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This is not Mully Williams, this is just a tribute

By 23 July 2010

The Canberra Times is sharing the hilarious antics as described in court of James Dudley March who has been sentenced after pleading guilty to stealing a Toyota Hilux and flipping it soon after.
March stole the car after drinking a beer on the way from a bottle shop to a friend’s apartment at the Stuart [...]

The Hon. Acting Justice Jane Mathews AO hits the Supreme Court

By 22 July 2010

Attorney General Simon Corbell has announced a second acting Supreme Court Justice to sort out our local court:
The appointment today of Acting Justice Mathews to the ACT Supreme Court follows the announcement last week of former New South Wales District Court Judge, John Nield, as an acting judge of the court.
“This is the second of [...]

Police Wrap – 21 July 2010

By 21 July 2010

1. Sixth time’s a charm:
A five-time drink-drive offender caught for the sixth time was among the 59 people apprehended by ACT Policing in an intensive Random Breath Testing effort last week (Monday, July 12- Monday, July 19).
The 43-year-old Richardson man was driving south on the Monaro Highway, near Hume, when he was stopped [...]

Police Wrap – 20 July 2010

By 20 July 2010

1. Perhaps a little old for this work:
ACT Policing is seeking witnesses to an aggravated robbery in the car park of the DFO shopping centre in Fyshwick which occurred around 11:50am this morning (Monday 19 July).
Two males approached the 69-year-old victim, a security officer, shortly after he entered the car park and forced him to [...]

NSW now bearing the brunt of bushfire litigation

By 20 July 2010

The ABC has a lengthy story (byline and subheads and all) on the withdrawal of the Tener family from the marathon litigation stemming from the 2003 bushfires.
Possibly of more interest is this bit:
The Tener family is now the fourth group of plaintiffs to pull out of proceedings within the last eight months, after the [...]

Police Wrap – 19 July 2010

By 19 July 2010

1. Weekend fatalities:
ACT Policing’s Collision, Investigation and Reconstruction Team (CIRT) are investigating two fatal collisions that occurred in Canberra’s south this morning (Saturday July 17).
Around 8.55am, police were called to the intersection of Canberra Avenue and Ipswich Street in Fyshwick, where a motorcycle travelling eastbound on Canberra Avenue had collided with a vehicle travelling [...]

Lorraine Walker takes her seat on the bench

By 19 July 2010

Attorney General Simon Corbell has announced that Lorraine Walker is the ACT’s newest Magistrate:
Ms Walker has extensive experience in her 23 years in the profession including being a partner of a law firm, a crown prosecutor, a solicitor, and a legal officer in the Royal Australian Air Force…
Lorraine Walker was appointed to the ACT [...]

Magistrate Maria Doogan gets a slap

By 19 July 2010

The ABC has a story on a second reprimand for Magistrate Maria Doogan, altering sentences after stuffups:
Justice Richard Refshauge said the Magistrate intended to impose a sentence of 48 months imprisonment, but she actually sentenced Elson to 30 months.
Justice Refshauge noted that bench sheets had been amended to show the correct sentence.
He said it [...]

Police Wrap – 16 July 2010

By 16 July 2010

1. Erindale turd storm:
ACT Policing has released a series of security images taken from inside a Wanniassa liquor store during a recent aggravated burglary.
Police were patrolling in the Erindale area around 4am on Sunday, July 11, when two loud noises were heard from the direction of Denigan Street.
Two police vehicles quickly attended [...]

What happens at North Bar stays at North Bar

By 15 July 2010

The ABC brings word that Patricia Papallo has been speedily acquitted by a jury on charges of assault occasioning actual bodily harm on one Ivana Simic at the vodka infused North Bar in Civic:
In July 2008, Ms Papallo was at North Bar when she got into an altercation with Ivana Simic.
The jury heard that [...]

Suspended drivers get a free go!

By 15 July 2010

The Canberra Times yesterday had the thrilling news that, due to the sort of cockup we’ve come to expect from the ACT Government, thousands of licence suspensions will have to be re-issued.
In his judgment, Mr Burns said that the Road Transport Authority’s delegate appeared to have taken the approach of suspending a person’s licence [...]

Crackdown on naughty lawyers

By 12 July 2010

The ABC brings word that the Law Society is getting tough and actually refusing to re-issue practicing certificates to Canberra’s worst lawyers.
Five more Canberra lawyers are facing allegations of misbehaviour.
The ACT Law Society has already refused to reissue practising certificates to two lawyers.
The Civil and Administrative Appeals Tribunal had earlier upheld serious complaints against [...]

Police Wrap – 12 July 2010

By 12 July 2010

1. Blast bandits in Erindale:
ACT Policing is seeking witnesses to an aggravated burglary in Erindale yesterday in which an improvised explosive device was used to force entry to a liquor shop.
Police were patrolling in the Erindale area around 4am on Sunday (July 11) when two loud noises were heard from the direction of Denigan [...]

Theft in Mawson: Plants and Bird Tile

By 12 July 2010

I need your help please.
Last Friday 9 July 2010, between the hours of about 10am and 4.30pm, three items were stolen from the front entrance area of my house in Mawson.
They were:
TWO PLANTS – not sure what they are called, but they have a long stem, with a large sphere of leaves [...]

Death in Dunlop

By 11 July 2010

[First filed: Jul 9, 2010 @ 16:25]
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ABC Radio is reporting two people found dead in a house in Dunlop, Polewarth Circuit.
More as it comes to hand.
UPDATE: The ACT Policing media release is now up:
ACT Policing is currently responding to an incident in Dunlop after two deceased persons, a male and a female [...]

Police Wrap – 10 July 2010

By 10 July 2010

1. Man dead in Giralang:
ACT Policing is currently investigating the death of a young male, aged in his early 20’s, who was found early this morning (Saturday 10 July) in a creek bed in Giralang.
The cause of death is unknown at this stage however police are not treating it as suspicious.
A report in being [...]

Angry mother should, perhaps, not have let husband sleep with 15 yr old daughter for a month

By 9 July 2010

The Queen of Canberra court reporting, Jenna Hand, brings us another sordid tale in the Canberra Times from the Supreme Court:
A mother has told a Canberra court that she felt ”angry” and ”traded in” when her husband said he had feelings for her 15-year-old daughter.
The 47-year-old man, who cannot be named, is on trial [...]

Mayhem in Manuka

By 9 July 2010

[First filed: Jul 8, 2010 @ 13:22]

It looks to be a car chase in Manuka, street sectioned off… 8 police cars ? anyone know more?
ED – Rikstr also posted the following:
I missed it but does anyone know what happend in Mankua at Lunch today?
Looked like an unmarked VW GOLF R32 chased down a Falcon [...]

A question for the Legal Eagles

By 9 July 2010

I was asked by an interested foreign friend where the authority to create Federal Government Departments lies.
I can find a reference in Sect 64 of the Constitution to the G-G’s authority to “appoint officers to administer such departments of Satae of the Commonwealth as the Governor-General in Council may establish.” – but is that it? [...]

Police Wrap – 8 July 2010

By 8 July 2010

1. Conning the elderly:
ACT Policing is encouraging elderly community members to be vigilant about their personal and home safety after reports of conmen using various scams to gain entry to homes.
ACT Policing have received numerous reports recently of suspicious behaviour in Canberra’s inner city suburbs. The reports are of males offering to fix the [...]

A whole lot of justice

By 7 July 2010

The Canberra Times brings word of the vast fortune spent by ACT Legal Aid to ensure Stephen Hillier could seek justice to the High Court and back.
The ACT Legal Aid Commission says it is legally prevented from revealing the full amount of public money that has been spent defending Mr Hillier in his trials [...]

Police Wrap – 6 July 2010

By 6 July 2010

1. Busby man brought back:
A 19-year-old man from Busby, NSW will face the ACT Magistrates Court tomorrow morning (Wednesday 7 July) charged with aggravated robbery after a successful extradition by ACT Policing detectives today.
Police will allege the man committed the aggravated robbery at the United Service Station, Canberra Avenue in Fyshwick on Friday [...]

NSW justice comes to the ACT Supreme Court

By 6 July 2010

In what may come as a shock to Canberra’s legal and criminal fraternity Simon Corbell has announced that he’s appointed a retired NSW District Court judge to clear out the ACT Supreme Court’s backlog:
“The ACT Government committed to addressing the backlog in the Supreme Court earlier this year by making several announcements in the [...]

Parking fines on a Saturday morning.

By 6 July 2010

So I was reading about a guy on here who has $16,000.00 in fines, which frankly, is INSANE.
But it got me thinking about the parking fines I have had in the past (thankfully, all paid)..
Every parking ticket I have gotten since I moved to Canberra about 5 years ago (from country NSW where there was no [...]

Police Wrap – 5 July 2010

By 5 July 2010

1. Missing male from Holt:
ACT Policing is seeking public assistance to locate a 16-year-old male who went missing from Holt this morning (Monday July 5) around 12:20am.
Joel Cameron was last seen walking along Southern Cross Drive in Holt wearing a blue hooded jumper with red lining, blue jeans and white shoes.
Joel is described as [...]

Public urination – don’t get caught

By 5 July 2010

The Canberra Times brings word that since Christmas even 148 Canberrans have been fined for having a wee where the police could see them.
And one police sergeant believes the fines have helped reduce the instance of the unhygienic offence. The fines or criminal infringement notices were established to help police deal with minor matters [...]

Paying off traffic fines?

By 3 July 2010

Why is it that every state in Australia has the same rule that if you have lost your license due to traffic fine defaults you can apply to make regular payments and you can have it back.
NSW for eg, if you have say $2000 owing in fines and you had lost your licence due to [...]

Police Wrap – 2 July 2010

By 2 July 2010

1. Fresh meat on the beat:
Twenty-one new ACT Policing officers were officially sworn in as Constables of Police at the Australian Federal Police (AFP) College in Barton today.
Chief Police Officer for ACT Roman Quaedvlieg joined AFP Commissioner Tony Negus in welcoming the new officers into ACT Policing.
“Recruits face many challenges, mentally and physically, during [...]

Police Wrap – 1 July 2010

By 1 July 2010

1. Ram Raiders!
ACT Policing is seeking witnesses to an incident where a vehicle was used to ram an ATM located at the Fyshwick Food Markets early this morning (Thursday July 1).
About 4:31am, police were called to the incident in Dalby Street, where a vehicle appears to have been driven into two metal bollards, some [...]

Chiefly broadsides in the drug driving battle

By 30 June 2010

With the police arguing amongst themselves on drug driving our Chief Minister has gone rapid fire with his thoughts.
Late yesterday saw the first media release saying Liberals and Greens can’t handle the truth.
Chief Minister Jon Stanhope said it was remarkable that both the Liberals and Greens had today criticised the Government for releasing the [...]

Billy Ho Hoi gets bail again

By 30 June 2010

Another bail decision from the Supreme Court and Justice Refshauge.
Billy Ho Hoi was serving periodic detention in July last year for aggravated robbery, attempted aggravated robbery, contravention of a protection order and two charges of failing to appear after a bail undertaking had been given.
While at liberty he is then alleged to have committed aggravated [...]

Roman wants tougher drug driving laws

By 30 June 2010

[First filed: Jun 29, 2010 @ 9:48]
The ABC informs us that the ACT’s chief police officer Roman Quaedvlieg has weighed in on the Liberal/Green roadside drug testing legislation and he wants it to be tougher:
In his advice to the Government, Mr Quaedvlieg says the Opposition’s proposal does not allow for adequate laboratory testing and [...]

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