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Gavin Massey: “there was simply nothing to suggest that the appellant was unlikely to re-offend”

By 20 October 2010

Gavin Massey has made a life out of bringing misery to others, as have so much of his family.
With 67 offences already dealt with, in 2009 he came before the Magistrates Court on charges literally as long as your arm. (print out the charges, lay them down, measure against arm). Many of the charges were [...]

Police Wrap – 19 October 2010

By 19 October 2010

1. Trail bike bandits:
ACT Policing is seeking assistance from the public after thieves stole road-trail and motocross bikes from residences in the Tuggeranong area over the weekend.
Stolen between 10.40pm Friday (October 15) and 8.50am on Saturday (October 16) from the side yard of a residence in Bellchambers Crescent in Banks was a 1997 yellow-and-black Suzuki [...]

$20k of SFA for Ron Cahill

By 19 October 2010

In the ever disturbing Ron Cahill affair the Liberals’ Vicki Dunne is now pointing out that the scrapped investigation into the matter didn’t come cheap for the little it did:
“In answer to my question on notice on the subject, the Attorney-General, Simon Corbell, told me that the ACT Government Solicitor spent almost $11,700, including $3,000 [...]

Career change – Joining ACT Policing

By 18 October 2010

I’ve been considering joining the police force for a little while now but really wanted to get some opinions from current or ex ACT police officers.
I’m currently working in the I.T. industry and have been doing so for over ten years now.
The job’s not too bad as far as jobs go but it’s [...]

Police Wrap – 18 October 2010

By 18 October 2010

1. Knife in Curtin:
ACT Policing has arrested a 16-year-old male youth after he allegedly threatened a man with a knife in Curtin yesterday (October 17).
Around 8.30pm police attended and established a Police Forward Command post at the intersection of Throssell and Carruthers Streets. The Specialist Response and Security Dog Team then attended and cleared the [...]

Speeding fines in the ACT?

By 17 October 2010

My sister in law received a speeding fine in the mail recently, after a visit to Canberra.
She was clocked at 91 in an 80 zone  and received a fine of $745.00.
Is this normal for the ACT?
It was not during a double demerit period and she was on the main road near Cockington Green.

Police Wrap – 17 October 2010

By 17 October 2010

1. May as well tattoo “Born to lose” on his forehead:
ACT Policing has arrested a 29 year-old male after a short pursuit in Lyneham early this morning (Saturday 16 October).
Around 3.54am, police were conducting a patrol around Lyneham when they sighted a vehicle that had failed to stop earlier that morning. Police indicated for [...]

Should Graham Woolfe leave it on the ice?

By 16 October 2010

The Canberra Times has a story on the Woolfe family’s crusade against injustice in ice hockey which has dragged in the police:
Graham Woolfe claims the player from the Sydney club Canterbury received just a two-week ban for hitting both Mr Woolfe and his son, Jeremy, during what was supposed to be a friendly game against [...]

Possibility of getting a red light camera fine?

By 16 October 2010

Hi everyone, I am wondering if anyone could give me advice on my worries that I might be getting a red light camera fine.
I was driving across the intersection of Northbourne Avenue and Barry Drive. When the traffic light turned amber, I was too close to the intersection and was unable to pull up safely [...]

Police Wrap – 16 October 2010

By 16 October 2010

1. And he thought he was sooo clever:
About 8.00pm last night (Thursday October 14), police observed a dark blue coloured Holden Commodore sedan on Bunda Street in the City.
The driver was pulled over by police and spoken to in relation to numerous traffic offences. A vehicle matching the description of this vehicle has been caught [...]

Legalise It?

By 16 October 2010

As a US citizen, I maintain voting rights even while living here in Australia. Midterm elections are in November and one of the big items on the California ballot is the legalisation of marijuana for anyone over 21, no medical script needed. I am sure you can imagine the intense campaigns happening on both sides [...]

Policing purchased for the financial year

By 15 October 2010

Well into the second quarter of financial year 2010/11 it’s pleasing to see Simon Corbell announce that the purchase agreement for ACT Policing in 2010/11 has been signed off.
There are a few tweaks to what the police do:
Mr Corbell said the Ministerial Direction for the 2010 – 2011 Agreement requires ACT Policing to take [...]

Police Wrap – 15 October 2010

By 15 October 2010

1. The Great Car Barbecue:
ACT Policing were called to three separate incidents overnight where vehicles were set alight. (Thursday October 14)
About 2am police were called to Baillieu Court in Mitchell in response to a vehicle fire. A 1989 model Toyota Lexcen was seen to be well alight on police arrival. ACT Fire Brigade [...]

Police Wrap – 14 October 2010

By 14 October 2010

1. Tagging as one burgles:
ACT Policing has arrested two 13-year-old males over an aggravated burglary which occurred on Monday, October 11.
About 10.30am on Monday, October 11 three juvenile males were observed in the backyard of a residential home in Weetangera by a neighbour. Later that day the home owners returned home and found their [...]

Murder linkup!

By 14 October 2010

The ABC has a grab bag of gory details from the Downer Murders trial underway now in the Supreme Court.
Of particular interest is this murder meetup:
McDougall said on the night of the incident, he told Ms Franco he thought she was a police informant.
He said he was disappointed because it was the worst thing you [...]

Police Wrap – 13 October 2010

By 13 October 2010

1. A different sort of date:
ACT Policing has arrested a 32-year-old Red Hill woman and a 31-year-old man following an alleged aggravated robbery in Parkes yesterday (October 12).
Around 7.50pm police attended Commonwealth Avenue in response to an aggravated robbery. Police spoke with a man and woman who alleged another man and woman had threatened to [...]

Police Wrap – 12 October 2010

By 12 October 2010

1. Firebug on a spree:
ACT Policing is seeking witnesses to several fires in Tuggeranong over the weekend (October 9 and 10)
About 10.50pm on Saturday evening, police were called to the Early Childhood Centre in May Gibbs Close Richardson following the report of several small fires at that location. ACT Fire Brigade attended and extinguished [...]

Compensation reform consultation extended

By 11 October 2010

Last week The Greens were saying “slow down cowboy” to Labor Party plans to ram through lawyer bankrupting changes to compensation laws.
Today Shane Rattenbury is announcing that he’s won an extension to the consultation period:
The Greens have welcomed the Government’s thirty day extension of the consultation period on two important reform bills. Government websites were [...]

Police Wrap – 11 October 2010

By 11 October 2010

1. Carjackers nailed:
ACT Policing believes eight people apprehended in NSW overnight are responsible for multiple offences in the ACT including aggravated robbery, assault, property offences and theft.
About 9.30pm on Saturday (October 9), a woman was approached by two men while she was getting into her car at Griffith shops. They demanded she get out of [...]

Manuka plaza “secure parking”

By 9 October 2010

A friend of mine had his car stolen last night in the heavily fortified sanctuary of Mauka plaza.
His early thoughts of a highly secure garage for his car were shattered last night when he discovered it stolen.
Through his own investigation he managed to discover that the highly advertised sanctum that is supposed to be the [...]

Police Wrap – 9 October 2010

By 9 October 2010

1. ‘Tis the season:
ACT Policing is seeking witnesses to the damage of Caroline Chisholm High School overnight (Friday, October 8).
The offenders entered the grounds between 4pm yesterday (Thursday, October 7) and 7.30am this morning. While on the school grounds the offenders smashed 17 windows, placed a fire hose through one of the windows and turned [...]

CRK strikes again

By 8 October 2010

Much has been written about Clea Rose since she died in 2005, hit by a car stolen by teenagers being chased by police.
Since then one of the kids in the stolen car, known only as “Clea Rose’s Killer” has lead a spectacular life of crime, made all the more amazing by his ability to get [...]

ACT Police want more Tasers

By 8 October 2010

The Australian Federal Police Association has sent out a circular calling for more Tasers while the rest of Australia is wondering if they’re such a good idea.
Dear XXXXX ,
As some members may be aware, during the recent federal election campaign the AFPA lobbied for the funding of Tasers (or similar devices) for general-duty officers [...]

Police Wrap – 8 October 2010

By 8 October 2010

1. CCTV Success:
An 18-year-old Gilmore man and a 17-year-old youth were identified via CCTV vision and arrested by the City Beats team in relation to an assault in the city in early hours of this morning Friday, October 8, 2010.
The two victims, a male and a female, were on City Walk around 3.10am today [...]

Slow down on compensation reform say the Greens

By 7 October 2010

The Speaker of the Legislative Assembly, Shane Rattenbury, is calling on the ACT Government to expand the consultation on their compensation reform package:
Following today’s announcement of a ten working day consultation period for two important reform bills, the ACT Greens have urged the Government to follow proper process and give all stakeholders the time they [...]

Police Wrap – 7 October 2010

By 7 October 2010

1. Rapid Results:
A total of 469 unregistered and/or uninsured vehicles were detected on Canberra’s roads during the first three months of operation by ACT Policing’s specialist RAPID (Recognition and Analysis of Plates IDentified) team.
Since officially beginning operations on July 1, the high-visibility three-car RAPID team also detected 147 unlicensed drivers, 69 suspended drivers and 22 [...]

Wanna be a Supreme Court Judge?

By 7 October 2010

Attorney-General Simon Corbell has announced he’s in the market for a new full time Supreme Court Judge as Justice Gray faces retirement next year when he turns 70.
The selection process must be based on a consideration of possible candidates by the Attorney General having regard to the selection criteria stated in the Determination. The selection [...]

A murder conviction looms as Scott Macdougal admits killings

By 6 October 2010

The ABC reports that the accused in the Downer Murders Scott Alexander McDougall has admitted he killed Struan Bolas, 48, and Julie Franco (aka Julie Tattersall), 35.
He has also admitted to committing the acts that caused their deaths with a wooden handled meat cleaver found inside the home.
He took the clothes he was wearing [...]

Liam Taylor guilty of an act of indecency against a child.

By 6 October 2010

We note the verdict of Chief Justice Higgins that Liam Taylor is guilty of “an act of indecency upon a person aged under 10 years”
That is all.

Police Wrap – 6 October 2010

By 6 October 2010

1. Fatal free long weekend:
Canberra’s roads were fatality-free over the long weekend but ACT Policing apprehended 11 drink-drivers during the double-demerit Labour Day holiday period.
A total of 94 Traffic Infringement Notices (TINS) were issued over the same period, of which 31 were for speeding offences and 4 for failing to wear a seatbelt (one [...]

Katy moves to cap CTP payouts

By 6 October 2010

[First filed: Oct 5, 2010 @ 10:24]
Spare a thought for Canberra’s plaintiff lawyers and the restaurants which depend on them.
The Canberra Times reports that the increasingly Chiefly Katy Gallagher is planning to cap compulsory third-party motor insurance scheme payouts after discovering most of the money is spent on the lawyers.
Legislation which would mandate pay-outs based [...]

Police Wrap – 5 October 2010

By 5 October 2010

1. He’s doing it the wrong way around:
ACT Policing has arrested a 30-year-old Florey man after he allegedly drove into a bus shelter and then engaged in a short pursuit with police in McKellar today (October 4).
Around 5.10pm police were called to Moynihan Street following reports of the damage to the bus shelter. The alleged [...]

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