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Dealing with noisy neighbours

By 10 January 2010

Hello all.
For more than two years I have lived in a rather nice and quiet block of units. There are not too many of us. Some are owners, some like me are renters. I get on well with my neighbours. I make a point of never doing anything to my neighbours that I would not [...]

Murder in Holder ?

By 9 January 2010

I happened to be at a friends house last night in Holder when there was a large number of Police cars started showing up down the road then forensics’s etc.
They put high fences up with blue tarps and had a big lighting system on pole lighting up the whole block and generators running.
My friend [...]

Canberra man arrested for downloading child porn.

By 7 January 2010

A tip off from the FBI has lead to Canberra police arresting a Canberra man, Michael Cooper, whilst he was in the process of downloading images.
He has over 5Tb of explicit images and was caught after actually posting an image.
Clearly he has no morales, brains or much of a future.
The full article is on the [...]

Where vigilantes roam the streets

By 5 January 2010

[Ed] – We’ve had 3 stories submitted about the Canberra Guardian Angels. Damien Heffernan first wrote to RiotACT back in March 2009 asking for volunteers.
When I first read that the Guardian Angels had set up a chapter in Canberra, I dismissed the story as a beat-up: one sole whiner who likes the [...]

Police parking

By 26 December 2009

While this police car was parked illegally in Murulla Lane at 1600 on Christmas Eve, the driver was booking cabs on the nearby taxirank for double parking.
If this was an isolated incident, it would be bad enough, but this is standard procedure for cops: parking rules and traffic regulations do not apply to them, [...]

Another strange incident in Dickson

By 21 December 2009

Earlier in the month there was a strange fire in Dickson.
On Saturday the police brought news of another peculiar incident:
ACT Policing is seeking assistance from members of the public after a running fire hose caused in excess of $20,000 worth of damage to a number of Dickson businesses in the early hours of Friday [...]

Fight over parking space sends men to hospital – Canberra

By 20 December 2009

I thought I would share this report with everyone because although it’s just typical of Canberrans to fight over parking spots, I have never heard of anyone using objects to hurt each other over them.
“ACT Policing is seeking witnesses to a disturbance in the Westfield Woden underground car park on Thursday afternoon (December 17) which [...]

Who says that Canberra is boring?

By 15 December 2009

What an interesting week so far…..
An explosion in Mitchell with three injuries! 
A dead body on a driveway in Turner! 
Various objects being hurled at varous Magistrates!
Last week a “non-suspicious” death of a taxi driver (sorry, but methinks that there is more to this than meets the eye).
Niftydog being able to flick a fart from a moving vehicle…..
Who [...]

Commuter Cycling on Adelaide Avenue

By 14 December 2009

Riding along the Adelaide Avenue cycle lane towards Woden this morning I was pelted by an apple from a passing motorist.  This has left a considerable bruise on my arm as well as shaken me up quite a bit.
As someone new to Canberra and commuting via bike I was just keen to get some thoughts [...]

Canberra unites on short-term alcohol crackdown

By 11 December 2009

[ 11 December 2009 to 13 December 2009. ] This weekend is Operation Unite, the trans-Tasman police crackdown on alcohol related incidents.

The news carriers are flooding the airwaves, papers, tv and net with quotes from police chiefs. Indeed the SMH even has Canberra’s Mick Phelan saying his bit.

But is this really going to achieve anything?

Call me cynical but I can’t see this doing anything [...]

What is the Police operation on Wentworth Ave?

By 10 December 2009

Does anyone know why there is a very apparent surveillance operation going on near Wentworth Ave and Cunningham St?

Fake Kambah Cops

By 9 December 2009

From the ACT Policing media release site:
ACT Policing is investigating an incident which occurred in Kambah yesterday (Thursday 3 December) at about 10.30pm.
A 28-year-old female was driving southbound along Namitjira Drive when she saw flashing red and blue lights coming from the vehicle behind her. She pulled her vehicle over near [...]

Drugs Seized in First Use of Crimes (Controlled Operation) Act

By 8 December 2009

About mid 2008 there was some pretty lively (and heated) debate on this site regarding the Crimes (Controlled Operations) Act (introduced late 2008). See here and here.
I hadn’t really thought about the issue  until I came across this media release, detailing the first time a matter has gone to court using this new legislation.
Those who [...]

Body Found in LBG

By 6 December 2009

Just heard on the ABC that a body was found in Lake Burley Griffin this morning at 6 AM at the base of Kings Avenue Bridge. ABC story here.

ACT sentencing gone to the dogs

By 3 December 2009

I was disappointed to see yet another piss-weak “sentence” in relation to a conviction for animal cruelty. 
The CT reports (here: man-deserved-harsher-penalty-rspca) that Saron Youn has got off with community service and a good behaviour bond for neglecting his two dogs to a point where they were attempting to eat dirt in order to survive.  
Mr [...]

I know it’s silly season but honestly!

By 2 December 2009

I can’t believe this woman wasn’t dead from alcohol poisoning, nonetheless evenly remotely thinking she was capable of operating a vehicle – legal or not. Check out today’s news item about a Canberra woman who blew 19 times the legal limit yesterday morning.
[Ed - The AFP have put out their media release]

Arson in Dickson

By 2 December 2009

[First filed: Nov 29, 2009 @ 16:49]

This afternoon’s lunch crowd in Dickson was treated to the sight of towering fire fighting appliances, forensic examinations, and lots of crime scene tape.
Word on the street is that there was a truck torched before midnight out the back of Woolley St before midnight, and then in the early [...]

Lack of speed limit signs up to Northbourne RL/Speed Camera

By 29 November 2009

So I’m sick of writing directly to our Minister for Transport (Stanhope) every time I find what I view as a major flaw with something on ACT’s roads… I’ll still be doing that in this case, but thought I’d rant on here as well.
Northbound traffic on Commonwealth Avenue is now greeted with a sole 60km/h [...]

Speed Camera between Gungahlin Dr and Ellenborough Street

By 23 November 2009

Yes, an “I got caught question”.
Is there something wrong with these speed traps? I just received two fines in the mail today for consecutive days (15 and 16 November). The both allege I was doing 90+ on both occasions.
I find this surprising as I take this road every day and the signs pretty clearly indicate [...]

Illegal brothel and sex slaves in Canberra

By 18 November 2009

Frightening news…not clear if it was being run from Kambah or not.
A CANBERRA woman will front court today to face sex slave and trafficking charges.
Police will allege the woman, 42, also operated an illegal brothel.
The charges follow a raid by Australian Federal Police officers on premises in suburban Kambah last month.
Police will tell the court [...]

Police Wrap – 18 November

By 18 November 2009

A bunch of stuff from the last couple of days.
Pacific Civic Thugees
Mugging in Civic on Sunday night, police seeking witnesses.
Gutless Bag Snatchers in Woden Friday arvo
Kids lighting fires in Tuggeranong early Monday morning.
Curtin Coles Ciggies stolen early Monday morning
Braddon Caltex knocked over in what seems very similar to last week when the Curtin Blockbuster and [...]

Dodgy neighbours and cameras

By 18 November 2009

I have a neighbour (Old Mate) who has lived in my street for as long as it has been a street.  Recently a new neighbour (Big Burly Builder) has moved into the place next door, did a knock down/rebuild and built an unapproved McMansion right up to the foot path blocking everyone in the streets view, this [...]

Police Wrap – 14 November

By 14 November 2009

1. Knocking over the Pizza Hut:
Detectives from ACT Policing’s Territory Investigations Group are seeking witnesses to an aggravated robbery that occurred at the Pizza Hut store in Phillip on Saturday night.
Police were called to the Botany Street business about 10.30pm after two males entered the store, one armed with a knife, and removed cash from [...]

Chief Magistrate Ron Cahill excused

By 11 November 2009

Attorney-General Simon Corbell’s statement on the matter
ABC interview with Ron Cahill.
ABC news report.
Who said our legal apparatus moved slowly?
[Ed] More news on this inquisition.
I look forward to being exonerated, has the ABC.
More on what Simon Corbell had to say from the CT.
And lastly from the ABC how the Chief Magistrate will be allowed to [...]

Gay unions to be legal in the ACT

By 11 November 2009 is running this story on the passing of the Civil Unions bill in the ACT.
Should be passed later today. Let’s hope so and let’s hope that the Federal Government doesn’t use it’s powers to overturn it this time.
The bill passed just after lunchtime. So, let’s wait and see what the Feds do!

No Indemnity Insurance for Canberra Teachers?

By 11 November 2009

Mrs JTK came home last night, full of wonder and excitement regarding the new changes that will force the previously wayward children to continue in their education till they turn 17, instead of allowing the ones who don’t care to simply bail at 15 as they used to.
The conversation rapidly turned to the difficulties [...]

Big Brother Awards 2009 @ Pot Belly

By 9 November 2009

[ 11 November 2009 at 7:30 pm; ] The Australian Privacy Founation invites everyone to the Australian ‘Big Bother Awards’ 2009 (BBA2009), 11 November, at the Pot Belly.

The call for nominations for the BBA2009 was very successful. The Orwells are the Big Brother Awards that recognise organizations, technologies and people that have invaded or threaten to invade privacy. The Smiths acknowledge [...]

David Fearnside not guilty

By 7 November 2009

One of the intriguing aspects of the jury system is that juries have a mind of their own.
The ABC is reporting that it too just a cursory 90 minutes for an ACT Supreme Court jury to decide the AFP’s David Fearnside was not guilty of inappropriately using capsicum spray:
The prosecution alleged Fearnside acted out [...]

Police Wrap – 7 November

By 7 November 2009

1. Rolling the schools in thuggeranong:
ACT Policing is seeking assistance from members of the public who may have seen or heard suspicious activity at two schools in Tuggeranong which had been targeted by thieves in the early hours of this morning (Wednesday, November 4).
In what police believe are related incidents, around 2.17am today an alarm [...]

Routine investigation or part of a broader trend?

By 3 November 2009

The ABC has the shock news that the ACT’s outgoing Chief Magistrate Ron Cahill (Due to resign in month’s time) is to be investigated by the police:
Mr Corbell says the investigation is about the administration of justice but he will not provide any details about the case.
He says he was informed of the [...]

Police Wrap – 2 November

By 2 November 2009

1. There’s a stranger in my house…
ACT Policing is seeking witnesses to an aggravated burglary in Flynn this morning (October 31).
Around 6am the 37-year-old victim woke to find a man going through the draw of a bedside table next to him in his Bennett Place home. When the victim challenged the intruder the offender walked [...]

Justice denied?

By 2 November 2009

The Canberra Times brings word that the fighting between our judiciary and executive government has worsened.
Their Honours are pushing for a fifth supreme court judge and pointing out that crimes committed last year are unlikely to come to trial until 2011 under the current four judge arrangement.
Simon Corbell reckons some roster fiddling can fix the [...]

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