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Does anyone know what happened in Page last night?

By 21 October 2009

I have heard on the news and subsequently seen in the paper news of a shooting in Page last night.  Apparently a fellow was shot in the face but escaped with grazes (It would still suck).  Anyone know anymore about this?
[Ed] The CT have this story about it.

Got any weed man?

By 21 October 2009

An interesting advert popped up in Craig’s List and I just thought some Rioters may be able to help, or comment.
[Ed] Below is the text in question in case it disappears, and no, RiotACT doesn’t approve but thought others might like the chance to comment on the Craigslist item.
You got any…. (Canberra)
Date: 2009-10-18, 11:12PM EST
Reply [...]

The problem with poker

By 20 October 2009

Last week, while the Crimes was distracted with the proposal to ban outdoor smoking at eateries, the ACT Government introduced the Unlawful Gambling Bill in to the Assembly.
The bill aims to consolidate and update the Territory’s gambling laws. So, now you know where to go to confirm whether championship Scrabble is unlawful. Seriously.
The bill proposes [...]

Police Wrap – 19 October

By 19 October 2009

1. Would you like to make it any easier for the police?
ACT Policing will summons a 35-year-old Chisholm man to court following a lengthy and reckless drink-driving incident yesterday (Sunday, October 18) in which the offender allegedly drove erratically from Queanbeyan and more than 15 kilometres through Canberra before being arrested in Torrens.
Around 12.10pm yesterday, [...]

Police Wrap – 17 October

By 17 October 2009

(Now that these things have moved to a weekly affair it appears that there’s also a lot less policing being done if the numbers of media releases is any indication)
1. Mugging on Childers Street?
ACT Policing is seeking witnesses to a robbery that occurred in Canberra City yesterday (Tuesday, 13 October).
About 8.20am, the female victim [...]

In pursuit of a thief

By 15 October 2009
In pursuit of a thief

This is one photograph from CCTV of an unidentified male passing my wife’s Mastercard at Isabella Plains IGA following the card’s theft earlier that day, Tuesday 29 September 2009, from our car in Kambah. Anyone seen him?
We’d like to expedite recovery rather than replacing her passport, our baby’s birth certificate and our marriage certificate, and [...]

Don’t want to vote? Pay the price

By 14 October 2009

The ABC is reporting that almost 500 Canberrans have been summonsed to court for failing to vote in last years election.
The documented $10 fine turns out to be a bit of a furphy, because many also had to pay $50 in court costs.
Around a third of those who didn’t vote managed to get off [...]

What’s happening down south?

By 12 October 2009
What's happening down south?

Is it just me, or is there lots of crime and anti-social behaviour going on around  Richardson, Chisholm, Calwell lately?

I seem to think that there is a surge in crime with so many articles in the newspapers and police reports on The RiotACT.

Police Wrap – 11 October

By 12 October 2009

1. Lancer Racing!
ACT Policing is seeking to identify the driver of a red Mitsubishi Lancer involved in a dangerous street racing incident on Parkes Way, in Acton, yesterday afternoon (October 11).
Police were patrolling in an unmarked vehicle westbound on Parkes Way around 4.50pm yesterday when they were overtaken by two Lancers, one red and the [...]

Emergency Services scanning right on your desktop.

By 12 October 2009
Emergency Services scanning right on your desktop.

Hey riot act, first time poster, long time reader.
I came across this site today, 
Have a listen in for those who haven’t seen it (, basically I’m asking about its legality? Should I NOT be listened to this? Because I have done some research and I read that…
Taken from
Contrary to widespread belief, scanning is [...]

Police Wrap – 10 October

By 10 October 2009
Police Wrap - 10 October

1. Vehicles and people of interest:
ACT Policing has recovered a substantial amount of stolen property after searching a vehicle and subsequently executing a search warrant on a Waramanga residence over the weekend.
The property, including two motorcycles, jewelry, electrical items, alcohol and an Order of Australia medal, was allegedly stolen during burglaries at a number of [...]

Interstate Toll Fines – help !!

By 9 October 2009

I have just been to Melbourne & I’m sure I went on some toll roads without paying.   No doubt they will track me down & send me a bill.
My car has ACT plates so what happens if I ignore it ?

Police Wrap – 3 October

By 3 October 2009

1. Ainslie has thuggies too:
ACT Policing is seeking witnesses to an aggravated robbery that occurred in Ainslie Wednesday, 30 September 2009.
About 6.45pm, the female victim parked her vehicle in her home driveway. When she exited the vehicle, she was pushed to the ground by two male offenders. One offender demanded her handbag and snatched [...]

Any update on Pub Poker in the ACT?

By 29 September 2009

Some time ago I was aware that there was an online petition of sorts to lobby for legalisation of social, pub/club poker in the ACT. As far as I am aware, social poker networks such as the National Poker League (NPL) and Australian Poker League (APL) are legal throughout Australia… except in the ACT.
I [...]

Police Wrap 22 September

By 28 September 2009

1. Wanniassa nightclubbers assaulted:
ACT Policing is seeking witnesses to a serious assault on a 24-year-old man in the vicinity of the Maram nightclub in Gartside St, Wanniassa early on Saturday morning (September 26).
Around 2am (on September 26) police were called to the location where two males reported that they had been assaulted by three offenders [...]

Why do people keep stealing the valve caps off my wheels?

By 27 September 2009

Is it some alien conspiracy or is it just shiny things attract the dim of mind but why oh why do my valve caps keep disappearing?
Is it just me or is this a common occurrence?
They are not high value items but just the same it ticks me off. Every time I replace them some thieving [...]

Police Wrap – 26 September

By 26 September 2009

1. Alleged rapist arrested in Harrison:
ACT Policing arrested a 41-year-old man last night (23 September) after the sexual assault of a 24-year-old female in Dickson in the early hours of Sunday morning (20 September).
Officers from the Territory Investigations Group and Specialist Response and Security executed a search warrant at a residential address in Harrison about [...]

Kiddy porn letch gets off too lightly

By 22 September 2009

The ABC reports University academic and child pornography lecher Nicol Schraudolph, has received very light treatment from the ACT courts. Given he was found in posession of 40,000 child porn and child abuse images and nearly 900 videos, a suspended 18 month sentence, and only 6 moths of periodic detention is far too light. [...]

Police Wrap – 20 September

By 20 September 2009

1. Alleged stabbiness in Oaks Estate:
ACT Policing Detectives have arrested a 43-year-old Queanbeyan man today (16 September) after an alleged stabbing in Oaks Estate last night.
Police were called to the Oaks Estate residence around 8pm after reports were received of a disturbance occurring at the location. Police located the victim with lacerations to his [...]

Police riding Harley Davidsons?

By 18 September 2009

Whats this I see? 
Two leather clad motorcycle cops, both of a more mature age, riding two brand new looking white Harley Davidson motorcycles sedately down Northbourne Avenue this week. 
The bikes had blue and red lights and police signs on the panniers so they must be real police bikes and the riders were in [...]

Could Canberra’s “sophisticated” community answer the Ferguson question?

By 18 September 2009

The mob disquiet [over the residential placement of Dennis Ferguson] in Sydney raises an interesting issue for Canberra: if we are an educated, aware community that can debate and balance issues, what solution would we recommend for government re the Ferguson/housing problem, that looks insoluble.
I’m inclined to agree that focusing on the paedophile next [...]

Canberrans can’t drive – episode 117

By 15 September 2009

Hi new to the RiotACT,  now not a cranky person at all but had an interesting woman today coming down Adelaide Ave.
As this woman knows so well and stated at the lights to the hospital for me in a heated exchange “IT’S MY RIGHT TO TRAVEL IN THE RIGHT LANE” as she had done all [...]

Police Wrap – 14 September

By 14 September 2009

1. Clift Crescent, home to stupidity?
An ACT Policing officer was allegedly assaulted by a motorist whilst conducting Random Breath Test duties in Richardson on Saturday afternoon, leaving him with cuts and abrasions to his face and neck.
The officer, from the Collision Investigation and Reconstruction Team, was conducting RBT on Clift Crescent about 6.00pm when a [...]

Thieves strike Stanhope Memorial Arboretum

By 14 September 2009

The Canberra Times brings word that Stanhope’s Folly, aka the Canberra International Arboretum and Gardens has had a spot of bother with thieves making off with 140 saplings.
In an interesting insight into the administration of the arboretum it was only discovered when Comrade Stanhope himself was out taking an apparently regular constitutional and noticed the [...]

Police Wrap – 13 September

By 13 September 2009
Police Wrap - 13 September

1. Cannabis in Symonston:
ACT Policing will summons a 41-year-old Symonston man to appear in the ACT Magistrates Court after locating a quantity of cannabis during a search of his home earlier today (September 8).
General Duties officers from Woden Police Station executed a search warrant at the Symonston premises about 11.35am, locating six cannabis plants and [...]

AFP find SMV at KFC

By 10 September 2009
AFP find SMV at KFC

From iPrime:

“Police have arrested a man at KFC in Fyshwick after a stolen car was detected in the carpark.
Officers identified a white Mazda 3 as stolen and arrested a man as he was eating inside the fast-food restaurant.
A search of the car uncovered a loaded double-barrel sawn-off shotgun, a wig and stolen property including [...]

Belconnen Community Council – Neighbourhood Watch Forum – Sep 15 7.30 PM

By 9 September 2009

[ 15 September 2009; 7:30 pm to 8:30 pm. ] The Belconnen Community Council invites Belconnen residents and interested citizens to a public meeting with Tanya Swift, Officer in Charge, Belconnen Station ACT Policing, and Mathew Watts, Belconnen District Coordinator for Neighbourhood Watch (NHW).

The Topics to be discussed relate to:

Rejuvenating Neighbourhood Watch in Belconnen

·               NHW working with local police;
·               Structure and History of NHW;
-      Campaigns, [...]

Police Wrap – 7 September

By 7 September 2009

1. If you’re interested in this stuff the new AFP Commissioner’s first speech is online.

2. Drink driving menace ongoing:
ACT Policing yesterday (Sunday, September 6) arrested a 20-year-old male provisional driver for drink-driving after the Hyundai sedan he was driving veered off the road in Reid, through a front yard and struck a house.
The incident occurred [...]

Police Wrap – 6 September

By 6 September 2009
Police Wrap - 6 September

1. Cash and GHB in Braddon:
A 26-year-old man will appear in the ACT Magistrates Court this morning (August 31) charged with traffic in a controlled drug other than cannabis; dealing with proceeds of crime and providing a false name/address.
This follows a search of a man’s vehicle in Braddon at 10.20pm on Friday (August 28) where [...]

Canberra thieves follow the money

By 6 September 2009

The Canberra Times has the happy news that our criminal classes are smart enough, and mobile enough, to head towards the lush and leafy 2603 postcode.
ACT Policing figures show homes in postcode 2603, spanning leafy inner south suburbs, have proportionately been the most preyed upon by burglars for three years. Residents reported 26.5 dwelling [...]

The Power of the Lollypop

By 3 September 2009

What is the power of a lolly-pop man or lady?
 Well this morning in the Bus Interchange in Civic on the corner of East Row and Alinga Street, heaps, apparently.
 A lollypop lady took it upon herself to go beyond the normal “Stop/Slow” functions and considered it her role to use the lollypop as a barrier to [...]

Justice denied, expect further delays

By 2 September 2009

The idea that “Justice delayed is justice denied” is something of a keystone of modern legal practice. In fact, it goes back to the very foundations of the modern legal system, being part of the Magna Carta.
To no one …will we refuse, or delay, right nor justice.
Clause 40, The Magna Carta
So back in May, Chief [...]

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