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Don’t panic about cleaning your phone

By 24 January 2014

The ANU has a slightly strange announcement debunking mobile phone sanitising products (which I have only just learned is a thing):
The popularity of smart phones has seen the emergence of products which claim to kill germs found on the devices because of everyday use. A quick search on the internet has found at least [...]

Bitcoin MyWay Recharge?

By 23 January 2014

Hey everyone,
We’re super excited to announce we’ve crossed the 50,000 active user mark for our MyBus 2.0 app.
We wanted to do something special to thank everyone for their support, and we got tired of waiting for the real-time feeds to become available (the launch date has been a roving target…), so we decided to [...]

Simon Singh on The Simpsons and Their Mathematical Secrets

By 15 January 2014

[ 17 January 2014 at 4:00 pm; ] Questacon have word on a pretty exciting talk this Friday:

Simon Singh, best-selling author of ‘Fermat’s Last Theorem’ and ‘The Code Book’, will discuss his latest book ‘The Simpsons and Their Mathematical Secrets’. He will explain how a team of mathematically gifted writers have covered everything from calculus to geometry, from pi to game theory, and [...]

Canberra, all covered in slime

By 11 January 2014 FEATURED ARTICLE

Last week I let pestiness post a call to arms for Canberrans to join her faction in Google’s game Ingress.
Thus intrigued I fired up the copy of Ingress on my phone that I’d flunked out of training with a year ago.
The software has upgraded a few times since then, which I suspect is why it [...]

Canberra is not as it seems

By 7 January 2014 FEATURED ARTICLE

…for many reasons.
Canberra is being over-run by the resistance. We are an enlightened city, full of enlightened people (mostly), but the ‘intel map’ is depicting that this is not the case. The enlightened seem to be losing the battle. We need more help!
If you’re over 16 and based in the Australian Capital Territory, have an [...]

Anne-Marie Schmidt goes national

By 28 December 2013

NineMSN is taking an unusual interest in Canberra’s playgrounds and protective parents:
A Canberra mum has named and shamed her 12-year-old daughter’s cyber bully after the sixth grader was caught inciting other students to call her a “b-tch”.

Happy Birthday Deep Space Network!

By 19 December 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

NASA is celebrating the 50th birthday of their Deep Space Network:
NASA’s Deep Space Network, the world’s largest and most powerful communications system for “talking to” spacecraft, will reach a milestone on Dec. 24: the 50th anniversary of its official creation.
Over the past 50 years, antennas of the Deep Space Network (DSN) have communicated with [...]

Taking the census online

By 19 December 2013

Government News brings word of plans by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) to do away with the messy business of talking to people when it compiles the 2016 census.
Tender documents released to the market by the ABS this week have called for bids from technology experts to undertake the Census 2016 ICT Capability Review, [...]

Driving to innovation. Because the bus is for losers

By 19 December 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

The Chamber of Commerce is getting word out there about next October’s Innovation Canberra drive:
Innovation will be the centrepiece of the ACT & Region Chamber of Commerce & Industry’s program next year with plans well underway for Innovation Canberra being held at the National Convention Centre, 29-31 October 2014.
“Innovation Canberra will send a loud [...]

Flood data added to ACTMAPi

By 17 December 2013

Simon Corbell is sharing the joy that we can now map flood data:
Minister for Police and Emergency Services, Simon Corbell, today launched new flood data on the ACTMAPi website aimed at advising Canberrans which areas are at risk from riverine floods.
“The ACTMAPi website shows the one-in-100-year flood level areas in the ACT,” Mr Corbell [...]

More spiv snouts in the trough as we go “Digital Canberra”

By 16 December 2013

The latest Summary of Cabinet outcomes has an entry that might make you feel ill:
Digital Canberra
Cabinet agreed the Digital Canberra initiative as a major government priority, which aims to promote Canberra as city of digital opportunity, create digital networks and partnerships, accelerate the digital economy, build a city of innovation and connected communities, and support [...]

A Microsoft office makes us a digital city?

By 16 December 2013

Chief Minister Gallagher is reading a lot into her opening of a new Microsoft office here in Canberra:
Chief Minister, Katy Gallagher, today opened Microsoft’s new Canberra office which is the latest major IT company to open a major office in the ACT.
“The ACT Government is working towards creating Canberra as a digital city and [...]

NBN 2.0: From engineer’s dream to political football

By 13 December 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

By Michael de Percy, University of Canberra
With unwavering confidence Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull unveiled the consultants report showing Labor’s ambitious plan to provide fibre–to-the-premises (FTTP) broadband to the vast majority of Australian households would have cost A$73 billion.
Indeed, Turnbull suggests NBN projections to date have been “extremely optimistic” with the rollout significantly slower than expected, [...]

400Gbps trail between Sydney and Canberra

By 3 December 2013

Nextgen Networks have successfully tested a 400 Gigabit link from Canberra to Sydney.
Sadly the test was simply that, and there and no current plans to make this upgrade permanent.
“We installed, commissioned, tested – and then removed – a 400 Gigabit link from Sydney to Canberra and it worked,” chief technical officer Phil Martel told an [...]

You might think the World’s #1 storage OS could afford to advertise without vandalising Canberra.

By 2 December 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

As seen on Bunda Street this afternoon.
A real shame the world’s #1 can’t spring for advertising that isn’t at the expense of the rest of the city.

Canberra’s CEA Technologies kicked a goal that most of us missed

By 25 November 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

Back in October The Diplomat had a story about Australia’s view of maritime strategy.
This bit had particular local resonance:
Operating in the firing range off Hawaii last August, Lee’s command, the ANZAC frigate HMAS Perth, engaged seven sea-skimming targets with Evolved Sea Sparrow Missiles. Perth demonstrated that it can take on the deadliest threats out [...]

Tweet to the top. The Chief Police Officer out for a Twitter frolic

By 24 November 2013

An intriguing tweet just in from ACT Policing indicating Canberra’s top police will be boosting their klout scores as the great unwashed get a chance to be directed to a series of tangentially relevant fact sheets (if previous such exercises are any guide):
Tweet to the top: @CPOACT will be joined by DCPO Quade & myself [...]

Joint Strike Fighter Seminar & Networking Function – Monday 2 December

By 21 November 2013

To celebrate the end of 2013, the American Institute of Aeronautics & Astronautics (AIAA) proudly presents
by Air Vice-Marshal Kym Osley, AM, CSC – Program Manager, RAAF’s New Air Combat Capability
Date: Monday 2 December 2013
Time: 6:30pm till 8:30pm
Location: The Deck & Nottingham Room, Forrest Hotel & Apartments, 30 National [...]

And the winners of the 2013 Canberra BusinessPoint Awards are…

By 21 November 2013

Andrew Barr has announced this year’s Canberra BusinessPoint Awards.
The awards, which are managed by the ACT Government’s business advisory and mentoring service Canberra BusinessPoint, showcase the range and depth of successful businesses operating in the Canberra region.
They showcase the innovation and ingenuity of ACT companies who have taken the astute step of seeking assistance [...]

Competitive robot being assembled at ANU

By 19 November 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

ANU students Shanae King, Matt Shadwell and Jessica Evers, along with their as yet unnamed robot (I suggest “The Subjugator 5000″) hope to compete in a tournament of robots.
Sadly this tournament is some sort of obstacle course instead of a frenzy of robots tearing into each other with hammers and saws like a real robot [...]

Site sign on? There’s an app for that!

By 18 November 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

UC is celebrating the work of Alexandria Garlan and Mitchell Harmer:
Creating an app for construction workers to sign on or off site using just their smart phone has won University of Canberra students over $35,000 in prize money at the Innovation ACT awards.
Mitchell Harmer and Alexandria Garlan were part of a team of four ACT [...]

Super quantum clusters from ANU

By 18 November 2013

In a big day of news out of the ANU science department we’ve got a great leap forward in quantum computing:
ANU PhD student Seiji Armstrong has made a quantum leap towards next-generation computing.
Working with a team in Tokyo, Seiji has created the largest cluster of quantum systems ever – a milestone on the way to [...]

ANU makes better lasers!

By 18 November 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

At first glance it’s disappointing to see ANU has been working on making lasers smaller. We want great big honking lasers thankyou very much.
But when you read a bit more it’s very exciting:
Faster, smaller electronics are one step closer with researchers from The Australian National University successfully making the first room temperature lasers from [...]

Public wifi on the airy fairy never never

By 15 November 2013

IT News has a blood curdling story on doomed-to-fail government plans have some sort of public wifi around town with no actual business plan and ignoring that phone companies are already building solid mobile data networks around town that are sustainable.
While the territory is prepared to front up an initial grant to set up the [...]

NBN buys up the TransACT fibre

By 14 November 2013

The Australian has a piece of some good use being had from the ACT’s dalliance with the TransACT fibre network as iiNet flips that part of its recent purchase to NBN Co:
THE competition regulator has given the green light to a $14 million deal that will see the NBN Co buy iiNet’s Canberra-based fibre-to-the-premises network.
The [...]

Headphone repair in Canberra?

By 12 November 2013

I have a decent pair of headphones (earbuds) that have served me well for the last couple of years. Sadly the right hand speaker has decided it has had enough and is no longer working.
Rather than fork out for a new pair, I was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction of [...]

How Canberra missed it’s own Hindenberg

By 11 November 2013

We didn’t notice last week when a torching iPad Air alarmed the Canberra Centre Vodaphone store. But the story has since been circulating in and out of world mainstream and tech media until now, nearly a week later, it’s lighting up The Register.
Apple fanbois around the world are on red alert after one of [...]

Phone app nabs muggers

By 9 November 2013

ACT Policing apprehended three juveniles last night (Friday, 8 November) after an aggravated robbery on Nott Street, Fraser.
About 9.30pm, three juveniles followed a man from a bus stop in Daley Crescent onto Nott Street and demanded the man’s mobile phone and bag containing personal items. After refusing the demands, the man was struck in the [...]

Why does Tony hate science?

By 8 November 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

Under our Dark Lord Abbott’s present public service jobs freeze, the CSIRO look to lose about a quarter of their staff, reports the Syndey Morning Herald.
Thanks to Tony’s plan to cut 12,000 jobs from public servants, the employment of 1,400 non-ongoing CSIRO staff and the research projects they’re working on are threatened. Sadly for these [...]

ANU’s Brad Tucker finds a mission for the crippled Kepler telescope

By 5 November 2013

The Register has a story about ANU’s Dr Brad Tucker and his plans to get the broken Kepler space telescope doing something useful:
Dr Tucker outlined the proposed new science mission to The Register, explaining that if NASA okays the project, a large chunk of Kepler’s future will be helping to unravel the mysteries of [...]

A queue! A real queue for an Apple release!

By 1 November 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

BlameMonkey’s life has been enhanced with the latest fondleslab:
Arrived at 7:45, doors opened at 8, I was in by 8:20 and out now with new ipad.
Goosepig is being a horrible person and making me wait for Christmas for a new iPad Mini.
It’s like being dead.

NBN terminated

By 30 October 2013

Kate Lundy is drawing attention to the Liberals yanking the rug out from under the feet of those already signed up for NBN connection:
The Abbott Government has terminated the National Broadband Network’s fibre rollout in multiple Canberra suburbs, leaving local residents and businesses having to rely on last century’s copper for their broadband.
The rollouts [...]

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