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Legislative Assembly may have to reach a consensus

By 29 November 2013

Those wascally Liberals won’t be able to get up to their usual tricks for much longer says Chris Bourke.
The Canberra Liberals’ tactics to stymie Legislative Assembly Committee Reports will be harder to carry out, due to a motion passed by the Assembly today.
Dr Chris Bourke MLA said his motion, passed 9-8, in the Assembly today [...]

Greens call on Labor to help stop Uni fund cuts

By 28 November 2013

ACT Universities will apparently lose $79 million in funding due to the Coalitions plans to take $2.3 billion out of the higher education budget.
The Greens want to team up with Labor to block this in the senate.
Despite this being first flagged by Labor… well can’t blame the Greens for trying.
I missed a few episodes, who [...]

Politicians getting cranky, probably need a nap

By 28 November 2013
Politicians getting cranky, probably need a nap

It was all business for a while there press-release-wise, it’s good to see the people we elect into positions of power and responsibility have managed to get back to the important task of spending their time attacking each other.
Wait, did I say good? I meant horribly depressing.
“I strongly reject any accusation by the opposition that [...]

New sex and gender diversity legislation introduced today

By 28 November 2013

New legislation to improve the legal recognition of sex and gender diverse people in the ACT will be introduced in the Legislative Assembly today, says Simon Corbell.
The biggest and most important change is that individuals no longer have to undergo surgery to legally change their sex on their birth certificate.
I’ve met people who have saved [...]

Liberals gunning for Andrew Barr’s tax plans

By 26 November 2013

The Liberals’ Brendan Smyth is turning up the heat on Andrew Barr and his tax reform plans:
This morning the Canberra Liberals will call for a privileges committee to be established to investigate whether Treasurer Andrew Barr is in contempt of the Legislative Assembly over refusing to table all documents relating to ACT Labor’s tax reforms, [...]

2014 Parliamentary Sitting Calendar

By 25 November 2013

It’s big news in this Government town.
The 2014 Parliamentary Sitting Calendar has just been released so you can get on with your planning.

(If the embed isn’t working for you here’s a link to the source)

Andrew Barr on why borrowing is good.

By 23 November 2013

Treasurer Andrew Barr is making the case for some borrowing to build the city of tomorrow.
Further, with the Commonwealth continuing its contraction the ACT Government’s contribution to the Territory’s economic growth will take on greater significance. Spending on large-scale infrastructure projects will therefore be a big boost to economic and jobs growth in Canberra.
Canberrans [...]

ACTTAB on the block

By 22 November 2013
ACTTAB on the block

Many days late and many dollars short the ABC reports Andrew Barr is flogging off ACTTAB while it’s still worth anything at all.
We’ll no doubt have his statement shortly.
UPDATE: Here’s the announcement:
The ACT Government has determined to sell ACTTAB Corporation following careful consideration of the recommendations made in the ACTTAB Future Options Feasibility Study.
The [...]

City to Parliament House Walk opened today

By 21 November 2013
City to Parliament House Walk opened today

Today Shane Rattenbury, Bob Brown, Zed Seselja, and a whole pile of us media types all stood uncomfortably on a gigantic ant hill to celebrate the opening of the Parliament House walk.
These media events are always really interesting to me, there’s a bizarre camaraderie between everyone there. All the journalists know each other, and all [...]

Steven Gavagna finds some love for the Liberals

By 21 November 2013
Steven Gavagna finds some love for the Liberals

The Elections ACT return of gifts has come up with some money for the Canberra Liberals from one Steven Gavagna.

Just how much does 34 Squadron cost?

By 20 November 2013

The ABC is taking a hard look at the costs associated with bring entitled tory lordlings to Canberra from Perth using the local 34 Squadron’s VIP flight.
Chris Pyne has been claiming the VIP jets are cheaper than flying their lordships and retainers business class.
Sadly it doesn’t stack up:
Comparable commercial fares would have cost a [...]

Rally for Refugees at Parliament House

By 14 November 2013

The Refugee Action Committee, alongside several interstate groups, are rallying outside Parliament House on Monday 18th November at 1pm to show our opposition to how this and previous governments have treated refugees displaced by war and persecution.
There will also be an encirclement of Parliament House at 11am. Come along and lend your support.
- End detention [...]

Revolting Liberals* stuff up yet more of their paperwork as the money runs dry

By 12 November 2013

The Canberra Times is delving deep into the splintering, imploding, improperly documented world of the Canberra Liberals as Zed’s faction settle into their new digs on Capital Hill leaving the rest of the party to burn.
It seems that at ANU the progressive Liberals (defined as “lefties” no doubt by our more brain damaged commentators) can’t [...]

Lesson for Abbott: you can’t keep a secret when others are talking

By 11 November 2013
Lesson for Abbott: you can't keep a secret when others are talking

By Michelle Grattan, University of Canberra
With the 44th Parliament opening on Tuesday, the next phase of the Abbott government begins. Already we’re seeing its early modus operandi, including its sometimes losing battle to control and often hide information and to keep discipline, and the first indications of good and bad performers.
There are two narratives currently [...]

Why does Tony hate science?

By 8 November 2013
Why does Tony hate science?

Under our Dark Lord Abbott’s present public service jobs freeze, the CSIRO look to lose about a quarter of their staff, reports the Syndey Morning Herald.
Thanks to Tony’s plan to cut 12,000 jobs from public servants, the employment of 1,400 non-ongoing CSIRO staff and the research projects they’re working on are threatened. Sadly for these [...]

A senator in his pocket, Tio slouches into the sunset

By 7 November 2013

The Canberra Times is keeping up with local Liberal machinations as Party President Tio Faulkner hands over the reins to Peter Collins.
Mr Faulkner had nominated for re-election but announced at the party’s annual meeting on Wednesday night that he would not recontest. He told meeting it was ”the right time to step aside”.
”It’s been a [...]

A conversation with Dr Andrew Leigh MP @ New Acton

By 6 November 2013

Fancy a chat with Andrew Leigh? He’s gonna be leading a discussion/workshop about social capital later this month in New Acton.
How connected are we in our communities?
And how has this changed over time in Australia?
Is Canberra the insular, disconnected place it’s made out to be? Or is there more [...]

Love for Labor from Josip Zivko and the Constitution Avenue IGA

By 5 November 2013
Love for Labor from Josip Zivko and the Constitution Avenue IGA

The return of gifts has finally turned in the favour of ACT Labor:

Andrew Cappie-Wood moves on as the changing of the guard comes to completion?

By 5 November 2013

Chief Minister Gallagher has announced that her chief mandarin has hung up his ruby pinned hat and will head off to the glories of the NSW Public Service:
Chief Minister Katy Gallagher has today congratulated Director-General of Chief Minister and Treasury Directorate Andrew Cappie-Wood on his new appointment as Director General of the NSW Attorney-General and [...]

A liberal return of gifts

By 1 November 2013
A liberal return of gifts

These are the recent gifts received by Liberal Party of Australia (A.C.T. Division), and boy howdy what a fancy bunch of gifts these are!
I am inviting all these people to my birthday party, even all the people who have the same name but only give small amounts each!
Here we have two Mark Blumers, but one [...]

Missing ballots might lead to fresh WA Senate poll

By 1 November 2013
Missing ballots might lead to fresh WA Senate poll

By Michelle Grattan, University of Canberra

Clive Palmer has been a vocal cynic about the AEC. AAP/Paul Miller

The Australian Electoral Commission, which should be above controversy, finds itself at the centre of a perfect storm.
In recent weeks Clive Palmer, albeit without evidence, has blackened its name at every opportunity.
Now (on the day Palmer was finally elected [...]

Are we all dead yet? (Libs on tripling rates)

By 1 November 2013

Jeremy Hanson and Brendan Smyth are teaming up to band the drum on rates again.
Andrew Barr has been forced to table documents in the Assembly that show the analysis and models for his tax reform program. Despite vehement claims to the contrary during the election campaign, the documents show there is no possible scenario for [...]

Electoral Commission facing an overhaul, once the inquiries are over.

By 31 October 2013

WA Today has the sorry tale of the Australian Electoral Commission’s failures in Western Australia which are threatening to send that state back to the polls for the Senate.
At the centre of the storm is career Canberra mandarin Ed Killesteyn.
Elections are massive undertakings. But when you’ve got just one job…

New nature conservation act tabled

By 31 October 2013

Simon Corbell today tabled a draft for the Nature Conservation Bill 2013 in the Legislative Assembly. Submissions will be accepted until the 13th of December.
Simon believes that this new act will be fundamental in allowing the government achieve it’s goal for a sustainable Canberra.
“This legislation follows an extensive review of the Nature Conservation Act 1980 [...]

Every child gets to be a minister!

By 31 October 2013

Chief Minister Gallagher has sent forth alarming news that she’s expanding the ACT Ministry to 9.
Chief Minister, Katy Gallagher, today introduced a bill into the Legislative Assembly that will, if passed, allow for up to nine ministers to be appointed as part of the ACT executive.
“This legislation is designed to meet the needs of [...]

Bruce Hawker talking Rudd Rebellion at Paperchain Bookstore

By 31 October 2013
Bruce Hawker talking Rudd Rebellion at Paperchain Bookstore

[ 15 November 2013; 5:45 pm; ]

Those of you with a perchant for politics may well be interested in this little event, or maybe this little book that the event is about.

One of Rudd’s mates, Bruce Hawker has written a book about that period of time when Rudd was not our prime minister. To promote it, he’s having an interview with [...]

Liberal staffers not being moved “to the real world”

By 30 October 2013

The Australian has word of grumblings amongst the Liberal front bench that they can’t just give their mates staffing jobs and holders of said jobs will have to work in Canberra under Peta Credlin’s iron fist:
All senior staffers have to be based in Canberra. It’s causing quite a few grumbles,” said one.
“There is a very [...]

Jane Hiatt runs seven marathons, Zed jumps in at the end

By 25 October 2013

Jane Hiatt is a Canberran taking part in the Bravehearts “777 Challenge”, which is where you run seven marathons in seven days across seven states.
Today was marathon #6 for Jane.
Zed Seselja has decided to support Jane and the Bravehearts by joining Ms. Hiatt as she crosses the finishing line… because why should the best bit [...]

Well that didn’t take long. Challenge to Gay Marriage kicks off tomorrow

By 24 October 2013

The Christian Lobby is celebrating the swift turning wheels of reactionary justice as the High Court takes a directions hearing three days after the ACT Legislative Assembly passed Gay Marriage laws:
The High Court hearing into the ACT’s Marriage Equality Same-Sex Bill is expected to begin tomorrow after the Commonwealth lodged a writ of summons in [...]

Because, frankly, some of you aren’t deserving of respect

By 24 October 2013

The Canberra Times has the welcome news that the Legislative Assembly code of conduct has been watered down to account for the significant percentage of the citizenry who are best ignored:
A requirement for ACT politicians to treat citizens with courtesy and respect has been stripped from a new code of conduct for the ACT Legislative [...]

Here comes the Commission of Audit

By 22 October 2013

The Australian has the word on Business Council of Australia chair Tony Shepherd being appointed to rip the guts out of the public service and sell the furniture to the vultures.
JOE Hockey has unveiled a surprise increase in the debt ceiling to $500 billion as he announced a Commission of Audit into government finances with [...]

Break out the rainbow bubbly, we’re the gay marriage Capital! (For now)

By 22 October 2013

Shane Rattenbury has made it known that it’s gay marriage a go go in the ACT at least until the High Court weighs in:
Leader of the Australian Greens, Christine Milne joined ACT Greens Member for Molonglo, Shane Rattenbury at the ACT Legislative Assembly today to celebrate the ACT becoming the first jurisdiction to legislate for [...]

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