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Too early to blame Underbelly?

By 20 May 2010

So let’s recap:
– 10 May: Execution style shooting in Hughes at what appears to have been the site of a drug deal.
– 18 May: Franklin St in Manuka plays host to a man with a gun threatening a restaurant patron for reasons unknown.
– 20 May: Suspicious death in the swanky Oracle Apartments.
Now of course it’s [...]

Police Wrap – 20 May 2010

By 20 May 2010

1. It takes a very average man to rob a hairdresser:
ACT Policing is seeking witnesses to an aggravated robbery at a hair salon in Braddon last night Wednesday, May 19, 2010.
About 7:15pm, a male entered the hair salon and threatened staff and customers with a firearm whilst demanding money. He left with a sum [...]

The worst of the worst?

By 20 May 2010

The ABC has a horrific story of a Canberra systems administrator in a government department pleading guilty to using his own baby son (amongst other children) to make child pornography.
The man, who cannot be named, was charged with possessing and producing child pornography, as well as committing acts of indecency with children under the [...]

Cats, what you can and can’t do with them?

By 20 May 2010

Firstly, I don’t like em’, they are horrible creatures that don’t belong here and I point the finger of blame firmly at my mum for being a breeder of Persians when I was but a lad (back then I loved them) for creating this complete lack of empathy towards our feline masters through over-exposure and [...]

The thieves have been at it…

By 19 May 2010

News from various mates is that Monday evening saw a number of bikes stolen from Dickson in what seems to be a fairly organised hit. These aren’t cheap bikes, nor were they left without being secured. The locks (many of which were good quality locks) were cut and the helmets were often left behind.
If you [...]

Needle exchange at the Hume virus farm?

By 19 May 2010

The ABC has a lengthy story on a reported transmission of hepatitis C at the Alexander Maconochie Centre (aka The Prison).
With infection rates out there running at 65% the real surprise is that it’s taken this long.
It has, however, prompted calls for a needle exchange at the prison the reduce the spread of disease amongst [...]

Police Wrap – 19 May 2010

By 19 May 2010

1. Guns in Manuka:
ACT Policing is seeking witnesses to an incident involving a firearm in Manuka last night (Tuesday, May 18).
About 8:10pm, a male offender armed with a firearm approached the exterior glass window of a restaurant on Franklin Street and pointed the firearm at a restaurant patron seated inside whilst threatening him. [...]

Key Register – Scam in Canberra?

By 19 May 2010

Here at the headquarters for the Aurelius international empire, we just had someone drop in – a salesman type – asking questions on behalf of something called “Commonwealth Building Key Register” (who don’t seem to appear in Google). He claimed it was some business which compiles registers of who has keys to what buildings, and [...]

Inside Chief Justice Higgins Mind – where sensitive ASIO documents just follow you home

By 18 May 2010

Back in 2004 ASIO documents relating to the Bali bombings ended up in the hands of The Australian. Eventually it became clear that James Paul Seivers had taken them home and his housemate Francis Matthew O’Ryan had sent them to the papers.
Last year a jury found James Seivers guilty of contravening s 18(2) of the [...]

Police Wrap – 17 May 2010

By 17 May 2010

1. Rider down near Tharwa:
ACT Policing’s Collision, Investigation and Reconstruction Team (CIRT) are currently investigating a collision that occurred in Tharwa today May 16, 2010.
At approximately 11.40am this morning, police were called to Tharwa Drive, Tharwa after a white ute had collided with two cyclists.
The male cyclist, a 61-year-old from Monash, was pronounced [...]

Police Powers – up for discussion

By 15 May 2010

Simon Corbell has announced the release of a discussion paper: Review of Police Criminal Investigative Powers.
The Review of Police Criminal Investigative Powers Discussion Paper considers a broad range of police powers and advocates the modernisation and consolidation of those powers into a single piece of legislation.
“The aim of these proposals is to provide the courts, [...]

Alleged Hughes Shooter Arrested

By 14 May 2010

[First filed: May 13, 2010 @ 9:29
Second filing: May 13, 2010 @ 13:20]
The following isn’t online yet, but has been sent over to me in relation to the Hughes shooting:
Fatal shooting Hughes, 20-year-old charged
ACT Policing’s Criminal Investigations Team have this evening (May 12) arrested a 20-year-old man in relation to the fatal shooting in Hughes [...]

Dräger follies see alleged drink driver walked free

By 13 May 2010

From the Magistrate’s Court comes the intriguing tale of how Matthew Jon Windle hired a good lawyer to get off a drink driving charge.
It started with a red light run from Cooyong Street onto Northbourne in front of police. It followed a predictable path of slurred speech, reeking of alcohol, and some difficulty standing.
Then it [...]

Police Wrap – 12 May 2010

By 12 May 2010

1. The things they have to deal with:
Deputy Chief Police Officer for the ACT David McLean today launched the third edition of the Practical Reference to Religious and Spiritual Diversity for Operational Police.
The Reference was developed by the Australia New Zealand Policing Advisory Agency (ANZPAA) in consultation with all police jurisdictions and [...]

The Hughes Shooting


[First filed: May 10, 2010 @ 10:22]

Following on from the news in today’s police wrap “fgzk” has sent in the above pic and the following report:
Police are searching drains along Denison st, Deakin West. This drain has been taped off and a forensic technician with a bag is waiting. When asked by a television reporter [...]

Dusko Culibrk the dog cruelty accused

By 11 May 2010

The Canberra Times brings word that the centre of this morning’s police wrap over animal cruelty to rottweilers in Nicholls is one Dusko Culibrk.
Dusko is 25 and lives with his parents. Apparently Dusko didn’t think choke chains go far enough and ACT Health psychologist Jacinta Marsh has told Magistrate Beth Campbell that his discipline [...]

Hume Hilton cleared in Bulig death

By 11 May 2010

Last August the death of Andreas Bulig in custody caused a bit of a stir.
The ABC now reports that coroner Beth Campbell has cleared the Alexander Maconochie Centre of any lack of care.
Heart problems, not epilepsy, have been found to be the cause of death.

Police Wrap – 11 May 2010

By 11 May 2010

1. Animal cruelty in Nicholls:
ACT Policing has arrested and charged a 25 year old man with aggravated cruelty to an animal and two further counts of cruelty to animals after making a gruesome discovery early this morning (Tuesday 11 May) at a premises in Nicholls.
About 2:05am police located a deceased female Rottweiler dog [...]

Police Wrap – 10 May 2010

By 10 May 2010

1. Man shot dead in Hughes:
ACT Policing is investigating an incident in Whittle Street, Hughes in the early hours of this morning (May 10) when a man was shot and later died.
Police were called to the scene around 12.30am. The male victim received emergency treatment at the scene by ACT Ambulance but later died.
The [...]

First Nomination for a “Mully”

By 9 May 2010

We Canberrans are often accused of having a chip on our shoulder, that we just dont stack up against the States. Well here’s a young bloke who’s taking the bit between his teeth, who’s not holding anything back in the struggle to prove we too can stand proud at the Pantheon of Tools …
The ABC [...]

Police Wrap – 6 May 2010

By 6 May 2010

1) Three young men wanted for a chat:
ACT Policing is seeking witnesses to a fire outside a residence in Oxley last Friday (30 April).
About 12.54am, police were called to Collocott Crescent following reports of a palm tree outside a residence having been deliberately lit.
The residents of the property were alerted to the fire by [...]

DPP fighting Chief Justice Higgins on numerous fronts

By 5 May 2010

The Canberra Times brings word that the DPP has successfully appealed against the lack of a custodial sentence handed down by Chief Justice Higgins for the stabbing that created the above wound.
The ABC is also on the case informing us that the newer, tougher sentence is a six month suspended one followed by a one [...]

Police Wrap – 3 May 2010

By 3 May 2010

1. Idiot in Chifley:
ACT Policing apprehended a 17-year-old juvenile male yesterday afternoon (May 1) following a short pursuit in Canberra’s south.
About 12.30pm a Criminal Investigations (CI) patrol conducting proactive duties attempted to perform a traffic stop on a black Holden Commodore on Eggleston Crescent, Chifley when the vehicle allegedly failed to stop.
With police warning [...]

where are the ACT road rules?

By 1 May 2010

On the AFP website
we have two links
and the National Road Rules
All well and good you might think but right at the top of the National Road Rules page:
Please note that the Australian Road Rules are model Rules only and have no legal effect. They form the basis of Road Rules of each Australian [...]

Siege in Holder

By 1 May 2010

[First filed: Apr 29, 2010 @ 16:07]

The shiny new ACT Policing website is silent on the subject but ABC radio reports there’s a siege underway on Dickson Drive in Holder.
If your kids can’t get home on the buses they will apparently be kept for you at Canberra College.
UPDATED: “fgzk” has sent in the above photo [...]

The quest for reform in the courts

By 30 April 2010

Considering the number of people brutally killed in Canberra in the last 12 years it may seem amazing that our justice system has failed to convict anyone of murder in that time.
The Canberra Times now reports that police and prosecutors have been lobbying for reform.
More importantly Attorney-General Simon Corbell is working on a discussion paper [...]

The ACT Crime League Table – March 2010 data

By 29 April 2010

So how does your suburb stack up for crime?
With Crime Statistics now online I’ve taken the very crude measure of ranking police patrol sectors by the total crimes committed per 1000 people in March. Interestingly nicer areas seem to have more crime. Do they have more to steal? Or are they more likely to report?
155.3 [...]

ACT Policing gets a new website

By 29 April 2010

ACT Policing has a new website!
It includes such cutting edge upgrades as the decade old RSS (much appreciated assuming they can keep the feed in the same place).
Possibly of more interest will be the crime statistics. I look forward to the conclusions the RiotNerd community can come up with in the coming hours.

Wanna hire an ex-con?

By 29 April 2010

Simon Corbell has been talking to the Canberra Times about his efforts to convince Canberra’s employers to give good jobs the departing guests of the Hume Hilton.
The ACT Government wants to hear from employers willing to take on workers who are rebuilding their lives after a prison stint.
Attorney-General Simon Corbell says the scheme could [...]

Police Wrap – 27 April 2010

By 28 April 2010

1. Congratulations all on not dying (except for those who died from non-road related matters):
ACT Policing is pleased the roads remained fatality-free over the Anzac Day long weekend, despite issuing 55 Traffic Infringement Notices (TINs) for a range of traffic offences.
Of the 55 TINs issued over the long weekend, 26 were for speeding, including [...]

Lorraine Walker steps up to the bench

By 28 April 2010

Simon Corbell has announced the appointment of Ms Lorraine Walker to the troubled ACT Magistracy (Simon says it is an “exciting time”).
For the past 10 years Ms Walker has worked as a barrister in the ACT.
Ms Walker has extensive experience in her 23 years in the profession including being a partner of a law [...]

“Youse are all dogs” – but Ben Holcroft is guilty of murdering Danny Ralph

By 28 April 2010

TV News last night was enriched by the spectacle of the hordes of Beaudeans of all ages waddling out of court abusing the waiting media.
The cause was that one of their own, Benjamin Wayne Holcroft, had been found guilty of killing his mother’s ex-boyfriend, Danny Ralph, and throwing the body in the Queanbeyan River, with [...]

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