses, of a particularly nasty psychiatric medication, all the while being led to believe I was taking ‘normal’ doses. I’d been on something different [...]

Kyall Green’s Story

By 22 November 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

A mother and father should not have to bury their son but this is what David and Jackie Green were faced with when their beloved 22 year old son Kyall died in a car accident earlier this year.
A few months before Kyall died, he had talked to his parents about wanting to help others by [...]

BBQ backdown on the food safety act

By 21 November 2013

Chief Minister Gallagher has stepped outside the Assembly doors and announced she’s amending the food safety act to exempt temporary food stalls selling low risk food.
There’s no formal announcement and I’m not allowed to share the audio I have, so you’ll have to take my word for it.

Chaotic capers at Canberra Hospital. Shame they cost a life

By 19 November 2013

There’s an ABC story up about the inquest into the death of Suki Thurairajah who went to Canberra Hospital for dialysis and didn’t make it out alive.
First year registrar Clare Thomsett put an air tube down the wrong hole while working unassisted:
Today the doctor who incorrectly inserted the tube, first-year anaesthetics registrar Clare Thomsett, [...]

Know any good accessible psychologists in Canberra?

By 15 November 2013

Hi fellow Rioters,
Could someone please recommend a good accessible psychologist in Canberra that specializes in psychopathology?  To elaborate I am after a Psychologist that specializes in abnormal psychology like Mental illness,  specifically on the anxiety spectrum – like OCD.
I have been attempting to book an appointment with the Psychologist I used to see for about [...]

Health Directorate comes out swinging on waiting times

By 14 November 2013

I’m not sure what kicked it off but for a departmental media release Health’s latest effort is unusually fiesty:
“Contrary to the allegations made today about waiting lists for elective surgery, at the end of October 2013 the number of people waiting with extended waiting times is the lowest on record at 618, down from 922 [...]

Parents fibbing to health surveys?

By 11 November 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

The Health Directorate has unveiled “Health status of children in the Australian Capital Territory Results from the 2007–10 ACT General Health Survey”.
Perusing the summary I was astonished to learn that 97% of houses are smoke free!
But then I came to the number that 49% of children do not eat fried potato products once a week!
Followed [...]

Bloody fools having a go at much needed regulation of charity BBQs

By 3 November 2013

The Canberra Times is carrying a chorus of idiots criticizing some very sensible regulation of charity barbecues.
This supposedly onerous regulation is requiring organisations that conduct more than five fundraising bbqs a year get a $150 certification to make sure at least one of them knows what the hell they are doing.
The Chamber of Commerce’s Andrew [...]

Medical wait times unacceptable.

By 30 October 2013

Over the past few months I have been experiencing bouts of extreme fatigue and recently dizziness. I have had huge problems trying to get that diagnosed. On an APS2 wage I can’t afford to pay to see a doctor. I finally managed to get in to see a doctor at Winnunga who did a whole [...]

What you can do about the health impact of bushfire smoke

By 21 October 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

By Martine Dennekamp, Monash University and Fay Johnston, University of Tasmania
In recent days, we’ve seen dramatic pictures of thick smoke from bushfires hanging over Sydney. Our first thoughts are with people living in the immediate vicinity of the fires, and the threat to their lives and properties. But there’s another matter that affects a lot [...]

Health statistics so ugly the Chief Minister has nothing to say

By 18 October 2013

Normally when there are health statistics out the Chief Minister’s office can cherry pick something that is either good or improving.
Today they’re silent while the Liberals’ Jeremy Hanson takes the free kick:
The ACT continues to flounder as the worst in the country on emergency department waiting times according to the latest figures from the [...]

ACT takes out gold medal for obesity prevention

By 18 October 2013

The Australian and New Zealand Obesity Society compares states and territories on a range of obesity prevention priorities, and apparently the ACT is ranked first in every one of them and so has been awarded the gold medal for obesity prevention.
We’re number one! We’re number one!
I bet Katy is pleased.
“It is a great honour to [...]

New Ambulance and Fire Station opening in West Belconnen

By 17 October 2013

Tomorrow Simon Corbell will officially open the new West Belconnen Ambulance and Fire & Rescue station in Charnwood.
The station is the first dedicated ambulance facility for West Belconnen and will assist in providing enhanced emergency service coverage for the West Belconnen area as it continues to grow.
“This project was delivered on time and under [...]

Brendan still stamping his feet over defibrillators

By 17 October 2013

The Liberals’ Brendan Smyth is scenting blood over how dodgy defibrillators came to be fitted in the ACT’s ambulances:
Millions of dollars of public funds have been allowed to be spent on cardiac monitors with alleged faults, including, batteries which lost power, monitor leads which couldn’t be cleaned and required disposal after use, faulty blood pressure [...]

Anti-vaccination nutjob being promoted by The Hierophant

By 16 October 2013

I don’t mind too much the Hierophant herbalist above the Griffith Shops  charging high prices for plastic dragon and dolphin figurines,  and if many of their clients are people whose “spiritual” schtick is to buy blown glass “cosmic” objects made in sweatshops by Chinese workers, I guess whether that’s ultimately harmful is for economics experts. [...]

Dodgy defibrillators in ACT Ambulances

By 16 October 2013

The Liberals’ Brendan Smyth is stamping his feet and releasing quite alarming clinical notices on the ACT’s new defibrillators not playing the way they’re supposed to:
The Canberra Liberals are calling for answers from Simon Corbell after at least two Clinical Safety Notices, and one Clinical Safety Alert were issued following problems with lifesaving defibrillators rolled [...]

Obesity aspirations

By 14 October 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

Chief Minister Gallagher has unveiled a plan to enable droves of public servants to pretend to be doing something about obesity in the ACT.
(Which is a farce because the BMI records people at peak fitness as being obese but moving on…)
The laughably named “key actions” include:
– improve the availability of healthy food and drink options [...]

Queanbeyan Relay for Life 2014

By 11 October 2013

Registrations are now open for the 2014 Queanbeyean Relay for Life. If you like life, relays, Queanbeyan, or just helping raise money for the Cancer Council then this might just be for you.
You can register here: You can also check the event’s Facebook Page to learn more.
They’re also looking for local business to [...]

ACT Mental Health going great?

By 10 October 2013

Chief Minister Gallagher is sounding the trumpets on the ACT’s mental health performance:
A report released today comparing mental health services in Australia shows that the ACT is performing well across a range of service categories including the lowest rate of seclusion events and the highest rates of community mental health contacts, Chief Minister and Minister [...]

NDIS grants a-go-go

By 8 October 2013

Joy Burch has announced the first NDIS grants:
More than $4 million in life-changing grants have been awarded to Canberrans with disabilities in another milestone towards the ACT roll-out of the National Disability Insurance Scheme.
Minister for Disability Joy Burch said the first round of the Enhanced Service Offer grants would see more than 800 people with [...]

Bugger the ED, just look at the elective surgeries!

By 4 October 2013

Chief Minister Gallagher is making sure we all know that elective surgery waiting times are improving in Canberra:
A new Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) report shows record levels of elective surgery operations performed and significant improvements in elective surgery waiting times in the ACT during 2012-2013.
Released today, the Australian hospital statistics 2012-13, [...]

42,000 litres of water dampen cancer centre plans

By 3 October 2013

A burst hot water pipe in the $45 million cancer centre has pushed back the centre’s opening, reports ABC News.
Originally due open in November, the Hospital new predicts that the cancer centre will not be ready until early next year.
CT Health Directorate director-general Peggy Brown says the hospital is still assessing the damage bill.
“There’s quite [...]

Is it failing when you move the goalposts?

By 27 September 2013

The Liberals Jeremy Hanson is fulminating over the ACT Health annual report revelations on hospital waiting times:
After revelations that ACT Labor altered targets to disguise the fall in performance of Canberra Hospital, Leader of the Opposition Jeremy Hanson has renewed his call for the Auditor-General to investigate.
“The 2012-13 annual report into the ACT Health [...]

August influenza actually on the rise

By 27 September 2013

ACT Health has released their latest influenza report to 6 September.
August actually had a bit of an uptick, but still nothing close to 2009. Certainly a lot of people had varieties of lurgy last month.

More beds at the hospital

By 26 September 2013

Chief MInister Gallagher has proudly announced the expansion of the Emergency Department and Intensive Care Unit at Canberra Hospital:
Capacity in the Canberra Hospital’s Emergency Department (ED) and Intensive Care Unit (ICU) has received a boost following the opening of a new three storey extension to existing clinical space by Chief Minister and Minister for Health, [...]

Health turns 100

By 24 September 2013

Chief Minister Gallagher is celebrating 100 years of health services in the ACT:
Chief Minister and Minister for Health Katy Gallagher MLA today marked 100 years of healthcare in the ACT and celebrated the 40th birthday of the Canberra Hospital.
“Our healthcare system has come a long way from humble beginnings back in 1913 when Canberra [...]

I do not like caged eggs and ham

By 19 September 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

Pigs and hens rejoice, more appropriate accommodation all around!
Today Shane Rattenbury presented a bill to prohibit the use of battery cages and sow stalls in the ACT.
In the future we will be able to enjoy our ACT made breakfasts completely guilt free, assuming the only thing you felt guilty about what the inability of the [...]

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