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How did the Budget measure up to our fears?


At the end of April many of you shared your thoughts on the upcoming budget – what you feared and predictions of what might take place.
Tonight Joe Hockey handed down his first budget.  It was expected to be harsh and speculation had been rife for weeks.  In some ways, having something set in stone to [...]

Liberal MLA pushing for prostitution exit programs

By 13 May 2014

Liberal MLA Giulia Jones will use information gathered during a controversial study tour to push for prostitution exit programs and new co-operation with federal agencies to stop the trafficking of women in Australia, according to The Canberra Times.
Following their recent tour of France, Sweden and Germany where they studied laws that make it illegal to [...]

Fast-track planning bill withdrawn

By 9 May 2014

The ACT Government has bowed to local pressure and withdrawn a fast track bill for development, according to the ABC.
The Project Facilitation Bill was due to allow major projects to gain rapid development approval, bypassing many planning laws.
As discussed on The RiotACT, the plan was proving controversial.
Chief Minister Katy Gallagher decided to withdraw the bill, [...]

Acting Judges appointed

By 8 May 2014

Attorney-General, Simon Corbell, today announced the appointment of acting judges Stephen Walmsley, Linda Ashford, Dennis Cowdroy and David Robinson, to the ACT Supreme Court.
“The appointments are for 12 months and the acting judges will assist the Supreme Court with its civil matters during this time,” Mr Corbell said.
“All four appointees have enjoyed highly distinguished legal [...]

Weekend workers to receive fair public holiday entitlements


Workers in the ACT’s ever increasing seven-day workforce will be assured of their fair share of public holiday entitlements thanks to legislation introduced today by the Minister for Workplace Safety and Industrial Relations, Simon Corbell.
The changes to the ACT’s Holidays Act 1958 provide that 25 December, 26 December and 1 January will all be official [...]

Sentencing and Justice Reform Program

By 8 May 2014

The ACT Government will pursue a new justice reform strategy focussed on enhancing the legal framework for sentencing and restorative justice. The reforms will give the ACT a state of the art approach to dealing with criminal behaviour and reducing recidivism.
The review, confirmed on Friday by Attorney-General, Simon Corbell, will examine fundamental questions relating [...]

Student revolt on Q&A


Anyone else watching the debacle on Q&A tonight?
I’m not a big fan of Christopher Pyne but wouldn’t have blamed him if he’d walked out, along with the rest of the panel.
I don’t feel like the behaviour does anything to benefit the cause of students, if anything would it perhaps be driving viewers to [...]

Increase in local ALP membership


The Labor Party ACT branch has attracted 200 new members since the polls disaster 7 months ago, according to the Canberra Times.
This comes amidst ongoing debate over the requirement to be a Union member in order to join the party.
Unions ACT secretary, Kim Sattler, has understandably been critical of the talks, keen to keep Union [...]

MLA payrise


Local MLAs will receive a 6% boost to their salaries come July. The Chief Minister, Katy Gallagher, was clever to keep her opinions down key whilst being interviewed on 666 radio yesterday morning – saying she had given her input to the remuneration tribunal and believed in the process. She was careful not [...]

Liquor law reform review confirms drop in alcohol related crime

By 1 May 2014

An independent review into the ACT’s 2010 liquor law reforms confirms the new laws are starting to tackle alcohol related harm and are improving community safety.
Attorney-General, Simon Corbell, today released the two-year review of the 2010 reforms prepared by ACIL Allen Consulting.
“The report confirms stakeholders believe the ACT Government’s reforms have made a positive contribution [...]

Centenary boost to International Visitors


Strong performance in the leisure sector has contributed to a 12.2 per cent increase in the number of international visitors who came to Canberra in its Centenary year, according to a media release by Deputy Chief Minister, Andrew Barr MLA.
Yesterday’s International Visitor Survey (IVS) figures from Tourism Research Australia revealed that 181,686 international visitors came [...]

ACT facing longest hospital waiting times


The Australian Hospital Statistics 2012-13 report from the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare is out, showing some less than envious figures for the ACT.
59.4% of patients presenting to emergency were seen within 4 hours (compared to the national average of 70%), although this is an improvement on the previous year (as Katy Gallagher is [...]

Australian women losing ground in senior political representation


Chief Minister Katy Gallagher fueled the gender equality fire, noting the lack of senior women in politics nationally during her address to the annual YCWA breakfast yesterday.
According to the Canberra Times, Ms Gallagher said Australia has gone backwards on female participation in senior politics, enhancing the perception that politics is for men.
“Just three short [...]

Firm appointed to investigate further routes for light rail in Canberra


Minister for the Environment and Sustainable Development, Simon Corbell, has today announced the appointment of consulting firms Arup, CBRE, Tract, Brown Consulting and Purdon Associates to undertake the Canberra Light Rail Master Plan project.
“The tender process for this important project was highly competitive with eight submissions received, including both national and international companies” Mr Corbell [...]

Local Business missing out on Federal Public Service contracts


Project tender processes in the Federal Public Service may not be promoting innovation and competitiveness, according to an article in The Canberra Times.
The Canberra Business Council has called for changes to the definitions of value for money, encouraging more local investment in relevant Government contracts, particularly relevant in situations where quotes submitted by [...]

Canberra slips from 3rd to 6th strongest Australian economy


ACT has slipped from Australia’s third strongest economy to the sixth, according to the ‘April 2014 State of the States’ report issued by CommSec yesterday.
The report also shows ACT has the weakest levels of investment.
The area of the report that may be surprising to read is unemployment rates in the ACT, [...]

The O’Farrell 2014 vintage

By 16 April 2014

Sorry, can’t help myself… got to have a bit of a p$ss take with what is happening across the border!

Chief Minister heading to China

By 7 April 2014

Katy Gallagher is set to join Tony Abbott’s trade mission to China this week with a vision of attracting more investment into Canberra.
The delegation arrive in Shanghai on Thursday and will be joined by the ANU and UC vice-chancellors (Prof. Ian Young and Prof. Stephen Parker), to promote our local universities.
The main focus of the [...]

How do Canberra Libs get out of the wilderness?

By 28 March 2014

In his opinion piece in today’s Canberra Times, former Liberal Senator for the ACT Gary Humphries has said that the Canberra Liberals face a continued stretch in the wilderness unless they change their conservative ways.
I vote Liberal because I don’t think the Labor Government has been doing a good job, but I know many readers [...]

When turning, do you have to give way to a pedestrian?

By 25 March 2014

You’re driving south along Allara Street past the Civic Pool, and making a 45 degree left turn into Dive Lane which leads to the pool car park. If you proceed, there is a danger that you will collide with a person who is walking parallel to Allara Street, across the end of Dive lane.
According to [...]

ACT Assembly going to 25

By 25 March 2014

Ben Raue at the Tally Room has a post up estimating the electoral impact of the change to 5×5 electorates in the ACT.

Speed Camera Slam

By 21 March 2014
In the biggest surprise od the century turns out our speed cameras are rather defective, useless at reducing speed, unplanned and only designed around the budget and not safety.
Its the hospital waiting times on wheels.

“There is no strategic basis for making decisions for integrating the use of the ACT’s four speed camera systems as the [...]

Reporting Suspected Corruption/Fraud in the ACT Government

By 17 March 2014

In  a previous post, I have questioned why there is not the equivalent of the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) that exists in NSW, does not have a similar agency in the ACT for those who wish to report  suspected corruption or fraud committed by or against the ACT Government.
Given the recent allegations made against [...]

Post Election Analysis: Coalition Govt to destroy Communist Canberra


Unless the South Australian Labor Party can conjure a minority government from the ashes of last night’s state elections, the ACT will be the only Labor government left in the country.
Will this go unnoticed in Cabinet (or more specifically, the powerful Expenditure Review Committee who run the country)? Will the likes of Abbott, Hockey, Truss, [...]

Belconnen Community Council Public Meeting: Does every suburb need a local centre? Why/why not?

By 17 March 2014

[ 18 March 2014 at 7:30 pm; ] This months public meeting will be in the form of a community discussion about the future of local centres.

Belconnen is unique amongst the Canberra town districts in having so many local centres in a state of decline. Three no longer exist and six have lost their supermarket. Come along and tell us what [...]

Public Forum: Labor and Refugees – Pathways to Change

By 16 March 2014

[ 18 March 2014 at 6:30 pm; ] Yvette Berry invites you to this Refugee Action Committee event.

6:30PM on Tuesday, 18 March
Manning Clark Centre, Lecture Theatre 4, Australian National University

Federal Labor supports mandatory detention for asylum seekers, offshore detention on Manus Is. and Nauru and the rejection of all coming by boat. But many Labor members and supporters do not. This forum features [...]

Do we really want more ACT politicians?


You’ll probably have heard about the idea to increase the size of the ACT Assembly from 17 to 25 MLAs (in five electorates), with an outside chance of 35 MLAs (from seven electorates) somewhere in the distant future. There’s also a proposal to increase all their salaries now.
The snouts are well and truly in the [...]

The Arboretum – a housing estate?

By 7 March 2014

Apparently there are to be houses among the trees in the Arboretum? (I just caught a quote on ABC 7.30). The reporter said “among” the trees – did he mean “an estate next to” the Arboretum? Surely the Arboretum isn’t going to have houses actually within its treed area? If so, well, was that Jon [...]

Light Rail in the ACT, subject of next TCC meeting – 1 April 2014.

By 6 March 2014

Another interesting TCC meeting this month. Members and visitors were given an update on the Federal Government funding announcement to clean up Lake Tuggeranong and the results of the Clean Up effort around the Lake by an army of volunteers.  Wayne King spoke on the advice he received from the ACT Government the park on the [...]

Refugee Candlelight Vigil in Garema Place this Saturday 7:30PM

By 21 February 2014 FEATURED ARTICLE

[ 22 February 2014 at 7:30 pm; 22 February 2014 at 7:30 pm; 22 February 2014 at 7:30 pm; ]

The Refugee Action Committee is organising a candlelight vigil this Saturday to mourn the death of an Iranian asylum seeker during recent protests at the Australian detention centre on Manus Island.

Reports are conflicted at this time as to how one person was killed and 77 others injured but sources suggest police and armed thugs went [...]


By 21 February 2014 FEATURED ARTICLE

The Capital Region Farmers Market  that has been going for 10 years now, is again not running this weekend.Why? Because the Agricultural Show is on.
Come again? The best of what rural producers have is on show but we don’t have any actual produce to buy? Something that we have every week otherwise?
The EPIC showgrounds, facility [...]

A moment on hitler parody

By 11 February 2014 FEATURED ARTICLE

With Giulia Jones and Jeremy Hanson appointing themselves the last arbiters of taste for performances they haven’t seen and calling for drastic sanction against people only remotely involved I thought in my capacity as a private citizen I’d like to throw my own 2c in via the great Charlie Chaplin.

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