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THINK CANBERRA bringing conferences to Canberra

By 22 August, 2013

Katy Gallagher yesterday launched the THINK CANBERRA Conference Support Program, a cunning plan designed to lure international conferences to Canberra, presumably using CAPITAL LETTERS as bait.
THINK CANBERRA is an initiative of the Canberra Convention Bureau.
“THINK CANBERRA is not just about $10,000 to bid for or put on a conference. It’s about the enormous expertise and [...]

Upcoming Audits

By 21 August, 2013

The Auditor-General has released her plans for audits in the next coming financial year:
And they are:
– Capital Metro light rail
– Enlarged Cotter Dam project
– Management of capital works programs
– Alexander Maconochie Centre
That should certainly keep them busy!
UPDATE: The Liberals’ Jeremy Hanson is expressing his joy at these audits:
Jeremy Hanson, Leader of the Opposition, has welcomed [...]

You Can’t Eat Your Words at Gungahlin College Lecture Theatre

By 21 August, 2013

SEE-Change are holding a public lecture on food security, and several senate candidates are speaking to voice their positions on the subject.
As someone who relies quite heavily on food, this is of interest to me.
Before the people of the ACT vote at the next election, they can find out for themselves where their local candidates [...]

Susan MacDougall, Voluntary Euthanasia Party for the Senate, Candidate Questionnaire, Election ’13

By 21 August, 2013

Voluntary Euthanasia Party’s Susan MacDougall is up next.
Candidates, the readers of RiotACT are your voters and they have questions for you! If you’d like to answer those questions and prove you care what your voters think then email us at contact@the-riotact.com.
You can find the questions here.

1. What are your views on euthanasia?
I believe that the [...]

Deborah Avery, Sex Party for the Senate, Candidate Questionnaire, Election ’13

By 21 August, 2013

Sex Party Candidate Deborah Avery has sent in her answers answers to the questions you asked, and Robbie Swan gave us the answers to some you didn’t.
Candidates, the readers of RiotACT are your voters and they have questions for you! If you’d like to answer those questions and prove you care what your voters think [...]

Nicolle Burt, Secular Party for the House of Reps Canberra, Candidate Questionnaire, Election ’13

By 20 August, 2013

The Secular Party’s Nicolle Burt was our second cab off the rank, thanks Nicole.
Candidates, the readers of RiotACT are your voters and they have questions for you! If you’d like to answer those questions and prove you care what your voters think then email us at contact@the-riotact.com.
You can find the questions here.

1. What are your [...]

Steven Bailey, Katter’s Australian Party for the Senate, Candidate Questionnaire, Election ’13

By 20 August, 2013

You gave us questions, and we gave those questions to the ACT candidates.
Katter’s Party Candidate Steven Bailey was the first to respond, so we present his answers below.
Candidates, the readers of RiotACT are your voters and they have questions for you! If you’d like to answer those questions and prove you care what your voters [...]

What’s your prediction on the order the minor party’s will finish in the Senate?

By 20 August, 2013

Given here in the ACT, we won’t have any change to the status quo when it comes to this federal election. Both lower house seats will go labor and senate will be labor first the liberal second.
For a bit more fun can you guess what the order of the minor party’s will be in [...]

Why you can’t waste your vote.

By 19 August, 2013

There are a lot of filthy liars polluting the internet right now with dire warnings of how not voting for the twin parties of bastardry will be a wasted vote.
* Apologies to Douglas Adams
Thankfully Chicken Nation have produced a useful cartoon to [...]

RiotACT’s Federal Candidate Questionnaire

By 19 August, 2013

We asked you guys to tell us your questions for the ACT Candidates for the 2013 election and you did that!
We said we’d pick our favourite 10 questions and send them to all of the ACT Candidates and we did that!
Well, all the ones we have an email address for.
If you are one of the [...]

And the ACT Candidates for the 2013 election are…

By 17 August, 2013

Yes that’s right folks it’s time for the sinking feeling when you realise a friend or relative is running for election in the most dire campaign in living memory.
After disgracefully doing a media flash bang without having prepped their website the Electoral Commission has finally extracted its digit and put the information online.
It’s quite the [...]

Shane brings independent oversight

By 15 August, 2013

The Greens’ Shane Rattenbury has announced moves to get important checks on the Government out from under the thumb of the executive:
ACT Greens Member for Molonglo, Shane Rattenbury, today presented a bill to recognise the auditor-general, the ombudsman and the three Electoral Commission members as officers of the Assembly.
The legislation fulfils an item in the [...]

Pedal Power ACT supporting Vote4Cycling election campaign

By 14 August, 2013

Cycling enthusiasts Pedal Power ACT are throwing their support behind the Vote4Cycling election campaign, which was launched today.
Pedal Power ACT is one of 22 national, state and community cycling organisations from around the country that have joined forces to advocate for cyclists interests in the upcoming election.John Armstrong, Executive Officer of Pedal Power ACT, encouraged [...]

Action Doszpot style

By 14 August, 2013

Retirement incomes policy is not normally an area for the ACT Government but things like that don’t stop Steve Doszpot taking up the wrinkly cause.
ACT Shadow Minister for Ageing Steve Doszpot has moved to protect the superannuation of Canberra’s seniors, especially self-funded retirees, from serious changes in tax laws that threaten thousands of Canberrans’ superannuation.
“Almost [...]

Liberals stamping their tiny feet over the ACT Budget

By 13 August, 2013

Brendan Smyth is throwing the toys out of the pram over not getting the budget documents he wants.
Because losing is a habit he’s threatening to move a no-confidence motion he can’t possibly carry to try and draw some attention to his impotent rage.

Arboretum donations tax-deductible under Rudd

By 12 August, 2013

Rudd is looking to make gifts to the National Arboretum tax-deductible.
Is the arboretum a charity? Should it be?
In a win for one of Canberra’s most important national institutions, a re-elected Rudd Labor Government would make gifts to the National Arboretum tax-deductible.
ACT representatives Senator Kate Lundy, Member for Fraser Andrew Leigh and Member for Canberra Gai [...]

Enrol, and help put (or prevent) an evil bastard in charge

By 12 August, 2013

Last election 30,500 votes decided the winner, and as of this morning there are roughly half a million people between 18 and 24 who are not yet enrolled, including 40% of all 18 and 19 year olds.
So make them fill in the damn form.
It takes about 5 minutes, and they can use a smartphone. They [...]

Prudishness at the Canberra Times

By 12 August, 2013

Canberra Times has problems spelling ‘fIRETRuck’

You Can’t Eat Your Words

By 10 August, 2013

[ 21 August, 2013; 6:50 pm to 8:30 pm. 6:50 pm to 8:30 pm. ]

Rioters may remember when we launched the Our Hungry Future discussion paper in May.  

The next event in our year long campaign on food security will be at 7.00 pm on Wednesday the 21st of August at the Gungahlin College Lecture Theatre, featuring local senate candidates and food security experts.  More information via the [...]

ACT voters not so different after all…

By 9 August, 2013

We get peppered constantly with the mantra that ACT voters are so different from the rest of the nation, that eventually we start to believe it ourselves.
But the first release of data from the ABC’s mammoth Vote Compass project seems to indicate otherwise. For all of the key topics, the ACT results are pretty much [...]

The People’s Parliament at Old Parliament House

By 9 August, 2013

[ 15 August, 2013; 8:00 am; ] The ABC is running a People’s Parliament from the floor of the Old House of Representatives next Thursday.

The Mornings program is convening the People’s Parliament, a chance for you to voice your opinions on what will get your vote on September 7th.
On Thursday 15th August, Genevieve Jacobs will host the People’s Parliament in the House [...]

Elections ACT gives themselves a pat on the back

By 9 August, 2013

Our election boffins have announced they did a pretty good job last year:
The report on the conduct of the ACT Legislative Assembly election held on 20 October 2012 was tabled in the ACT Legislative Assembly yesterday.
“The report examines the conduct of the 2012 election and the operation of the Electoral Act, and recommends areas [...]

On the caretaker conventions

By 8 August, 2013

Explainer: what are the caretaker government conventions?
By Anne Twomey
The Coalition has raised concerns that the Memorandum of Understanding with Papua New Guinea over the Manus Island asylum seeker processing deal was entered into after the caretaker conventions commenced.
But what are these conventions and what are the consequences of breaching them?
What are the caretaker conventions?
The caretaker [...]

A wild slew of political donations

By 8 August, 2013

Overnight Elections ACT’s returns of gifts register had a big heap of updating.
Here’s what we picked up:

David Peebles:

TCG Systems:

Abraham Van Arkel:

Pamela Berriman:

John Bradley:

John Little:

M Shannahan:

Denis Spiluttini:

Nicholas Abel:

Ian Morland:

Bernard Parker:

Jeremy Hanson blows a raspberry at Katy Gallagher over waiting times

By 7 August, 2013

Jeremy Hanson has collected what he obviously believes is a large enough pile of mud pies and has started throwing them, asking for a performance audit into Emergency Department waiting times in an effort to get Katy back for not sharing her sooper dooper
“A review of the Nurse-led Walk-in Centre at the Canberra Hospital found [...]

$42 million bonus to communications technology

By 7 August, 2013

The Government have announced that National Information and Communications Technology Australia (NICTA) will be receiving a further $42 million in funding over 2015 to 2016, according to governmentnews.com.au.
Minister Assisting for the Digital Economy, Senator Kate Lundy, is pushing the financial top-up for the research house as an essential element to boost the so-called digital economy [...]

Simon caves on fireworks fees

By 7 August, 2013

Simon Corbell has announced he’s going to review his planned hike on fireworks permit fees:
Attorney-General, Simon Corbell, today announced that the ACT Government has responded to stakeholder concerns and revised the proposed new fees for fireworks display permits.
On 6 June 2013, fireworks display permit application fees were increased for the current financial year to achieve [...]

Wall says ‘Cash on Delivery’ won’t hold up

By 7 August, 2013

Andrew Wall is looking to get the Government to stop asking for “cash on delivery” from small Canberra businesses, and claims that the Government is making life more difficult for these businesses.
Mr Wall said today a number of small businesses have raised concerns that the government is no longer approving monthly accounts for use at [...]

A Tent Embassy for the Arts with Steven Bailey

By 7 August, 2013

Political wildcard Steven Bailey is now taking on the ANU, planning to camp out at the ANU and single handedly re-establish the School of Humanities.
Senate Candidate Steven Bailey will be re-establishing a School of Humanities in at the ANU in front of the School of Art, Thursday 8th of August. A tent will be erected [...]

Election ’13 – A call for questions

By 7 August, 2013

Every election RiotACT takes your suggestions for questions, finds the best 10, and then sends those questions to everyone running in the upcoming election.
Quite a few of them answer too!
It’s fun and informative and we want your questions!
Let us know what you want to know in the comments below.
[Image courtesy of Derek Bridges (CC BY [...]

Q&A plus drinks and music with Steven Bailey @ Smith’s

By 6 August, 2013

[ 13 August, 2013; 6:30 pm; ]

ACT Senate Candidate Steven Bailey is putting on a Q&A/party/hootenanny at Smith’s Alternative.

The always charming Chris Endrey will be emcee, there will be music by Sanjiva De Silva, drinks and… well a Q&A with Steven, a member of Katter’s Australian Party.

Also Steven’s dog Bruce will be there, which is a good thing.

While ever other politician [...]

The budget really is OK says Chris Bourke

By 6 August, 2013

Labor MLA Chris Bourke is explaining that he really thinks the ACT Budget is OK, despite the findings of the estimates committee (of which he is a member). Also Jeremy Hanson is a meanie:
Tabling the Labor member’s 233 page dissenting report today Dr Chris Bourke MLA Deputy Chair of the ACT Legislative Assembly’s Budget Estimates [...]


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