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Pregnant during a bushfire? Help out a PhD…

By 6 March, 2014

Because bushfires are becoming more prevalent, it’s important to understand what their effects are and what support pregnant women may need during bushfires. A PhD candidate at the ANU is studying the impact of the 2003 Canberra Fire and the 2009 Black Saturday fires on pregnant women. She is seeking participants who were pregnant during [...]

Moving to Googong & researching high school options

By 6 March, 2014

Hi Rioters
We will be moving to Googong next year and I’m in search of a new school for my son. He will be going in to year 8.
I’m considering St Edmund’s but I’d happily consider a public school as my son is currently attending Harrison and we are very happy with it.
I’m not sure how [...]

Light Rail in the ACT, subject of next TCC meeting – 1 April 2014.

Another interesting TCC meeting this month. Members and visitors were given an update on the Federal Government funding announcement to clean up Lake Tuggeranong and the results of the Clean Up effort around the Lake by an army of volunteers.  Wayne King spoke on the advice he received from the ACT Government the park on the [...]

Right of way at Captain Cook/Jerra Ave?

By 5 March, 2014

Hello Rioters,
This afternoon I was walking home when I saw the following: three cars waiting to turn right from Captain Cook Crescent on to Jerrabomberra Ave Narrabundah, and one car waiting to turn right from Jerra on to Captain Cook. The sun was in the eyes of the driver turning on to Captain Cook, and [...]

Should Canberra legalise marijuana?

By 5 March, 2014

Back in the 90s, Canberra flirted with decriminalising pot. The only noticeable effect at the time was that the police gave up policing it. The ACT has since pulled back from such a position.2013 was a breakthrough year for planet Earth’s pot-lovers. With states and nations across the globe considering, debating or outright legalising the [...]

40kmh speed limits coming to Athllon Drive near mawson?

By 5 March, 2014

Travelling along Athllon Drive over the past few days, I’ve noticed new road signs have been installed before and after the intersection near Mawson shops. The signs remain covered over but due to the shoddy covering material it looks like a 40km/h speed limit is going to be introduced in that area before and after [...]

Canberra Times puts out call for new General Manager …. on competitor Seek

By 4 March, 2014

Things must be getting pretty rough at Fairfax if they can’t get a job response for the General Manager’s position via their own advertising network.
[My contacts] inside CT report a major shake-up underway which may see Canberra’s only daily rag reduced to a tiny operation operating out of someone’s mum’s basement. Printed edition to be [...]

The puck DOESN’T stop here.

By 2 March, 2014

I only started playing Ice hockey last year, having been a field hockey player for most of my life, but immediately I was taken by how close knit the Ice Hockey community is. Myself and my house mate both started playing at the same time, and were both welcomed into the fold by some of [...]

Low flying plane

By 2 March, 2014

Is there a reason why there’s a jet buzzing around Canberrra at low altitude or is itjust lost? It sounds like a fighter jet or one with some sort of fancy doof doof exaust pipe.

Tuggeranong Community Council (TCC) update

[ 4 March, 2014; 7:30 pm; ] The TCC’s next monthly meeting is Tuesday 4th March upstairs in Tuggeranong Southern Cross Club at 7.30pm. We have two guest speakers. Linda Kohlhagen, Executive Director Rehabilitation, Aged and Community Care will talk about the newly refurbished Tuggeranong Community Health Centre and Danny O’Neill of the Richmond Fellowship will talk about ‘At Risk’ youth in [...]

Unable to do business with ASIC

By 28 February, 2014

Is everyone else in Canberra just as frustrated with the new ASIC management of businesses as I am?? I cannot imagine which bureaucrat decided to create the system, but it simply doesn’t work, the log-in via ASIC connect, and then the attempts to link businesses and companies simply don’t work…..You can’t call them, so I [...]

10 (viable) ways to improve ACTION

By 28 February, 2014

So after living in Canberra for 5 years without owning a car I have experienced the best and the worst that our public transport network – ACTION has to offer. Generally ACTION provides a good network but there are things about it that are lacking. I have come up with a list of 10 things that [...]

Dataflex goes under

By 27 February, 2014

The last few years have been crazy hard on many businesses in the ACT (RiotACT included – which you may have noticed has laid off all staff while we find new financial backers) but word reaches us this morning that well known IT reseller DataFlex has also been struggling and has called in administrators from [...]

Where can I burn two boxes of papers?

By 27 February, 2014

I want to quickly get rid of papers with my name on it, so the easiest way is to just burn them.  Anywhere I can do this without the cops being called on me?

March in March 2014 – Around Australia, People Will March For A Fair Go

By 27 February, 2014

In early January this year a Facebook discussion took place between several friends about the serious impacts of the recently elected Abbott government’s decision-making upon Australia’s social fabric.
They decided that complaining to each other wasn’t good enough and, thanks to the power and immediacy of social media, March in March 2014 was born.
This grassroots [...]

Tow Truck Regulation in ACT

By 26 February, 2014

My son was hit by car while riding his motorbike late in January.  Thankfully there is wonderful emergency services and medical treatment available.
One of the real negatives of the process is that there are people willing to take advantage of someone else’s misfortune and inflate their charges because they expect the costs will be covered [...]

Motorcycle/Taxi collision after the Brumbies

By 25 February, 2014

I’m trying to find out if the two motorcyclists that collided with a taxi on Battye St following the Brumbies match on Saturday night are ok. There’s been no report of the accident in the papers. The driver of the bike seemed to be ok and was almost back to their feet but the passenger [...]

Refugee Candlelight Vigil in Garema Place this Saturday 7:30PM

By 21 February, 2014

[ 22 February, 2014; 7:30 pm; 7:30 pm; 7:30 pm; ]

The Refugee Action Committee is organising a candlelight vigil this Saturday to mourn the death of an Iranian asylum seeker during recent protests at the Australian detention centre on Manus Island.

Reports are conflicted at this time as to how one person was killed and 77 others injured but sources suggest police and armed thugs went [...]


By 21 February, 2014

The Capital Region Farmers Market  that has been going for 10 years now, is again not running this weekend.Why? Because the Agricultural Show is on.
Come again? The best of what rural producers have is on show but we don’t have any actual produce to buy? Something that we have every week otherwise?
The EPIC showgrounds, facility [...]

Car stolen with baby inside – police asking for public’s help

By 20 February, 2014

The ABC reports that a car was stolen this afternoon with an eight-month-old baby inside, and police are asking for the public’s help to find the car.
The car is a silver 1999 Mazda 323 Protege with ACT registration YEZ 70R, like the attached picture, and was stolen from Gunghalin at around 2pm. Cases like this [...]

Canberra’s Cider Festival, March 6-9

By 20 February, 2014

[ 6 March, 2015 12:00 pm to 9 March, 2015 12:00 pm. ] The Durham Castle Arms, Green Square, Kingston and Plonk bottle shop in the heart of the Fyshwick markets are proud to bring to Canberra what is quite possibly Australia’s largest ever cider festival.

The festival is aimed at increasing the profile of cider in the ACT and introducing Canberran’s to a range of ciders never before [...]

Chamber of Commerce – Canberra Business Council merger

By 18 February, 2014

For the past several years the Canberra Business Council and ACT and Region Chamber of Commerce and Industry have staunchly represented the interests of the relatively small ACT business community in a town where the biggest employer has, and likely will always be the federal government. One might argue that having two organisations who from [...]

Sydney Building burns

By 18 February, 2014

The Sydney Building, which houses some of Canberra’s beloved food and drink venues, was ablaze yesterday. Fire chiefs feel that it is still structurally sound, but it’s not yet been reported which businesses were damaged (except for Coo, which may be where the fire started).
Read more at:
Hard to believe that this wasn’t posted on [...]

Tralee (Canberra’s own Lucas Heights) starts selling.

By 17 February, 2014

Affordable Tralee a boon for buyers Canberra Times puff piece:
It’s interesting that the article does not mention the airport noise issue at all. If history is any guide, the residents will start complaining by the time their first rate bill arrives.
When the flight path gets moved over Canberra, everyone should remember [...]

Primary School in Fraser area

By 17 February, 2014

Hello everyone, We’ve just arrived in Canberra and are settling down with our young family in Fraser. We are contemplating sending our child to the local state primary school when the time comes however as we do not know anyone in the area we lack a little insight – any recommendations for Fraser Primary or [...]


By 16 February, 2014

Can anyone confirm what’s happened to Babars in Civic. Has been closed since earlier this week, no signs on the doors to indicate why?

Booking Canberra Taxis online

By 15 February, 2014

Have you noticed that you when you book a taxi with CanberraElite online, there is a mandatory field entitled ‘TAG name’? There is no explanation of what it means. I assume that everyone simply puts down anything to ensure the booking proceeds. The woman on the switch could not provide me with an explanation I [...]

Land Rent Scheme/Scam

By 14 February, 2014

Yesterday I was sent an advertisement for a property available under the infamous Land Rent Scheme. I was suprised by the $1.2 million+ price tag. especially since the scheme is supposed to assist with housing affordability and there are eligibility criteria for the scheme that would surely preclude anyone eligible from getting such a pricey [...]

Parking – without plates, hypothetically

By 14 February, 2014

Here’s a purely hypothetical situation:
I drive my nondescript white Commodore to an ACT pre-pay parking lot, remove the ML-585 number plates and park without buying or displaying a ticket. Since I no longer have a registration sticker, in the event of a parking inspector doing the rounds, how will they issue me with a fine?
This [...]

BoM climate report – sheesh, it’s hot in here…

By 13 February, 2014

The bureau of meteorology’s 2013 annual climate report [] is now out, and shows sunny canberra had a +2.2 degrees anomaly above average temperatures, during what was australia’s hottest year on record.  this was the greatest anomaly for any of our capital cities – canberra’s getting warmer more quickly.  and our rainfall was some 14% [...]

Secure Document Destruction

By 12 February, 2014

Hi Rioters,
My company has a large volume of confidential documentation that we need disposed of securely. The problem is, it is more than pure paper, there are drop files, bound files, staples, plastic sleeves, ring binders etc. I have been unable to find a company that will dispose of the entire contents of the box [...]


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