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Police Wrap – 25 September 2010

By 25 September 2010

1. They messed with the wrong home owner:
ACT Policing has arrested three young males and one young female for three aggravated burglaries in Page yesterday (Thursday September 23).
Around 10.00am a resident of Birelle Street in Page contacted police after seeing the four youths acting suspiciously in the rear yard of her neighbour’s property. A detailed [...]

Police Wrap – 24 September 2010

By 24 September 2010

1. A bad start:
ACT Policing has arrested a 20-year-old man from Dunlop on his second drink-driving charge within the last 12 months.
Around 11pm last night (Thursday September 23) police were on mobile patrol on Southern Cross Drive in Florey when they saw a vehicle travelling in the opposite direction at excessive speed.
Police stopped the vehicle [...]

Still no bail for Sharon Stott

By 24 September 2010

Back in May last year there was considerable excitment surrounding alleged kidnap and torture in Kambah which required the black pyjama brigade to rescue the victim.
The ABC identified Sharon Ann Stott as one of the alleged offenders. She was bailed later in the month.
She was then arrested in June on three counts of alleged ice [...]

Building delayed – want to cancel contract?

By 24 September 2010

Long story short, We are FHOB and we’re currently building a house in the Gungahlin area, the building started in Feb, however only the brick is up and the roof is still pending. The building contract said max 30 weeks to complete a single level house, which will be this November 2010. At this stage [...]

Previous recruits disappointing to Chief Police Officer

By 24 September 2010

The Canberra Times brings the intriguing news that ACT Policing is abandoning the AFP’s national recruitment process, due to dissatisfaction with the results to date:
ACT Policing will for the first time source its own recruits in a bid to overcome a high staff turnover and attract Canberra-raised cops.
Chief Police Officer Roman Quaedvlieg said yesterday he [...]

Busted doing 195

By 23 September 2010

NSW Police inform us that they’ve caught an Illawarra boy 115kmph over his L-plated limit on the Federal Highway near Sutton:
About 5.35am today officers attached to the Monaro Highway Patrol were conducting patrols along the Federal Highway near Sutton when they saw a north bound red Hyosung motorcycle allegedly travelling at high speed.
A lidar check [...]

Rappelling in Woden?

By 23 September 2010

The boys in blue are having fun in Woden today.
P1 snapped this shot of the side of the Albemarle Building (Health) in Woden.

Police Wrap – 23 September 2010

By 23 September 2010

1. Reaching agreement:
ACT Policing and ACT Health have signed a Memorandum of Understanding in which the Territory’s health authority will provide forensic and other medically-related services to the police.
The three-year agreement, worth $942,800 annually, will provide for a range of services including medical call-outs to the ACT Watch House, attendance at death scenes, examination [...]

Jumping at shadows?

By 22 September 2010

The ABC reports that most of Watson was locked down last night because a guy might have had a gun, but didn’t.
Officers blocked off most of the main streets into Watson for about an hour, diverting traffic and doorknocking homes.
They found the man did not have a gun.
He was arrested and charged with breach of [...]

Police Wrap – 22 September 2010

By 22 September 2010

1. Bad Gran:
ACT Policing has arrested and charged a 67-year-old female for spitting on two police officers earlier today (Tuesday September 21).
Around 11am police were called to Akuna Street to check the welfare of the female. The female was verbally abusive towards police and staff at the YHA Youth Hostel and became highly aggressive, refusing [...]

Renting in Canberra – nothing but trouble?

By 21 September 2010

There’s been plenty of previous discussion on RA around issues for renters in Canberra. There are plenty of stories of tenants who are kept in the dark about their rights, or treated by their landlords or property managers as second class citizens. 
On the other side there’s plenty of times when a landlord either has issues [...]

Russell Field goes on trial

By 21 September 2010

Back in March last year the double murder in Chisholm caused a considerable kerfuffle.
The ABC now reports that the trial of Russell Field for the double murder of Gregory Peter Carrigan and Richard John Roberts has begun.
The defendant is claiming to have been in fear of his life when the biker and associate interrupted his [...]

Police Wrap – 21 September 2010

By 21 September 2010

1. Plates Safed:
ACT Policing officers fitted over 600 vehicles with tamper-proof screws during a special crime prevention program conducted in conjunction with Westfield Woden on Sunday (September 19).
During an intensive four-hour fitting operation in Westfield Woden carpark, police re-secured the registration plates of 640 vehicles with the special one-way screws designed to reduce the prevalence [...]

Police Wrap – 20 September 2010

By 20 September 2010

1. Bad girls of Woden:
ACT Policing has charged two young females, one aged 16 and the other 17, following an aggravated robbery in Woden overnight.
Police will allege about 5.40pm yesterday (Sunday, September 19), two teenage females were at the Woden Bus Interchange when they were approached by the two female youths. They forcibly grabbed the [...]

Ron Cahill was trying to defend “public figure”?

By 20 September 2010

The Ron Cahill affair takes another strange turn today with his successor as Chief Magistrate, John Burns, explaining his reasons for blowing the whistle on the trial of the “public figure” who can’t be named but has been in the words of the Canberra Times: “charged with assaulting his child”.
The Chief Magistrate says in his [...]

On vigilantism

By 20 September 2010

There’s been a fair bit of chat about the white van driving Tuggeranong man who caught, assaulted, and robbed a 14 year old boy who’d been throwing eggs at cars on Erindale Drive.
So now we’re adding a poll on it to see where community attitudes lie.

Does the ACT need greater federal representation?
I [...]

Police Wrap – 19 September 2010

By 19 September 2010

1. At that age shouldn’t they be throwing eggs at cars instead of stealing them?
Three male youths were arrested late yesterday afternoon (Saturday, September 18) after a police pursuit in which stop sticks were successfully deployed to deflate the tyres of the stolen car.
Around 4pm yesterday members of Belconnen Patrol, Traffic Operations, SRS-TR and the [...]

Police Wrap – 18 September 2010

By 18 September 2010

1. A hero emerges:
ACT Policing is seeking witnesses to an incident in Monash last night in which a 14-year-old boy was assaulted and robbed by a passing motorist.
The youth has admitted to police that he, in the company of another male youth, had been throwing eggs at passing vehicles on Erindale Drive in Monash, adjacent [...]

Owen Patrick Creighton pleads guilty

By 17 September 2010

The crash in march last year on Clift Crescent was a horrific thing.
Megan Minney and Steven Rial died and the grieving process of their friends was a rocky road for the wider community.
The ABC reports that yesterday the speeding driver Owen Patrick Creighton plead guilty yesterday to culpable driving charges.
The sentence will be handed down [...]

Police Wrap – 17 September 2010

By 17 September 2010

1. Plate Security:
Following the success of last year’s Project Safe Plate, ACT Policing and Westfield Woden have once again joined forces to reduce registration plate theft through a free program to be conducted this Sunday (September 19).
Between 11am and 3pm, ACT motorists are invited to drive their cars into the ground floor of the [...]

Simon starts thinking about court security

By 16 September 2010

Simon Corbell has announced that he is making “moves” to “address” court security.
Which, for new players, means he hasn’t even begun to do anything yet.
But here’s some of the things he’s thinking about:
Mr Corbell said the Government would look at a range of options, including the introduction of clear powers to detain and remove [...]

More slack work in court

By 16 September 2010

The ABC has the alarming news that Predrag Markovic has beaten a charge of driving while disqualified because the paperwork never said when his disqualification would end.
Acting Justice Nield wasn’t going to award him costs with it though:
When his lawyer asked for the prosecution to pay his client’s costs, acting Justice Nield said Markovic’s Christmas [...]

Police Wrap – 16 September 2010

By 16 September 2010

1. Community Outreach:
Australian Federal Police and ACT Policing members will be celebrating the end of the Muslim Holy month of Ramadan this Sunday (19 September) at the Eid al-Fitr festival.
Chief Police Officer for the ACT Roman Quaedvlieg said that the festival, which is celebrated by Muslim communities around the world, is also an opportunity [...]

Marist and Daramalan buy off more victims

By 16 September 2010

The ABC brings word of progress in the child sex abuse claims being made against the Marist and Daramalan colleges here in Canberra:
Most of the Daramalan cases are linked to the late Paul Lyons, while the majority of those at Marist relate to Brother John Chute – also known as Brother Kostka – who has [...]

Snorkel rides again!

By 15 September 2010

The ABC brings more word of Canberra’s most notorious criminal, Matthew “Snorkel”* Massey who has been found guilty of assaulting a guard at the Belconnen Remand Centre.
A 34-year-old Canberra man has been found guilty of assaulting corrective service officers uring a brawl at the Belconnen Remand Centre (BRC) last year.
Matthew Massey from Ngunnawal was [...]

Police Wrap – 14 September 2010

By 14 September 2010

1. This is living!
ACT Policing has released images of a burglary which occurred at the BCF store in Fyshwick on Thursday (September 2).
About 11.25pm, offenders entered the store and escaped with a number of stolen items including Boat Fish Finder GPSs, Waeco fridges, sleeping bags and various reels and rods.
Police believe five males were [...]

Beware of the Indian Call Centre

By 13 September 2010

I just recieved a call from a woman with an Indian accent. The delay was so long she sounded like she was on the other side of the word and I could hear myself repeating what I’d just said before she answered, as if I was on speaker on another phone nearby.
She asked if Mr [...]

Police Wrap – 13 September 2010

By 13 September 2010

1. Not paying attention:
Despite the high profile presence and policing activity in relation to Operation Unite over the weekend, a 20-year-old provisional licence driver from Dickson was apprehended seven times over the limit on a major city thoroughfare.
Around 5.15am yesterday (Sunday September 12) police were conducting mobile patrol on Northbourne Avenue in the City when [...]

Who killed Crime Stoppers?

By 13 September 2010

It’s been a over a week now since the oft promoted Crime Stoppers website underwent an upgrade.
And still, no content.
Which is a shame because it’s a valuable community resource when it’s running.

Police Wrap – 12 September 2010

By 12 September 2010

1. Problem solved?
Twenty-nine people have been arrested this weekend in the ACT as part of Operation Unite, the stand against alcohol misuse, violence and anti-social behaviour.
Of the arrests made, 24 people were taken into police custody for being intoxicated and disorderly.
These results represent a 36 per cent decrease from last year’s Operation Unite in the [...]

Latham Hold-Up 2003

By 12 September 2010

Just wondering if anyone remembers the hold up that went really bad at the Latham post office in 2003??
There were 2 injured and one died….
So anyway, the guy gets out of jail this week…
7 years for stabbing 2 people numerous times and causing death to an elderly man…
7 years….

Police Wrap – 11 September 2010

By 11 September 2010

1. Hoodies again:
ACT Policing is seeking witnesses to an aggravated burglary and assault which occurred in Dunlop yesterday (September 10) around 6.05pm.
Police attended the Shoobridge Circuit residence where the 26-year-old male victim described how he had returned home and disturbed a single male offender inside the premises. The offender fled through the rear of the [...]

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