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Simon Sheikh concedes to Zed the Silent

By 26 September, 2013

Twitter is abuzz with the news that the Greens’ Simon Sheikh is conceding he’s been beaten for the second Senate seat on the back of Animal Justice Party preferences to the Liberals.
We hope that Senator Seselja will make efforts to broaden his base over the next three years.

UPDATE: The ABC has a report:
While the [...]

You’re all pretty happy with TAMS it would seem

By 26 September, 2013

At least 920 of you are satisfied with the ACT’s municipal services.
Shane Rattenbury has announced that TAMS randomly called 1000 Canberrans and discovered that 92% of them are satisfied with the ACT’s current state of municipal affairs.
“Canberrans rightly place much importance on municipal services such as their roads, paths, publictransport, parks and garbage collection,” Mr [...]

Blow to Canberra restaurants as Clive plans to commute

By 25 September, 2013

The Australian has the sad news the nation’s champion restaurant consumer Clive Palmer is planning to commute on his private jet rather then establish a residence in Canberra:
QUEENSLAND businessman Clive Palmer says he might be a fly-in-fly-out MP, commuting by private jet from his Sunshine Coast home on parliamentary sitting days.
Mr Palmer, who is ahead [...]

Andrew Leigh on Australian Prosperity

By 25 September, 2013

It’s often said you don’t need to read books if you read book reviews.
In that spirit Canberra’s Member for Fraser has blogged an interesting review on Ian McLean’s “Why Australia Prospered: The Shifting Sources of Economic Growth”.
Interesting to see how often we’ve been saved from ourselves.

$329,000 put towards Canberra’s heritage

By 24 September, 2013

Simon Corbell announced the recipients of the ACT Heritage Grants.
A total of $329,000 is being divided amongst a number of programs and groups in order to help conserve Canberra’s heritage.
“Canberra has a great story to tell and I am pleased to see the diverse range of projects included in this year’s grants program, as we [...]

Are the rates tripling?

By 24 September, 2013

The Liberals’ Brendan Smyth is triumphantly pointing to rising rates as proof rates will triple (as of course they will over sufficiently long time frames, just as all of us will die).
Mr Barr can end this argument today. Surely, before he embarked on his tax changes, he calculated what the effect on the rates of [...]

Abbott and the public service: where now on department heads?

By 23 September, 2013

By Andrew Podger
Prime minister Tony Abbott’s decision to sack three departmental secretaries within hours of his swearing-in earlier this week has not attracted the same shock John Howard’s decision to sack six secretaries caused in 1996.
At that time, Paul Keating’s removal of secretaries’ tenure in 1994 was yet to be exercised. However, 17 years later, [...]

Gay marriage an early test for Abbott

By 20 September, 2013

By Michelle Grattan, University of Canberra

Tony Abbott had hoped he wouldn’t be confronted with the gay marriage issue for quite a while. Now, just a day after the new government’s swearing in, it’s potentially posing a major challenge for him.
The ACT government introduced legislation today to legalise same sex marriage there. It will be passed [...]

The princelings topple as the new regime sweeps in

By 18 September, 2013

The ABC has a report on changes at the top of the public service:
The ceremony had barely finished when the Prime Minister’s office issued a press release, announcing three departmental secretaries had had their contracts terminated and the Treasury Secretary would stand down next year.
Dr Don Russell lost his job as head of the [...]

Youth Advisory Council gets new blood

By 18 September, 2013

Joy Burch announced two new members of the Youth Advisory Council today, who will join their fellow 12 and 25 years old brethren in doing all the things that a youth advisory council does.
“I congratulate Ms Adrianna Clarke and Ms Ashlea Arulanandam for their two-year appointment to the Council,” Ms Burch said.
Ms Clarke, 19, [...]

Wall asks Simon to fight him one handed. Simon declines

By 18 September, 2013

One day in the not too distant future the Liberals will realise that renewable energy is big business and will fall in love with it.
For now the Liberals’ Andrew Wall is desperately trying to dare Simon Corbell into throwing out his aces in the Uriarra Village solar power poker game:
Member for Brindabella Andrew Wall will [...]

So this exists

By 17 September, 2013

A recurring theme of my posts on politics is comparing the creatures that work in the field to overly emotional and highly unlikable children.
It’s not the most inventive simile, but it works.
It works well.
So well in fact that others, like YouTuber Rob twoeyehead have also employed it.
Say hello to the children of Canberra DayCare as [...]

Women and long titles, things Tones don’t need.

By 17 September, 2013

Government News has a rundown on Tony Abbott’s great simplification of Ministerial titles.
Less cluttered, better focused, more energetic.
That was message to public servants and the electorate in Prime Minister elect Tony Abbott’s First Ministry announcement where not everyone gets a prize, and some portfolio ministries just plain disappear through downsizing likely to be mirrored [...]

The first Abbott Ministry

By 16 September, 2013

Attention public servants, these are your ministers.
Discuss at your leisure.
Eric Abetz as the “Minister Assisting the Prime Minister on the Public Service” looks a touch sinister…

Will the tinfoil hat wearers please form an orderly queue

By 16 September, 2013

The ABC has some inside word on Shane Rattenbury’s plans for the coming sitting week.
Of particular excitement are plans to set up a Standards Commissioner for reporting the misbehaviour of MLAs to:
Members of the public who suspect misbehaviour by ACT’s politicians could soon have their claims investigated by a standards commissioner.
Greens Minister Shane Rattenbury [...]

Simon gets to be the Rainbow Warrior

By 16 September, 2013

With tories returning to the treasury benches up on the hill ACT Labor can get back to the simple joys of gesture politics.
Thus the first order of business is Simon Corbell trotting out a same-sex marriage bill:
The ACT Labor Government will this week introduce the Marriage Equality Bill 2013 into the Legislative Assembly to allow [...]

Mike Kelly rolls in Eden Monaro

By 13 September, 2013

The bellwether tag lives on as the ABC reports Eden Monaro is going with government once again:
Labor’s Mike Kelly has conceded defeat in his New South Wales seat of Eden-Monaro.
Dr Kelly is trailing Liberal Party candidate Peter Hendy by just over 600 votes.
Dr Kelly has used Twitter to announce he will be conceding this [...]

Budget consultation for 2014 kicks off

By 12 September, 2013

Andrew Barr’s thoughts have turned to the 2014 budget and he wants your ideas:
I invite the community to share their views, including on the following:
• Which services are the most important for the Territory?
• What infrastructure projects should be priorities in the next four years?
• What savings can be made?
• Should the current suite and [...]

The new legislative program

By 12 September, 2013

Chief Minister Gallagher has blogged her plans for the Spring 2013 sittings.
The main items have been thusly paraphrased:
– The Marriage Equality Bill 2013 will enable couples who are not able to marry under the Commonwealth Marriage Act 1961 to enter into marriage in the ACT. It will provide for solemnisation, eligibility, dissolution and annulment, regulatory [...]

Wall’s agin’ Uriarra Solar

By 11 September, 2013

The Liberals’ Andrew Wall is heading to the barricades for the burghers of Uriarra Village who are aghast that something as useful as a solar power plant might be adorning their neighbourhood:
Member for Brindabella Andrew Wall has today offered the support of the Canberra Liberals to residents of Uriarra Village as they fight to prevent [...]

Kate says thanks

By 11 September, 2013

Kate would like to thank the Canberra people for re-electing her to the Senate, which is nice.
Kate if you really would like to thank me, do so by promising me that from now on you’ll always turn your phone on its side before filming a YouTube video.
Honestly I have no idea what she said in [...]

Vast swathes of below the line votes remain to be counted

By 11 September, 2013

The Canberra Times reports that before you think it’s all over in the Senate Race there have been a record number of below the line votes, something like 20%.
One imagines few who went to that trouble put Zed first. In fact, anecdotally, below the line we hear he’s often dead last.
With that 20% still not [...]

Chris Uhlmann moving on from 7.30

By 10 September, 2013

Crikey reports that long time Canberra identity Chris Uhlmann is stepping back from 7.30 to make a documentary on the Labor years and then who knows?
Uhlmann is expected to be replaced in the high-profile role by Sabra Lane, currently the chief political reporter for ABC radio current affairs. Former ABC foreign correspondent Peter Lloyd [...]

Picking up the pieces post election

By 9 September, 2013

Well you’re all going to have to get used to Prime Minister Abbott for at least a little while.
Can anyone remember an election where the result was so clearly obvious in advance?
Here in the ACT there was a small swing to Liberal despite the scare campaigns on public service cuts.
In the Senate race Zed was [...]

Robyn Williams presents: Promise of miracles? The popularity, politics and future of science

By 8 September, 2013

In episode one of Radio National’s The Science Show, hosted by Robyn Williams AM, the publisher of Scientific American said there was a stampede away from science. Was there? On 31 August 2013, almost two thousand episodes later, The Science Show celebrated its 38th birthday, and is still going strong.
Robyn has witnessed firsthand how [...]

Was it Zed’s disability that stopped him completing his candidate questionnaire?

By 7 September, 2013

A bonus parking photo in today from Charnwood by a source that chooses to remain anonymous.
Got an image of Canberra you want to share with the world? Email it in to images@the-riotact.com .

And there was much honking

By 6 September, 2013

Pitchka has beheld this sight in Civic:
Enjoy… Plenty of honking to be had..
Got an image of Canberra you want to share with the world? Email it in to images@the-riotact.com .

Think very hard about your Senate vote

By 6 September, 2013

We’re not in the business of telling our readers how to vote.
But we do share information which may colour that decision.
Canberra voters can usually be taken for granted to deliver one Liberal Senator and two Labor MP’s and one Labor Senator.
But with Tony Abbott so far ahead in this race that he’s putting policy lead [...]

Vote 1 for Nicolas Cage?

By 6 September, 2013

In the continuing corflute comedy of moustaches, pipes and glasses drawn over candidates images, we now have all candidate posters on Belconnen Way with their heads being replaced by images of Nicolas Cage.
Perhaps someone is trying to tell us that all candidates are nothing more than wooden faced mumblers with no real talent?

Chris Sant, Labor for the Senate, Candidate Questionnaire, Election 13

By 6 September, 2013

Labor Senate Candidate Chris Sant has gotten back to us about your questions.
Candidates, the readers of RiotACT are your voters and they have questions for you! If you’d like to answer those questions and prove you care what your voters think then email us at contact@the-riotact.com.
You can find the questions here.

1. What are your views [...]

Wake up Zed?

By 6 September, 2013

On the one hand encouraging shameless media tart (and KAP candidate for an ACT Senate seat) Stephen Bailey seems like an ill-advised move.
On the other hand it is rather catchy.
Here’s what he had to say about his latest YouTube offering.
Even Tony Abbott is frustrated by the Canberra Liberals – Wake up Zed
Since April I have [...]

Katy Gallagher meets with Mayor of Beijing Wang Anshun

By 5 September, 2013

Katy Gallagher met with the Mayor of Beijing Wang Anshun today as a part of her StudyCanberra delegation visit to China.
Chief Minister Katy Gallagher today met with Mayor of Beijing Wang Anshun as part of her StudyCanberra delegation visit to China.
“It is with great pleasure that I met with the Mayor of Beijing nearing the [...]


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