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Drugs and guns in Hughes

By 17 November, 2013

ACT Policing Criminal Investigations officers seized two firearms, ammunition and a quantity of drugs after executing a search warrant at a house in Hughes yesterday evening (Friday, 15 November).
Around 7pm, police gained access to the house with the assistance of the AFP’s Specialist Response Group.
Due to safety concerns, police blocked a number of streets [...]

Belconnen mugging

By 17 November, 2013

ACT Policing is seeking witnesses after a man was robbed by two men last night in Belconnen.
Around 10pm the victim was walking along the cycle path which runs behind Ranken Place when he was approached by two men of African appearance.
As the men approached the victim, one of them produced a knife and made threats. [...]

Thomas William Johnston drugs children and makes child abuse images

By 15 November, 2013

A terrifying case from the Supreme Court of one Thomas William Johnston who had a pattern of knocking out a young girl and making his own child abuse images.
To make matters worse he found his victims through his friends.
His non-parole period will end on 20 December 2019.

Simon happy with policing

By 15 November, 2013

Simon Corbell has made known his happiness with ACT Policing:
Minister for Police and Emergency Services, Simon Corbell, is pleased to report on the strong performance by ACT Policing in their delivery of policing services to the ACT Community.
“ACT Policing’s 2012-13 Annual Purchase Agreement report shows an increase in operational policing numbers, rising from 948.7 in [...]

Chief Justice Murrell begins the labours of Hercules

By 15 November, 2013

The ABC has word on the new Chief Justice’s efforts to clean out the Augean Stables we call the ACT Supreme Court.
Short of diverting a river, and with the odds of a second Mullocalypse remote, it’s going to be a big ask.
She’s planning a blitz, but wants the work done by the existing judges which [...]

Canberra man nabbed in global child exploitation sting

By 15 November, 2013

The AFP have the disturbing news that there’s a Canberran amongst the 65 Australians arrested for child abuse images in a global sting out of Canada:
Sixty-five Australians have been arrested and 399 charges laid as part of a global investigation into a child exploitation website operating out of Canada.
A total of 339 suspects have [...]

Jorian’s run from the law over at last

By 14 November, 2013

The Canberra Times reports that run away outlaw Jorian Gardner has faced the court over his unlicensed low range drink driving, the arrest warrant un-used.
For his troubles $1000 in fines, $200 in costs, and a three month suspension of his licence.

Prison to never be Human Rights compliant?

By 14 November, 2013

When is an aspirational target just a lie?
The ABC reports that Shane Rattenbury is managing expectations downward on the Hume Hilton:
During an ACT Legislative Assembly committee hearing today Mr Rattenbury was asked by the Canberra Liberals if the jail is in fact human rights compliant.
“I don’t think it will ever be perfectly human rights [...]

Gun and drugs in Curtin

By 14 November, 2013

ACT Policing detectives have seized a firearm, quantity of drugs and a sum of cash during a search warrant in Curtin yesterday (Wednesday, 13 November).
Acting on information received following the execution of a warrant in Kaleen last month in which a firearm was seized and a man charged, Criminal Investigations detectives executed a search warrant [...]

Eastman loses another lawyer

By 13 November, 2013

The ABC reports that in his quest to have at one time hired every criminal lawyer in Australia David Eastman has lost another one as the inquiry into his murder conviction rumbles on.
Mr Willee QC was Eastman’s third senior counsel since the inquiry was ordered in September last year.
The defence team is now in the [...]

“Winning” payout for workplace injury?

By 13 November, 2013

The Canberra Times has an article in today’s paper about an injured worker “winning” a payout;
Is it just me who thinks that the use of the word “win” is trivialising the injury and infers an element of luck in receiving a compensation payout?
As a result of a workplace injury in 2010, I’ve had surgery three [...]

Drugs and ammo outside the Dickson Tradies

By 13 November, 2013

ACT Policing has arrested a 32-year-old male of no fixed abode after seizing drugs, drug paraphernalia, firearm ammunition and property suspected to be stolen during a search of his vehicle early this morning.
About 1.15am, police approached a parked vehicle in the Dickson Tradies car park. Police observed the male in the driver’s seat and [...]

The only kids listening to the police aren’t the ones they’re talking to

By 12 November, 2013

ACT Policing has warned students celebrating end of year school formals to behave or face the full brunt of the law.
Thousands of students across the ACT will be attending celebrations over the next few weeks to mark the end of their high school or college life.
Officer-in-Charge of Traffic Operations Station Sergeant Rod Anderson says while [...]

Some very cheap iMacs hitting the streets

By 11 November, 2013

ACT Policing is appealing for witnesses to a burglary in Manuka where a number of Apple iMac desktop computers were stolen.
Sometime between 6.30pm last night (Sunday, November 10) and 7.30am this morning (Monday, November 11), a business located on Bougainville Street, Manuka, was broken into and seven white Apple iMac computers were stolen.
Police are appealing [...]

Hackett hydro bust

By 9 November, 2013

ACT Policing detectives executed a search warrant on a Hackett residence this morning (Friday November 8) during which a small hydroponic growing chamber was found, together with other drugs and prohibited weapons.
Detectives executed the Drugs of Dependence Act search warrant on the home around 10.40am and found the hydroponic chamber inside a locked room under [...]

The end of the bobcat bandits

By 9 November, 2013

ACT Policing conducted two search warrants this month (November 2013), recovering $180,000 worth of construction equipment.
In October this year, ACT Policing Criminal Investigations commenced investigations into the theft of construction equipment, in particular, numerous thefts of bobcats.
Since November 2012, similar thefts have amounted to an estimated $500,000.
On 1 November, members from Criminal Investigations attended an [...]

Phone app nabs muggers

By 9 November, 2013

ACT Policing apprehended three juveniles last night (Friday, 8 November) after an aggravated robbery on Nott Street, Fraser.
About 9.30pm, three juveniles followed a man from a bus stop in Daley Crescent onto Nott Street and demanded the man’s mobile phone and bag containing personal items. After refusing the demands, the man was struck in the [...]

Hobo belts cop at the hospital

By 9 November, 2013

A 37-year-old man of no fixed abode was arrested last night (Friday, 8 November) after a disturbance at The Canberra Hospital.
About 6.15pm, an alleged offender was conveyed to The Canberra Hospital for emergency treatment.
Following treatment, the man lashed out at a police officer causing injury to his face.
During the disturbance police were required to use [...]

Barcode burgled

By 8 November, 2013

ACT Policing is seeking witnesses to the burglary of a Dickson bar on Challis Street between 11.45pm on Wednesday (November, 6) and 8.50am on Thursday (November, 7).
About 8.50am on Thursday a staff member arrived at Barcode and after unlocking the secured premises noticed that a number of large items of audio equipment were missing. Given [...]

Big gun bust

By 7 November, 2013

ACT Policing detectives have seized seven firearms, three replica firearms, a large amount of ammunition and a quantity of drugs during two simultaneous search warrants in Narrabundah and Fyshwick in the early hours of this morning (Thursday, November 7).
Criminal Investigations detectives executed a search warrant at a Narrabundah residence and at a Fyshwick premises [...]

“He looked like the Incredible Hulk, though not green.”

By 6 November, 2013

The Court of Appeal has thrown up the case of one standover man Christopher Butler who has succeeded in getting his sentence reduced (but not in overturning his conviction).
Intriguingly their honours refer to a group called the “Galic’s.
Anyone able to shed more light?

Bogans in fascinators get a tick

By 6 November, 2013

ACT Policing has praised the general behaviour of Melbourne Cup revellers yesterday (Tuesday, November 5), with only a small number of people taken into custody.
Officers supported Thoroughbred Park security with regular patrols of the precinct yesterday, with a crowd estimated around 6,000 attending the Cup Day events.
One male was taken into custody for a breach [...]

901 speeders nabbed

By 6 November, 2013

ACT Policing caught more than 901 drivers speeding on Canberra roads during the month of October as part of its multi-agency road safety strategy.
Police issued a total of 589 Traffic Infringement Notices (TINs) for speeding and 312 cautions.
Nine drivers were caught travelling more than 45km/h over the speed limit incurring fines of $1,811 plus [...]

It’s easy to have a human rights compliant prison when you never check it for compliance

By 6 November, 2013

The ABC has a drearily predictable story on the lack of resources for the Human Rights Commissioner to conduct an audit of the one place in Canberra Human Rights are at serious risk:
Dr Watchirs has told a Legislative Assembly hearing, the prison has never been subject to a human rights audit.
“There’s not sufficient resources [...]

Police hunting the party drivers

By 6 November, 2013

ACT Policing is targeting alcohol and drug impaired driving over the next three months as part of its multi-agency road safety strategy.
At different periods during the year, the strategy targets specific issues and behaviours which contribute to death and serious injuries on Canberra’s roads, with alcohol and drug impaired driving among those concerns.
Officer in Charge [...]

Macquarie mugging

By 5 November, 2013

ACT Policing is seeking witnesses to the robbery of a 40-year-old man in Macquarie last night (Monday, November 4).
About 11.00pm the man was walking home from the Jamison Centre after shopping for groceries. While he was walking along Halloran Close, near the Belconnen West Tennis Club, the offender approached him and struck him on his [...]

Alleged Toolbag Bandit nabbed

By 4 November, 2013

A 22-year-old Young man has been extradited to the ACT in relation to dozens of thefts in the ACT region spanning a two month period late last year.
Between September and October 2012 ACT Policing received numerous reports of thefts of construction tools from tradesmen’s vehicles, in particular within the Gungahlin area.
Gungahlin Patrol members, in conjunction [...]

Ignoring expert reports leads to overcrowded prison

By 4 November, 2013

The Canberra Times is making some noise about our bursting at the seams prison.
The solution at the moment appears to be home detention.
One might suggest that punting the real headbangers back up the road to Goulburn will give us a healthier prison population.

Don’t get behind the wheel after barfing crap sparkling

By 4 November, 2013

Revellers from last year’s Melbourne Cup celebrations at Thoroughbred Park were praised for their good behaviour with ACT Policing hoping for another well behaved turnout this year.
ACT Policing will have a high-visibility presence at Thoroughbred Park and around the venue and a strong presence in and around Civic and other licensed venues as patrons continue [...]

Gungahlin video store lasts long enough to be robbed

By 3 November, 2013

ACT Policing arrested a 33-year-old Palmerston man following an aggravated robbery in Gungahlin yesterday (Saturday, November 2).
Around 11.05am the man entered the Civic Video Gungahlin store and threatened a staff member with an object wrapped in a plastic bag, claimed to be handgun, demanding cash.
The staff member complied, handing over a sum of cash.
Police attended [...]

Pedestrian punch up

By 2 November, 2013

ACT Policing has arrested a 28-year-old Yarralumla man after he allegedly assaulted a man at an intersection in the city last night (Friday, November 1).
Around 11.50pm police were conducting mobile patrols along London Circuit (Civic) when they noticed a large group crossing the intersection against the red pedestrian signal. Vehicles were attempting to drive through [...]

A dark dark time for Canberra

By 1 November, 2013

There’s disturbing news on the Canberra Times about a very rare drink cycling conviction:
A teenager who rode his bicycle drunk through Canberra streets has been convicted, despite protesting that he didn’t know “drink-riding” was a crime.
The 19-year-old Canberra man, who was caught riding under the influence earlier this year, has been fined and has been [...]


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